Man for Man

Break: Break



"What is love and what's it for? Well, take me back and do me more."

- Break, August Rush OST

Break: Part One

GOD, I HATED THIS. THIS wasn't exactly my idea of summer vacation. Being exiled on a farm in god-knows-where, Texas was clearly no island escape. I would definitely get my father for this. Who made it a law that I couldn't work at a bar five nights a week, playing and tending at customers? Boy, he really had high standards.


The flight wasn't that bad; only if you wouldn't count the flight attendant who had been overly flirtatious and overly desperate and overly not my type. I had resisted the urge to tell her that we both wanted the same thing-exactly the same thing. I had enjoyed her weak attempts-or rather strong ones, depending on your point of view-to snag me off my seat and join the mile-high club with her. She was probably already a member, though.

The airport was fairly small, considering the size of this county-and our family ranch was even more remote than this city. You could hear the crickets cricketing inside the arrivals area; there wasn't anyone here. People didn't really come here that often, but people leave this place often, reducing its microscopic population to almost zilch. I was supposed to be picked up by one of our helpers an hour ago, but I was still sitting here, bored to death-and I was starting to get tempted to buy a ticket back to sweet civilization.

The minutes went by and I was even more bored to death. And death seemed to be a much more inviting idea than living in a musky and overheated ranch throughout the summer. I checked my phone for messages and I almost lost it. No reception!

"Great," I muttered to myself in annoyance, "just fucking great."

"Howdy," a cracking voice called, and I immediately looked towards the direction of it. "Sorry I'm late, sir"

In front of me was like a version of myself when I had been a teenager; skinny and shaggy, sandy blonde with freckles all over the face. He wore what I had expected the person supposed to pick me up would wear; a plain shirt and well-worn jeans and cowboy boots-a cowboy without the stetson. A randy but skinny cowboy. "Thought no one's gonna show."

"Sorry, again, sir" he smiled apologetically. "We had some trouble with the ranch and-"

"It's no big deal," I cut him off, waving my hand in dismissal. "You guys must be pretty busy handling my father's ranch."

"I'm Zach," He reached out his hand, hesitating at first then decided to do it.

"I'm Ted," I grabbed his hand and shook it enthusiastically, sending a 'feel- comfortable' vibe to him; he seemed tense. "And please, don't call me sir. It makes me feel old."

"Okay," He smiled again, and then proceeded to lift my heavy luggage. "This way," He started towards the exit and I followed quickly, wondering how could a skinny frame support that much weight, and then decided that it was probably the effect of living and working on a ranch.

My father had briefed me before I came here and had told me everything that I needed to know. Our farm was operated by three brothers and had two houses; one for the main living and the other was for the farmhands. Well, that was all I could remember because I had been pissed as hell that time to listen to him-and still was, but I didn't let the boy see it. I was happy with my life in the city and now I had to live in this dump for three months if I ever wanted my bank accounts to be unfrozen.

I was following Zach idly, not looking at where we were headed but soon froze to see a faded pick-up truck on the almost empty parking lot; paint scratched and there were dents everywhere like it had survived a hundred crashes. It seemed ancient and I shuddered at the thought of getting in on it. Was this the service vehicle of the ranch? My father had all the money in the world and he couldn't afford to give our helpers a little, more decent looking truck? How old was it?

"Sorry about the truck," Zach said as he laid a sheet of plastic on the truck-bed and loaded my luggage on it. "My brother has to pick up some horse feed and this is the only available, working vehicle I could get my hands on."

"I thought this was the ranch's truck." I confessed.

"Your father's not that awful," he joked, clearly knew the reason why I was here.

"We better get going then," I said as I surveyed my surrounding; it was completely empty and almost dark, the sky glowing orange with the setting sun.

"Wait; are you even old enough to drive?" I asked as we were buckling and as he revved the engine.


"Of course, I am," he sounded defensive. "I'm already eighteen, yah know,"

"Sorry, it's just that you look younger than eighteen," He really did. He looked sort of boyish.

