Man for Man

Bob the Builder


Robbie had a normal grammar school education but being educated wasn't a strong point and the opportunity to get a job at 16 had him leave and take day release classes at the local technical college where his building skills were honed. Now he made a good living and had a good, if not extravagant lifestyle. His marriage to Lynn when he was still 23 meant they now had two children Louise and Darren aged 14 and 10 respectively. He was a good husband and looked after his kids well. He had his own interests and Lynn had hers, taking turn about at making sure the kids were looked after.


His love was watching football (soccer to our American readers) and he played some five a side football from time to time. He enjoyed time on the internet playing games and just generally chilling. Now as this is a sex story, I must add that Lynn and Robbie had long since moved into that married type of sex. They did it two or three times a month if the kids weren't around. If they were out for a few drinks or a meal, the alcohol often induced a quick and frantic session and that was about it.

Robbie was happy with that and the odd dirty comment on a centrefold in some magazine one of his fellow workmates had brought into work or a link in an e-mail to a website with some raunchy pictures might bring Robbie to a little private hand job from time to time. In fact the number of hand jobs had been increasing and he found his interest in the private parts of magazine models increasing. One of the guys who was leaving to work in Dubai, left Robbie with a dozen or so magazines and a similar amount of DVDs on his departure, not wanting to be sussed as a pervert on arrival at a new post.

A visit by Lynn and both kids to her mother one Saturday gave his the opportunity to call off his joining her as he "had a match to play." It was, of course, a complete lie, and he felt really guilty about doing it but he really wanted some time with his right hand and the DVDs he so eagerly wanted to watch.

They were great and in such detail. Most were the usual with the busty all American blonde being fucked in many positions by all American men. He had never really seen erect men in action before so was fascinated, watching in close up, these larger than normal cocks entering the all American blondes and then splattering cum all over their tits or faces, something Lynn would never, ever allow. These guys came like hosepipes and he found himself replaying the cum-shots over and over again. One movie even had a gang bang with a multiple cum-shot on some busty brunette with massive tits at the end. These guys seemed bigger than Robbie and came more than Robbie.

He nursed his aching seven inch cock through all the DVDs. Obviously he speeded through many but the last one caught his attention. In this one were two younger guys, probably in their early twenties, with a slimmer, less brassy girl. They lay in bed with her and kissed her, she sucked both their cocks and then one of the guys fucked her while she sucked the other. The situation was then reversed and Robbie found this highly erotic. He went through to the kitchen to get some kitchen towel to mop the impending mess, shuffling with his jeans at his ankles as he went but on his return he stopped dead in his track because on the screen, the younger lad was licking the girl out while the older guy had his cock fully imbedded in his arse fucking him like mad.

Holding his hard cock in his right hand and the kitchen towel in his left, Robbie's cock spontaneously ejected cum in a manner he never thought he could. It arced across seven or eight feet and landed on the sofa, splattering some across the television screen.

"Fuck," he said, quickly trying to mop the continuing ejection from his uncut cock.

Mopping up, or rather, sponging up, took some time and he felt very guilty as he hid all the DVDs again. He wondered about destroying them but he couldn't bring himself to get rid of something which had given him so much pleasure. When Lynn and the kids arrived back, he flushed ever so slightly with embarrassment when asked "how his day went," especially bearing in mind that the young lady in the bisexual threesome was probably only four years older than his daughter.

Well, the guilt continued as did Robbie's determination to keep his little hoard for his own personal use and, when time allowed, a trip to the darker areas of the Worldwide web to top things up.

Around three months later, he was working with a small team on an extension to a large detached villa in some five acres of ground owned by a wealthy businessman and his wife named Hartley-Jones. They had a daughter around the same age as his Louise though she was at a private school. The young girl was quite precocious and ever so slightly provocative, making saucy suggestions to both Robbie and the twenty year old apprentice working alongside him. They dismissed her and when they did, she commented that "her older brother would see to them when he returned home for summer from University. They thought nothing of her comment, only that it was the ramblings of a pubescent teen.


