Man for Man

Catch Up Weekend


He wanted to surprise me, and he did. I'd gone out on a Saturday morning to run some errands. When I rounded the curve and my house came into view it took me a moment to place the car that was in my driveway. Then I remembered I didn't know anyone besides Bob who had a gray Prius.


I turned in and parked beside him. He was in the driver's seat with the window open. He was grinning from ear to ear, not only because he knew he had taken me by surprise but, I realized with a pang, because he was overjoyed to see me.

I rolled the passenger side window of my car down.

"Surprise," Bob said.

"You're telling me. What are you doing here?"

"My wife and kids are with her parents at Disney World this weekend," he said. "I told her I couldn't get away from work. They're coming back Monday, so I'll have to head back tomorrow morning. Drove all night and I'm beat."

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Are we going to sit here for the rest of the day and talk, or are you going to invite me in?"

I closed the window and got out. He did the same. A small bag was in his hand. He followed me through the garage to the door at the back, which led into my kitchen. I felt my heart thudding in my chest as I unlocked it.

As soon as we were inside I heard a thump as he dropped his stuff onto the floor. The next moment he had spun me around and planted his lips onto mine. His kiss had its usual effect. My cock instantly stiffened inside my pants as our tongues wrestled. He let me go, groped my crotch and grinned.

"So I guess you're glad to see me?"

It was a little more complicated than that, but now wasn't the time.

"What do you think?"

"I'm thinking I want your cock in my mouth. Right now." He dropped to his knees, and quicker than I knew my rod was jutting out of my fly. Bob grinned up at me and took it into his mouth. I sucked in my breath, closed my eyes and threw my head back. It had been a long time.

For a few moments there was no sound except Bob's slurpy noises of satisfaction as he worked me over. All too soon I felt the cum rise in my balls and quickly pulled back.

"Hey, what'd you do that for?" he protested.

My thighs were trembling from the barely avoided orgasm.

"I didn't want to cum too soon."

He smirked. "You're right. That load needs to be up my ass." With that he turned and dropped his pants, planting his hands against the refrigerator. "Come and get it, fucker."

My own shorts hit the linoleum. Here I was, admiring his slim hips and shapely ass, ready to fuck him in my spotless kitchen. As much as I didn't want to admit it Bob always had this effect on me. The chemistry between us had lasted years, and survived my move to another city hundreds of miles away.

My cock was slick with his spit. I moved into position behind him and pushed it in. Bob's head snapped up and he cried out with delight.

"Oh yeah!"

I sank into him until my balls were pressed against his ass and then stayed very still, dangerously close to cumming. I felt the heat of his body, smelled the musk of his arousal, heard his rapid breathing as I leaned my forehead against the back of his neck. The hot, tight tube of his back passage squeezed and caressed my shaft. When I felt a little more in control I began to thrust into him. On each slow upstroke a moan welled up from Bob's throat, cut off by a grunt as I rammed my cock back in, hitting his butt with my pelvis.

"Fuck yeah, do it baby. It's been so long."

He turned his head and I gave him a quick sidelong kiss before I stepped up the tempo, getting his vocal encouragement. "Fuck yeah!" Bob shouted as I grabbed his hips and drilled his ass. I stopped after a few seconds, panting.

"What're you waiting for?" His voice was thick with lust. "Fill up my hole with your cream." He gave my cock another quick squeeze with his ass muscles. "C'mon, give it to me, fucker."

"You asked for it." With that I began to pound him as hard as I could, plastering his body against the refrigerator door, sending papers and fridge magnets flying. I looked down at my cock, the shaft a slick blur of hard flesh sliding in and out of his stretched, violated hole. The sight sent me over the edge. A strangled cry rose from my throat as I squeezed my eyes shut, abandoning myself to the storm ripping through my body. Hoarse grunts echoed through the kitchen as I erupted into Bob's innards. My cock popped out of him for an instant, depositing a spurt or two on his thighs before I pushed it back in, thrusting like a machine, fucking hot jets of cum into the walls of his bowel over and over.


Finally I was finished. I collapsed against his back as I stayed buried inside him, my spent cock still twitching.

