Man for Man

Baseball Tag Team


I walked into the high school, entering the shadows to escape the blistering heat of the August day. The sun beat down and my forehead bled sweat down my face. I had just come from watching the baseball team practice, my lust for the players outweighing my discomfort in the heat. Practice was over, alas, and I would have to content myself with fantasies of sweaty jocks and bubble butts for the time being.


I jogged down the stairs into the boys' locker-room and was immediately overwhelmed with the stench. My friends and I called it the "stank", a smell that was both revolting and intoxicating. It smelled of sweat, piss, cum, ass, and B.O. It smelled of men. I walked over to my locker and dialed the combination. I grabbed the towel and soap I kept in there and headed to the showers where I proceeded to stand under a stream of cool water for about ten minutes.

I heard the clatter of feet on the floor of the gym that was above the locker-room and heard the baseball team come down the stairs. The locker-room was split into two identical halves, and I was on the opposite side of the team. I heard them laugh, joke, shower, change and then leave. I was alone.

I soaped up my body and then rinsed it off, paying careful attention to my dick and ass. You never know when you're gonna meet a hot guy and have to undress. No one likes a dirty asshole or cock; well, maybe some guys do, but most don't. I got hard as I was fondling my balls, and my dick rose to its full six and a half inches. I knew that I wouldn't get any relief if I didn't take care of my hard-on, so I stroked my shaft a bit, tugging at my nuts with my other hand. I closed my eyes and let the water cascade down the abs I had been working hard on all summer, and imagined getting fucked by one of the guys on the baseball team.

I reached around and inserted a finger into my ass and slowly fucked myself as I thought about a fat, hard cock filling me up. My stroking got faster and a small moan escaped my lips. I opened my eyes in time to see my dick spasm in my hand as I came on the wall. My cum dripped down into the drain. I felt content and tired as my dick deflated. I turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around myself, and walked back to my locker.

Where, much to my surprise and chagrin, I saw one of the baseball team, Number 9 to be precise, sitting on the bench that intersected the row of lockers. Brendan, Number 9, was one of the hottest guys on the team. He was a junior, had beautiful mocha skin, deep sleepy eyes, and the sexiest voice. He was also a nice person, to boot. I'd never heard him say anything nasty to anyone in the school, even the nerds and queers. He was sitting on the bench with his right leg stretched out, massaging his thigh.

"Oh, hey Brendan. I didn't know anyone was still in here."

"Hey Jeff, how's it going? Yeah, the rest of the team left. I had stayed on the field to practice throwing a bit more with the coach."

"Oh, cool." I remembered he was the pitcher for the team. "You alright there? Your leg I mean."

"Yeah, it's nothing, just a Charlie Horse. I can't even bend down to untie my cleats."

He smiled and his face lit up. Man, was this boy sexy. I weighed the option in my head. I could either murmur some apology, turn to my locker, get dressed, and regret this decision forever, or I could offer to untie his cleats, get on my knees in front of him and see where it went from there. There was always the possibility that I would get a strange look in return for my offer and forever regret the moment. Chances are I would be rebuked. He was obviously straight. It was practically common knowledge that he had fucked half the cheerleaders, though they would put out for anyone with a cup on. There was no way Brendan would want anything to do with me. Still, I had to take a chance. I've lusted over Brendan for years and, to be so close yet so far, was killing me. I took the plunge.

"Brendan, if you want me to, ya know, if it makes life easier for ya, I could untie them for you."

He looked at me with those half lidded eyes of his, and smiled slightly; one corner of his full lips turning upwards. He managed to look sheepish and cocky all at the same. I wish I knew how he did it.

"Yeah, that'd be awesome man, ya know, if you didn't mind."

"Oh, it's no problem, I swear."

And, with that, I went over. I kneeled in front of him. I kneeled in front of my god, my idol of lust. I stared fixedly at his crotch for a moment before I bent my head and went to work untying his shoes. The laces were double knotted so it took me a little while. My fingers were slick with sweat when I finally undid the laces and slid the cleat off his foot. A white sock greeted me as he sighed with relief. I went to work on the other cleat and had an easier time with it. When I had that one off, I placed both shoes to my right and looked up at Brendan, who had his eyes closed and his head raised to the ceiling. I took a moment to observe his perfect face; the high cheekbones, aquiline nose, kissable lips. He opened his eyes and caught me staring at him but, at that point, I was over the abyss; his eyes held me enamored and entranced from the moment I beheld them. They were a chocolate brown and liquid; I could feel myself falling into them, forever lost in the swirls of his thoughts and dreams. I wanted this boy. I wanted him in the worst way. I wanted to be with him. I wanted him inside me.


"Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate it. My feet were killing me."

"You're welcome Brendan. Listen, this may sound really weird, and kinda awkward, but I think you're the nicest person I've ever met and I'd do anything for you, I really would."

He laughed then, but not in a malicious way. I don't know where that confession had come from, a bad case of verbal diarrhea most likely, but it rang true as I said it. Still smiling, sweetly, shyly, he locked eyes with me again.

"Well, that's awfully nice of you, but it's my turn to be embarrassed now. I know this is a really weird request, but my legs are still really cramped up. It would be great if you could take off my pants for me. You can say no if you want, it's no big deal, it's just, if you're offering..."

My heart stopped. My mouth was cotton.

"That would be great...I mean fine, Brendan. I don't mind, really I don't."

