Man for Man

Checkmate, touchdown


Chaim had just returned from Chess Club. Beaten by that Somali boy, Abdikarim. He couldn't believe how easily he'd been checkmated. He punched his locker in anger before opening it.


As he gathered his belongings, he heard someone whistling, and then Keyshawn appeared around the corner. Chaim rolled his eyes. Fucking jock. As Keyshawn dialed the combination lock at the locker next to his, Chaim coughed and asked "So how about our Lions?". Keyshawn smirked. "The Lions kicked ass, little man! We smoked them Trojans!". He held his hand up for a high five, and as Chaim belatedly and slowly raised his hand in response, Keyshawn snatched his hand away. "Find a friend", Keyshawn snarled.

Keyshawn grabbed his stuff and packed it into his backpack, then snuck a look at his locker neighbour. He felt a little intimidated by Chaim's intellect, which is why he always added a little extra jock swagger when he was around him. But the skinny kid was hot - in fact, Keyshawn whacked off thinking about Chaim's perfect bubble butt. And now Keyshawn was looking at it, and that perfect ass was teasing him, making his cock rise up. He licked his lips. Coach had taught him winning was everything, opportunities were to be taken, waiting for victory was for the weak. His cock was hard. Chaim was making him hard. It was simple algebra. Only Chaim could resolve what Chaim had caused.

He pushed Chaim into the corner, and awkwardly undid the chess boy's belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and let them slide down past his knees. Tight red bikini briefs were the only thing separating Keyshawn from Chaim's tight virgin boycunt, and the sight of them snugly embracing his round Jewish buttocks only excited the black footballer more.

"Fuck, you have a nice ass", he whispered as he slid his palm over Chaim's ass. He reached his hand between the kid's legs and fondled his balls. Then he reached around in front, sliding his hand through the thick black pubic hair that sprouted above the waistband of the low-riding bikini. He dropped his hand, and felt the throbbing mancock arching inside the red briefs. The little fuck slut was hungry for breeding, eager to have his boycherry busted, raped, by Keyshawn's fat black manmeat. Keyshawn wanted to make the white fuckbitch beg for his cum-leaking chocolate joystick, make him beg for Keyshawn to bust his hot Jewish boy cherry. But he was too horny. He needed to breed that ass now.

He ripped down Chaim's briefs, baring his beautiful smooth ass, then quickly pulled down his own jeans and briefs to free his solid black manshaft. He put his hands on Chaim's cheeks and spread them to reveal his winking virgin boyhole. He placed his black cockhead at the puckered hole.

Black cock slid eagerly into Jewish boyhole. Both young men gasped as they merged, joined as one, as Keyshawn made himself deep inside Chaim. "Uh", grunted Chaim, his rock hard cock bobbing in front of him, "you're raping my ass".

The trash talk excited Keyshawn. "O yeah, Poindexter, when I finish raping your pretty white tight boypussy, you gonna be half black". He started fucking him hard, his black hands holding Chaim's milky white hips steady as his big black fucktool slipped in and out of the white boy's ass.

Keyshawn found an easy rhythm fucking Chaim's ass. He closed his eyes, enjoying how the geek's tight ass enveloped and milked his cock, and enjoying running a hand over the Jew's taut chest and stomach while stroking the youth's thick cut cock with the other hand. Slowly with vigorous fuckthrusts he drew himself towards orgasm.

The black boy buried himself deep inside Chaim as he came, shuddering as he emptied his balls, thick streams of silvery cum plastering the walls of the boy's velvety love hole. He tongued Chaim's ear as he bust his nut, breeding the cute geek's ass. He kept fucking Chaim's ass after he was spent, helping to pump his cum out of the boyhole, where it dribbled down the geek's balls.

His cock slipped out of Chaim's jizz-lubed hole, and he held onto the kid tightly for a few minutes. Then he dropped to his knees and spun the cherry-busted twink around, and swallowed his raging cock. He fingered Chaim's slippery hole as he ate his boypole. Chaim's fingers wrapped themselves in Keyshawn's hair, as his hips began to fuck the black jock's face hard. Chaim's hungry cock was down Keyshawn's throat, hoping to join with him as Keyshawn had joined with him when he bred his ass. Chaim wriggled his white ass to let Keyshawn's probing black fingers bury themselves deeper in his raped ass. And then his eyes rolled back as he felt his orgasm rushing up.

Chaim let out a low moan as he came. The first thick salty spurt of manjuice was fired into Keyshawn's cocksucking mouth. In surprise Keyshawn pulled away from Chaim's twitching cock, in time to have the horny boy's remaining load explode on his black face.

After Chaim had stopped spasming, Keyshawn stood up and they kissed. Chaim licked the creamy spooge from Keyshawn's face, and then kissed him, sharing the salty treat. Keyshawn offered the jizzy fingers he'd had in Chaim's ass, and the white slut licked them clean.

As they both dressed, they said almost simultaneously "Don't tell anyone about..". They laughed and kissed. Jocks and geeks could more than get along. They both planned to get it on, often.

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