Man for Man

Best Friends Forever


There was one other thing that distinguished them from the other boys in the neighborhood, but it was nothing you could tell just by looking at them. Both boys had been conceived by artificial insemination to a lesbian mother. They had been subjected to a few different `second' mothers early in their lives, and both had suffered separation anxieties when these moms had left the household. For the past ten years, however, they experienced a healthy, steady relationship in their mother's life. They called their birth mother, Mom and they called her partner, Glenna.


At seventeen there was no doubt that Josh was a confirmed heterosexual. He could have had a stable full of girlfriends, but he had been going steady with one girl for over a year. Joanna was a full year older than he was, and they had already taken each other's virginity.

At twelve, it was still a toss up as to Danny's sexual preferences. He was athletic but preferred to study dance. He excelled at dance and possibly wanted to seek a career in it. But he was not fond of ballet and preferred hip-hop, modern and tap. He was so good looking that he was chosen to model dance costumes in a catalogue. The photographer declared that he was born to model. The camera loved him.

If that wasn't enough, he was a talented artist whose paintings were showing in a downtown art gallery. They were as professional looking as the paintings of the adult artists, and the gallery owner had already sold some of them. The artist, Anthony Vincenti, who owned the gallery, was a gay friend of Danny's mother. He had recognized Danny's talent early on and was giving him art lessons every Saturday in the gallery.

So Danny was a dancer, an artist and a model. If you accept stereotypes, you would have to assume that he was heading toward being gay, even though he was a totally masculine young lad.

Danny went to a special middle school for the performing arts, where he concentrated on dance. He also took dance lessons privately after school one evening a week. The school had three years of study, and then the students moved on to the High School for the Performing Arts, if they cared to.

Josh and Danny had two perfectly different personalities. Josh was quiet, and perhaps a little introverted. He spoke little of his parentage. In fact he tried to hide it, and he avoided the subject. He had even told friends that his father was dead. Danny, on the other hand, didn't give a damn what anybody thought. He was proud of his two moms and didn't care who knew about it. But in spite of that, he couldn't help but feel different from the other kids, just as Josh did.

It was on the first day of school, at the beginning of Danny's second year at the middle school that he met Chris. Danny had just put a sandwich and a container of milk on his tray in the cafeteria. He looked around for a place to sit when he spied a face he did not recognize. Sitting alone was a boy about the same age as he was. They were about the same height and build and both had the same ash blond hair, but Danny's eyes were hazel and Chris's eyes were blue. Danny had a heart that could barely be contained in his chest and he immediately put his tray down next to Chris, who looked so lonely.

"Hi," he said to Chris. "My name's Daniel. Are you new here?"

"Hi," Chris answered. "I'm Christopher. I couldn't get in last year, but they had room for me this year so I just transferred over."

"That's great," Danny said. "You'll love it here." He meant it. "What's your specialty?"

"I'm concentrating on voice and drama?" Chris responded. "How about you?"

"Dance," Danny said. "What else are you taking?" They quickly established that they were in the same Math and English classes which were back to back after lunch. The two boys formed an instant bond. Neither could explain why they felt the way they did, but each felt that they had been friends forever and would certainly remain that way. They had lunch together every day after that, and walked with each other to English class and then to Math. There was a little time before school began every morning, and they started to meet out in the hall until they went separately to their home rooms.

After the third week, both the English and Math teachers announced a test would be forthcoming on that Friday. Chris asked Danny if he would like to come to his house to study together on Thursday after school.

"Where do you live?" Danny asked.

"On McLain between First and Second," Chris shot back.

"That's near where my mom works," Danny said. "If she can pick me up after work, I think she'll let me go to you. I'll let you know tomorrow."


At dinner that evening, Danny told his mothers about Chris's invitation, and he asked his mom if she could pick him up after work on Thursday.

"I suppose so," his mom said, "but I want to speak to his mother first. Do you have the phone number?"

