Man for Man

College athletics


It hit me like a flash of electric current in my guts and below when he entered the lecture theatre - man was this lad hot! Not very tall, about 5.8, but stocky built and obviously full of energy . this cute untidy blond hair and impressive strong jawline with a two days growth of reddish blond stubble. He jumped up the stairs more than climbing them in this unique elastic gait of pure young male confidence passed my bench and took a seat two behind me - fortunately so I had at least a chance to follow the lecturers presentation.


This remarkable event took place on my second day in Edinburgh where I spent 8 weeks at one of the University hospitals for an elective in my final year of medical studies. I'm a 25 year old German guy with definite interest in my own gender - not that this is any news to you - 6.0 feet tall, 160lbs of athletic slim stature, brown curly hair, greyish blue eyes and much to my own regret still pretty much "in the closet". During the following days I enjoyed this tingling sensation in my loin every time my eyes got hold of Adrian - in lectures and tutorial, on the wards and at the canteen. I had quite a hard time (oh what a pun!) to conceal my unavoidable boner caused by the mere presence of this hotty! He appeared to me as the typical straight guy in his early 20's and his conversations I "overheard" were mainly about rugby, girls, music, drinking and the next exams . not much hope for my aching heart (and other more prominent parts of my body)!!

I kept more or less in the background and enjoyed the view trying to keep as many details as possible for my frequent lonely-night encounters with my fife fingered friend until 3 days later my luck got unbelievable good and the only remaining seat when he entered the seminar room (a bit late, as usual) was the one right next to me. He walked towards me across the room said "Hey!" smiled and took the seat - leaving me in a state of trance my crotch tingling and swelling and my mind in turmoil!

I was hardly able to follow the tutorial and made a total fool of myself when asked about some pretty simple figures in a well known disease - I'm only human!! Things got worse/better when Adrian started to talk to me - typical small talk "Where from Germany are you?", "How do you like it here in Edinburgh?", etc. but gradually we got more and more towards a more personal chat and he told me about him being a rugby fanatic and much into almost every kind of sport . not very surprising with his ideal physique. I told him that I used to play handball in high school and enjoy a match of badminton or squash from time to time and all these nice little details you think might interest a guy like him. He didn't seem to be very impressed though.

After the lunchtime tutorial we had to go to the same ward, which gave me the opportunity to continue our conversation and finally he invited me to meet him and "the lads" at the pub this evening. You can imagine my excitement about going to see this stud and his fellow hunks in a much more relaxed environment - my dick was throbbing with anticipation of all the great views and who knows what else to come .! The rest of the afternoon at the hospital was torture - I tried to keep myself as busy as possible to distract me from counting minutes.

When I arrived at the pub Adrian and "the lads" - a bunch of class A rugby jocks and a few fellow students - already had a few pints each what left me at a slightly superior position in matters of controlling the chat and getting as much information about my "favourite topic" as possible. He seemed to be not as cheerful as I remembered him from the days before at the hospital and was definitely the one who ordered fastest - pint after pint vanished between his well formed lips and Adrian became really mellow. Soon he wasn't able to articulate a single thought any more and had problems to stay upright on his chair. His beautiful grey eyes were kind of glassy and moist and I wondered what the hell was going on behind this flawless face?! Somehow he managed to stumble to the bathroom and back almost tripping over feet and chairs several times. I was very tempted to follow him and help him to finish "his business" or have a good look at his equipment at least but my alcohol level was still too low and so my inhibitions to hit on that obviously perfectly straight guy far too strong. After Adrian's return to the table he became more and more quiet and I sensed him snoozing a few times while I talked to two of his less drunken buddies. Then suddenly he jumped up spilling the rest of the pint in front of him over the table and some of us and tried to steady himself obviously preparing to leave. Me and Marc - one of his best friends and definitely not as pissed as the rest of them - got up to support him in this battle and we agreed to get him home as quick as possible.


