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Bud Brothers


"Bud" Brothers

I remember 1975 as the first year of the rest of my life. My name is Andy, but I grew up with the nickname Buddy which I shortened to Bud when I was in high school. I was from the Midwest, and that was obvious because of my milk- fed looks. I had blond hair, blue eyes and at five foot nine inches tall, weighed around 185 lb., a few pounds more than I should have been. I had landed a job with a major commercial bank in New York City, as a Manager- trainee right out of college. I was 22 and excited about moving to the hottest city in the world, New York. I also knew that there was a large gay population and while I wasn't entirely out of the closet at that time, I was certainly on the precipice. Up until this point, my only gay experiences, were a few "Christ I was so drunk I don't remember a thing!" episodes in college.


Specifically, my college roommate in my junior year, Randy, had a younger brother, Steve who attended college a couple of hours away. Steve, was a big, husky guy about 6 foot tall and jet black hair, who I'd definitely describe as good looking. He would drive over to our school once in a while on the weekends and hang out with us. Invariably, we'd go out and get blitzed and have a hard time making it back to the dorm, This one night, we made it back to the dorm and Randy got into bed and literally passed out. Randy looked at me and smirked' "That shithead was gonna let me sleep with him but the way he's sprawled out, I guess I'll have to use the floor! I guess it was the liquor talking but I immediately offered to let him share my bed. "At first, he refused but when I insisted he say okay. We both got undressed and I noticed that his briefs were very well packed in the front. I was removing mine to put on my gym shorts when I heard a low whistle, "Ooh man, that' s some ass you got there Bud, it's shaped better and bigger than my ex- girlfriends, and it looks as smooth as silk !" He'd hit a sore point with me since I was always ashamed about the size of my butt. I either had to let out my pants to accommodate it, or buy a bigger size and take them in. Either way, my ass was just fucking big!

I got into bed and Steve crawled in next to me. Randy was dead to the world on the next bed snoring away and because Steve was a big guy, there wasn't much room for me to move around. I was literally plastered against the wall when I pushed back against him to get some breathing room. "Hey Bud, if you keep pushing your big butt into my crotch, I'm going get one helluva hardon!" Steve said. 'Yeah, I'd bet you'd like it if I pushed my ass into your horny crotch!" I teased. "Yeah and I'm sure I'd have no trouble sticking my cock up your loose hole!" Steve countered. "I bet I'd never even feel it, it's so small!" The truth was that I could feel his hard dick pushing at my ass by this time. I didn't know how far I could or wanted to take this. I was drunk but very horny, so I continued to push my big ass back into his crotch to see his reaction.

"So you want my big dick up your butt, do you Bud?" Steve whispered in my ear. "It's pretty thick, do you got some lube?" I reached over to the night stand and took out some hand lotion I had and handed it to him. "'You really want my dick up your ass?" he asked. "Yes, yes I do Steve!" I answered. He slipped off his briefs and I took off my gym shorts. In the dark, I made out what appeared to be a fat seven inch dick in his hands that he was busy greasing up. I had gone this far and there was no turning back; besides, I didn't really want to. "Lay down on your belly,' Steve said and I did it. He spread my cheeks and I felt his finger slide around my tight pucker. Then he pushed it in and out greasing me and loosening me up at the same time. Soon I was wiggling around. "Oh baby, you're hot for me big cock aren't' you. Can't wait to feel me inside of you!" he hissed. "Yeah, fuck me with your fat cock Steve, I need it bad!" I moaned. I felt his dick head pushing at my hole. I pushed back like I was taking a crap and the head popped in. I gasped as he had broken through. "Ooh Bud, you're so tight just like my ex-before I popped her cherry." "Stick it in Steve, pop my fucking cherry, you're the first." He growled and thrust his hips down as all seven inches were buried inside of me. I felt uncomfortable and hot at the same time. As my ass adjusted to him, it felt better and I started wriggling my butt. I felt Steve's breath on my neck as his big body blanketed mine.

"I got you babe, or should I say you got me baby, every fuckin' inch. He began to gyrate his hips working his dick in and out of me, his balls banging into my big ass with every downward thrust. Beneath me, I could feel my own dick grinding into the bed. I was trapped beneath this powerful man. "Oh baby, I love your big ass, it's better than any pussy!" Steve moaned as he pumped even harder. "Can you feel my cock swell inside of you, it's hard as a rock and it's gonna explode." Steve moaned. "Go for it Steve, fill me up with your hot juice, slime my hole with your heavy load!" I answered. "Oh shit, babe, here it fucking cums, I'm shooting my fuckin' guts out in your hot butt I'm cummingggggg!!" I swear that I could feel his load hitting my ass walls as he unloaded inside me. Beneath me, my own cock jerked and spurted its load all over the sheets. Finally, after his cock deflated, it fell out of me and he rolled over and went to sleep.