Danny already knew Chris's number by heart. They spoke to each other as often as possible after school and weekends. He gave his mom the number and she said she would call Mrs. Wilson after dinner.

"Hello," Marsha Wilson said as she answered the phone.

"Hi, I'm Sherry Cochran, Danny's mother. Our boys seem to want to study together Thursday afternoon at your place, and I wanted to make sure it was all right with you?"

"Absolutely," Marsha said. "All Chris does is talk about Danny and what a great friend he is. I can't wait to meet him. Please let him come over. It's perfectly fine. I don't get home until about 4:30, but I'm sure I can trust them not to destroy the house until then."

"I work nearby and I'll pick Danny up about 5:30 if that's OK with you, Mrs. Wilson."

"That's perfect, but please call me Marsha."

"OK Marsha. Have a nice evening." Sherry hung up and smiled at Danny. "She seems very nice. Have you got the address for me?"

Danny could not wait for school to let out on Thursday. He and Chris took the bus to Chris's house. Chris let them in and they spread their books on the dining room table. The two boys were excellent students and both knew that the study session was just an excuse to hang out together. After just a few minutes, they packed up their books and Chris showed Danny around the house. There wasn't much to show. Downstairs there was an attached two car garage, large kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, and powder room. So far it was the same as Danny's. Upstairs there were four bedrooms. Danny followed Chris up the stairs.

First he showed Danny the fourth bedroom which his parents used as an office. The third bedroom was a guest bedroom. The second bedroom was Chris's and it was next to a guest bathroom. The master bedroom was occupied by Chris's parents and it had its own bathroom.

"Your house is pretty much like mine," Danny said, "except we have a back yard pool. My mom's office was made out of one of the garages, and where you have an office upstairs, my brother has his bedroom."

"The people who live next door have a pool and a work out room. They let me use it whenever I want to," Chris let Danny know that he also had use of a pool.

They ended up in Chris's room playing video games.

Danny had agreed with his mother that she would drive up in front of the house and honk the horn and he would come out. At exactly 5:30, he heard the horn. Danny thanked Chris's parents and bounded out of the house. "See you tomorrow," he yelled at Chris as he left.

Danny threw his knap sack on the back seat and bounded into the front passenger seat and fastened his seat belt. Sherry could tell that he was trying to say something, but he was hyperventilating and having difficulty speaking.

"Take a deep breath," Sherry said, "and tell me what's up."

"Mommy," Danny stammered. Sherry was puzzled. Danny hadn't called her mommy in years. Danny was still not talking.

"What?" Sherry wanted to know.

"Well, about 4:30, Chris's mom, Marsha, came home from work. About fifteen minutes later his other parent came home." Danny stopped talking again and Sherry demanded to know why that was cause for him to be so tongue tied.

"Mom, Chris has two mothers, just like me." Danny was trembling and Sherry was smiling. There is a God, she thought. He brought these two boys together so that they wouldn't feel so isolated. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, she kept muttering.

Danny continued, "His other mother's name is Caroline, and when I told them that I had two moms also, they got really excited and they want to meet you. They asked that you please call them and maybe we can all get together."

"I will," Sherry said, "I promise.

"There's more," Danny said. Their next door neighbors are gay and Chris calls them, Daddy. They're not his real fathers, but they treat him like he was their own son. They let him use their pool and work out equipment whenever he wants to. He took me to meet them and they said I could use the pool and the equipment also. They were so nice, mom."


Sherry was pretty speechless, and she and Glenna discussed the situation at length after dinner. Then they called Marsha and Caroline. The four women got acquainted on the phone and they agreed that Sherry and Glenna would come over on Sunday with their sons. That way they could also meet Elliot and Sal, their next door neighbors.

The six adults became good friends that Sunday. They were never bosom buddies like Chris and Danny, but nevertheless, good friends.

It became a routine for Chris to accompany Danny to his art lesson on Saturday, and the boys would use Danny's pool or Sal and Elliot's pool on alternating Sundays. In South Florida the pools were used all year.

