Man for Man



"Hey, Carrot top! Carrot top, Carrot!"The school bus ignited into an uproar when he climbed up the low steps. The first thing they saw was the head of red hair kept together neatly by a few rubber bands. He was the only boy in school with a head full of hair like that, in that unique color. They came up with the name back in Kindergarten. You see the school was actually a few schools put into one vicinity; kids here knew each other from the nearby Elementary, Junior --high and High school buildings. If you were unlucky enough to be a new student, you'd have a hell of an ordeal to go through in order to fit in with these guys.


"Hey Archie, I saved you a seat!" Ethan shouted above the `carrot' jeers and cheers. Ethan wasn't very tall to begin with so he had to stand up and raise his hand for Archie to see him above the half-standing boys who were looking over their seats to talk with the annoyed girls. Archie squeezed through the rows of mobile teens and finally found his way to Ethan. He stripped off his leather jacket and placed it on the chair, and then he unzipped his gray hooded sweater before sitting down and placing his backpack on his lap.

"This trip is perfect; I think we could go all the way." Ethan whispered, while leaning into Archie. In Elementary the two boys would look at nasty pictures together, in Junior-High they would experiment and masturbate together and in High school things progressed a great deal. They were making out, stroking each other and Ethan had even started giving Archie blow jobs without bothering to ask for any himself. Their friendship was strained however. There were times when Archie wanted to stop completely, and Ethan would throw a tantrum and say that he'd tell everyone at school about their little fun time.

It wasn't that Archie didn't want to have this kind of fun, Ethan was just clinging on to him and he felt more and more uncomfortable with the idea of having this sort of relationship -- especially with another boy. He didn't think homosexuality was wrong but he wasn't exactly looking forward to it. Besides, he liked girls so the worse he could end up as would be bisexual. Ethan on the other hand seemed queer and desperate for affection. Even now he couldn't keep his hands away from Archie's lap. Archie on the other hand was eying one of the new girls ... who were in turn watching the Twins jump and push their way in.

The twins had to be the most popular kids in the entire school. Everyone knew them, most from Kindergarten. They had never gotten along with Archie. There was a time when they bullied him but after a few times he pushed back, and they eventually laid off of him and decided to call truce. After a while you learn to avoid the people you don't like. Most people thought the twins were identical however there were indeed differences. Archie picked up on the fact that one of them, Hudson, was a lefty and the other, Reid, was a righty. He knew this because Hudson had broken his arm once and had to use his right hand but he whined and whined about not being able to so Reid did it for him. According to Archie the twins were just a couple of spoiled brats.

They were of Puerto Rico descent, and their mother had an accent whenever she scolded them. They were also handsome to say the least. The tone of their skin was impressively even, despite several birthmarks and acne. Their mother was annoyingly passionate about cleaning off their skin, and so despite having this huge issue with acne back when they were 14 and 15, they had really smooth skin. Other boys their age probably had to deal with all those marks after squeezing and poking at the bumps on their face. They'd probably express how grateful they were to their mother in about 5 years when their ego perhaps inflated. The twins thought they were at the center of the earth and no one, not even a teacher, ever told them otherwise. The middle aged spit fire of a woman bus driver was about the closest they came to being told anything.

"You get to your seat now or you won't have to wait for the next bump to land you on your bum. I'll flip you myself." Of course some of her yell was cut off by laughter from the crowded bus of kids but they caught the gist of it and found a seat in the back with some of the girls. They were all fifteen or sixteen, what else would you expect from these boys?

The bus started moving down the street and kids were now in their clichés talking to their friends or playing their mobile game consoles; some had psps, some had Nintendo ds, one kid even had an old school gameboy. Everyone found a way to get themselves busy, from games to music and from talking to their buddies and flirting to reading a book or magazine. While the twins were mouthing off to a few girls about who had the bigger dick, Archie was watching a movie on his psp. Or at least he was trying too.


Ethan was prying Archie's pants, sneaking his hand behind the backpack to unbutton and unzip his pants. As soon as his hand was reached Archie's boxers, he began petting the limp penis slowly. Archie didn't say anything. Deep down he enjoyed all this attention, his problem laid in other people finding out and judging him off the bat. He wasn't stressing anything right now however, Ethan was a slick guy, one way or the other he'd find a way to get what he wanted without getting caught. Archie lifted his body a tad bit off the chair to pull his pants slightly more down on his hips and Ethan responded by pushing his hand past the tight straps of the boxer to the actual prize.

Ethan smiled when he felt the hot skin, he loved how warm and intense it felt to hold someone like this and Archie loved how warm and soft his hands could be and yet how tight he was holding him. Ethan refused to move his hand however, he kept looking up at the seats and it irritated Archie so much that he pulled one hand to grasp Ethan's and he forced the motion himself.

Ethan laughed, and whispered, "You're a hot head, Arch. You need to work on your patience."

"Shut up." Archie muttered and moved his hand now that Ethan was doing the motion by himself. He sighed and stared at the screen of his Psp without actually watching the stupid movie on it. Instead his eyes were glossy and he was busy urging Ethan on to go faster despite the fact that they were in a school bus. Slowly indeed his backpack started rising and lowering faster, showing slightly that Ethan was quickening. It was a little uncomfortable because it was dry and he was still fully dressed and with a backpack on his lap but the raw urgency of this made it more intense for Archie.