In the morning, it was like it never happened, but when he showed up again the next weekend, I knew he was back for more. We all went out drinking and Randy passed out again. Steve and I ended up in my bed. This time, I gave him a blow job first and then let him fuck me. There was no reciprocation again. The third time, I asked him to jack me off and he did and I came when he did. We got it on a few more times and then Randy transferred to his school and we never saw each other again. If he new about his brother and me he never said. I finished my senior year celibate, but I knew I wanted more.


The bank, through their relocation program, found me an apartment. It was in a brownstone walkup in an area called Park Slope in Brooklyn, a short train ride from where I was going to work. The training program didn't start til mid-September, but I wanted to head to New York so I took the apartment from August 15th. The bank was paying to move my belongings and the furniture that my parents had given me. I flew to New York and took a cab from the airport to the address I'd been given. I was pleasantly surprised by the block it was on as it was tree-lined. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. A tall teenager with black hair and a dark complexion came to the door and opened it. 'Hi, I'm Bud Johnson, I'm here for the apartment." "Come in, I'm, Manny. My dad, the building super is not here, but you can wait in our apartment." I followed him in and he led me to a neat, well-kept apartment. I sat on the couch and then the door opened and two boys aged 18 and 20 walked in. These are my older brothers the smaller one is Emad and the bigger one is Moustaffa, but we call him Moose. I shook their hands. The name was appropriate since Moose was about six feet tall and built like a defensive end. His older brother, who was about my height but muscular wore horn-rimmed glasses. All three had jet black and were dark complexioned. Manny was tall like Moose but no where near as bulky. I learned that he was three weeks short of his sixteenth birthday. Emad the oldest attended college while the other two were in high school. As a matter of fact they were going to summer school. They had moved here from Turkey three years earlier.

While I was waiting for their dad, I learned that he was in charge of four buildings. The same man owned them all and he rented out the apartments. The one I was in had one apartment per floor and three floors. I was on the top floor; the owner kept the middle floor for himself and the super and his family had the ground floor apartment. The owner had set up the basement as his personal gym and had even installed a small sauna. A washer and dryer were down there as well. The boys said I was welcome to use either the gym or the laundry up until 10 o'clock. It seemed that there was also another room down there where the two older boys slept. That was cool with me. I wondered where their mom was until Manny volunteered that she had returned to Turkey about three months earlier to take care of a sick relative.

Then, there dad showed up, Emad senior (yes they had the same name), was a big man like his middle son and even bulkier. I guessed him to be in his mid forties or so. He was wearing overalls and had dark curly hair and a thick black mustache. I guess I must have looked weird to them what with me being fair-skinned and blond and all. Emad took me upstairs and let me in to the apartment. It was freshly painted (courtesy of the younger Emad). It was basically four rooms with a bedroom, living room, eat-in kitchen and one small room off the kitchen, that I could use as a spare room. It did have two fireplaces, one in the living room and one in the bedroom which was nice. It was all that I wanted or needed and the price was right. It was also an easy commute to my job.

I thanked him and asked Emad where the closest grocery was. He told me and I headed out to buy the essentials for my fridge. When I got back, the moving truck showed up. The timing was perfect and they brought my stuff in. I didn't have much furniture so it was mostly boxes over 100 cartons of stuff I'd accumulated or thought I still needed. The phone company also showed up to install my phone so it was pretty hectic for a while. The movers finally left at around 6 PM, so I ran out to grab a bite to eat. When I returned, I looked around at all the boxes, and I didn't know where to begin. Before I knew it, it was nearly 11PM. I opened one box and found a load of clothes that were all wrinkled. I wanted to wash them but I remembered what the boys had said about the ten o'clock limit. I figured that I'd at least bring them downstairs and leave them by the washer so I could do it first thing next morning. I was as quiet as possible so as not to disturb them. In the basement, there was a small light on and I managed to find the washing machine. I placed the box down and was about to head upstairs when I heard some noises that sounded like someone was in pain coming from the next room.


I tiptoed in and looked around. There were bar bells and an exercise bike and then I say a small light coming from the sauna. I walked over and looked into the tiny glass window. My eyes widened as I saw Moose and his brother Emad completely naked. Moose was sitting on the bench and Emad was in his lap. Moose was bent over and it was obvious that he had his brother's cock in his mouth. He was definitely sucking him and the smaller boy was obviously enjoying it. And by the looks of it, Emad was extremely well-hung, to say the least. While Moose had most of the dick down his throat, I could see a good three or four inches at the root still exposed. Emad was wiggling around on his brother's lap. I listened intently and heard him moaning and talking. "Yes, Moose, ah you have such a hot mouth. You know how to take care of me and make me feel good. My balls have a big load building inside of them. Ah yes, suck me harder." Emad groaned Moose was sucking like it was his last meal and I was transfixed. My seven inch cock was swelling in my gym shorts and I reached down and squeezed it as I watched them. "Moose, I am so close, I am about to burst, I can't help it you suck me too good!! " Emad's voice got louder. Then I watched as Moose released his brother's cock and began jacking it. His big hand was like a blur as it moved back and forth on that huge organ. Emad's head was thrown back and he was thrashing around. All of a sudden, a geyser of cum shot from the huge cock slit followed by three or four more good shots. the ropy gism shot all over Moose's chest and stomach and it just kept coming!! Finally, the volleys of cum turned into a dribble and Moose leaned over and licked the last drop off the deflating cockhead. "Now, that I have satisfied you, Emad it is my turn." Moose said.

