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If there was one thing that fifteen years in the Marine Corps had taught Gunnery Sergeant Mike Callahan, it was that there was nothing more beautiful or studlier than a young, gung-ho, Marine recruit. Fresh out of Basic and full of stud-cum and testosterone, these examples of America's finest young males were truly "The Few, The Proud...". And, at age 32, nobody appreciated the physical beauty of a young Marine more than Gunny Callahan. In fact, if there was one thing that decided Gunny to make the Marine Corps both his home and his career, it was all those eager, young, studly recruits that he now got to work with.


Having made the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (E7) just two years before, Gunny Callahan had been assigned to the School of Infantry at Camp Geiger, Marine Corps Base - Camp Lejeune (MCBCJ) with the MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) of Instructor in Small Unit Tactics, part of the next phase of training for Marines after graduation from boot camp. Each Marine, upon completion of basic training at Parris Island (if the recruit is from east of the Mississippi River) is assigned to either the Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) or the Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCTBn) at Camp Lejeune for additional training based on their MOS.

The mission of ITB is to train and qualify Infantry Marines in one of the following MOS: 0311 Marine Rifleman, 0331 Machine Gunner, 0341 Mortarman, 0351 Assaultman, or 0352 Antitank Guided Missleman. The mission of the MCTBn, of which Gunny was part of the staff, is to train non-infantry Marines to be able to operate effectively in a combat environment. MCTBn trains Marines to employ a multitude of weapons, conduct combat controls, construct defensive perimeters and perform limited offensive operations.

Though most of the young Marines that Gunny taught were at least ten years younger than himself, his hot, well-developed body got admiring glances from many of them. And Gunny returned those glances at their young, hard, well-developed-in-boot-camp bodies. Indeed, that's what Gunny was doing on this warm, Easter week-end - sitting on a bench outside the PX (Post Exchange), watching the incredible Marine eye-candy that was walking by. The weather was unseasonably warm and because this was a holiday weekend, most of the Marines walking around were not on duty and wore little more than work-out shorts and most so tight that, as the comedian Robin Williams put it once, "you could tell what religion they were!".

Gunny didn't go 'home' for Easter. Like a number of career Marines, there really wasn't a 'home' to go home to. Gunny had been basically raised in the foster care system after being rescued from a mother who was a drug-addicted prostitute. Gunny had been raised in group homes and was familiar with living with a lot of other males from a very young age. He also became very familiar with the pleasure that males could give each other at a very young age. He'd tried a few females in his time, mostly while on leave in some of the exotic ports that he'd visited during his years of being a Marine, but women just didn't wind Gunny's crank the way another brother Marine could. In fact, since joining the Corps when he was 17, other than the few hookers Gunny had sought out, he'd had only had sex with members of the military, mostly brother Marines with a few "squid butts" here and there that Gunny had screwed to prove the superiority of the Corps over it's 'sister' service.

Of course, Gunny was always careful. The military's stupid, politically imposed policy of "Don't ask, don't tell", made doing anything sexual on-base an extremely hazardous activity. Most of what Gunny had done had been off-base, usually in motels in towns near the bases on which he was stationed. Occasionally, he did engage in more furtive activity in his quarters or in the barracks latrine late at night when, with the lights out, 'all black cats looked the same in the dark' so that you were never sure exactly who's cock was sliding down your throat or up your ass - or which cock or ass your cock was screwing, for that matter. No words were ever spoken, just grunts and groans of horny men getting off on each other.

As Gunny sat there, soaking up the warmth of the sun while watching the parade of young, hunky Marines passing by and drinking a few beers he'd bought in the PX, he suddenly realized that he needed to take a piss. He headed for the latrine which was a few feet away at the side of the PX. This latrine was usually a busy one but, today, with most of the post either home with their families or sleeping off their down-time in their racks, it was empty. All that Gunny found was the usual scents of disinfectant and the slightly acrid smell of piss from the old, trough type urinal - scents that started to get a 'rise' out of Gunny's thick, nine inches.


