Man for Man

Bountiful Barry


As a kid, I always knew I was different. While the other boys were grabbing feels on and teasing the girls, I was often ogling the developing musculature of my male classmates. I kept my little secret and fit in the best I could. That included developing into quite an athlete. I played on every team I could. While enjoying the competitiveness, these endeavors also brought me even more enjoyment. Sports afforded me a unique vantage point - the close up shots of the male physiques of my fellow athletes. I went on to attend a small, private high school. It was the best education my father's millions could afford. I played on the school's basketball and baseball teams and in a summer soccer league. During my senior year, I had my first man to man encounter with a teammate from basketball. It consisted mostly of some groping and mutual jack off sessions. We got together about once a week until graduation and I never heard from him again.


Then came my college years. Time to experiment! I had several more encounters and eventually got into a solid relationship with a guy from Philly who had the biggest cock I'd ever encountered. Having his cock plowing my ass was the best part of my senior year. But, once again, graduation put an end to that as we went our separate ways.

After school, I moved to St. Louis and took a job with a major credit card company. I continued my sporting activities and played on the company softball and volleyball teams. My muscular, trim physique and good looks were a unique advantage. My job and social life were great. Although I did not get involved in any serious relationships I had my share of hot sex while keeping my gay lifestyle a secret at work. Then came the day that changed me forever.

I had gone to the bank late one Friday. It was a smaller branch in a building that also housed other businesses and some city offices. As I walked into the small lobby, I was disappointed to find the place was fairly crowded. As I stood at the lobby counter filling out my deposit slip, a group of construction workers entered. They were boisterous and talking excitedly about their up-coming weekend plans. They were mostly beer-bellied, middle aged guys that didn't cause much interest on my part. But then I saw the last guy of their group saunter into the lobby. I took a double take, trying not to make my staring eyes too obvious. He was a large, muscular, black Adonis. He stood about 6' 4" and was about 200 pounds of sheer male beauty. He was wearing scruffy jeans, a long sleeve work shirt and an orange vest. His facial features were straight out of a GQ ad. Several of the guys walked right up in line and a few gathered around the counter. As I returned to filling out my slip, the black guy moved in right next to me. He grabbed a slip, but there was no available pen for him to use.

"Here, I have an extra one," I offered as I pulled a pen from the inside pocket of my sport coat and pointed it at him.

"Thanks, man," he said as he accepted it.

His voice was also a dream. It was deep and resonant, the kind of voice that garnered attention. As he grabbed the pen, our hands touched and a tingle shot up my arm. His killer smile revealed a perfect set of pearly white teeth. His deep brown eyes gleamed at me as he accepted the pen. I finished my slip, gathered my keys and sunglasses and got in line to see a teller. About fifteen minutes later I was with a teller and taking care of my business. Just as I finished, I saw the black guy was at a teller window two down from me. With my business complete, I glanced his way and, as he was engrossed in his business, I moved on, taking another long look at that hot looking black stud. My loins ached, but he was probably straight as an arrow.

Later that evening, I was at Casey's, a local gay bar down the street from the new condo I had just moved into about a month ago. A lot of gay people lived in this neighborhood and I was getting to be accepted as a regular at Casey's. I was sipping my beer at the bar watching one of the monitors as it played a sexy gay video while the juke box music played some dance tunes.

"Hey, man, you forgot this," I heard a voice from behind.

"Oh, yeah...uh...I forgot," I stammered as turned to see that black, sexy stud from the bank.

He was now wearing a tan vest over a flimsy sleeveless shirt and some black leather pants. His hot body was finely displayed as I ogled his chiseled features and muscular frame, including one hell of a bulging crotch that made my mouth water.

"It's a nice pen, I'm sure you wouldn't want to lose it," he said as he sat on the barstool next to me.

"Barry," he responded as his large hand encompassed mine.

"Uh....thanks," I said. "Damn, what a hot fucking stud," I said to myself as I eyed him up and down. "I'm Jason, " I then added.

"Hey Jason, need another beer?" Barry said as he saw my nearly empty bottle before me.

"Bud Lite," I said as the bartender walked up.

"Two Bud Lites," Barry ordered.


"So, where do you work?" I asked.

"I work for the Street Department," he said.

For the next couple of hours we sat and talked about everything under the sun. Barry was extremely engaging and, as we loosened up a bit, I got the distinct impression he was as drawn to me as I was toward him. I finally decided to lay the bait.

"Well, Barry, I've had enough beer for one evening. How about heading back to my place to continue this conversation?" I asked.

"Well, hopefully there'll be more than talking involved," Barry answered as he put a hand on my thigh and squeezed.

