Man for Man

Brothers at Camp Weight a Minute


The following depicts actual events as told to me by my friend Dennis. It involves scenes of sexual contact between boys, between men and boys and siblings. If this is not to your liking, then read no further. If this sort of eroticism turns you on then unzip and enjoy!


Hell No We Won't Go I will always remember the summer of '67 as the season of my sexual awakening. I had turned 14 in January and my brother Alex was just a year younger. We were the only two brothers that we knew who weren't twins to be born in the same year. My birthday was January 1st and Alex was born on December 31, 1953. We grew up in constant competition with each other and that usually pissed me off. It seemed that we competed most for our dad's affection.

I knew that I liked guys, even at that early age and the bigger they were the better I liked them. I always wondered what Superman packed under his tights and I would feel myself tingle as I watched the huge professional wrestlers grapple with each other on television. And then there was our dad, in his early 40's, he had remarried after, we lost our mother. He thought that we needed a mother figure in our lives and Sarah was the right one. She was good to us, but a bit domineering and it seemed liked Dad found any excuse to escape. Alex was the one with the interest in cars and he and dad would hang out in the garage tiI all hours of the night tinkering with dad's old hot rod. They both loved to fish and would go up to dad's cabin in the woods at least twice a month. Sure, I could always come, too, but the truth was I hated fishing. Also, it seemed that it was always Dad and Alex who would share the double sleeping bag on those trips. Sarah never seemed thrilled when we would go away for the weekends. I guess that it was sort of in rebellion that I began to overeat, finding any excuse to stuff my face with chocolate chip cookies and candy bars. Needless to say, by the age of fourteen, I was turning into a pretty hefty kid. Surprisingly, Alex starting to put on weight as well as was soon as chunky as I was. There he was competing with me again!

Well, it was early June when our parents called us both down into the living room and announced that we were both being shipped off to sleep away camp. Mom said that she and dad had decided that Alex and I need a strict diet and exercise regimen. At barely 5'4' tall, I weighed close to 200 lb. and Alex wasn't that far behind. Mom explained that this would be no ordinary camp but one that catered to overweight teenaged boys. We would be placed on a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Both of us complained bitterly that we didn't want to go, and dad almost looked like he wanted to give in, but our mother insisted and said that we had no choice since they had sent in the money and all was finalized.

I faced the last few weeks of school dreading the forthcoming camp experience. Some of my friends had gone away to camp and complained that the beds/cots were uncomfortable and the food was lousy. I expected no more from this "Reducing Camp" and probably much less. The odd thing was that this "cruel" trick our parents were playing on us brought us closer together as we finally had a common enemy to fight!

It was no use and on the last day of June, we found ourselves on a bus headed up to camp. All around us sat boys aged 11 to 14; some chubbier than others, some really obese. There was some security in knowing that I would have Alex around. the only thing was that Alex was assigned to the younger bunk so we wouldn't be rooming together, our parents thought that would be best. Finally, in the late afternoon, we pulled up to the camp. By the looks of it, it didn't really look half bad. We disembarked and were told our cabin assignment. We would all meet in an hour in the mess hall for a kickoff meeting. I (by the way, my name is Dennis) was the first to enter our cabin and we found one of two beds together stuck in the corner alcove of the cabin and grabbed it. Five other boys were assigned to the cabin, and they chose their beds as well.

I checked out the bathroom and couldn't help but notice that there was a communal shower with three showerheads! So they were going make us watch each other as we showered, I thought. This sort of got to me until I realized that we were all in the same boat body wise. From the looks of it, the heaviest kid, who was named Tommy, had to be close to three hundred pounds. His stomach was one mass of jelly rolls and his breast looked like they were bigger than my moms! But he did have a huge round friendly freckled face. Tommy managed to grab the bed in the alcove next to mine. I figured that if Tommy had to shower in front of the rest of us, I couldn't be that embarrassed. Tommy came over to me and introduced himself and we shook hands. I introduced him to Alex and they shook hands as well.


Let me say that up to this point, I hadn't really learned about jerking off. Sure my six inch Dick got hard from time to time and I would rub it against my mattress, both that was really it. So when Tommy took me in the corner and asked if we could be jackoff buddies, I looked at him quizzically? "Don't worry Dennis, I'll show you what I'm talking about after lights out tonight, okay! Since, I was eager to cultivate his friendship, I readily agreed.

