Man for Man

Bill and Ted's Adventure


Bill was one of those guys that just exuded sexuality. As a sophomore in his dorm, everyone thought of him as the sex stud. He always talked about sex, he seemed to be always squeezing his cock and boasting about it's size and his sexual conquests. And he looked the part with thick wavy brown hair, solid athletic body, very little body hair and six-pack abs.


Late at night in the common room, he would bring in porn for the guys to watch. Mostly freshmen showed up and he seemed to lead them. They all seemed to sit around in their boxers; some wore t-shirts as well. Bill never did, he had a nice firm, developed chest. He had no issues with reaching in his shorts and stroking himself as he watched it. After several nights of this, he said, "Hey, we are all guys and all guys jerk off, so it is not like we all haven't sat and jerked off. So what's the big deal if we just whip it out and jerk off here."

There were some nervous responses and he just pushed his short down exposing his seven inches of rock hard manhood. He began to stroke it as if no one were in the room. Several of the guys blushed but many slowly followed suit. Soon there were five guys sitting with their cocks out in the common room jerking off. As they watched the gal on the video giving head, Bill kept up a running commentary.

"Yes, suck him. Swallow him all the way, bitch. You know you like it!" while he pounded his meat.

Most of the guys were focused on the scene on the television, but one guy, Ted, kept stealing looks at the other guy's cocks, especially Bill. He was a shy guy generally and having his cock out in a group like this was something different for him. He was enjoying seeing the other guys' cocks and how they jacked, more than he enjoyed the movie.

After about an hour of Bill's non-stop commentary, Bill began to really fist his cock. Then, "Here bitch, this is for you!" as he shot a huge load across his chest.

The rest of the guys began to work furiously on their cocks, and Ted was really getting off on watching these guys stroke to climax. The guys then began to shot one after another, as if Bill's actions showed them it was okay to shoot in front of the others.

Each one shot their load, some more self-consciously than others, but they all enjoyed the feeling of release. Ted felt something incredible at having just shot in front of this group of guys in this public place.

Bill continued to sit with his cock out, slowly stroking it and rubbing his cum into his six-pack abs and his thick wiry black pubic hairs until the video ended. Then he stood, pulled up his boxers over his well muscled ass and said, "Okay, guys, until next time," he made a motion in front of his crotch like jacking off, ejected the video and headed back to his room.

The next day, Bill found Ted after dinner and invited him up to his room. Once in Bill's room, Bill sitting on his bed, kind of lounging back and Ted sitting on Bill's desk chair, Bill started chatting with Ted, finding out his background. He asked about Ted's home, family, school, sports, etc. He seemed genuinely interested in Ted.

Ted loved the attention from this fit jock and told Bill all about anything he asked. He started out kind of slowly and shyly, but when it appeared Bill was truly interested he began to speak more and more, elaborating on any topic.

Bill began quizzing Ted on his sex life and Ted blushed as he recounted it. "Well, not much," a nervous chuckle, "I haven't had sex with a girl, I have only felt them up. I guess you would say heavy petting."

"It's okay, just means you still have some things to explore," Bill said as he nonchalantly scratched his crotch. It didn't miss Bill's observation that Ted's eyes went to Bill's crotch as he scratched.

They talked long into the night with Bill leading the discussion around many topics. Bill talked about hiking and backpacking, but he also got in a discussion about blow jobs and fucking. It wasn't lost on Bill that Ted's crotch swelled as he talked about sex.

Bill continued to have his late night porn fests in the common room on his floor of the dorm. Ted was always there as well. Bill made sure to invite him. After a couple of these sessions with the guys all talking nasty to the porn on the TV, pulling down their boxers and stroking, Bill got Ted to take off his shorts. "Ted why don't you take those shorts off, and give yourself more room to spread your legs." Ted had already left his t-shirt upstairs at Bill's suggestion. He wanted to do whatever Bill asked, but he hesitantly removed his shorts, while the rest of the guys sat around with their boxers or briefs just down enough for them to stroke their cocks. Some wore t-shirts and some didn't.


But Ted was now sitting there naked, hard as a rock, stroking with the rest of the guys. They all went back to watching the video, stroking away. All were now giving the chicks on screen advice and comments. Bill noticed that a couple of guys snuck looks at Ted's naked form while he stroked. Ted was very turned on, more by being naked in front of these guys than just from the movie.

After everyone had shot and the tape was over, Bill stood up and taking Ted's shorts, said, "Follow me." And Ted very self-consciously followed Bill out of the room and into the hall, naked his cock regaining the stiffness it had lost after cumming. Ted couldn't believe he was walking down the halls of his dorm naked!, getting hard and following Bill.

Bill opened his dorm room and Ted followed him in. It was now 2 am and Ted has classes the next day, but Bill wanted to talk. "Looks like you might be ready to rub another one off," he said pointing to Ted's cock which seemed to be getting harder by the moment. Bill motioned for Ted to sit on the bed, while Bill took the desk chair.

"Yeah, I guess," Ted said, kind of self consciously.

"Then let me get another tape and I'll join you. I am always ready it seems to jack off. I can never get enough of sex." Bill got up and went over, set down the one video and picked another up and put it in the player and pushed play. "Mind if I get out of my shorts as well?"

"Hey, it's your room," Ted said, wondering where his own boxers had gotten to.

