Man for Man

Big Rocks


Tucson. Coming out. The memories are all great! Dancing all night at the Fox Hole. Picking up tricks. Spending the weekends with guys. Partying. Hot tubbing. Screwing 'til dawn. Biking in the desert. Screwing. Running the par course at UA every day. Screwing. Selling running shoes and camping gear at El Con Mall. Wandering through the pines at the park late at night. Screwing in the bushes.


I can't remember the name of the street that dead ends at the Finger Rock Trailhead there. I think it's Alvernon. At least I think it was when I lived there. Who knows what's changed since those days? One thing hasn't changed. I still remember the name of the trail. And I still remember the hot sex at the top of it with Brion.

Brion. Just the thought of him still makes my dick hard. What a hot kid he was! He was Mr. Gay Tucson the year before I was. Man, if there was ever a set of shoes I wanted to fill. Or maybe I wanted to fill something else that belonged to Brion.

I first saw him one night when we were all out dancing at the bar. He had taken off his shirt, and it swung from his back pocket. Rivulets of sweat ran down his deeply tanned buffed chest. The guy I was dancing with noticed that I kept staring at him.

"Hot man", he said, nodding in Brion's direction.

"Fuckin' A", I agreed. "Who is he?"

"He goes to the U. Works as a lifeguard at the Union. I think his name's Byron or something like that."

I tried undressing the dark haired hunk mentally. "Man, I think I need to go to the U. and drown!"

My bud chuckled. "He's hot, but he's hard to get."

I stared at Brion some more and decided to watch for him in the future. A guy that hot would definitely be worth some work.

The next time I saw Brion was at a pool party some friends were throwing. Swim suits were optional, and several guys were without them. I picked Brion out of the group at the far end of the pool soon after I arrived. The guy was surrounded by admirers. Naturally. He was standing there buck naked. His tight buffed body virtually glowed in the afternoon sunlight. I tried not to make it obvious I was staring.

Turning to the guys I had arrived with, I asked if anyone was in for a quick dip. Nobody was, but they urged me to get wet. Several reminded me that trunks were optional. Great. Here these guys wanted to stare at my buns, and I was totally focused on the dimpled cheeks at the other end of the pool. Well, I thought a little advertising certainly couldn't hurt. Quickly I stripped, throwing my clothes on a nearby chair. I plunged into the pool and cruised toward the far end under the surface. When I reached the far end, I surfaced, turned slowly, and cruised back. I pulled myself out of the water, grabbed a towel, and slowly dried off on the pool deck. I hoped my target had taken notice.

Later in the afternoon, a mutual acquaintance said he'd be happy to introduce me to Brion. Close up, he was just hot, hot, hot. Deep blue eyes peered from beneath his longish dark hair. I'm a sucker for black hair and blue eyes. We shook hands, and our eyes locked momentarily. I thought I saw a look of interest, but broke off the stare. We chatted briefly, but then he turned back to the group he was with. My friend and I moved to talk with others.

Later, I noted that Brion was preparing to leave. I was bummed that I hadn't had the nerve to go back and talk with him again. He was always in the center of conversations, and I'm not great at breaking ice. I pulled away from the group I was with so I could at least say good-bye. He broke from his friends and walked toward me.

He extended his hand. "Nice to meet ya, Derek".

I met his clasp and his stare. "Same here", I managed.

Handing me a scrap of paper, he said, "Call me."

I grinned broadly and said, "How long will it take you to get home?"

He smiled back and said, "Call tomorrow. After six."

"Done!", I said. My heart leapt.

Never has a day gone by as slowly as the next day did. The hours at work just dragged. I tried to figure out how aggressive I should be when we talked that evening. And, I also thought about the kind of date we might have. For several weeks, I had been planning to hike up the Finger Rock Trail. It led from the desert floor up into the cool ponderosa pine forest in the Santa Catalinas above the city. It was a favorite hike. I enjoyed walking out of the forest after dark, sitting on the huge flat rocks up there, and staring at the city lights below. I wondered if I should ask Brion if he'd like to go with me.


Despite the fact that the day did not want to end, it did. I was on my phone at one minute after six dialing Brion's number. He answered on the second ring. We quickly discovered that we had both been watching the other for weeks and that the attraction was definitely mutual. The conversation went easily, and I soon found myself asking Brion if he liked to backpack and camp out. He did. He said he'd never been up the Finger Rock Trail, but quickly agreed that it would be fun to spend the night up in the cooler climes. Our schedules did not match for the coming weekend, but we planned the trip for the following Saturday and Sunday.