Emad rolled off his brother's lap and onto the bench. He raised his legs up in the air and over his head, exposing his brown ass hole to his brother. Moose got up and I glimpsed his own cock which had to be a healthy eight inches. Though certainly not in the same league as E-mad's, it was an ass stretcher just the same. I watched as he wiped his brothers cum on his hand and then applied it to his raging hardon so that it was soon glistening. He climbed between his brother's legs and aimed for the tiny pucker. Through the glass, I was able to see that his dick slid in easily as he penetrated his brother's hole in one fell swoop. "Ah, Moose, you fill me up so nicely, with your thick cock. You must screw me hard and fast please." And Moose obeyed as I watched the rise and fall of his huge buttocks as he skewered his brother's rectum with his big dick. I could see his balls banging into Emad's butt cheeks on each downward plunge as he filled him up to capacity. The eat was pouring down Moose's hairy back and the two boys groans were getting louder. "Ah Moose, I think that I'm going to cum again, screw me harder little brother." Emad moaned.

Then, I saw something I couldn't believe. Moose lifted Emad into the air, his dick still firmly imbedded in his brother's ass. he had his arms around him and he was bouncing him up and down on his cock. At the same time, he was able to lean over and suck his brother's throbbing dick. It was such a fucking hot sight that I began to jack myself off even harder. I needed to shoot my load real bad at this point but didn't want to spray it all over the floor. I reached into my pocket and pulled out some tissues, figuring I'd catch as much of it as I could. "Suck, Moose drain my cock of its big load. Come on and fill my ass with your boiling cum." I saw Emad's eyes rolling in his head and I knew he must be flooding his brother's tonsils. Moose's buttocks shook from side to side as me planted his dick deep into Emad and unloaded his boiling semen deep into his brother's bottom. At the same time, I exploded as my juices flew into the tissues I was holding. I milked myself as fast as I could as I knew I had to get out of there before they caught me.


I pulled up my shorts, with my dick still leaking and hightailed up to my apartment. I literally jumped into bed and lay there for almost an hour before I exhaustedly fell asleep with visions of those two hot studs dancing in my head.


I awoke the next morning around nine aware that I still had loads of unpacking to do. I went into the kitchen to make some coffee and noticed that there was a drip in the sink. I called downstairs and Emad Sr., I explained the problem and he said he'd be up in an hour. I figured that would give me enough time to have breakfast and take a shower. I was just getting done with the shower when the doorbell rang. I grabbed the first towel I could, which was a hand towel and wrapped it around me. It was barely large enough to contain me and my ample butt. I ran to the door dripping wet and opened it. Emad looked at me and apologized and said he could come back later. I said, no, please come in as I wanted him to take care of the problem. I followed him to the kitchen staring at the big man in his overalls. I could certainly see from where his sons got their dark semitic good looks. He smelled from Old Spice cologne just like my own dad did. He opened the door under the sink and got down on the floor. I couldn't imagine him fitting his big body underneath there, but he managed to squeeze himself in. Emad fiddled with the pipes and asked me to turn on the water. As I leaned over the sink, I accidentally (on purpose) brushed my crotch against his shoulder. I wasn't sure he even noticed but the contact made my dick start to harden as I thought about the fact that he was the father of those two hot studs I had watched get it on last night.

"Well, the problem seems to be fixed, Bud," he said as he stared up to me from the floor. "But it looks like you have another problem there that need to be fixed as well." I blushed as I knew he was talking about my raging hardon beneath my towel. I moved suddenly and the towel just fell off me, my boner popping into plain sight. "Ah, for this problem, I will need a special tool," Emad sighed as he took hold of my hardon in his big hand. Before I knew it, his mouth had engulfed my dick and his face was pressed against my cock hairs. His dark complexion contrasted sharply with my lily white skin as he worked his way back and forth on my raging cock. I grabbed on to Emad's shoulders as his fingers reached around and felt for my tight sphincter. As he worked a big digit inside of my tight hole, I gasped as my dick grew harder in his mouth. This guy knew what he was doing, I thought and I knew what I wanted. "Emad, will you do me a favor?" I asked. "Will you fuck me?"