We were all led into the mess hall where we were introduced to our counselors. Fred, was the counselor in charge of Alex's bunk and was 19. He was a medium height heavyset guy, about 5'8'' tall with a huge ass. Jason, who was 18, would be my counselor. One look at Jason and I knew that I was in love. He had just the right stuff for my young tastes; a husky build, blond hair and blue eyes and also stood about 5'8" tall and must have weighed just around 200 lb. He proudly told us that he himself had recently lost 50 lb. Someone called for our attention and we were introduced to the camp director, 'Uncle Hal." By the looks of him, Hal was around 5'11' tall and close to 200 lb. and had to be in his mid to late 30's. He welcomed us to camp and assured that each of us would lose upwards of 30 lb. by the end of the summer. We would be weighed once a week by the camp nurse. I'm sure my parents would be happy with that kind of weight loss, I thought to myself.

They the served us dinner consisting of a green salad with a piece of fish and a vegetable, hardly the amount of food that any of us were used to. I looked over at Alex at the other table and he smiled weakly back at me. Tommy, who was sitting to my right, had wolfed down his food and was sitting there obviously not satisfied. We were then sent back to our bunks to unpack and lights out was at nine. I had completely forgotten about Tommy and had fallen into a deep sleep. I opened my eyes and there was Tommy staring me in the face and I almost jumped. Sh, Dennis, we gotta be quiet, if I'm gonna show you how to jackoff. I could hear the heavy breathing of the other boys as Tommy beckoned me to join him in bed. We were in a far corner of the cabin and away from everyone else, but Tommy whispered anyway. "Dennis, first thing you gotta do is strip off your pajama bottoms. I did so. Tommy was already naked, but I couldn't make out his teenaged cock hidden under the huge rolls of his belly. Then he lay back on the bed and motioned for me to lay next to him. In this position, I could see the tiny stub of a dick that lay nestled under his belly. Connected to them were a pair of tiny balls. "My dick may look small now, Dennis" Tommy whispered but when it gets hard its a good five inches! "Just do what I do. I watched as Tommy grabbed his prick and began to jerk it up and down. His breathing did grow heavier and I soon copied his movements. As his dick did fill out, I noticed that it did grow to at least five inches and the stalk was capped off by an immensely large head. Tommy saw me staring at his dick and smiled, "My brother Peter tells me that my big cockhead is the best part of my dick!' Tommy commented. By this time, my own dick was a rock hard six inches and was barely able to contain myself. Watching Tommy jerk himself off was a real turn-on and my dick felt like it was on fire.

"Psst, Dennis. Come on and climb on top of me so we can rub our dicks together!" Tommy whispered. In a flash I climbed atop the big boy amazed at how slippery his body felt. He seemed to have no problem with my two hundred pound body lying atop his, "Peter and I do this all the time. He likes to rub his big dick all over me. He even made me squeeze my tits together so we could rub off between them!" Tommy whispered. I was so hot atop him that I thought I would die. "Why don't you slip your cock between my thighs Dennis and rub yourself against my ball!" I did as I was told and found the crevice between his fleshy thighs to be even wetter and slipperier. Tommy threw his big arms around me and drew me as far down on him as possible. I was hunching back and forth, my dick rubbing against his tiny balls. In turn, his dick was pressing into my own sweaty belly rubbing against my own hot flesh. All of a sudden, I felt my body tremble. "Go for it Dennis, shoot off between my legs, Tommy urged. Then it happened, my dick exploded and spasmed and I was shooting my wetness between the heavier boy's legs. "Jeez Dennis, I'm cumming too. Can you feel my gism shooting out all over your belly?" Tommy asked as he squeezed me even tighter. After a while, my cock was sore from rubbing against him and he released me. "So how was that buddy. Can we do again sometime?" "I smiled and said sure as I crawled back into my own bed.


The next day, we awoke and had breakfast (meager to say the least) and we were told we were going on a hike. We were just about to leave when Jason came over and took Tommy and me aside. "How about you and I take a walk up a separate trail, guys, the other campers can go with Fred." Both Tommy and I agreed and proceeded to follow Jason. We headed out in the opposite direction of the rest of the bunk. When we were nearly a quarter mile into the woods, Jason stopped me. "I saw what you two guys were doing last night in bed!" I caught my breath, figuring that we were in deep shit, but I shouldn't have been concerned. "Don't worry, I know that boys your age like to fool around with each other. Hell, I did it too, still do. I just didn't think you guys would "pair" off the first night. I like chubby boys like yourself or I wouldn't have come back to this stinky camp! I think you're hot kids and if you're willing........ I''d love to mess around with you!" Jason said.