That was all I needed to hear. We hastily walked down the block to my condo. As I fumbled with my key in the door lock, Barry moved in close and wrapped his arms around me, pressing his hard, hot body tightly into me. I gasped and quivered as he whispered in my ear.

"Hope you can keep up with me, man. I haven't had any hot action in over a whole month. I got a lot of cum stored up for this pretty white ass," he said as I gulped.

"Promises, promises," I joked as I flung open the door.

Barry wasted no time. As he followed me inside and shut the door, he pulled me to him. Our lips met in a searching, passionate kiss. Our hands roamed, groped, and fondled. His body was a mass of muscles - taut, hard, and hot! My cock was already reacting when we finally broke off our kiss.

"So, where's the bedroom?" Barry asked, his hands moving down to grab my ass cheeks. "I need to get me some of this hot ass, man."

"Well, let's hope you got enough cock there, Barry," I answered as I squeezed him through his jeans.

I squeezed and massaged the growing bulge in his crotch. It felt like a fucking flagpole.

"Damn," I said as Barry just stood there flashing that killer smile.

"Yeah, that's all me," he said. "You gonna be able to take it?"

"Damn sure gonna try," I said. "Let's get upstairs.

We bounded up the stairs and began to strip out of our clothes. I tore out of mine in no time and lay back on the bed as Barry removed his shirt. His chest was well developed and stood out proudly above his taut and rippled abs. My jaw gaped widely as he then slipped out of his pants. He was not wearing any briefs and his thick, black cock sprung out as he slid down his jeans. He smiled at me as he tossed his pants aside and grabbed his hefty cock.

"Well, you ready for this?" he asked as he fondled himself.

"Damn, that's the biggest cock I've ever seen," I said.

"Well, you're gonna love feeling it diggin' up your white ass," Barry said as he climbed into bed, straddling me on his knees.

As he scooted up, pushing me onto my back, that long thick cock, swung heavily between his muscular thighs. With my head propped up on the pillows, Barry rubbed his massive cock all over my face. It felt warm and soft as he brushed it over my brow, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck. As it brushed across my lips, I opened my mouth and Barry pushed himself inside. My mouth watered as I got my first taste of black cock. It was delicious! My mouth and tongue began to feverishly feed on that plump dark meat.

"Aaah, yeah, suck that cock," Barry moaned and quickly chuckled as he heard my muted reply.

"Mmmmph," came my response.

I reached back to grab onto Barry's hot ass as he slowly fucked my face with his still growing tool. My groans and moans seemed to lead him on as he began to push into me more directly. When I finally felt his cock pushing at the entrance to my throat, I gulped and gasped forcing back my gag reflex.

"Yeah, suck my cock, man," he encouraged. "Oooh, yeah, that's it. Damn, this feels so fucking good."

I relaxed as best I could as Barry began to force feed me his huge cock. With his hand still holding onto the base, he pushed and pulled his cock in and out. My lips were stretched tightly around his huge girth as he sank inside, alternating between slow, deep plunges and rapid thrusts. For over ten minutes or so, Barry ravaged my mouth and throat. His hands then grabbed my head as his tempo got more intense. I looked up to see the lust in his eyes as he continued to pump me with his throbbing cock.


"Yeah, suck it, man. Suck it good," he grunted.

My hands roamed wildly over his strong thighs, round ass, and up over his tight abs and bulging chest. The feel of his body and that huge cock slicing into me had my cock rock hard. Grabbing my cock, I started to jerk it fast and furious. My jaw was aching, but I was really turned on and soon shot a load of cum over my stomach.

"Mmmm...mmmmm...mmmmm..." I grunted as my cock released its load.

I reached back up to Barry's ass. I held on excitedly as his taut ass muscles flexed and twitched and his hips moved ever faster. For ten or so more minutes, Barry continued fucking my face. Finally, his orgasm approached and I prepared to get my first taste of a black stud's cum.

"Aaaah...yeah..." Barry then groaned. "I'm gonna cum, man. I'm gonna cum.

Yeah eat that cum, swallow it all," he continued.

His huge cock began to jerk as he continued pumping. Barry then pulled back until the tip of his cock was just inside my mouth. I felt the first blast of cum burst into me. He began to stroke his glistening, solid fuck pole as it spurted a rich, creamy load of cum into my mouth. It tasted salty and delicious. I wrapped my lips tightly around the tip of his cock and began to suck and swallow his tasty cum. My mouth worked feverishly as an unbelievable onslaught of cum spewed from Barry's huge cock. Finally, he unleashed the last of his load and pulled himself from between my lips. I gulped down the remains of his gooey cum then licked my lips as I spied a rivulet of cum dribbling from the slit on the crown of Barry's black cock. I pulled him back in and suck down the last droplets.

