Man for Man

Blk Bottom Gets His


I was turning the corner from the racquetball court to the locker room when I accidentally bumped into them. They were a couple of white guys who were campus jocks. I'd seen them around and they looked pretty menacing. I'm not a jock and in fact I'm kind of terrified of them. They're always trying to prove that they are more man than you are, trying to make you feel small, and stupid. I think they do that cause they really feel deficient and in order to feel better, like they're real men, they have to put others down.


I'm 5'7" and I had just slammed into the taller one of the two. They were about 5'9" or close to 6'. I shook my head trying to gather myself as I took a step back. I looked up and they were looking down at me like I was a clumsy shit. They were both sweaty after a basketball game or something in the gym. I had some of the tallest guy's sweat on my face and I caught a whiff of his body odor from their exertion. One thing that turns me on is a smelly guy, a guy who's been working or playing hard and all of his male smell exudes almost a scent that makes me want to be bread.

Yeah, I'm a guy. So how can a guy get bread? If you don't know how then you don't know that men can fuck each other.

For a few years, I'd known that I liked guys. And in my senior year of high school, I'd finally made it with another guy - a man at my church. He was slightly older than me, in his mid 20's, probably a few school grades ahead of me. I sucked him off during a church meeting, we were in the social hall talking - bored with the program that was going on. He went into a small room and told me to come in there too. He closed and locked the door and pinned me a against the wall. I can't believe that we sucked each other off right there in church, in a 69, our pants around our ankles. It was only the beginning. I became something like his girlfriend, as much as a basically masculine guy can be a 'girl'.

"Damn" said the guy who I'd run into, the taller one. "Sorry" I said

They mumbled to each and laughed about something, I knew for sure that it was me they were laughing at. I scurried out of their way, my face turned to the floor - in the heat of embarrassment.

You see, when I looked up to their face after bumping into them, I saw that they were two of the cutest guys I'd ever seen. They both had dark hair and olive colored skin. They must have been some sort of Mediterranean guys or just looked like it. I remembered seeing them hanging out with a couple of African guys who were Ethiopian, Somali or something like that. You know they all have that certain look about them, not quite stereotypically 'African' and not quite "Arabic". I stayed clear of all those guys. I felt that they were prejudiced against me as a black American. They had their own language and would talk loud and laugh a lot. I thought they were probably talking about me cause I was black American - blacks who didn't have their own culture and language.

Anyway, while I was terrified of these guys, I was really turned on by them as well. I fantasized almost constantly about them. They were so exotic, not 'white' and not 'black'. They had their own cultures, their own languages but they also had my culture and language. The African guys were jocks like their friends, but they were the real macho type.

It seemed that I was on a collision course with these guys. The more I tried to stay away, the more we seemed to come in contact. Probably if I had wanted to get close to them, they would have been elusive, and I would have been most frustrated.

I was in the library trying to study philosophy when I heard and sensed a small group of guys nearby. They were chatting among themselves, then I recognized that it was some other language than English. I quickly looked around to see who they might be, but they must have gone down an aisle of the stacks. I continued to study.

A little later, I had to take a piss and got up to go to the john. I turned toward where the john was and saw the two guys I'd run into at the gym. They were talking to a couple of girls who were the prissy beauty queen types. I'm sure that they wanted to get their pussies stuffed with those guys' dicks. Personally, I was pretty jealous. "Why should straight girls have all the fun, or at least have all the good guys?"

I continued on to the john and took my piss. On my way back to my seat, I realized that someone had been at my desk. My book bag was gone as were my books. All that was left was my open notebook and a note scribbled a page that had been blank.


"You're cute, little dude. We know about you. Come to Hawthorn--" They gave me their dorm name for me to retrieve my belongings. I was to be sitting in the lobby of their dorm, on a couch that was behind a tall planter.

I looked up from the couch where I was sitting and saw one of the gym guys, the shorter one of the two. "You were good to show up, man. You know why you're here?" he asked.

"Not really." I answered.

"We didn't mean any harm, you know. We just didn't know how to get to you." He said.

Get to me? I thought to myself. I'd wanted to get to them, but was too scared. Of course, I didn't know if our idea of "get-togethers" was the same.

"Come with me, dude" he said, and I followed. Soon we were entering a room on the top floor of the dorm. He opened the door and stood to the side. I stood there in that hall, at first not sure about what I was going to experience on the other side of that door, and then when he stood to the side, expecting that I was right behind him, I could hardly believing what I saw. On the beds sat all the guys from their little group. There were five of them in all, including the guy who'd gotten me from the lobby. They were just sitting there, fully dressed, looking at me.

