Man for Man

Brad suffers from a cold


"Ooooh! You do look sick!" Doris stated as he came up to the counter in Doris' Coffee Shop. Brad managed a thin smile back. It was true. He did feel ill. He had woken up that morning with a thick head and a sore throat, and had thought that as it was a Friday, he would take a long weekend and try and stop this cold before it took hold. Now it was almost mid-day and he was feeling worse. He had bought his essential groceries in the '8-to-Late' next door and had decided to stop for a coffee with Doris, before making his short way home, and to bed.


"What you need is a nice strong coffee," diagnosed Doris, ducking behind the hissing machine, disappearing into a swirl of steam. Brad dragged himself and his shopping to a nearby table and sat holding his head in his hands. He felt dreadful.

She brought the steaming cup of Java over to him and put it under his nose. "On the House, Mr. P., and there are a couple of aspirins in the saucer for you to. You ought to go to bed, you know." She stood there looking down at her friend and wiping her hands on her white apron. "Have your coffee, luvvy," she said and put her hand on his shoulder. He looked up and she could see his in flamed eyes. "Thanks Dorry. You're just what I need!" He smiled and took up the aspirins in his fingers. Doris did not leave until she had seen him swallow them.

Twenty minutes later, with a good cup of coffee and aspirins inside him, Brad felt better. As he picked up his shopping, Doris saw he was about to leave and called over to him. "Don't think about cooking tonight, Mr. P. I will send my lad Val round with a stew for you. Feed a cold, starve a fever. That's what they say. I know he's got a key, so he can let his self in." Brad smiled his 'Thank You' at her. She knew Brad was gay, and so was her son Valentine. Brad had been kind to Val on more than one occasion, almost being the Father that Val had not got. And she knew Val adored him.

Back home, Brad put the shopping away slowly. He did feel ill. He had a bath and lay in the hot water staring at his feet. He looked at his cock, laying to one side, and realised that his pubic hair was showing blackly that it was three days long, but he just did not have the will or the energy to shave it off, as was usual. He soaped his hand and washed his balls and the six inches of flaccid shaft, before using more soap on the two inches of purple head, washing carefully the flesh around the rim of the glans. Today he was going through the motions. His cock remained limp as his brain, having no interest in anything, not even a wank. He stood up and stepped out of the bath. Wearing a towel bath robe he made his way to his bed, dropped the robe to the floor, climbed into the bed naked, and fell asleep.

The next thing he knew was that he was not alone. "Mum said you are feeling like shit," said Val's voice, "so she has sent me round with a saucepan of stew." Brad opened his eyes. Val was dressed in his tracksuit, so he must have come straight over to him via home from the Gym where he worked. "She said there's enough for two, ... if you want some company." Val smiled, and Brad smiled weakly back up at him. "The mind is willing, but the body is weak," Brad replied. "I feel like death warmed up, and I don't want to give this cold to you."

Brad sat up against the pillows, and Val bent down and kissed his brow. Although there was a gap between their ages, they had 'hit it off' from the word go. Brad had lived in the neighbourhood for years and Val had never been aware of him whilst he had left School and started work at the Gym. But their different worlds had collided at their meeting in the Gym. Val had looked up Brad's address in the computer records, found Brad lived very locally and gone round to visit him. The rest, as they say, is history. "Tell your Mum I am very grateful, and thank you for bringing it round, but you can't risk staying here and catching my cold. You have your work to think of, you know."

Val turned and blew him a kiss as he left the bedroom, and Brad heard the key turn in the back door, then the 'snick' of the gate. He was physically alone again, but Val was in his thoughts, and he smiled as he felt his cock moving, hardening under the sheet and blanket, to make it tent between the two lines of his legs. As he sat there day-dreaming, he saw the young lad standing in front of him, naked, bent at the waist, holding his bum cheeks apart to show his brown hole, looking back at him, his mouth open, his tongue licking his lips, his puckered bum-hole winking as he was clenching and relaxing it, asking him silently which one he wanted to slide his cock into first, mouth or ass.


