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Computer hookup


Twenty-nine year old Jose Nunez had spent nearly three hours talking to some computer guy he met while surfing through Not gay himself, he often sifted through gay sites just to satisfy his curiosity. At first he was just being nosey, seeing what the gays were up to while his woman was at work. But as the months went on, he found himself visiting the sites more and more often, titillated by the oral videos of gay men sucking dick.


Jose loved getting his dick sucked, but his girlfriend of 2 years didn't believe in giving head. She had an ex-boyfriend who often abused her by violently facefucking her on occasion, shooting his load all over her face and down her throat against her will. Now she won't put her mouth anywhere near a dick, no matter how much they sweet talked heder. So for the past 2 years, Jose's been suffering a cruel fate, wanting to be faithful to his woman, but wanting his dick sucked in the worse way.

Seeing all those videos of gay guys sucking dick and eating each other's cum turned him on. If he could just find a fag to suck his dick for him whenever he wanted, he wouldn't have to risk cheating on his girlfriend with another woman.

Putting his plan to work took some time. He cruised the website a few days on end whenever his girl wasn't home, putting in the time to find the right cocksucker. He didn't want someone too obvious or too feminine, causing the nosey ass neighbors to question. He didn't want some gay boy who cruised the Internet all day, as he feared catching some fag disease. He ran through profiles, reading guys stats and information, looking over their pictures (if they had one) to see who seemed the straightest. When he came across "DLThugboi', he thought he found a match.

He left the Thug a message, leaving his screen name to talk to him in Instant Message. The Thug hit him up a couple days later, sparking up a conversation in I-M. Jose asked if he was into sucking dick, DLThug said he was into `anything that felt good'. For three hours they talked back and forth about sex, getting each other horned up. Jose knew he only had a few more hours before his girl got back home from nursing. He asked the Thug if he was up for coming over and sucking his dick? The Thug made Jose send a cell phone photo of his body before committing. Jose was 5'6", 165 lbs, with a medium solid build. Thug liked what he saw, then instructed Jose to take a fresh shower and to scrub his dick, balls, and ass real good, as he had a phobia for smells. Jose complied, then hoped in the shower with the quickness, his 7" uncut dick already dripping pre-cum with excitement.

DLThug arrived about 40 minutes later, calling on his celly when he got outside Jose's duplex. Jose (dressed only in loose fitting boxers) answered the door, trying to hide his hardon poking through the front slit.

"Jose...?" asked DLThug, standing on the front porch.

Jose thought he looked exactly like his pictures. There was 3 small pics on Thug's profile; 2 just body shots in classic thug poses, and the last a dick shot, which Jose had no use for. Thug was 23, 5'9", 145 lbs, with a slim but muscular build, dark brown skin, a clean baby like face, and very short close cut faded hair, he wore baggy clothes which really hid his physique well.

"Yeah...! Wussup man...? Come in...!" offered Jose, opening the screen door.

Thug walked in, without removing his sunglasses.

"We alone...?" he asked, looking around the one bedroom apartment.

"Yeah..." said Jose, closing and bolt locking the door. " girl's at work..! She'll be back in a couple of hours...!"

"Kewl." responded Thug.

"uh..., want some water or something...?" asked Jose, nervously.

"Naw man. I'm kewl." said Thug. "You said you never been with a guy before...?" he asked, trying to remember some of the 3 hour long conversation Online.

"Right...! No! I never been with a dude before...!" said Jose, standing around in his underwear.

"But you like to check out gay websites...?" asked Thug, curiously.

"uh..., yeah...!" said Jose, awkwardly. "My girl don't give head..., and I really want some my dick sucked...! It's been like..., a really LONG time!" he laughed, nervously.

"So why don't you just get a girl to suck it for you...?" asked Thug curiously,

"uh..." said Jose, fumbling with the question around in his head. "...I uh..., I don't wanna cheat on my girlfriend..., IF that makes any sense...?"

"Yeah, yeah..., I understand..." said Thug, scratching the back of his head. "...a lot of guys don't believe messin' around with another dude is cheatin'...! I get it!"