A couple of days later, when Robbie was working on his own, he heard a voice introduce itself from behind and he turned to see an unusual sight. Behind him was a slim young man just over six feet tall. His hair was slightly too long, draping over his eyes at one side. He kept sweeping it back with a flick. The colour was slightly odd too, with an unnatural purplish red highlight through part of it. His eyes were piercingly blue and his dress was almost transsexual. Whilst still dressed as a guy, the clothes would equally have looked fine on a woman.

"Rupert," he said holding out his hand.

Robbie clumsily took it and was greeted with a limp handshake from him.

"Just back from Oxford for the summer holidays," he continued, "and I see what Annabel was talking about," referring to his precocious sister.

"Eh, I hope it was good," said Robbie, struggling with a response.

"Oh trust me, it was," he replied. "If I can do anything for you, just call me, absolutely anything."

This was said with a suggestive voice that Robbie had never heard from anyone of the same sex and as Robbie walked off, he found himself looking at his bottom, encased in tight jeans. It was an extremely pert bottom, not the pear shaped bum of a woman, but rounded, firm and high. He mentally noted that he had never realised how different men's and women's bottoms were until that moment.

As he worked all afternoon, he kept visualising Rupert's eyes and hearing his voice. At one moment, he actually merged the scene of the woman in his DVD being licked by Rupert while he fucked his pert bum. He felt his cock rise and quickly thought better of it, turning his mind to football and bricklaying in no particular order.

The following day when Steve, the young apprentice was there, Robbie felt sure he would get a break from Rupert's attentions once he saw the younger guy, more his age. This didn't happen and, if anything Rupert paid even more attention to Robbie, bringing cold drinks and helping to lift the odd item here and there. Strangely, when Steve was around, Rupert actually calmed his camp mannerism down and Steve even commented how well mannered he was, presumably putting his slightly odd attire down to him being a student.

When Robbie went to the toilet in the house for a pee, he was surprised once again to find his cock half hard. He did something he never thought he would do, and sat on the toilet, his jeans at his ankles and masturbated. His thoughts drifted again into a threesome with Rupert and the unknown girl except in this scene, Rupert sucked his cock and as he came he visualised it spurting down Rupert's throat. Again a red-faced Robbie emerged to return to work with a guilty look all over his face.

At home, attempts to encourage Lynn to step up their sex life to involve some oral sex met with a blank. In his mind the sentence "if that's the case then I assume a shag up the arse is out of the question too" appeared in his mind and made him smirk as Lynn would have had a heart attack if he had said that out loud.

The weekend passed and a problem at another job had meant the apprentice being dragged off again. Robbie arrived to what looked like an empty house at the Hartley-Jones's. He had a key to the rear of the property where he was working and the absence of any cars suggested they might be away for the day so he got started. He had been there about an hour when he heard a door slam and Rupert walked past him in a small pair of pale blue Speedos, a towel over his shoulder, and headed for their small swimming pool. He passed the quick time of day before diving in, splashing about in the pool for a short time then lifting himself out and stretched his arms at the poolside.

Robbie looked up and saw a stunningly shaped male body, devoid of any real muscles but trim. A trace of pubic hair ran up to his navel and the Speedos suggested that he may have been effeminate but he was definitely not a female. Robbie saw him looking as he started drying and Robbie quickly looked down to restart work. A shadow across him a few moments later, made him look up to find Rupert standing over him, his hair plastered against his face and drips of water plopping down beside him.


"They're away for a couple of days to Calais," he said. "Dad's topping up on his champagne stocks at the hypermarkets across the Channel. So it's just me and you so let me know if I can get you anything, anything at all."

Robbie looked up to answer, finding his face looking straight at Rupert's generous bulge, struggling to stay contained in his swimming trunks.

He turned and walked back to the pool and, with his back to Robbie, slid his trunks down and off and finished drying before lying face down on the sun bed, his open legs facing in Robbie's direction and the edge of his testicles just visible. Robbie was hot. His cock was rising and he didn't know why. He didn't fancy men, yet he had been wanking at the thought of one fucking another. He didn't fancy men and yet he was looking at one right now and he had an erection. He wondered if he was just flattered at the attention. Certainly, since he had been married no female had ever chatted him up and certainly no male had. Perhaps he just looked too married.