"Did you measure yourself, yet?" Ethan asked. He always asked this when they were fooling around and only yesterday did Archie even bother finding out.

"I measured it hard." Archie said while shifting his hips. "It's a little less than 6 inches." He always thought of himself as pretty big but after a few searches online he found that he was average. He had a thick penis, and that was good of course but it wasn't a full 6 inches even. Once he saw his father naked and noticed he wasn't much bigger than five inches. God that scarred him for life, he nearly yelled `is that what I inherit'? Of course he didn't say that... it was his dad. But Archie really worried about length and thickness because... well, because he was a teenage boy and it meant a lot to his ego. Ethan on the other hand didn't mind having an uncut 5 inch dick.

They were now going along a length patch of road with bumps and holes and throughout the entire ordeal, Ethan was squeezing tighter and going faster and Archie felt like he was going to go insane with just how much faster and tighter it was. He grunted softly while his cock started oozing its own lube for Ethan.

A boy from in front of them stood up and turned and Ethan quickly withdrew his hand.

"SIT DOWN!" The bus driver shouted.

Ethan licked off the bit of precum on his hand and turned to Archie, "We'll do it later, I promise. It's probably much safer then." Much safer... yes but Archie ended up feeling quite miserable because for the rest of the ride, Ethan was just petting him through his clothes. He was hard and it was uncomfortable, and the bloody ride lasted about an hour after this.

When they reached the Stanford Port hotel it was about 7 pm and it was getting dark. They were assigned their rooms, with girls and boys on the opposite ends of the hotel and rowdy boys separated. It was three to each room and unfortunately Archie found himself with his friend Ethan and his not-so-friendly acquaintance Hudson. He wasn't too excited about losing his `male' virginity with Ethan so he wasn't pissed off at the matching. Archie had already done this with a girl and at the age of 16 he pretty much knew how it went. He read up on anal sex before but wasn't sure whether or not he'd be able to really fuck a guy without thinking about the fact that he was in a shithole. He was narrow minded in that respect but it never took Ethan long to persuade him to do what he wanted.


Ethan was PISSED OFF when he saw that he was going to share a room with Hudson but he quickly worked at how he was going to find a way. Hudson on the hand didn't mind sharing a room with those guys, he didn't intend on being in there anyway. He had a girlfriend and they already made plans to make out. She never showed up in the halls however and he found out later that the teachers were in the middle and were monitoring the girl's side a lot. He went back into his room after waiting about half an hour for his girl, and immediately started acting like a jerk. He didn't bother unpacking or taking a shower, instead he just laid on his bed and ignored Ethan when he kept asking whether he was going to stay in the room or not.

An hour passed and Ethan and Archie were staring at each other, unsure how any of this was going to work. Ethan was about as hard headed as Archie and when he wanted to lose his virginity tonight he pretty much meant that he wanted to lose it. It was important to him and he wanted Archie to see just how he felt about him. Maybe then, they'd actually be a real couple.

Archie felt uncomfortable to say the least. Here he was with Ethan who wanted to have his first experience tonight, and there was Hudson, one of the rowdy twins who never really liked him.

Once lights were out, Ethan began his slow process of getting off his bed and into Archie's. Archie had fallen asleep by now because he didn't think the plan was going to go through. He was half relieved because he didn't was afraid he'd suddenly turn into a flaming queer. Truly though he was just nervous, and it felt about the same as he felt when he lost his virginity to a girl. Ethan woke him up by stripping his pants down and applying lube to the penis through long strokes.

Once things started going, Ethan knew Archie would love it, he knew Archie wouldn't be able to stop it, he just had to get rid of that moment when his friend continued to doubt everything and overthink the smallest of details- although having sex with a man for the first time couldn't constitute as a small deal even to Ethan. Archie responded exactly the way Ethan wanted him to. He rose up slightly on the bed and kissed Ethan, and soon Ethan was on the bed and Archie was below him.

"I... I have to go in slow right? Like, how slow?"

"Don't worry, just do it how you want. I've already put things up there." Ethan said vaguely with a smile.

"Like what?"

"A carrot." He said with an unseen laugh. It was dark and they could barely see each other's eyes at this point.

"A fucking carrot? Why w-"

"It was the only foreign thing I could fit up there. Cucumbers look frightening." Ethan said with a soft snorted laugh that made Archie chuckle.

"Fine. I guess I'll be your carrot." Archie quickly answered back as they went back to silence. He lifted Ethan's rear up, stroked his thigh for a moment and felt around the boy's butt. He pushed his finger into Ethan's ass and expected the boy to jolt or something but Ethan was as still as a rock... and just as hard. He pushed his finger in, then pulled out, then added another finger and waited for some type of reaction. Ethan probably practiced a lot to have this happen. It was now that Archie saw that his friend Ethan really wanted him.