Over the next two weeks, my mind often turned to the camping trip Brion and I were planning. I had a hard time containing my imagination. I pictured the two of us in every imaginable sexual position possible. I began putting out gear a week ahead of time. Packing for an overnight backpack and making sure I had all the paraphernalia for any conceivable sexual voyage we might take was challenging. Every time I reviewed my list, I'd get a hardon.

I called Brion a few days before we were to meet. He was as ready to go as I was. Being the harder core backpacker, I volunteered to fill in all the gaps in Brion's equipment list. We agreed to meet at my place mid-morning Saturday, get everything packed, then depart for the trailhead, stopping for a late breakfast along the way.

Saturday morning arrived warm and sunny. I was up early. I laid out all the equipment on my living room floor and reviewed it for the tenth time. I put all the sex gear in a daypack with an inflatable sleeping pad and set out my favorite cock ring to put on after my shower. With several hours to kill before Brion arrived, I slipped into a pair of running shorts and shoes and headed up to the University for a lap around the Par Course. The morning air was just a bit cool and felt great against my bare flesh. I'd run in the buff if I could.

I stretched out my workout in an effort to make the time pass more quickly. At that early hour I had the course pretty much to myself. I arrived back home with about an hour to spare. I took off my wet shorts and hung them on the back porch to dry and then hopped into the shower.

I soaped up and just stood letting the warm water beat against my upper back. My mind skipped ahead to the coming evening. My cock began to grow, and I slowly stroked the soapy shaft. Soon my dick stood hard in eager anticipation of the coming encounter. I grabbed my hangers and pulled gently on them enjoying the giddy thoughts. Shaking myself out of my reverie, I chuckled.

"No exercise for you guys right now," I said turning to face the spray. "You'll get a hard workout during the next couple of days."

I shut off the hot water and rinsed again. I had to let my woodie relax or I wouldn't be able to slip on my cock ring. I forced myself to think about other things as I toweled off and shaved. My hardon subsided. I slipped the boys through the cool heavy metal ring and stuffed my meat in after them. I then tossed on a pair of hiking shorts and a t-shirt. I had just a short time to wait before Brion arrived.

A bold knock on the screen door announced Brion's arrival. As I approached the door, I took in the scene. His black hair glistened in the morning sunlight. A light gray t-shirt outlined his toned body. Hugging firm well- rounded pecs, it then dropped to his tight waist. What came next almost made me lose my composure. A pair of black spandex gym shorts hugged his young round buns and tented around a bulge at his crotch. I did note his muscular tanned furry legs, but my eyes riveted themselves a second time on his pleasure package.

"Holy shit," I exclaimed as I neared the door. "You look fuckin' hot, man!"

My new friend smiled, "Hoped you'd like it." As I pushed open the door, he cocked his head to one side and said, "You don't think it's too much, do you?" I reached out, grabbed his hand, and dragged him into the house. I reached down and cupped my hand around the stud's basket.


"Is there any such thing as too much?", I asked as I explored his cock through the tight material.

Brion put his arms around me and pulled us together. His lips met mine, and he slipped a warm hot tongue between my lips. I reached down and tightened the embrace. Our bodies locked together. We shared tongues briefly before I pulled back. My cock was quickly rising to the occasion. Looking down, it was easy to see that Brion's was, too.

"Man, am I ever fuckin' ready for this!", I exclaimed giving the kid another once-over. "Man, you are one hot guy! Do you just want to camp out here on the floor and fuck for two solid days?"

"W..e..l..l.'" Brion began smiling lasciviously, "I guess we could.."

"Fuck that," I quickly cut in. "I've got plans for you, and they don't have anything to do with the living room floor. But, "I added as I shoved the kid onto the couch, "there's nothing wrong with checking out the merchandise."

I pushed Brion down further until he was stretched out on his back. Pulling his shorts down to his knees, I took his growing cock into my mouth. I worked my lips up and down his hardening shaft. As he grew to full size, I was pleasantly surprised to find my mouth filled with eight veined inches of man meat.

"Holy shit," I sputtered as I released his woodie, "great things do come in little packages."

Brion quickly sat up and pulled me to him. Pulling my zipper down, he reached into my shorts to free my bulging dong. My fat dick arced upward as it cleared its confines and Brion plunged it into his throat. In seconds, my shaft was totally engorged. I watched the dark head bob on my knob. The moist heat of the kid's enveloping mouth felt awesome. I struggled free.

