Man for Man

Computer Repairs


After breakfast I went to work in my home office. The computer repair man was coming at eleven o'clock so I had time for a few hours of work. I work for a large company that helped people manage their money and much of my work could be done at home. It is nice to not have to go to work every morning in a shirt and tie.


Time flew by and the door bell rang. It was eleven o'clock. I opened the door for the repair man. He came in and I showed him to my office and the computer. He asked what was wrong and I explained my computer problem. He looked me over carefully. I'm 48 and have grey hair in my beard and sideburns. I work out at the gym four times a week and my body is in pretty good shape. He seemed satisfied with my appearance so I pointed to the computer on the desk.

He put his tools down and began examining the computer.

I looked closely at him. He was about 25, tall and thin. He had black hair and appeared to be rather hairy. There was thick hair on his arms and I noticed a tuft of hair in the opening of his shirt. I sat down and talked to him while he worked. I found that he was attending night school working on an advanced degree. His name was Dan. When I asked him if he was married he said he was alone. As soon as he finished night classes he was planning to start to date again. We talked and shared stories for a while before he said he had to get down under the desk and check connections.

I watched him kneel and crawl under the desk. After a few moments checking all the connections he backed out and started to rise, but suddenly, he stopped and grabbed his back.

"Damn," he said rubbing his low back.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"I hurt my back last week and it has been driving me crazy." He picked up his tools and turned back to the computer, but I continued to ask questions about his injury while he worked. He said he never went to the doctor because it was not that bad. It just hurt when he moved around certain ways. He worked the next fifteen minutes on the computer before he finished . Then he straightened top of the desk, and put his tools away.

"Why don't you get a massage. Maybe a good masseur could work out that back problem." I said steering the conversation back to his injury. "My masseur at the gym often helps me out."

"I've never had a massage. They are expensive aren't they?"

"Sometimes." I replied.

"Well, maybe I can find one." he said.

"I could give you a massage. I've had a lot of them and I might be able to help you relax the muscle that is causing the problem. And there's no charge for mine." I was attracted to this guy and wanted to see more of his body.

"I don't know. . . "he hesitated.

"Finish up here and we'll see if I can help you feel better."

He turned back to work and finished for another 15 minutes. He stood up and said, "Done"

"Come on," I said. "I have a massage table in my exercise room."

I started down the hall and he put his tools down and followed. When we got to my exercise room I spread a clean towel out on the table.

"Come on. Undress." I said.

"Do I have to," he asked still sounding hesitant.

"It's alright. I can't work on you with all those clothes on. Undress and put your clothes over there." I pointed to the chair. He took off his shoes and trousers and looked at me. I pointed to his shirt and underwear. In a few moments he was naked before me. He was even more hairy than I imagined. He had a thick mat on his chest and a treasure trial that ran down into a thick bush. His shoulders, back and legs were covered with the same black hair

Then I pointed to the table and told him to climb up on it.

"Lay on your stomach," I directed.

He did and I took some massage oil from the shelf. Then I took off my shirt so that I would not get my clothes sweaty while I worked on him. I applied some oil to my hands and ran them over his shoulders and upper back.

"God, that feels good," he said.

I worked my way down his back to the base of his spine. All of his muscles were tense and tight. I worked them until they began to loosen up. Then I passed my oily hands down over his fuzzy butt and began working on his thighs. They were very hairy so I used more oil. As I worked down his legs I felt him relax. I massaged both his feet and then worked back up his legs to his butt. There was a trail of think hair in his cleft, and the rest of his checks were covered with fur. Then I worked on each buttock and finally returned to the low back. There I worked for a long time on his back muscles. All the while Dan lay perfectly still and never said a word.


"Now. Turn over and I'll do the other side." I said.

He did not move and looked up sheepishly at me. I knew what the problem was. "Don't worry. Every guy gets a hard on when they get a massage. I always do myself. Just turn over." I continued.

He slowly rolled over. His erection was standing tall, a good seven inches buried in a nest of black hair. His face was red and he looked away.

"Don't be embarrassed," I said. "This happens all the time." I began applying oil to his chest and neck.

"I've never done anything like this before," he said.

"Didn't you JO with a friend when you were young?"

"Yes, My brother taught me how, but that was a long time ago."

"Well, it's almost the same now, so don't worry about it."I assured him.

Dan lifted himself up on his elbows. "Do massages have sex in them?" he asked.

"Some do. It depends on what guys want. Do you want sex now?"