"Tell me about it," he sighed, seeming to be disappointed by his features. "The growth spurt just hasn't kicked in yet."

We traveled mostly in silence, filling the awkward silence with small talks. The ranch was farther than I had originally thought. It was almost two hours after we departed form the airport and we were still on the road. I contemplated on my near future on this place, thinking what I could do to entertain myself. And finally the truck skidded to a halt.

"We're here," Zack announced, opening his door and hopping out of the thousand-year-old vehicle. I soon followed his suit and took a nice, long look around, letting it all sink in. The ranch was huge; with barns and everything.

"My god, how could only three people handle all of this?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well, most of this is just for show," he pointed to everywhere. "We only have a few cows and a few horses. They could even fit in just one barn," he chortled.

"I guess that describes my dad," I half-joked. "Where's the main house?"

"There," he pointed to one of the identical wooden buildings in front of us, only a few feet apart. "No one has lived there since the ranch was built. But we cleaned it. You can only imagine the dust and the cobwebs."


"Don't mention it," He said. "Besides; you're the boss around here."

"My father's the boss," I pointed out, not wanting to be treated differently. "Just think of me as an extra helper. That's what I'm supposed to be doing here, anyway."

"You seem like you're up to it," he said as he gave me a head-to-toe look, it kind of seemed like he was checking me out-which I didn't mind, I had the looks to flaunt.

"If it's just lifting and cleaning, I can handle it," I smiled.

"There's more than just that," he said then hoisted my bags off of the truck-bed and carried it-which made me wonder again how could he possibly lift them. There seemed to be little work done here in the ranch and my heavy-work theory wasn't valid anymore. "Come on, we better get you settled in. It gets cold here in the night."

"What do you guys do to keep yourselves entertained here?" I asked in pure curiosity, wondering for myself mostly.

"There's a bar a few miles from here," He juggled the bags in one hand and opened the door to the main house-I didn't know why did they called it "main" if it looked just the same as the other one beside it. "And that's pretty much it."

"Mister Smith?" a deep voice coming from behind asked me.

I turned to see who it was. From his looks, he was clearly Zach's brother; the family resemblance was there. He towered over his little brother, but we were about the same height. His hair was cropped a little shorter than Zach's shaggy one and his face was clean of freckles except for the lazy stubble that was covering his jaws and chin. And he wasn't the least bit skinny; he was burly with muscles, bunching inside his tight shirt and jeans. "I'm Jesse. Welcome, it's nice to finally see someone live in that house,"

"Hi," I shook his hand; he gripped my hand firmly. "And please, just call me Ted,"

"Has Zach been any trouble at all, si-Ted?" He was eyeing his brother, obviously thinking the worst.

"He's no trouble at all," I said truthfully. I liked Zach's easy going attitude. And he didn't seem to be tensed anymore

"Well, I hope you have a good time here. I gotta help Aaron with the feedin'."

The inside wasn't that bad, it was homey and cozy; with a fireplace on the far corner of the living room. I was a sucker for a fireplace. So far, my mood seemed to be getting better and the idea of spending my summer here didn't sound horrible anymore.

"MY BROTHERS AND I HAVE had been supportin' ourselves since I could remember. Our parents died when I was just three so I don't really remember them." Zach said, pouring his guts out when we were lounged in the living room, and enjoying each other's company.


"It must've been tough," I offered my sympathy, feeling sorry for them when they had to work their asses off everyday and I had to only slack off.

"It made us stronger and closer," he proudly exclaimed.

"You sure I'm not keeping you up?" I asked him when I noticed that it was well past ten o'clock.

"Nope," he popped. "My brothers know where I am."

"Do you have any other jobs besides keeping this ranch running?" I inquired.

"My brothers don't know about this so don't tell them," he leaned closer and whispered. "I do part time, as a waiter, on a club near the city."

"Why keep them in the dark?"