'God! I love this latrine!' thought Gunny as he walked up to the trough and pulled down the front of his tight, green camouflage gym shorts to expose his hardening cock. 'Had some really good times in here!' Gunny especially loved this old trough urinal which allowed him to scope out so many USMC cocks while they relieved themselves of gushes of good, yellow USMC piss! Piss that Gunny would love to be drenched in or swallow down his cum and piss guzzling throat. Gunny liked his sex hard and raunchy - 'Like a man should!' Gunny thought.

Having finished pissing and with no one in the latrine, Gunny fleetingly considered going into one of the stalls and pounding a load out of his horny cock but decided that he could wait for that until later, when he went to bed that night. Instead, he'd go back to the bench outside the PX and enjoy the parade of hard, muscular Marine bodies which seemed to be on display that day just for his enjoyment.

As he came out of the latrine, however, he all but literally ran in into one of the best looking young Marines he'd ever seen in his life! Tall, muscular with dark red hair, flashing green eyes and a smile full of bright, white teeth, the young Marine all but 'clothes-lined' himself on Gunny's outstretched forearm as Gunny opened the door to the latrine and the young Marine attempted to enter.

Gunny and the young Marine quickly apologized to each other and the young man went into the latrine while Gunny stood there, fighting the impulse to follow him back inside, hoping to get a gander at the thick bulge that Gunny had seen tenting out the kid's bright red gym shorts. Gunny's cock quickly convinced him that he was fighting a losing battle against his own lust as it stiffened completely and threatened to pop out the top of the elastic waistband.

Gunny quietly slipped back inside the latrine, gently helping the door to close behind him without making noise. After all! Gunny taught Small Unit Tactics! If he didn't know how to silently "reconnoiter" a possible "enemy position", then he had no business teaching other young Marines how to!

Gunny put his back to the tile wall inside the doorway of the latrine and quickly peaked round the corner to see what the young, red-headed Marine was up to. He was standing there in front of the trough, stretching his young, muscular body but, quite evidently, not pissing as there was no sound of piss striking either the water in the bottom of the trough or the enameled sides of it. Then Gunny saw the young Marine reach into his red gym shorts and haul out his cock. Gunny, from that angle, however, couldn't see what the kid's cock looked like! What he could see, however, was that the kids arm was moving up and down in a stroking motion - not a movement needed for pissing! However, it did indicate that the kid was horny! That was the best news that Gunny had gotten in a long time!

Gunny quietly walked up to the trough and stood right next to the young Marine, looking down at the kid's hand buried in the crotch of his shorts, obviously stroking what had to be a huge slab of man-meat. As much as Gunny loved cock, however, there was something that he loved a fuck of a lot more - butt! High and tight Marine Corps butt! And this kid had one of the finest Gunny had ever seen.

The kid's butt was so magnificent, in fact, that it seemed to short-circuit the more logical part of Gunny's brain and he brazenly reached out with his hand and grabbed a hunk of those glorious glutes through the red shorts.

"Nice ass, you got there, Marine!" Gunny growled, his voice low and filled with lust.

"Uh...uhh...thank you, sir!" the young Marine stammered.

The kid looked back and down at Gunny's ass. Now, Gunny had nothing to be ashamed of, either in the cock or butt department. All those years of running and calisthenics in order to pass the PFT (Personnel Fitness Test) - a yearly assessment of a Marine's physical condition which all Marines, from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, to the lowliest E1 (Private) must pass or risk being dismissed from the Marine Corps - had given Gunny not just the body of a twenty year old but the body of a hunky, muscular twenty year old!


"N-n-n-ice butt, too, sir!" the young Marine managed to get out at little above a whisper.

"No need to call me 'sir', Marine. I ain't no officer." Gunny grinned at the young man. "You wanna see it? My butt, that is?"

"Uhh...yeah!" the young Marine croaked out.

"Well, tell you what, just to be fair about all this, I think we each ought to take of these fuckin' shorts so that we each can get a good look at the other, what do you say?" Gunny asked him.

