Man for Man

Big Fun, Little Package


First, about me, I'm a handsome 26 year old white guy. I'm 6'4", 240 pounds, shaved head, and a goatee. I'm masculine and built well with a hairy body. I classify myself as versatile, but with my size and "image" I'm a top more than a bottom.


Then there was Josen. He was no different than any other faceless chat on Adam4Adam. I wasn't interested, yet I was bored and his broken English amused me for the time being. He was persistent over the next several weeks. He became a staple in my chat life. I could always count on Josen to shot a hello my way when he saw me online.

From the very beginning he had always pushed me to meet him. His lack of a picture and his "discreet" ways were not doing him any favors in my mind. I can be friendly with anyone through text, but meeting is a different story. I put off his advances for several more months, until one day he showed he understood my hesitance.

This day Josen mentioned that he would like to meet. He understood that I typically required a picture so he suggested we meet in a public place, in our cars so if either of us wasn't interested we could leave immediately and no harm was done. He even went so far as to suggest that he drive the 20 minutes to my side of town so as not to inconvenience me. It was a 2 minute drive to the gas station he suggested so I figured what the hell.

I got to the gas station and sat in my car. He was late, and I was pissed as a result. The moment I re-started the engine and put the car in reverse he pulled up beside me. Actually, I didn't realize it was him at first... The guy in the car beside me was gorgeous... A stunning Puerto Rican construction worker with a handsome face and a nice build from what I could see. He said hello and I was startled to learn that this was the man I was waiting for.

We chatted for a few seconds and he suggested we go have a drink. A small pub was nearby, and considering it was 2pm on a Wednesday it wouldn't be busy. I suggested he follow me, and he did. He texted me as we were driving to let me know he thought I was hot. Gorgeous and a flatterer... I could go for that.

We reached the bar and we made our way inside. He immediately realized it was a gay bar and began to protest. We were the only ones in the place and it was dark, I suggested a seat in the back and he ultimately agreed. I ordered us drinks and took them back to the table. We chatted for a couple hours; honestly I don't remember what we discussed. I was concentrating more on his looks and body than the awkward conversation. Before long I was bored with the chat and I was ready to leave. We finished our drinks and started to leave.

Exiting the bar involved walking down a hall way through several doors before exiting the back door. As the first door closed behind us I was immediately slammed against the wall with a tongue down my throat. I was impressed. At 5'7" and a 50 pound disadvantage (at least), he could put what bulk he had to good use. But what really caught my attention was the primal passion of his kiss. He was aggressive without being forceful and every time I kissed him back, his eyes would roll back in his head and the sounds that escaped his lips were manly yet quiet and "gentle".

Before too long I called it an evening and we parted ways. When I realized he was hot I figured I might get a good fuck out of him... I didn't expect what had happened. I figured I would give it some time and see where he took it. The last thing I needed was a puppy love crush from a closet case whose heart I'd have to break.

Sometime later, I don't remember how long, he texted me out of the blue and suggested he would like to stop by my place. I was bored (and horny) so I figured why not...

Only a few minutes later he was knocking on the door. When I opened the door he was in his work clothes. He was dirty and sweaty... Far from the shower fresh quickie I was hoping for. We sat down and chatted briefly, and I mean briefly, before he told me that his coworker was sitting out in the car and he needed to hurry.

He was a man on a mission. We immediately went to my bedroom where he told me to pull my pants down. "Don't take off, just down," he said to me. I liked his style. He unzipped his pants and fished around for a while. As much effort as he was putting in to getting his dick out I began to wonder if I was getting ready to see something massive come snaking out.


Next thing I know I'm staring at 4 inches of skinny uncut latin dick in disappointment. His profile said he was a total top with 7.5 of uncut meat... I can handle some exaggeration, but this was a letdown. I didn't have much time to dwell on it though because within a few seconds he was turning me around and lining up with my hole. I grabbed the lube and a rubber and handed them to him. He looked at them for a moment and then looked at me with what seemed to be confusion.

He obviously caught on and was soon rolling the condom on his dick and he asked me to lube myself. I rubbed some on my hole and turned back around. Within seconds his dick was all of the way in me. The very quick intrusion was uncomfortable but his size didn't take much to get used to.

He quickly began thrusting in and out of my hole. I'd love to say I enjoyed it, but this was a non-event. And to make matters worse, just as quickly as it began, he pulled out, put his dick away and zipped up. I asked what was wrong and he sighed for a moment and said "I cum." In my mind I said "you fucking did what?" but my mouth said "oh... Ok." He thanked me and started to walk towards to door. And in less time than it took to come in, he left.