"It's actually a strip club," he whispered even lower.


"They pay me a lot, that's why," he leaned back and grinned to himself.

"What do you need the money for?"

"You saw my truck, right?" he retorted.

"You're saving up for a new car?"

"Yip," he closed his eyes and seemed to have dozed off.

It was nice that I made a new friend here. At least I would have someone to talk to. I grabbed the thin blanket that was on the edge of the couch that he was lying on and draped it over him. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. Maybe I should tell his brothers that he had crashed here.

I opened the front door and I saw Jesse walking towards the house, running when he saw me coming out. "Zach's fell asleep on the couch,"

"Oh, my, I'm so sorry," he removed his stetson and gazed at me with apology on his eyes.

"It's nothing," I ensured him.

"But still," he continued, "it's unethical for him,"

"Ethics, schmethics," I waved off my hands. "He's nice for company, told me everything that's about this ranch."

"You're totally different from what your father described you to be," he said, finally smiling.

"Lemme guess, my father told you that I was a preppy snub that only thinks of himself."

"Something like that," he confessed.

"Well, sorry to disappoint you," I joked. He laughed with me. "Zach said that it's pretty laid back here,"

"Yeah, we don't do much here in the ranch," he sighed, seeming to wish for more things to do here.

"Sorry I zonked out like that," Zach said as he came out of the house.

"It's okay," I said, "you looked like you needed it."

THIS MORNING WASN'T AS HOT as yesterday, the breeze was blowing and the smell of the open land filled my nostrils, clinching everything together that I was really here. Last night had been fun; I enjoyed Jesse and Zach's company. They had been fun to talk to and I really found them interesting. They had grown up in a city like me, but they had to move here after their parents' death, had lived on their grandmother's house until a relative of theirs had introduced them to my father. They had lived here for a few years now, and planned to manage the ranch as long as they could. Jesse had even said that he felt attached to this ranch and had confessed that he would find it hard to move away.

So far, so good. . .

I had to get some shopping done for the house; food and stuff. I quickly showered and dressed; a designer's shirt and designer's jeans and designer's boots. Somehow I managed to look ordinary even with the thousand-dollar clothing. I went over to the "help's quarters" and knocked on the door. My lungs ceased when someone opened the door.

My god, he was perfect.

I assumed that this hunk of a man was Aaron Russell. He stood about an inch or two taller than me, built more like a Greek god than a cowboy. His body was gleaming with beads of water that clung to the fine, curling hairs that covered his chest and ripped abdomen, and disappeared just above his unbuttoned and unzipped jeans that definitely promised a package. His hair was different from his brothers'; he had dark and short hair, and it glistened like black, wet silk. His eyes were dark, too, filled with something that I couldn't quite comprehend.

"Hi, you must be Aaron," I stammered, flushing a little. "Is Zach there?"

"You just missed him," he said comfortably. Jesse must have had told him that I wasn't the man my father had described me to be. "What can we do for yah?"

"I was wondering if someone could show me where everything is, in the town. I like to do some groceries and restock the fridge." I said, pushing the thought of this half- naked guy in front of me.


"I can take you, just a sec," Then, he was gone, to be back only a minute later, with a white, plain shirt and still wet hair.

"So, how's this small town holdin' you?" he asked as we were driving to the grocery store.

"So far, so good," I said, ignoring my libido and having a hard time keeping my arousal at bay.

"IT'S OKAY," AARON REASSURED ME for a hundredth time. As it had turned out, the store didn't accept any credit cards and I hadn't brought any cash, so Aaron had to pay for everything that I had bought-all of them.

"Who knew that credit cards don't exist here," I managed to joke. "I feel such an idiot,"

"You're not," he grinned at me, seeming to find the situation rather hilarious. "Besides, you didn't buy the entire store . . . just half of it," Then he went of laughing.

It was hard not to laugh; he was just contagious.

The drive home had been filled with small talk, never a dull moment. He was a really amusing and a funny guy. And something deep inside me was tingling when he was helping me put away all the groceries, realizing the deep attraction that I was feeling for this guy.