I don't deny that it was a pure pleasure for me to hold the guy I had this huge crush on upright the whole way back to his flat - even in his pitiful state he radiated a fascinating strength and the reckless fellow in my pants seemed to enjoy all the "accidental" touches and gropes as well - I prayed that there wouldn't be a visible wet spot too soon. Finally we made it to his front door and Marc asked me to look for the keys while he tried to steady the now almost sleeping Adrian. Just a wee bit hesitating I followed his request and started to search the dream boy in front of me from behind - him facing Marc. No key in his jacket and the front pocket of his shirt so that I was "forced" to go more intimate: slightly trembling my hand dived into the front pocket of his trousers rewarded with the warm and kind of damp climate in there - but no keys either. My free hand slipped into the remaining front pocket and got hold of a pair of keys. But there was something else there - I couldn't believe my senses - pretty prominently I touched what seemed to be a semi hard cock pointing to the right side of his lower abdomen. Quite surprised I left my hand where it was probably a second (or two!?!) too long because Marc told me to ". fucking hurry up because his arms were getting tired!". Reluctant to leave my new found treasure so soon I just pretended to be still looking for the keys and fondled the now sound asleep rugby jock between us a bit, trying to get an imagination of the quality of his family jewels. Not disappointed by my findings I finally gave in to Marc's plea and produced the keys from the fascinating depths of Adrian's pocket.

We carried sleeping beauty into his room and placed him on the mattress covering the floor Marc starting to unlace his shoes and me leaving to look for an "emergency bucket" for the night. When I returned to the bedroom my hero was lying there in just a pair of checked boxers - his broad shoulders, perfect pecs and admirable 6pack to my full view, together with this strong tree-trunk-like rugby player legs. What a sight!!! The tuff of chest hair which I had detected just above his collar at our very first talk (somehow always a major turn on for me) spread to a blondish soft pelt all over his nicely developed pecs and with a small gap on his upper tummy it went on as a golden treasure trail form his navel down until it disappeared beneath the hem of his boxers - oh what I would give for just a glimpse at the region where it was to lead to!! Regaining my consciousness I placed the bucket right beside Adrian's head on the floor beside the mattress hoping Marc didn't see me staring and covered the object of my jack off fantasy for the next months with a blanket

Following an argument about Adrian being safe in his room on his own or not (guess what my point of view as a "caring" becoming doctor was . !?!) we agreed to give his flatmates a hint and left him. Back in the fresh air I suddenly felt really tired and headed for my own room wishing Marc - besides a quite attractive dark haired and brown eyed fellow medical student with deep sexy dimples on each cheek himself - a good night and promised him to check on Adrian early the next morning. Back home I felt even too tired and fairly numb from the alcohol to relieve a little bit of pressure from my aching balls - persuading them that it would be much more fun to use morning woody for that purpose! Stone tired I was gone to dreamland the moment my head hit the pillow.

After having taken care of my gonad's needs inspired by the picture of my rugby hunk in his almost undressed state and the pocket experience from the night before and a post orgasmic shower (one of the best ways to start a day - believe me!) I phoned Adrian's flat to get the message form one of his mates that he is asleep again and doesn't look very well. I decided to have a look at the delinquent myself and was presented with a pitiful looking grumpy sick guy with a hell of a hangover. To help him over the worst I forced him to drink several pints of water and have a small breakfast and left him in a slightly better state after his strongly needed shower. He even apologised for having been so ungrateful and asked me to ring him later that day.


I had to sort out some things and was busy the whole afternoon but from time to time a feeling of joy about the possibility of becoming friends with Adrian brightened my day. As promised I rang him about 6pm and he seemed to be much better by then - partly with the help of one of the most well known drugs by the famous German pharmaceutical company "Bayer". He apologised again and thanked me for my loyal help the night before and asked me if I fancied a nice match of squash the next day? I agreed happily of course almost unable to think of anything apart from seeing him in the shower for the rest of the evening. An excellent image to have in mind while sacrificing the god of horniness under the blankets that night - had I known what I know now I probably saved that shot .!

The next morning I picked him up at his flat and we headed straight for the gym. It was a fine, sunny morning and I was filled with joy about the world, me, Adrian and the things to come - aching for a nice exhausting match and to see this perfect muscles in action. I tried to get a glimpse of his sexy butt through the fabric of his cotton boxers before he covered them with the shorts at the locker room but not to be too obvious. The perfect V-shape of his thorax got me another tingling sensation in my balls and I had troubles to hide the rising member in my not too baggy shorts.

Warm up was pure fun - we tried to determine each others skills and chatted along for a while punching the ball into the walls in a playful way of showing off in front of our opponent. Adrian was very fast and so always had the perfect position to the ball (what gave me enough opportunities to admire this powerful rugby player's legs of him) but my techniques turned out to be advanced a bit - this game promised to get interesting. During the match I constantly tried to keep my opponent as busy as possible - first to tire him out and second to enjoy every touch and accidental bump between this most handsome hunk and me. This tactic kind of worked but he gave me a hard time due to his amazingly fast moves and his eagerness to reach every single ball. This way we beat each other in the first 2 sets and after he won the 3rd one I had to give all I've got to win the 4th to reach a tie at least. We agreed to quit at that score and call it a day each prising the others strengths - a quite satisfying solution for both of us and we promised to go for another "round" soon.