Bill pushed his boxers down and kicked them over to a pile of laundry in the corner and went over and sat on the bed next to Ted. Ted could feel the heat of Bill's body. Bill put a pillow behind his head and started playing with his cock, which didn't seem to need much encouragement to begin to swell. Ted had been watching Bill's cock for a while instead of the movie, so when Bill spoke, it was like he was coming out of a fog. "This one is really hot, wait until you see what this chick can do."

Ted found himself watching the men in the movie, seeing how big their cocks were and how they used them. He reached down and started playing with his own rigid cock. Bill's cock was now hard and he was slowly stroking it. It was not lost on him that Ted kept stealing looks at Bill's cock.

"Did you ever have a jerk off buddy when you were younger?" Bill asked.

"What do you mean by that?"

"You know, a guy that you jerked off with after school, before school, during school, whenever you could."

"No, I didn't." Ted said, blushing a bit.

"I did. His name was Johnny Fowler. We grew up together and learned about our bodies together. We started comparing cock sizes and who would get hair where first. One of us would find one of our dad's, or one of his brother's porn books and we would sit around for hours jacking off to them."

"Sounds like fun," Ted said, for lack of anything else to say.

Bill was stroking his cock slowly up and down now. "Yeah, we even got where we would jack the other one off. You know, kind of a I'll do yours, if you do mine."

Ted couldn't help himself, "Really?" he said kind of incredulously.

"Yeah, just two guys helping the other one out. I mean I was already jerking my cock and he was jerking his, so if I put my hand around his cock and he did mine, we were still just jerking cock, right."

"Yeah, I guess so," Ted's cock swelled at the thought.

"Hey would you want to give it a try?" Bill looked at Ted's face. "I mean we are both naked and right here and stroking away anyway."

"Sure, I guess, why not." Ted said, trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice.

"Okay, well, here give me your hand," Bill took Ted's left hand off of his cock and brought it over to Bill's cock. "Yeah, that's it now, just do what you were doing to your cock and I'll do the same to yours." Bill wrapped his hand around Ted's seven inches and started stroking. Ted sighed.

"Yeah, pretty hot, huh?"

"Yes," Ted whispered.

"It's okay, it's just jerking, enjoy it." Bill liked the way Ted worked his cock. Ted worked to provide Bill as much pleasure as he was getting on his own cock. They matched strokes and watched the movie, at least Bill did. Ted was concentrating on Bill's cock and the feeling he was getting in his own cock. Ted leaned back and spread his legs a bit wider and watched his hand on Bill's cock.


As Ted's breathing speeded up, so did his hand on Bill's cock, which in turn cause Bill to pick up his pace. They continued to match stroke for stroke. Ted felt his muscles tightening and knew he was getting close; he wanted Bill to cum at the same time. He looked over and saw Bill's eyes roll up for a bit and saw that his balls were tightening up.

"Oh, yesssss!" Ted began as he got close and knew he was going to cum any second.

"Yes, stroke it for me. Show me how it is done, Ted," Bill encouraged him.

That did it and Ted's cock erupted and began shooting its second load of the night. The first shot flew high and landed on his chin then the rest trailed down his chest to his pubes.

Moments later, Bill was shooting his load across his own chest and stomach as Ted continued to stroke on his cock. He was blown away at how well Ted had done on his cock. They both lay there enjoying the other slowing stroking on their cocks.

Bill rose up first and released Ted's cock. "That was great! Good work, Ted!" Ted blushed just a bit, but nodded.

Then he said, "Yeah, it was good."

"Any time you want to do that again, you just let me know. I can never get enough sex. And I love to jerk off all the time."

"Okay," Ted said, not knowing for sure how he felt about what he had just done. But it had felt so wonderful.

"Wow, look at how late it is! Man, I have a class in the morning. I have to get some sleep." He rose up and stood. Ted stood then as well.

"Yeah, me too." He was looking around for his boxers.

"Okay, let's meet up for dinner tomorrow night. What do you say? We'll order pizza and talk some more. Or whatever," he smiled as he said that.

"Sounds good," Ted said as he looked around again. Bill went to the door and opened it. He stood there naked, waiting for Ted. Ted still couldn't find his shorts, but got the hint he had to leave. He headed out into the hall and Bill closed the door as he said, "Goodnight and thanks!"

Ted walked down the hall to his room, kind of in a daze. He didn't pay much attention to the guy he passed in the hall. He got to his room and went in. He stepped into the bathroom to brush his teeth and looked into the mirror. That is when he saw the cum on his face and down his chest. Shit! He had just walked down the hall this way and even passed some guy! Shit.

But Ted smiled as he grabbed a towel to wipe up the cum, that had felt good. He had never had someone's hand on his cock. Sure, girls had felt him up through his pants and one had even squeezed him through just his underwear. But this was so amazing! He brought the towel to his face and inhaled the smell of the cum on the towel.

He lay down on his bed and quickly fell asleep and dreamed of Bill's hand and cock.

He woke up the next morning with a raging hard on. He reached down and squeezed his cock hard, then saw the clock and realized he had to get up and get ready for class. Throughout the day, he thought off and on about Bill's hand on his cock and his hand on Bill's cock. His cock would swell each time he thought of this.

He managed to get through his day, even though his thoughts had been distracted by these images of Bill and his cock.

