Man for Man

College Tuition and My Education


I was a freshman in college and I needed money for the next semester. I checked out the wanted ads and nothing was available. I picked up an alternative newspaper and saw an ad for guys to appear in porn films. I'm a chubby guy and didn't think of myself as a porn star, but the ad said all body types needed, so I called and made an appointment. When I got to the office, I filled out an application and showed proof that I was 18. The guy asked me if I had any experience with gay sex. I told him I had sucked a few cocks but that was it. He asked me to take off my clothes, so I did, and he looked me over, feeling me everywhere. He had me bend over and checked out my ass, and asked if I had ever been fucked. I told him I hadn't. He said they paid for each sex act separately, so if I sucked a cock I got paid for that, and if I got sucked I got paid less. He asked if I had any objection to getting fucked. I told him I was open to it. He said good because I would get paid the most for being fucked. He said he wanted to put me in a film they were going to do on how to take a cherry. if it worked out, he could put me in more films. He said he wanted to check me out first, and got undressed. He was about 36, and had a hairy body. His cock was about eight inches and thick with a dense dark brown bush. He told me to suck him so I got on my knees and started sucking him. I impressed him by deep throating him until his pubes were in my face. After a few minutes, he told me to stop and turned around and told me to eat his ass. I didn't know what to do, so he told me to part his ass cheeks and lick his hole. At first, I hesitated, but looking at how hot his ass looked, I licked up and down his crack and it wasn't so bad so I licked his hole and kept going, sliding my tongue in and out. He turned me around and had me suck him again. I sucked him until he shot his load in my mouth. He asked if I liked his cock. I said I did, and he said that was good because he was going to be the one to take my cherry on camera tomorrow.


I got to the office studio about 10AM, and they were ready to begin. They were filming it like a documentary with two cameras. They filmed me taking off my clothes and the man who interviewed me talked about properly exciting a guy before you take his cherry. He started sucking and pinching my nipples and as he did, my cock started to get hard. They shot a close up of him groping my balls and hard cock before telling me to bend over a couch so they could get a close up of my chubby smooth ass. He parted my cheeks and they did a close up of my puckered hole. He explained that you have to gently open a virgin ass before you can slide your cock inside. They did a close up of his big hard cock against my hole. He took his cock away and they did a close up of him licking my hole and sliding his tongue in and out of me. I moaned as he rimmed me as he explained to the camera that taking a guy's cherry would be a better experience for both partners if you take the time to do it right. He took a gob of Vaseline on his finger and slowly slid it up my ass. It felt really good and I moaned louder. The camera focused in on his finger sliding in and out of my hole, and then he added a second finger, and finally a third, all on camera. Finally he added his thumb and push out with all fingers, stretching my hole. He asked if I was ready for him to pop my cherry, and I said yes. He parted my cheeks and pressed his hard cock head against my hole and the camera zeroed in on his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I moaned as he slid his cock in and out of me, and I could feel his pubes on my ass. He asked if I liked his cock inside me and I said I loved it. He pulled out of me and had me lie on my back on a table and he slid his cock back inside me, pounding me as he played with my tits and stroked my cock. He turned to the camera and said when you take a guy's cherry properly, he won't even mind you cumming inside him. He looked at me and asked if he could cum inside me. I told him I wanted him to, and the camera filmed him thrusting harder and faster until he shot his load in my ass. When he was done, he pulled out of me and the camera focused on my ass, as his cum oozed out of me.

Since it was digital, we sat and watched the unedited film. It was hot looking at this hairy guy with a big cock fucking me. I hoped no one I knew would see it. They paid me $500.00 and I put it in the bank.

I got called back a few days later. Audiences liked watching a chub get fucked, so he had another film for me. I would be fucked by multiple guys and would be paid for each one who fucked me. The film was called international buffet, and it was about a guy who liked being fucked by different ethnic groups. I played a guy invited to a big party, and a gay guy spotted me and said there was another party going on at the other end of the house for people like us. I followed him to the other party, and saw men kissing each other and groping in various stages of undress. They filmed a guy kissing me. He was very tall and thin, with light body hair, and a hairy crotch. I guess he was the Swedish guy. He undressed me as he kissed me, fondling my body rubbing his hard uncut cock on my lips. I pulled back his foreskin and swirled my tongue around his bulging cock head. I played with his big low hanging balls as I sucked him as he reached behind me and fingered my ass. He sat me at the end of a chair with my legs over the arms of the chair, and slid his big bulging cock inside me. It was hot being fucked by a total stranger while we were being filmed by a production crew. We both moaned as he fucked me. He pounded me until he shot his load inside me. The director told him to eat his cum out of my ass and it felt good,