I had a few problems... I was pissed at the lame fuck and the small dick sure... But more importantly I had about 8 inches of dick pointing to the ceiling that needed some relief. I contemplated whether to try to find someone to finish the job or to do it myself. I quickly decided that the disappointment of what had just happened had drained me so I went to my room to jerk one off.

As I entered the room I noticed the condom on the floor... I left it there while I did my business and as I was cleaning myself up I picked it up to throw it away. As I carried it to the trash I noticed something strange. It was completely empty. That explained it... He hadn't gotten off in 30 seconds; he hadn't gotten off at all.

I'd be lying if I didn't say my pride was hurt. I've never had someone fake an orgasm with me. I'd never thought someone would have a reason to do so. I was puzzled...

I didn't hear from Josen for a while, when a couple weeks later he texted me and said "I want do with you again." My response was not kind and considerate. It was bitter and brutal. He didn't respond back, and that was fine. But then there was an unexpected knock on the door. I opened it to see a well groomed, well dressed Josen looking nervous.

I asked him why he was there and waited for a response. He explained that he didn't know what he did wrong and why I was angry. To avoid a scene I brought him in and explained it all. The small dick, the 30 seconds of fucking and the empty condom. His explanation was a cross between shocking and what I thought was blatant lying.

He proceeded to explain that he had never measured his dick and had never seen any much bigger so he "assumed" it was "average". He told me that he can't last much longer than 30 seconds but he makes up for it with a quick rebound time and an ability to orgasm repeatedly. And he explained the empty condom by admitting that he didn't actually use it. "You no can be pregnant" he said with a look of amusement on his face. His explanation seemed natural to him, as if I was out of the loop on that fact.

I was pissed... I've been called a safe sex Nazi more than once in my life and this obvious idiot took it upon himself to disrespect not only me, but my life. I went in to a rant about disease and its implications. He responded with a blank stare... When I asked if he'd ever even been tested for HIV he immediately seemed to understand and instantly produced a card from his wallet. I recognized it, I had dozens of my own... He was tested about a week prior to our hook up. All was well, but that didn't make it any better. We talked for several minutes in a much more civil way.

Not much later that same evening, we were both naked in my bed. 30 seconds after that load number one up my ass. I hated myself and what I had done (again), but as I saw his dick get hard again I was soon distracted by another rough entry into my hole. The second load came slower than the first, but only enough to get my dick motivated before he jerked out of me and laid back down. I could also distinctly feel that the second load was much bigger than the first.


He spent the night with me. Every fuck in itself was short and disappointing. But as the night wore on, I found myself loving this scene more and more. He wasn't lying about his quick reset time and his ability to orgasm repeatedly. As the 5th and then the 7th and then the 10th load made their way in my guts I was drunk on his cum. A few more fucks happened throughout the night and before too long he was finished. As my hole became sloppy with cum he would pull out and look disgusted at the white froth coating his dick. He would wipe what he could in my crack and on my ass cheeks and use my sheets (my side btw) to wipe the rest off.

I had assumed he'd keep going all night, but after 13 or 14 times he finally said "I'm done..." with a sigh. I realized then that my dick had been hard for hours and needed some attention. I grabbed some lube and started to jerk off and he asked me what I was doing, I answered despite how obvious it was. With another disgusted look he got up and left the room. I only had to jerk off about 5 minutes, during which he would peek in to see if I was done. Once I shot my load he looked in and realized I had stopped and he joined me once again. When he saw the cum on my stomach he immediately grabbed my sheet and covered it up.

Once I had calmed back down he asked me why I had jerked off. I think he took my need to cum as a sign that he hadn't done a good job. I tried my best to explain without dwelling on what I would consider an obvious, non-issue.

He left in the morning with no acknowledgement. Not even a goodbye. I would be lying if I didn't say I was bothered by that.

It was another two weeks before I heard from him again. When he invited himself over without calling I turned him away. My housemates who split their time between our house and an apartment were home and I opted not to bring my personal life to their attention.

About half an hour later he called me and told me he had gotten a hotel room and he expected me to show up. I knew the "score" between us but for him to assume my ass was open for business whenever he demanded was a bit annoying.