He looked across and thought, "This lad is just four years older than my daughter and I'm thinking about him sexually."

The thought of his kids always had the desired non-sexual effect on him and his dick returned to normal.

Rupert was slightly camp, and obviously gay and Robbie just assumed that he was like this with every guy, a bit of a show-off and exhibitionist. As Robbie worked he thought all this out. After all the television programmes were full of camp guys hosting chat shows, telling jokes and suchlike and they were all a bit like Rupert.

"That's what this is; he's just showing off to the straight builder so I won't rise to his bait."

Robbie continued to work and Rupert continued to sunbathe. He covered himself up when he popped over to offer a Robbie a beer just before lunchtime. Robbie accepted and had just popped the can when another guy walked up the side of the house and called to Rupert. This guy was obviously gay too. He was slim, like Rupert and fair haired.

"Hi Jonathan," called Rupert.

"Hi Rupie, I got your call and just fancied an afternoon by the pool. Got a beer?"

Robbie felt a slight twinge of jealousy. He had quite enjoyed being flirted with, even by a guy. It had been so long since someone had made obvious overtures to get inside his pants.

"This is Robbie," said Rupert, "he's doing work for the parents."

"Hello," said Jonathan, dragging out the word so it sounded more like "Haaalo" to Robbie.

Jonathan's eyebrows raised and his hand was held out to be taken firmly by Robbie.

"My, you're strong," he said to Robbie.

Robbie mumbled something in an embarrassed way and went back to his work as the guys walked over to the pool and started to chat like a couple of excited housewives. As Robbie worked, he kept glancing over and watched as Jonathan also stripped off to reveal a tiny thong. His buttocks were also firm and pale and he felt his cock rising again.

"What the fuck's wrong with me?" He thought.

As he laid the bricks, he pondered on anatomy and realised the beauty of the male rear to the female. He had never really thought about it but women were larger, usually, then the bottom stretched down their legs in a pear shape. These two guys' bottoms were upright and pert like two small melons. He wondered how men could take a cock in their arses. He had wanted to do it to Lynn assuming that if she could take him up the front, she could manage the back, but she wasn't for it. Now he was looking at two bums that wanted cock in them and wondered whether that was something he could, or would ever try.

The guys stood and walked into the house with Rupert waving over saying," We have a few things to do, we'll see you later."

It was said slightly suggestively and Robbie wondered if they were going inside to "do it."

Around 20 minutes later, his curiosity was running wild and he decided to look in the house under the pretext of needing the toilet. He had to use the downstairs one and before he entered he listened at the foot of the stairs and heard talking. Just then, Jonathan walked across the upper hallway naked. Robbie couldn't quite see anything and dived into the toilet quite noisily.


When he came out, Rupert was in the downstairs hall.

"If you would like a shower before you go, Robbie, you're welcome to use the one in my room. It's so hot and I thought you might like to freshen before you go. Both Jonathan and I have had to as we were roasted. You can use it now if you like."

Someone said, "Id love that," and Robbie realised he had said it without thinking.

He was about to add "later" when Rupert walked off and said, "I'll show you where to go" as he climbed the stairs.

Robbie meekly followed, his heart pounding at the thought of being naked in the close proximity of two camp homosexuals on heat. Strangely he was also excited at the same time. He followed Rupert who was wearing his flimsy shorts and walked past Jonathan, leaning against the door to the room wearing his thong again. Robbie wanted to look "there" but couldn't.

Rupert threw a fresh towel on the bed, pointed to his shower room and said, "I'll leave you to it.

Robbie entered the shower room and as he started to pull off his t-shirt he closed the door, realising there was no lock. He stripped and ran the shower stepping in to enjoy the cool water as he soaped himself. His thoughts turned to the lads outside and he wondered if they were endowed. They were quite effeminate so he thought, they mustn't be. They would probably get a shock if they saw his generously sized 7.5 inch cock! As he soaped, he realised his cock was rock hard.

