Man for Man

Boarding school


My first thought when I woke up and saw them was what a fucking scandal this'd be if it ever got out, if any of the teachers, let alone the parents heard about what went on there wouldn't be a boy left in this boarding school.


In school they called me by my last name: Williams. Final year studies were killing me, my grades for the first two terms were good, I'd be getting into a good college with what I was achieving but it was this fucking schools mentality that was stressing me out. I still remember the time during year 8 summer holidays when I got home one day and my parents had about fifty fucking brochures for private boarding schools spread out all over the dining room table. My Dad had threatened me with a 'single sex' school education when my damn biology teacher mentioned on a parent / teacher night that I was being distracted by girls during class, I thought it'd never amount too much but when my final report card showed a drop in grades across all subjects he attributed the whole thing to girls and the pursuit of sex (or rather my 'growing into a young man' as they tactfully put it).

They settled on Broughton College after we'd been to about a hundred fucking open days, my parents aren't stupid people as a rule but for some reason they took Broughton's motto literally, it said in part 'finding greatness' and so it seemed that anything less than 'great' bought pressure to bare. That pressure resulted in me and about eight other students having to stay at the college over the third term break and take extra classes. Aside from one or two grounds staff, the cook and the two teachers the college was empty so in order to 'concentrate the learning' all the students had been moved onto the ground floor of the east wing, paired off and placed into adjoining rooms. I shared with another 17 year old called Planer and next door was Matthews (16) and Krupp who'd just turned 18, I knew Matthews fairly well but Planer and Krupp I'd only ever seen from a distance during school assembly.

It was 11:48 at night when I woke up, by the light of Planer's desk lamp I could see him bending over putting pencils back into the cup he keeps on the window sill, he had his back to me but I could see he was wearing only a pair of blue briefs. Sleeping in our underpants wasn't unusual for the summer months so at first I didn't think much of it but when he stood up I noticed he had a real hardon straining against the fabric of his briefs, he turned his back to me and faced the window and when he reached his hand back and started rubbing his arse I knew he didn't realise I was awake. Planer's just under 6 foot, he plays rugby in the winter not because he's that athletic it's more to do with the fact that he's got a heavy, wide body, he's got a kind of round baby face and as he rubbed his ample arse cheeks I realised that he's never really lost the puppy fat he had as a kid. I'm a good 4 inches shorter than him with an average build, although I admit when I bend over I do get a couple of rolls of fat on my stomach, when I saw Planer's erection I knew for sure he's got a dick pushing 9 inches but as he slid his hand down past the elastic of his briefs into his arse crack I was happy enough to slide my hand down my white y-fronts and start slowly pulling at my 7-1/2 stiff inches.

With his hand still down his underpants he walked to the window and opened the curtains wider, that's when I saw one of the school gardeners looking through the window at the show Planer was putting on. They hadn't noticed me looking but I knew straight off that it was this gardener called George who was staring transfixed as he stood outside. George was this Lebanese bloke who lived in the nearby town, he would of been in his late twenties, the two things I'd always noticed about him was that he always had about two days growth on his face and that his navy gardeners uniform covered a strong, masculine body. Some of the other kids in school had always said that he was abit simple but I wasn't sure about that, I did know that because he often walked around with his mouth partly open he did look kind of slow.

It was obvious that George was jerking himself off as he watched Planer rub his hand between the crack of his arse cheeks and I'm sure my eyes would've had the same glazed look as I silently pounded my cock. When Planer pulled his hand out from the back of his briefs and held his fingers to his nose George leant so close to the window that I could see his breath steaming up the glass. Planer then hoisted the elastic waist of his briefs over his cock and pulled his briefs down until they rested at the middle of his thigh. Turning sideways he began to pump furiously at his cock with one hand and run the fingers of his other hand clumsily up and down his arse crack, he held his middle finger up so that George could see it, then after sticking it in his mouth he began to insert it into his arsehole. He pumped his finger deeper and deeper into his own hole all the while pulling at his cock.