Brad flung the bed sheets aside and revealed his stiff cock, standing hard and proud. He wrapped his right hand round the shaft and began to wank himself, revelling in the moment, feeling his curled hand as it hit down on his pubic bone and then his curled finger and thumb hit up behind the rim of his glans, up and down, bang, bang, bang, until, with taught legs and tensed stomach muscles, his balls tight up against his cock, the orgasmic release came, flooding out of the end of his prick. The first, thin shot arced up, landing between his hairless man-breasts, the next, thick-white-creamy-sticky, landing splat near his navel, the next being flicked onto his left leg by his wanking, pumping hand. Six glorious gouts of cum spurted from Brad as the culmination of his pent up emotions before he was done. His cock he allowed to wilt and dribble onto the sheet, as he lay, his eyes closed, letting his beat beat slow back to a normal rhythm and speed.

The next morning he was in his kitchen, in his bath robe, when he saw two shadows pass the window. The door was opened by Eric, closely followed by Jules. "We've come to cheer you up," said Eric with a broad smile. "Yer! Cheer you up," repeated Jules, making for the fridge and helping himself to a can of cold beer. "Doris told us you were sick, so we thought we should come round and help you wiv whatever needs doing'," said Jules, stringing together more words than he had done before in many days. He pulled the beer can ring pull and the can virtually exploded foam like a fire extinguisher, and would have done damage to everything around him but for the speed that Jules covered the spray with his mouth, from long years of practice. Hardly a drop was actually lost. He looked up at Brad with laughing eyes as his mouth filled with foam. "That was close!" said Eric to no one in particular.

"Well lads," said Brad, "The grass does need cutting, if you really want to help?" Jules looked over the top of the beer can on his mouth, as his mate said, "Sure Mr. P. Anything you want. Cost you though." "OK," said Brad with a smile, "two beers apiece and you've already started one." He stared at Jules, just 18, who nodded assent, the can still glued to his lips. "There's petrol in the mower, and I'll treat you to a burger and chips each from Doris if you get one for me as well. Oh and you can take her saucepan back and 'Thank Her' from me for the stew last night." "Is Val still here?" asked Jules with a knowing smile, now that the empty can was gone from his mouth. He put his hand to his crutch and thrust a couple of times at Eric. "Know what I mean Eric?" "No Val did not stay long last night, so he wouldn't catch my cold, like you two will if you don't get out and get started. Take your beers and be careful with my mower." The two 18 year old boys grabbed their beers and exited like a whirlwind. Brad heard the shed door slam open in his garden as they set to their task, and then the purr of the mower petrol engine. He took another two tablets of 'Cold Cure' that he had been taking every four hours since he had gone back to bed again last night. He was not sure if it was his imagination but he was actually feeling better, and his runny nose was drying up. He looked at his Newspaper to see what sport was on the TV for his Saturday enjoyment.

Early Saturday evening and Brad is sitting watching his TV when he hears the back door unlock, open and close. Only Val has a key, and he is not surprised when the lad pops his head round the sitting room door to tell him that "Mum's done us another meal." It took a few seconds after Val's head disappeared again for Brad to realise that the sentence had contained the word 'us'.

Returning with a cup of tea for Brad, Val sprawled himself on the dark leather settee with his hands behind his head. "What do you fancy doin' tonight?" he asked, conversationally. "Well, not going out, that's for sure," answered Brad, boredly watching a lack-lustre football game. "Mum's done us a chicken stew. Looks good. Says you need feeding," said Val, turning his head to look at Brad. Brad is laying in his relaxer chair, feet up, body almost straight but at an angle so he can see the TV screen without straining his neck. He is still wearing his towelling bath robe. His cup of tea is on a small table beside him. He does not appear to be listening to Val or watching the TV.


"Yea!" Val continued in the same voice, " she also reckons you need a damned good seeing to, just to liven you up. She suggested I first stuck my cock in your mouth, so you could suck me off, and then I would get down on all fours and you could stick that nice fuck stick of yours hard into my bum and shaft me good. And when you are almost cumming, I will roll over onto my back, put my legs in the air and you can stick your knob in my ass until you cum, whilst I wank m'self and cum all over my chest, for you to lick off."