I watched people walk by as the director told a Hispanic guy sat down next to me. He had very hairy legs and crotch, smooth chest, and a large uncut cock. Following the script, I felt his hairy legs and said how hot hairy legs are. He stood in front of me and guided his cock to my mouth. I sucked his cock as I felt his hairy legs and ass, and enjoying his musky scent. He asked if I ever was fucked by a hairy guy before. I said I hadn't, and he said I was going to love it as he slid his cock in my ass. He said when a hairy man slides his cock in and out of you, his hair caresses your body. It really felt good and I lost myself in my lust as he fucked me slow and steady until he shot his load in me. I didn't know who wrote those lines, but it did feel incredible. As he fucked me, a red haired guy came over and the director told him to put his cock in my mouth. When our eyes met, we both looked like deer caught in the headlights. He was a guy named Tim from school and we knew each other. I sucked his large pink cock and when the Hispanic guy pulled out of me, the director told him to take his place. He got between my legs and slid his cock in my ass. As he moved his big cock in and out of me, he said he didn't expect to see me there. I said I wasn't expecting him either. He asked if I minded him fucking me. I was moaning and said it felt really good. He said he liked fucking me too and pounded my ass harder. We moaned together and I felt him shoot his load in me as he pressed his lips to mine and forcefully kissed me. As he pulled out of me, he said at least he knew who to call when he didn't have anything to do on a Saturday night.


The director told a black guy to get between my legs. The camera focused on his big cock sliding in and out of my ass and he slid in and out of me for a long time. He tongue kissed me as we fucked and whispered that he liked chubby guys and would love to fuck me off the clock sometime. Off the clock meant, on our own, for fun, not paid for. His cock felt really good inside me as he buried all nine inches inside me. As he shot his load, I felt him continuing to cum. When he pulled out of me the camera focused on overflow cum flooding out of me.

When he pulled out of me, an Asian guy was directed to come talk with me. He had a dense bush of long straight pubes, and a seven inch cock, that was throbbing. I licked his precum and felt his smooth body. On cue, he asked if I ever had an asian cock in my ass. He said I would really like it. I asked him to fuck me so he got between my legs and slid his cock inside me. He moaned as he pounded my ass. I wrapped my legs around him and he tongue kissed me. After he shot inside me, I sucked him clean. The camera focused on my ass and they told me to push. The cum of all those guys oozed out of me. They finished filming and gave me a check for $ 2500.00. They said they would call when they needed me again. My ass was sore, but the money was good, and it was hot having those guys fuck me.

The next day I went to the bank to deposit the money and went to classes. I saw Tim, the red haired guy and we talked after class. He was doing it for the money too, but said he really enjoyed being with me. I told him I liked being with him too, and he asked if I wanted to mess around sometime. We went to his apartment and got undressed in his bedroom. I sucked his cock and licked his pits, before rimming him. He sucked my tits and my cock before sliding his cock in my ass. We made love for the next hour, and it was more satisfying than what we did on camera. We got together and fucked on a regular basis.

Two weeks later, I was called back by the studio because people liked seeing me get fucked. They put me in another film where I got fucked by a group of middle aged guys. I earned enough to pay for the rest of my tuition. I started seeing Tim pretty regularly and we each made enough money to pay for the rest of college.

At the end of the semester, I went home for the holidays. I was in a store, and noticed a guy staring at me. When he saw me noticing him, he smiled. His name was Rick, and he was in his mid 30s, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, shoulder length hair and a dark beard. he was very slim. He said he had seen some of my films and was honored to meet me. I thanked him and got embarrassed. I wondered how many guys had seen the films. From the way he sheepishly looked around, I didn't think too many would admit to seeing them. He followed me out of the store, and asked if I was looking for any action while I was in town. I was hesitant, and told him I don't usually mess around with guys unless I've seen them naked first. He said he was real hairy and had a cock he was sure would satisfy me. He was making me horny thinking about it. I said he would have to do whatever I want, and he was more than agreeable. I never saw a guy so excited about having sex with me. He took me to his place. It was a trailer at the edge of town. We went to his bedroom and I told him to let me undress him. I unbuttoned his flannel shirt, and felt his warm hairy chest. He had a slight perspiration smell but it was masculine. I took his shirt off and had him lift his arms, exposing his very hairy dark pits. I sniffed and licked his hairy pits while I ran my fingers through his chest hair. I told him he had a very hot body. As I licked his pits, he took off my shirt and sucked my tits, teasing my nipples. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, exposing his cum stained white briefs. His bush was wide, because his pubes were coming out the sides, and his big cock and balls filled them well. I felt his big cock through them, and breathed in their heavy crotch scent. I told him I wanted his breifs as a souveneir, and he said he had been wearing them for two days, and I could have them. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. i could have cum just from the scent of them. I put them in my pocket, as I felt his big cock.. It looked to be about nine inches long, and very thick. I played with his balls and dense bush. I reached between his legs and felt his very hairy ass. I had him part his legs and I got under his balls, sucking them and licking back to his hairy ass. He moaned as I explored his hairy crotch and ass with my mouth. I stood up and let him take off my pants and boxers, and let him suck my cock while he fingered my ass. He tongue kissed me and said I was even hotter in person than in the videos. We got into a 69 position and sucked each other. When we stopped he got between my legs and pushed my legs up on my chest. He slid his big thick cock, lubed only with my spit in my ass, working it deeper and deeper inside me until his pubes were pressing against me. His cock felt incredible inside me and I moaned with every thrust of his cock. He tongue kissed me and said this was the first time he ever fucked a porn star. I asked how he liked it, and he said he loved fucking me. He pounded me and ground his cock inside me, making me cum without touching myself. He thrust harder and faster, and emptied his big balls in my ass. I told him to eat the cum out of my ass and then kiss it back to me. He did as I said, and I enjoyed his cum. I told him I was in town for two weeks and was going to need to be fucked a lot while I'm here, and asked if he wanted to do it for me. He said he would love to, but he could only cum about 3 times a day, and if that wasn't enough, he would have to find someone else to help. I stayed in bed with him, feeling his hairy body against mine, and tasting him everywhere. He had me get on all fours and hugged my back as he fucked me from behind. His hairy body excited me as he thrust his massive cock in and out of me. I shot a second load without touching myself as he filled my ass with cum. I hugged him and kissed him and thanked him for fucking me again. I spent the whole two weeks with him, getting thoroughly fucked and loving it.