"That was worth driving five hundred miles for," Bob said, his voice somewhat muffled from his face being mashed against the refrigerator door.

Ragged laughter bubbled up from my chest. "I'm a lousy host."

He turned his head and winked at me. "Yeah. Don't think you're getting away with one measly load. We've got all weekend."

I pulled out of him, reluctantly. As I stepped back Bob turned and fell to his knees. I gasped as his mouth surrounded my softening, still sensitive cock, cleaning it off. I'd been the one who'd originally coaxed him into mansex, but Bob had taken it and run. The things he was willing to do still floored me.

As we stood there in the kitchen I made up my mind. I was going to give him a weekend to remember.

That was for later. Right now I pulled away after I'd endured his attentions as long as I could-my cock was still ticklish from cumming. Bob understood. He put his arms around my thighs and leaned his head against my thigh, closing his eyes and letting out a little sigh of contentment.

"It's so nice to be with you, Len."

I ruffled his hair, as if he was a pet dog.

"Go put your stuff in the bedroom. Don't you want to freshen up?"

He looked up at me and grinned. "Yeah, I'm nasty and sweaty. Mind if I take a shower?"

"Of course you can."

Bob rose, pulling up his pants but not buckling his belt. He looked back over his shoulder as walked away. "Come join me if you want."

Actually that wasn't a bad idea. Our scene in the kitchen had left me grungy too. I sat in the living room until I heard the shower go on, then headed into the bedroom. I pulled off my clothes before I opened the bathroom door.

Through the frosted glass pane surrounding the shower stall I could see Bob, naked underneath the spray. He looked up and smiled as I slid the door aside and stepped in. He caught me in a wet, soapy embrace.

"Mm, this is nice," Bob said. We kissed again and I felt myself begin to get hard again. I reached down and took his stiffening cock in my hand as I leaned down and sucked one of Bob's nipples into my mouth. Through the sound of the rushing water I heard him gasp, then begin to moan as I continued to lick and chew at his sensitive tit. I switched to the other one for a while, then bent my knees, kissing his chest and stomach as I worked my way down. I got a mouthful of warm water before I engulfed his organ.

"Oh yeah," Bob breathed, as he thrust his hips against my face. The rushing water covered both of us, blocking all sound and sensation except the feel of his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the smoothness of his skin and the heat of his eager body. One of my hands crept up to his nipple again, the other down to my own stiff prick. Then I took hold of his loose, hanging ball sack as I stepped up the pace of my sucking. Above me I heard his moans grow louder.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum," he shouted.

"Mm hmm," was all I could say as I slid back and forth even faster, urging him on to his reward. Suddenly, salty thick liquid filled my mouth. Bob's body jerked and spasmed in my grip as he cried "Ah! Ah!"

I swallowed his load, keeping his softening cock in my mouth, nursing it until I was sure his balls were drained. I stood then and clamped my mouth to his, letting him taste what remained of his sperm. Then, completely exhausted, we clung to each other under the warm spray.

Finally I raised my head and looked into his eyes. "Did you get clean?" I asked.

Bob chuckled. "Oh yeah. Both sets of pipes flushed out."

I reached past him and shut off the water. We stepped out and dried each other slowly, smiling into each other's eyes, our cocks still half hard.

"You look like you could go another round," I observed.

He grinned and shook his head. "Right now I need a nap. Then dinner with you. After that, one of your famous massages. It's been so long."

We went to a little Italian place that evening, a five-minute drive from the house. Over fresh-baked pizzas and glasses of wine we caught up. It had been more than a year since I'd seen Bob. I told him he looked good, and it was the truth. I'd thought so from the first moment he'd walked into the small house I'd been sharing back in Texas with Rollie, my then partner.


He'd seen my ad online. Back then I did massage as a sideline and kind of hobby, in the evenings and weekends. My managerial job didn't give me much other time. You might ask why I'd fill up my free time doing something else, but I've always been the kind of guy who likes to keep busy. Besides, I'll admit it. After ten years Rollie and I had gotten too comfortable together. We were bored with each other, though neither of us wanted to admit it. Keeping my massage license gave me another kind of license-to lay my hands on other men's bodies without cheating on my partner.