Planers big heavy hips suddenly began to convulse and in the lamplight I saw three long white ribbons of cum shoot into the air, at the same time George lightly thumped his head against the glass, it was clear he'd just blown his load into the garden and no doubt all over the school walls. I couldn't hold back any longer - I let out a groan loud enough for Planer to hear, both he and George looked over at me, the initial shock and fear disappeared from their faces when they saw my doona cover tenting up as my hand pounded my cock. With a long sigh I let my load go into my y-fronts, I didn't stop pumping until my hand, my cock and my underpants were soaked in the cum of a satisfied 17 year old.

Part Two.

Planer said nothing to me that night as he got into his bed and turned off the light and for the next two days of classes he didn't say a word about what I'd seen. As we went about with the daily lessons I thought he was going to pretend it never happened because the next night he sat and studied at his desk before going to bed. I on the other hand spent the two days trying to hide a serious boner that seemed never to go down, aside from some fumbled sex with girls when I was back in the co-ed school I'd never really seen another human body sexually aroused, I'd heard Peterson, my usual Broughton room mate jerking off in the dark but that was as close as I'd got in the last three years.

The second night of Planer's silence was Friday, the other students were down in the games room and he was at his desk sorting out papers, I lay on my bed pretending to read but all I could think of was the hardon pressing against my trousers. I was going fucking crazy with frustration so when he walked into our bathroom I decided to do something so I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. He was taking a piss but he heard me come in and when he turned around I made no attempt to hide the tent in the front of my trousers. I felt awkward and stupid and I know my face went red, when he turned his face to watch his pissing cock I thought I'd done the wrong thing but in a deep, low whisper he asked me if I wanted to go into town and watch video's at George's place.

Five minutes later Planer and I met Matthews and Krupp at the school gates, we silently walked along the road into town, I waited for Planer to lag behind so I could ask why the other two were with us.

"Because they give ol' George somethin' to look at"

I knew what he meant but all I could say was 'what?'

"Guys in underpants, he fuckin' loves it. And he's been lucky enough to find a few guys that don't mind givin' it to him. You wearin' those white y-fronts are you?"

"Ah, yeah...yeah I am...whattya you wearin'"?

"Blue undies, the same as you saw"

"How'd you find out about know...liking this stuff?"

"I didn't give a fuck either way to start with...I just like an audience sometimes. George'd be in the garden outside, I'd be inside workin' up a stiff in me undies. Theirs only so many times he can piss off and pretend he didn't see anything"

"What's George's place like?"

"Small, but big enough"

Twenty minutes later we arrived in town and after walking through few side streets and down the side of a large, dark house we came to a small flat, Krupp knocked softly on the door and George answered. Wearing an old blue t-shirt, track pants and worn sneakers, he had the usual two days growth on his face. He ushered me into the front room, aside from a couple of things it was obvious that this place wasn't long term, he told me that in autumn he'll be going to the city to take up a more senior gardening job at a botanical garden someplace. He made a point of showing me a picture of his fiancee, she was due to arrive from Lebanon early winter and they planned to marry soon afterwards. I thought it odd how he lovingly described his fiancee while at the same time almost continually scratching his balls through his track pants.

We followed the other three into a spare bedroom that was empty except for two old armchairs, a small table and a TV and video, on the floor he'd spread out blankets, their would of been four or five layers of them so it was pretty comfortable looking. When George left the room to get some beers the other three started stripping down to their briefs, Planer was wearing those same tight blue briefs I saw the other night, Matthews wore white y-fronts like mine, although he was around 5'9 he was fairly slim, he had close cropped hair and the only 'loose' looking fat on his body were his round arse cheeks and his meaty flaccid dick which seemed to fill most of the front of his undies. I'd turned my back to the others to adjust my cock in my y-fronts, I wanted to hide the fact that it was already semi-stiff, when I turned back I noticed Krupp was stripped down to what looked like a white nappy, he had the same slim build as Matthews except he had alot more body hair. The bulkiness of the 'nappy' meant it sagged down below his crotch so I could just make out one of his balls,


"what the fuck is that?" I asked.

"It's a loincloth. S'good for easy access" and at that he stuck his fingers into the gap at his crotch and tickled his balls.