He removed his mouth from my cock and looked at me. "I would like nothing more than to fill your hot buttocks with my cock. Are you sure you want me to. I have a very thick cock!" "I'm sure, Emad" I groaned as I was practically begging. "Then fuck you I shall!" he roared as he stood up. I watched as he undid his overalls and they came falling to the ground. His entire body was covered with a fine coating of black fur but I could easily make out his brown cock jutting up from his groin. It was only around seven inches long but it looked even bigger around than Moose's. I was so fucking horny that he could have shoved a mack truck up my butt and I wouldn't have cared. I reached for a can of Crisco and opened it up. "Here, use this to grease yourself up." I said. I watched him take a big dollop and coat his dick thoroughly, then he took some and worked it into my hot butt. "Brace yourself son, I'm about to put my dick in you. I held onto the counter top with both hands and braced myself for the entry. Emad spread my cheeks, aimed his cock, and mounted me like a male dog did to a bitch in heat. It nearly took my breath away as he entered me using all his weight to send his dick up my tight pucker. It had been over a year since I had last been fucked but I took his dick like a trooper. He was intent on getting his rocks off which was okay by me since I was superhorny myself. Harder and harder he pounded my butt as loud smacking noises resounded through the kitchen on each downthrust. He leaned over and licked my earlobes swallowing them in his mouth. Then realizing my needs, he reached around with a greasy hand and grabbed hold of my aching cock and began jacking me off. If I didn't have the counter top to hold onto, I would have been on the floor, his thrusts were so powerful. He started thrusting faster and I knew he was near the edge. My own dick was on fire and I was almost there too. Then, he shoved his dick all the way up me and I bore down on it with my ass muscles. I felt it pulsing inside of me as he filled me with the same seed used to create his sons. My own cock exploded all over the cabinet doors as ropes of cum shot out of my slit. Finally, he collapsed on my back and it was all I could do to remain on my feet. "Emad, that was great, but please get off of me" I begged. He apologized and slowly eased his shrinking dick out of my butt. He got dressed and I handed him a five dollar bill. "That one was on me, Bud." He said.


He turned to leave and then spoke. "By the way, I am leaving for Turkey this afternoon. I must go for two weeks. My sons will watch the buildings for me and there will be a service to call to deal with emergencies. Also, please keep an eye on my sons, they are old enough to stay alone but they need some watching if you know what I mean. The two older ones work baking bagels on Saturday night. Do you think you can keep an eye on Manny?" "Sure thing Emad," I said. The kid seemed nice and I could use some company while I unpacked.

About five o'clock the doorbell rang, and I opened the door. There was Manny in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "My brothers have left for work. Pop said I could hang with you, okay?" "Of course, come on in. You can give me a hand." I was busy putting up shelves for my books in the spare room and Manny helped me. Around six I asked if he wanted pizza so we ordered it. Around six forty five the delivery boy showed up and we sat down at my small table to eat.

"So Manny, your brothers seem like nice guys. Do they have girlfriends?" I asked innocently. "Oh no, our marriages are pre-arranged. But mama and papa think that we're much too young for that. They'd prefer that we were well into our twenties before we even considered it. So, it must be hard for them, you know to not have girlfriends like other guys. You know, we guys have our needs." I said. "Ah, you mean sex. Well, in our family, the men take care of their needs for each other." "What do you mean?" I again asked. "When Emad turned 16, my older cousin and him were allowed to have sex. When we moved here, papa would have sex with him and when Moose turned sixteen, he and Emad were allowed to have sex. That's why papa, let them move downstairs, to have privacy. But when I turn 16 in a few weeks I will be brought into their circle. Moose will teach me all he knows, and Emad Jr., have to rely on papa. I do know that since mama left, papa has gone down to the basement to be with them at least once a week. I do not know if that will satisfy Emad, but I must have my turn!" I took all this in and asked. "So what about the last few years, surely, you are horny from time to time?" I asked.

"Constantly, my penis is forever hard. It is so difficult to relieve myself with papa around. I do it in the bathroom as he bangs on the door for me to get out. It is so frustrating!" he said. I couldn't help but notice that his crotch was swelling as he spoke, and a sizable bulge had developed. "Bud, are you horny all the time like me?" Manny asked. "Sure I am," I said as I felt my own dick stirring in my shorts. "Bud, I don't want to go down to Moose in a few weeks not knowing what to do. Will you, I mean, ur, could you show me what to do?" Manny asked pleadingly. "But, you're just a boy!" I said. Manny looked me straight in the eye and then pulled down his shorts. "Is this the penis of a boy!" he asked assertively.