"Man, this is hot, but if we keep going, I'm just gonna blow my fuckin' wad right here, and I want to get your ass up in the mountains." I grinned at him, adding, "As well as the rest of you."

"Well, okay, if you insist", my date grinned back. "By the way, your cock ring is way hot," he added circling my package just south of the metal ring with his hand and tugging gently. Oh, shit, do I love to have my balls tugged on!

Letting go of my boys, Brion stood and pulled up his shorts tucking himself back into them. "I'll go out and get my pack."

He went outside to his car and returned with his backpack. I gave him the items I'd agreed to lend him. He stuffed them into his pack while I filled our water bottles in the kitchen.

"Let's get outta here, man" I said. "If we hang in here any longer, I'm gonna rape your ass."

"No raping to it", Brion laughed. "I'm a perfectly willing party."

We picked up our backpacks and walked out to Brion's car. We tossed them into the back seat and headed out for breakfast.

Just over an hour later, we pulled into the parking area at the trailhead. The sun was already gaining strength. A few other cars were there, but no hikers were in sight. We pulled our packs from Brion's car, locked it up, and prepared to hit the trail.

He grinned. "Okay, you lead. I'll follow you and watch your hot ass. That way I'll be sure not to lag behind."

I laughed. "I'll start, but turn about's fair play. We'll have to switch after our first water break."

With that, we hiked our backs onto our backs and began the slow climb up the dusty desert trail that would eventually lead us to the cool forest at the top of the mountain.

For the next few of hours, we made good time up the mountain trail. The sun grew hotter and hotter, and we both broke heavy sweats. But, our packs were fairly light and we stopped frequently to rehydrate our perspiring bodies. By early afternoon, we had gained the upper reaches of the trail and could see the thick pine forest just above us. By the time we found ourselves among the tall whispering ponderosas, we were ready to make camp.

I lead Brion to my favorite camping spot. It was snuggled down into a slight draw out of sight of the trail. A small creek gurgled nearby. The water was not fit to drink, but we still had plenty in our water bladders in the bottoms of our packs. We decided to eat lunch and then make camp. We stripped off our shirts and spread them on shrubs to dry. We then dug into our packs for the sandwiches I had made. We perched on some good sized rocks and began to eat.


I kept glancing at Brion's compact well defined body. His body was covered with just the right amount of long dark hair. His damp chest was covered thickly, and a heavy dark line ran down his abdomen and disappeared into his shorts just above the bulge that turned my crank every time I stared at it. The rest of his torso, front and back, was covered in lighter shorter fur. His muscled legs were covered with the same dark down. Woof! My rod grew, appreciative of the scenery. I looked off into the trees and thought about making camp.

I glanced back at Brion and found his eyes had fastened themselves on me. I smiled.

"Looks as if we both have one track minds", I laughed.

He stared at me, licked his lips and chuckled.

We finished lunch, and then made short work of pitching camp. We had decided to take a short hike up toward the top of the mountain in the afternoon. I was glad we had something to occupy ourselves. There was no way I could have kept my hands off Brion if we had just decided to veg out in camp for the afternoon.

Leaving our backpacks in camp, we took off with water and snacks in a daypack for our afternoon hike. It took about an hour to reach the top of the mountain. We again broke a sweat and hiked without shirts. The sexual tension continued to grow throughout the afternoon as we topped the peak and then retraced our steps to our camp below. Shirts tucked in our waistbands, shorts dark with perspiration; we regained our camp in late afternoon.

I began pulling our dinner utensils and supplies from my backpack. I placed them on and around a couple of large flat rocks near our sleeping bags. I had planned a tasty dinner for us, and it would take a while to prepare. I showed Brion a trail that ran back down through the woods.

"There are some huge rocks out on the mountainside about 50 yards down there. Why don't you check out the view while I get dinner together?"

Those big flat rocks were my favorite place to go after dark when I was camping here. The view out over the city was great, and they held the sun's warmth for hours.

I turned to my chores after watching Brion's hot body disappear through the trees. About forty minutes later, Brion wandered back into camp.

"Cool place", he nodded back over his shoulder, "and the view is really neat."

"I love it out there", I agreed. "Maybe we'll go back out there after dinner when it's dark."

"Great", the dark haired boy responded.