George re-entered the room holding a six-pack of beers and wearing only a pair a tight black briefs and a small gold necklace with a cedar tree medallion attached. When I saw the tenting at the front of his briefs I got more relaxed about my own, like I thought, he had a solid muscular body, he chest hair was fairly thick but the rest of his body had only a light covering. What I admired the most was his arse, when he bent over slightly to start the video I couldn't help but stare at the two big arse cheeks, they were heavy but firm, the black briefs weren't quite big enough to cover all of the two mounds that all three of us unashamedly looked at - it was good to see a masculine man's arse up close.

George and Planer sat in the two armchairs, Matthew, Krupp and me lay on our backs and propped ourselves up on our elbows, when I tilted my head to take a swig of beer I noticed George's eyes eagerly taking in the sight around him as he absent mindly played with his crotch. The video started with a woman dressed as a nurse telling some bloke dressed as a doctor that the stress of the nightshift was really getting to her and that she was desperate to find a release. Within seconds they hit upon the idea of having a fuck, as he was undressing she was fingering herself, she then took his cock into her mouth and started to give what looked like a fucking good blow job.

The front of all five pairs of undies in the room were straining with raging hardons, between sips of beer we rubbed our cotton covered crotches and took in the blow job on the screen and the scene going on in the room. George's cock was just about ripping through his black briefs as he took in the sight of four young men and their stiffs - all sheathed in tight underwear fabric, none of us hesitated in lewdly raising up our hips to give him a better view. To be able to show to others the y-front encased boner I've been trying to hide for years was exhilarating, the horniness of young male cocks straining against the fabric of their underpants was like seeing into a private world that men never shared with each other.

Planer got up out of his chair and stood in front of George and showing George his brief encased arse cheeks he began rub his two mounds with large outstretched hands, Planer was right when he said he liked to show off his body, it was big, heavy and clumsy but the way he rubbed himself was a fucking turn on and from the wet spot forming at the front of his briefs I could tell he was loving giving the good looking Lebanese bloke a view of pale white flesh. We all stopped watching the video as Planer grabbed the back of his briefs and proceeded to give himself a slow, deep wedgy, he was pulling those briefs right up into his crack so when he turned around to show the rest of us all you could see was the waistband and arse cheeks slightly parted by the bunched up fabric along his crack.

Putting his arse back close to Georges face the three of us slid our hands down the front of our briefs as we watched George lustfully use his fingers to pry out the fabric between Planer's cheeks and then take a long deep smell of the briefs. The smell of a 17 year olds crack must've really got to him as George had to pull his thumping stiff cock out of his briefs, sitting in his chair with legs spread he had this deep reddy brown cock pointing straight up into the air. It was the first man's cock I'd ever seen so I had to get a feel of it, I crawled across the floor and slowly wrapped my hands around the wide, fleshy stiffness - it was strange but brilliant to be rubbing a cock shaft that wasn't my own. It had the same hardness under soft skin but it was thicker and longer than what I was used to, I was fascinated and fuckin' hot as I realised that by squeezing the head of his cock I could force pre-cum to ooze out of his piss slit.


"Go on wanna taste Lebanese cock?" George huskily whispered to me. Fuck did I wanna taste it!

When I looked over and saw Matthews white briefs straining against his arse cheeks as he knelt over Krupp's crotch I knew cock sucking wasn't new to the club. Krupp had his hand inside one side of his loincloth and out the other side he was pointing a rock hard stiff, Matthews arse cheeks raised higher into the air as he lowered his face into the crotch of the loincloth, burrowing his face into the warm fabric Matthews sniffed and licked at the musk smelling balls. The grunts and the groans coming from Matthews only increased as Krupp lent over and rubbed his finger along the upturned arse cheek, carefully feeling every inch he eventually found the young mans arse hole and began to push against it until the brief fabric was pushed into the dark puckered opening.

I was eagerly taking in all the hot scenes taking place around me, I really wanted to taste the man pre-cum that was beginning to roll down the head of Georges cock but I didn't want to miss what was around me. Planer picked up on this and said in a low voice to George, "how's about you tell Williams and me what you like about us". Planer got me to stand up next to him, facing George with underpants full of hard young dick we rubbed our fabric covered boners.