I gasped as I saw the size of his pecker. It had t be a good ten inches. While nowhere as thick as his siblings or dad, I was hypnotized by its beauty. "Will you touch it, please bud?" Manny whispered. Transfixed, I reached out and grasped the raging organ and felt it pulsing with a life of its own. "Slowly, I began working my hand up and down until a clear drop of liquid came oozing out of the tip. "Oh Bud, it feels so hot to have your hand my dick! Can I hold yours at the same time?" he asked. I slipped out of my shorts as my own seven hot inches popped into view. Manny reached over and grabbed my cock and began working it up and down just as I was doing to his. We were both breathing heavy as I reached over and grabbed his ball sac with my other hand. He did the same to me. I could feel his testicles pulling tightly upward as his cock head swelled in my fist. "Ah, your hand feels so good on my cock Bud, so much better than when I do it to myself!" Manny quivered. I noticed that his body was shaking beneath my strokes. I was extremely hot myself but was holding back. I wanted to see his load shoot from his slit, but the urge to taste his teenage spunk got the better of me. I leaned over and swallowed his cock to the root and Manny gasped. Jet after jet of raging gism shot into my throat and I managed to swallow it all valiantly. I lifted my head after swallowing ever drop and moaned, "Jack me off hard Manny, I'm gonna blast my nuts!" I cried. His hand moved like a blur on my dick as cream flew out my dick and landed everywhere, on my stomach on his chest, all over the fucking place. Finally, when I was too sensitive I asked him to let go of me as I fell back on the couch. "Boy that was something else. You are one hot guy, Bud." "You're not so bad yourself there, Manny, I countered. "I don't know about you, but I could sure use a shower about now. Care to join me?" He eagerly agreed and we headed into the bathroom.


I turned on the water in the shower and we both got in. I grabbed the soap and made Manny turn around so I could wash his back. I slowly teased him when I got to his butt cheeks so that when he finally turned around, his dick was again raging hard. "You teens, I teased. Always ready to go another round. Why don't you wash me first?" I turned around and presented my back to him. "Ah bud, yo have a marvelously large ass for a man your size!" Manny said. "Yes, I know. But some men seem to love it!" "Ah don't get me wrong!" he said as I felt him slide his rigid cock along my butt crack. "Manny, if you want to screw my ass, just ask." I ventured. "Ah, that would be great!" he said as he lathered his dick up. I reached back and spread my cheeks. "Now just aim for the hole and press the tip in. Ah, yeah kid, you're sliding in real nice!" Once the head was inside the rest of the shaft slid right in til all ten inches were up my chute. "Ah Manny, you're all the way in. Now do what comes naturally kid just slide it in and out of me." The boy began fucking like a pro and before long had built up a nice rhythm. Having already cum once, he was able to take his time and build up too his second orgasm. "Reach around and me off Manny, use some soap on my hot dick!" I urged.

"We moved like a well-oiled machine, me fucking his fist and Manny plowing my ass. His moans filled the shower stall. "Ah, this is better than jackoff. My cock feels so tingly inside of your butt!" he murmured. "Just keep doing what you're doing until you can't take it anymore!" I moaned as well. "Oh, Oh, I feel it in my toes, Bud, my balls are banging against your ass and my cock is swelling up you chute. I gotta do it. I gotta CUMMMMM!!!!!'" Manny yelled as he blasted his load deep inside of me. That set me off as well as my own semen splattered all over the shower tile. When his cock had gone down enough to slide out of me I turned around and grabbed the boy and kissed him, my tongue working it's way into his mouth. He eagerly kissed me back as we stood there under the spray of water. We finally dried off and Manny said goodnight. I went to bed and had a very sound sleep.

Sunday The next morning, I woke up and started gathering up all the bags and boxes to bring downstairs. I met Moose who was sweeping my landing and he asked if I needed any help. Sure, I said and he grabbed some boxes as well. He mentioned that Emad and Manny had gone to church and were going to visit some family friends afterward and would not be back until late afternoon. We got outside and I put the boxes down by the trash when I felt a twinge in my shoulder and neck, I guess from all the unpacking and "exercise" I had in the last day! Moose noticed my grimace. "Are you in pain, Bud?" he asked. '"Yeah, I could really use a good massage to work out all my kinks!" I offered. "Well, there's a massage table in the basement. I could work on your kinks if you'd like?" Moose asked. I looked up at the big guy with the dark eyes and remembered back to what I had seen Friday night. Maybe he was just being nice, so I graciously accepted. "Meet me downstairs in five minutes, I will grab some supplies. Oh, and bring some towels, Bud." he said.