"Here you go," I gave him what I owed him, plus some extra.

"Thanks," he said as he pocketed the cash.

"So, what's a thirty-year old man like you doing in a ranch like this?" I asked as I was arranging a case of beer in the fridge.

"I just got divorced," he said bluntly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Sorry to hear that," I found it hard to imagine why would any woman turn her back on a piece of guy like Aaron? Or was it him who had done the turning?

"Don't be sorry," he said as he grinned that knee-buckling grin, "Sarah's a bitch,"

"Ouch, bitter," I teased him.

"Yip, found her sleepin' with another guy," He was emotionless when he mentioned Sarah's ordeal.

"How could she look for someone else when she had you?" I motioned my hand to the length of him, trying to make my point.

"Thanks, I think," He blushed slightly, ducking his head. "I think she got bored. I certainly had."

This stallion? Bored with sex? That was even harder to believe. I certainly wouldn't be bored if I had someone like Aaron. He had a sense of humor and he was hot. What more could you ask for in a guy?

Maybe. . . Nah, it was impossible.

"I gotta skip," he said as he put the final bag of potato chips in a slot above the sink. "I almost forgot to feed the cows."

"See yah," I yelled as I watched him strode off to the field where the cows were kept.

I DECIDED TO CONTACT MY dad, asking him for a favor-a very big favor. He wasn't a prick except for where I was concerned. And this certainly didn't involve me. If my bank accounts weren't frozen, I would've done it myself.

"Are you serious?" my father gasped when I told him what I was requesting.

"Yeah, dad," I tried for a more soothing tone. "He's part-timing at a strip club. He's only eighteen. It's dangerous for him. Plus he's a really nice kid; I hate to see something happening to him."

"You really have a soft spot, don't you?" he sighed in defeat.

"So, you'll do it?" I fired off.

"Yeah, what the heck." He said. "His uncle's a good friend of mine."

"Thanks," I said then hung up.

The old man would give someone a car but he would exile his son on a ranch that was in the middle of nowhere. But I was glad he had sent me here, or else I wouldn't have had met the Russell's. They were a nice bunch, and fun to be with.


I was rummaging the house when I found some old magazines, covered in dust. I was skimming through them, nothing better to do, when I found an interesting spread. The guy wearing next to nothing looked like a young Aaron, without the five o'clock shadow and a waxed off chest. He definitely looked like Aaron, and it sent my nerves on high alert and my cock filling fast with blood. He looked so different yet the same. The magazine version of Aaron looked so carefree while the Aaron now had "hard life" practically tattooed on his face.

I couldn't help myself, my imagination was far ahead of my control and the summer heat was too much, plus the fact that it had been ten months since I'd had some decent sex was enough to break me. My straining member was almost painful in the confines of my tight jeans, needing some kind of relief-and fast.


I did what I could only do. I unbuttoned and unzipped, releasing my throbbing manhood and gave myself a rosy-palm, and looking at Aaron's picture, of course. He was a model! The heat kept building until I was in a desperate need of release, and with one last jerk, I erupted all over the pile of magazines in front of me, spewing my seed all over the place, and making everything sticky-except for the one which had Aaron's picture in it.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?" Jesse's smile almost tore his face. He clearly hadn't known about Aaron's modeling gig. "This is awesome,"

"I found it while I was looking around the house," I said to him, with an equal face-tearing smile on my face.

"Hey guys," Zach's voice called in the distance. He was running towards us with a shovel in his hand.

"Quick," Jesse yelled, "you've gotta see this,"

LIFE ON THIS RANCH WASN'T at all that bad, especially when you had a sexy as hell cowboy to stare at. Aaron's body under the sun was glorious, glistening with sweat. He was down to his jeans, raking off hay in the back of the battered pick-up truck. His muscles rippled under his skin with every movement he made. His white stetson was hung low on his face, serving as a shield under the blazing heat of the sun.