The young Marine didn't say a word. Instead, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the red shorts and quickly pushed them down and off himself. He stepped out of them, leaving them laying on the floor and himself naked to Gunny's wanton staring. Gunny quickly slipped his own shorts down and leaned forward, his hands on the edge of the trough, sticking out his muscular butt to give the young Marine a good view.

The young red-head took full advantage of that view, walking around Gunny so that he could see his butt from different angles, ending up standing beside the trough, his cock at full hardness and looking down to see Gunny's equally hard cock.

"So, what do ya think?" Gunny asked. "About my ass?"

The young Marine, evidently decided that Gunny ass needed much closer examination because before Gunny knew what was happening, the kid was down on his knees behind him, his tongue licking the crack of Gunny's butt.

"Ahh! Fuck! Yeah! That's the way, Marine! Yeah! Lick my fuckin' butt!" Gunny groaned, reaching back and spreading his butt-cheeks to give the young Marine better access to his hole.

Marines are trained to exploit any and every tactical situation - which is exactly what the young Marine did! The moment that Gunny spread his cheeks, opening his ass-trench to the young Marine, the Marine shoved his tongue as far up Gunny's shit-hole as he could reach!

"Oh, fuck! Yeah! That's it! Ream my fuckin' hole! Fuckin' chew on my butt!" Gunny all but screamed, his voice reverberating off the tiled walls.

And it was a waste of breath, anyway. It was obvious that the young Marine needed no instruction in how to eat male butt! In minutes, he had Gunny begging for something bigger and harder up his butt. The young Marine, being trained by the Corps to be prepared in any tactical situation, immediately rose from the deck, hocked some spit into his hand and began lubing his thick, long Marine "unit" and then loaded it up Gunny's hungry shit-chute in one, gut-wrenching slam of his hips.

"AWW! FUCK!" Gunny screamed out at the pleasure/pain of the huge Marine cock tore through the tender tissues of his ass.

Gunny had been fucked before - more times than he could count - but he couldn't remember the last time he'd had anything this big and this hard up his turd-tunnel. It felt more like a fucking tree trunk than a cock! Gunny's hole spasmed around the thick invader and, much to his credit as a 'fucker', the young Marine just held there, waiting for Gunny's chute to get used to it. Of course, the young Marine had loaded his entire 'weapon' up Gunny's ass on purpose. He'd fucked enough guys to know that if he tried to take it slow and easy, they usually gave up long before he even got half of his huge honker into their hungry butts. He'd found that this method of 'cold- cocking' his fuckee's worked a lot better for him. His cock was buried in their holes so that they couldn't pull off it easily and they did eventually get used to it.

Gunny was no exception, except in the fact that he 'got used to it' a lot faster than most. The young Marine could feel the muscles up inside Gunny's guts relaxing and knew that he soon was going to be good to go! Gunny knew it too, and, despite the initial pain, was truly looking forward to two things - getting his ass royally reamed by this young Marine stud-pony and returning the favor by 'cold-cocking' the young marine with his own not inconsiderable 'weapon'!

Feeling his shit-hole relaxed enough to be fucked, Gunny bent further over the trough, spread his legs further and told the kid, "Okay! Fuck my ass off, Marine!"


"Sir! Yes, sir!" the young Marine bellowed in his best parade-ground voice and proceeded to try and do exactly that - fuck the ass off the older Marine.

As the young warrior proceeded to pound his hole, Gunny felt his shit-chute becoming more and more relaxed with each stroke of the kid's huge cock. Gunny began meeting each of the young Marine's forward thrusts with backward thrusts of his own. They fucked this way for a while, each of them building up a sweat and feeding each other the testosterone laden fumes of their ripe, sweaty bodies. Gunny loved that smell and, from the deep breaths that Gunny could hear him taking, so did the young Marine. Along with the stench of their sweat, the smell of the funk that was being dragged from Gunny's turd-tunnel by the kid's huge, reaming dick added to the mixture and made it pure, male and animal! The best!