"OK, time to eat," I said. "Grab a seat and belly up to the table."

I had spread dinner out on a couple of flat rocks. It consisted of a garden salad, several dressings, a big pot of beef stroganoff, noodles, and a plate of raw veggies.

"I'm famished," Brion said. "Wow, this looks great."

We both dug into the spread. Although I thought I might have prepared too much food, we had worked up good appetites on our trek. About twenty minutes later, all that was left was a little sauce at the bottom of the stroganoff pan. I gathered up the dishes and headed for a small stream nearby.

"Hang tight while I whip out these dishes. I'll be right back," I said over my shoulder. Stopping briefly, I said, "You might want to slip into something a bit warmer. It'll get cool up here shortly."

When I returned to the campsite, Brion had slipped into a snug pair of sweatpants and a worn sweatshirt with the arms cut off just above his elbows. He definitely looked jockish. The sweatpants showed every curve of his tight hot ass and made it clear that he wore nothing under them. His sweatshirt did the same for his tightly muscled torso.

"Holy fuck!," I exclaimed. "Did you spray paint those things on, or what?"

The handsome student smiled at me. "You said get into something warmer, not something looser."

I reached down for the daypack that I had previously prepared and grabbed the sleeping pad.

"Come on, stud. Let's go see how warm those rocks are."

I should have figured out his next line. Cupping his package, the jockboy laughed, "These aren't warm. They're hot". His pants were tight enough that I could see his cock stir slightly. I felt mine begin to do the same in response.


"Come on, asshole," I smiled. "Let's get your rocks out on those rocks."

I swung down the small path that led to the huge boulders out on the edge of the mountain.

We walked the short distance leaving the pine forest behind us. As we stepped out onto the huge flat boulders, the city spread itself below us. Lights twinkled across the desert floor. Warm air swirled gently around us as it rose to the heights from below. We could feel the warmth the big rocks had soaked up during the daytime radiating into the cooler evening air. We both stood and stared out over the city. It was a spectacular view.

I turned to Brion. "Awesome, huh?" I asked as I dropped my small pack onto the rock.

"Man, this is one great view," he responded.

The young stud reached over and grabbed me. Pulling us together, he kissed me firmly. His tongue made its way into my mouth and began to explore. I hugged him to me pushing my tongue into his mouth in return. Locked in an embrace, we kissed for a long time. As I ran my hands over Brion's torso, my cock grew. Holy shit, this kid was hot.

I ran my hands down toward the boy's waist and grabbed his sweatshirt, pulling it up over his head. Our lips parted only long enough for the sweatshirt to come off. My fingers ran down the jock's back feeling his tight muscles. Then down to his ass. I cupped his jock boy buns in my hands. His ass muscled tightened and I caressed both his cheeks. My cock strained, trapped between us. I could feel his dick against mine as we pressed our bodies tighter together.

Brion pushed me back breaking our kiss and tugged at my shirt. I raised my arms to let him slip it over my head. It dropped to the rock next to his sweatshirt. We both looked down at our hardons which pushed urgently against our pants. Brion reached for my bulge. Grabbing my shaft, he began to work it inside my pants. I couldn't wait to do the same. Grabbing his crotch, I softly squeezed his balls. Then I grasped his love stick firmly. It was so rigid that I could easily feel the vein running up its underside and his mushroomed head. He continued to work my wood. I loved feeling his hands on my cock.

Bending slightly, Brion hooked his thumbs in his waistband and pushed his sweats down. Shucking his shoes, he slipped completely out of the pants. Then he dropped to his knees. Reaching up, he pulled me toward him. Grabbing my sweats, he pulled them down to my knees. Quickly, I toed my shoes off and stepped out of my pants as he pulled them the rest of the way off. He pulled me closer and took my throbbing dick into his mouth.

Oh, shit, his hot mouth felt great on my cock. The stud really knew how to eat dick. He sucked my cock all the way into his mouth until his lips hit my pubes. Man, that felt awesome. My stick wasn't huge, but it definitely was ample; five and a half inches around and about seven inches long. Brion just inhaled it. He moved his lips along its length and then gently sucked on the head. Then he just ate the whole thing again. He grabbed my nutsack and softly tugged on my balls.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned. Crap, I loved having my nuts tugged. I urged him on. "Oh, dude, pull on my fuckin' nuts." He kept working his lips up and down my shaft and tightened his grasp on my balls. I thought I was going to blow my load before we even got started. My cock had grown fully and the cock ring felt manly and snug around my root, making sure my hardon just got harder.

