Man for Man

Black Rose Tattoo


I was alone. I pulled my jock off and sat on the bench. I was sweaty, I was tired, and I was horny. Since there wasn't anyone else around, I figured maybe I could get off before I took my shower. I was stroking away, think about Bobby Wilson's balls. He wasn't hung that heavy, but he was thick, and he had the most enormous balls I'd ever seen. Of course, his hot ass didn't hurt either. I lay back and closed my eyes and dreamed about tonguing bobby's nads. I had a pretty good boner going when I heard someone say,


"Takin' care of business, huh, Tommy?"

I looked up and saw Jeremy smiling at me. I had been so distracted, I didn't even hear him come.

"Uh...yeah. I thought everyone had gone."

"I just finished a four mile run. I'm beat."

He looked it. His long blonde hair was matted and straggly, and his shirt and shorts were soaked by sweat. As I watched, he peeled his shirt off, and kicked his shorts away. I looked at his muscled chest, and his well defined abs, and I got harder.

He stood watching me, and started rubbing his jock pouch. It really started to swell.

"Looks like you got the right idea," he said, as he slid out of his supporter and started stroking his long, thick dick. I had never seen him hard before, and it was clear he had way over seven inches - eight and half, maybe nine.

He didn't say anything, but he reached out, and started stroking my pole, then put my hand down on his. Before I knew it, he was on top on me, sticking his tongue down my throat.

"I didn't know you were into this..." I began, hesitantly."

"If it moves, I'll nail it!" he mumbled, then concentrated on giving me a hickey, then another. Damn that felt good, and it felt even better when I started doing the same to him.

He was still wet from running and we squirmed all over each other, rubbing our dicks together. I loved the fresh smell of his man sweat. After it dries,, it gets rank, but when a guy first starts perspiring, it's sexy. Oh, yeah...he was awesome.

While I was concentrating on his tongue and ears, he pushed my legs up over my shoulders. Before I knew what was happening, his big tool has thumping around my back door. I thought of telling him no, but Jeremy didn't look like he'd take that for an answer. I just let him hawk some spit on his cock and work it into me.

It was tight, but he slipped in bit by bit, and before I realised it, he had me impaled on the whole length of his schlong. It burned a little, but mostly it felt great. I wondered what it would be like to have Jeremy fuck me every day. Damn good, I thought. By this time, Jeremy was humping me for all he was worth, and we were both moaning and whimpering. My dick was rockhard and starting to seep fuckjuice as we rocked our way toward heaven.


"Well, what have we got here, two little faggots. Ain't that cute."

It was Coach, and he'd caught us with Jeremy's dick up my ass. Shit! This wasn't good. We untangled ourselves, and stood facing him, ashamed to look him in the eye. We still were stiff.

"Follow me you stupid fucks." The coach sounded pissed, and probably didn't want to hear anything we had to say, so we kept our yaps shut and followed him out of the locker room and past his office into the gym. We were scared that someone might see us butt naked, but no one was around and he led us over to the visitor's locker room. He unlocked it and motioned us inside.

"Didn't drop your load, did you Jeremy?"

"Uh, no...sir, I didn't," replied Jeremy nervously.

"I bet your friend's ass is still twitchin', waitin' for it. Tommy, lean over the desk. OK, Jeremy, batter up. Finish fucking that hole."

I leaned over the desk and spread my legs. Jeremy slipped up behind me and popped his cockhead in my hole, then started pumping. We were both moaning and shaking and sweating.

Coach had stripped and was now fisting his meat. His cock was so big he made Jeremy look like a girl. He was slapping some lube on his shaft and it looked like he was aiming it at Jeremy's back door. I let out a moan, then Jeremy cried out.

"Shut up boy, if you're old enough to fuck, you're old enough to be fucked. Now keep pumping Tommy's hole and I'll keep pumping yours."

I guess it hurt Jeremy, but he stayed hard. I could feel his balls slap against my ass as the coach forced himself into Jeremy. He wasn't it taking it easy, and I was glad he was the one the coach was pooning.

"Ooof. Yeah, that's it you tight-assed little fuck puppy. Squeeze my dick with your asshole. I'm gonna cream your shitter, see if I don't..."

Coach's voice trailed off, then Jeremy let out a yowl and shot his load in my quivering hole. I let go and left my mess on the desk.


Coach pulled out, then Jeremy got up. I could barely move, his cum was dripping out of me and down my leg. When the coach saw the desktop, he made Jeremy lick my jism off the top, then looked at me and said,

"Don't worry boy, you'll get your turn."