I thought it was going to be that way with Bob too, even though his even features, his blue eyes, dark hair flecked with silver, and lean, toned body took my breath away the second he walked in the door of our little house. After all, there was the gold band on his left hand.

I'll say this for Rollie, he wasn't the jealous type. He shook Bob's hand and told him to have a good massage before he disappeared into the study and closed the door.

I took Bob into the master bedroom where I kept my massage table. I told him to undress and lie down on this stomach. "The towel is to drape yourself," I told him.

"Do I have to?" he asked.

I was surprised. "Well, it's required by law," I said. "But to be honest, I give a better massage without it. Whatever's comfortable for you. I'll be back in a minute."

When I came back in he was on his stomach, nude, no draping towel. He looked up as I entered. "Is this all right?" he asked, then smiled. "I want the best massage you can give."

"Fine," I said, smiling back. I lowered my voice. "It'll be our secret."

I knew that men who wanted to be undraped during a massage were usually trying to send me a signal. In Bob's case I was happy to oblige-after all, he was damn hot.

I only gave him a standard happy ending that first time, marveling at the quantity of pearly fluid that flew from the purple head of his swollen organ, splashing across his heaving chest and stomach as he tried to stifle his moans. Both of us were very aware that Rollie was in the house. He opened his eyes as he came down from his orgasmic high and smiled at me, still breathing hard. "Thanks," he whispered.

"Don't mention it," I replied, wiping cum off with the draping towel he hadn't used, very aware that my own cock was tenting the front of the shorts I was wearing.

He reached out and patted my thigh. "You're a great masseur. I'll be back."

He did come back, several times, and we crossed further and further over the line. It started with my thrusting a finger up his asshole as I jacked him off. This drove him crazy. I couldn't resist asking, "You'd like to get fucked, wouldn't you?"

He nodded eagerly, a drop of his cum hanging on his chin.

"Has it been a while?" He wouldn't have been doing that with his wife.

"I've never done it," he said, shaking his head. "Always wanted to. I've experimented. Put things up there. I think I could take a cock now."

I actually didn't say I was going to fuck him then, and it didn't happen for a couple more massages. Then one Saturday afternoon Bob came for a session when Rollie wasn't home. That was the day when I left him on his back on the table, his cock hard as steel after my usual prostate work, and went to the bathroom to get a condom out of a box I kept hidden in the back of the bottom drawer of the vanity.

I went back in. Bob's eyes never left me as I slipped off my t-shirt, shorts and briefs, tore open the condom wrapper and unrolled it over my hard cock. I smiled at him as I lubed myself with the massage cream.

"Sorry I'm not bigger," I said. "On the other hand, it'll make it a little easier the first time."

He grinned. "You're plenty big enough."

I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me, so that his butt was at the edge of the table and he had to lift his legs. I got each of his calves onto my shoulders and found his asshole, already slick and tender from my greased fingers, with my dick.


He smiled, looking just a little nervous as he focused on what was going on between his legs. I pushed gently and felt him yield. The head of my cock slid in and his sphincter closed behind it. Bob's head fell back onto the table. His mouth opened and he let out a long sigh.


"You okay?"

"Oh, Len." His voice was dreamy. "It's perfect. I've dreamed of this for years. Damn."

I looked down to where my latex-covered shaft was disappearing inside of him, and pushed my hips forward until I was all the way inside, my balls hitting his cheeks. I pulled my hips back and watched my prick slide out, then rammed it home. Bob grunted. I did it again, and again.

"Yeah, fuck me, Len."

I pulled out and pushed his body back on the table before I climbed on with him. Seconds later I was fucking him again with long, driving strokes. Bob's arms went around me and he drew my face to his. I felt a fleeting pang of guilt as our lips met, but it was soon lost in the heat and sweat and joy of our coupling.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum."

"Do it," Bob urged. I pressed his knees to his chest and stepped up the pace until my hips were drumming against his ass at a frantic rate. A low growl started in my throat and swelled to a string of hoarse, barely stifled grunts. My eyes screwed shut as I lunged forward, my cock exploding into the rubber inside him.