"Oh Yes, that's a good idea," said Brad, still looking at the TV, in an uninterested voice. However Val saw that Brad's stiffening cock was now beginning to poke up out from the towelling robe as the blood flooded into his erectile tissues in response to his excitement. "Better get on with it then, if that's what your Mum said." Brad rolled his head on the chair's supporting cushion until he was looking at Val. It was only then that he first smiled and then laughed. Then he lay there with his mouth open, obviously waiting for Val's cock to fill it.

Val stood up and kicked his shoes off. Then he unbuttoned his Wrangler shirt and threw it behind him onto the settee. Taking the few steps needed to draw close to Brad he then stood close to his head, stroking the hard tube in his jeans to show Brad what he was going to get. Brad's hand found the chair control and it hummed quietly as it returned Brad to a sitting position, bring Brad's mouth closer to Val's jeans. He reached forward and pulled the zip down the front of the youth's fly. Val pushed his hips forward, his hands now either side of his lower spine.

There was no belt and Brad undid the metal button, so the fly could open at the waist. Brad pulled the faded jeans material down enough so they fell to Val's ankles. Val stepped back and picked them up, stopping, still bent at the waist, so that he and Brad could kiss, before throwing the jeans onto his shirt on the settee. Standing up straight Val was aware that Brad was looking at the wet spot on his Gregg Homme Toy Boy pink jockstrap pouch, where his seven inch cock was leaking with excitement. Brad leaned forward and licked the darker fabric, tasting the saltiness of the boy's pre-cum. He bit Val's hard tube as Val put his hands on Brad's head.

With his tongue Brad prised the side of the pouch aside to reveal the hardened, inflated glans. His lips kissed the split end as his tongue encouraged more of the clear nectar to flow into his mouth. Val's hips pushed his knob end into Brad's mouth, as Val held Brad's head to steady it. Further and further he pushed himself into his older friend's mouth, pushing in an inch, withdrawing it out a half inch, repeating this until a good six inches of his shaft was inside the encircling lips. He felt the motion of Brad's throat as Brad swallowed and hummed, the pulsations and vibrations stimulating the nerve ends in his glans. With a conscious effort Val did not cum his load there and then, but withdrew his shaft and smacked Brad's cheek sideways with it. "Not yet, big boy. Not yet!" he chided, releasing Brad's head from his grip and then taking a step back.

Brad sank back into his chair and operated the mechanism to send the back back and raise the feet support, so that it became a level bed. He opened his towelling robe and lay there on his back, his ten inches of cock and mushroom head pointing upright to the ceiling. Val walked round to stand at his head, a hand holding his balls and cock. Then Val climbed up onto the lowered chair back, his hands on the arm rests, careful not to tip the chair off balance.

With his knees either side of Brad's face, Val leaned forward and took Brad's cock in his mouth, sinking his head down as far as he could, trying to see how far this time he could get Brad's horse cock into his throat. At the same time Brad took hold of Val's cock and guided it to his own mouth as Val lowered himself down onto Brad's face. For a few moments they both sucked each other, Val deliberately clenching his ass ring again and again, knowing that it would pump more pre-cum out of his cock, whilst Brad allowed the natural reactions of his body to allow his own pre-cum to bubble up and into the lad's mouth, due to Val's slightly rough tongue washing round the edge of Brad's glans, and licking across the split in its' end.


Then Val found Brad's wet middle finger stroking over his wrinkled dark hole. He relaxed his muscle and the finger slipped in up to the first knuckle. He tried to strangle it with his sphincter muscle and in response Brad pushed it further in, as he pulled his hand back up Val's rigid shaft and licked at the back of his glans. Again the stimulus was almost too great, and Val almost orgasmed again. Brad was keeping him just on the edge of his cum.

Now Brad's finger had gone in further and was gently stroking his pea sized gland, again causing a heightened sensation in his cock, almost to the point of cumming. Val pulled back off Brad's cock and looked down along Brad's body. "Enough Brad, or I will shoot in your mouth. It's too early to cum. We have the whole night to think of," he said gently, but with a little urgency, as Brad's tickling his prostate had almost set off the explosion of sperm and seminal fluids that he knew would come eventually before the night was out.

Brad let go Val's cock and Val only had to move a little before he felt Brad's tongue wash over the entrance to his love tunnel. Holding Val's cheeks apart with both hands, Brad lay there with his eyes closed, letting the touch and taste sensations from the end of his tongue guide it around, across, and into his boyfriends hole.