"Damn, that was hot," he sighed as I looked up to see him watching me still feeding on his large shaft.

"Mmmm, and tasty, too," I sighed back as I pulled his cock from my mouth.

Barry then lay down beside me as we relaxed and playfully rubbed each other's body. After several minutes, Barry's hand reached behind me and grabbed my ass. He squeezed my cheeks in his large hands as a tingle ran up my spine. Barry the pushed himself into me and rolled over on top. As our lips locked I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, savoring the erotic feel of his fine body. He began to grind his huge cock against me as I felt it begin to expand once more.

"That blow job was hot," Barry then said as he broke off our kiss. "But not as hot as pumping a tight pussy boy ass," he quickly added. "You got any lube?" he then asked.

"Yeah, there's a bottle on that night stand," I said, pointing over my left shoulder.

"Well why don't you roll over on your stomach," he directed as he got off me and reached for the bottle. "I need to fuck that pretty white ass, man."

When in position, I looked back over my shoulder and watched as Barry was already applying some lube to his swelling cock. Glistening with the lubricant, it was a thick black monolith of pleasure. My mind spun as I realizing that huge monster cock was soon going to be prying my tight ass wide open. Barry then poured some of the lube into the crack of my ass. I buried my face in a pillow. His hand began to rub the lube into my ass crack until his finger pressed up against my puckered opening. When his finger poked inside, I sighed and wiggled my ass back at him.

"Damn, this ass can't wait to get fucked," Barry commented as his finger began to quickly jab in and out. "It's nice and tight, too," he said.

I looked back again to see his cock now at full mast as he dug another finger up inside to loosen me up. With some dread and even more excitement, I squeezed my ass, gripping his probing digits tightly.

"Oooh, yeah, I'm gonna love working this ass, man," Barry said. "It's so fucking tight. Just as I suspected when I saw you at the bank today." he added as he looked up at my now questioning face. "Man, I saw the way you were looking at me. I get a lot of looks like that from white guys and I almost always end up fucking their hot white butts, too. When I lucked upon you in the bar, I knew I'd be getting me some of this hot white ass, man," Barry said confidently.


"Well, less talk and more action," I said as I pushed up my ass.

Barry pulled his fingers free and quickly guided his cock toward his target. I felt the warm tip rub into the crack of my ass as he teasingly rubbed me there. When his thick cock pressed against my rosebud, I grit my teeth and buried me face in the pillow once more. Then with a quick jab he entered me. As his thick cock pushed inside, I gasped, pulled the pillows against my face and held them tightly.

"Aaah, yeah, give up that ass, man," I heard Barry demand as a searing pain rode up my back and enveloped my brain.

Tears formed in my eyes as I did my best to relax and take him in. My teeth ground hard as Barry sunk in deeper.

"Damn, you're so fucking big," I finally grunted.

"Just relax, Jason," he said. "Relax and open up that ass," he continued as one of his hands rubbed my lower back. "You're gonna love how my big, black cock is gonna feel like up your tight white ass."

With deep breaths and sheer will power, I force my ass muscles to relax. I could feel my fuck hole being pried apart as he sunk in even more of his rigid flagpole of solid black cock. He then began to slowly fuck my ass for several minutes with just half of his big cock. My ass was now accustomed to his hefty cock and I sighed lowly as he continued to work it. He then pulled free. The emptiness felt weird and I raised my ass up searching for that pleasure tool.

"Yeah, your ass is just begging for my cock now, man," Barry said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I moaned. Give me that big, black cock, man" I said. "Fuck me. Fuck me," I pleaded.

"Ask and ye shall receive," he quoted the bible as he plunged back inside.

I gasped once more when I felt that massive meat invading me again. Barry groaned as his thick cock again began pumping my ass. I could feel him sinking ever deeper with every mind-blowing plunge. When his hips ground down against me, Barry lay on top of my pleasure soaked body. We both moaned as he wormed his arms beneath me and pulled himself in tightly. The heat of his muscular body melted into me. Barry then began to hump against me as I felt his warm breath in the nape of my neck.

"Aaah, yeah, this is hot," he moaned. "Yeah, I love fucking me some tight white ass."

"Oh, yeah, oh yeah," I sighed. "Fuck that white ass. Gimme that cock."

For several minutes Barry slowly worked my ass with his full length sending shivers up my spine and exciting me to no end. He then pulled his hands from beneath me and, grabbing firmly onto my waist, he got up on his knees, pulling me up into a doggie style fuck. I got on all fours to enjoy the ride. My cock was hard once more and flopped against my stomach as Barry pounded me from behind. I glanced across the room and saw our reflection in the large mirror above my dresser. I almost blew a load of cum right then and there. The sight of that large, muscle bound black stud fucking my white ass got me going like never before.