He met Bill at his room at 6 pm. Bill answered the door in his boxer shorts and invited Ted in.

"There are sodas in the fridge, help yourself." Bill picked up the phone and asked Ted, "What kind of pizza do you like?"

"Well, really any kind, except no anchovies, if that is okay with you."

Bill placed an order and after he hung up, turned to Ted, "You might as well relax, like you would in your room. Get rid of that shirt and those shorts. Kick back in your boxers as you would in your own room."

Ted thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. He toed off his shoes and pulled off his polo shirt. Then he undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor. He picked his clothes up and folded them neatly at the end of the bed.

Bill said, "That's better," as he lay down on the bed. "Have a seat." Bill lay back and with one knee bent started asking Ted about his day.


Ted turned to answer Bill and he saw he was looking right into Bill's crotch, completely exposed by the way the leg of his boxer gaped and the position of his legs. He was mesmerized by Bill's cock and balls. He tried to keep his thoughts focused on what Bill was saying and on answering the questions. But he realized after a bit that his own cock had been getting bigger and bigger, until it was almost hard. Bill reached down and scratched himself very nonchalantly.

Ted's cock rose some more with that. Ted didn't know why this was happening. He had seen other guys' cocks in the shower and had watched Bill jack off a couple of times in the common room, so it wasn't like it was the first time he had seen a cock.

Bill looked at the clock and got up, "Got to take a leak. If the pizza guy comes, the money is right there on the desk. I don't need the change back." Bill walked into the bathroom, left the door open and dropped his shorts to the floor and stood there pissing. A large gushing sound filled the silent room.

Ted's cock twitched and made him aware that he was now almost completely hard. There was a knock on the door then and Bill said, "That's the pizza guy. Will you take care of that?" He was still filling the bowl.

Ted didn't know what to do, if he stood up his rigid dick would show, but Bill had asked him to take care of it. He stood and saw the tent in the front of his boxers. He reached in, grabbed his cock and pulled it up and trapped it in the waistband of his boxers. The head stuck out just a bit. He tried to hold his hand in such a way as to hide the part sticking out.

He took the money and went to the door. He opened it up part way, trying to shield his body from view. But the box was huge and he had to open it all the way and step out to get it. And when he took the box, the tip of his cock was exposed. He blushed just a bit and hoped the guy wasn't looking.

At that moment, Bill came out of the restroom, with his boxers off and his dick swaying, "Did you say you were ready for me?"

Ted blushed then, deep red, "I, ah, you, ah..."

"Great; the pizza's here! So you will have to wait just a bit for your dessert."

The pizza delivery guy was looking back and forth between the two guys, one naked and one with a hard on sticking up from the waistband of his boxers. Ted handed the guy the money and the guy passed the box over, his eyes continued to take in Bill's naked form.

"What was that all about?" Ted asked after he had closed the door on the pizza guy.

"Nothing, I just wanted to see the look on his face when I came out naked and joked about being your dessert. I didn't know you had wood sticking in your waistband. You get off on being naked in front of other people?"

"Not that I knew of." Ted answered truthfully.

"Okay, let's eat." Bill said and opened the box and grabbed a slice.

Ted took a slice as well, but he couldn't help see that Bill stayed naked and didn't seem to mind that Ted had a hard on.

Bill looked up and said, "Look, I've seen your cock hard before. Hell, I have even had it in my hand. So I don't care if you are hard and I don't mind if you take off your boxers and sit around naked with your cock pointing at the ceiling."

Ted thought about it for a moment, then shrugged, stood and pushed his boxers down to his ankles and stepped out of them. "That's it, be comfortable and don't worry about anything. It is just the two of us," Bill said.

They talked about sports a bit while they ate and Ted told Bill that he had not participated in a lot of high school sports. Bill had of course been on many of the teams in high school, often the captain. Ted's awe of Bill continued to grow as they sat and talked.

Ted also enjoyed looking at Bill's naked form. He had never spent much time looking at a guy's body, but he liked the way Bill's muscles flowed when he moved. He liked the trace of hair on Bill's chest and how it trailed down to his navel and then on to his public hair. He even found himself studying Bill's cock. The way it fell across his balls when he sat. How large his balls were. How dark and kinky his pubic hair was.


After they ate, Bill put in a porn tape. IT wasn't long until they were both hard and stroking. Ted kept looking over at Bill's cock and how he stroked it. He used an underhand stroke that ended up with the index finger rubbing across the head of this cock.

It was not lost on Bill that Ted kept stealing glances at his cock. And it didn't take him long to suggest that they stroke each other's cock again.

Ted put up no hesitation. And when Bill said, "That feels so great, I just need to sit back and enjoy it," Ted kept right on stroking, while Bill stopped stroking. Ted liked that Bill thought he was doing a good job. He also forgot about the porn and just concentrated on Bill's cock.

He liked the feel of it, the heat coming from it, the firmness of it. He liked how big it was, and he liked how Bill sat back, spread his legs wide and let Ted work on his cock. "Play with my balls with your other hand," Bill suggested and Ted was eager to follow his directions.

He hefted Bill's balls and started rolling them around and Bill moaned. Ted kept up his stroking and changed his pace and Bill gave him directions, "Faster and squeeze harder."

