Man for Man

Bobby's Turn In The Barrel


Bobby sat on the Sarge's bed feeling awkward - he found the older stud very sexy, and was afraid his arousal would show and he'd get in trouble. The Sarge had invited the sexy young marine into his room just before lights out, and offered him a shot of whiskey. They were both wearing just their regulation shorts and tee shirts, and sitting side by side on the Sarge's cot. As the talked, the Sarge put his arm around the young stud's muscular shoulders, and rubbed and massaged them. The boy was flattered at the awesome older stud's attention, and found himself feeling warm and safe, and in spite of his efforts to keep it down, his big cock was swelling with arousal, especially as the Sarge started to talk about sex.


"We all need sex, right son?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so sir."

"You Guess! Shit, boy, are you telling me you can go more than a day without at least beating your meat?"

"Well, no sir."

"I thought so. But wouldn't you rather be fucking a tight hot pussy?"

"Well, yes sir."

"All right. But have you ever fucked another guy's ass? Now don't get shy, we're a couple of macho horny men here, and you can tell me the truth. You've fucked some buddy's ass when the two of you were alone and horny, right?"

The Sarge put his hand on the boy's naked leg as he asked this question, and started massaging its firm muscular flesh. Bobby was finding it hard to concentrate on what Sarge was asking, he was feeling hot and horny and confused at the older stud's intimate attention to his body.

"Well, uh, I guess so, sir."

"You guess so? Have you or haven't you, boy?"

"Well, all right, yes sir, I have."

"There you go, I knew it. And I bet you've let that buddy fuck your ass in return, right? That's only fair."

"Well, when you put it that way sir, I have to admit I have, sir."

Bobby was feeling hot and confused and horny and wishing he could get up and leave. He'd never told anyone about the things he and his buddy Terry had done back home, because he was afraid other guys wouldn't understand. But Sarge seemed to understand. Maybe it was OK to talk to him about it.

"Good - how many times?"

Bobby turned his head away as he replied - "Oh gosh, sir, it was just the once, I swear!"

Bobby was afraid the Sarge could tell he was lying - he and Terry had fucked each other a lot. One time Bobby's older brother Derek had caught them doing it and he had spanked both of them hard on their bare asses and then fucked them both, and in return for not telling anyone he made the two sexy studs have sex with him any time he wanted it. At night Derek would come to Bobby's bed and pull the covers off the younger boy and tell him to lie on his stomach and then he would fuck him. Bobby loved being fucked by Derek, his older brother was such a total macho jock stud whom everybody admired and lusted after and when he fucked Bobby it always made the boy cum endlessly, Derek's cock would jab at a special place inside Bobby's ass and his cock would pump out wad after wad of hot boy-stud jism, his balls would writhe and throb as they emptied themselves.

When Terry came over to Bobby's house, if Derek was home the two of them would make a lot of noise to piss the older boy off, and then he would storm into Bobby's room and spank them. He would strip each boy naked, then strip off his own clothes and bend one of them over his bare knees and paddle his bare firm ass with his hand until the boy was whimpering and begging, then spank the other, then make them suck his huge hard cock until he was almost ready to cum, then make them lay side by side face down over the edge of the bed and fuck them alternately until finally he couldn't hold back and he'd shoot his load inside one of them, then pull his clothes on and go back to his own room to study.

Sarge reminded Bobby of his older brother Derek, and as the awesome muscle stud stroked and fondled the young soldier's sexy muscles, Bobby wondered what it would be like to get fucked by the Sarge.

The Sarge's hand had worked its way up Bobby's bare leg to his crotch and was rubbing under his balls, getting him steadily hornier and more desperate for some sort of release - he felt dizzy. The Sarge's voice brought the boy back from his fantasy.

"Well, even if you've only been fucked once, boy, that means you know it can feel pretty good, right?"

"Uh, well, yes sir, I guess it didn't feel so bad."

"Right! Then here's the deal - every man in this barracks takes his turn. You've heard the old expression 'your turn in the barrel'? About how on sailing ships in the old days the men took turns in the barrel?"

"Uh, well, yes sir."

"Good. Well this is just like that. Except there's no barrel. We use the storage locker at the end of the barracks. There's a cot in there and a light that's dim enough you can't really see a lot, but enough, if you know what I mean. At the start of each month we all draw numbers, and when your number comes up, it's your turn on the cot. You go in there after lights out - no one can see who you are, so it's all anonymous. You strip naked and lie face down on the cot and cover your head so no one can tell it's you, in case their eyes get used to the dark. There's a can of lube on the floor, and you get yourself ready, if you see what I mean."