Jose breathed a little easier, happy the guy understood. "So..., where you wanna do it...?" asked the black guy, ready to get to it.

"Oh..., over here...!" said Jose, leading the way to the sofa.

He pushed aside some throw pillows, then removed his boxers. DLThug watched, reaching out to grope Jose's half hard dick as he slowly stroked it in his hand. Jose laughed again (still nervously), this being the first time another man (besides a doctor) had touched his dick...

"Nice..." said the Thug, stroking it into complete erection.

"Thanks." said Jose, feeling weird to be complimented on his dick by another brutha.

He sat down in the center of the sofa, spreading his hairy legs. DLThug slowly got down on his knees between them, making himself comfortable. Jose's dick was already pulsating, anticipating the hot black mouth about to suck him dry.

"Do you swallow...?" he asked curiously, catching Thug before he took the dive.

The young black guy hesitated, indicated he might (sometimes).

"Naw man..." he said, before nestling his face down in Jose's groin.

Jose watched (slumped down in his seat) as DLThug rubbed his face back and forth over his dick and balls, causing his hardon to spring up and sway.

DLThug sniffed Jose's nut sac, breathing in the scents of fresh soap and body musk. He used his hands to rub Jose's legs, starting up the calves and working his way up to the knees, over the outer thighs, and into the crotch. He felt Jose's hairy pubic bush and cupped his hairy nut sac in his palm, causing Jose's dick to ooze more pre-cum prematurely. Then while he gently tugged on his balls, he licked and sucked the inner thighs, causing Jose's body to jump and jerk with excitement.

"Shit man, that tickles...!" complained Jose, more interested in getting his dick sucked.

He reached down and aimed his dick upright, giving it to the thug. DLThug licked his way up the hard underbelly, painting the tan skin with clear spit. He licked all the way up towards the head (tickling the spot just below the crown), then changed directions as he suddenly retreated south, back towards the balls.

Jose signed with frustration, wanting to feel the mouth on his dick. DLThug crouched between Jose's legs and licked each nut, painting them wet with his tongue. Jose said nothing, figuring eventually he'd get around to blowing him as the Thug took a single ball into his warm mouth.

"awww..., yeah homs..." sighed Jose, loving the feeling.

Thug suckled the ball gently, rolling it around in his mouth with his tongue, gently washing the hairy orb as if on spin cycle. Jose closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of a hot mouth in his crotch. He could feel the black guy sucking it softly, not wanting to hurt him like some girls do who aren't used to handling a man's delicate sac. He swirled the ball several times in his mouth before dropping it, spitting it from his lips before sucking in the other and putting it too through the wash cycle.

Jose relaxed back against the couch, his legs spread as another man crouched between his legs, servicing his dick and balls like a slave. He waited as the Thug suckled the second ball, treating it like the first. He swirled it around with his tongue, using lots of spit to wash over it. Jose couldn't remember the last time he had his balls so expertly handled? If a guy could make his balls feel this good, what would he do to his dick?

DLThug spit the second ball from his mouth, letting it fall lowly between Jose's thighs. Then he lowered his head and maneuvered his mouth until he took both balls in, trapping them in his oral orifice.

"Oh shit..." moaned Jose, dropping his jaw as he moaned outwardly.

Thug pulled gently on the nut sac with his lips, playfully tugging and spit washing the duel orbs with precision skill.

Jose could feel his dick leaking pre-cum onto his abdomen. For nearly 15 minutes DLThug sucked Jose's hairy nuts, bathing them thoroughly with his mouth and tongue.

"When ya gonna get to my dick, man...?" asked Jose, getting impatient.

The black man spit Jose's balls from his mouth, then slowly licked his way north. Starting at the base of the dick, he licked his way back up the underbelly, running his tongue along the cum tube. Pre-cum smeared all over Jose's abdomen as DLThug peeled back the foreskin then took it into his mouth. "Oh god yes...!" moaned Jose, finally feeling a hot mouth on his dick.