With his hands on Bill's balls, he felt them tighten up in he sack and draw closer to the cock. Bill said, "Okay, that's it, kept going, I am getting close!" and Ted kept up the pace and then a groan started in Bill and grew until he whispered, I'm cumming." And Ted watched as his cock erupted and shot and shot. One rope landed on Ted's face and the rest on Bill's stomach.

Ted kept stroking Bill's cock until he had no more cum and pulled on Ted's hand to stop him, "Too sensitive, now, " Bill whispered.

Ted sat back and watched as Bill came out of his fog of cumming. "Man, that was wonderful!" he told Ted. "The best I have ever had," he continued.

"Man you have the best hands."

"Thank you," Ted replied sheepishly."

"Wow, looks like you own cock could use some attention."

Ted was kind of waiting for Bill to put his hand around it and start stroking. But Bill said, "Let me see you use that technique on yourself."

Ted didn't pause to think, he took his dick in hand and started stroking. He was so horny; he wanted to get off. In fact, he realized that he kind of got off on having someone watch him jerk off.

It only took a minute or so, until he was ready to blow. He shot over his head on the first shot and across his face on the second and then down his chest and stomach. He had never had such an intense climax before.

He had kept his eyes on Bill while he was stroking and liked Bill's smile as he watched. He stroked out the last of the cum and then lay back and sighed; that had been great.

"Nice work!" Bill commented and Ted inwardly beamed.

The sat and talked for a while longer, then they decided it was time to get some homework done. Ted started to get dressed and Bill said, "Man, it's like you are going outside. You are only walking down the hall. And besides I bet you are just going to take them off when you get to your room, right?"

"I guess," Ted said and gathered up his clothes and stuff and opened the door and headed down to his room. He passed some of his dorm mates on the way to his room and they smiled and waved as he passed them.

Back in his room, he glanced in the mirror and saw that the cum had dried on his face and chest. Shit, he thought, those guys saw that. He wondered what they thought.

Ted didn't see Bill the next day, until late in the day. Bill called him and told him he was going to show some porn in the common room. Bill told him to come on down.

Once there, Bill motioned for Ted to sit next to him. Several other guys showed up and Bill started the porn. No one was shy now about taking out their cocks and stroking. Everyone was in the boxers, some with t-shirts and some without.

Once again, after a bit, Bill suggested that Ted lose his shorts so he could have more freedom and Ted slipped off his shorts. Bill took the shorts from Ted and put them down on the opposite side from Ted.

Ted sat there naked stroking, his cock getting harder at the thought of sitting in the common room of the dorms, totally naked while his dorm mates sat around him.


After a bit Bill brought up, "Did any of you guys ever have a jerk off bud? You know someone you would sit around and jack off with."

There was some mumbled accent, so Bill said, "Look we are all friends here and we have all seen each other jack off, so what would it hurt if you took your friend's cock in your hand and traded cocks. Jerk off a bud!"

"Here's what I mean, Ted show them." Ted reached over and took Bill's cock in his hand and started stroking it. "Yeah, that feels so good." There was some blushing, but several guys were watching Ted work on Bill's cock.

One other set of guys traded cocks and started stroking away. Bill didn't take Ted's cock, but just leaned back and enjoyed Ted's handiwork. Ted's cock was straining and swelling as he worked on Bill's cock. Without being told he reached over and started playing with Bill's balls. Several guys noticed this, but didn't comment.

Ted liked the feeling of having these guys watch him take care of Bill. He even took his hands off of Bill's balls for a moment and stroked his own cock. He felt so horny doing this.

Once again, Bill shot a huge load all over the place. When he was finished, he didn't take Ted's cock in hand, he said, "Ted, show these guys your technique." Ted blushed a bit, but his cock was in need and he had already jacked off in front of these guys, so he started fisting his cock. He closed his eyes for a moment, relishing that he was on display and that these guys were watching him. It got him so turned on, he came much sooner than he had expected and was shooting a load all over himself. He opened his eyes and blushed a bit as the guys moved to avert their eyes from his spectacle.

He was hard almost instantly again. He started to wipe up his cum when Bill said, "Have you ever tasted your own cum?" Ted shook his head. "Come on, everyone tastes their own cum. You have to know what it tastes like." Bill looked around at the other guys there, some still stroking and some having shot. "Have any of you ever tasted you own cum." A couple of mumbled, "yes."

"See. Go ahead and taste it." Ted wiped up a string of it and put his finger in his mouth and sucked it clean. It didn't taste like he thought it would. It was a salty taste, but not bad at all. He wiped up another blob and licked his finger clean. Then he looked up and saw some of the guys watching him. His cock swelled again and twitched.

They sat around and finished watching the porn show. Ted sat naked next to Bill, who had his cock and was playing with it. When the Video was over, guys pulled up their boxers, told Bill thanks and headed back to their rooms.

Bill once again gathered up Ted's clothes and headed back to his room. Ted had little choice but to follow, a bit embarrassed that his cock was still rigid. It seemed to swell a bit as he passed a couple of guys in the hall. They looked down at his cock and then walked on, commenting about something after they passed.

When they got to Bill's room, he let Ted in as well. "You seem to be extra horny tonight, Ted." Bill sat at his desk and put Ted's clothes down beside him. He motioned for Ted to sit on the bed.

Bill turned to his computer, checked his email and typed out something. He turned back to Ted. "You are really getting off on this stuff aren't you?"