As I came down from my climax I opened my eyes and looked into his face. His eyes were deep pools, completely vulnerable. A slight smile played on his lips. I looked lower and caught sight of his cock, slightly softened, leaking clear fluid onto his stomach. I grasped it with my slick right hand and began to jack it. Bob's eyes closed and his mouth opened. Only a few seconds later I felt his ass muscles begin to pulse around my cock. Long jets of cum shot from his organ and splattered across his body. A faint, drawn-out moan welled up from his throat. He tossed his head from side to side, his fine features twisted in mixed agony and delight.

Guilt began to penetrate my consciousness. I pulled out of him and got rid of the condom, got the towel and wiped him down in silence. At that point I guess we were still pretending that he was my client-he paid me for that afternoon.

Things went downhill fast with my partner after that, even though I'm sure he never suspected what had happened. At any rate within a few months we were officially broken up and Rollie had moved into an apartment.

I probably shouldn't have let things progress so far between Bob and me, but with Rollie out of the house there didn't seem any reason to hold back. I was lonely in the aftermath of our breakup, and Bob was eager to learn all he could about his bisexual tendencies.

Whenever he could find an hour free after work or on the weekend he'd be at my place. The funny thing is, until almost the end we never just jumped into bed-we always started with my massaging him, as if our relationship were still professional. After a while I told him not to pay me any more.

That was probably around the time we stopped using protection. I was clean and I knew Bob, being married, would be careful. It took our relationship to another level, of course. Looking back I know I treated Bob badly. I knew he had feelings for me that I didn't return, and although I never lied to him, there were things I didn't say that I should have said.

I'd never been crazy about my job and when something opened up here in Albuquerque, where I'd lived before, I jumped at the chance to apply. Now that Rollie and I were no longer together I felt a world of possibilities opening up for me. Bob, as fun and hot as our times together were, couldn't be a part of my new life.

He cried when I told him I was leaving town. I still regret that.

"What the fuck am I going to do without you?"

"You can come visit any time."

A snort of bitter laughter. "Oh yeah, like I'll ever get the chance."

"We'll keep in touch. My door'll always be open for you."

He looked up with brimming, sorrowful eyes. "Len, you're a nice guy. And a hot fuck. You'll get to town and have a new boyfriend in a month. Don't pretend it's not going to happen."

But it hadn't happened. I went back to visit a couple of times, still single. Bob and I met in motels for hurried trysts that were as hot as ever. Finally he'd found a way to get out here and visit me. Obviously the electricity between us was still there. How could it all come to an end?


When we got back to the house that evening he turned to me smiling as soon as we were in the door. "I was serious about the massage. Could you do one for old times' sake?" he asked.

"Absolutely. The table's set up in the upstairs guest room. Why don't you go up there and get ready, and I'll meet you there in a few?"

When I walked into the guest room a few minutes later, after I'd warmed up the massage oil in the microwave, he was face down on the table, his head in the face cradle, naked except for a white swimmer jockstrap. My cock jumped at the sight.

Bob looked up and smiled. "I am so ready for this."

I smiled back as I dimmed the lights and turned on the CD player, just as if we were back in Texas. His rangy body had changed very little over the years, the back still lean and rippled, tapering down in a V-shape to a waist now just barely padded with a hint of love handles, his butt cheeks still as firm, smooth and youthful as ever. His long legs were corded with muscle and sinew from years of running.

A few quick motions and I was naked, my erection jutting up as I stood by the massage table, greasing my hands with the oil. I laid my hands on his back and he let out a long sigh of contentment.

"Worth waiting for," he said.

I worked on his shoulders and back, mostly in silence except for the soft music playing. Occasionally Bob grunted when I pushed hard to get a knot out of a particular spot.

"Too hard?" I asked once.

He lifted his head and smiled. "Never." He reached out and squeezed my dick.

I shook my finger at him in mock reproach. "Behave."

I gradually worked my way down his body. When I got to the waistband of his jockstrap I pushed my fingers underneath, gradually working it downward. Bob had once told me that he loved being undressed, so we'd made this part of his massages.