"Yeah, fuck me, stud. Fuck me good," I demanded.

Barry smiled as I continued to watch our reflection. The feel of his large cock tearing up my ass and the sight of his muscular black body towering behind me, slamming into my body drove me wild. I gawked at the rippling muscles of his biceps and forearms, his massive chest, and his round ass as he drove himself into me. Barry then leaned forward. He braced himself on his hands beside me and began to flail his hips as he rested his forehead on my upper back. My cock began to drool cum as I watched this scene in awe. His taut, black ass flexed and dimpled as he drove that cock with ever increasing speed. His hips were a flurry of motion. The vision of two dogs fucking passed through my brain. But, reality returned quickly when Barry shoved his full length up inside and slowly ground his hips against me growling as he did.

"Aah, yeah, this ass feels so fucking hot," he said.

I'm not sure how much time passed. It seemed like time stood still while that thick black cock sliced in and out of me. Barry got up and grabbed my hips once more. He began to slam hard into me as the bed creaked and the mattress shook.


"Whew, baby, take my cock," he moaned. "I'm gonna breed this fucker, man. I'm gonna blow my load up this pretty white ass."

"Yeah...yeah...fuck me...fuck me..." I demanded. Harder. Harder!"

Barry's huge fuck pole was plunging hard and deep. My burning ass had never felt such sensations before. He was riding my ass, taking me like some wild animal. His grunts and groans had me fully excited. Then he suddenly pulled free and I hungrily pushed my ass back.

"Hell, I ain't done yet, man," I heard him chuckle. "Flip over on your back," Barry then demanded.

I quickly did as I was told and pulled my legs back. Barry reached over me, grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my upturned ass. He then pulled my legs up over his shoulders and leaned in, guiding himself back inside. As that monster cock invaded me once more, I grabbed onto his strong forearms.

"Ooh, aaaahh, yeah, fuck my ass," I pleaded.

Our eyes met as Barry filled my ass with his throbbing fuck pole once again. His handsome face beamed at me as his wicked cock began to work its magic again. He then rolled his head back as his hips began to pound down against me again. For several minutes he tore into my ass with powerful thrust after powerful thrust. I reached up to his bulging biceps, feeling them twitch and flex as he rode me like a fucking stallion.

"Damn, man!" he moaned. "You got one hell of an ass here."

Barry then dug in deep, squirmed his hips, then lay down into me. As he pinned me to the bed and freed my legs I wrapped them around his lower back.

Our lips locked once more as his hips continued their frenzied motion, plunging that thick black tool in and out of me like a solid piston of black molten flesh. With every deep penetration we both moaned and sighed in pleasure. For several minutes he worked my ass like that. Then he pushed himself up again and stretched out his legs. I grabbed my swollen cock and began to jerk it as Barry resumed his vicious anal assault.

"Yeah, yeah, take my cock," he demanded.

I simply sighed back as he quickly increased his pace. In no time he was slamming down into me and my legs were flailing in mid air. His fuck pole drove in and out of my aching ass with quick, deep plunges. My cock soon blew a load of cum all over my stomach and chest. I squirmed beneath that muscle bound, ebony Adonis.

"Yeah...yeah...," Barry then grunted. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fill this ass with my cum, man."

Suddenly he slammed down good and hard. His hips ground firmly as he threw his head back again. I saw his massive chest heaving as I felt that monster cock twitch and jerk deep inside of me. A warm cum load began to spew into my bowels as Barry ground his hips down hard against my ravaged ass. His grunts and howls filled the room as he pumped a rich mother load of cum up my well-used ass. When his cock finally ceased pumping his cum inside my ass, Barry collapsed on top of me. His sweat soaked body melted into me as he continued to grind his spent cock up inside of me. We lay there for several minutes, recuperating from that hot fuck. My ass muscles twitched, gripping tightly around Barry's now softening member.

"Ooh, yeah, squeeze that ass," he sighed. "Milk my cock, man."

Barry never removed himself. He just kept slowly grinding his hips against me. My ass felt thoroughly used and sated as I lay there in extreme contentment. For the next five minutes or so I could feel Barry's rapidly beating heart slowly to return to normal.

"Mmmmm, yeah, this feels so good," Barry finally sighed. Then as he propped himself up and finally pulled his cock from my ass he knelt between my outstretched legs. "How about a glass of water?" he asked as he reached down to finger my ass again. "I could use some before I drill this hot hole again."

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