He lapped and he licked at it, his saliva coating his own cheeks as he played his tongue over it and the back of the lad's ball sack. Brad's hand continued to wank Val's spear slowly, just to keep it hard as he played with the current centre of his attentions. As he washed across and into the boy's hole, he felt the circular muscle relax more and more, letting more and more of his tongue up into the hole. And this was the same hole that his hard cock would slide up and into, the hard cock that was at the moment stretching the jaws of the boy's mouth. He pushed his tongue up and in, again and again, like his cock would do later, and more effectively, and deeper.

Good things are better if you wait for them. Both satiated their desires to suck and probe, and it was Val who climbed off Brad and sat down on the carpet, his arms around his knees, his balls being prickled by the cut ends of the Axminster. "Fuck! I could do with a drink," he laughed. "Good idea! You know where it's kept," answered Brad, making the chair back rise and his feet to lower. "So it's peel-me-another-grape-time is it?" asked the lad laughing. "Fuck off and get me a whiskey and soda. And don't forget the ice!" Brad answered back amiably.

Brad had almost finished his whiskey, and Val his beer, when they heard the back door open. "Bionic bloody hearing. Only got to mention a drink and the 'Dynamic Duo' come through the door," said Val, half-seriously. "Whatever it is we don't want any. Fuck off!" volunteered Brad, half turning to see Eric and Jules enter carrying a Pizza box each. "Well that's a nice Welcome!" said Jules, slumping into the settee. "We just came round to cheer you up," said Eric, "But I can see you are feeling better!" "He's certainly been feeling something," said Jules, taking in Val's total nakedness and Brad's open robe. "Don't mind us. We'll just sit and watch ... and eat our Pizzas," said Jules, and he proceeded to stuff a wedge of Pizza into his jaws.

"I'll just go and microwave our Dinner," said Val standing up. "Get us a couple of beers whilst you're at it," asked Jules with his mouth full. Brad nodded to Val and he went into the Kitchen, and began noisily clattering around in there. "Was it something I said?" asked Jules of Eric innocently.

Doris's all-in-one-pot chicken stew was eaten by Brad and Val in almost silence. Eric took the empty plates and Pizza boxes out to the Kitchen and returned with a damp cloth for Jules hands before he wiped them over the settee. The silence extended for almost another minute before Jules piped up, "If we are in the way, we'll go you know." Brad smiled at him and said, "It was very kind of you to think of me. Thank You, both of you." "We were sitting in the Cafรˆ and Doris said Val had brought you over your Dinner," said Eric, looking at his hands, "I thought we could just come over and join you." He looked up at Brad and Val. "Sorry if we fucked things up for you," he said seriously. He looked at Jules. "We should have thought," he said. "Yeah!" said Jules, "we could have brought some porn to watch."


Surprisingly it was Val who laughed. "Don't you think of anything else, Jules?" he asked. "Well, I think that if I don't wank, suck or fuck every day, I'll go down wiv galloping nob-rot, or somfink," said the lad seriously, rubbing his crutch with one hand. "One of the boys at School told me!" "And when did you last go to School, Jules?" asked Brad kindly. "Couple of days ago," Jules replied. "I was passing by the Gates and a couple of the Senior lads I know asked if I wanted to middle a sandwich wiv 'em. I didn't feel like it, but one said that me nob would turn square and drop off if I didn't have it regular like. So I says OK and they did me in the bike sheds, just in case. Gotta be careful they said." He turned to Eric who was staring at him open mouthed. "Well, you never know do you?" Jules asked him seriously.

"It's a good thing you've got friends," answered Eric, putting his hand on top of Jules's crutch rubbing hand. As usual, he could feel Jules's hardon underneath. He mentally smiled at the capability of his younger friend, who, it appeared always had a stiffy, and could swallow someone's cock or let them bum him, at the drop of a hat. Eric leaned over and kissed Jules on the cheek, and Jules's worried frown relaxed at the physical contact with his closest partner. "Do you want to give me a suck, just to keep me alive?" Jules asked, hopefully.

"Well if it's a matter of life or death, then bring your cock over here Jules. Val and I will save you, won't we?" and Brad looked down into Val's laughing face as Val sat there naked, on the carpet by his chair.