He lifted his body off the table as I drew the skimpy garment slowly past his swollen but still soft cock, pointed downward. I massaged his glutes for a few moments, leaving the strap halfway down his thighs. Finally I pulled it all the way off, lifting each of Bob's feet to get it past until it was free. I brushed the used jock lightly against his back before dropping it on the floor nearby. I might need it later.

I kneaded his hard calves, then rubbed the backs of his thighs with long strokes, making sure to brush his butt cheeks and the hair in the cleft between them. Occasionally I made light contact with the head of his cock and ball sack, pressed underneath his body. After a while I took the bottle of oil and poured a thin stream directly into the crack of his ass. As I worked it into the tight opening Bob shifted, sighing with pleasure.

I probed inside him with my index finger until I found the firm mass of his prostate. I began to massage it, and Bob's sighs became soft groans. He raised his head, eyes closed, and opened his mouth. "Oh yeah," he breathed.

"Like that?" I asked.

"Mm hmm."

I thrust a second digit in, drawing a gasp. I began to finger-fuck him in a regular rhythm, twisting my hand, loosening him up. With my other hand I reached underneath and grabbed his hard cock, mixing his leaking precum with the oil coating my hand. By now Bob was writhing and moaning on the table.

"Oh Len, fuck me."

"Oh I will, don't you worry," I said, grinning at his enjoyment. "Got to get you ready first."

"More ready than I am now? C'mon," he pleaded.

"Oh, okay," I said, with mock annoyance, pulling out of him and greasing my erection with the oil in my hand that had been jacking his cock. When I was done I reached under the table and pulled out what I'd hidden underneath sometime ago, a thin brown leather shoelace. Bob had turned his head to watch me. I saw his eyes widen at the sight of what I held.

"You devil. You thought of everything."

I nodded. "Uh-huh. Hands behind your back."

He obeyed with alacrity. I bound his wrists together with the cord, not tying it too tight, just enough for him to feel it. Bob strained experimentally at his bonds. They held.

"Now we're ready." I climbed onto the massage table and lowered myself over his prone body, letting my cock drag up and down his ass crack. Bob moaned in anticipation.


"Yes, oh yes. Let me have it."

I chuckled. "So impatient. How bad do you want it? Bad enough to beg?"

"Yes. Please. Please fuck me, Len."

The thick desire in his voice was driving me into a frenzy of lust. I grabbed my cock and guided it to his tight hole. I pushed gently until I felt his ring just begin to give, then let my entire body fall onto his, so that I sank all the way in with one huge thrust. Bob let out a roar, half pain, half delight.

"Too rough?" I murmured in his ear. He shook his head and turned toward me, smiling. I kissed my bound and impaled captive for long moments, our tongues and lips clicking and squeaking as they came together and parted, again and again. His warm breath bathed my face. My nostrils were filled with the musk of his arousal.

I felt his ass muscles squeeze my cock. "C'mon, fuck me," Bob said.

"You got it." I began to thrust into him, at first slowly and gently so as not to push myself over the edge too soon. When I felt a little more under control I stepped up the pace and force of my thrusts. Soon my dick was sliding almost out of his ass on every upstroke, followed by a thud as my pubic bone slammed against his butt.

"Ugh. Yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me."

His arm and shoulder muscles bulged as he strained uselessly against the leather strip binding his hands. He tossed his head from side to side as he moaned, letting out a shout of delight when I reached under his chest and tweaked his nipples.

"C'mon, Len. I want your cum in me. Finish me off."

Truth to tell I was dangerously close to shooting my load. I slowed my thrusts and stopped for a minute, panting against his neck, resting my weight on his helpless body, still buried inside him.

"Why'd you stop?"

"This is just part one," I told him. "It's time for part two."

"What?" Bob said. "Hey!" he cried as I suddenly pulled out of him and got up off the table. I went to a chest of drawers that stood in the guest room we were in and pulled a dark blue bandanna from the top drawer. I took it back to the table, my glistening erection swinging in front. My prisoner looked on with rapt attention as I folded it into a triangle, then twisted it into a narrow strip. When it was ready I placed it over his eyes and tied it snugly around his head.

"Oh fuck," Bob breathed, then fell silent. I looked at him, blindfolded and bound on the massage table, at my mercy. My hard-on, which had shrunk at bit, swelled again to rock hardness at the sight. I tugged at one of his arms. "Come on. We're going for a walk."