I got down to the basement and Moose had already set up the table. He had changed into shorts and a T-shirt that stretched across his massive pecs. "Well just don't stand there, bud. Strip down and hop on the table!" Moose said. I obeyed as I removed my shorts and climbed upon the table in only my jockstrap. I lay on my stomach my legs spread. I felt him pour some cool liquid around my neck and shoulder blades as he began to work on me with his powerful hands. He really did know how to give a massage and I felt my body begin to relax under his touch. He poured some liquid on the small of my back and I shivered at how cool it felt. His hands were massaging my back getting dangerously close to my buttocks. "Shall, I continue?'' Moose asked and I nodded yes. Soon he was kneading my fleshy cheeks in his big hands and I was no longer relaxed. My dick was growing painfully hard underneath me. I turned my head to the side and could plainly see that Moose was grinding his crotch against the side of the table, his dick pushing out the front of his shorts. We were both breathing real hard when he asked me to turn over on my back. I obeyed and he gingerly removed my jock strap. My seven inch boner popped into view, but he ignored it. Instead, Moose took the oil and spilled all over my white chest, belly and groin, over my cock and legs til I was coated with oil from head to foot.


Then he removed his shorts and climbed on the table, his monstrous erection jutting up from his groin. He placed his huge body over mine and pressed down, supporting his considerable weight with his immense. Slowly, he rubbed his hairy body on top of mine. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my own and my body shivered. My swollen cock dueled with his and I looked into his eyes. I pulled him down and his mouth covered mine as he continued to massage my cock with his own. He broke the kiss and I gasped for air. "Please fuck me Moose. Let me lift my legs so I can take your big cock up my aching hole. come on you stud, shove your cock inside of me! Moose grunted as he aimed his hardon at my winking chute. His greased dick slid up me stretching my walls as I took in every inch. I felt his swinging balls pummeling my butt as he thrust deeply in and out of me. "Ah, you're not so strong, Moose" I teased. "I can barely feel you pounding my butt. "So you want to see strong! Moose countered. "I'll show you how strong I am!" Before I knew it, the big guy had reached under me and grabbed me and lifted me up. He was standing on his knees with my his dick deep inside of me and shoving my body up and down on his rod. Now I knew how Emad must have felt when he did it to him. And I was a good twenty pound heavier than his brother. '"Now you can feel me!" he bellowed as his dick continued to thrust in and out of me. He then held me with one hand and grabbed my own hard cock and began to jack it. My dick throbbed under his touch. "I can't take much more Moose I'm gonna crack my nuts any second!" I gasped as he jacked me even harder. 'Me too!''he roared as he placed me back on the table. He pushed my ass all the way back and began thrusting wildly as he jacked me. "Damn it, I'm gonna fucking explode!" he shouted as the dam burst and he scalded my insides with his heavy juices. i was so wrapped up in his pulsing cock that I barely noticed that my own rod had exploded all over us. When his big body came to rest on top of mine I looked into his eyes. '"Now, I could use another massage, Moose!" and we both laughed. continued on the next E-mail.


Fortunately, Manny got home too late to pay me a visit which was just as well since I was tired from the workout I'd gotten over the last two days. Although knowing how horny this kid was, I'm sure he was champing at the bit. I again had a good night sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and remembered that the Moose and Manny were going to summer school. I decided that it might be a good day to go into Manhattan and explore. I had visited there a few years back and new there was lots to do and see. I was just about to leave the building when Emad, Jr., came in. He had obviously been jogging because he was all sweaty. Actually, in his t- shirt and jogging shorts, he looked kind of sexy and I could see how powerful is thighs and leg muscles were. I told him I was off to Manhattan and asked if he'd like to join me. He thought about it for a few seconds and then said sure; he just needed a few minutes to shower. I hung out on the front stoop waiting for him. Finally, he came out. He had changed into a different T- shirt and another pair of nylon running shorts and his hair was still wet. We headed to the subway and hopped on the train. We talked a bit although he appeared hesitant to open up to me. I did learn that he was attending NYU and would be entering his sophomore year. I mentioned that I might pursue a masters degree there, assuming the bank would pay. It turned out that he was a really bright guy and was on full scholarship. I suggested that we get off the train at 34th Street near the Empire State Building and just walk around.

We walked for a half hour and ended up in Times Square. I couldn't believe all the porno shops, adult book stores and XXX-rated movie theaters that were all around. We wandered into a few book stores and my eyes took in all the porno magazines and paraphernalia that they were selling. There were things like cock rings, dildoes, and assorted other stuff. I saw some hot looking guys as well as business men hanging around. We walked around some more and then passed a small adult theater. I asked Emad if he wanted to check a movie out, my treat. He said sure, if I wanted to. I paid the money and we walked in. I saw there were two sides to the theater one showing straight movies and the other showing male erotica. I steered Emad to the male side. There was a balcony and I suggested that we make our way upstairs. It was early in the day and there weren't too many people there. I made out one or two faces in the balcony.