"Don't just stand there dude, come in!" said the guy at the door.

I looked at him, and then back to the other guys. I was bewildered in a kind of open-mouthed way. I still didn't know why they had taken my things and led me to this room.

"What's up dude?" said one of the Somali guys. His silky black hair rolled in beautiful natural curls on top of his head. "Yeah, whassup man?" said another guy, one of the lighter skinned Mediterranean-types. I didn't know how much I should talk to these guys. I knew that they were up to something, and they were just playing with me like cats playing with a mouse. I didn't want to give them jollies from making me act the part of the fool.

I didn't say anything. The door was already closed and the guy who'd escorted me, was still standing behind me, between me and the door. If I pissed them off in their little game, I didn't know what they might do to me or to my bookbag.

I smiled to myself. For what reason - I really can't say. "Is that my bag?" I asked, seeing it on the floor by a nightstand.

"Yeah, that's yours." said the tall guy I'd run into at the gym.

"What is it you want from me? I haven't bothered you." I said. "Yeah, you're right, little man. You haven't bothered my buddies or me. That's the problem, don't you see?" he said.

No, I didn't see, and I was actually getting a little angry. I didn't like him calling me 'little man'. It sounded like was only half the man that he was. Sure, I sometimes felt that way, but I didn't like being reminded of my fears and of my weak feelings. It must have showed on my face cause one of the guys from Africa said: "Be cool dude. Here, sit down." he patted the empty space next to where he was sitting. I continued to stand.

"You fairy, come on and sit down. Stop trying to play hard to get." He said as he reached out and pulled me down onto the bed. I hardly had hit the bed before his left arm slithered around the back of my shoulders. He pulled me to himself close like I was his long lost cousin or something, and in some ways I was. This Somali man reached out and drew me into his chest. His arm moved lower. "Sit here with me a little while baby." he said. All the guys laughed, but for some reason it didn't see like they were trying to put me down or trying to embarrass me.

"You are so queer, man. You try to hide it but it's everywhere. You try to act like the he-man, but you're a pussy. You're always turned on to us then avoiding us just like some shy girl. What, you think we can't pick up on that, man?" said the guy from the gym who seemed like the leader. "You think we want to bash you. You think that jocks hate fags, don't you. Shee-it, we'll show you."

By now I was a ball of heat, almost too embarrassed to be turned on. I say almost. I was embarrassed at being turned on and I was turned on that these guys knew my secret.


"Useph, you gonna do him?" asked one of the guys to the Somali who'd not said anything so far. He was about 5'8" and a slender build, and chocolate-olive skin. At least I think that's what was said, as he suddenly reached over and pulled me back on the bed till I was laying flat on my back. He leaned got up and lay his clothed body on top of me. I could feel what must have been a 10" cock snaking down the left leg of his pants.

"Hey, you guys want me to suck you off?" I asked. "Let me just suck you guys off okay?" Why did my mind suddenly panic, thinking that I was going to get fucked? Not even my church friend had ever fucked me. Why did I think that I was going to get fucked this school night? Maybe it's because Useph didn't just straddle my chest on his knees, unzip his fly, whip out his cock, and shake it at me. They were going to take their time and get whatever it was that they were wanting.

Useph scooted down my body and began to undress me. He was kissing and licking my neck, then my naked chest and everywhere. As Useph undressed me, so did the other guys begin to undress themselves. The room was getting hot in more ways than one. Soon there was not a clothed body in this dorm room. I looked around and saw some of the biggest cocks I had ever imagined. If I was going to get fucked, I most definitely wasn't going to get it easy from a small cock. That just wasn't an option.

The Useph was licking and kissing my body, I felt like a piece of meat, not in a trashy sort of way, but as a tasty choice meal, something valuable. It was like he was worshiping me and my body with his tongue or maybe he was sending signals to my subconscious mind that would make my body go along with whatever these guys were going to do.

I think the latter explanation was the one that fit as I was soon completely naked. Useph had been helped out of his clothes by two of his buddies as he had been concentrating on my brown body.

Two other guys came to my side and pulled my legs up into the air. Useph got down on his stomach, his own legs hanging off the bed. I felt him hold both of my but cheeks in his hands as the two guys holding my ankles pulled my legs further up to where I had to bend them. Soon my knees were to my chest. In this position my ass cheeks spread out wide, making my crack available.