"Yes, I guess I am. I feel so turned on, when I am sitting out there naked and following your instructions. It's like it turns up the sexual heat in my body."

Bill went out on a limb, "And you seem to like working my cock over as well."

Ted looked down for a moment and said, "Bill, I, ah, don't know what to say."

"Hey, it's okay. I don't think anything bad about it. Hell, I used to like playing around with my high school friend as well. We did all kinds of things together."

"You did? Like what?"

"Well, besides jack each other off, we once sucked each other's cock on a dare."

Ted's cock twitched in his lap at that. "You did? What was it like?" He absently reached down and stroked his cock once, then left his hand there.


"It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, I think a guy can give another guy a better blowjob because he know what feels good. I don't think there's anything wrong with two guys helping each other out, do you?"

Ted thought about that for a moment. A shiver ran up his spine. His cock throbbed at the idea of having a mouth on it. Then he thought about putting his mouth on Bill's cock and his cock throbbed again and leaked.

"No, I don't think there is anything wrong with that." He blushed just a tad as he looked up at Bill.

"Would you like to try it? I mean you helped me out so much with your hand, would you mind giving me a blowjob? My girlfriend won't give me one and it always feels so good."

"No, I don't mind. I just, ah, don't know what to do."

Bill raised up a bit and pushed his boxers down and let them drop to the floor. He now sat there as naked as Ted. "Just come up here and kneel between my legs. Then you can just do whatever you want with my cock."

Bill's cock was sticking up out of his lap as Ted moved over and knelt between Bill's spread legs. He took hold of Bill's cock and felt the heat of it. He studied it up close, the flared head, the piss slit, and the veins that ran over it. Then he stuck out his tongue and took a tentative taste of it.

Wow, he thought, not bad. He licked all around the head then, and Bill groaned. He took that as a good sign and took the head into his mouth. He marveled at the velvety smoothness of the head. He ran his tongue over the piss slit and moaned himself at how wonderful that felt.

Ted then started licking up and down the shaft, holding it against his tongue with his hand. He used his other hand to fondle Bill's balls. Bill continued to groan as Ted worked on his cock.

Ted's own cock strained and dripped as he worked on Bill's cock. He put his mouth back over the head and began sucking on the head and then moving it deeper into his throat. He found that he could only take so much before he hit a spot that made him gag. He wanted more, but every time he hit that spot, he had to back off.

Bill put his hands behind Ted's head and gently guided him up and down on his cock. Ted continued to work on Bill's cock, bobbing up and down on it.

He was working on taking more each stroke when he heard someone say, "Hey, that looks like fun!" Ted removed his mouth from Bill's cock to turn around see Steve, a freshman that lived on this floor.

"It is," Bill said, with a big smile on his face. "Ted here is just helping a friend out."

"Hey, that's cool," Steve said, as he closed the door and came over and sat on Bill's bed. "Mind if I watch? I have always wondered how this was done. I mean I have seen it on the porn you show, but never up close and personal."

"I don't mind if you watch. Do you Ted?"

"I, ah, " he thought for a moment and realized how hard his cock was throbbing since Steve had walked into the room. "No, I don't mind." Steve didn't sound like he thought anything bad about what was going on. He seemed like a good guy.

"Cool. Just ignore me then." Ted noticed that Steve's cock was beginning to tent his boxers. When Ted put his mouth back on Bill's cock. Steve gave Bill the thumbs up and Bill returned it.

Bill had emailed Steve and told him what time to come into his room. He figured that Ted was going to go for it and that he would get off on having someone watch. He hadn't been disappointed. Ted was a natural. He was a great kid and he really liked Bill. It seemed like he would do anything Bill asked.

Bill got off on using people and being an exhibitionist himself. And to having a guy who liked to be watched was great. Bill went back to guiding Ted's head up and down on his cock. Each time he tried to work a bit more into Ted's mouth. Bill was getting ff on this whole thing, being sucked by a guy while another guy watched.

He began to speed up the pace of Ted's head after a bit, as he moved closer to the edge. He knew he was going to blast soon and he wanted to cum in Ted's mouth.

Ted felt Bill's balls tightening up and his cock swelling. He knew these were signs that Bill was close. He kept at it. He didn't want to stop now. The fact that there was a guy in the room watching him do this only made him want to make it perfect for Bill.


Bill knew when he reached that perfect spot and he held Ted's head down on his shaft while he shot his first load. He then backed his cock-head back a bit and shot the remaining into Ted's mouth.

Ted felt the first blast shoot down the back of his throat, and then he tasted the next several blasts. The hot load tasted different than his. There was more tang to it. A pleasant taste that went with the saltiness. He slurped it down as fast as he could and tried to suck more out of his cock.

Bill had to pull him off when his cock got sensitive. He was panting. That had been incredible. He realized he had been panting from the intensity of it.

"That was great!" He took Ted's head in his hands and turned it so he could look at his face. "If that was truly your first time, you were amazing." Bill moved back a bit and looked down. "It appears that you enjoyed it, too."

Ted look down and saw how hard his cock was. He blushed a little, but Bill said, "Nothing wrong with that. It was hot!"

Bill ruffled Ted's hair, "Why don't you show us how much that turned you on. Jerk off for us and let me see how much it turned you on." Ted looked around at Steve, who just smiled.