Adrian mentioned the good sauna and recovery facilities at the gym and how great a few minutes in a hot steamy room would be - who was I to deny him (and me) his well earned opportunity to relax his aching muscles. But before entering this oasis of rest you have to take a shower of course - the very moment of truth I had desperately longed for for more than 12 hours.

We went back to our lockers, grabbed towels and soap and got rid of our sweaty clothes. Adrian unfortunately stood half hidden by the locker door so that I wasn't able to see him in his whole glory but got a good shot of his nicely formed behind. He stripped very fast, was wrapped in his towel in no time and headed for the showers before I was finished and I had to shout for him to wait because I was not familiar with the place. I was a bit puzzled by his behaviour but the embarrassed look in his eyes when I reached him waiting in the aisle and a quite prominent bulge under his towel let me draw my conclusions - Mr. Jock had thrown a woody and was not keen to be caught. I smiled inwardly and tried to hide my knowledge.

By the time we reached the showers area he was comfy again and we headed straight on for the very last row of heads. There were a few basketball guys there bragging along about the points they had scored and the reward they would get from their girlfriends for that - some of these chicks were really lucky as far as I could see.! I chose the showerhead opposite from Adrian's to have a better vision range - he first stood motionless under the curtain of water, back to me and gave me a good view of his strong V-shaped back and the perfect globes of his ass - a sight to behold forever . I almost started drooling there and then. After just rinse the sweat off him he began to soap his front still hidden from my eyes but suddenly he turned and I almost gasped for his sheer male beauty. There he stood a perfectly shaped young stud in his prime with just the right amounts of hair in the right places and a nice set of balls under a semi hard absolutely beautiful cock covered by a thin layer of foam and water. I must have stared a moment too long because he blushed and turned halfway back, looking down - shit . he got suspicious at least! But my hormones were in charge already and the only thought I was able to form was how I could get closer to this image risen from a wet dream?! At this moment I would have killed for that if necessary!! I didn't even try to hide my more than half hard boner.!


Robotlike I soaped and rinsed my body - not too bad as well by the way: not that broad in the shoulders but a nice slim waist, a firm ass and a set of tackles not to be ashamed of - a flat stomach below a firm muscular chest - hairless above the waist apart from some scarce hairs around the nipples and a decent dark treasure trail from just above my navel to the dark curly bush around the base of my dick and balls.

I didn't dare to look over to Adrian again but heard his shower ceasing just a minute before I was done too. We dried in silence and wrapped the towels back around our waists ready for the steam room, me still quite aroused and my mind a mess: 'What if he is angry about me staring at his dick - had I ruined our developing friendship already??' I wasn't sure about anything any more and followed my rugby hero like a puppy on a leash.

The sauna was pretty dark and almost empty - only one black guy was lying on one of the top benches. The heat hit me in the face like a wet hot curtain I had to close my eyes and held Adrian's shoulder to be let to a wooden bench in the middle. He didn't repulse this contact and had me sit down next to him. While I gradually adjusted to the hot and humid environment he started to talk to me in a low voice - about him being sorry for getting wasted the other night and that this hasn't been the fist time for the last weeks that he woke up with headache and a total blank. He told me that he is still battling with the loss of his now ex-girlfriend who left him 2 months ago and alcohol is making it less painful for a short while. They had been together for more than 3 years and had talked about living together and even marriage already when she broke up complaining about his permanent absences for rugby training and games and so on .! I listened to him and his grief for that girl and was thinking of a possibility to cheer him up when I recognised that his right leg was slowly rubbing on my left thigh still covered by the towel. Observing this interesting development curiously I continued to listen to his sad story - he only stopped briefly when the other guy left the room.

My mind was working like crazy by then - driven by a hormone overflow I tried to make out my chances to hit on this stud without revealing too much of my cover (the closet!!). By a sudden impulse I decided to go for it and lowered my hand onto his uncovered knee - he hesitated for the fraction of a second and continued with his explanation for the failure of his relationship. Encouraged I started to caress his naked knee gently, slowly proceeding towards the hem of his towel - the feeling of solid muscles covered by smooth skin and a soft layer of blond hair sent shot after shot of hot boiling blood into my now raging boner and made my balls rising towards its base in fast motion.