DLThug wrapped his lips around the 7" dick, tasting the pre-cum coating the head. Spitting the dick out, he licked his way back down the underbelly towards the balls, then ducked down under the sac. Jose jumped at the unexpected intrusion as DLThug nestled his face up into his ass crack.

"Hey homs..." protested Jose, sitting up. "...I ain't for that gay stuff...! I just want my dick sucked...!" he informed.

"Ever have your ass ate...?" asked the black guy, looking up from between the Rican's hairy thighs.

"No..." said Jose, really not interested.

"You might like it man..." said the guy, trying to talk him into it.

"I just wanna get sucked, man..." insisted Jose.

"Okay, okay..." said DLThug, licking his way back up the underbelly for the umpteenth time.

Wiping the pre-cum from the tip, he lifted Jose's dick and aimed it towards his mouth. Jose gasped aloud when he felt the mouth encase his dick. Leaning back against the sofa, he relaxed and spread his legs wider, giving the black stranger more access.

DLThug sucked Jose's dick for a few minutes, swallowing his dick down to the root. "Oooohhh goooooodddddd..." moaned Jose. With his nose buried in the straight man's pubic bush, DLThug slowly dragged his lips back up to the fat round head, tasting more pre-cum. He spit the dick from his lips, then (once again) licked his way back down along the underbelly towards the balls. Skimming over them, he sucked them briefly (darting them with his tongue) before moving lower. Jose could feel the tongue licking around underneath his balls, inching ever closer towards his asshole. Not taking no for an answer, DLThug pushed his tongue into the ass crack, licking at his hairy hole.

Jose tensed up when he felt the black man's tongue slither into his ass crack, but he didn't protest this time, finding himself curious. DLThug licked over the hairy crack, drilling his tongue through the dense hair and find the tiny tight anal button. He could taste the musky scent of the ass as he pushed one leg up to expose the hole. Pushing his face futrther between the cheeks, he buried his face in the ass crack and began eating. Jose gasped and groaned as his asshole got eaten for the first time.

Feeling Jose's body slowly beginning to relax, DLThug put more emphasis on his ass eating than his dick sucking. He bathed the hairy crack with spit, matting ass hair as he lifted the second leg and parted the cheeks. Seeing Jose's asshole exposed for the first time, he stared at the tightly sealed anus surrounded by thick black hair. Licking his lips hungrily, he shoved his face between the cheeks and began chowing down, licking sucking, chewing, stroking, and lapping at the sweet boy-pussy and wondering if it was possible to penetrate it?

Jose was surprised by how good having his shitter sucked felt. He never saw his asshole as an erogenous zone, and was shocked to find himself oddly turned on by the experience. He could feel Thug's hands holding his legs up out of the way by the backs of his thighs, keeping them high and spread like a human wishbone. He could feel Thug's hot mouth nestling between his cheeks, suckling his anal muscle as his tongue wet washed across the sensitive surface.

"Shyt man..." moaned Jose, liking the feeling but desperately wanting to get blown again. "...WHEN you gonna suck me dick, man...? That's what you came for, rite...?" he asked, impatiently.

DLThug said nothing as he continued to eat Jose's hole, getting slightly wilder as he drilled his tongue inside and started tongue fucking the tight virgin anus. Jose was helpless to stop the mauling of his own asshole, he simply lay there moaning and groaning in unwanted pleasure as his hole was molested.

DLThug silently reached down and freed his own stiff hard dick from his baggy pants. Wrapping his hand around the shaft, he pumped and stroked it to complete erection before getting up on his knees and slapping it up between Jose's spit wet ass cheeks. Jose felt the hard club slap against his exposed hole and freaked...


"Hey..." he protested, trying to get his legs down. But D:Thug held him firmly as he ground his dick up and down the slick wet valley of his ass crack.

"Just relax man..." urged Thug, rubbing his dick back and forth against the soft male hole. "...this IS what you wanted...!"

"No..." said Jose, looking up at the black guy kneeling between his legs. "...I just wanted my dick sucked...!"