Bob slid gingerly off the table and stood, a bit shaky. I knew he was nervous and wrapped my arms around him from behind. "Don't worry. I'll guide you. Trust me."

"Yes sir," he whispered.

"Door's in front of you." I gave him a gentle push and we were off, not before I picked up the jockstrap I'd peeled off of him. Bob took slow but steady steps, his cock jutting out stiff and straight. Keeping a firm grip on his arm, I guided him slowly down the stairs to the living room, then through the house to the back deck. I slid open a glass door and the cool evening air hit our faces.

"You're taking me outside?"

"Uh-huh. For the whole world to see." Actually there was a high adobe fence around my entire back yard that would keep us safe from prying eyes.

We walked slowly out onto the concrete deck. A gentle New Mexico evening breeze was blowing, cooling our overheated skins. Above shone a bright moon, lighting the peaks of the mountain range miles away, a spectacular sight.

I'd planned all of this earlier today. While he napped before dinner in my bed I'd slipped downstairs and made a few preparations. I'd taken the pads off two chaise longues and laid them on the picnic table standing nearby. Another leather shoelace and an extra bottle of lube sat on the deck near the door where I'd put them this afternoon.

Everything was ready. I took Bob's arm and guided him to the picnic table, dropping his jock by the lube.

"I'm going to untie you. When I do, climb up on this table and get on your back. Grab your ankles and get those legs up," I commanded him. He obeyed without a word. I stood a moment, enjoying the sight of him blindfolded and naked, his genitals and asshole exposed and vulnerable. Then I reached down and got the other leather shoelace to go with the one I'd already used on him. In another moment both his wrists and ankles were lashed together. He was mine for the taking.


A quick hit of lube on my shaft and I was ready. Bob's butt was not quite at the table's edge so I pulled him roughly toward me. "Get ready for the fuck of your life, buddy," I said to him, as I found his greasy hole with my cock. One hard shove and I was back inside him up to the hilt. He yelled with surprise, and I gave his butt a whack.

"Quiet," I told him, "Or I'll have to gag you."

Bob nodded, though I suspect he wouldn't have minded the gag. His cock lay stiff and straight on his belly. Truth to tell, I was almost as turned on as he must have been. The setting was perfect: the two of us naked outdoors, joined together, the moonlight reflecting off our bodies, the twinkling lights from our oblivious neighbors' houses nearby, and, in the distance, the majestic, snow-covered peaks of the Sandia mountains.

Holding his ankles I fucked him slowly for a long time, partly so as not to cum too quickly but also to drink in the sight of my cock porking his hole. My glistening shaft slowly emerged, held and kissed by the edges of Bob's swollen anal opening, until the ridge of my cock head was visible. Then, one thrust and everything disappeared inside, my pubic bone mashing against his balls, my entire length held in a tight grip by the unbelievable smooth warmth of his love canal.

Bob was mostly silent, except for an occasional soft gasp when I gave it to him unexpectedly hard. When I changed pace and swiveled my hips in a circle he laughed softly and said, "Oh yeah."

Every so often I leaned down to tickle his erect nipples with my tongue, or to tangle my lips and tongue with his in a languid kiss, our hot breath bathing each other's faces.

"I wish your cock could stay in my ass forever," Bob whispered to me, as our lips parted, reluctantly.

"Mm hmm. My cock loves your ass, baby," I said, giving a few staccato thrusts with my hips for emphasis.

"Oh yeah. You going to shoot your load inside me, Len?"

"If you beg hard enough for it, maybe," I said, smiling.

"Oh Len. Please make me take your load. Please fill me up with that hot cum. Breed my hungry hole. Please."

His dirty talk dissolved my self-control. "You asked for it, fucker," I said, beginning to pound into him as hard as I could. We grunted in unison as I rushed toward completion. I'd held back so long it took less than a minute for all the pent-up bodily fluids in my testicles and prostate to come gushing up through my urethra. I felt my cock swell inside him and the first jet of cum explode out of me. I threw my head back, eyes upturned to the sky, able to muffle my shouts of ecstasy only by clamping my jaws together. They emerged as hoarse, strangled groans, synchronized with each massive spurt of juice that flooded his ravaged insides. From somewhere far away I heard Bob's voice urging me on.

