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Baseball Teammate


I am a 22 year old college student. I have a very athletic build - 5'10", 230lbs, cut, with a dusting of chesthair and a deep treasure trail. I consider myself straight, probably slept with 30 girls over the past couple years, but have also let one or two guys give me head along the way.


The first guy who sucked me off was on the baseball team with me junior year. He was the quiet type, 6'3"ish, built, hairy, cut, italian guy named Vin who I always caught watching me. One day after a workout, I entered the lockerroom at the same time as him. He was sitting on the bench a couple lockers down from me, when I caught him gazing at the bulge in my sweatpants. I thought I would give him a show by slowly taking off my shirt and stretching and adjusting my stuff. I looked over at Vin who couldnt take his eyes off me and was now biting his lip. I then went over to him and put my crotch in his face, and asked if he wanted to suck it.

Vin looked nervous and didn't say anything. I knew that he wasnt at all openly gay and had probably never sucked a dick before - even though he wanted to. I then started brushing my hand through his hair and along his cheek and asked him again, "didn't you want to suck my dick, I'll probably let you." He sat there silent, looking towards my knees, but still gazing up at my bulge every couple of seconds. I grabbed his hand and brought it to my hairy stomach, and said "lets at least see if you can get me hard".

Vin slowly started moving his hand along my stomach, and fixed his eyes on my bulge. I pushed myself closer as he continued to stroke my stomach, brushing my soft cock head against his face at times. Suddenly, Vin got a little more comfortable and worked his way around to my back. Slowly, he pulled my ass closer so that my bulge was rubbing against his face. I wasnt getting turned on yet, but continued to play with his hair to let him know I was into it.

I told him "go on and take off my fucking sweats already". Vin looked nervous, but slowly slid my sweat pants down revealing my tight blue boxer briefs. I pushed myself closer to him again. I could hear him try to take some good whifs, as i rubbed myself against his face. His hands made there way to my hairy legs, where he massaged my theigh and grazed my balls through my underwear. All of a sudden, I felt his hairy forearm slide along my theigh as his hand made there way up my boxer shorts. He took his index finger and outlined my balls from front to back, and then slid my shorts down to my feet. I quickly began to perk up.

Vin then took my balls into his mouth and began sucking them - hard! I quickly went from limp to hard as a rock. He then started working on my dick which was probably better then any head I've ever got for a girl. He knew how to work me perfectly, and I began to moan a little. Feeling I was enjoying the 'gay' part of this too much, I quickly stopped him my grabbing him by his cheeks. I said "good job little fag".

I shifted one hand to my dick and grabbed him by the chin. I started fucking his face hard before he could even realize what was going on. I quickly was brought close to my breaking point. I ripped off the button down polo shirt Vin had just put on, and pushed him so he was no lying on his back on the bench. I grabbed his tenting dick through his dockers, and started rubbing my leaking dick along his hairy stomach. I then continued to fuck his face, which he enjoyed since he bagan to thrust me in by pushing my ass.

I pulled out and to let out my huge load in his mouth, chin and along his hairy chest. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and told him he should probably hit the showers. Vin quickly got up, looking happy but nervous about what just happened. His pants were tenting a lot. I stood there smiling and began to go back to my locker, pretending not to notice I was naked with my cum all over him. Still not saying a word, Vin stripped down and made his way over to the shower. As soon as he was out of sight, I looked down at my dick thinking of what a great suck that guy just gave me, and that I should probably take a shower.

By the time I made it in the large shower room, Vin lathered up and shooting his load up on himself. When he finished, he looked up to see that I had just seen how much he had enjoyed sucking dick. I smiled and turned on the shower directly next to him and began showering.

Vin still had said nothing during this whole meeting, and was now turned facing away from me as he tried to quickly wash his face. His tight ass was met my the most perfectly defined hairy legs. i couldnt believe how much I found another man attractive - i had never wanted another guy before i couldnt stop looking at good old vin. I came up to him from behind and put my arms around him, pushing my freshly drained cock against his tight ass cheeks. I put my chin on his shoulder and let my hands rub against that hairy chest of his.

Vin raised his head to the air showing some delight of the attention. I couldnt help it, but began to kiss his neck. His scruffy beard and long sideburns were nothing I had ever felt against me. I kept kissing his neck and side of his face, and found my hands now cuffing his balls. He finally spoke "too bad I just got those off" and started moving up and down - allowing my limp dick to flop up and down his ass.

Before I knew it, we were on the shower floor making out. Making out with a guy is a lot different then a girl because there was a lot more force in it. It was hot, being rolled around, having everything grabbed, rubbing our dicks against each other. Vin then started kissing down my body, slowly, until he got me so hard that I was ready to beg him to suck me again. He must have seen my desire in my eyes, and started jerking me off while kissing my lips again.

He then said, "I am going to get you off all over me again, only this time every drop I squeeze out of you you're gonna have to lick off me".

Afraid of losing my control of the situation, I said "no thats not how its gonna work. no more cum for you faggy".

He replied "we'll see about that" and began deeply kissing me again. He quicly went to work on my dick. I tried to not come, but it felt too good and I was way too into it. I soon found myself on top of him as he sucked my dick. He must have felt me get close to blowing my load, and quickly pulled himself forward and jerked me off. He got me to come all over his chest stomach and now fully aroused cock.

As I sank into my relief, I looked down at the cum soaked italian. He got me. I licked every drop off him and sucked his dick. It wasn't my favorite thing to do, but I always enjoy being able to get someone off. He quickly came in my mouth as he let out a large gasp. I had a large load of cum in my mouth and streams hanging on my goatee. I moved up and thrusted my tongue in his mouth. His eyes quickly widened as we started swapping a mouthful of his cum. I then got up, and got dressed leaving him lying naked and smiling on the shower floor.

As I was grabbing my school bag, Vin walked back over to his locker naked with a huge grin. I walked around him not saying anything, but quickly turned around giving him a deep kiss and grabbing his balls once again. I heard the door open and footsteps entering. Vin took his hands all over me one final time, and tried to pull away but I wouldnt. in the last possible second, I pulled away as our teamate rob entered the locker area. I told the guys I'd see them tomorrow at practice while rob stood staring and biting his lip at Vins naked body.

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