Man for Man

Canoe Trip to Maine


Kenny and I had joined the varsity scouts a month earlier and already we were on our way to a wilderness canoe trip in Maine. Our four-vehicle caravan had only a few miles to go when Kenny and I resumed talking about our assistant leader, Brad.


Kenny and I had already fooled around with each other, and at this point, at fifteen, we were more active than ever. This conversation, just like all the others as of late, centered around what it would be like doing it with an older guy, like Brad.

Brad was tall and well formed with next to no body fat. His light brown, sun-bleached hair always seemed to be covering his blue eyes - it was tough to see where his gaze was focused. He had finished college a few years earlier and had just through-hiked the Appalachian Trail when he was talked into helping out on this trip.

So, anyhow, Kenny and I were staring out the back of the station wagon we were assigned to, trying to figure out how to get Brad alone for some action. Kenny and I had been sucking face whenever Brad's Blazer, with most of our gear and the canoe trailer, was close enough for him to get a good view.

We arrived at Telos Lake in Maine just in time to make camp for the night. The next morning we awoke at dawn to get our canoes set up. Our team hit the Allagash River at 7am and by 10am we were seeing all kinds of wildlife.

Two nights later found us camped just below the Allagash Falls. There were these black flies that drove us all crazy. Our team leader told us to be sure to keep our mesh tent screens closed at all times to avoid being eaten alive.

It was at this point that I figured out a way to sleep with Bradley. When I told Kenny my idea, he was pissed that he didn't think of it first, yet he wished me luck anyhow. With the exception of Brad, who had his own two-man tent, we all had team issued bivy shelters. It was fairly simple to break the zipper on mine. I waited till most of the guys had retired before going over to Brad to explain my zipper problem and ask if I could sleep with him.

He said he could fix the tent, but it only took one look to see that it wasn't possible - I had thrown the thing that did the zipping into the river! I told him I really didn't want to get bitten all night and would really appreciate it if I could sleep with him. He sort of stood there and sighed, looked around a bit, and then said okay. I was already getting hard as I reached in my tent to get my sleeping bag. I set up my stuff as he checked to see that the canoes were secure for the night.

I had heard from some of the guys on my team that Brad slept like the proverbial rock. They had tried to pull all sorts of pranks on him, and he never woke up for any of them. I was already naked in my bag when Brad entered the tent. As he undressed, he asked me how I was enjoying the trip. I told him I loved everything about it, as I watched him strip to the skin and throw his open bag over himself and his thermarest pad. We talked about what was up ahead for the next day before saying goodnight.

I stroked my hard-on while waiting until Brad's breathing was deep and regular. After about forty minutes, I figured it was now or never. I reached over and nudged him pretty hard and called his name several times. This guy was out. I was getting really exited as I got ready.

First, I closed the opaque tent cover and got out the lube Kenny and I always used. Then, with my heart pounding and my cock throbbing, I slowly lowered Brad's bag. My hands were trembling as I ran my hands over Brad's naked form. When he didn't move or anything, I got bolder and started caressing him. His cock, even soft, looked great. I slowly ran my hands over him and eventually coaxed an erection out of him. Afraid of waking him, but knowing I had to have him, I lowered myself down and let his cock slide between my lips. I was so keyed up; I shot all over the place seconds later.

Still trembling, I sat back to catch my breath, all the while stroking Brad's hardness. I used my shirt to clean up the sticky mess I made while getting up the nerve to take the next step. I had to have Bradley's cock in my ass. I may have been fifteen, but I knew what I wanted. I kept thinking about what I would say if he woke up, but decided to cross that bridge when I came to it.


I was way too hot not to go for it, so I squirted some slippery stuff on my hands and started to play with my ass as I lubed up Brad. After a few minutes, I figured I was ready, and decided to go for it. Moving as carefully as possible, I threw my leg over Brad's hips and froze as he muttered something and tried to turn in his sleep. When he couldn't because of my smaller form on top of him, he settled down as I remained motionless, pumped full of adrenaline. This whole scene was getting pretty intense.

After a few minutes I calmed down and got him hard again. "This is it," I thought as I brought his cock up to my hole. I watched Brad's face in the darkness as I lowered myself down on his hard shaft. God, did it feel good. I slid my ass down on his cock really slowly. He was a lot bigger then Kenny and the other boys I was having sex with at the time, so I had to bob up and down to get used to him. Finally, I could feel his pubic hair up against me, and I relaxed, slowly sinking to lie lightly upon his chest. I slid my knees forward slightly and started to rock slowly back and forth. I could feel my hard cock dripping pre-cum all over his belly as I slid across it time and again. Let me tell you, I was one horny kid. I rode Brad like that for a good forty minutes, stopping whenever he got extra hard. I knew from doing this with Kenny that you got too close to cumming, you would wake up, and I didn't want to wake up Brad.