"No..." argued Thug. "...we talked for 3 hours on the computer..., you wanted something completely different from your girl..." he added, pressing his dick head into the anus. Jose tensed when he felt the dick head pushing its way into him. " wanted something rough and hard..., ME!"

"No man..., don't..." begged Jose, feeling his anus squeeze against the pressure forcing into his ass. DLThug pulled back, only to spit down on the hole and replace his dick head. Pressing harder, he forced his dick to penetrate the anus, the head popped into the tight ring, gripping Thug's dick like a vice. "YEAH..." smiled the black guy, feeling the ring snap down on him. "...THAT's what I'm talkin' bout!"

"UHH...!" grunted Jose, feeling his ass penetrated. Despite tightening his virgin hole, DLThug was able to sink his dick into him anyway, slowly pushing and withdrawing until he managed to bury his entire dick. Jose squirmed about in the chair as his ass was taken in his own home. Looking up at his taker, he begged the stranger to remove his dick, pleading with him to keep his manhood intact.

"Sorry hommie..." said the black guy, already loving how the dick was sucking him tightly. "...this ass's mine!"

Jose groaned in despair as DLThug started to thrust, pulling and pushing his dick through his asshole. Jose could feel a horrible rippling sensation happening in his rectum every time the dick pulled outward, dragging his asshole out with it. Then the direction would change as the dick pushed back up into him, stabbing him deep in the gut as it dug into his colon.

"ARRHHH...! ARRHHH...! ARRHHH...! ARRHHH...!" he grunted after every thrust. DLThuh continued to hold his legs down, using his slim weight to hold them captive as he thrust back and forth. Jose could feel the dick moving through him as Thug's pelvic bone started to slap into his hairy bottom.

"Yeah..., gimme that tight ass, bitch...!" snarled Thug, drilling Jose's ass without his permission as he pulled off his over shirt, showing his slim muscular physique. Jose couldn't help watching, staring up at the black guy's slim tight body and rippling abs as he fucked, thrusting his thick 8" black dick in and out of his hole.

Jose found himself becoming caught up in what was happening to him, as his dick (which had gone soft during the struggle) started to harden and thicken with excitement.

"Oh what's THIS...?" teased the Thug, noting Jose's hard-on. "Is someone starting to like getting punked...?" he asked, thrusting into Jose extra hard.

Jose blushed with embarrassment as he tried to hide his erection. But DLThug slapped his hands away and started stroking his 7" uncut dick roughly while he fucked, not really trying to get the Puerto-Rican off, but just wanting to embarrass him even more (if possible).

Jose whimpered softly as his dick was jerked and his ass was fucked at the same time. Feeling the two sensations happen simultaneously was absolutely mind blowing. He had never felt duel sensations like that before while having sex with women. He wondered how he get so caught in this situation? All he wanted was his dick sucked, now here he was getting his virginity stolen by a young hotter man whose real name he didn't even know. Jose felt as if he should do something to fight for his masculinity, as if he was silently sitting by watching a crime being committed, but he felt powerless against the man standing before him, holding his legs up forcibly as he fucked in and out of his asshole as if he owned it. Jose couldn't help feeling as if DLThug held some sort of power over him, paralyzing him when he should have been fighting more for his honor.


"Oh YEAH...!" moaned the Thug, digging deeper with every stroke as he rode Jose's ass like a champion jockey. Pushing the straight man's knees down into his chest, he completely doubled Jose in two while he fucked him, turning him into nothing more than an asshole for the fucking, taking away all idea and concept Jose may have had of holding onto his dignity. "That's it, bitch..., open that pussy for me...! Gimme that ass! Damn your hole's tight! declared the Thug, looking down at his victim as he rammed his dick through his gripping anus like a thief in the night.

Jose squirmed like a fish out of water as his ass was dug into like a fresh grave. Each inward stab into his gut was like a dagger into his manhood, stealing away his manly essence and reducing him to nothing but his asshole.

And to make matters worse, DLThug was still stroking his erection, bringing Jose to the brink of orgasm as he cupped his uncut pecker like a handle and cranked it back and forth.