The boy nodded nervously. He was getting even hornier as the Sarge described the nightly orgy, and the way the Sarge was fondling his balls now had the boy so horny he could hardly think. He would love being able to fuck any of the other guys in the barracks, they were all awesome studs, but the idea of having all of them fuck him was even more exciting. The Sarge continued -

"You have to stay in there for two hours. All the guys who want to get their rocks off draw numbers after evening mess, and once you signal you're ready - you turn the light on and off a couple of times - they line up and take their turns. They can ask for a blowjob or a fuck, and you have to give whichever one they want. Each man gets five minutes, and if he can't get his rocks off in that length of time, he has to go to the end of the line, and if there's still time before the time's up, he gets another five. You understand all of that?"

"Uh, yes sir. But what if I don't want to take a turn on the cot, sir?"

"Well, son, then you don't get to take a turn in the line. There are a few guys in here who have chosen that course - damn prudes, if you ask me. One of them's a fucking closet case for sure, doesn't want anyone to know how much he would enjoy getting his tight hot ass plugged with some of the big cocks around here. But that's his business. So what do you say, you want to join in?"

"Gosh, sir, I don't know. Letting my buddy fuck me that once was one thing, but letting the whole barracks fuck my ass all at once is something else. I'm afraid it would tear my ass apart. And I've only sucked cock once or twice."

"That same buddy?"

"Yes sir."

"You and him must have been real close."

"Well, yes sir, I guess you could say that. We was friends from the time we was kids."

"Was he as big as you?" The Sarge reached out and groped the sexy youth's crotch, wrapping his hand around the boy's huge fuck tool through his shorts - it was one of the biggest the Sarge had ever seen.

"Oh!" The boy gasped with pleasure as his hard cock was groped. "Well, yessir, I guess he was."

"And how did it feel when your buddy fucked you, son?" The Sarge slipped his hand inside the boy's shorts and fondled his bare hard cock and saw the sexy young stud's eyes go glassy with need and arousal.

"Oh!" Bobby gasped with pleasure - "It, uh, well, it felt ok, I guess. He was my buddy, you know?"

"Of course, son. But it felt pretty good, I bet, once you got used to it. Am I right? Come on, you can be honest with me, son." The Sarge was working the boy's tee shirt off and fondling his big hard pecs, rubbing his rock-hard washboard abs, getting him naked and horny.

"Oh God! Sir! Don't!"

"Come on boy, we're just two horny studs - tell me how it felt." He stroked the boy's huge hard cock expertly and Bobby felt all his resistance melting. He wanted this man to use him, he needed release.

"Sir! Oh yes! Yes! It did feel good after a while."

"Did you cum boy?"


"While your buddy was fucking you - did you cum?" The Sarge gave the boy's nipples a good hard squeeze and the sexy youth gasped with pleasure.

"Oh! Oh! Sir! Yes! I did, I came, I don't know why, but his cock hit a spot inside me and I started cumming real hard! He came when I fucked him too, though."

"There you are son, that's perfectly normal, all men have a spot inside their asses that does that, makes them cum if it's poked hard enough. I tell you what, son. You must be pretty horny right now, am I right?" The Sarge had the boy's huge nuts in his big hand and was working them hard, making the boy gasp and moan.

"Oh! God! Yes sir."

The Sarge had the boy's tee shirt all the way off by now, and had pushed him back onto the bed. He leaned down and started sucking the muscle- boy's big hard pecs while he worked his shorts down and fondled his cock and balls. Fuck juice was oozing from the tip of the boy's big hard dick - he was hot and horny and ready to be taken.

"I tell you what, son - Why don't I help you out right now, just man to man? Would you like that?"