The boys were beginning to get more and more curious about sex, and all weekend long they were in the company of gay men. They decided to ask Anthony, Elliot, and Sal when they first knew that they were gay. Neither boy was anxious to have sex with the other. They hadn't even thought about it, but there hormones were begin to flow, and they were plain curious.

They hit Anthony first. "Well, I fell madly in love with our postman when I was four years old. I found out years later that he was gay and I figured it was some sort of an instinct, maybe gaydar. I guess, you might say that I knew I was gay when I was four." The boys were not satisfied with his answer so on the next day they asked Chris's `dads.'

"Well from the time I was very little," Elliot said, "I knew I wanted to play doctor with boys, and not with girls. Don't tell your mothers I said this, but I am fascinated by penises, every size and shape." The boys giggled.

Sal said, "I never thought of it. I just assumed some day I'd meet a girl. We'd fall in love, marry, and have children. I didn't realize it then, but I didn't seem to have an attraction for either sex. I met Elliot in college and all that changed. I knew I wanted to share my life with him the minute I shook his hand. So for him it was from childhood and for me it was when I was about eighteen."

Then Elliot asked, "Why are you boys asking these questions? Aside from really liking each other do you have stronger feelings than that for each other?"

"I've never thought of Chris in any other way than just being my friend," Danny said.

"I never really thought about it all," Chris said, "but I have a feeling it's something we'll both think about in the future. There's one thing I'm certain of. I want Danny and me to be friends for life."

"Well, don't just do something foolish just because you are surrounded by gay people and you think it's all right. You have to feel very strongly that you want to have sex with a guy, and just as strongly that you want to do it with a girl," Elliot said.

"In other words, don't rush it," Sal said. "I know a way you might be able to decide your sexual preference. When you whack off, you will fantasize about being with another person. If it turns out that you fantasize that you are with a boy, you're probably gay. If you fantasize girls, you're probably straight. If you tell your moms we had this conversation, the four of us are dead ducks."

"Oh no," Danny said. "We won't tell anyone, but what's whacking off?"

"Uh oh!" Sal said. "We might as well explain, and teach. I was whacking off by the time I was ten. Go in the house and get a banana, please," he asked Elliot. Seconds later Elliot came out with a banana and the lesson began.

"One last thing," Sal cautioned after the lesson. "Don't do this together until you have both had an orgasm a couple of times and have paid attention to who you fantasize about. In fact, let's discuss it again before you do anything together.

Danny tried to masturbate for the first time that evening. He knew what a hard on was. He and Josh had one almost every morning when they got up. It would disappear when they urinated. Sal and Elliot told him he would get an erection when he began to masturbate. He began to review their lesson and try to feel the sensation that would build in his body, which they had tried to explain with great difficulty. He was being so clinical that nothing happened and eventually he gave up. A few miles away Chris had the same experience. At school the next morning they compared their disappointing experiences.


"I called Sal and Elliot and they told me to try to fantasize I was having sex with another person. They said that was the real reason for the experiment anyhow. They also said that they had no success until the second or third time they each tried," Chris told Daniel.

"That's a relief," Danny responded as they went off to different home rooms.

That night alone in his room, Danny wondered who the prettiest girl in his school was. Hands down it was Becky Freeman from his dance class. Her flaming red hair, blue eyes and the tiny freckles on her nose, won her the prize. He began to stroke his cock and fantasized that Becky was naked and kissing him. His three inch cock started to harden and soon it was almost five inches. In time a strange sensation came over him. He began to moan in pleasure. His mouth fell open and his eyes began to roll in his head. His fantasy lover seemed more real to him. He imagined that another hand had grabbed his cock and was stroking it. Then he imagined that lips were kissing first his lips and then his cock. The sensation in his body was almost unbearable. He stoked harder and harder and he came for the first time. His cum was a watery dribble, and he rubbed it all over his cock.