Finally I began to come down from the orgasm. My body sagged, my head dropped as I drew great lungfuls of cool New Mexico air. My pelvis gave a few more mechanical thrusts, slowed and stopped.

But we weren't finished, not by a long shot. I pulled out of Bob's body and dropped to one knee on the deck, my face directly in front of his tender hole. The swollen, freshly fucked opening below his balls glistened with lube and cum in the moonlight. I gave it a few flicks with my tongue. Bob cried out-I knew he must be unbearably sensitive in the aftermath.

"Push out," I said. I saw his asshole twitch and swell in response, then a stream of the cum I had just deposited inside him emerge and trickle down his butt. I caught it in my hand, stood and brought it up to his mouth.

"Eat it."

Bob eagerly complied, nursing and suckling the sperm that had been up his ass off my fingers that I thrust into his mouth. I made him take one more mouthful of my load out of his ass, then picked up his jockstrap that I'd brought downstairs. The next trickle of cum from his hole went into its pouch, which I stuffed into his mouth.

"Suck on that while I finish you off," I told him. For the coup de grace I knew he'd have to be muffled.


I took his balls with one hand and pulled down while I began to jack his cock hard and fast with the other. Bob began to thrash around on the table, his muffled groans and moans rapidly increasing in volume. In a few moments I heard him shout, "Mmh cummmph!"

"Do it, guy," I said, standing up. I let go of his cock and inhaled it down to the root. I only had to slide up and down on it a few times with my mouth before I heard Bob let loose an all-out scream into his makeshift gag. Then the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat. It caught me by surprise and I swallowed it, but let the rest fill my mouth as he shot again and again, his obscene rantings fortunately unintelligible to our neighbors.

I climbed onto the picnic table, sidling between his lashed-together limbs until my face was over his. I pulled the jockstrap out of Bob's mouth, and the blindfold off his face. As our eyes met and locked Bob's mouth opened. I let his load that I'd been carrying in my mouth drop onto his tongue, then grabbed his head and pushed the clot of sperm in with my lips. For the next few moments there was no sound except the clicks and squeaks of our clashing mouths glued together by his seed, punctuated by our ecstatic whimpers.

Finally we broke apart. Bob's breath was still coming in short gasps, and he could barely talk. "Oh God. Oh fuck," he kept saying.

I reached up and quickly untied his limbs. In a flash his legs and arms were around me. Our mouths met again, our tongues seeking out the rest of his cum. When we had shared and swallowed what remained he hugged me so tightly to him I had to fight for air.

"You're amazing," Bob whispered in my ear.

My heart caught in my throat. "You're the amazing one," I said. "Are you cold?"

The night breeze had picked up and was chilly against my back and butt. He shook his head and smiled. "Not as long as you're with me. Stay with me. Forever."

I couldn't let this go any further. "Let's get you warmed up," I said, extricating myself from his grip. I got up off the table, pulling him up with me. I knew he'd be stiff and sore after our long session if I didn't get him into a hot shower.

We took a long one, soaping and rinsing each other off slowly and tenderly now that the fire of our mutual lust had been extinguished for the time being. Bob didn't say much. Every so often he would catch my eye with a gaze so open, so vulnerable that a lump rose in my throat.

We dried our bodies and our hair, then got under the covers of my bed, holding each other.

"I wish I didn't have to leave tomorrow," Bob said.

I ruffled his hair, just as I had when he had arrived this morning. "I know. We should go to sleep."

His arms tightened around me. "Len, you're my lifeline. You know that, don't you?"

I stayed silent.

"I know this might be the last time for us."

I stared at him, surprised. His gaze was clear and direct.

"There's someone else, isn't there?"

I hesitated, then nodded. "Not exactly. We've only been together once. But-"


I had to go on. "We met online. Talked for months, back and forth. Then I went out to California to visit for a weekend last month, and-"

"You really hit it off."

The words stuck in my throat. "We're talking about his moving out here. It's not a sure thing, yet."