The boy said nothing, just gasped and moaned with arousal and need, so the Sarge got on his knees and pulled the boy's shorts down and started sucking his huge dick. The boy's enormous fuck stick was one of the reasons the Sarge was trying to get him to join in the fun - the Sarge really wanted that monster shoved up his own ass good and hard, and he knew there were a lot of other men in the barracks who would feel the same, once they saw it. It didn't hurt that the boy also had one of the cutest, most fuckable asses the Sarge had ever seen too. He was just dying to get a turn at fucking it hard enough to make the boy's eyes pop out. Now he had to strain to get his mouth open wide enough to accommodate the huge pole but he soon got several inches of it into is mouth and gave it a good sucking and the sounds of pleasure the boy made told him he was doing it right. As the Sarge sucked Bobby's giant fuck pole, he worked a couple of fingers up the muscle-boy's tight hot ass hole and by the time the boy shot his load the Sarge was jabbing at the kid's hard love nut and making him yell with ecstasy. The kid popped his nuts in about two minutes, the Sarge made sure it didn't last too long, he wanted the kid hot for more.

Once the sexy boy had stopped cumming and fallen back onto the cot, the Sarge said "OK, boy, what'll it be? You only get one chance to join us, and this is it."

"Oh God, that sure felt great sir, I haven't felt that good since the last time Terry did me."

"Is Terry the buddy you were telling me about, son?"

"Yes sir."

"You and him had sex pretty regular, I guess."

"Well, yes sir, I guess we did. Both being horny all the time, and our girl friends refusing to put out and all."

"I understand, son, it was just natural to help each other out. You sucked him off and he sucked you - maybe you did a sixty-nine a few times."

"Uh, yes sir."

"And you fucked your buddy pretty regular, I guess."

"Uh, well, yes sir. He, uh, he liked it a lot."

"So how many times?"

"Gosh, sir, I don't know."

"A lot?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so, sir. We were both pretty horny, you know, sir?" The Sarge was continuing to finger-fuck the sexy naked marine as they talked, and he stroked the boy's naked muscles and played with his still rock-hard cock to keep him horny and confused. Bobby was glassy-eyed with need - getting his rocks off once so quickly had left him even hornier than before - the sexy muscle-boy needed to cum three or four times at least before he felt relief once he was this horny. The Sarge stroked and fondled his naked body as they talked and his huge hard cock throbbed and oozed. Bobby was so flattered by the intimate exploration of his body that he said things he wouldn't have otherwise.

"So you and Terry fucked each other pretty regular, right?"

"Oh! Yes sir!" Sarge grabbed the boy's huge balls and squeezed them, making his cock ooze a big drop of cum onto his belly - Bobby loved having his balls squeezed hard.

"So Terry must have fucked you a lot more than just once."

"Oh! Yes sir, he fucked me all the time."

"And you liked it."

"Yes sir."

"There now, I thought so. And you must miss getting fucked regular- like."

"Oh, yes sir, I guess I do."

"Fine, then you'll want to join our nightly sessions."

Bobby realized suddenly that he had revealed more than he should have.

"Uh, but sir, if I say I want to join, when do I have to take my turn on the uh cot?"

"Well now, son, here's the way that works. If you say you want to join, you have to take your turn on the cot right away. It's the only way to be sure you don't take advantage of the other men, if you see what I mean. Otherwise you could spend ten or even twenty nights fucking all the other men in the barracks and then when your turn came you might say you had changed your mind. So this way you earn your right to be a part of the group, you see?"

"Oh. Well, yes sir, I see what you mean. Could I have a day or two to think about it maybe?"

"Sorry, son, like I said, this is a one time offer. You make your choice right now."


The Sarge had been fondling the boy's still rock-hard cock the whole time this latter part of the conversation was going on, and the horny youth was so aroused he was about to blast another load of cum all over himself as he lay naked on the Sarge's cot.

"Oh gosh sir, I sure do need it. But that part about getting fucked by all the other soldiers, I don't know. Some of them look pretty big."

"Not as big as you though boy," the Sarge pointed out as he stroked the young muscle-boy's huge fuck pole, "and I can show you some things to do to stretch yourself out and get yourself ready." The Sarge reached into his locker and pulled out three dildos of progressively larger size, the largest almost as big as the boy's giant member.

"You take these" - he laid them on the bed beside the naked boy - "and this" - he pulled out a tub of lube - "and get to work right now. I'll leave you alone - or I can stay and help, if you like - there's an hour before lights out, and that's plenty of time for you to get ready."

As he had been speaking the Sarge had continued to stroke and fondle the young marine's sexy muscular body, stimulating and arousing him. The sexy young stud was a really awesome hunk, with smooth dark hairless skin, a tight, muscular body, a big cock, and a killer ass. His pecs and abs were the envy of every man in the barracks - he could have had a career as a male porn star with no trouble.