He kept on rippling while I kept on ogling, practically salivating over his manly perfection. The clouds rolled and covered the blue shy, lightning streaking, and thunder cracking. Soon, sweet, jubilant rain fell, cooling down our heated bodies-mine the hotter due to the sun and due to staring at Aaron's ripped and taut body.

"Oh, that feels so good," he moaned, tilting his head back in tell-tale sign of pleasure.

"It sure is," I answered back, meaning a whole different thing.

I was also stripped down to my jeans and it was a wonder how had I kept myself from coming to life. Water was gliding through Aaron's already sweat-slicked skin and ran through his tight jeans, soaking it wet. His thighs were perfectly contoured under the wet material, his already prominent bugle bulging more, his butt looking rounder.

I could just stare at him all day long and not get bored. I didn't know how could his ex have had gotten bored.

"Wanna head back?" he asked me as he hopped out of the truck-bed, splashing mud all over me. "Oh, sorry," but his face betrayed him.

"Think that's funny?" I comically threatened, then before he could do something about it, I gave him a bone crushing hug, transferring mud to him, and "accidentally" rubbing my half-hard crotch to his. I swore I heard something sizzle.

"Okay, okay," he was still laughing and he seemed to not notice my fast growing dick against him. "Now, take this,"

He circled his arms around me and lifted me up, tossing me to a muddy patch of wet ground. We crashed and somehow he had managed to fall on top of me, his arms still encircling me. He sobered up and looked directly at my eyes, his eyes mirroring my own hungry arousal. His dark eyes held something primitive, something deeper than an aroused feeling. They held something that I couldn't name. But I didn't have enough time to discover them because his mouth was descending down on mine.

I met him half way and we were locked together in heated passion, testing at first then we plunged our tongues in each other's waiting mouths. My right hand went to the back of his head, grabbing the silky, wet hair and forcing him harder on me; my other hand went down to cup his buttocks, squeezing and rubbing. He darted his tongue inside me and I suckled on it, pulling him deeper. He moaned in response.

He nibbled on my lower lip before breaking off completely, trailing towards my neck, sucking at the pulse that made me tremble, and ravishing my shoulder with tiny kisses that danced all over my overly aroused body. I couldn't do anything but gasp as his mouth closed on one of my flat nipples, licking and teasingly biting. His tongue rasped on me and all I could do was lie here and anticipate his next move. I felt his hands fumbling for my belt, and once it was unbuckled, he quickly skipped the button and slid the zipper down, pulling my pulsating cock free.


He didn't waste any time on preparations-our deep kissing was sure enough to prepare me for what was next, or so I thought-he dipped his head between my thighs and took all of my aroused length inside his hot, wet and sucking mouth.

"Ah, yes," I rasped and gasped. "Suck my cock, Aaron"

He groaned as a reply, which sent vibrations form his throat to my cock and soon, all over my body, shuddering in exquisite pleasure. Nothing could prepare me from his next move. I literally screamed when his throat enveloped my whole length and he swallowed, constricting my cock and milking me dry.

"Geezzzuss, you're killing me,"

"I plan to do that," he said when he took my dick out of his mouth, the cool air and droplets of water shattering my control, changing from a volcano of passion into a blizzard of sensation.

I grabbed his head and dragged him up to me, seeking his talented mouth, seeking a place for my tongue other than my own. I could taste myself; I could taste the honeyed arousal that was flowing freely on my piss slit. I could taste my own skin inside his mouth. But most of all, I could taste him.

"How. . ." I started but soon lost the sentence in my head as his mouth once again descended on my own, shutting me from speaking. I licked and suckled and kissed the hell out him-which he returned to me ten folds.

"I've noticed you . . . from the very first . . . time I saw you that morning. . . I've noticed . . . that you kept staring . . . at me. And, honey, I almost took you there back then." He confessed, his mouth never failing to kiss a spot on my torso.