I would have done anything for this incredible looking boy and the fact that he was asking us to have sex with him was unbelievable. We both said "sure" and Jason led me a little further where we came upon a small, deserted cabin. "This used to be the camp director's cabin, it's empty now and is only used for VIP guests!'' Jason commented. He opened the door and we went inside. There was a large king-sized bed with a small lamp next to it. "Well, guys, we don't have all day. Let's get it on!" Jason urged. "Strip those shorts and T-shirts off and let's get naked!" I didn't care that my six inch dick was hard as a rock as I shucked my shorts. Tommy, too, pulled down his shorts and Jason gasped at the sight of all of his flesh. Reaching underneath his heaving belly, he grabbed hold of Tommy's five incher and began stroking it. "I guess both of you boys are old enough to shoot, I am right?" Jason asked. We both shook our heads yes. Then Jason stood up and removed his shirt. He had a nice belly not smooth by any means. He had a huge chest covered with light tufts of brown hair. His nipples were large, the largest I'd ever see on another man and he reached up with his fingers and began to play with them.

"Nothing gets me hornier than some hot nipple action!" Why don't you two come over and suck on them while I remove my shorts? And we did just that, I couldn't believe how big the tit grew as I sucked on it. "Not so hard, Tommy" Jason urged, "Or you'll pull it off. You guys better stop or I'm gonna lose it right now!" We stepped back and I stared at Jason. The guy was hung like a horse! I never imagined that a man's dick could be that big. It was not so much in the length (which had to be around 8 inches) but in the breadth. It had to be at least eight inches around. Since he was circumcised, the skin was pulled back to expose a huge red dick head. His balls were a perfect match for his cock as they were large and hung loosely in their sac. When he turned around, I saw that he had a nice rounded bubble butt. My mouth watered at the thought of getting hold of both those beauties.

Jason saw that Tommy and I were staring at his huge dick. "Yeah, I got me one helluva horsecock. Not too many girls will let me near 'em and not too many guys either. Don't worry boys, I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't want to especially not take this monster up your butt!" Jason reassured us.

"I've been screwed in my butt lots of times. My brother Peter says that I got the best ass in town. He told me he loves to slide his big dick up my big fat ass until pump away until he shoots. His cock is nowhere as big as yours Jason, but I know I can take you, please let me try!" Hearing Tommy beg for Jason's dick, made me jealous and horny as hell at the same time. It wasn't fair that he would get to him before me and I was about to protest when Jason spoke.

"ook guys, maybe after a while we'll get around to it. Meanwhile, I'd love to see you two in action again. How about it boys, are you two hot enough to get it on with each other?" Tommy and I looked at each other and then we embraced. "Why don't you screw Tommy's big ass Dennis I'd love to see that!" Jason panted. "Comeon, I''ll set you guys up!" Jason opened the back pack that he'd brought and took out a tube of lube. He reached for my hard dick and I gasped as he spread the thick stuff all over my dick. Then he had Tommy bend over and spread his melon-sized ass cheeks. I watched as Jason worked one, two and then three of his chubby fingers up Tommy's butthole until the teen was actually fucking him with his fingers. I was so hot by this time that I thought I would explode. Jason then pulled his fingers out and instructed Jason to get down on all fours and spread his cheeks.


"Okay, Dennis. come over to the bed and mount this big stud. Hi s whole is nice and loose and he's ready for your hot dick. Eagerly, I got behind Tommy huge ass. I actually had to lift my own protruding stomach up and away so that my cock could gain access to his butt. "Let me help guide you in little buddy." Jason offered. Again, he took my hard dick in his hands and placed it at the entrance to Tommy's hot orifice. "Push forward nice and slow, Dennis." I obeyed and was surprise how easily my cock slid up Tommy's ass. It was nice and slippery from all the lube and it felt like nothing I had ever experienced. It sure beat rubbing our dicks together.

"You two big studs sure look hot together!" Jason moaned as out of the corner of my eye I saw him jacking on his own huge log of manmeat. Tommy was wiggling his big butt back and forth and I desperately tried to remain inside of him. "I gotta get in on this hot action" Jason moaned. I watched as he slid himself beneath Tommy's huge body so that his mouth was near Tommy's dick and Tommy's mouth was near his cock. By the slurping sounds that I soon heard, I knew that each was chowing down on the other's hardness. Jason used his hands to squeeze and kneed Tommy's fleshy stomach and huge tits and the younger boy was in hog heaven having his ass plowed and his cock sucked. By this time, I was sliding my cock in and out of Tommy's butt at a nice pace and reveling in the feelings that were coursing through my body. Even with his mouth stuffed with Jason's huge dick, I could hear Tommy's moans loud and cleared. As they grew louder, I knew he was gonna cum. His whole body shook and I was only afraid that he and I would go crashing down atop of Jason and smother him under our combined girth. Fortunately, that didn't happen and when Tommy's trembling subsided, Jason managed to climb out from under Tommy. Jason straddled him from atop and there was his big dick staring me right in the face.