"Oh Chris, that was wonderful," he murmured, and then he realized that halfway through his fantasy, Becky had turned into Chris. It was Chris who had kissed his cock and his lips and whispered how much he loved him in his ear. It was obvious to him that when he had sex for the first time, he wanted it to be with Chris. But what if Chris had fantasized differently? What if Chris was straight? At that moment, the thought was too awful to contemplate.

He couldn't wait until morning and he called Chris immediately. "I did it," he told Chris.

"Me too. Wasn't it the absolute greatest?"

"I think it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me," Danny answered. He was almost afraid to ask, but he screwed up his courage.

"Did you fantasize?"

"Yes," Chris answered. "Promise you won't get mad at me."

"I swear," Danny vowed. "Just tell me."

"I started to whack off and I tried to imagine what it would be like to be naked in bed with someone. At first the person with me was indistinct. We began to kiss and fondle each other's cocks so I knew it was a guy. I got hard real fast. We began to kiss, and then the other boy moved down and kissed my nipples and then my cock. Then I kissed his cock and then his lips. I imagined he was kissing my cock when I let loose. I knew I was with a boy, but I couldn't tell who, but when I came, I said out loud, `Oh Danny that was the greatest. I love you.' I'm afraid to ask you. Who did you fantasize about?"

"Chris, it was you I made love to. Isn't this great? I can't wait until we are alone together. I want to be the one to get you off next time. Sal and Elliot said it would be even greater when a partner does it to you."

"I pray they were right, and when we are old and someone asks, "When did you first know that you were gay, we can say, `When we were twelve.' "

Danny went home with Chris after school, and called his mother to pick him up. They had promised Sal and Elliot that they wouldn't do it together until the four of them had discussed it, but they couldn't wait. They went into Chris's room and they knew that they had an hour before Marsha came home.

They stripped naked and admired each other's body. They knew about circumcision and saw immediately that they were both cut. As they eyed each other, both of them got hard without having to pee and with neither touching the other. That amazed them.

They sat on Chris's bed side by side. And began to whack off. As their excitement grew they turned to each other and started to kiss. Then on pure instinct they stopped stroking themselves and reached over and began to stroke each other. After that they came together in a few seconds. They both screamed and then started to laugh. They hadn't expected to scream. Each of their hands was covered with the watery dribble they had produced. Danny placed it to his lips and tasted it. Seeing him do that, Chris did the same.

"It's good," Danny decided.

"For sure," Chris agreed. They were both a little shy and very awkward, but they kissed each other and smiled at one another.

"Can I kiss your cock, just like in my fantasy?" Chris asked.

"Are you sure?" Danny asked.

"I'm sure," Chris answered. He leaned over Danny and started to kiss his cockhead. Danny began to moan in pleasure. Then instinct took over. Chris began to lick Danny's rehardened cock all along the shaft. His tongue flicked over Danny's piss hole and then he took all of Danny into his mouth. The pleasure Danny felt cannot be described. With another scream he came again into Chris's mouth. Chris didn't even feel the miniscule amount of cum Danny emitted. Danny had to stop Chris who kept right on sucking.

"It's too sensitive," he told Chris, who reluctantly gave up his prize.

"Do you know how good you taste?" Chris asked. "Taste me and find out if I taste good to you," he implored. Danny was well aware of the pleasure Chris had given him, and he was happy to repeat the process. They were well on their way to a full blown gay relationship. They couldn't wait for Sal and Elliot to come home from work. They wanted to learn more about giving each other pleasure.

Danny and Chris were destined to spend a lifetime together. It would be a lie to say that they never experienced sex with anyone else. In college they both explored straight sex, but learned early on that they both preferred male bodies. They also experimented with other partners, and sometimes they had one or two other guys share their bed, but always the conclusion was the same. They loved each other and they were best friends forever. Sex was always best when it was love, not just lust. In their adulthood, neither of them ever slept with anyone else. Their bond could never be broken.

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