Then he took us back to the other locker room. If anyone had seen us, I would have died on the spot. When we got in, Coach made us shower, and even got in and showered with us, lathering and fingering us up to make sure we were all cleaned out. For an old guy, the coach wasn't bad. He was very trim and muscular, and had an impressive dick, longer than either of ours. He had a small black rose tattooed on his left butt cheek. He was moderately hairy, and it was sort of hot feeling him rub up against me and stick his tongue down my throat.

"Tomorrow, after lunch, in my office. Be there faggots!" he growled, giving each of us a stinging slap on the ass.


We stood outside the coach's office, but it was locked.

"Maybe he forgot about us," said Jeremy, hopefully.

"Our luck isn't that good," I mumbled.

The coach came around the corner and unlocked his office.

"Inside pussies. NOW."

After we entered his office and stood by his desk for a few minutes, he glanced up and looked at us.

"The fairies, huh. OK, strip."

"But, coach..."

"Now! I don't want any lip. I want to see those butt cheeks. strip and bend over."

We were out of our clothes in an instant and presented our butts for his inspection.

"Boy pussies, yeah, that's what I like to see."

Coach fumbled around with a bag and said, "Now put these on."

He gave us each some kind of leather harness. It went on over our shoulders and across our chests, and then had a long leather strap that went down to our crotches. After we were in them, Coach came over with a cock ring that snapped on to the strap, and was connected to a butt plug, then another piece of leather that ran up and connected behind our shoulders. It was kind of hot.

Coach seemed to take a lot of pleasure hooking us up and popping the plugs in our holes.

"Straighten up. Walk around."

We tried to walk and the sensations were so surprising and strong that I stumbled. Jeremy's eyes just glazed over.

"Ha, ha. Really does a job on your pussies, don't it? Get your clothes on, and meet me in the visitor's room after school. Don't take those harnesses off unless you really want to get me pissed."


We spent an uncomfortable afternoon. Every time we moved, the plugs stimulated us, and we didn't want to let on. Half the time we had hard-ons and tried to hide them. By the time school was over, we were really ashamed, and really, really horny.

The coach was a real prick. He made is wait, and wait. Finally, he showed up, and seemed surprised we still had our clothes on.

"Can't fuck like that. You know what I want to see - get to it."

He sat back in a chair and smoked his cigar, watching us like a butcher, planning where to make the next cut. Finally, he put out his cigar, stood up and stripped. He stood next to us, and placing his big muscular arms on our shoulders, forced us to kneel. Before we knew it, he had brought both our mouths to his big, hard cock. We could smell his musty maleness as he stood there, his dick vibrating with tension, his orange sized balls full of thick breeder juice.

"Suck it, pussies," he muttered, and we did. Jeremy was on his shaft like a starving man, then I started taking his balls in my mouth and sucking them. Coach liked that, I know, because he really stiffened up when I gobbled his nadgers.

Jeremy was slurping away on his thick pole, and was eagerly lapping the pre cum that was starting to ooze out the head. I could tell from the way that Jeremy licked the head like an ice cream cone that he was loving it.

"Okay..." mumbled the coach, that was pretty good. Now I'll see if you've learned anything."

Coach paused for a minute, then spoke, "Get your harnesses off. Jeremy, bend over. Tommy, you see how deep you can get your dick in his hole."

I had been wanting to ride Jeremy's sweet ass for some time, so Coach got no argument from me. I slid in as easy as you please. It seemed like he was just waiting for me. his hot hole felt so good, I almost creamed him then and there. I was barely in, when I felt the coach's enormous mushroom headed prick knocking at my back door. I grunted, and pushed, but it was still kinda tight. Coach started fucking with a vengeance, and my hole started to burn, but a good sort of burn. My dick got harder, and I started imitating Coach's rhythm as I ploughed Jeremy.


Damn, it felt good. My dick seemed to get bigger and bigger, as I took the Coach's meat up my butt and and rammed Jeremy's slut hole. He was kinda loose compared to me, so I figured he must have been fooling around with someone, but hadn't a clue who I might have been.

Coach slipped his hands under my chest and cupped my tits, then started rolling them between his fingers. If felt so good, I did the same to Jeremy. He started moaning almost at once and clenching my cock with his ass muscles. I copied his action and before I knew it, Coach was starting to moan, and pumping my hole viciously. As Jeremy milked me, I finally let go and filled his hole, as he spurted against the wall. I was just starting to catch my breath when Coach shot his hot jism into me. We all collapsed against each other, drenched in sweat, or hair matted, and long, sticky strands of cum leaking out of our assholes.

After a minute or two, Coach pulled out and climbed off me.

"C'mon, you two. Get cleaned up."

I pulled out of Jeremy, who didn't really seem to want to let go, and we all showered together in the same stall. As we were getting dressed, Coach wrote an address on an index card and handed it to Jeremy.

