Man for Man

Coachs Matt and Ted


When I was in High School I wasn't really a popular kid but I thought I deserved a little more attention. I mean I wasn't sad or anything but I just wanted more attention from the girls I went to school with. I found out from my parents that we were going to be moving so next year I would be at a new school. I was both sad and happy. I thought this could be a new chance for me to show my self to people and become more socially excepted. I thought playing Football might do the trick.


Tryouts were right near the last month of summer. I worked from April up until August to try and become for physically fit to play football. I developed a nice body in the process. I wasent a big guy but I was about average size body. I was about 5'11 170, Buzz Cut with bleach blond hair, Dark Brown eyes, and a 6-1/2 inch cock. I was a white guy but developed a nice tan over the summer. I thought I had looked pretty good compared to how I looked before and other people thought that as well. Anyway tryouts came and I was ready. I went to my new school, which was a very nice high school, and found a crowd of people out on the field. When I got there I was about 10 min late from when everyone else arrived. It seemed like everyone there had known each other already and I kind of felt like a new outsider. I had my duffel bag with my gear over my shoulder waiting with the other guys for the coach. We saw a man walking from the parking lot and making his was towards us.

"Just because I am late today doesn't mean any of you have that option" he said. "I'm Coach Ted and I coach the football team here as some of you may know."

It seemed a lot of the guys did know him but I had never seen him before. He was a big guy, seemed built but had a lot of baggage on him. He wore a maroon colored polo shirt and really short blue Adidas shorts. He had a cap and a whistle around his neck with a clipboard in his hand.

"I need all your names, when I point to you give me your name, age, grade, and position I wanted to play." He pointed to me. "What is your name and age son" He said looking at his clipboard.

"I'm Adam, 16, im gonna be a junior, and I want to play QB."

He looked up at me when I said that and some of the other guys laughed. He put his head back into the clipboard and shook his head. He eventually got everyone and there was about maybe 25-30 guys trying out. He told everyone to start running laps while he catches up with his papers. We started running and he called me over to him.

"Yeah coach" I said waiting for an answer.

"You sure you want to play QB?" he said.

"Yeah of course why wouldn't I be?" I said anxiously.

"You look like you have the build for it, but it isn't an easy job" he said checking me out head to toe.

"I can do it sir, I really want to do this."

"Good then, I like a man who is ready like you are" he smiled and told me to hit the track with the others.

After three hours of exercises and running, the day was up. He called us in and told us about up coming practices for the tryout sessions.

Two weeks later we were done with tryouts. He had posted who made it and who didn't. I made QB. I was really happy about making it but next to it had a note that said "See me ASAP" I hoped everything was ok but I had no idea why I was called there

Everyone had left so I figured I could go talk to him. He was in his office in the boys' locker room. I knocked on the door and didn't hear anything. I knocked again and still nothing. I figured that maybe he had left so I started to walk away when I heard the door open behind me. It was Coach Ted with another man about his age. He was really well defined unlike coach, but he had a mustache and short brownish hair. He was wearing black shorts and a white tee shirt. Him and coach both looked a little red and sweaty and booth looked at me with a smile.

"Oh hey Adam, this is my assistant and your assistant coach Matt" said the coach

"Nice to meet you" He said with his hand stuck out. I put my hand out also and he grabbed it real tight. His hand felt really clammy and damp.

"You wanted to see me coach" I said.

"Oh of course, as you know you will be are main QB this year and me and coach Matt would like to go over some plays with you. I would have you come over to my house but my wife and kids are very noisy so I got a hotel room for this Saturday. We wold love to have you come their with us"

I was kind of suspicious about what the coach had made arrangements for. I would go if others are there because it would make me fell a little more comfortable. "Are other players going to be there?" I asked.


He paused "Of course, Jake, Frank, Eric and the other will be there for sure." That made me feel a lot safer and I told me I could make it on Saturday. That night I couldn't sleep very well. I had the image of that new assistant coach Matt and Coach Ted in my head. I had the image of them in there little shorts they were wearing. While I was thinking of it I started to get kind of hard and I scared my self a little. I realized I was attracted to the two coaches' of the football team. I was weird for me because I was never for guys. I figured I must have been Bi or something because I knew I still got of on girls but I did think about guys in the past also. I didn't think I would ever do anything with a guy but maybe just think about them and get off on the occasionally.

The next day my mom dropped me off at the hotel and I told her I could get a ride home from one of the other players. I got into the elevator and got off on the floor my piece of paper said to. I knocked on the door and Coach Ted opened the door. He was wearing a white wife beater and a pair of jeans with a big belt on them.