"Easy, stud," I said gently pulling my dick out of his mouth. I kneeled in front of him. "Man, you know where my fuckin' buttons are." I hugged the jock to me and slipped my tongue into his mouth. We kissed hard and long. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, caressing his tongue with mine. We both began moaning as we kissed hard.

I reached down and grabbed Brion's dick. Pushing him gently back onto the warm stone, tongues still dueling, he straightened his legs and lay back on the smooth warm surface. As he stretched out, I broke the kiss and turned my attention to his cock. What a piece of work that was! His eight or nine inches jutted out from his body and then gracefully arced upwards in perfect ass-fucking shape. His big balls hung beneath his cock in an ample sac. Everything was covered with long soft curly black pubes.


I opened my mouth and began to go down on Brion's meat. Fuck, I was in heaven. His shaft was rock hard and I explored every part of it with my lips and tongue. I couldn't get his entire rigid dick into my mouth, but I tried to cram as much in as I could. His dickhead hit the back of my throat. I took a deep breath and just kept going down on him.

The young jock was moaning as I sucked his woodie. His fingers worked my traps and delts. My cock was as hard as his and my cock ring made sure I didn't need any manipulation to stay that way. I grabbed his nuts and fingered them. His reaction told me that I wasn't the only one who like having his nuts pulled.

I sucked on Brion's dick and squeezed his nuts. His groans became louder and he began to fuck my mouth. Easing off, I released him and sat back on my heels.

"Shit, man," he smiled, "you really were doin' a job on my dick."

I smiled back. "Yah, well I had to return the favor. You really got me going when you grabbed my nuts."

"So I could tell," he laughed.

"Man, you have an awesome cock," I said. "All day I thought I wanted to fuck you, and now I think I want to sit on your dick and let you pound my ass."

Brion grabbed his pulsing hardon and looked at me mischievously. "I've been thinking exactly the same thing. How about we both fuck each other?"

"No problem there, stud," I pronounced. "That'll be the best of both worlds. As long as you're laid out like a fuckin' prime piece of beef, how about I go first?"

He just squeezed his woodie and pointed it in my direction. "Hop on, stud - and hang on."

"Done," I replied. "Hang on while I get things ready." I grabbed our sweats and laid them out on top of each other. "Move over there," I motioned to them. As he slid over on top of the fleece, I reached for my pack. Undoing the zipper of a small pocket, I threw a handful of condoms on the rock and pulled out a bottle of lube.

Pouring a small amount onto my fingers, I reached back and greased up my asshole. I massaged some more onto my cock. Turning back to Brion, I could tell he was expecting me to suit him up. I just pushed him back and started sucking on his beautiful cock again. I took him nearly all the way in, almost gagged, and then worked my mouth back along the length of his cock. My tongue played with the huge vein running along the bottom of his cock. I slowly worked my greased cock. Pulling my lips along his shaft, I stopped at his corona. I tongued it and his head. Gradually I worked his meat back into my mouth again and then slowly worked the other way. I grasped his nuts and began to tug gently on them.

The jock sucked in some air. "Stop, dude! Sit on my cock. I want to fuck your ass."

I reached for one of the condoms on the rock. Tearing open the foil, I took the rubber and rolled it down over his dick. It looked like a second skin. Reaching for the lube, I poured some over his covered shaft and spread it around. In one swift motion I squatted over the tanned buff lad and touched the tip of his dick to my puckered ass. Slowly I began to settle on it. I felt his head start to open my hole. As I settled down further, I gasped quickly as his head popped inside me and the wide shaft began to follow it into my chute. Man, it felt like I was sitting on a dick of steel.

I looked down at the kid. "Jesus," I said, "this feels awesome." I slowly worked my ass further down his cock. Stopping, I pulled up a bit and then began to stuff more of his shaft into my butt. He slowly began to pump upward.

It took a few moments for my ass to stretch enough to accommodate Brion's long fat cock, but soon he was working it all the way inside me. When my ass hit his pubes, I felt like I had a pop bottle up my ass. It was one of the most exquisite combinations of pain and pleasure I've ever had.

"Fuck me, man," I grunted, "Fuck my ass!"

