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The following is a true account of my first and only experience with a black boy. I was sixteen when the boy in question moved to this neighbourhood. He was a keen footballer and spent hours on the field which is conveniently outside my house. I'd never really payed him any more attention than the rest of the boys that frequented the pitch. I think he was left out by the other boys probably because of his race. When he practised he did it alone. I sat on my doorstep to watch him. After a few weeks of watching him and realising that he was in a world of his own on the pitch I began to fantasise about him. He looked very young but was tall and muscular with brown skin and a very cute face. He wasn't completely black, more a chocolate brown colour as if one of his parents was maybe white. Anyway he was really something. His legs were very sexy and turned me on a lot.


It was a warm Friday afternoon and, as usual, I was sitting on my doorstep watching him in the field. He had been there for hours but I had only been watching for about fifteen minutes. I was getting hard just looking at him. So I decided to chance it a bit and wolf whistled at him. His eyes and then face flicked in my direction, but I remained motionless as if it wasn't me. He scanned the area for a few seconds and then returned to kicking his ball about. It was such a thrill to have caught his attention like that. So I whistled again and this time made it clear that it was me. He dribbled the ball over to the fence and looked up at me. He paused for what seemed like minutes. Then said, "What?" I grinned at him and slowly looked him up and down slowing as my eyes past his groin. We made eye contact again and he asked what I was wanting again. He was a bit out of breath and small beads of sweat had formed on his forehead. I asked him if he would like a drink and he seemed to forget the circumstances that brought him over to me and said he'd love one. I invited him in and he followed me through the house to the kitchen. I poured him a glass of cold juice from the fridge and passed it to him. As he drank from the glass I again examined his body and especially his cock which was clearly outlined by his shorts. I could feel he was looking at me. When I glanced back at his face he was looking at me, looking at him. Again he asked what I was wanting. I pulled a wide grin and stared at his dick for a few seconds and then back to his eyes. A small smile appeared and he put down the glass and cupped his cock in his left hand and said, "You want that?" I nodded a few times and said, "Oh yeah!"

I lead him by the hand upstairs to my room and sat him down on the sofa. I undid the ties holding his shorts up and edged them from his thighs on to the floor. As I did this he pulled his soft prick out from his briefs and began slowly rubbing it. I had never seen a black boys penis before so I took a few seconds to look at it. I dropped my own shorts of to leave me in only my t-shirt. He slid down on the sofa in to a half lying half sitting position. I went down to my knees between his legs and lifted one of them up on to the sofa so I could get right in between them. His penis was soft but big and his balls were hanging down so low that they lay loosely on the sofa. I was desperate to taste his dick so I went down on him and began to kiss and lick the inside of his legs working my way up to his growing pole. His skin was baby smooth and tasted lightly salty. His balls were hot and I could feel the heat from them on my face as I got closer. He was still pumping away at his dick and was moaning a bit as well. I changed style a bit an took his cock deep in to my mouth rather than work around it and slowly up and across it before engulfing it. He pulled his thrashing hand away as soon as my lips touched his now swollen hard tool. I quickly began to take him as deep as I could but I just couldn't manage to take it all. He was very big and thick to. I kept his penis in deep and worked back and forward on only an inch or two. I don't think he had ever experienced such pleasure before. He was moaning and rolling his head around, mumbling crap. I wanted him to feel me down there so I started to work long strokes slowly covering every bit of his shaft. This was a little to much for him and he began thrashing about wildly. I had to stop or else he was going to crush my head in his legs. He calmed quickly once I stopped but his mood changed to one of slight anger at me stopping.

My own dick was so hard it was hurting and my ass wanted invading. I climbed up on to him and straddled his waist. This trapped his huge meat between us and I motioned back and forth while we frenched. I was trying hard to give him as much pleasure as possible without making him cum...if he could. One thing was for sure, he had most definitely french kissed before. Take my word for it, this was no amateur. Much more of this intense smooch was going to make me come so I had to pull apart. His hard rod was splitting my balls down the middle and every movement was bliss. I got up on to my knees and massaged his column of meat to bring him back to full hardness. I suddenly realised that this was going to be a tight fit. For a boy so young he had what I can only call a monumentous penis. Eight inches at least and nearly three across. My dream was about to become a reality.


