Man for Man

Birthday Present


My first time was two days ago on my eighteenth birthday. I've fancied Jack for a long time and he promised me he would give me a good going over on my birthday. He's older than I am, in his early thirties, and as gorgeous as fuck.


Jack is just a little over six foot with dark hair, dark eyes and a dazzling smile. He goes to the gym often though he's not obsessed with it. Anyway, he has a beautifully toned body with a light dusting of soft, downy black hair on his chest, belly and legs. It all contrasts nicely with my five foot six, slender frame and blonde hair and blue eyes. There's only one area that I can match him in and I do that inch by inch. We're both just a shade over seven inches.

Anyway, he took me to a baseball game on my birthday. I would have preferred going out clubbing but Jack is in to sport. And I've waited so long for him I figured I could wait a couple more hours. After the game we went to get a burger. And then it was time.

He took me driving through a wooded area. There were hardly any other cars about. After a while he pulled onto a dirt track and cut the engine. And then he pulled me into his arms and we had our first kiss. It clean took my breath away. His mouth was warm and spearmint fresh. His soft lips brushed mine as his warm tongue snaked its way into my mouth.

My cock sprang instantly to life in my pants. I could feel it tenting my shorts. As his strong hands gently stroked the side of my face I felt as though I would explode. In a panic I forced myself to think of anything but what he was doing to me. I didn't want this to be over before it began.

He unbuttoned my shirt and began stroking my chest, lightly brushing my nipples. Electricity coursed through my body as precum drooled out of my rock hard eager young cock. I tried to reciprocate but it was difficult in the confined space of the front seat of his sports car.

'Get out of the car.' he whispered. I was quick to obey. Above us, the moon was bright enough to see by. It was a warm evening and it felt very private where we were. Jack spun me around and pushed me against the hood of the car. At once his hands were around my waist unbuttoning my jeans. He pushed them to below my knees. And then it happened...

I felt him parting my cheeks and suddenly I saw stars. His tongue was buried deep in my butt and I could not believe that it could feel so good. As he licked and sucked, his hands worked up and down my smooth thighs. Shivers of delight caused goose bumps on my skin. I mumbled incoherently until damn! he stuck his finger up my ass. I cried out in surprise.

'Get used to it.' he said. 'You're going to take much more than my finger up there tonight.' The idea both frightened and delighted me. Jack returned to rimming my virgin hole. He then cupped a hand around my heavy nuts as he worked my crack. He rolled them around in his hand, as gentle as anything.

I felt his finger go back in my pucker. This time it slid in more easily. He worked his finger around and my confused brain tried to decide whether I like this sensation or not. Before I had time to decide he eased the finger out and licked and tongue probed me once more. This my winking pucker did like! And soon I felt his finger back in me again. Now it felt really good as he worked it in and out and all around. I pushed back, eager to have more of him in me.

'Does that feel good?' he asked. 'Yes!' I shouted. 'I've got something that feels even better.' he said. 'Give it to me then.' I replied.

And he did. Thank goodness there was no one around to hear me scream! I felt he was splitting me in two. He just kept pushing, giving me inch by solid inch. Soon he was sunk to the nuts. His hairy bush scratched my tender cheeks.

'Keep still for a minute.' he said. 'It hurts.' I protested. 'I know, but the pain will soon pass. Just keep still and relax in to me.' he told me.

And it was true. After a short while it did not feel so bad. And when Jack began stroking my nipples, nibbling on my neck and telling me how good and tight I felt I forgot all about the pain. "He's inside me!" I kept telling myself, over and over. It was what I had dreamed about for years.

I almost didn't notice Jack moving about inside me at first, he was that gentle. But as he sensed my hole opening up to him he began to thrust a little harder. By now I was so fully into the experience that all I felt was pleasure. The feel of his hands coupled with the thrusts of his cock deep within my guts was all I had hoped it would be. I was literally speechless. Jack talked to me while he was fucking me and all I could do was moan and sigh and squeal.

Then he pulled out of me and I started blabbering, begging him for more. 'Just need to change position.' he said. He laid me down on my back on the hood of the car. He spread my legs and entered me again. A smile came to my lips as I felt his heat within me once more. 'Oh fuck me!' I pleaded. 'I have every intention.' he replied as he increased his tempo.

He was really riding me now. Each stroke was deeper and harder than the last. I was being nailed down by his thick cock. I reached out and grabbed hold of his muscular butt, pulling him in to me. As he fucked he tweaked my nipples, squeezing so hard I though he might break them clean off my chest. My cock rose to its fullest proportions. He reached for it now and smeared the precum into my large mushroom head.

My centre of delight seemed to switch from my asshole to my cock head and back again. I let go his butt and held on to his strong arms as he pounded me and wanked me at the same time. I opened my eyes to look at the moon one more time. I wanted this night fixed in my memory forever.

I could hear his breathing change. I could tell that he was getting close. It meant I could give up on holding out. I simply abandoned myself to the fuck. I became a body that consisted only of an asshole and a cock. I heard him muttering as he furiously fisted my cock. Sweat flew off his brow and cooled on my chest. It was like a trigger, opening my floodgates. I cried out loud and long as my thick white cream pumped into the air above me. I was so loud I drowned out his animal grunts; but when he kissed me and thanked me I knew that he had come.

And even if I live to be a hundred I won't ever be able to forget it.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.