"Go ahead and lay back here on the floor and go for it," Bill encouraged him. Ted moved around and then a bit self-consciously lay out on Bill's floor. He took his cock in his left hand, closed his eyes and began stroking, lost in the remembrance of Bill's cock.

"No, open your eyes. Look at me, while you jack. I want to see how much you are enjoying it. Steve just wants to see how you jerk off."

The mention of Steve made Ted's cock jump in his hand. He then locked eyes with Bill and began to stroke. He knew it wasn't going to take much. He furiously pounded his cock for less than a minute when he felt the rush of pleasure wash over him. His eyes rolled back then and he began to shot, load after load across his chest and stomach.

He continued to stroke on and on, loving the feeling, not wanting it to end. When he could focus again he looked up at Bill, who was smiling. "That was awesome, you were really horny. It didn't take you long at all."

"Yeah, that was pretty hot!" Steve said. He got up and went into Bill's bathroom, closed the door and brought himself off. He couldn't do it in front of someone like Ted had done, but that had been hot to see him suck Bill off and then to see Ted rub one off.

He came out moments later, a sheepish grin on this face. "Thanks. See you guys later." He left Bill's room as quickly as he had entered.

Bill got up and helped Ted up. "That was great, Ted." He patted Ted on the back as he steered him towards the door. "You really seemed to enjoy that. And I can't tell you how much I appreciated that. You were incredible." He patted Ted on the back again and opened the door and said, "See you tomorrow night after dinner. We have some things to discuss."

Ted walked in a daze back to his room. Once again, walking the halls naked. He hardly recognized the guys he passed in the halls.

Once in his room, he lay on his bed, stroking his cock reliving the last hour. It had blown him away. He shot another load just thinking about it. Then he feel asleep thinking of Bill's cock and Steve watching.

He woke with a hard on and immediately took it in hand and began stroking. He was so horny thinking about it again, that it again didn't take long for him to blast loads across his chest. He absently wiped up some and brought it to his lips and licked it clean. He smiled as he remembered the taste of Bill's cum.

He had difficulty getting through classes that day as he continued to think about everything that had gone on the night before.

Bill had slept soundly and deeply. He smiled frequently in his sleep. He woke with a hard on, but didn't jerk off. He wanted to savor the pleasure and not rush it. He thought of Ted during the day.

He saw him at a distance in the cafeteria, but didn't join him. When he was finished with his meal, he did pass by Ted and pat him on the shoulder. Ted looked up and smiled.


Bill didn't have to wait long until Ted knocked on his door. "Come in."

When Ted was in and had closed the door. Bill asked him to sit down on the bed. Bill sat in the chair opposite him. "Any thoughts about what happened last night?" he asked Ted.

"I have thought of nothing else all day." He paused for a moment. "Bill that was amazing. The whole thing. I would do it again in a moment." He looked up at Bill. "Does that make me bad?"

"Shit, no! If you enjoy it and I enjoy it, then there is nothing wrong with it."

"So you enjoyed it?"

"Yes! It was great, all of it." He paused then for a bit, then said, "Ted, I have a question."

"Sure, go ahead."

"Ted, hear me out before you answer. You seem to really get off on doing that and doing it in front of other's. What would you think of doing it again in the common room, on one of our porn nights?"

"You mean, give you a blow job?" Ted's cock swelled in his pants.

"Yes, I mean strip naked and blow me and jack off."

Ted's cock was now rock hard. The mere thought of it was driving him crazy.

"What would the other guy's think? I mean would it freak them out?"

"Hey, fuck 'em, if they can't take a joke. What do you care what other's think. You have walked around here naked, hard and covered in cum several times over the last week. I don't think it would freak them out."

Ted thought about it and it made him dizzy thinking about it. He wanted to do it. He looked up at Bill, who was smiling. "Yes," he whispered.

"And are there any limits to what you will do?"

Ted looked up then, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, that if I ask you to do other things in the heat of the moment, is there anything that you don't want to do?"

Ted's mid was racing, what did Bill have in mind. But he knew he craved this, he knew he wanted to do whatever Bill asked him and he wanted to do it with the other guys looking on. He seemed to have discovered something about himself. Maybe he had a wire crossed or something, but this appealed to him.

"No," he said simply.

"Okay, then tomorrow night we will have a porn night that people will be talking about for years." He smiled big then, imaging the possibilities.

"Is there anything you want to ask or do tonight in preparation?" Ted didn't say anything right away. "Come on, we can't have any secrets now."

Ted looked down for a moment, but then looked at Bill. "I would like to explore your body," he whispered.

"Sure!" Bill stood and pulled off his polo shirt. He tossed it in a corner, then undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor, then pushed down his boxers, then kicked his shorts and boxers into the corner. He stood naked before Ted. "Okay, your turn. If you are going to explore my body, then you have to be naked as well."

Ted got up and without too much hesitation, stripped off his clothes. Bill lay down on his stomach on the bed. Ted sat on the edge of the bed and reach out a tentative hand to Bill's shoulder. He an his hand along the broad shoulder and out along one arm. Then he leaned forward and used both hands to run along Bill's back muscles. He lightly passed over his butt and went down to the feet. He took each one in hand and smelled them, tasted them and rubbed each foot up into the calf.

He worked up the right leg massaging the thighs and up into the right cheek. He then did the same with the left leg. This time when he got to the left cheek, he continued to massage his ass. Then he felt himself drawn down and down until his nose was exploring along Bill's ass crack as his fingers traced the hairs along the crack.

