Man for Man

Camping With Terry


The summer of my junior year in high school had finally come. I was looking forward to spending a lot of time with my friend Terry who had transferred to our school the previous fall. Terry was one of those guys who stood out. No matter where you were, if he was in the room everyone noticed, both girls and guys. He was a star wrestler and cute as hell in addition to having a killer body.


The previous fall he and I had become friends. I was not an athlete. I loved fall hunting and football or wrestling practice took away precious time I could spend in the woods so I chose the outdoors. Terry was also a hunter but spent hours practicing wrestling which kept him busy much of the time.

I spent the night before deer hunting with Terry and it was then that I found out that he not only liked to wrestle with other guys, he liked to suck and fuck them too. I was very surprised. He had girls hanging all over him all the time and even had a girlfriend, but that evening when we were undressing for bed, he made the first move that ended up with us having sex nearly all night.

From then on Terry and I shared our little secret and shared each other's cocks and asses. We'd do it every chance we could get. If his family was going to be out of town, I'd stay over and we'd have sex all night. If we couldn't do that, we'd do it in his car. Once, we even did it behind the stage at the high school gym. He was a horny guy and of course who was I to deny him?

Terry and I were about the same size, about 5foot 9 and weighed about 145 pounds. I was just normal and he was muscles on muscles. His ass was so hard I swear he could crack nuts with his butt cheeks. They were spectacular. Terry and I both had brown hair. He wore his kind of longish over his ears with cute bangs in front. I wore mine a little shorter. I had blue eyes and he had those beautiful deep brown eyes.

Terry outdid me in dick length. His was 6.5 inches and about a normal thickness but his dick head was very large, looking like a big strawberry. My dick was only 5.5 but much thicker. So we both were satisfactory in dick department.

Once things warmed up, Terry wanted to go camping on the river. Our river had a lot of nice sandbars that make great places to camp. After talking about it for a few weeks we decided to take the upcoming weekend and go camping. We gathered up a tent and all the other stuff we would need and borrowed a canoe so we could find a sandbar that was secluded. We had naked games in mind.

That Saturday morning we pushed off and paddled down the river for several miles until we found a nice sandbar with a small grove of willows growing on one end. We got out to check it out and found a nice spot in the middle of the willows to set up the tent. Of course the first thing we did was strip our clothes off and work in the nude. It must have looked funny to see two teenage boys, dicks at full mast pounding tent stakes and setting up a tent. Terry was bent over tying a guide line on a tent peg when I couldn't stand it any more and stepped up behind him and slid my dick in his ass crack. He jumped but didn't run. I took that as a sign he was in the mood and put my hands around his hips and pushed harder at his back door. Terry stayed bent over and began to moan as my dick pushed. "You gotta put some lube on," he said huskily.

I spit into my hand and rubbed it over his butt hole. Then I slid my finger up his butt and lubed the hole itself. Meanwhile he spit and reached back and lubed up my dick. I stepped up and put my dick against his butt hole and said, "Ready?"

He nodded. `Go for it." My dick slid inside his ass pretty easily. He clenched when I got in so I waited for him to get used to it. Soon his sphincter muscle relaxed and he said, "Go ahead."

I pushed and soon my pubes were up against his beautiful butt. I began fucking him and he began to moan. I reached around and grabbed his hard cock. It was leaking heavily and I began to slowly jack him off. "Oh fuck me," he said.

We fucked like that for maybe a minute. It had been several days since we had had sex and it didn't take long for us to both get ready to cum. "I'm getting close," Terry said.

I didn't answer because my dick began to spew my cum right then. Terry's dick began to squirt a few seconds later and I rammed mine in all the way making Terry gasp as he came. We stood there with my dick in his butt for half a minute and then I slowly slipped out. Terry's cum was all over my hand and I began to lick it off. Then I dropped to my knees and licked his dick clean, sucking on it like a popsickle to get the last few drops.

Terry was grinning as he looked down at me sucking his now limp dick. "You're a horny fuck," he said.

"No worse than you, long dick." We finished up our campsite and then had something to eat and went swimming. We hadn't put any clothes on so we just swam nude. The rest of the day we sunned ourselves and just fucked around doing nothing. That evening we made a fire and cooked some hotdogs over the coals. We were sitting next to each other on a blanket and it was beginning to get cool. Terry grabbed another blanket and put it around both of us. It was warm and very sexual sitting there in the dark, watching the coals glow with this beautiful guy naked next to me.

I looked over at Terry and he smiled and leaned over and kissed me. His arm went around my back and soon we were lying on the blanket still covered by the second blanket. We were grinding our cocks together and both were getting hard. It was very sensual and sexual and I knew I wanted Terry to fuck me right there on the blanket.

I reached down and stroked his big cock. "Ready to fuck me?" I asked.

He grinned. "I thought you'd never ask." Terry liked to do it doggy style, so I got to my hands and knees and he got behind me. I could feel his warm breath on my butt as he put his face between my butt cheeks and began licking my crack. I was feeling very nice as his tongue ran up and down my crack and licked at my hole. Then I heard him spit and I knew it was time. I felt that big dickhead at my hole and then felt the pain as he pushed. I gritted my teeth and he pushed harder until the head popped in. "Stop! Hold it for a minute, ok?"

"Tell me when." I let my butt get used to Terry's dickhead and then said to go ahead. He began to push and soon my butt felt full and wonderful. "How far are you?" I asked.

"Right to the hilt," he said grunting.

Terry began to push in and pull out and soon we were really going at it hard. My dick was hard as a stone and leaking when Terry reached around and began to stroke it. "I'm gonna cum real quick," I said.

Terry grunted something that sounded like ok, and kept pounding my butt. Soon I felt my cum rising and felt Terry slam into my butt. I could feel his dick throbbing as he unloaded his cum in my butt. That set me off and my dick began to squirt cum like a fountain. We shuddered and shook and finally both quit cumming. I was exhausted and laid down with Terry still inside me. He was lying on my back kissing my neck and the side of my face. I could feel his dick softening and sliding out of my butt. When it slid out I rolled over and Terry lay on top of me and we kissed. We lay there with our arms around each other, legs all entwined and kissed and hugged for a long time. The fire was dying and it was getting colder. "We better clean up and go in the tent," I said.

We got up and left the blankets on the sand. The bottom one was full of cum anyway. We went down to the river and Terry cleaned off his dick and so did I, plus I cleaned out my butt hole. Then we dried off on a towel and crawled into the tent. By then we were shivering and very cold. We zipped our sleeping bags together and slid in naked. It wasn't long and we were kissing and cuddling and both had boners again. "You know what we haven't done today?" Terry said.


"Given each other a blow job."

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