The boy said nothing, just lay there submissively, so the Sarge raised the now naked boy's muscular legs in the air and pushed them up over his head, exposing his bare vulnerable ass. He spread the sexy young muscle stud's legs wide apart and scooped up a big glob of the lube and started rubbing it onto the boy's huge hard cock and all over his balls, and into his tight firm ass. The boy made soft sounds of pleasure as his cock and ass were attended to so expertly and he spread his legs wide to grant the Sarge entrance to his tight hot ass hole.

The Sarge soon had three fingers inserted in the boy's ass and was probing and digging around until he found the tight hard knob of flesh inside that he knew would get the boy really hot. He worked another gob of lube up the boy's ass, then picked up the smallest of the dildos - about six inches in length - and started pushing it in. The boy yelped as it penetrated his tight hot hole but was soon purring and begging for more.

The Sarge pulled out the small dildo and shoved the next larger one in and was rewarded with another yelp of initial pain, followed by grunts of pleasure as the boy's ass expanded and accepted the intrusion. The Sarge worked this one around longer, hitting the boy's prostate as much as he could, shoving the large rubber cock in and out slowly but vigorously. The boy was soon grunting and begging or more.

Finally the Sarge pulled out the middle sized cock and the loud plop must have been audible in the barracks, where twenty horny marines waited to find out if the Sarge had succeeded - there wasn't a man out there who wasn't desperate to shove his huge hard cock up the boy's ass and fuck him senseless. All of them were super horny and desperate for release. But the Sarge had never failed at this before.

The Sarge picked up the largest of the dildos and put its head against the boy's now well-stretched hole - it was almost as large as the boy's own giant cock, but the Sarge didn't hesitate - the kid was ready. He shoved about three inches of it inside the boy's asshole and the kid yelled in pain - it really was huge and in spite of all he had taken so far, it was painful. But the Sarge was continuing to stroke the boy's huge hard cock and to stroke and fondle his big pecs and large hard nipples and to fondle and stimulate him in other intimate spots and the boy was too far gone to resist. He accepted the huge rubber dildo and bore the pain as Sarge pushed it slowly all the way in. Then the boy gasped and moaned and sighed as the giant dildo was pulled out and shoved in again and soon he was loving it and begging for more.

That's when the Sarge got up and opened his door, and all the men crowded in. They were all naked, all hard-dicked and eager.

Sarge got the first fuck, he stood beside the cot, pushed the boy's legs up in the air to expose his now well-lubed and wide-stretched asshole and with one good lunge drove his own sizeable member in up to his crotch hairs. The feeling of that tight hot man-hole closing around his big hard cock, followed by the loud gasp from the boy's mouth, was all the encouragement he needed, and as all the men stood stroking themselves and fondling each other's naked bodies, he threw a slow hard fuck into the kid's willing ass. Two of the soldiers grabbed Bobby's legs and held them up, two more pinned his arms to the bed, and most of the others put their mouths and hands to use fondling and sucking the boy's naked muscles, working his nipples, sucking and stroking his huge hard cock, squeezing his huge balls. The boy was an incredibly hot number, and every man in the barracks had been dying to get his hands on the kid's awesome body. Bobby moaned and gasped with ecstasy.

Once the Sarge was at work pumping his big hard cock up Bobby's ass, another man moved around to the other side of the cot and pulled the kid's head back and worked his finger's into the boys mouth to get it open, then shoved his big hard dick down the kid's throat. Bobby loved it, and sucked that huge cock like a cow at a teat - he hadn't had a good hard cock in his mouth since the last time he had sucked Terry, and he was in heaven. Soon the boy was being plugged expertly at both ends, and loving it. He took all their cum up his ass and down his throat and wanted more.

An hour later every man in the barracks had cum at least once, and most twice in the sexy muscle-boy's tight hot ass or eager mouth. Bobby himself had cum more times than he could count, more than ever before at one time, he loved so much being used by all the men as a fuck toy.

Once they had finished with the sexy marine muscle-boy, they carried his exhausted naked body to the showers and gave him an enema to wash him out good, then dumped him on his bunk, where he slept at once.

Over the next months Bobby got to fuck all the other marines, and loved having his huge hard cock up their tight hot asses as much as they loved his doing it, but he was glad when his turn came again to lie face down on the cot and take all their cocks - he was happiest when getting fucked.

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