But Gunny decided that, while the fuck was good, it could be better! Reaching back, he grabbed the young Marine's hips, stopping his movement with his cock buried all the way up inside Gunny.

"Hold on!" he told the young Marine. "Time to change positions!"

The young Marine pulled his slimy cock out of Gunny's abused ass and Gunny turned around so that he was facing the kid. He sat on the lip of the urinal trough and leaned back, pulling his legs up as he did so, exposing his asshole in the process. The kid got the idea immediately and slid his cock back into Gunny's willing hot hole and proceeded to continue pounding the fuck out of it. Gunny now could watch the young warrior as he fucked him - a sight that Gunny found to be beyond stimulating! The sight of this young Marine, his face screwed up in visions of pleasure as he pounded the Gunny's willing, wet hole caused Gunny's cock to bone harder than he could ever remember it and to drip cock-snot all over his rigid abs.

The kid was a good fuck, there was no doubt about that! A Master-Fucker! But Gunny didn't want it to end with just an explosion of Marine spoonge up his sea-pussy! He wanted to taste that fuckin' cock and drink down all the young sperm that this young Marine was manufacturing in his heavy nuts. After a while, Gunny grabbed the young Marine's hips again, stopping the fucking action.

"I wanna suck that cock! I want to taste you!" Gunny panted.

The young Marine simply smiled and, unexpectedly, gently slid his cock from Gunny's rather gaping hole. Gunny slid to his knees, examining this incredible male organ that he was having trouble believing had actually been all the way up inside him. Gunny had seen some big cocks in his day. Hell! He had one of the biggest cocks he'd ever seen! But this kid's cock was way beyond that! He had to be at least thirteen inches and ticker around than Gunny's fucking wrist! No wonder the fucker hurt so bad when the kid sent it screaming up his ass! 'Fuck! If I could take this, I could take most guy's fists!' Gunny thought to himself as he stared at the elephantine penis.

But that wasn't going to stop Gunny from taking it in his other hole! No, sir! He began licking all over the kid's cock, tasting his ass and the kid's cock-snot which was cascading out of his piss- hole like a rain-swollen creek! The fucking thing was so huge that Gunny could do little more than suck on the head of it. That's all he could get in his mouth! But it seemed, from the young Marine's groans, to be more than enough. Before long, Gunny was rapidly swallowing the super- size load of cum which seemed only fitting from the super-sized cock!

"Ahh! Fuck! Yeah! Suck my cock! EAT MY FUCKIN' LOAD!" the young Marine cried out as he unloaded his grade A USMC cum into Gunny's cocksucking mouth.

No sooner than he had cum, the young Marine went to his knees on the tile floor and pushed Gunny up into a standing position. He, too, wanted the taste of cock in his mouth - Gunny's cock. The kid licked all up and down Gunny's 'unit' until it was covered in saliva and Gunny's juices and then began sucking on the head of Gunny's cock, trying to get Gunny's load of spoonge down his hungry throat. Gunny wasn't surprised. He wasn't that much smaller than the young Marine so he didn't figure the kid could get more than the head into his mouth. But what he was able to do with just the head! It was the best 'head' that Gunny could ever remember getting and it wasn't too many minutes before Gunny was shooting his load of USMC spoonge down his throat.

"Fuck! That's it, Marine! Eat my cock! Swallow my fuckin' load! HERE IT CUMS!!!" Gunny cried out as his nuts unloaded what felt like a 3 months supply of man-juice to the young warrior's hungry mouth.

When his cock stopped shooting, the kid rose up, planting his mouth on Gunny's, sharing with Gunny his own cum. Gunny eagerly accepted this gift! Gunny loved the taste of his own cum, having eaten his very first load when he came for the first time at age 12.

The two Marines, stood there naked in the latrine, sucking face for a while as their hands began to explore and get to know better the topography of each other's bodies. Finally, Gunny pulled back from the kiss.

"Hey! You wanna come to my room. We could mess around more." Gunny asked.

"Fuck yeah! Hey! If you want, I have this buddy who's really hot looking and loves three-ways! He's a real slut!" the young Marine said.

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