When I went back to school, I settled in to classes, homework, and regular fuck sessions with Tim. I stopped getting called in for video jobs. By the end of the semester, I ran out of money and had to drop out of school for a while. I moved home with my mom, and called Rick, the hairy guy who loved fucking me over winter break. He said he was horny and asked if I could come right over. When I got there, he was wearing just a towel, and I stood there as he peeled my tee shirt and sweat pants off me. He let his towel drop and I leaned against the wall as he tongue kissed me and rubbed his hairy body against mine. No one got me as excited as he could. We went to his bedroom and I slowly licked his hairy sweaty pits. He got on all fours and I slowly licked his hairy ass crack and tongue fucked him as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. He had me get on my back and lay between my legs sucking my tits and rubbing his hairy body against mine. He propped a pillow under my ass and I felt him sliding his hard dripping cock inside me. Whenever he slid his cock in me, it was like magic. I moaned and groaned as he pounded me over and over. I wrapped my legs around him and he kissed me hard. I felt his throbbing cock explode inside me.

He lay beside me and said he really missed me. I told him I missed him too, but he said with all the guys I fuck in videos, he didn't see how. I told him when I fucked guys on camera, that was just work. But when he fucked me, it was making love. He kissed me harder and said he wished I still lived in town instead of away at school. I asked why, and he said we could have sex more, and he hesitated and said, he wanted me for his mate. I asked why he wanted me, knowing I had been with a lot of guys with the whole world watching. He said he had been with a lot of guys too, but no one seemed to enjoy being with him I like I did, and when he was with me, he felt special. He kissed me on the lips and worked his way down my body, kissing me everywhere, and started sucking my cock, long and slow, until I shot my cum in his mouth and he swallowed it. We cuddled in bed for a while enjoying the scent of our mixed sweat before I stroked him hard and got on top of him, riding his big cock back and forth. I moaned as he thrust his cock up into me and caressed my tits while I fucked his cock. He groaned and I felt him cumming inside me like a fountain. He ate his cum out of my ass and kissed me, sharing his load with me. We lay in each other's arms and I told him he was the hottest guy I have ever been with.

A few days later, he had a friend come over. The guy's name was Tom and he had long brown hair, a scraggly beard, and tatoos on his arms and chest. He said he saw my videos and was really horny and asked if he could fuck me. I was hesitant until he took off his jeans. He had a very dense brown bush and a thick long cock with a large head. I got on my knees between his legs and started sucking his cock. He had a strong smell coming from his crotch that was arousing. He took off my shirt and ran his hands down my back and into my pants, feeling my smooth ass. He stood me up and pulled down my pants and briefs, and fingered my ass. he put my on my back on the couch and pulled up my legs as he slid his big cock inside me. As he slid his cock all the way inside me my friend took pictures of us fucking. he moaned and said this was the first time he got to fuck someone he saw on video. His cock was so wide it moved tightly in my ass. I said I loved being fucked by my fans. He moved in and out of me slowly and said if I really liked his cock, I was welcome to come over his trailer and stay a few days. I shook with excitement as he moved in and out of me. I shot my load as he pounded my ass and he scooped it up and ate it. he smiled and said that I must really like white trash cock. I kept moaning as he fucked me and I licked his sweaty pits. His balls started pulling up and his cock throbbed inside me as he shot a huge load in my ass. Rick slid his cock inside me as soon as Tom pulled out of me. He took pictures of Rick fucking me. When we were done, we went to Tom's trailer. It was a dump, but I didn't care, because Tom fucked me over and over. As I lay on my back and he thrust his big cock in and out of me, I realized what I wanted was a cock inside me, anyone's cock, cuming inside me.

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