Come on Dennis, finish me off, I'm so fucking close my balls are aching. Eager to suck this huge dick, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and Jason pushed forward. My lips stretched as I managed to take the head and five inches into my throat. I grabbed onto to Tommy's ample hips and rode him for all I was worth. "Oh Shit, guys I'm gonna shoot, gonna blast your tonsils with my hot load. Oh baby you two give a helluva of a suck job. Seeing you screw his big fat ass gets me so hot. Gonna do it Gonna cum. Take all of my fucking load Dennis Take it all!!!!! Jason screamed. all of a sudden, my mouth was flooded with jet after jet of Jason's hot gism and I eagerly swallowed it all in an effort to please this hot stud. Without even realizing it, my own cock exploded as I sent ropes of my own creamy load up into Tommy's hot ass. The three of us collapsed in a heap and rested for a while. "We better get back to camp boys. I think that we worked up enough of a sweat for them to think we were hiking. And if you two are game, maybe we can do this again and again!" Jason said enthusiastically. Boy were we ever!

Brother to Brother That night I was lying in my bed, reliving what had occurred earlier in the day. It must have been past midnight and the thought of Jason huge cock shooting it's hot creamy load in my mouth and my own dick uncorking up Tommy's huge ass gave me another boner and I debated about whether to whack off again. "Psst Dennis, are you up?" Tommy whispered. 'I'm up in more ways than one, Tommy, my dick is hard and I really need to get my rocks off!" I whispered back. " I'm as horny as you are! Why don't we sneak down to the cabin where can be as noisy as we want. I want you to fuck my ass again! I got a flashlight and I'm sure we could find our way back there. Are you game?" Tommy asked. Did he really have to ask me that question?

We snuck out the door, and followed the trail back to the cabin. As we got closer, I could hear voices coming from inside the cabin and there was a faint light inside. Fortunately, the window shade was not totally drawn down and we would be able to see inside. I motioned to Tommy to be quiet as we approached the window. My eyes almost popped out of my head as I looked inside. There was my brother Alex completely naked with his legs up in the air o the bed. Near him stood his counselor Fred who was also naked as a jaybird. All we could really see was his big hairy ass as he was hunched over my brother's hot butt. I could hear my brother moaning, but it didn't sound like he was in pain. Fred must have been giving him one helluva rim job by that point. God knows what they had done before we got there. Part of me wanted to rush in their and break them up and the other part told me not to. Besides there was something erotic about watching this guy eat my baby brother's ass out and I felt my cock harden in my shorts. Suddenly, I felt Tommy reach out and grasp my cock through my shorts and squeeze it. I then reached under his big belly and felt for him and his five incher was hard as hell. We pulled down our pants, grabbed each other's dick and started to jack each other off as we continued to watch what was going on inside.


After a while, Fred stood up and reached for a tube of grease. He turned to the side and we could see his stubby cock was about six inches or so in length. He then climbed between Alex's legs and inserted his dick. I watched in amazement as Fred's buried his dick all the way up my brother's ass in one swift forward motion. He began to rock his hips back and forth and I was transfixed as I watched his big ass shake on each downward plunge. Alex was moaning, but it still didn't sound like he was in any pain. Tommy was as turned on as I was and began to jerk on my cock real hard. I could feel my own balls pulled tightly up and I knew I was seconds from shooting. Tommy fell to his knees and took my aching boner in his mouth and sucked me for all he was worth. Instantly, my dick spasmed and sent ropes of cum down Tommy's hot throat. At the same time, I heard Fred groan and knew he was letting loose up my brother Alex's steamy butt.

Tommy got up and I traded places with him. I got down and lifted up his big belly and dove down on his dick. Swallowing it to the hilt I felt him thrust up into my mouth and explode, sending his load down my own eager throat. The sweat was pouring off his belly and unto my head but I didn' t care. When I finally got up, I saw that Fred had his shorts on. I could barely make out his words. But it seemed like he was telling Alex to wait ten minutes and then come back.