It wasn't a simple childish game of touching and pleasuring, Ethan really wanted him. It was frightening because at this moment Archie wanted Ethan, he wanted to fuck the boy and kiss him and he could only dream of how wonderful it could be. Then again he felt the same about sex with a girl and it was perhaps one of the most humiliating things to happen to him yet.

He cleared his throat now and whispered `okay' before pressing the head against Ethan's hole. He was slowly applying pressure because he didn't want to just thrust in and cause any pain to his friend. Soon enough Ethan gave way and Archie groaned along with Ethan's gasp.

"I want you so much, Archie." Ethan said softly in the dark, "Please, make love to me Archie, please."

Unfortunately Archie didn't know how he'd be able to do that. You'd have to love the person. Really love... Out of mere frustration he thrust in fully against the whine of his friend. He moaned and relished in the tightness and hung his head low. Archie lowered his body and kissed Ethan, whose hands went up to Archie's hair.


"Love me, Archie." Ethan whispered between kisses.

He couldn't though. He couldn't love Ethan and he couldn't make love to him but he could fuck the boy with as much energy as he had frustration. He pulled out nearly fully only to thrust in hard and fast and repeat like a hammer or pendulum and each time Ethan made a whimpering sound. His head went back to the pillow and tears starts coming as he tried his best to widen his legs and brace for Archie's rough, animalistic thrusts.

His hands went to the boy's ass cheeks and he spread them roughly apart while he thrust and withdrew. Every few strokes he would pull out completely and surge back in, and each time he'd listen to the smack of their flesh, the whimpers and soft cries of his friend and his own moans. His body was getting tired though and he leaned more into Ethan, practically laying on top of him and started doing quick, short thrusts. Occasionally he'd slow down for the sake of energy but he'd quicken up like a burst of energy had been shot into him.

"Slower ... God, Archie, go slower. It hurts."

"You said you wanted me. I'm only giving you what you want." Archie whispered harshly against Ethan's ears. Ethan shook his head and kept staring with his large brown eyes, hoping that Archie could see how hurt he was, how watery his eyes were, how red and how broken he felt.

Archie couldn't see it but he felt it, and he did slow down, in fact he slowed a great deal and began to slide in and out evenly, fully, but more slow paced. He tried to tell himself that this was just sex, that he could go hard and fast and cum like a fucking animal but he kept thinking about how Ethan had said he wanted Archie to love him. So what if he couldn't, maybe he could just fake it to make his friend feel good. And maybe it'll end up making him feel good about himself. If it was just sex it wouldn't have felt so confused.

Archie felt his friend's cock pulse between them. It felt as if it were throbbing and having a life of its own, he pressed against him during his slow thrusts and with a quick gasp and a lengthy moan from Ethan he realized the boy was cumming. Soon enough he felt it dribble and come on to his pale skin. He could only imagine the mess and how it would look to see his friends cum tangled in his thick red pubic hairs. Ethan pulled himself up to kiss Archie, and as soon as the boy's wonderful lips pressed against his, Archie felt his abdomen tighten up. He groaned against those lips and pressed him deeper into a kiss, his tongue pushed forward to lap and dance with Ethan's as his hips thrust one more time into the boy's ass. His moan from the climax felt like an earthquake on its own and Ethan could feel the vibrations coming from Archie's throat and he couldn't help his own moan.

They laid there together, with Archie still in the boy's ass. Slowly he was becoming limp and soon enough he was out and breathing normally. Ethan kissed him quickly before slipping from underneath the boy and back onto his own bed where he winced in slight pain as he flexed his ass muscles. After a moment he opted to go the bathroom where he cleaned up. Archie laid on his back whipping the mess on his body with just a few wipes of his sheet. Once Ethan returned and laid in his own bed once again, Archie turned.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly.

"I'll be okay. You really used those six inches." Ethan said with a funny voice and a soft laugh.

"Almost six." Archie corrected while trying his best not to laugh.

"Hell if I noticed." Ethan quickly answered back, making Archie laugh aloud this time. After a few moments they were both asleep.

And this left Hudson lying on his side wide awake. There was a large spot of precum plastered on his boxers and he was trying his best to replace the made up images of fucking Ethan or Archie or being fucked by either one by imagining how this night would have went had he been in his girlfriend's room. He wasn't touching himself, and hadn't despite laying there away throughout their fuck. He was staring now at the ceiling, or rather the empty darkness above his head.

"Love me." He whispered. Hudson pulled the cover over himself and sighed, "Please." He didn't know what he meant but he kept repeating it in his mind and this was how he fell asleep.

Hudson had always wanted to become Archie's friend, and it was only after the boy befriended Ethan so long ago that he and his twin brother started bullying him. Or at least they tried, their bullying didn't last long because Archie wasn't one of those kids who would let someone beat him up and get away with it. Hudson didn't think he was attracted to the boy then, he just wanted to be friends with him. And now? Now he was incredibly jealous. If he had any say in it, they weren't going to enjoy this weekend class trip.

SPOILER ALERT: in the next chapter, Ethan and Archie will go through the awkward motions of `the morning after' and despite avoiding Hudson they will be matched up with him while they look at a few of the town's attraction, like the Opera House and the street faire for the next couple of days. Hudson makes a move but things become tragic.

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