Needless to say, I went. I knew why I was there and didn't bother trying to talk with him, I just got naked and assumed the position. I should say that despite how it may sound, I wasn't bothered by this. Sex doesn't always have to be a production... I wish I could find more bottoms that know their role when it comes to this type of stuff.

I won't bother with the details; it was a repeat of our first overnight stay together... countless fucks and a lot of cum. The only difference was his insistence on not using lube for the first fuck... He wanted it dry, not even spit. I'd never had a dry dick in my hole, so I figured I would give it a shot. It was rough... Of course the copious amounts of cum leaking from my hole made the rest of the fucks "well lubed". I hurt his feelings again by jerking off and there isn't much else to report.

After our night in the hotel, we didn't do any more full nights for a while. We met in a couple gas station bathrooms for a quick pump, dump and run, but no marathon fuck sessions or anything of consequence.

I did some contemplating of why I put myself through it all. Why did I put up with a disappointingly small dick? Why was I ok with 30 second fucks? Why was I letting a complete stranger cum in my ass with no questions asked? Why did I find myself carrying his cum around inside me all day?

Before long, I found myself turning him down more and more until he finally asked me why. I didn't know why, I hadn't given it much thought. He pressured me until I made something up... I told him that I was in a "top phase" and just didn't want to bottom.

This seemed to make sense to him and he didn't hit me up for several months. When he did finally hit me up after a few months, he was checked in the hotel and demanded I stop by. The night before I had my ass turned to mush by a black dude with a giant dick. I was pretty sure Josen would notice, and even worse, I wouldn't... If you know what I mean.


I ended up going... I didn't rip my clothes off the second I got there; in fact I made him take me to dinner. We talked while he looked just as uncomfortable as the first time we met. After dinner we made our way back to the hotel where I finally gave him what he wanted. I'm not sure my bruised and open hole made any difference to him... But as I feared, I didn't feel anything, I was bored by the time he had his 3rd or 4th release. His new found love of bizarre positions and weird angles during this session exacerbated the issue. He only had 4 inches to work with and he was only using half of it.

As he got it up for the next fuck I decided to take things in to my own hands. I shoved him on the bed and got on top of him. I sat on his dick and focused solely on myself. I got it as deep as I could and I rode it until he came. He went crazy, the first time he'd ever made a sound while we fucked. He told me to stop but I didn't. I put my weight on him and kept riding him. His dick stayed hard as I stayed loosely wrapped around it. I glanced at a clock and saw it was 7:27PM. I set about to satisfy myself like he couldn't and rode him until 8:02. My legs were screaming for relief and my ass was sore. Josen had a look of fear and pain on his face. His uncut dick was raw... And every time my ass went down, it would pull back his foreskin, uncovering his cock head causing him pain.

I was full of cum... He had cum almost constantly for the past half hour. I pulled off and my shattered hole let loose a torrent of cum on his dick and stomach. He jumped from the bed and ran to the restroom and vomited. Not exactly the effect one wants to have on a man. He got dressed and left almost immediately.

I was sitting in a nice hotel room that was paid for until noon the next day so I figured I'd stay there. I turned on the TV and sat back with a butt full of cum and proceeded to bust a nut. I did my best not to think about Josen and the events that had transpired. But at about 4 in the morning I was awoken by a text that simply said, "I'm no gay." I replied with "ok" and went back to sleep.

I didn't hear from Josen for several months. Frankly he slipped my mind. I figured I had scared him to the point of never wanting to see me again. So when he sent me a "hey" one day, I was surprised.

We talked casually, for several days, with no mention of the incident. I figured it was going to be something we never discussed; hell I had figured I would never speak to him at all. So needless to say, I was surprised when he asked me out to dinner.

We met at a sports bar/restaurant and sat down for dinner. I had no idea what to expect. He started off almost immediately by reiterating the fact that he wasn't gay. I listened quietly as he explained his thoughts and feelings. Essentially he was like any down low guy and believed that he could stick his dick in anyone and as long as there was nothing else, he wouldn't be gay. He explained why he never let anyone suck his dick and why he was a total top. He explained that he hated seeing another man's dick. The sight of cum, including his own, grossed him out. I couldn't help but wonder about him kissing me the first time we met. That's pretty damning in my opinion.

We finished our dinner and he asked if I would like to join him in the hotel next door. The room was already booked in typical Josen fashion. I agreed and when we got to the room things moved slow. I demanded he kiss me which he begrudgingly agreed to. It was one of the most passionate sessions I'd ever experienced. And without fail his dick was rock hard.