Adrian had stopped talking and closed his eyes and tiny sighs escaped his throat - he wouldn't stop me I was pretty sure now! My fingers drew circles on the inside of his enormous thighs tearing at the small hairs from time to time and unmistakably steering slowly toward his privates - his cock now clearly visible as a nice tent in the towel.

I looked up to his handsome face and hold the look of his deep grey eyes searching for a sign from the depths of his mind to stop or to carry on - but he was far from being rational by now. Slowly my rugby stud opened his tree trunk like thighs more to give me better access to my declared aim. I was in heaven - despite the crazy idea to fondle this straight guys family jewels in a public steam room my head was swimming and I had to focus on Adrian's blond furred chest not to pass out at that very moment. Finally I reached what I was longing for with my fingertips which made Mr. rugby stud inhale sharply - playing with this unique structure of solid humming "steel" beneath velvety skin is one of the wonders worth to live for - I'm stunned by it's simplicity and perfect design again and again.

Adrian's sample was a masterpiece as far as I could judge from the measures my fingertips delivered to my brain: about 6 to 6.5 inches but pretty wide - about 2.5inches in diameter, uncut and slightly upwards curved prime meat with cylindrical shaft topped by a softskinned round tip half hidden under a velvety hood. My mouth was watering and my eyes got moist from the sheer imagination of my friends equipment and I would have gone for it without a second thought if Adrian hadn't stopped me with a soft "We should carry on with that elsewhere.!" - there was excitement in his hoarse voice which made me feel wanted and even loved in a certain kind of way!!


We made the way to my room in a rush - not even caring about our clearly visible stiffies between the lockers at the gym. I had eyes and thoughts for Adrian only and was hardly aware of anything or -body around us . it's a miracle that I didn't get run over by a car or bus. Finally we got there and I felt a bit weird about bringing this unbelievable handsome straight guy who I'd never expected to be more than a friend to my apartment to seduce him or whatever was going to happen - what if he changed his mind and would tell around that I'm gay? I mean, I'd be in Scotland for a few weeks only but rumours spread and you never know.! My dick was yelling at me "Go for it - he's worth the risk!" but my mind tried to chicken out.

Adrian rescued me from the battle against my fears - he just behaved naturally and asked for a beer which I was glad to have on the windowsill - nice and cool. He sat on my bed facing me sitting on the desk and seemed to try to explore what was going on inside my head. If he had known.!!? He came over and asked whether I was all right - his now dark grey eyes locking with mine and I put my hand on his chest and caressed his well defined pecs carefully. I could feel his chest hair moving under the cotton of his shirt - my fingers slowly encircling his nipple. The next thing I remember are his dry lips touching mine with a most gentle gesture - just the tip of his tongue exploring them adding pressure slowly. Again he took me by surprise doing that - but he pushed exactly the right buttons at the right time to let my hormones taking over control for the second time.

I pinched his hard nipple making him moan into my mouth and then we recklessly chased each others tongues for what seemed like an eternity. He definitely was a great kisser - sparks of sexual energy took the direct way down to my groin. I started to open his shirt to have better access to his fur covered pecs and the adorable 6pack I had lusted for 2 nights ago - his warm hard body aching to be touched and admired. He took my head in his hands nibbling on my ear his fingers in the dark curls of my hair begging me not to stop.!

I took control over our both bodies and caressing his neck, chest and abs with my lips, teeth and tongue I proceeded to undress him in slow motion: his shirt finally came down which offered me his whole sexy upper body - strong shoulders and powerful hairy arms. While taking care of all this beauty oraly I got his belt buckle loose and unbuttoned his trousers as slowly as possible in my sex craving state. My loverboy didn't move or even make a sound during this delicate procedure - his hands still on my head, his thoughts who knows where?! The wet spot right underneath the hem of his boxers looked inviting and I couldn't resist to kiss it and inhale the powerful scent of fresh precum before I started to nibble along this cute blond treasure trail from his naval downwards. Adrian sighed and run his hands up and down my back - I wanted to feel them on my bare skin so I almost ripped my t-shirt off trying to get my tongue as far as possible under the hem of his boxers.

I was incredible horny by then and my only task was to get hold of this studs cock in one way or the other. Pulling down his soaked boxers along with the half opened trousers I urged him to get off his shoes and step out of the pile on the floor leaving Adrian standing in front of me in all his perfect young male beauty - irresistible and all mine!