He lay silent on his back, gazing at the ceiling. "I could tell. Always before when we were together I could tell you were holding something back. Today was different. You were so open, so free. Giving me everything you had left to give.

"It was a going-away present, wasn't it?"

Suddenly tears filled my eyes. "I'm sorry, Bob."

Bob shook his head, dry-eyed. "Why should you be? You deserve someone steady, who'll be there for you. Not someone like me."

He reached out and hugged me to his chest. "You've helped me more than you know. I won't forget that." He smiled. "We really ought to get to sleep. I do believe this is the first time I actually get to sleep with you, Leonard."

I swallowed hard and smiled back. "I snore, you know."

He grinned. "So does my wife."


We turned out the lights. Within a minute Bob was asleep. I on the other hand lay awake for a long time, gazing at his moonlit profile and listening to his deep, even breathing.

I must have fallen asleep eventually, because the next thing I felt was his lips on mine. I opened my eyes. The dim light of early morning was filtering into the bedroom.

"Good morning," Bob said.

I yawned and stretched. "Nice way to wake up. What time is it?"


"Ugh. Too early. Want some breakfast?"

"Nope." I felt his hand grasp my cock, which was semi-hard. "Just this."

I chuckled. "Don't you ever get enough?"

"Not when it's you." He kissed me again, harder, and I gave in. We made out for a while, then I worked my way under the covers and down his body, paying lots of attention to his nipples, before finding his cock. Bob sighed with pleasure and grabbed my head as I sucked him, using lots of spit.

I had an idea. Going-away present, he'd said.

I let go of his dick and spit into my hand, bringing it down and behind me. I threw the covers back and straddled his body. Bob's eyes widened.

"What are you doing?"

His erect penis was nudging my spit-slickened hole. Before I could change my mind I thrust my hips downward, letting out a yell of pain as his rod broke through and surged into me.

"Jesus, Len!"

I didn't stop until I was pressed against his pubic bone and his entire length was inside me. I'd always been a top by inclination. Despite the fact that Bob was the bigger of the two of us, I'd never let him fuck me. Now he had everything I had to give him.

I squatted on his erection, feeling like I'd stabbed myself with a flaming sword, drawing great gasps of air and willing the pain to go away.

Seeing Bob's ear-to-ear grin made it all worth it.

"You devil," he said, not for the first time that weekend.

"So," I said, "You always wanted my ass. Now you've got it. What are you going to do with it?"

In reply he thrust upward, drawing a grunt from me. The pain was going away and pleasure was taking its place. I pushed my butt down and gasped as his cock found new places inside me.

"Yeah, fuck me."

I rode him on top for a little while before Bob sat up. "Oh Len," was all he said as he put his mouth on mine. We kissed with lips bruised and tender from the day before, our mouths, his cock and my asshole completing a magic circle.

Then he pushed me onto my back and began to drive into me hard and long, paying me back for all the times I'd given it to him. I egged him on with whispered dirty talk, smiling into his eyes as I challenged him to give it all to me, fuck me harder. Soon the air began to hiss through Bob's gritted teeth. His eyes closed and his face twisted in a snarl of lust.

"Oh God I'm cumming!"

"Fill me up, man!" I commanded as my hand became a blur on my purple, engorged organ and it began to pulsate, discharging a few drops of semen onto my stomach. We shouted and gasped in unison, until Bob's head collapsed onto my chest.

"I think I'm drained," he said.

"I know I am," I replied.

He raised his head and smiled. "You sure know how to give a guy a send-off."

I shrugged. "I thought about what you said last night. You were wrong--I hadn't given you everything. Now I have."

His face filled with such tenderness I could hardly breathe. "I love you, Leonard."

We clasped each other, his softening cock still inside me, as tightly joined together as two men could be.

"You don't have to say anything," Bob whispered. "You already have."

Half an hour later I watched him get into his car with his bag. He waved as he backed his car out of my driveway. I waved back, smiling, my heart like a lump of lead in my chest. Would I see him again? Was I really going to turn my back forever on my Texas lover, and start fresh with my California man?

For the moment I had no answer. I stood until his car disappeared from view, then turned to face a long, lonely Sunday.


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