"You two are ready. Be there, Saturday afternoon - 1 o'clock."

"But Coach," I began, "I've got..."

"Tough. Be there. I won't take no for any answer."


Jeremy and I were caught in a hard place, so we cancelled everything we had scheduled and went to the address Coach had given us. I didn't know whether the guys would gang bang us, or beat us up. I didn't like either possibility.

It was a beautiful house, with high walls, and lots of luxuriant landscaping. We could hear the sounds of people playing around a pool, but we couldn't see a thing. We knocked at the door, and after a few minutes, Coach opened the door wearing a pair of red speedos and let us in. He made us change into speedos like his, then led us out to the pool area.

"Pussy's here!" he yelled, and we were suddenly surrounded by a crowd of good-looking guys from school, all wearing red speedos.

"Isn't this the..." I asked Coach.

"You're trying out for the Swim Team."

Coach made us swim the length of the pool, and if we weren't great, at least he didn't make fun of us. One of the other guys had a stop watch, and timed us. When we climbed out of the water, one of the other boys, I think his name was Rob, started loosening the drawstring on my suit. I looked down an noticed the bulge in his suit was huge. In fact, it was obscene. I could make out the head of what must have been a twelve inch dick swollen and itching to get free. Suddenly, I didn't mind his fooling around with me, especially after he started kissing me and trying to lick my tonsils. Man could he kiss!

It wasn't long before he had me turned around and buck naked. He started rubbing his cockhead up against my hole, and get me really turned on. He was really huge, but I wanted him, and I got him. He slipped his finger up my ass and started stretching it. Then he added a second, and even a third. I heard him hawk some spit on his rod, and then he started pushing it in me.

It really hurt, but I just gritted my teeth and took it like a man. He kept humping slowly, and after a bit, it didn't hurt nearly so much. I let my eyes wander, and saw that Jeremy was off in a corner with his legs up in the air, with a very muscular blond kid screwing him in the ass. Most of the guys had slipped out of their suits, were stroking themselves and watching us get fucked.

Rob stiffened, and shot me full of his load. I groaned as his big dick softened and slipped out of me. No sooner was he free, than another kid was taking his place. The bastards were even lining up to take their turn with me. I felt like such a slut, a sore one at that.

They all humped me, one after another. If I tried to say no, they ignored me. If I struggled to get away, they held me down. I didn't have much choice, I was their fuck hole and they just used me. I noticed though, whenever one of them turned around, they had one of those black rose tattoos on their asses. That was kind of hot, but I was really sore from the dicking I was getting. At least I was well lubed. I was so full of boy juice that it was running out of my ass. I was a mess.


When they had finished with me, they went over and plugged Jeremy. The last boy had climbed off me, and I lay exhausted on the mat. Coach came over.

"Get up," he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me upright.

He pushed me in line behind Jeremy. I looked at him, and he nodded.

"You're next."

When Jeremy's hole was free, I climbed on and started humping like a drop hammer. I had gotten just a few strokes in, when I felt another cock punching it's way into me. It was Coach. I just sighed and kept working on Jeremy, as Coach worked on me.

We were all slick and slippery from sweat, and it was hard to stay in the saddle. Finally I shot off, and the coach was right behind me. Man, was I tired.

We pulled apart, and Coach ordered Jeremy to mount me, then he slammed Jeremy's ass just like he had mine. Would this stuff never end?


Most of the guys were fooling around, playing grab ass or kissing each other.

"OK, "called out the coach, "It's break time."

We all grabbed some beers from the cooler and he started grilling steaks for us. Billy, a tall, handsome long haired surfer type sat down beside me and handed me a butt plug.

"You better wear this. Are you having fun yet?"

"Uh...almost, I'm pretty sore."

"Yeah, well..we've all been through it. It's a pretty hot initiation."

"Is it over?"

"Not yet. You're about half-way through. I wouldn't mind spending some time with you if you're interested."

Getting a date wasn't what I was thinking of just then, but he was hot. Great muscles, and the long blond hair gave him a sweet, almost girlish look. There was nothing girlish about what he had swinging between his legs, though. He was all man.

"Yeah, I guess."

"OK, next weekend, then. You're mine."

"What's next?"

"Can't tell you. You'll find out. See ya later."

He slapped my shoulder and went off to talk with some of the other guys. >From time to time, one would look at me, but no one said anything. We had a great steak fry. Salad, fries, barbecue beans, big, thick steaks. We all laid back for a while and relaxed. I fell asleep.

"Wake up, sleepyhead, they've started without you." Two guys pulled me up and then sat me down in a chair. I was still half asleep, when they both stick their dicks in my mouth.