I kept one hand on it as I sat down on him. As soon as the first inch was in I was in ecstasy. I'd never been stretched so far before and with each inch I felt as if I was going to split. In this position I could only get about six inside me but believe me six felt like two tens. I was a bit scared to start fucking but I went ahead anyway. My first few screams were pain but they soon turned to pleasure and I joined him with each ecstatic moan. It took a while to relax fully but even at that I was in heaven. I wanted more of him in me and I think he wanted it to. To achieve this we had to change position. I lay on my back on the floor and invited him to join me there. He did and soon took up his place between my legs. This time he cued himself up and entered me at his own slow but sure pace. Once he had about six in he looked at me as if to say, "is that enough." I made no remark and he continued to push it in. I had a look and thought to myself, "Shit, there's at least 3 inches still to go." I tried hard to relax as much as possible and braced myself. But nothing could have stopped me from screaming when he rammed in the rest of it. A second ago there was three to go, now his balls were jammed up against me. I could feel every millimetre of this huge penis inside me. From the part stretching my anus to the max, to the top which was half way to my stomach via my intestine. This was something to remember. Just as I was adjusting to this new feeling he moved his hips around so that the front of his cock swayed about in me and hurt like fuck. A few seconds of this were delivered before he withdrew a few inches and pushed back in. Slowly at first but building gradually as he pulled more out with each stroke. It was a minute at least before he was giving me full lengths at a modest pace and boy could I feel it. It was like he had one of those enormous artificial dicks that you see in magazines. Maybe he had a horse's dick between his legs but I didn't give a shit. All I knew was that he was handling it very well and knew exactly what to do with it. From his facial expression I guessed that he was trying to hold back his cum, which was strange as he seemed to have increased the tempo to that of a steam train. The room was filled with the noise of balls slapping my ass and both of our sporadic moans. I was loving every second of it. He continued this furious pace for a minute or two before he announced that he was going to "shoot up inside me."

I knew when he started to cum as his penis pulsed with each spurt. He let go with 3 in me and then pulled out and wasted the rest of it up my chest and over my face. He squeezed his meat hard to extract every bit of juice and then lay flat on top of me and began to kiss my face all over eventual pausing on my mouth again. My ass hurt like mad but I could do nothing about it because of the sheer pleasure he was administering with his tongue. My own penis was still throbbing hard and was wedged between our sweat soaked bodies. I moved my hips from side to side so that my penis did the same between us. I think this gave him the idea that I was wanting him to go down on me. After some more passionate smooching he kissed, nibbled and sucked his way down my body until he reached the grassy fields that signify the began of my pleasure park. Towering in the middle of which was the park's main attraction. I was nearly cumming just waiting for his tender soft lips to make contact with me. I shit myself by thinking that I was going to spunk up the moment he did make contact. But God only knows how I managed to hold out.

As he slid his tongue from his mouth and gently tickled the very tip of my dick, I had what I can only describe as an orgasm minus the slimy part. Sure, my penis throbbed like fuck and my whole body was consumed by a Tsunami of erotic pleasure. I did actually shudder at his touch. He soon got the hang of this new found pass time. No longer was he hesitating before each lick. He was now trying the deep stuff. Of course, no-one can deep throat first time.... can they? But I was more that content with his goings on around the upper half of my pee-pee. I stroked the side of his head and around the back of his ears. This made him move his head even more and made me start pushing myself in to his mouth. As much as this pleased me I knew that if I continued I would cum, and that was not on my agenda for now. I had to make him stop. I pulled up his head and gestured to him to stand up. I joined him and frenched with him for an age. I reluctantly pulled away and turned him around. He knew the score and placed his both hands on the desk in front of him. He then did something so damn sexy. As he edged his feet back and apart he wiggled his ass and motioned forward and back. This was such a turn on and I was instantly hard and ready again. I primed myself a few times and lubricated my sore penis with some fresh saliva. I thought I should try to relax his anus a bit by pushing my finger inside him first. As the thoughts tumbled through the inner workings of my mind he arched his back and offered up his ripe bum. My thought process was struck by an interrupt. The new thought of ramming my dick up him got to my brain first. I cued up behind him and tried to push in. There was no way that I was going to be able to enter him, he was just too tight. I had to kick plan B in to action. I had only licked anus once before in my short career as a hot studly sex machine. Somehow the fear I presumed would overcome me simply did not raise it's unwanted head. I didn't even begin to hesitate. His already suitable position was enhanced greatly as he lay down his head on the table and took ample grip of his asscheeks and tugging them apart. His brown skin contrasted well with the rosy pinkness of his entrance/exit. As I applied liberal licks he swayed his ass from side to side and allowed me more angle each way. I was soon overcoming the not too sugary taste and darting my tongue in to his bum. I think he was trying hard to open up and let me in. I was quite puzzled by the fact that I was enjoying what I was doing. As I became more intense he started to moan softly, and then less softly and less again until he was expressing ecstasy. He was succeeding in making his hole loosen up. I could now easily push my tongue past the ring of muscle. He was ready for me. I was ready for him. I stood up and again primed my rod and set myself in position behind him. His rear end was moving around and I touched my dick head against him. He sensed this and honed his movements to just a small circle. I held on to myself tightly and let him rub his hole on to it. He seemed to like this and did it for quite a while. When he did eventually stop I took that as a hint to go in.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.