"What the fuck is happening to me. Two little queens flutter their eyelids and here I am stiff as a rock. They're young enough to almost be my kids." His mind raced as the thoughts ran through it.

He found himself paying particular attention to cleaning his cock and even pushed his finger well into his hole, further than ever. He soaped it and really cleaned it. Why he was doing it, he didn't know!

He rinsed and stepped out of the shower to finish drying. The door opened and Rupert stood with another towel. "Do you need this?" he asked, his eyes dropping to look at Robbie's cock as he quickly tried to cover his dwindling erection.

"Oh thanks," he said, the same hand reaching out and exposing his cock again.

Rupert looked down and said, "Nice," before walking out.

Robbie finished drying and started to put his clothes back on again. For some reason, he donned his briefs and jeans but left his top off, leaving the bathroom whilst still feigning a drying action. Both guys were in the room and looked up as he came out of the bathroom.

"Bet you feel much fresher now?" said Robbie. "You certainly look it."

"Yes thanks" said Robbie, embarrassment making him start to pull on his t-shirt.

"Wait, you're still wet," said Jonathan, taking the towel off him, turning him around and rubbing his back.

"There's a bit at the front too," said Rupert and walked forward with a small hand towel to rub Robbie's pectorals.

"Are we embarrassing you?" said Rupert, his rubbing, unconsciously moving down to Robbie's belly.

"Well this is a bit unusual for me," said Robbie. "Usually it's women I have to fight off."

Jonathan was pressed against Robbie's back and Robbie could feel what seemed like an erection against his jean-clad buttocks. He knew that Jonathan only had a thong on, so whatever was pressing against him, was probably now exposed. He felt soft lips against his back. He was shivering with apprehension and knew he should stop them but his cock had already started to rise. He knew this might be the only time in his life when something like this might happen to him and he was scared to stop it as well as being scared to go ahead.

Nothing more was said. Rupert leaned over and kissed Robbie on the cheek. Robbie was frozen as both boys took his inaction to be a sign of acceptance and they started to devour him. Jonathan's hand reached around and started to unbuckle his belt while Rupert expertly helped slide the pants and briefs down to release a throbbing 7.5 inch uncut cock which "thwacked" against Robbie's belly. He stepped out of his clothes until he was fully naked and exposed in front of these two lads.


Rupert pushed him back to the bed and he lay down as the boys swiftly stripped naked. Jonathan had around 6 inches of hard cut cock with a matching sized pair of balls nestling in a neat little patch of hair. Rupert, little camp Rupert really made him look twice when he released an uncut cock which surprised Robbie with both its length and girth. He wasn't an expert on men's cocks but it had to be at least 8 inches and thick. It was hard but its size made it droop slightly downwards.

"Like it" asked Rupert?

Robbie smiled as Rupert approached him and started to suck his cock. Robbie, who had been completely passive, laid back and closed his eyes. He was aware of Jonathan climbing on to the bed to continue licking his body and sucking his nipples. The experience of being seduced and being in a passive position both excited him and satisfied his guilt at what he was doing. After all, they were seducing him and he almost couldn't stop them ย– almost!

Jonathan sat atop Robbie facing downwards, his balls resting on Robbie's forehead and his cock suspended in full erection hovering above Robbie's face. Rupert was sucking Robbie's cock, sliding back the foreskin and giving him a blowjob like no other. As Jonathan's cock stayed suspended in mid air, Jonathan pushed it downwards until his dripping tip was just above Robbie's lips. Robbie kept his mouth tight shut. Jonathan then swung around until he was at Robbie's side and again moved his cock to Robbie's mouth, pushing it to his lips. Robbie's licked his lips, tasting male precum for the first time and as he did so, Jonathan's 6 inches were pushed into his mouth. Robbie gagged and as he closed his mouth again had no option but to start sucking. As he did, he felt himself begin the slow build up to cumming. He put his hand on Rupert's head to stop the sucking. He wasn't going to admit he was enjoying this but he felt there were more new experiences to come.