"C'mon in he said, we have been waiting for you" I walked in and coach Matt was siting at the table with a beer. He was wearing just a pair of jeans without any shirt. He had a nice body and it got to me. He was really smooth with not a lot of hair on his chest. I looked around the room and saw it had two beds and a table with some chairs. I saw Kevin, the other QB from the team sitting on the bed. He was a pretty good-looking guy. He has nicely built, and had a really good-looking face. He was a Mario Lopez look alike and I good swear they were brothers. Coach Ted shut the door and dimmed the lights. I looked at Kevin with a questioned face and I think he was as clueless as I was.

"What are we doing" asked Kevin.

"You boys work so hard out on the field, I thought you guys could use a little fun" said coach Ted as coach Matt smiled and laughed quietly. Still questioned at what they were talking about coach Matt asked me "Adam, why don't you take Kevin's shirt off"

My eyes opened wide and I couldn't believe what he was saying. Kevin was very shocked to and got up with saying "Fuck this shit" and started to walk out only right before he got to the door he stopped and came back. He looked that the coaches sitting in the chairs rubbing their cocks threw their pants, and then looked down at me and smiled.

"You want to try this Adam" he said with a beautiful smile that made me crumble.

"I'm willing to try anything" I said staring into his beautiful eyes brown eyes.

He smiled and told me quietly in my ear "relax Adam, I'm an expert, ill make it feel good for both of us". His warm breathe pierced me ear as he stood back up and pulled his shirt off and then bent down to pull mine off. I could hear heavy breathing coming from the coaches as they watched their two players get in on in front of them. I know they were getting off on this. He started to kiss my chest slowly and worked his way down to my stomach and slowly sucked his lips against my hard stomach. I fell back onto the bad and he wasted no time and climbed on top of me kissing around my neck. I rubbed my fingers threw his beautiful hair and kept his head on my body. His warm kisses felt so good and tingly all over my body. I looked over at the coaches and they had their dicks out of their pants stroking away licking there chapped lips. Kevin was still on top of me kissing me when I could feel his hand reach underneath and begin to undo my pants. He slowly pulled them partially down my thighs, which exposed my smooth upper thighs. I was wearing white bikini briefs so they were all the way up to my waist, which made it easier to see my legs. I could feel his body grinding and rubbing against my exposed skin. He started to undo his own pants and my hands that were on his back holding him on me slid down and pushed his pants down exposing him in the same underwear I was wearing. I could feel his fat bulge through his briefs rubbing against mine as they both got bigger and bigger. He started to slide down onto the floor rubbing my fat cock. I think he wanted to suck on me but the coaches wouldn't have it. Coach Matt came out of his seat and pulled Kevin off of me. I was so out of breath that I just laid on the bed not sure what was going on.

"What the hell are you doing" said Kevin. Coach Matt had him by the hair and threw him on the other bed. He stood by the end of the bed and said,

"If your going to suck anyone is going to be me and my cock." I saw Kevin lying on the bed across from me. He looked so good. Coach Matt pulled his pants and boxers down and grabbed Kevin up to his cock. Kevin didn't refuse that huge cock of his and I wouldn't either. It must have been ten inches long. "Oh yeah take it boy" said coach Matt pushing Kevin's had back and forth into his cock.

"I'll take the other one," said Coach Ted as he came up from the chair. He pulled his wife beater off and pulled my legs in the air pulling my white bikini briefs off as well. He said "Ive wanted to do this for the longest time boy, I always see this cute ass of yours in the locker room. I need to loosen you up first" With my legs in the air he began to finger my asshole. He went in really deep. I had never had anything up my ass before. This was a new experience for me, and a great one to be exact. He then threw my legs over his shoulder and told me I would enjoy this. He grabbed his did from sticking out of his boxers and pressed it between my ass checks. "Ahhahh" I winded as his hard cock went up my ass. He pressed it in as far as he could go and back out again. Slowly he did it again and again.

"Who is your favorite coach, boy" he said smiling as he pushed up my tight asshole.

"You... Sir" I said almost passing out from the work he was putting on me.

Kevin was still sucking coach Matt's steamy cock. He then lifted Kevin and put his body over mine, as I was still being butt fucked. I could tell Kevin was exhausted from all that sucking. He was laid over me and then fucked up the ass as well by Coach Matt. Two older coaches fucking two high school jocks. Can it get any better than this? Finally Coach Ted wanted to blow his load in my ass. He grabbed my legs real tight and groaned as his cock released it warm cum up my ass and down my spine. Coach Matt was ready but he took his cock out of Kevin and let his cum out all over Kevin and I. He smeared it all over are faces and stuck it in our mouth with his fingers. They both got up and put their clothes on leaving both Kevin and me on the bed almost passed out. They started to leave but before Coach Ted walked out he said

"Don't be late for practice tomorrow"

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