Bill was completely relaxed and allowed him to caress and touch every part of his ass. Including when he ran his finger around the rosebud of Bill's hole. He loved the musky smell of Bill's ass. He traced the path down to the area between his ass and his balls. He got his nose down here as well and inhaled deeply. Bill spread his legs wide, giving Ted access to himself completely.

At the back of Bill's balls, Ted stuck out his tongue and tasted. His own cock was hard and thrusting at the bed as he turned over and lay on the bed between Bill's outstretched legs.


Bill moved then and turned over. Ted moved up then and explored Bill's face and head, tracing the lines of his nose and jaw. Then he outlined his mouth with his finger. He leaned in on an impulse and gave Bill a quick peck on the mouth. Bill smiled.

Ted moved down and began to explore the hair on Bill's chest, first swirling his fingers through it and circling around each nipple, then he used his tongue to do the same.

He moved over and buried his face in Bill's armpit, taking in as much of his smell as he could. He even stuck out his tongue and tasted. He liked the taste of Bill's sweat and there was that musk of him as well. He checked to make sure the other armpit smelled the same and then moved back to his chest.

He traced the hair from this chest down to his navel and then followed the trail down to his pubic hair. Once again he buried his nose in Bill's smells and inhaled deeply. He studied Bill's cock up close, it was hard now and throbbed in his hands.

He licked the head of it and Bill said, "Let's save that for tomorrow night." Ted continued exploring the area around Bill's balls. Each time he inhaled deeply, he closed his eyes so he could enjoy every nuance of the smells.

Finally, he sat back contented. He had seen it all, but he would never have enough of it. Bill sat up then, "Would you like a massage in return?"

Ted just nodded, not trusting his voice. He thought this was a great offer on Bill's part. Bill moved off the bed and told Ted to lay down on his stomach. Bill moved away from the bed, but came back in a moment. He had put some kind of lotion on this hands and began to rub it into Ted's shoulders. Kneading the muscles of his neck and shoulders.

Ted relaxed into the bed then and got lost in the sensation of Bill's hands. Bill worked his back and then moved to the legs. He started at the feet but moved soon up to the calves and thighs, one hand on each leg. When he reached Ted's butt, he massaged each cheek, then he spread his cheeks and massaged along the crack.

Then he was poking at Ted's hole. He rubbed some more lotion on his hand and fingers and went back to his hole. He told Ted to relax. Ted seemed to melt into the bed and Bill slipped a finger up into his hole. Ted gasped and thrust into the bed.

Bill spent some time working the one finger in and around the hole. Then he added a second finger and worked around the hole again, stretching it and working them deep inside. Ted was thrusting into the bed in a regular motion now as he pushed his ass back onto Bill's fingers wanting more.

Bill removed his fingers then, rolled Ted over and bent and kissed him on the lips. But this was no peck. It was long and deep, he worked his tongue into Ted's mouth and explored.

Then he raised his head and looked down into Ted's face and smiled. "Want to sleep here tonight?" Ted's eyes opened. Bill smiled. "Nothing is going to happen. No sex, just sleep."

Ted smiled and nodded.

"Well, move over then." Ted gladly moved over and Bill slid in behind him. But then Bill told him to roll over, Bill turned too, until Ted was spooning him from behind. He reached and got Ted's arm and put it over his chest and let Ted hold onto him.

Ted fell asleep with a smile on his face and his cock pressed against Bill.

In the morning, when he woke, Bill was just going out the door. "Good morning, sleepy head. Better get a move on. You don't want to be late for class. See you tonight. 1:00 am in the common room." Then he was out the door and closing it.

Ted stretched in the bed and smiled again. Finally, he got up, got dressed, went to his room, got his stuff and headed out to class. Once again he couldn't concentrate on classes. At dinner, he could barely eat. In his room, he tried to study, but he paced his room watching the clock.

About 10 pm, Bill called and asked how he was doing. Ted said fine, he was eager to get things going. Bill chuckled and told him to have patience, but that he was looking forward to it as well.

Ted turned on his computer and began searching. He had never looked for pictures of men before. He was amazed at all the sights there were about naked men. He found one that he liked called, It showed many pictures of the things that he and Bill had done. And many they had not. It made him think about what Bill had in mind.


At 1 am he nearly ran down to the common room. He was wearing just his boxers as Bill had instructed him. He was hard by the time he sat down on the sofa where he knew Bill would hold center court.

Bill showed up as several other guys showed up. Bill started the movie, and a couple more guys came in until there were about 10 guys there. The movie went off on the usual tangent of sucking and fucking and soon the guys were massaging their cocks through their boxers.

Bill lead the way by pulling out his cock and beginning to stroke. When everyone had theirs out and stroking, Ted pushed his shorts down and off. He handed them to Bill, who took them and put the on the opposite side.

"Anyone ready to help out their fellow dorm buddies?" Bill asked. There were a couple of hands swapped then and Ted took Bill's cock in hand and began to stroke his. Bill didn't reciprocate, but leaned back and let Ted work on his cock.

After ten minutes or so of this, Bill said, "Any of you guys ever had a blow job?" He looked around and being the macho group of guys they were most of them answered yes.

"So were they by girls or guys?"

Again the macho chorus of "Girls!"