It was obvious that Jules did not need any more encouragement. Kicking his shoes off, he leaned over and removed his socks. Then he stood up and pulled his T shirt over his head, before dropping his jeans and stepping out of them. He was wearing a jockstrap with a rainbow coloured pouch, which his ample balls and erect cock was filling nicely. "It's a new one," Jules said, smoothing the fabric proudly and tightly over his stiff cock to show himself off at his best. "What the jock or your cock?" asked Eric who was now standing behind him, also now naked, gently wanking his thickening cock. He sank to his knees, looked round Jules's hip and pointedly stared at the cock in the pouch.

"Just what I thought. New jock, same little cock," Eric said to Val and Brad. Then he saw Jules was getting upset and added quickly, "Wouldn't have it any other way would we, boys? Cock like yours Brad, can fucking hurt. Jules's is just nice and comfy in my bum, innit?" He kissed his friend's upper leg and held his mate's package with his hand. "Wouldn't change this for the world," Eric said mainly for his friend's ears. Jules just stuck his cock filled jock forward a bit harder into his mate's hand and smiled proudly.

Brad stretched his arm out and managed to reach Jules's colourful pouch. His hand replaced Eric's and Jules moved over to be beside Brad's chair as Brad pulled him gently by the balls. With his other hand Brad pulled at the side of the pouch and Jules's cock released itself from containment. Brad did not have to pull any more as Jules moved even closer to lean against the chair arm rest, his cock now just an inch from Brad's mouth. Brad hardly had to lean to get the lad's stiff cock and helmet into his mouth. He held the base of the rigid stalk and began nodding his lips up and down it. Jules put his hands on his hips and let his head fall back onto his shoulders. With eyes closed he received that day's salvation from the older man, grateful that he had people like these in his circle of friends.

Val licked his 1st finger and stuck it up between Jules's legs, the finger slipping into Jules's ass hole without any fuss. He felt the warm mouth of Eric close round his cock in his lap and leaned against the chair side and finger fucked his mate above him, whilst his other mate sucked him off. When his Mum had suggested taking dinner round to Brad tonight, he had never thought he would end up like this. Above him Jules changed position and now knelt on the wide arm rest, his legs apart, his cock firmly under the command of Brad's mouth, but his bum was now filled with Val's thumb, which felt bigger than he knew it was. He looked around behind him and saw Eric laying on his front, his legs apart, his shoulders supported by his elbows, his mouth gobbling up and down Val's erection. He closed his eyes again, totally happy.


A full fifteen minutes later, and Brad decided he wanted to come up for air. His cock was straining in it's skin, his towelling robe under his crutch damp with his dribbled pre-cum. He stood up out of the chair and gave his cock a few tugs, before laying down on the carpet, with his robe now folded up under his head. Now that Val's thumb had opened Jules's hole up for him, Jules came and knelt either side of Brad's hips, and, wanking his own cock gently, he sank down onto Brad's stalk, feeling the large head slide up between his bum cheek to stop at the entrance hole to his fuck chute.

Jules leaned forward and gently pinched Brad's nipples, feeling how hard they already were, before relaxing his sphincter muscle and pushing back onto Brad's knob, letting it slide into him past his ring of muscle, and slowly fill his back passage with hot, hard cock. He had always liked the feel of cock in his bum, since he was a lot younger and the older boys at School had used him every mid-morning break time. He became proud of the nick-name 'Spunk bucket' and worked to get as many cocks spurt into him and spray over his face as he could in the fifteen minute break, sitting in one of the toilet cubicles, with a queue of boys outside, either watching or wanking as the boys who had managed to fit into the cubicle had they way over, on and in him. He had it down to a fine art, getting cleaned up and clothed when the bell rang, wiping himself down with his pants before dressing.