"Oh god..." groaned Jose, feeling his balls tighten as his dick began to throb. He tried pulling his dick from Thug's grasp, but the black guy was determined to humiliate him by making him cum with a thick dick ramming his ass. Jose threw back his head and groaned, unable to hold off from shooting his load as his prostate was being stroked from within. "Oh god..., I'm gonna cum...!" he announced, trying one last time to stop the hand from stroking him to completion.

"Cum bitch...! Shoot you nut while I'm dickin' you sweet pussy!" encouraged Thug.

"Fuck you!" yelled Jose. "AAAAARRRHHHHHHHHHH...!!!" he screamed as the cum suddenly rocketed from his pulsating dick, streaking across his chest and stomach like cream colored streamers.

"Awww fuck..." moaned Thug, feeling Jose's strong asshole flex and pulsate around his plunging shaft. Abandoning Jose's still spurting dick, Thug secured the straight man's shaking legs and resumed fucking, hammering his hips into Jose's ass as he pounded his dick home repeated. Jose felt each inward slam into his body, but was having his own intense orgasm as his asshole sucked and squeezed the dick fucking him so thoroughly.

"I'm about to nut...!" announced Thug, closing his eyes as he concentrated on his own pleasures.

Jose slowly opened his eyes as he glazed up at the younger male. He could see Thug's muscles popping with strain while he fucked, his entire body growing more tense as his orgasm closed in. Instinctively Jose reached up and tweaked one of Thug's nipples, causing the younger man to go wilder as he rammed harder, driving his dick 8 inches deep with every stroke.

"ARRHHH...! ARRHHH...! ARRHHH...!" grunted Jose as the black dick plunged into his rectum again and again.

"AWWW FUCK, MAN..., I'M CUMMIN...!!" yelled the Thug, ramming his dick in one last time as he slammed his hips into Jose's ass (burying his dick). Jose felt the thick slab of male meat lodge into his body, then felt it start to pulse and thicken as it started bursting thick rich gobs of hot scolding serm directly into his bowels. "AARRRHHHHHGGGG FUCK...!!" yelled the black guy, coming hard as he ground his dick home.

Jose could feel the spurting dick shooting inside him, officially taking away his virginity as his innards were saturated with thick white sperm.

Thug fell forward, totally drained as his body went weak. This (of course) was Jose's opportunity to knock Thug off of him and escape his torture. However the straight man found himself in the unexpected position of comforting him instead, wrapping his arms about the slim man's back to draw him in.

Thug relaxed in Jose's arms, even as his dick continued to spit cum into the straight man's body. Thug looked up into Jose's eyes, then gently kissed him on the lips. Jose was surprised by the kiss (having never kissed a man before). But what surprised him the most was that the Thug's lips were so soft and pillowy, like kissing sponges. He knew those lips would have felt wonderful around his dick HAD the black man intended to suck him.

Thug kissed Jose in the mouth, making small smacking noises with each peck. Jose followed the younger man's lead, not really for nor against the kissing, as it just felt strange. When Thug's tongue suddenly slipped into his mouth, Jose's dick jumped, oozing one last wad of semen out onto his hairy belly.

The two men kissed for several minutes, becoming more and more comfortable with each other. Once Thug's orgasm had passed and his dick had softened, his broke the kiss and slowly withdrew his dick from the bottom man's tight ass. Jose immediately felt empty without the dick lodged in his ass. He could feel a definitely wet drooling is his anus as Thug's cum started to settle into place.

"Well..., it was nice meetin' ya...!" said Thug, putting his clothes back on as he headed for the door.

Jose didn't even bother to put back on his underwear, as he followed Thug to the door.

"Will I see you again...?" he asked, curiously. "You still owe me a blow job...!"

"I don't OWE you shit...!" snapped Thug as he opened the door. "I got your number and address if I wanna shoot though again, I'll call you...!" he offered before leaving.

Jose stood in the doorway watching the black Thug walk away, going back from whence he came. Thug knew Jose's name, cell number, and address, and all he knew about him was that he reneged on his promise. Still, Jose hoped he'd see the Thug again soon...

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