The kid didn't need a second invitation. He pulled his cock out and then blasted it back into my guts. I thought I was gonna cum on the spot. I kept my ass raised enough so he had plenty of room to pump it, and that's what he did. I worked my dick with my hand. Our tempo increased. I felt like his steel shaft slamming into my ass, pulling almost all the way out and then ramming its way back in again. I changed my position from squatting over him to kneeling. It hampered his ability to pull almost all his cock out before he rammed me again, but it gave me the opportunity to reach behind me.


I put my hand down by my asshole and felt his dick sliding in and out of my butt. Slowly I reached down and grabbed his nuts. I tugged and squeezed them hard.

"Oh, fuck yes," I hissed. "Fuck my ass! Pound it, dude!"

Brion let out a grunt and slammed my ass harder and harder. I squeezed a bit more. At the same time, I jacked myself off. I was close. He began to moan louder and louder. That only made me pound my cock harder and keep my tight grip on his nuts.

With a shout, Brion's cock began to spasm and he started to fill the condom with his hot semen. His spasms drove me over the edge while his cock continued to batter my prostate. A groan started inside me somewhere down near my ass and worked its way up through my body getting loader and louder until it spilled from my lips as my cum began bathing Brion in ropes of white thick liquid.

"Oh, shiiiiiiit," I grunted. "I'm gonna cover you in jizz."

And I did. Cum poured from my cock until we both looked at each other wondering if the spraying would ever stop. He stopped pumping and my reservoir finally drained.

I got up off Brion's magnificent fuck stick and slumped beside him on the rock. I reached over and rolled the rubber off his slowly softening cock. His cum began leaking out around the edges and then a white pool spread across his washboard abs mixing with my orgasmic streams.

"Holy shit," the hot jock said, "I never thought you were gonna stop cumming."

I laughed. "Your cock felt so big and so hard. Every time you moved it, you just drove more cum out of me." I paused. "That was fucking hot, dude."

I reached over into my pack, pulled a towel out of it and mopped our spunk off Brion's stomach, chest, neck and shoulders. I stood up and reached my hand down toward him. "Grab on," I said.

I pulled him to his feet. His cock was slowly softening. I reached down where he had been lying and picked up our sweats. I spread them next to each other toward the edge of the rock and lay down on my stomach on mine. He followed suit snuggling next to me. I put my arm over his shoulders as we gazed down at Tucson from our rocky perch. The sun's warmth radiated from the rock through our clothing and warmed us as cool evening breezes blew across our nakedness.

For the next half hour or so, we watched the lights twinkling in the city below occasionally pausing to kiss deeply. We talked small talk enjoying the warmth below us and the coolness above us.

As we again rolled toward one another to engage each other's mouths and tongues, I began to softly stroke his back.

"Mmmmm," he groaned, "that feels good."

I sat up and pushed him down on his stomach. "Let me give you a back rub."

I straddled Brion's broad athletic back. My knees hugged his trim waist. Leaning forward, I began to work his muscled shoulders with my hands. I caressed each curve, squeezing and kneading his muscles; feeling every inch of his hot body. I gradually began working down his back. Sitting back a bit, my cock cradled itself between his ass cheeks. I continued tending to the strong young back beneath me. As I did so, my cock began to waken again having rested enough. He could feel it awakening. He flexed his ass muscles toying with my growing hardon.

I continued the massage and slipped myself lower down his body. My cock trailed off his ass and lodged itself in the valley between his thighs. I continued working his muscles taking incredible pleasure out of feeling every sinew in his back. I reached his butt and slowly began working his glutes. I focused on one side and then the other being careful to keep my fingers out of his ass crack. As I worked his tight buns, he groaned.

"Dude, you're driving me crazy. This feels awesome. I love your hands."

As if that was my signal, I moved my attention to the cleft between his delicious cheeks. Sitting back, I spread his legs, kneeling between them. I nuzzled my face into the soft dark fur that covered his butt. I sought out his pucker with my tongue. Gently, I flicked it with the end of my tongue. The boy moaned louder.


"Oh, shit, Derek," he groaned. "Eat my ass."

I went to work on it with relish. Slowly I worked my face deeper into the cleft between his cheeks. I pushed my tongue insistently into his asshole, stretching it deeper and deeper. The boy began to writhe in pleasure as I ate his ass. After loosening his ass a bit, I sat back and reached over by my pack for the tube of lube. I squirted some on my fingers. I spread a small amount of lube on and around his butthole. Then I slowly began working my index finger into him. He loved it.

"Oh, yeah, dude. Finger fuck me," he groaned. "Loosen my asshole."