It was a few minutes later, and I was getting close to another orgasm. My head was, by this time, over Brad's shoulder next to his head,and I was really riding his cock with my ass. Then it happened. Two hands locked arms around my waist. As I freaked, I realized Brad was whispering something about how he should have made me promise not to try something after the display Kenny and I had put on in the car. Well, let me tell you, my cock got soft so fast I thought it was going to turn in like my bellybutton.

Then I realized he was still hard and he was still inside me. He slid his hands up my sides, grabbed my ears and pulled me to where he could look into my eyes. He just looked at me for amoment. "Billy," he said, "you are one brazen kid. You know this shouldn't be happening."

Being a little scared at this point... tears began to form. Still holding my ears, he wiped my tears with his thumbs and pulled me down and kissed me on the lips. What a kiss - it was like having a live snake in my mouth. It took me a minute to comprehend: He wasn't gonna hit me; he wasn't gonna tell my parents; he was however, slamming his cock to the hilt in my butt. Moments later he banged into my prostate and set off a chain reaction inside me. My cock sprang up and chilblains flashed up and down my back and sides. I started to meet his strokes and grabbed his head, kissing him for all I was worth.

Brad broke the kiss and growled, "You want got it...let's go for it!"

Talk about making me crazed! I started to buck and moan like a madman. Brad finally had to put his hand over my mouth, and told me to be quiet or we would have to stop. I shut up and buried my face in his neck. After a little while, he slowed and suggested changing positions. He proceeded to slide out from under me, then turned me around and pushed me to the sleeping bag. I felt him stick both thumbs into my hole and then pull my bubble butt open like a ripe melon. The sensation caused me to yelp and arch my butt up into the air, only to be met by the fastest instroke I had ever experienced. Brad flattened me to my belly and used his knees to push my legs apart, while his hands kept me spread open for the rabbit punches he was throwing me. This was new; I mean no one had ever made love to me like this before. I was squirming like crazy, and my whole body must have been beet red.

Suddenly, I could feel it coming, sort of like the rush you'd get seeing a train bearing down on you. I started to vibrate - that's the only way that I can describe it, sort of like shivering, but much more intense and pulsating. I was gonna come...hard. I bit down on the sleeping bag as Brad slid his knees under my legs and boosted me in the air. Each time he plunged into me I could feel an explosion go off and ripple outwards. Through no will of my own, my body began to clamp down and ripple each and every time he hit bottom. I could hear the smacks as Brad hit home, and then I'd contract all over as he pulled out. His breathing increased as I went over the edge...and came and came, and came! I could feel Brad shooting off inside me, his cock hot and throbbing. I was somewhere else for a time, somewhere incredible. There were Goosebumps all aver me, and I swear I could hear a wondrous refrain in my head, over and over again.

Brad pulled out of me, turned me over, took me in his arms, and we kissed. I was floating, feeling all soft and fuzzy. Telling me to keep my arms locked around his neck, Brad slid his arms between my legs and lifted me until my knees were under my arms and my chest was flat to his. He entered me again as he knelt there with me balanced in the air. He did so slowly, caressing me inside and out, kissing my face and neck. Brad kept this up until I started to squirm again. He then told me to interlace my fingers and lean back as far as I could. I complied and felt him go deeper into me with the new position. He then bent over and engulfed my hard cock. I shivered in pleasure as my toes curled up all on their own. Boy, did it feel good.

Brad continued to suck and fuck me, only slowing when I came too close to coming. He stopped sucking me long enough to suggest we come together again. I just nodded with this shit-eating grin on my face, closed my eyes and went with the flow. We went on and on until I got those little explosions going off inside again. Such a feeling! Brad would slide in me, then go down on me, slide in, go down - I was engulfed in his warmth. When I came this time, it was slow and easy. My hissed intake of breath alerted Brad to my imminent orgasm, for he sped his hips up. He sucked down hard on my cock, and I could feel him start to shoot. That's all it took to trigger me - Kapow!...I was coming again. By the time Brad pulled out of me, I was exhausted and we were both dripping with sweat. Brad hugged me close and suggested a swim.

We were swimming around near the base of the falls when Bradley commented that the noise of the falls probably saved our butts from being noticed by anyone at camp. Brad told me there would be no more sex while in the Varsity Scouts, period. I tried to argue, but he would have none of it. We left the water, dried and returned to the tent for some much-needed sleep.

Morning came all too soon, and as I climbed out of the tent, I could barely stand 'cos my legs were so shaky. Our team was out on the Allagash before I could get Kenny alone to fill him in, yet when I told him at lunch, it got him so hot he insisted we head into the woods for a quick sixty-nine.

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