"I didn't know you were. . . Oh, god. . ." I gasped as he took my cock in his mouth for the second time, slurping and licking.

He resurfaced again, looking me in the eye. "This was what'd helped me get over my divorce," plunging his mouth over my heated appendage again.

"Sarah really is a bitch," I laughed, couldn't help but to say it.

"A down-right bitch," He kept bobbing his head on my cock and his hands found another place to play. His palm cupped my balls inside my jeans. I thrashed as I felt my climax nearing.

"Aaron. . . Oh. . . I. . ." I didn't finish my sentence as I bucked and thrust my hips to meet his rhythm and erupted inside his mouth, squirting my sperm down his throat. He sucked and sucked and drank my entire load, never spilling even a single drop.

I felt totally satisfied and sated, and a little sleepy. But I didn't forget that he still hadn't had his turn. "Come on, big boy; take out that cock of yours,"

He didn't think twice, he shucked off his jeans and let his monster of a cock loose. My eyes widened at his sight. He was standing butt naked with his enormity bouncing between his legs; and it just took my breath away. I quickly discarded my own jeans hastily, giddy at the thought that a few seconds from now, I would have that juicy piece of meat shoved deep inside me.

I opened my thighs wide to him, exposing my tight rosebud. "Give it to me,"

"Are you sure?" he asked, disbelieving. I ain't got anything here to lube you up," but he grabbed my thighs and pushed his pecker against my hole, teasing it.

"Use spit, I don't care," I was so high with hunger that I didn't care if he tore up my insides and all I knew was I wanted that cock, right here, right now.

The continuous pounding of the rain eased off some of the friction, making his broad head eased in with little difficulty. "Ugh," I gasped softly, stifling my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Are you okay?" he asked then gave me a quick but thorough inspection in the mouth.

I just managed to nod, not wanting to speak because I was afraid that I would scream my lungs out. It was a good thing, too, that it was raining; it covered the tears building and flowing on my eyes. The pain was unbearable that I almost backed out; fearing that he would really tore me up.

"Are you really sure? Because I might not be able to stop again if I got too rough." His eyes were filled with deep and basic hunger, saying the opposite that his mouth was saying.


I just nodded again, breathing through the pain. The first stab of his entrance still wasn't subsiding and I couldn't speak yet. He gave me another shove, burying another inch of his unbelievable size and girth. Tears were freely flowing on my face. My bottom felt as if it was being ripped apart. I could feel every inch of his cock inside me, even though he still hadn't moved since his last progress. I could feel a burning sensation spreading through my body, doubling the pain in my sphincter. He moved another inch and all I could do was gasp silently and accept his entrance. I almost regretted this when finally he hit something inside me; my prostate. It quickly buried the pain and replaced it with a new pleasure that I was pretty sure I hadn't experienced yet.

I ran my hand down from my chest, to my taut abs, then to my reawakened cock, then to my hole where his cock was sticking in. I crouched and reached for his dick, feeling it, estimating how much more I could take. I gasped again, but not with pain, but by surprise; he wasn't half way in. he still had a lot to burry inside me. Hesitation took over me and I almost backed out again, but he rocked his cock and his mushroomed-head brushed again in that sweet, glorious spot. I could feel the angels singing as I climbed once again near to heaven. My seeds were boiling again; ready to be spewed for the second time.

"God, you're tight!" he half rasped and half yelled, shoving yet another inch.

Pain and pleasure mixed in me; two different heats and dangerous if mixed. I didn't know where the pain ended and where the pleasure begun. All I knew was that I was being pounded by a huge rod and I was half loving and half hating every second of it. I was bordering on insanity; crying for both the pain and pleasure that his wonderful cock was bringing.