"I don't know," he said. "I'm horny after all that rub down, but I don't know."

"Let me finish the massage and we'll talk about it."

I worked on his pecs and abs and moved down to his stomach. I did a circular massage on his stomach muscles and worked my way down to his bush. My hand kept hitting against his stiff cock. After working my fingers into the bush hair for a few minutes I moved down to the front of his hairy legs and worked on both of them, down to his feet again, and back up his legs. My hands kept bushing against his cock as I did his upper thighs.

Then before I spoke I wrapped my fingers around his cock and massaged his balls with the other hand. "Do you want me to bring you off?"

"I'm not gay," he said.

"Neither am I, but I sure love to finish my massages with a good climax."

"Do you cum every time you get a massage?" he asked.

"Yes. My masseur takes good care of me. Some times he gives me oral sex and often he fucks me."

"Fucks you? he asked. Does it hurt?"

"Not if its done right. He's big, as big as you are." I answered while I gently worked his foreskin up and down. He lay back and closed his eyes. I continue to work on his balls and moved down to the hairy spot under his balls. Then I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. I smelled the oil and the scent of his body and I felt my own erection growing.

Then I lifted his legs back over his chest and moved my mouth down to his balls. I sucked on each ball for a moment and them took them both in my mouth, running my tongue over them. He gasped as I moved my mouth down to the spot under his balls. He was very hairy there and I took the hairs in my mouth and sucked hard. Then I moved down close to his ass.

By this time he was gasping and signing and under my complete control. I ran my tongue down into his hairy crack and over his rose bud. He had a strong man smell as I worked my tongue around his hole. The smell was unoffensive and I pushed my mouth completely over his hole. Then I moved back to his cock. I rubbed his bush and massaged his balls and I felt him thicken. He began to moan and suddenly he lifted himself and pushed down on my head. I had all of him in my mouth.

He cried out as he filled my mouth with his man seed. I sucked and pumped his cock until he began to soften. He lay gasping. I kept sucking and massaging his balls and running my left hand up over his chest and through his treasure trail.

Finally he spoke. "God. That was wonderful. I never felt anything like that in my life."

"I liked that too. This does not mean you are gay. I give massages to several of my married friends and we have sex all the time. We are not gay. We just enjoy men and their bodies."

He tried to sit up but I pushed him back. "Just lie there and relax and unwind." I said. After a few moments I told him to turn over on his stomach again. After he turned I worked his back muscles again and ran my hands up and down his hairy thighs.

"It doesn't hurt any more," he said.

"Good. Now I'm going to do something else to you that I think you will like." I poured some oil on my hands and in his crack. I ran my fingers through his hairy cleft and found his hole. I rubbed it and he began to moan again. I gently pushed until the tip of my fingers entered him.

"That hurts," he said.

"It will only hurt a minute or so." I explained.

I worked my finger in deeper until I found his prostate. I rubbed it gently and told him to turn over on his back. I kept my finger on his prostate while he turned. Then I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and continued to massage his prostate. He moaned and gripped the side of the table. He locked his hairy legs around my head and shoulders and lifted his ass to greet my probing finger.

I felt him growing in my mouth. I took my mouth off his cock and buried my face in his bush absorbing deep breaths of his man smell. His cock was swelling in my left hand so I took his pole back in my mouth just as he shot another heavy load. I rubbed his prostate a few minutes more until he stopped cumming. Then I released him and stood up.

He lay on the table appearing to be almost unconscious and moaning softly. After a few moments he stopped moaning and lay still. Finally, he opened his eyes and sat up.

"I don't know what to say," he said.

"Just thanks would be enough." I smiled as I spoke.

"Thanks," he said smiling and sitting up right. He stood next to the table and looked at his clothes piled on the chair. I took a last look at his body. It was perfect in every way. I could not help it, but I said, "Thanks to you too. I really enjoyed that. You have a beautiful body. Take care of it."

"I will," he said reaching for his shoes. I watched him dress himself slowly. When he was dressed I lead us back to my office. I sat down at the desk and took out my check book and looked at the bill he had left on the desk.

"You don't have to pay." he said. "You have given me enough."

I kept writing in the check book. I tore out a check with a healthy tip and gave it to him.

"There is one thing you can do for me," I said.

"What?" he asked

"Come back and see me again soon."

He carried his tools to the door where he turned to me, smiled, and said. "I will. What are you doing Saturday morning?"

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