We found two seats in the top left hand corner of the balcony. There was a distinct odor pervading the theater and I figured out that it was the smell of semen. I actually found it kind of intoxicating. The movie was about to start and we just sat there. On the screen a young man was walking in the woods and coming to a clearing. He finds a spot and sets his blanket down. Sitting on the blanket, he looks around and decides to takes his clothes off. Once he's undressed, we see that he has a good five inches of cock hanging soft. I looked over at Emad and he was staring intently at the film. The next scene switches to a park ranger and he is looking around through binoculars when he spots the young man. He sees that he's nude and he grabs his crotch and squeezes his dick as he watches him. The boy is now jacking on his cock with his left hand and pulling on his balls with the other. He's now sporting a healthy hardon. I looked over again at Emad and his right hand was now covering what appeared to be a huge bulge in his crotch. I was pretty turned on myself by now and I inched my right thigh over on my seat so that it was touching his. He didn't pull away, so I left it there, our warm flesh touching.

The ranger had now walked over to where the boy was furiously masturbating and surprises him. He admonishes the boy who is embarrassed. The boy can't help but notice the big bulge in the front of the ranger's uniform. The ranger undoes his pants and they fall to the ground. He has a big fat erection and he sticks it in the boys face. Emad was breathing real heavy by now and so was I. Our thighs were pressing together and I decided to be bold. I reached over and pushed his hand away and grabbed his crotch. Sure enough, his cock was hard as a rock and beginning to inch out of the fabric of the shorts. On screen, the ranger had shoved his cock in the young man's mouth. The man grabbed the ranger by the buttocks and pushed him deep into his throat.

By this time I was so horny that I decided to go for broke. I reached inside and released Emad's oozing ten inches. Leaning over I inhaled taking in the soapy clean smell. I licked the head removing the tasty pre-cum seeping from the slit. Emad's head was thrown back and he was groaning. I licked all around the huge cockhead and them swallowed a good five inches down my throat. He groaned audibly and his hands gently pushed down on my head encouraging me to take more. I could tell he was still staring at the screen and I looked up for a second. By now the ranger had turned around and the boy was voraciously eating the older guys ass and the ranger was obviously loving it. I was working my head up and down in his crotch as I hungered for his incredibly long thick cock. I heard a voice coming from a few seats over. "Suck that big cock boy, eat his huge dick. Your putting on a better show than what's on the screen!"

I looked over and saw a middle-aged guy sitting near us and jacking on his dick. I was so in to what I was doing that I couldn' t have cared less at that point. Emad was now thrusting his hips upward so that his cock was pistoning in and out of my mouth. I heard groans from the screen and looked up to see that the ranger was now down on all fours and the young man had mounted him and was sticking his boner up the guy's butt. I took hold of Emad's ball and felt how tightly they had pulled up to his body. He too, was moaning real loud as I was sucking like a madman. I felt his dick start to swell and get thicker, if that were possible. "Suck that fuckpole, kid, your making me so hot I'm gonna shoot!" the man next to me said. I looked over and saw that the guy was shooting his load all over the seat in front of him. On the screen,the young man was pounding the hell out of the ranger's butt and Emad was squirming even harder in his seat.

"Oh Bud, I am very close, I'm gonna shoot my load any second!" Emad whispered. I snuck a peak at the screen and the young man had pulled his cock out of the ass he was fucking and was shooting his gism all over his butt cheeks. I felt Emad's cock swell even more and I went all the way down on him to his cock hairs. "AHHH!!!! " he moaned as volleys of his cum shot down my throat as I fought to swallow it all. I did not want to lose a precious drop of his pearly liquid and I kept him deep in my throat until he started to soften. Then I released him. "Thanks kid" the man near me said. "You put on a great show!" Emad looked at me. "Uh, Bud, would you like me to return the favor?" As hard as my cock was, I did not want to continue here. "Let's go home where we can have some privacy.


We left the theater and grabbed the train back to Brooklyn. We sat in a fairly empty car. Emad turned to me and said. "We knew you were watching us the other night, Bud, Moose and I. I spotted your blond hair and I could see you eyes. We didn't mind you watching us, you know. By the way, you didn't wipe up all your cum, there was some on the floor!" I was a bit taken aback at first but then I laughed. So I was caught in the act. "Did your father know about this?" I asked "And Manny." "Yes, we all did." Emad said. They thought you were pretty hot, you know. Dad was leaving on his trip and he wanted to make sure you would look out for us, that part was true." "And what about what Manny told me about the older brother taking care of the younger one?" I asked. "Oh that is true. In fact, papa and the others really wanted to see if you were truly into male sex. I will be usurped by Manny in a few weeks and with papa bringing mama back so he will not have time for me. They were actually looking out for me, trying to find me someone who they could trust, who was close.......Is that a bad thing, Bud.?" he asked.