I took his pants off and told him to relax. I promised that if he told me to stop I would, but I begged him not to. I crawled between his legs and slowly moved my face closer to his balls. He told me to stop, and I did. I pleaded with him to close his eyes and let me continue. A look of fear was noticeable, yet he complied.

When I was only inches from his sack, I exhaled slowly so he could feel my warmth without feeling my touch. He shivered in what was unmistakably pleasure. I stuck out my tongue, and touched the inside of his thigh. His eyes shot open and he jumped. He jumped out of bed and searched for his pants. I asked him to look at me and with my quietest voice I asked him to let me continue. He stopped shuffling his pants and lay down on the bed again. He wanted this, and he knew it.


As he laid back down I stopped fooling around and engulfed his dick with my mouth. I used my tongue to scoop his nuts in to my mouth alongside his dick. I moved very little but the sensation was obviously working for him. I soon felt and tasted his cum in my mouth. In the two times I had let someone cum in my mouth it has always been with a dick lodged in my throat. I never tasted the cum, it just went straight to my stomach. But here I was with a load in my mouth, and I can honestly say I didn't really care for it. Unlike every other orgasm he'd ever had where his eyes would close and he would disconnect from me and the situation, his eyes were locked on me. He was waiting to watch me swallow. It's hard to swallow with a mouth full of meat, but I ultimately managed. He seemed pleased.

I let him recuperate until he got hard again. And I moved back in to the same position this time I ignored the dick and lifted his balls and went for the space under them. He tensed and pulled away. He was clean, but I could smell his ass and my dick took over the situation. I pulled him back closer and went lower. My tongue getting as close to his hole as I could get it. He jumped and said stop. He said "I'm no gay" and I said something stupid like "I know, this doesn't make you gay, you're just getting pleasure from it."

My aggressive side kicked in again and I had his legs in the air with my eyes locked on the perfect, tight virgin hole. I'm not big on virgins, I hate being a teacher, but this hole had a lesson to learn and my tongue was going to show it the ropes. Without hesitation I shoved my tongue up his ass.

The gasp from Josen was almost non-human. It startled me until I saw his face. His eyes were rolled back like the first time we kissed. His mouth hung open out of his control. What wasn't out of his control were his legs. Without any prodding from me he had pulled his legs up to his chest and I rewarded him by tasting some more of his ass.

This continued for several minutes until I was distracted by his voice. With earnestness he told me he was going to cum and began looking for something to catch it with. I wrapped my lips around his dick and caught it just in time. Like always his second load was much bigger than the first. I hated the taste, but it was the least I could do.

We relaxed for almost an hour without a word between us. When I saw that his dick was hard I knew what I'd have to do. He deserved some ass. I squeezed the length of his dick from base to head and produced a drop of left over cum. This drop of cum would be the only lube for the impending fuck.

I assumed the position, and he lined up with my hole. As always he shoved in to the hilt. He pulled all of the way out and spit on my hole and rammed back in. He was out for vengeance. He could have it. He fucked me rough for nearly 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure he came a few times but never stopped, except a couple of irregular thrusts when I'm sure he was cumming.

When he pulled out he fell to the bed and told me he was done. I was surprised, he had only shot 4, maybe 5, loads. But we ended up asleep. When I woke in the morning he was gone.

We texted for the next week. It was nice that he didn't freak out after this one. We made plans to hook up the next Saturday, and it was agreed that I'd book the hotel.

When Saturday came I booked the room and made myself comfortable. I let him know where I was and waited. He showed up when I expected and came in with a smile. He was very social and vibrant, it was a nice change from his typical "down low" demeanor.

When it came time to get down to business he surprised me by taking off his pants and laying face down on the bed. It was the first time I had really seen his ass. It was beautiful. Two perfect mounds of flesh which he was now grabbing and pulling apart. He knew what he wanted and had no problem showing me what that was. I stripped in record time and dove in tongue first. It was a familiar place. The smell of soap and man. I ate his ass for what felt like hours, I drove my tongue as deep as I could get it. He was moaning under me, loving what I was doing for him. He would occasionally reach back and grab my head and force me in to his crack.


I don't know what came over me but I suddenly had the urge to give him what I believed he needed. There was a bottle of lube in my pants pocket which happened to be within arm's reach. I took it out of my pocket without his knowing and brought it within easy reach for the right moment. I slowly moved up on top of him until my dick was lodged firmly against his hole. I laid my weight on him and put some pressure on his hole. He moaned but quickly came around to the reality of what was about to happen. He turned as best he could and looked in my eye and said for the millionth time, "I'm not gay." I just said "I know, I know" and continued the pressure on his hole. Not wanting to end it before it started I realized the spit wouldn't do the job that lay ahead. Without taking my weight from him I maneuvered to take some lube and prep his hole and my dick.