George went from one crotch to the other, between nuzzling his nose into our crotches and licking our cocks through the fabric he spoke in a husky, aroused whisper; "I love the sweetness of the skin between your legs. I love the erections you hide behind your text books"

His rough wet tongue swept up my inner thigh...

"I love the dampness of the sweat that soaks your briefs in the summer. I love the musty, fishy smell of your balls in the winter"

He turned us around and ran his fingers up our cracks...

"I love the smell of your crotches after your shower. I love the way young men never take the time to clean theirs holes"

He slid his hand down the back of our briefs and began to tweak at our puckering holes...

"I love watching you sliding pencils into your arse. I love watching you slide your fingers into your own sweaty hole"

I turned back to see Planer doing what he did that first night, only inches from Georges face he sunk his middle finger between his cheeks and slid it inside himself until he started to pump it back and forth as he slowly thrust his hips backwards.

Slowly drawing his finger out he held it under Georges nose and let him inhale deeply before letting it pass over Georges lips into a mouth that sucked it deeply. Pulling his spit covered finger from Georges mouth Planer slid it down the back of my briefs and ran it up and down my crack until he found my opening, with pumping motions he slowly inserted it into me until I could feel it lightly tickling the insides of my arse.

Pulling it out he held it under his own nose and took a deep, fascinated sniff, then once again he offered it to Georges open, waiting mouth. As he sucked it Planer and me rubbed each others crotches, my hard cock had been in my y-fronts all night but I was close to cumming. I didn't want to but I knew I couldn't hold off much longer, my only option was to leave my cock alone for awhile but I couldn't stop the rough, slow massage Planer was giving me. "Planer, I'm gonna blow..."

"Me too...I wantchya to cum on my face"

Planer guided George and me over to the centre of the rugs next to Krupp and Matthews, when they saw us they got themselves into a 69 position - Matthews was still nuzzled into Krupps loincloth sucking at the cock that jutted out and Krupp had got Matthews boner sticking out the front of his y-fronts and was coating fabric and hard cock with the spit from his tongue.

As we crossed the room George let his stiff cock swing in the air so I could see it - I knew I was about to drink the cum from a Lebanese mans cock and was ready. As soon as we got next to the other two the three of us got into a cock sucking circle. Planer and I kept our briefs on but we hoisted our boners out into the night air and the electricity that shot through my body as Planer took my stiffy into his mouth was enough to get me engulfing Georges cock almost down to the base in one swift dive. George nestled his chin into the crotch of Planers briefs and began to pump his mouth up and down the stiff organ.

Years of pent up lust and cum shot into empty air or onto my chest means that the warm caress of another's mouth will get me blowing a load quickly and with force that's often sent a shot of my cum right into my hair or eye. All five of us humped into each others faces, the groans and grunts grew urgent and louder. George's cock pumped at the back of my throat and coated it with a salty mass of pre-cum, I knew I was pumping the same clammy mixture into Planers throat.

The air was thick with the smell of male arse cracks, briefs worn too long and sour, musty crotch sweat, all the bodies in the room started to shine with sweat....I pumped my cock into Planers mouth...George humped his hips roughly against my face...I suddenly heard Matthews gagging and groaning at the same time...I glanced quickly to see him rise from Krupps crotch with a string of cum and spit dangling from his chin...that did it. With convulsing hips I started to blow into Planers mouth, three shots would've coated his tonsils before he had time to pull my cock from his mouth and aim the spurting head at his lips...suddenly George erupted into my mouth...gulping quickly I couldn't swallow the amount of cum he has shooting into me...I gagged, gulped and gagged again...the cum kept spurting...I coughed his cock out of my mouth just in time to feel the final ribbons of his load splatter onto my forehead...he'd swallowed most of Planers spewing cum so when I looked across only a small dribble of white cream ran out from the corner of his mouth....

Without a word being spoken we nuzzled our faces into the nearest crotch and savoured the smell of young men, older men and the underwear that holds them.

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