"Come here," I motioned for him to kiss me; a sure way to keep my mind off the pain and focus on his mouth. He slowly descended and slowly shoved his dick in my ass, then finally devouring my mouth with his. I was fighting the pain again, his head leaving that special spot. He maneuvered his was expertly inside me, avoiding obstacles and twisting here and there which cause me to groan; both in pain and pleasure. By my guesstimation, he still had about an inch or two to give but I felt so full that I thought I might burst, and I wondered where he would put that inch or two. I couldn't feel his head anymore; it was lost inside me. Then, there it went again; I could feel his head puncturing a second ring, a second sphincter. I didn't even try to muffle my gasp; I let out a short yelp.

"Did I hurt you?" he broke off the kiss and leaned his forehead on mine, catching his breath.

"Just shove it all in!" I yelp and cringed at the pain, but something inside me wanted it-needed it.

"I'll do whatever you want after this," and all of his length was inside me, reaching past the second ring and bringing me onto a whole new world of pleasure. It almost killed me.

He started to move and I could feel my tight inside sticking to his cock, dragging and creating unbelievable friction and once again I was stabbed with pain. I just closed my eyes and focused on his mouth, sucking on his tongue. He slowly pulled out a little and shoved his whole length back again, causing me to buck under him, and accidentally biting his lower lip. I tasted a faint coppery pallet . . . blood.

I licked at his wound and sucked on it, savoring the salty taste, and it kept my mind off of the incredible pain. I grabbed on to him like he was dear life and kept him close to me, wanting his body heat to radiate to me. I plunged my tongue into his mouth as he soon quickened his pace, pulling almost all of him then with one quick motion, putting it all back in me. The sensation was staggering, almost unbearable, except for every time that his head brushed on my love nut, sending me higher and higher until I felt again those sharp pangs of stabbing twinge.

"Tell me if I'm hurting you," he managed to slip in between deep kisses.


"Don't talk, just do," His pace begun to really pick up after my remark, thrusting harder and faster and, oh, so deeper. I let myself be lost in all of the sensation that was burning me alive, roasting my nerves into charred receptors. Thankfully, he was nearing his orgasm. I was so busy focusing on keeping the pain shut out that I forgot about his pleasure. I took a good look at him, he seemed lost; face contorted and teeth clenched except for when he was caressing my mouth, and his muscles all bunched and coiled up.

"Can I come inside you?" he asked, I almost didn't understand him.

"Oh, god, yes!" I somehow rejoiced at the idea of him spilling himself inside me, making my inside slippery enough-but it also meant that it would be finished when it would finally begin to get all pleasure.

"Oh, Jesus, her I come," with a huge thrust, I could feel him erupting inside me, covering my inside with his man-juice, making it slick with his seed. He kept thrusting as it got slippery and not long after he came, he erupted again, for the second time, with the equal amount of load as the first time.

"Thank you," he said, burying his face on the hollow of my neck. "Can I lie here for a few seconds?"

"Sure," I massaged his neck while nibbling at his ear, feeling my still raging hard- on pressed against his six-pack, and then rubbing it gently, getting a slight tingle and enough for the pressure to build up deep inside me.

"I'll make it good for you again, babe," His head trailed down, and his hips disengaging mine; I felt the gush of his sperm as his spent cock completely slid off of me. His seed was still draining out of me when I felt his mouth engulfed my stiff and needy dick, sheathing it with his superb cock-sucking mouth. It wasn't long before I spilled myself down his throat-again.

My dick was totally limp but he was still licking it, cleaning every bit of sperm that had escaped his hungry mouth. "Oh, my stars," he exclaimed.

"What?" I asked with my eyes closed and basking in the sensation of the still pouring rain over my heated body.

He cupped my cheeks and gently brushed his lips against mine; I could taste my own come. "God, I'm so, so, sorry," he buried his face again in my neck.

"What are you talking about?" I raised myself on my elbows, looking at him with a dumbfounded expression. "What the hell are you sorry for?"

He stood up while I remained lying on the ground-I wasn't sure if I could even sit up. I looked at him, still amazed at how perfect he was. Then, I knew what he was talking about when I let my gaze trail down to his flaccid schlong. His cock was covered in blood. . . My blood. . .