Tommy and I hid as Fred left and then I told Tommy to go back since I wanted to go in and talk to Alex alone. He did so and I opened the door to the cabin. Alex was lying there jerking himself off when he looked up and saw me. "What the hell are you doing here, Dennis?" he asked. "Never mind what I'm doing here. Did that guy hurt you in any way?" I asked him. "No not really. He asked me if I wanted to sneak some cookies with him and he had them stored in a cabin nearby. With the amount of food they've been giving us I was hungry as hell and the idea of cookies sounded real good! Alex said.

"So how the hell did he end up fucking your ass?" I asked.

Well, after we ate the cookies, he said now that he had done something for me, I cshould return the favor. Before I knew it, he had his shorts down and was jerking on his hardon. He told me that I might as well give in to him or he could make trouble for me. I was scared so I went along with it. Dennis, I got something else to tell you!" Alex said. "Go on, " I urged. "That wasn't the first time I've been screwed in my ass. Dad and I have been doing it for a couple of years. When I was eleven and on a fishing trip with him alone, I could see he wan't happy and he unnoaded on me telling me that things weren't all that right between him and Sarah. She didn' t make him happy in bed anymore. He explained to me about sex and I understood what he was saying. I then took him into my arms and he cried. Before I knew it we were kissing and then I reached down and felt his dick and it was nice and hard. Dad has an incredible eight inch dick, Dennis. Anyway, I asked him if I could jerk it and he did the same to me. I couldn't shoot yet but soon he exploded and his load shot over me. A wave of pleasure overtook me and I had what Dad called a "dry cum" Things heated up and we were sucking each other off and then he ended yup fucking me. All those nights that we spent in the double sleeping bag, were spent with his cock up my butt. Before you say anything, I wanted Dad to include you , but he didnt think you could handle it. He even liked when the two of us started putting on weight. He likes my big round butt. He hated the idea of us going off to camp but Sarah was adamant. He wants to divorce her, but he needs us on his side to get custody of us. He says even stepmoms win in custody suits. Will you help us, Dennis, will you?" Alex was pleading.

At that moment, my heart went out to him, ad all jealousy vanished. I leaned over and kissed my brother smack on the lips. I the worked my way down his big belly with my tongue and found his aching hardon. It was a drop smaller than my own and nestled between his chubby thighs. Tenderly, I caressed his cock with my tongue teasing him with the tip. I could taste all the sweet juicy pre-cum as it oozed out of him. Soon his young body was bouncing up and down on the bed and I knew he was close. Quickly, I worked up and down on his dick until I felt his cockhead swell in my mouth. Then he flooded my tonsils with his sweet boyjuice as I drank from the boy fountain that was my brother. I asked him again if his ass was sore, and Alex laughed and said that after taking Dad's big cock, Fred's had been nothing. He got dressed and I walked him back at the cabin. I still thought that Fred had to be taught a lesson and I knew that Jason would help.


Revenge Is Sweet But Not Fattening

The next morning, I got Jason alone and told him all that had happened. He listened intently. "That bastard, tricking your brother like that! From the way it sounds, he deserves to get his ass pummeled. The crazy thing is, I was really hoping to get my dick into his sweet ass at some point this summer. That chubby little guy is definitely a turn on. But I've got another idea. And with your help and Tommy and Alex, I hink we can pull it off. He explained everything to me and I, in turn, spoke to Tommy. He was eager to help since Alex was my brother. I let Alex know what was going on and told him that it was up to him to lure Fred back to the cabin that night at around midnight. After last night, he assured as that there'd be problem.

Jason was going to sneak out at around eleven and hide in the cabin's closet. Tommy and I were to wait outside the window for a signal from Jason. At eleven forty-five, Tommy and I made our way to the cabin and we could see the light was out. We then heard voices and saw Alex and Fred walking toward the cabin. "I'm so glad you want more of my dick, Alex. Keep this up and you and me will make a great team. I'll keep you in cookies all summer! They went inside and turned on the small light. I wasn't sure exactly what Jason was up to as Tommy and I snuck up to peek in. Sure enough, both Alex and Fred had their shorts off and Alex was jacking on Fred's dick. From his vantage point in the slatted closet, Jason could see all the action and despite it all, he felt himself growing hard. "Damn, but both those guys are hot!" he thought to himself. "But I gotta keep to the plan for Dennis' sake!"