Rupert released Robbie's cock and leaned over the bed to slip a condom on his cock, out of sight of Robbie whose view was partially blocked by the tall thin body of Jonathan. Rupert lubricated his hole well and then slid the condom over Robbie. Robbie tried and failed to see what was happening and only worked it out when Rupert sat astride him and lowered his arse over Robbie's erect cock taking its full length in one plunge. Rupert started riding in frenzy. Jonathan took his cock out of Robbie's mouth and started to kiss him. Robbie's eyes shot open. He hadn't thought of actually kissing a guy and now his mouth was forced open and this young guy's tongue was halfway down his throat.

Jonathan was hot now. His friend was getting fucked and he needed some too. His kissing was almost violent, holding Robbie's face in both hands while his tongue violated his mouth. Both boys were well gone and when Jonathan grabbed Rupert's shoulders to tell him it was his turn, Rupert very reluctantly slid his arse off Robbie vertical cock. Jonathan quickly lubricated his arse and replaced Rupert. Robbie's cock slid in just as easily. Both boys loved being fucked and they weren't letting the chance of a gay virgin go without getting full measure. Rupert started to kiss Robbie now, more gently than Jonathan. Robbie's cock was being milked quite frantically by Jonathan, whose head was thrown back and the bouncing was almost painful as he rose and fell on Robbie's abdomen.

Again Robbie was set to cum and told Jonathan so again both boys stopped.

This time, Rupert threw Robbie's legs in the air and his tongue slid down to invade Robbie's arsehole. Jonathan took position once more over Robbie's cock and started to suck as Rupert tongue fucked him. This was a very new experience and Robbie had never realised how sensitive his arse could be. He found himself again at the brink and had to stop Jonathan. Jonathan once more started to violently kiss Robbie while Rupert continued to lift Robbie's legs to gain access. Robbie was lost in pleasure and did not identify the coolness on his hole with lubricant. He somehow thought that Rupert was blowing cold air on him as he licked.

The shock, therefore as the head of Rupert's cock entered Robbie's arse had him attempt to sit bolt upright and if it hadn't been for Jonathan's weight, he would have done. Robbie tried to squirm but the effect was to push his arse further against Rupert's cock and actually forced it further into him much more quickly than Rupert had intended. Rupert stopped dead but held his cock in place and Jonathan held Robbie down, kissing him and asking him to be patient. Robbie calmed as the initial pain subsided and, as Rupert started to gently move again, the pain slowly became quite tolerable, then unusual and then actually quite pleasant.

The full penetration probably took around 10 minutes and once Rupert realised he was well inside, he rolled Robbie over to fuck him from the rear. Jonathan scooted around and started to fuck his friend in a sandwich and they all started moaning together.

Once more, Robbie felt a weird sensation inside and realised even though he wasn't touching his cock, he was going to cum. He, once more asked them to stop and all cocks were withdrawn.

Condoms were removed and Rupert took Robbie's cock in a 69 position and forced his own cock into a reluctant Robbie's mouth. As Robbie's arse was in the air, Jonathan seized the opportunity to fuck him, easily entering a hole which had been seduced by a bigger cock than his. Rupert actually came first and as he tried to pull his cock from Robbie's mouth, he failed and blasted a jet of hot semen all over his lips and face, a good squirt going straight down Robbie's throat. Almost simultaneously Robbie ejaculated over Rupert's face and Jonathan, brought to a head by all the cumming emptied his balls inside Robbie's arse.

The resultant silence suggested that guilt had returned very quickly and Robbie started to make excuses about leaving. Rupert suggested he shower again making a joke that explaining cum stains in his hair might me difficult for his wife to understand.

It took a lot of calming down to bring Robbie back to Earth. They promised they wouldn't tell anyone, he made excuses that it was a mistake and he would probably never do it again that was until Robbie pointed out that not many gay virgins get fucked by two guys, fuck two guys, swallow a load of cum, take a load up their arse and then get a blow job all on their first time - and then say it was all a mistake!

That brought a smile to his face.

"Robbie, I'm here for another six weeks," said Rupert, "and you are here for another four, at least. If you want to fuck me again, I would love it and if you don't, I'll understand."

Robbie quickly pointed out he probably would never do something like this again.

He was lying!

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