He smiled at me his cute lopsided smile and a shining drop of precum tried to make its way down from the tip of his delicious fat cock slowly - I caught it with my tongue and traced it back to his origin probing his piss slit carefully. Another deep moan from the bottom of my sexy rugby players chest encouraged me to explore more of his pole - dipping my tongue under the remaining foreskin over the back half of his pulsating head and tickling the most sensitive spot of a mans body made him shake with pleasure. I led my precious backward to the bed trying to get rid of my trousers and briefs at the same time.


There he was resting on his elbows with cloudy eyes full of anticipation and his best part sticking right up along his treasure trail and for the first time since he kissed me I heard his pleading voice: "Please suck me Paul!!" Stricken by the vulnerability of this incredible sexy and now pretty horny guy I got down on my knees and started to worship his little warrior. Pulling back the excess skin with my fingers I followed the rim of his cock head with my wet warm skillfull tongue making him shiver again - then in one swift movement I swallowed as much of his fat prong as possible. The width of it caused me some troubles to get it down past the gag-reflex-zone on the back of my throat but with all the enthusiasm I was capable of finally his still swelling head passed the Rubicon and the fun could begin.

"Oh my gooooodd.!" was the comment from above - probably Adrian had never had his willy as far down a throat before. I swallowed another time and he moaned loudly to the ceiling. Craving for air I got up his shaft again and deepthroated his prime meat three or four times fondling his almost hairless balls with my right hand. His saliva wet prong was throbbing as hell by now - probably painful. But there was no sign of pain in his ecstatic face - only pure joy and lust. Adrian thrust his hips upwards to bury his boner deeper in my warm wet mouth obviously keen on meeting the massaging movements of my throat muscles with his most sensitive spots.

Sensing that he was getting close already I got off his dick and down to the two delicious orbs in their sack. I bathed and pet them in turns in the saliva filled hot cavity of my mouth and inhaled his very individual scent of clean healthy adult male genitals. Burying my nose into the folds of his scrotum near the root of his cock tickled by the few curly blond hairs there I almost got over the brink myself my cock painfully hard throbbing and oozing precum all over my thighs and the floor. Resting in this wonderful position for a few moments I longed for his gorgeous fleshy sword entering my ass.

Adrian sat there on my bed shaking with lust and constantly moaning - I reluctantly released his delicious balls and went further down to the bridge of solid flesh between his sack and the hidden pucker of his anus. Lapping his perineum a few times caused deep grunts from my lover and I had to be careful not to stimulate him too much again. Going up again with just the tip of my tongue I passed his balls, the shaft and slimy wet tip of his dick (giving him a few playful strokes with my lips) his wonderful love trail, navel and the perfect edgy hills of his pecs with two very erect nipples (which I chewed at a bit, earning deep grunts again) and a lot of soft blond fur then further to his strong neck with the sexy adam's apple up to his masculine dense stubbly jaw line passing his slightly parted lips with just shadow of a kiss finally getting to the tiny lobes of his small ears starting to nibble and chew on them.

"Please go on!" my rugby hunk whispered in my ear - coated in a thin layer of sweat by now.

"Would you like to fuck me??" I asked in return - hearing him gasping as a first response. It wasn't just my lust driven mind speaking now but my whole horny body- my leaking boner wetting his crotch and tummy and my pucker twitching in anticipation.

"Are you sure?" hi ask with recognisable concern? "Positive.!!" His eyes full of sexual hunger Adrian nodded slowly smiling at me with this lopsided shy smile of him. I got up to bring condoms and lubricant from a drawer my heavily drooling hardon proudly waving in front of me while sexy stud got more comfortable on the bed. When I came back he was lying there on the top of my blanket, slowly stroking his beautiful fat cock - which glistened with saliva and precum. I simply took over and gave him a few more strokes while I caressed his humming balls with the other hand.

"Have you ever done this before?" I asked him frankly.

"I once tried with a girl but it was too painful for her."


"O.K. let's do it my way then" I said covering the object of my desire with latex. I laid back next to him and began to lube my hole with KY on the outside. Slowly inserting one finger after the other and adding more KY I gradually got myself ready to take the thick boner of him. I stayed on my back with my legs in the air and took my lover by his hardon - carefully pulling him between my thighs. He was co cute there on top of me biting his lower lip with anticipation - I placed his round headed soldier at the entrance to the depths of my ass and told him to push slowly.