I just slurped whatever passed my lips. They tasted great, salty and musky, and it was then I realised what the next part of the initiation was. I smelled the hot odour of crotch and knew that I'd have to service the whole team, and probably the coach, too.

Well, at least I got to sit down, and twelve dicks isn't that much, really. OK, it is, but I put my heart and soul into it, and before I knew it I had a bellyfull of fuck cream. When I recognised Coach's meat staring me in the face, I knew I was almost done. It was like an old friend now, and I recognised all the thick veins on his shaft, and loved licking the big mushroom head. My head bobbed up and down, and he unloaded before I was ready.

"Unnh...Tommy, you are one hell of a cocksucker. Damn, that was good!"

Jeremy finished his work, then we both sixty-nined in front of everyone. I was kin of self conscious at the way the guys watched us, but after awhile, I started to get off on it, the Jeremy was. Jeremy was an exhibitionist and seemed to like being watched. We finally shot down each other's throats and and everyone applauded. That certainly was different.

Coach put aside his cigar and sipped at a beer. "OK, you guys, it's like this. I'd never ask any of you to do something I wouldn't do myself. These two have taken all of us up the ass, and I'm gonna prove what I say. I'll take you all on myself. Billy, you go first."

Coach lay down on the exercise mats, butt up, and Billy lubed his hole and then his own dick with some lotion. He mounted the coach and started his own hell-ride. Each boy took his turn and gave Coach a high colonic. Jeremy and I took our turns last, and he was as filthy and sticky as we were. In fact, all of the guys were sweaty and sticky, but our assholes were full of cum and it was leaking out and down our legs.


When we had finished, Coach stood up and asked the guys, "Do you think Tommy and Jeremy should join the team?"

Everyone cheered, and we were accepted.

"That's it, you two, you're on the team. Remember, we all watch out for our own. Only thing left is to get you marked."


We heard the bell ring, and one of the boys answered it. A dark skinned, very rugged type came in carrying a case.

"Good to see you Raoul," greeted the coach. "Two new boys here in need of your service."

Raoul turned and looked at us. He nodded his head and rubbed a growing bulge in his shorts.

"You boys will have to pay Raoul for your tattoos."

"But we haven't any money," protested Jeremy."

"Don't worry, I'll take it out in trade. Those are really fine looking asses you've got there, boys," said Raoul.

As luck would have it, I was first. I lay down on the mats as Raoul stripped. He was all muscle, and really rugged, and covered with curly black hair. Not my type at all, not that that made any difference to him. He pulled the plug from my ass, and mounted me right away. He wasn't so much long as he was thick, but he had to have at least eight inches, probably a little over. He slid in in but it was tight, and he started boring and ploughing right away. His rough hair tickled me with every movement. It was not what I expected, but it wasn't bad either. His chest hair rubbed my back, and his crotch mat scrubbed my ass like a Brillo pad. I grunted with every thrust. He didn't take long either. Before I knew it, he had creamed me good, and was pulling out as he got ready to give me my tatoo.

He cleaned my ass off with alcohol, then started to lay out the design. He got out his needle and started to pick out the markings. It hurt!

"Be quiet boy. Be thankful it isn't going on your dick."

I almost passed out thinking about that. My dick shrivelled up and hurt just thinking about it. By the time I had got my nerves under control, he was finished.

"Fast, eh, boy? Now where's the other pussy. I'm horny again."

It was Jeremy's turn, and he wanted it on his back, and Raoul obliged. He fucked Jeremy so hard he was moaning and yelling with each stroke. Raoul was so turned on, he shot and still stayed hard, so he started fucking Jeremy all over again. Jeremy didn't seem to mind. He kept whimpering and moaning. Raoul came again and got up muttering, "maracon!"

He gathered this things and after he turned Jeremy over, got right down to business. Jeremy was so tired, he fell asleep and didn't feel a thing. Before I knew it, Raoul was packing his things up and talking to Coach.

"Each one seems hotter than the one before. These two are both unbelievable, but that last one...what a whore."

"Enjoy yourself Raoul, there's plenty a beer and food, and you might find one of the boys to keep you company..."

Billy sidled up to Raoul and put his arm around him. In a moment they were kissing and then walking arm in arm toward one of the bedrooms.

"Looks like Raoul has found something. You two are probably tired. You took it well. Better shower up and take a nap. Next practise, you'll get to ball all the guys."

Coach gave us a slap on the ass and pushed us toward a spare room. We did as were were told and after a hot, steamy shower, Jeremy and I fell asleep in each other's arms for a couple of hours.

I look forward to practise now, and my grades have improved. Jeremy and I are lovers now, and have both been accepted into grad school at the same college next year, and we have been awarded scholarships, too. Coach looks out for his guys in all sorts of ways.

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