I looked into Emad's eyes and I felt something, something I had never felt before. I was falling in love with this young man. I wasn't sure, but I think that he felt the same way too. If we weren't on the train, I would have.... Oh well, we were soon at our stop. We got off the train and headed back to the building. "Will you come up to my place? I asked. We walked upstairs and I opened the door. Once inside, I grabbed him in my arms and kissed him, hard and deep. I guess that I took him by surprise but he reached his arms around me and pulled me close to him. We worked our way into my bedroom pulling off our clothes in the process and I fell back on the bed taking Emad down on top of me. He removed his glasses and I stared into his dark eyes. He worked his way down my chest and stomach licking and nipping at my sensitive skin. When he came to my cock, he lightly ran his tongue along the side of the glans and it jumped to attention. I was so turned on by this beautiful boy that I was surprised I didn't come right then. He lifted my cock off my belly and easily took all seven turgid inches inside of him. I reached for his own throbbing member and he pushed my hand away. '" It is my turn to pleasure you, just relax and enjoy. I'd like to say that it this blow job went on for ever but I was so hot that in less than two minutes I was shooting my load down his throat. He eagerly swallowed every drop of my cum and the lay down next to me on the bed.

I started to explain that with what happened at the theater and the way I felt, I just couldn't hold back. "There's no need to explain, Bud. There will be many more times, no?" Emad asked. "Yes, I answered. I reached over and grabbed hold of his huge organ and marveled at how big it was. I wanted nothing more than to have him fuck me but this would truly be the largest object ever to be inside of me. But, I had made up my mind. "Emad, I want you, no I need you to stick your cock inside of me, to connect with me body to body. Will you, can you screw my ass?" I asked pleadingly. "I am not sure Bud. I am so big. I once tried to stick my cock up Moose's butt, but he couldn't take me past the head. I've had to settle for rubbing my cock between his cheeks. Perhaps you could fuck me instead." Emad said.

"I'd love nothing more than sliding my cock up inside of you, Emad. But first, I want to try taking you. Will you at least try?" He looked at me and smiled. "Okay, but I want you to turn over on your stomach first. You have the most beautiful ass, and I must worship you with my tongue first and get it ready." I turned over on my belly and Emad spread my big cheeks. I shivered as I felt his tongue licking around my ass crack. His tongue had worked his way inside of hole and he had me squirming on the bed. My dick was hard underneath me and I was grinding it into the mattress. "There's some lube in the nightstand drawer," I murmured. He reached for it and I felt him spread some up my butt. "Turn over, bud. I want you to put it on me." I grabbed the tube from him and squeezed a big glob on his huge head. I then took my hand and coated the entire stalk until it was nice and shiny and wet.

'I think that you should control how much of my cock you can take, Bud." Emad said as he lay on his back. I climbed over him and poised my butt over his huge dick. Grabbing it, I aimed it upward and shivered when he made contact with my tight hole. I pushed down and the head pushed in causing me to gasp. I held the head there for a few seconds and then took a deep breath and pushed down again. My ass walls spread as I buried five of his ten inches in my orifice. I looked down and his eyes were closed a smile on his face. I grew bolder and pushed down again and the rest of his hot inches sailed into me and my ass was sitting atop his groin. "I don't believe it, bud. You have my entire cock up your ass. OH it feels so incredible. You're ass is so tight around my dick." Are you okay, Bud?" Emad asked.

I nodded yes, but the truth was, I had never felt so stuffed before and it did fell kind of strange. But what I was doing was out of love and as I relaxed, it grew more comfortable. I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me, or was it my ass that was throbbing. Hesitantly, I began to work butt ass up and down, milking his cock with my ass muscles. I looked down at his face and his eyes were open and I bent down and kissed him. Go ahead and hump into me Emad, it feels great. And hump he did as he worked his organ in and out of my clinging butt. He reached up and began tweak my nipples as he plowed me. '"I want you on top of me, Emad! " I begged. He grabbed me around and without removing his cock, I flipped onto my back. His dick was truly imbedded inside of me and it was hard as iron. "Now fuck me good, you hot stud, ride my lily white ass!" I urged him. Emad took long deep strokes his balls banging into my big ass, reveling in the first lay of his life. With each downward plunge of his cock, he was hitting spots that had never been hit before. I knew that I could cum without even touching myself, but I fought to hold back as long as I could. Then Emad was long dicking me and I knew he was getting close. His balls were not banging as freely as before as they pulled tightly to his body. "Oh, Bud my cock is on fire I've got to go for it! I'm gonna shoot!! Here it cums, my fucking load up your ass for the first time!!!!! Emad yelled. And cum, he did, the ropes of gism bathing my prostate. I was so wound up in his orgasm I forgot my own. But he didn't. After the last drop of sperm had been deposited inside of me, he pulled out and climbed over my body. Before I realized it, and without any lube, he buried my dick up his butt all seven inches in one fell swoop. I was so hot from him fucking me and I was so close to coming that it didn't take more than two minutes for me to shoot my second load up his butt. Emad, finally came to rest on top of me, my cock still planted inside of him.

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