I placed my dick back at his hole and whispered nonsense in his ear. I was intoxicated by the moment and what I was going to do. Without any effort I began to feel his hole relax and my dick began its intrusion. I didn't push, I didn't dare move. I just let it happen. As the largest part of my head passed the tightest part of his virgin hole he snapped back to reality and repeated his denial phrase again and again repeatedly. I just agreed with him and ensured my dick didn't move any further.

I moved his arms to his side and wrapped mine around his entire frame and held him in a bear hug. My goal was to make him feel safe and protected. In hindsight he may have felt trapped. As his protests faded and he again relaxed I set about taking my prize. I began to slowly press my dick in to his hole. There was little resistance but I was sure to stop whenever I felt him tense.

The first 6 inches went without much drama and I soon came across a physical feature I've become intimately familiar with in my escapades with shorter men... the fabled second ring. Some may have stopped at this point, but I'm never satisfied until there is ass/pelvis contact. Breaking through the 2nd ring stood between me and that goal. But this can be painful for some bottoms so I knew that my handling of this could make or break this experience.

I stopped for time being and went back to cooing in his ear. The moans that escaped his lips were partially from the pressure in his hole and the words I was whispering to him. When I finally went back to continuing my assault I had noticed that I was no longer constrained by this illusive barrier. The light yet constant pressure had apparently opened his hole and allowed me in. I had about an inch and a half to go and this was the final stretch.

I was tired of waiting so I sank the last part in. He moaned in discomfort and opened his eyes. He looked at me the best he could and no longer whispering said one finally time that he wasn't gay. I made my dick twitch in his ass a few times, which made him moan. I moved so I could see straight in his eyes and told him matter of factly, "yes you are."

He moved his face and shoved it in the pillow. I took that as my cue to prove my point and started to withdraw my dick. I only pulled out about an inch before sinking back in. He sighed, and I knew what he wanted. I repeated these short strokes for some time before his hole opened up and I decided to show him what a big dick can do. I withdrew about half way and gave it all back. He was howling in pleasure and I was soon slamming his hole like it owed me money.

Within 5 minutes of my new found freedom I knew he was getting sore. Unlike my Puerto Rican hottie, I can fuck for hours if given the chance. But I had to hurry, so I found the tightness of the second ring and focused my attention on destroying it. I wanted him to remember this tomorrow, fuck that, I wanted him to remember this next week. The remaining tightness stimulated my head and within a few minutes I was close to cumming. I considered his feelings about cum and wondered how he would feel about mine 8 inches up his ass. I didn't mention it until I knew it was unavoidable and I whispered in his ear that I was going to cum.

He immediately protested and told me to stop. I stopped but it was too late. Cum was pumping out of my dick violently. I began to pull out satisfied that I'd left a week's worth in deep and I wanted to deposit some that would run out his now distended hole when I vacated. I got my wish.

As I finished I moved my weight off his body and moved so I could watch the head pop out of his hole. It was a beautiful site. For an inexperienced ass it didn't snap back to shape like one might expect. It stayed open and I watched the cum I had left shallow run out and down his sack.

He rolled over and looked me in the eye. I could see the struggle on his brow. He loved it, but couldn't cope with that fact. I noticed his dick was completely soft and for a moment I wondered why. It was then I noticed the wet spot on the bed. It wasn't just wet, it was soaked with enough cum that it wasn't just dark from the moisture; so much as it was a puddle of white.

We laid there for what felt like hours. I was basking in the glow of a job well done. He had a lot to think about.

As we both came around to the here and now it was quiet except the sound of his guts gurgling full of sperm. He looked at me in the eye and looked like he was trying to find words. It turns out he was.

Over the next 15 minutes he told me several things which I don't remember. The point of his story was to ask me if I would move to Puerto Rico with him. He was going home and he wanted me to come with him.

I would be lying if I didn't say I considered it for a moment. But despite the culture, the beautiful land and the beautiful men, my life is here in Indianapolis. I declined Josen's offer and we both went to sleep.

He left at some point in the night and was gone in the morning. I haven't seen him since that night and despite several attempts, I've never heard from him again.

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