"Yeah, Useph, lick his fine ass." said one of the guys. "Stick your tongue all the way in his boy-cunt!" I moaned as Useph grunted and mashed his face into the crack of my butt. I could hardly believe that this macho African guy (whom I thought must have been thoroughly disgusted with an American black like me) was in bed with me licking my ass like a hungry lion.

I don't know when the change came over me. No longer did I feel like half a man, who was secretly a pussy deep in his soul. But suddenly I felt like a complete male, and my need for a man to enjoy my body was nothing to be ashamed of. I had extra reason to be proud at least for the moment. I was with some of the best-looking guys on campus, and was getting it like the debutante girls all over campus had been getting it. In their minds, it was like a "right", but for me it was a privilege. These girls expected to have all the guys and cock they wanted, but for me - having a man and getting my sexual needs met with him weren't things I could take for granted. I was free to show my appreciation and my need.

"Oh, oh, that feels soooo good!" I said, when Useph made a pointy probe of his tongue and poked the tip of it through my opening. I closed my eyes and imagined the beauty of what was happening. Two black men in bed, one on his back, legs bent and pulled up to his chest and the other man on his stomach, eating out the ass of the one on his back. I imagined being able to see myself laying there, my eyes shut tight and my mouth in an 'o' shape - the look of ecstasy on my face.

I arched my back, making my chest heave up into the air, and I squirmed my ass on Useph's face. This must have really sparked him into action cause he was suddenly a wild cat going at a prey. He reached up and held my legs down, so far back now that my knees were almost under my arm-pits. I was a complete male-whore and Useph and the other guys were going to get whatever the hell they wanted. I knew this because I sensed that I would find a way to accommodate them.


The others were now in complete excitement. All cocks were rock-solid and being jacked off by its owner. There was a room-full of dark and tan cocks waiting for me. The guy who'd escorted me to the room said, "Hell, I can't wait!" and he came around and stuck his cock in my face. "Take my dick, bitch! Awe, yea! Suck that cock you prick-teaser."

I was a prick teaser? Where did he get that idea?

"Yeah, ride his mouth, Carl." someone said. "We finally got his cute ass where we want it. Let him be the bitch, he's a pretty one too." Carl rode my mouth for sure, but he was not satisfied. He made me lick his balls and stick my tongue in his piss hole. Then he aimed his cock for my throat and started long diving lunges. I gagged more than a couple times, but he kept on, saying that I'd get better over time. Eventually he pulled out and just started jacking his 11" cock that was glistening with my throat juice.

Meanwhile, Useph was sliding a finger into my ass. He probed me deep, wriggling his finger around. It hurt quite a bit at first, but soon it just faded away, and I couldn't understand why it had hurt in the first place. His finger in my ass felt so natural - maybe it's homosexual instinct or something. Maybe homosexual males have some female wiring in their brains or maybe it doesn't even matter - straight or gay - sticking things in their asses can really turn men on.

"I got two finger in you whore. You like that, baby?" Useph asked, looking deep into my eyes. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He started to put another finger in but I cramped up.

"Relax, make like you're taking a shit." another guy coached. "You can do it. Take it like a man!"

How did they know about this? What to do with ones anus in order to get it fucked? Maybe they learned it from reading stories like this, and the rest was history - or at least practice.

I tried to relax, and it must have worked, because I felt Useph slip another finger in me. I went wild.

"Oh, fuck!" I said. "Oh, oh--" "Breath deep, man! Breath deep!" they coached. "Awe fuck, it ain't no pussy!" I cried. Useph began to withdraw his fingers, leading me to grab him by his wrist and hold him in place. "Don't pull out, you mutha-fuckin' bastard!" I panted. It just sort of came out like I was out of body and some other person was inside of me. But then suddenly I was back in my body and I knew that I had said what I did. There was a short silence, then someone said, "Yeah, dude. That IS a pussy. Give us that black pussy, man."

Alexander - the leader, and another guy got down and started sucking my male-nipples. I reached down and cradled their heads in my arms.

Their talk along with Useph's finger-fucking my ass and their tongues all over my body cause me to let go. "Use me!" I breathed. "Use my cunt god-damn you!" I was ready to get fucked, I needed to be fucked.

"Lorenzo, where's the rubbers and lube?" Useph said.

"Here, man."

"Fuck, thanks man." Useph said while ripping the little foil wrapper to pieces trying to get the condom that was inside. "Can't get any of that sperm in you baby. Might knock you up, you know?" he said. The whole group burst out laughing at that, and I was just a little bit embarrassed.