He came back to reality when he felt Brad pinch his nipples in return, and realised that he had gently allowed almost all of Brad's 10 inch cock up into his gut. He leaned forwards, and felt the massive mushroom head move back down his fuck sleeve, almost to the entrance. Then he leaned back and the whole feeling changed as the head forced it's way back up into him again. And so on, and so on. Slowly, so he could enjoy it. He would let Brad speed up the thrusting when he knew that Brad's orgasm was on the boil. He did not mind then because then he would feel the heat of Brad's cum as he ejaculated, emptying those massive balls, he imagined, just so that Brad could paint the insides of his shitter with gooey white 'porridge'. And then his mate Eric would get round behind him and lick it away, as it oozed out of his hole. And then Eric would let him suck Eric's cock and Eric would cum in his mouth and he would swallow it all. They always did this when a third person fucked him. On their own, Eric just sucked his own spunk back out, and Jules had to make do with licking Eric's cock clean, as he had already cum, hadn't he?

By now Eric had satisfied himself sucking on Val's cock and Eric was kneeling on all fours, so the Val could suck his ring as he held Eric's bum cheeks apart, poking it with his tongue, until he could get his tongue all in. Eric felt Val move behind him and take hold of his hips. He felt Val's soft/hard knob end push up against his wet hole, pushing hard enough so that it popped inside his ring of fire, where it rested for a few seconds, before pushing on into him. He did not know what others thought of as they were bum-fucked, but he always thought of that first day, when he had found that vibrator in his Mum's chest of drawers, when he had pushed it into himself as he watched his reflection in his Mum's full length dressing mirror, seeing the length disappear as he felt it slide in, when he had almost fainted with excitement as his cock had exploded in the first real orgasm he had ever experienced.

Brad turned his head and watched as Val shafted Eric, watching Val's cock slide in and out of Eric's ass, watched as Val's balls slapped against the back of Eric's balls. He watched how Eric's stiff cock ran parallel to his stomach, twitching every time Val pushed or pulled his cock over Eric's prostate. He turned his gaze to Jules, watching his ecstatic face as he rode on Brad's 'horse cock'. He had only recently been able to take it all. He did not know whether Jules had been joking when he told Brad that he had been stretching himself with bigger and bigger dildos. Knowing Eric's love of dildo fucking, it was probably true. Whether or not, feeling the boy's ass sliding up and down on his pole, which had happened so infrequently before with anyone really, made his heart full to the brim, and his balls also. He reached forward and took hold of Jules's cock, wanking it with serious strokes, willing it to spurt over him and his face. Not just for the cum, but for the clenching of Jules's ring round his shaft, the feeling that he knew would trigger his own orgasm. The gripping clenches that would trigger his balls to explode, the inter-connecting pipes to fill and spasm, the rush and jet through his urethra before his semen paints the inside of the boy's rectum with soft lump after lump of white stickiness.

Jules felt Brad's hand start to wank his cock and looked down at him. Brad smiled back and began to shaft up into the boy riding him, as well as wanking the boy's cock. Jules looked over to the other two. Val was humping hard into Eric, who now was wanking his own cock furiously, balancing now on two knees and a hand. As he watched he saw Eric ejaculate several hard squirts over Brad's carpet and saw Val's stroke almost quiver and stop as he came inside his mate, thrusting slow and deep into Eric's bum. Jules felt his own 'sap rising' and gave his mind over to squirting his cum as far as he could up Brad's chest. Maybe his first or second squirt would land on Brad's face, such was the pressure he felt building up in his balls. With extra effort he thrust himself down onto Brad's cock, feeling Brad's pubic bone hit his coccyx each time, feeling Brad's massive purple mushroom scrape the inside of his gut each way of the stroke.

Then it was time. A tremendous feeling of release and relief swept over him. He felt his cock jerk and buck as he shot his cum out his purple split end. He felt his sphincter clasp round Brad's hard cock each time he squirted more of his cum onto Brad's stomach. He heard Brad breath, "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! I cumming. Here it cums!" and felt the red hot larva pump into his body, deep inside him, at the same time feeling Brad's strong masculine hands hold his hips and force him down hard onto the squirting, rigid hose that was irrigating his innards. Jules fought for air as he felt his lungs sing out for the oxygen they needed. He felt Brad underneath him almost writhing with exertion to force his man weapon deep into his receptacle, to replenish and fill to overflowing his 'Spunk bucket' of old.

Within the space of thirty seconds, all four in the room had orgasmed and emptied themselves, and now lay exhausted, panting as though they had just finished a marathon. Then Jules found his voice. "Same time tomorrow then, lads?" he asked everyone generally. He was not sure if the laughter was at him, or with him.

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