My eyes widened at the sight of his bloody member, focusing everything on it. He followed where I was looking into and he actually jumped back, seeming repulsed by the blood.

"Oh, shit, I'm so, sorry," he knelt and grabbed the back of my head and stuffed my face on his chest. "You should've said something."

"What did you want me to say, 'please get off of me, you're tearing me apart'?" I hoped I didn't sound sarcastic but I was a little annoyed at him for saying 'you should've said something'. How was I supposed to say something? And I was a little annoyed at myself for letting it happen. I didn't regret it, but I just wished I could've had postponed it until we had proper equipment, like, oh, about a gallon of lube?

"Well, yeah," he sat in front of me, looking down either at the ground or at his bloody penis.

"Let's just get out of here and get cleaned up," I suggested, and once he was up, "help me?" I couldn't help but grin.

"Can you walk?" he joked but the scowl on my face kept him laughing.

"I'm sorry I bit your lip," I said, while limping towards the front of the truck, leaning on him for support.

"Did you?" he asked, "I didn't feel it," he said as he licked his lower lip, searching for the superficial wound.

I hadn't noticed it but we were still naked. "Uhmm. . . Our clothes?"

"Oh, yeah," he rested on the door of the truck, leaving me momentarily to fetch our clothes. My behind still felt as if it were bombed by a fighter plane-or as if hosed down by an enormous prick; which was true.


After shocks of my orgasm was still pulsing through my body so I just kept my question at the back of my head, planning to bombard him with questions once we returned to the house.

"I'm just gonna clean you, okay," he cautioned as he bent down behind me, holding his wet shirt.

"Do we have a wheelchair on this ranch?" I asked, finding my sense of humor again. I could feel his gentle wipes, cleaning me, and ridding me of blood and spunk.

"I'll buy one for you," He rose and tossed his shirt on the back of the truck, lifting one of my leg and pushing it through my jeans. "Can you sit down?"

"I don't know," I really didn't. He was now pulling my jeans up, easing on my back side, then zipping me up.

"Let's leave the button open," he suggested then wore his own jeans without cleaning himself. I decided not to notice it.

He opened the passenger door and helped me inside, himself wincing as I winced in short pricks of pain. I had to lift myself a few times before I could find a comfortable position, dreading the bumpy field back to the house.

"Ready?" he asked as he got the engine started.

"Just be careful," I said to him; part joking and part pleading.

Just as I had suspected it, the drive back had been almost as painful as him shoving his dick in my ass. But it was bearable. I just kept on thinking that soon, I would have the comfort of my bed. He had kept on apologizing on every bump we'd encountered. We pulled up just a few feet away from the main house's front porch, breaking painfully that left me cringing.

"I can't go in with you," he said casually, like we were talking about everyday stuff. "They don't know. . ."

"I understand," I also didn't want Jesse and Zack knowing that their elder brother had just fucked the hell out of me. "Just help me get in, and pretend that I twisted my ankle or something,"

He got out of the truck and opened my door for me, guiding me out. I could see Jesse and Zack hurrying towards us, running actually. My ass was still hurting and I couldn't help but to limp and stumble, Aaron keeping me upright.

"What happened to you?" Zach asked, soaking wet with the pelting rain.

"I think he twisted his ankle or somethin'," Aaron said, fighting the urge to laugh. He really gave them my excuse, word for word. "Then he landed on his behind,"

Now I was resisting an urge-the urge to punch him in the gut.

"Told you there's more to it," Zach pointed.

"I think you should keep and eye on him A," Jesse recommended. "He looks really hurt,"

"Yeah," Zach agreed.

"Well, we better get you inside," Aaron droned on, clutching me and guiding me up the steps. I pretended that I had really twisted my ankle and lifted my leg with my hands. Aaron couldn't help but to snicker.

"Thank god," I sighed as Aaron shut the door behind us, placing me on the soft couch. "We need to talk,"

"I thought so,"

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