Man for Man

Breaking the Spell


Clint was on his bed wearing his cotton bathrobe. He wasn't sure if it had been tied closed when he began his nap or just slightly opened.

David and Clint had been roommates for about two months by then. Both seemed happy with the arrangement, two bedrooms, shared bathroom, nice living room which even had it's own fold out couch.


"We can pull in a third roomate if we need too" Clint said looking a the couch.

"Or just open it up for fun" David smiled and his eye twinkled. Clint saw it and nudged him thinking the landlord would take offense.

"You boys seem perfect, if you want the place it's yours" the landlord said. She was an older woman with a nice smile and a funny waddle in her walk due to her size.

When Clint came home from work one day he saw David was painting his bedroom. He was totally naked.

"Dont want to ruin the clothes" he said smiling at Clint. Clint stayed there talking and enjoying seeing his new roommate stretch, move and flex as he continued painting the ceiling.

"Hope you don't mind, I mean we are roomies so we better get used to seeing each other naked, you know?" David said.

Clint had moved away to hide his erection. In fact he went to his own bedroom, stripped naked and had to masturbate to calm down.

So two months went by and each got used to the other's habits, friends and seeing each other naked now and then.

By summer they were close friends as well, happily sitting up hours drinign and talking, even opening the couch and laying side by side watching TV.

Clint woke slowly. He was having a nice dream, one that involved him and a former neightbor. A nice man who let him use the pool.

"You know when it's dark and hot, come on over and used the pool. You wont' even have to wear a suit, nobody can see" the man said patting Clint on his butt.

Clint had been hanging around the man for some time so it didn't bother him. He knew the man liked him and sometimes he showed off for the guy.

And one very hot night when Clint was restless, he looked at his clock. It was 4 am. Creeping down the stairs he snuck next door still wearing his pajamas. He let them fall off him and slipped quietly into the water. If felt cool enough and as it was his first time skinny dipping it was sensational as well. Clint swam laps, dove, lounged with his penis sticking above the water line.

"Mind if I join you?" the man had appeared. Clint didn't know what to say, the pool was his afterall. The man let his robe drop and sat on the edge of the pool and slipped into the water. Clint had never seen the man naked before.

They raced laps, then horsed around. A light went on next door so they quieted down and just tread water until the light went out.

Clint didn't mind the man holding him and as the man held Clint's cock it was somehow not startling to the boy either.

He gasped and groaned in the mans grasp as his body responded to the man/s stroking and when his body exploded Clint collapsed in the mans grasp. He wasn't treading water but being held up by the guy.

Clint woke to see David sitting on the edge of his bed. His hands were on Clint's body.

"Hey" Clint didn't know what to say "What you up to?"

"Just feeling your smooth skin" David continued running his hands over Clints smooth chest belly and his shaven crotch.

"LIke it all smooth huh?" David used the tips of his fingers on the shaven crocth and ballsac. Clint's cock revealed his excitement.

"Feels good" Clint said.

"Close your eyes and relax" David said as he added a second hand, and used it to rub Clints nipples. "Gonna make you feel good"

Clint had avoided sex with David. Even jacking off next to him like he did as a kid with his buddies. They had a good rommate friendship and he didn't want that to change.

"Would love to take you to blacks beach ... once those Marines see you shaven like this, you'll end up in the bushes all day long"

Clint's cock throbbed. He and David had talked about the Navy and Marines who inhabited their town often. The idea of being naked with them in public was even more arousing.

"Oooo" Clint revealed his body was about to release.

David's lips surrounded his cock which made his body immediately begin pouring then shooting.

"Wow you were loaded" David said.

"Yea, uh that as great, I owe you one" Clint said propping himself up on his elbows.

"OK how about right now?" David moved onto the bed on his knees straddling Clint. He was naked and his cock rock hard, obviuosly wet from precum.


Clint licked it off and sucked until Davide began pumping his mouth. The cum came all too soon in stream after stream until it poured out the corners' of Clint's mind.

"OK rule one, we never wear clothes at home, it saves money on laundry and we get to play, touch, whatever whenever we watnt" David squeezed more drops from his cock down onto Clint's shaven crotch.

"Rule two, put on some shorts, grab a towel we're going to blacks beach today"

Daviid bent over and licked his cum puddles off of Clint.

The climb down the cliff to get to the beach was easy. They walked north past families and others sunning themselves in various shorts, sarongs and sun hats. There was a stretch of beach empty then the boys began to see naked men in the water.

"How about here?" Clint said stopping.

"No man up at the end, that's where the good ones are, or will be, I guess we are the good ones" David said as he stlipped out of his shorts.

Clint immitated him and walked naked beside his now fuck buddy roomie. There were naked men of all ages and shapes on the beach. Some were playing frisbee, others football, and most were sunning.

Clint saw he and David being looked at appraised probably as they walked by. Someone did a woolf whistle which made Clint feel good.

"There by those guys" David said.

There were three young men about their age sitting on a spread out sheet. From the tan lines around their arms and their torsos, it was obvious they hadn't seen sun at least not while being naked. Their haircuts and the overnight bag on the sheet emblasoned with a Marine Corps logo, told David all he needed to know.

They nodded and gave a "hey" as Clint and David spread their towels.

The three had gotten back from another sunny spot, though hardly a vacation site, recently, They seemed anxous to share stories, both horrible and funny about their time in Iraq.

"Want soem lotion?" David asked and was soon kneeling over one of them spreading lotion on his back, bare butt and legs.

"Anybody else, my roommate can help" David looked at Clint.

And the two of them were lotioning the other two Marines.

"Shit" Clint said his hard cock revealing his enjoyment.

"Come on" David said as he ran to the ocean with Clint chasing him. The cold water helped the recover and soon the three Marines were in the water with them.

There was much horsing around, sitting on shoulders, and even some underwater grabbing.

The five played football on the sand complete with tackling and playful cock and ball play.

"Shit man why don't you guys come over, spend the night, we'll drink beer, eat steaks and you know hang out?"

The three talked about finding chicks and stuff and took the address saying maybe later on.

They took off as the sun was arching in the sky and walked still naked down the beach with Clint and David watching.

"They'll never show up" David said.

The sun sank chilling the boys. David say in front of Clint their bodies warming each other.

"You know I would have never come here by myself" Clint said surrounding his arms around David.

"Thanks that feels warm" David said. "Yea we're good for each other, just got to keep things fun you know? "

David jumped as he felt Clint's hands on his cock.

"Uh man be careful we're in public" He said surprising Clint with his concern.

"Nobody's here and I'm in charge now" Clint said, his hand stroking David into a rock hard condition.

The sun slipped into the ocean as David sucumbed to Clint's manipulation shooting out across the sand. He leaned back onto Clint.

The climb back up the cliff was slow and exhausting but they made it and drove home. It had been quite a day and the line had been crossed, the spell of friends had been broken. Clint was glad.

They parked and smiled at the three guys sitting on the steps that led up to their apartment.

"Shit man they're in uniform" Clint said.

The three Marines had indeed shown up.

"Uh we decided to hang out with you guys, and we brought beer" one said pointing to the two cases of cheap beer.

"Well since you got beer" David laughed "there's only one rule"

David and Clint let the three up stairs.David unlocked the door.

"Whats that?" one of the Marines asked.

"Well inside the apartment we never wear clothes." David walked and pulled his shorts off.

He heard the right answer when one of the Marines responded "cool"

Clint knew the weekend had just begun and thought that perhaps he'd have one of the Marines put his uniform on to fulfill his fantasy of giving a blowjob that way.

But what the hell, being naked is cool as the Marine said.

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