I slowly worked my finger as far as I could into his ass. The moist heat inside his pleasure chute warmed my finger. Slowly I began to work a second finger into his ass. I took my time enjoying his pleasure as he moaned and slowly twitched his ass in response to my digital search. I slowly worked my fingers around inside his ass searching and probing for his g-spot.

I pulled out my fingers and told Brion to roll over. After he did, I got between his legs and again, greased him up a bit more and reentered his ass digitally. This time, I found his hot spot and gently massaged it. His cock grew harder and the boy moaned continuously.

As I massaged his love canal, I took his hard fat cock into my mouth and sucked and slurped on it, making love to his knob.

"Dude," he protested, "stop or I'm gonna cum. Fuck me now! Fuck me now!"

His ardent pleas turned me on. I withdrew my fingers, feasted on his beautiful cock for a few seconds more, and then reached over and grabbed one of the foil packs on the rock. I looked at the beautiful young man lying beneath me. My hardon raged thinking of the opportunity it would soon have to ravage that hot ass. I slipped the condom out of its package and rolled it down over my throbbing cock. I started to lift Brion's legs, but the young stud rolled back spreading his legs presenting his hole to me.

"Fuck me, stud," he commanded urgently. "Fuck my hot ass now!"

I quickly obliged slipping my more than ready woodie into his prepared asshole. Immediately my cock felt his body heat as his ass opened for my cock. I pushed slowly but persistently feeling my dick filling his ass. His hole was welcoming and tight.

"Oh, fuck," I groaned. "Man, you are one hot dude. I'm gonna fuck your ass hard."

"Do me, dude. Go fer it," he said as he grabbed his big cock and began to slowly massage it.

My abdomen hit his ass when my dick was fully inside him. I stopped for a few seconds. His guts clenched my hardon while his incredible ass heat radiated into my cock. I pushed more wanting to get farther inside the hot young ass. His ass began to roll upwards as I shoved. Quickly, I rolled Brion back onto his shoulders and rose so I could keep my cock jammed all the way into his ass. As his ass became vertical, I began to pump it.

Brion began to stroke his cock more fervently. "Screw me, man. Come on, fuck me! You are so fuckin' hard!"

I was totally turned on and began to ram my cock repeatedly into his hot young hole. The harder I fucked him, the more he groaned, urged me on, and fisted his dick. I worked his ass harder and harder. My abdomen slammed into his ass again and again. My cock strained to grow harder and longer. His ass continued to grab my sheathed cock. The feeling was incredible, but I knew that I couldn't take too much of this without shooting my load into his talented ass.

I began to slow my anal assault, but Brion wouldn't have kit. "Don't stop, dude," he begged. "Keep fucking me hard."

I renewed my attack on his ass shoving every inch of my cock into it, pulling back and then ramming him again. Soon his moan became a groan. He jerked his dick faster and harder.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" he urged.

I felt my load building deep inside me. I knew there would be no holding back.

"Dude," I grunted, "I'm gonna cum soon."

"Yeah, yeah," he groaned back, "me, too. Fuck me harder!"

Each time I slammed Brion's furry butt, I could feel my orgasm building. The boy was furiously pounding his cock and spreading his legs wider. I thrust two more times into the hot horny hole and felt my cum rushing into my cock."

"I'm cumming, stud," I nearly shouted. I felt my jism streak the length of my cock and erupt into the rubber.

At the same time, Brion groaned, "Oh, shit! Here I come."

Brion's cock erupted in a massive orgasm. White loads of cum shot out of his cock and began covering his upper chest, neck and face. I kept pounding his ass. My body was convulsing in a glorious climax. I kept shooting as did Brion. Our eruptions ceased at about the same time.

Slowly, I pulled out of Brion's abused asshole. I let the tanned young body drop down onto the rock. Despite the cool evening breeze, both of us were bathed in sweat and breathing heavily. I dropped to my knees beside him, pulled off the condom, and tossed it aside.

I looked at him and chuckled. "Dude, you should see yourself."

He let out a long sigh. "Yeah, I'm sure." He paused and then looked at me. "Dude, that was awesome. You really fucked the shit outta me."

I reached over by my pack for the towel and tossed it onto his chest. As his breathing became more regular, he wiped his man milk from his face and upper torso.

He laughed. "That's twice that my body's been covered in cum tonight."

I smiled at him and replied, "Are we gonna stop at two times?"

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.