I looked down and saw Useph finish unrolling the thing onto his dark meat cock. Before me was a black god, ripped abs, strong chest and shoulders, and a bubble butt made to help him pile-drive his cock into hungry openings. I knew that it was my dark ass that would receive his thick flesh-pole. I knew that I would be the black pussy for his black breeder - I just hoped that he wouldn't utterly rape me. The rubber only covered just over half of his cock. "You guys didn't get the big ones!" Useph complained. "Now I can't long dick him!"

"Oh shit, sorry man. You know it wasn't on purpose - we all need those kind." Lorenzo said.

"We're going to fuck you now, but come back when we have big rubber, okay baby? Please?" Alexander asked.

"Maybe I will, if you guys fuck me like I should be fucked." I said.


"You got that!" cheered the guys.

I felt Useph's cock head at the entrance of my hole. "I'm going in, baby." he whispered. From then on, it was in and out and a fountain of profanity and foreign words that I didn't understand. I swear, sometimes when he'd spread my legs really wide, my feet far apart, I'd look up at him and see him was looking down at me. He'd have what almost looked like a snarl on his face, and his eyes narrowed like snake or cat-eyes. "God, I want to plug it all in you man, but I can't." He was kind of angry at not being able to bottom out in my ass and feel every inch of his cock wrapped in my boiling-hot juice-chute. I could tell that he liked to fuck men at least as much as he liked to fuck women (if he liked to fuck women).

"Damn, look at his whole Alex!" Alex said. "Go get your camera Carl, gotta get this on film." Carl went digging through junk on his desk and found his Polaroid camera. They took photos of Useph's big dick and my very stretched ass-ring. They even took pictures of my face, in pain-pleasure as I was getting the living day-lights screwed out of me. "Yeah, look at that big brown cock going in that brown ass! Make him eat it up his rear! Use him!" Nasty cheers were flying from the mouths of all the guys now. "That's right baby, spread your legs real wide for him, let him be a man. Show him you got a cunt he can't live without!"

"Oh, fuck my black male-cunt." I whispered. We locked eyes onto each other and it was like I we were communicating telepathically. "Look at that willing man-hole, baby." I said. Useph looked down for a few minutes and then back to my face, locking eyes again. I knew he wanted me, he had to have me. I knew that he needed me pronged on his cock. I knew that he felt even more like a man, with me - a man - naked and taking his cock up my pike. "Rape it" I whispered. "Plow the glory of Africa in me, baby." "Don't stop, keep fucking. "This man-cunt is yours, it was made for you. Claim it for mother Africa!"

All this must have gotten to Useph, because he was mesmerized, looking into my eyes like he was lost, like he was falling and needed help. A cry of ecstasy escaped his lips followed by a slew of profanities and nasty words: "Fuck, yea, open your macho bitch hole, you whore!" "Ahhh, yea! Spread your legs, spread it wide for me baby. I'm gonna fuck it till it never closes! You're my male-slut to breed!"

He looked down at his half-covered cock, then back to lose himself in my brown eyes. I know that he wanted to ram the entire pipe into me, but couldn't.

"That's okay, baby. Cum in me, and I'll know that you really love it. I'll know that I please you." I said. I just knew that he wanted to and my words just let him know that it was right for him to do so. Almost immediately I felt the condom balloon in my guts. He must have shot a couple of gallons of sperm, African sperm. I almost wanted to squeeze the condom in my ass so that it would burst and my rectum could get all his hot milk. I wanted to be marked, to be his, or any one of the guy's dedicated cunt. But I was really turned on that Useph was one of two African men who would fuck me. Through them I would be connected to the rest of my people.

I also took Alexander, Lorenzo, Ahi - the other African guy, and Carl's cocks up my ass that night. And they made me sleep over all night. I woke up some time during the night to feel Alexander holding me from behind while he and Useph tried to get their cocks into my sore brown ass at the same time. They kept at it, thought I moaned quite a bit. I really didn't want to refuse them access to my ass. I knew that there were girls who would scratch and claw to be able to sleep with them, so I made like I was going to take a shit. They appreciated it and so did my body which they both sandwiched between them. Their mouths latched onto my ears and they cried while blasting cum into the condoms deep in my ass. "I love you baby. What a sweet black ass!" They both whispered as they fell asleep again, their cocks still in my ass. And just think, I thought these jocks bashed fags.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.