I saw Fred reach for the lube and I knew he was gonna fuck Alex. then it happened. Like a flash, Jason was out of the closet and throwing a flying tackle on Fred. Fred was taken by surprise and struggled with the Jason. Since they were evenly matched in the size department neither could gain the advantage. That is until Jason signaled to us. Tommy and I ran into the room and over to where they were struggling. Alex had gotten up and grabbed Fred's arms and I grabbed his legs. "Go ahead and do your thing, Tommy," Jason yelled. Needing no further encouragement, Tommy threw himself down on top of Fred, crushing him beneath his immense weight and knocking the breath out of him.

"Get off of me" Freddie cried as the big kid sat his three hundred pound body down squarely on the other's back." "Don't move an inch, Tommy. This guys gotta be taught a lesson. If he thinks he can take advantage of helpless boys, he's greatly mistaken." Jason laughed. "What the hell are you gonna do to me?" Fred cried out. "Oh, just give you some of your own medicine. Make you know what it feels like to have a man's dick up your butt, but not your run- of-the-mill kind, but my fucking horsecock, buddy. But so I won't rip your ass to shreds, I'll be nice and put some of your lube on it"

We watched as Jason coated his dick with lube and knelt between Freddie's thick legs. Boys grab a cheek and spread 'em, I'm coming in for a landing!" Jason yelled. Alex and I each grabbed one of Fred's big buttocks and pulled and we could see his hole winking. Jason suck his finger in and Fred winced. " Better put some lube in there, I think I got me a virgin ass!" Jason did so and then placed his dick head at the entrance. "Here I come ready or not!" Jason bellowed as he sunk his incredibly huge dick to the hilt in Fred's ass. "Arggh" he groaned from the combination of the fat cock inside him and the huge teen sitting on his back. "Damn, his butt is tight, he's gonna squeeze my load right out of me! I wanted to plow my dick in and out of him for an hour, but it ain't gonna happen. This hole is just to tight and too sweet! Fred baby, you're gonna got my hot load any second. You're gonna feel it shooting up to your tonsil! Can you feel my hot cum shooting off inside of you can you!!! By the way, Fred was groaning, we knew he could feel every inch of Jason's dick up his butt. When every drop of his cum had been unleashed and his dick started to shrink Jason got up.

"Alex, i't's your turn buddy. Turn about is fair play. I've loosened the bastard up and he's all greasy. Go to it. Fuck his ass" Jason ordered. I watched as my baby brother got down and skewered his dick up Fred's ass. Meanwhile Jason had climbed atop Fred and lifted up Tommy's belly to get at his penis. Soon he had all five inches down his throat as was sucking the hefty kid off for all he was worth. Tommy was so turned on and he started bouncing up and down atop Fred which made him groan even louder. Alex fucked his dick in and out like a bunny he was so hot and then he squealed as he shot his load up his counselor's big butt. He got up and it was my turn. I was so turned on by the fact that I was sliding my dick in on my brother's creamy gism that it took no more than ten deep strokes to set me off as I deposited the third load of the night up Tommy's ass.

Jason stood up and I could see he had a raging boner. "You can get up Tommy, this fucker isn't going anywhere. I think you've knocked the wind out of his sails. Turnover Fred and lift your legs up, I want to give you one more good long fuck and see your face as I do it. Obediently, Fred turned over on his back. Jason got between his hefty legs and lifted them atop of shoulders. In one forward motion, he buried his dick entirely up Fred's gaping butt. He fucked him long in deep thrusting all the way down and holding himself in place, and then pulling all the way out to repeat the process. By this time, Jason had a glazed look in his eyes as did Fred. "You have one hot ass, Fred that was made for fucking," Jason groaned. "He looked into the other boy's eyes and leaned forward and planted his lips on his and the two of them kissed. I guess the punishment was over and now came the pleasure. Both boys were sweating profusely and we could see Jason's balls pull tight toward his body. Then he groaned and hunched his ass even faster. I t was evident that he was cumming, sending the fourth and his second scalding load of semen up Tommy's well-worn ass. I turned my head and saw it, Fred's dick was shooting off between them as he had cum without even touching himself.

Finally, they uncoupled. ''You're gonna behave from now on Freddie boy, aren't you? Jason asked. "Because if you don't we'll tell the big guy all about how you raped Alex. But I don''t think we're gonna have to do that, right" Jason said. He leaned over and kissed his fellow counselor squarely on the lips. Somehow, I thought these two would be a lot closer from now on and then I looked over at my brother and Tommy. Damn were those two hot! And I thought about Dad and Alex and how Dad fucked Alex up the butt with his dadcock and I started t get hard again..........

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