What a sensation to feel the head of his prong sliding slowly through the barrier of my sphincters into my well lubed hole - the pleasure started to rise to my cock and balls and up the back of my spine immediately. I was dying to feel him deep inside me and shoved myself up his pole until his pubic hair tickled my cheeks. He inhaled sharply from the sensational feeling my warm moist moving love chute caused at his sensitive cock. Adrian stayed where he was for a few seconds, looking at my face searching for some signs of pain or discomfort. I smiled at him and encouraged him to go on: "Fuck me stud!!"

He started to pump my horny ass with his fat prong slowly causing me immense pleasure each time he hit my prostate. My moaning and grunting seemed to encourage him and he tried different angles and speeds to impale me on that beautiful fleshy spear. I saw the lust in his eyes and tightened my ass muscles around his pulsating shaft making him sigh audibly. This stud was ready for the final round.

Pushing myself up a bit I groped him at the back of his neck and pulled the rugby stud towards my face, invading his tasty mouth with my hungry tongue driven by incredible lust and joy. He responded willingly and rammed in to my hole with all his force a few times. I wanted him to invade and take my whole being by now - wanted nothing to hide from him and us becoming one.!

My free hand went down his strong back to the wonderful moving twin mounds of his firm sweaty ass. I dived down directly into the valley between them desperately searching for his delicate pucker. Hidden by a thin layer of hair my fingers found the soft wrinkled spot twitching with every thrust of his pelvis into me. He moaned into my mouth when I teased his rosette with the sweat covered tip of my index finger preparing himself for my next move.

His breathing was shallow and fast by now and from the firm and hard condition of his ball sack bumping into my buttocks from time to time I could tell that my lover was very close to the point of no return. I sucked on his tongue like there was no tomorrow and with a sudden movement of my hand I drove the upper 2 third of my index finger into his warm hole. That was all he needed and with a loud groan he reared driving into me as far possible and pumped his seed into the condom in countless powerful strokes. After what seemed to be an non ending orgasm he collapsed on top of me, continuing to move his pelvis in slow motion rubbing his 6 pack and the hairs of his treasure trail over the most sensitive tip of my steel hard erection.

That incredible feeling drove me over the edge - withdrawing my sticky finger from his manhole I came between our sweat glistening bodies like I hadn't for a long time the twitching of my asshole around his now very sensitive cock making him grunt with pleasure again. Long ropes of sticky semen made their ways form his abs and chest to my body underneath glueing us together in a heap of orgasmic afterglow.

He stayed in me as long as his shrinking member allowed - when it finally popped out I felt a deep sensation of loss and regret and wrapped my arms closer around his strong upper body. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity chasing each others tongue back and forth in a playful game of joy. I could smell the musky fragrance of male sex - a strong mixture of sweat, cum and aftershave. Every single second seemed to last forever and I never wanted to let him go again.

Still entangled we rolled to our sides Adrian finally getting off of me laying there next to me still so beautiful in spite of the well filled condom over his soft willy. I laughed at him and freed his brave soldier from its hood taking a whiff of his cum before I tied it. I had to try this directly form the well later on saver sex or not.

Roughly cleaning his body with my tongue I went up and down his frontside making him smile with pleasure again. I didn't want to be anywhere else at that moment and feeling the need of a shower for both of us I waited till he had recovered a bit.

"That was incredible!" my sexy stud admitted "Is it always like that?" - deep grey eyes were searching my face for an answer.

"Depends on who is involved - like always in this world!"

We headed for the shower me dragging him by his hand. It was a great dessert to our fantastic main course to have my hands all over this hot body of him and soaping and rinsing him in his most private spots. He returned the favour washing my back, neck and upper body plus doing a few swift strokes around my cock and balls.

I asked him, if he had ever sex with a guy before and he told me that there had been a few occasions of jacking each other off and getting a blow job in the showers after rugby training over the years but nothing serious - just experimenting. I was tempted to ask, what made him change that today, but I bit my tongue - there are some things in life you just should accept and enjoy!

He was semi hard again when we got to lay down side by side and I took the opportunity to suck him again - this time letting him get off into the warm moist depths of my mouth tasting every single drop of the salty sweet essence of life. He went to sleep in my arms and I enjoyed looking at his peaceful face and body until I travelled to morpheus' realm too.

The next morning I took care of his morning woody with my eager tongue, lips and throat again while giving myself a good old hand job before we both had to get up and ready for another day at hospital.!

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