"Well that's too bad, because a guy gives better blow jobs than any girl, because he knows what feels good." That brought about silence.

"Come on, you guys, don't tell me you never wondered what it would feel like to either have a guy suck your cock or taste what a guy's cock tastes like." There was some looking around to see who would answer that one.

"Come on, don't tell me that you never tried it with your jerk off bud?" He smiled, "That old, I'll do you if you do me." There were chuckles at that.

"Well, I for one can tell you that a guy gives better blow jobs than any girl." He looked around, "Ted what do you say? Would you help out a friend? Would you give me a blow job?"

Ted swallowed and his cock swelled. He just nodded.

"You want to show these guys how it is done?"

Again, Ted nodded.

"Then get over here and let's see how well you can do this." Several of the guys' mouths made "O's" when they saw Ted get down on his knees between Bill's legs and lower his head to Bill's cock. Many of them felt their cocks swell at the thought of someone giving them a blow job. Most had never had one, despite their professions. They didn't seem to mind if it was a guy or a girl as long as someone's mouth was on their cock.

They watched mesmerized as Ted worked on Bill's cock. "Yeah, nothing better," Bill told them. Ted's cock was throbbing as he worked on Bill's cock.

Bill let him work on his cock for a while; then he reached over Ted's back and with some lube on his fingers began massaging Ted's hole.

"Course the best thing in the world is a guy's ass. There is nothing tighter than a guy's hole. Yeah, I know it ain't a girl's pussy, but if you don't have one of those, a guy's hole can be great." He let that sink in while he continued to work on Ted's hole.

Ted had heard the conversation and at first, his hole had clenched tight around Bill's finger, but as Bill worked his fingers in his hole, he began to wonder what it would be like. He had seen pictures of this on the web tonight and wondered what it would feel like.

"How about it Ted? Want to give it a try and help a friend out?" There was a silence then as the assembled guys waited for Ted's answer. Ted raised his head from Bill's cock.

"Yes," he said quietly. But with the silence, it seemed to echo around the room. Then there was some low level babbling going on as guys asked each other if they believed that and if they were really going to get to see a guy getting fucked.

"Okay, then move back and lay back there on the rug." Ted moved back as if in a daze and lay down on his back. Bill brought out the lube he had hidden in the couch and used some more and lubed around in Ted's hole and then spread some on his cock.

He then lifted Ted's legs up and pushed them back towards Ted's shoulders. He lined his cock up with Bill's hole and pushed in a bit. Ted winced but pushed out and Bill's cock sank in an inch. Ted panted. It hurt a bit, but he wanted it. He wanted to be filled by it.


Bill waited a couple of seconds and then pushed some more and slowly lowered himself down and into Ted's hole. When he was all the way in, he rested for a moment. Ted clinched his ass around the cock and felt filled. Never had he experienced anything like this.

Slowly then Bill began to pull out and then push back in. The guys sitting around were amazed. Some of them had never fucked a girl or a guy and so this was first hand experience for them. Some hands fell on swollen cocks. Someone got up and went down the hall. He stopped at a couple of doors and knocked. When the occupant came to the door, the message was always the same, "Bill is fucking some dude in the common room."

Soon the common room was filled with dozens of guys all vying to get a look at the action. Bill had started really giving it to Ted.

Ted was awash in sensations. Bill's cock was hitting a spot in his hole that was driving him crazy, making his cock jump with each thrust. The couple of times he opened his eyes, he saw guys all around watching him getting fucked. That made his cock swell even more.

Bill finally said, "Open your eyes and keep them open. I want to see you when I fuck you. I want you to see the guys that have come here to see you get fucked." Ted kept his eyes focused on Bill but out of the edges could see the guys gathered around.

Some began egging Bill on. "Give it to him, Bill. Fuck him. Fuck him harder!"

The fucking had been going on for 20 minutes when Bill began to pick up the speed and make his thrust more shallow. He began grunting as he pistoned Ted's ass.

Bill changed his position, so Ted was more visible. He now had Ted's feet on his shoulders and had gripped Ted by the hips and was pounding his ass.

"Show these guys how much you are enjoying this. Stroke that cock. Show them what it feels like to have a man's cock in your ass."

Ted continued to look at Bill as he gripped his cock and began to pull on his cock. It made his ass clinch tight around Bill's cock. Bill quickened his pace then and knew it was not going to be too long now.

Ted's head began thrashing on the floor from the combination of fisting his cock and the sensations in his hole. He started to moan and Bill started to groan. It built up and up until both let out a gasp and began to shoot. Bill began flooding Ted's ass with hot cum and Ted was shooting away. The first blast over his shoulder and then more and more across his chest and stomach until he was spent. Bill was spent as well and nearly collapsed on top of Ted, but held himself up with Ted's legs.

After a moment of silence a cheer and applause broke out from those assembled. Ted did blush then, but smiled and his smile matched the one on Bill's face.

The story of their session spread to the entire dorm. But it was never repeated. Instead Bill and Ted would invite a select group of guys over to their room to watch. Because Ted liked to be seen servicing Bill and Bill like to show off using Ted.

It is rumored that several other guys experimented with some of the things Bill had showed them and that some of them really enjoyed it. So much so that Ted even got to fuck a guy and get sucked, but he found he preferred to service Bill and that seemed to be fine with Bill.

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