Man for Man

Beauty Spot Toilets


"Beautiful view," I said nodding at the rolling hillsides and fields. "Yes, it is," he said without moving his eyes off my face. "Nice .. um .. bike," he said, now looking at my bike. "Yes it is," I said and scratched my balls deliberately, watching his eyes move back to my package at the movement of my hand. "Nice size," he said, "Had it long?" His eyes still on my hand cupping my balls and my enlarging cock. "Ever since I was born," I said with a laugh. "What? Oh! Yes!," he said and actually started to blush, "I meant the bike."


"Want a Coke?" I asked, making a show of adjusting my erection before unzipping the waist bag and producing a can. "I've got more drink on the bike, and I can top it back up from a tap later," I said and he took the offered can. I stood up and his eyes seemed glued to my front lump. I then saw that he had leaned his bike against another table, not far away. Reaching for my drink on my bike I bent over a bit, giving him a good view of my bum, and, my legs being apart, the lump of my balls between my legs. "Are those shorts tight to wear," he asked, "Only I always think they look uncomfortable, that's why I have shorts," and he smoothed his shorts with his hands, allowing me a hint of his tackle shape when I turned back.

He sat next to me and we drank our drinks, enjoying the sun. Then I stood and told him I must have a pee. "The toilet blocks are unlocked today," he said, adding "They have only just opened here for the Summer, after a refurbishment." "Great!" I replied, "I can never find a tree big enough if the toilets are closed." He laughed and we collected our bikes and walked together to the toilet block.

I told him my name and found out he was William, Will. We locked our bikes to the staples set in the wall and entered the 'Men' door. The dcor was Spartan with unsurfaced brick, red quarry tiled floor, and four aluminium stalls down one end with a stainless steel trough at the other, plus vitreous hand basins and white plastic hand air dryers. We both went over to the trough to pee.

Wearing the Cycling shorts meant that I had to peel them down enough to hang my cock and balls out. Will watched what I was doing and then did the same with his shorts. We both had semi hard-ons, peeing up the back of the trough, our urine running along the channel to the centre drain. He finished first and turned to me, showing me his erection grow as he slowly wanked it between two fingers. I, by this time, was in no doubt as to Will's intentions. I finished peeing and turned myself to him, my stiff cock now almost at 45 to my body. With his shorts half-way down to his knees he staggered over to be close to me. His cock looked 16cms, mine 18cms. He was not circumcised, but he pulled his foreskin back, revealing his purple glans. "There's a disabled cubicle at the end. More room," he said looking at me, eye to eye.

We both pulled our shorts up so we could walk, and went down to the disabled cubicle. As he had said, there was more room, almost twice the size of a normal cubicle. I kicked my shoes off, removed my bum-bag and my shirt, and then watched him do the same. I went close to him and cupped his balls. With two fingers he traced the length of my cock in my shorts all the way to the wet patch that was growing, then rolled my shorts down, releasing my cock. I pulled away and pulled his loose fitting shorts down to his knees. He was wearing a red NDS pleather jockstrap. I felt more juice ooze out of the slit in my cock and drip down the rigid shaft to my balls. The tip of his glans was peeping over the top of the waistband, and it also had a wet clear bead of pre-cum. I slipped a finger of each hand into his waistband and eased it down. He let his shorts and jock fall to the ground before he stepped out of them and up to me. Taking me by the waist, his hands almost on my buttocks, we faced each other and he started to sword-fight with our cocks, as we kissed each other wetly. Then I dropped to my knees and, taking his shaft in one hand, his balls in the other, I put his cock head and most of his shaft into my mouth.

His head fell back. He looked up at the ceiling and gave a lovely sigh, before putting his hands on his hips, as I started to suck at his cock. I could feel his cock was as hard as iron, and wondered how many times before he had done this, if ever? His legs were far enough apart for me to move attention of my hand from his balls to his hot anus. I rubbed my middle finger across the opening, and was met with another sigh, sounding much like a "Yessss!". I pushed a little and there was enough of my saliva on the finger that had run down from my cock sucking, that I was able to push it in to his ass up to the knuckle. He moved his feet even further apart. I continued to suck and pump his shaft, his balls beginning to gather up towards his cock in readiness for ejaculation. I slowed down as I did not want him to cum too quickly, but pushed my finger in further and hooked it back toward myself to find his prostate. I was rewarded with a rush of clear semen juice. No orgasm yet. But not far off.

Will's hands were now on my head as if to steady himself. "Make me cum, Alex. Make me cum in your mouth. Please Alex," he whispered, as if his voice would scare away his impending orgasm. I resumed sucking and pumping with vigour, and a little more of the knowing touch of my finger in his ass.

Suddenly I felt the sphincter round my finger try to strangle it, his glans rim flared to a bigger size and my mouth was filled with a gout of his hot, sweet, lumpy cum. Again I stroked his prostate and again I was rewarded in my mouth as his muscle sealed tightly round my invading finger. And again. And again, and again, until his hands tried to pull my head off his over-sensitive cock. I stopped my tickling and sucking, and let his cock seep in it's own juices in my mouth, although I had swallowed much of it already. I revelled in his taste and smell, my eyes closed, my hand released from duty at his cock and now stroking my slick shaft.

I let him come back to his senses before carefully removing my finger from his bum, and relinquishing his cock from my mouth. He stood looking down at me with a silly grin on his face. "That was fucking A. Man," was all he said. Then he went and leaned on the disabled support frame round the toilet bowl, his feet apart, his body bent at the waist. "Do you want to cum in my ass?" he said casually, looking back at me, winking his ring at me seductively, and smiling with that silly grin.

My answer was to simply take a condom out of my bum-bag on the floor, and was about to roll it down my shaft, when he asked if he could do it for me. He took it and put the teat end in his mouth, then knelt in front of me and pushed my knob into the condom, rolling it down the shaft with his lips as my cock entered deeper into his mouth. "Always wanted to do that. Saw it in a porn film," he explained and then returned to his position at the toilet bowl.

Having already had my finger up him, I was able to push my saliva-wetted, lubricated condom-coated cock easily into his opened poop chute. I held his hips and, without any fore-play, started to fuck him hard, my stiff cockhead and shaft desperate to feed my brain with all the sensations they could. He reached round behind himself, when I was fully in and moving, and held his cheeks apart, leaning back into me so that I thrust my prong as deep into his bowels as I could. I fucked him hard, deep and fast, quickly building up my orgasm until my balls blew their contents down my tubes, filling the condom with four or five mega-blasts. For his part, Will had dropped his head to let it hang, and had grunted each time I had pushed my shaft hard into him, his grunts getting quicker as my thrusts became closer together, finally giving his now-familiar sigh as I filled the rubber's teat with my sperms, deep in his guts, finishing off with a long "Pheeewwww!" as I withdrew from him, leaving him to feel cold and empty.

He turned round and sat on the seat lid. I came up to give him another kiss, but he took hold of my cock and peeled off the condom. "Can't waste it!" he said and, putting it to his lips, sucked out the contents, swallowing them with relish. Then he licked and sucked my cock clean gently, as it was more than a little sensitive, and still streaked with cum from the insides of the condom.

He produced a sandwich bag from the pockets of his shorts, containing baby wet-wipes, and proceeded to wipe his bum and cock clean, handing a couple to me to use similarly. Then he slipped into his red jockstrap and I made sure that the leg straps were not twisted, before he lovingly helped me back into my cycle shorts. We then both dressed with the rest of our clothes, I flushed our rubbish away, and we exited into the empty toilet block, to exchange details and a promise to do it again some day.

Which thing we did, more than once, and No, it was not his first time, nor mine.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.