He beamed at me and I kneeled forward, reaching to the tie of his pants. My fingers brushed against his crotch and I could feel the stiffness of his cup beneath the pants. I worked my fingers around the strings that tied his pants and undid it, slowly. I loosened his pants a bit and started to slide them down his legs; when they got beneath his crotch, I almost gasped. I kept going and removed the pants, pulling them off him one leg at a time. I observed his package from my perfect viewing point and could barely contain my excitement. His jock was stained and dirty and could barely contain his bulging manhood. I wanted so bad to touch it, lick it, smell it, do anything to be closer to his dick. And, before I was even aware of what I was doing, my hand had gone to his cup and had started to massage it. He looked down at me, acquiescence and pleasure apparent in his eyes, and, without further encouragement, I yanked his cup down, exposing his cock and balls.

They were beautiful. I had never, even on porn stars, seen a set of balls so perfectly paired with a cock. The cock and balls were the same color as the rest of him, a smooth mocha that looked like it would taste like chocolate or coffee or both. He was circumcised and his dick has a perfect mushroom head attached to a thick shaft that was already starting to harden. Of course my ministrations might have had something to do with that. His balls hung low in his sack and were perfectly round; about the size of walnuts. I wanted to roll them around in my mouth.

By this time I had started to slowly jack him off and I could barely believe what was happening. Brendan, Number 9 and star baseball player, was letting me touch his cock. He was letting me jerk him off and, judging by the look on his face, he was enjoying it. His cock had hardened and grown in my hand, and I would say it stood at around seven inches tall with a thickness of around six inches. So it was basically a long, fat cock. My favorite. I couldn't resist the temptation anymore. I had to have this dick in my mouth.

"Brendan, you don't know how long I've wanted this for. I've lusted after you for months. I would love to suck your cock. I want you inside me. I want to give you pleasure."

"Jeff, fuck man, this is so amazing. I didn't think you'd ever want to touch me; you have no idea how long I've wanted your ass. You've driven me wild in school, man. I've jacked off to images of me fucking you so many damn times.

"Shit, dude, you really want my ass?" I had never really thought I had a nice ass, but now that he mentioned it, I guess my ass could certainly be considered a bubble butt. Who was I to argue, anyways? What was I thinking? This god, my idol, my object of lust, was basically confessing his lust for me. ME.

"Yeah, so fucking bad. I would love to drive my cock deep into you. Tell you what; you suck my cock and then I fuck you good and hard. Sound good?"

I didn't even bother to reply. What more was there to say? I inhaled his cock like it was a glass of water and I was dying of thirst. I sucked gently on his head, first. I swished my tongue around his cockhead and down his shaft, wetting everything. I opened my throat and slowly swallowed more of his cock, gagging a few times, but working diligently. I used my tongue the whole time, tasting sweat and cum. I eventually felt my nose brush his pubes as I got the last inch of his dick in my mouth. I rose up some more and went back down, eventually working a rhythm where I alternated sucking him deep with sucking his head. My right hand fondled his balls, pulling his nuts one way than the other. I jacked his cock with my left hand when I was just sucking his head.


Brendan was moaning above me, and his hands gripped the sides of my head. I let him guide me down on his cock and then pull me back up. He started to buck his hips as he gently face fucked into me. I loved the feeling of his fat cock in my throat. I loved making him moan and groan. He picked up the pace and slid in and out of my throat at an increasing rate. I watched him rise up off the bench as he shoved his cock all the way down my throat and hold it there, gagging me on his huge dick. My eyes watered but I didn't let him know the discomfort I was in; I wanted his cock just as much as he wanted my throat. He withdrew his entire dick from my mouth and I felt empty. I looked up at him, imploring. He just smiled and stood, then lowered his balls to my mouth and started to teabag me. I swirled one nut around, then the other, moistening them both with my tongue and sucking on them, gently. He withdrew his balls and shoved his cock down my throat, face fucking down into me, my eyes locked with his. The lust was apparent in him.

He withdrew from my mouth, again, and shoved me down on the floor. Before I knew what was happening he had straddled me and sidled up to my mouth. My head was between his thighs and I could smell his man scent. He slapped my face with his cock a few times.

"Is it as good as you though it would be, Jeff?"

"Oh my god, Brendan. Your cock is so amazing. I could suck it all fucking night."

"Yeah, well, you promised me your ass, remember? And I want a piece of that tight hole. Well, all in good time. Open up your mouth, bitch."

It drove me wild hearing such a sweet mannered kid talking dirty like that. It was always the quiet ones...I hurriedly complied with his request and he shoved his dick into my mouth again. I choked on it at first but then got adjusted to the dimensions. I took control this time and started to jack his shaft as I licked his cock head. His hips bucked and shoved the cock into me, just as he gripped my head and moaned. I knew he was close and I wanted his cum in me. I sucked harder and faster, greedy to get my milky prize. He groaned and then pressed all the way into me. I felt his cock spasm as he began to shoot his load inside me. I swallowed the milky load as soon as I got it and waited for more. He shot a few more time and I gingerly sucked his cock head, waiting for it to wilt. Nothing happened. I sucked his cock dry, licked it clean, and then took it out of my mouth. I looked up at him. His chest shone with sweat and he had a content but purposeful look on his face.

"Sorry Brendan, I wanted your cum so bad that I didn't even think of how you wanted to fuck me."

"Don't worry about it, Jeff. I'm still hard and ready to fuck."

"Jesus Christ, you just shot a huge fucking load."

"I know, that's how horny you make me."

And he winked right before he hopped off me, pulled me up onto one of the benches, placed me ass up, and slapped my ass. He mounted my ass and, without further ado, proceeded to penetrate me.

I felt his cock pass my ass ring and enter me and I gasped as he filled me up. He didn't slow down to let me get accustomed to his dick; he simply took control in a way that I never knew he was capable of. He grunted and kneaded my ass as he slowly drove his hard cock straight into me. My face was smashed into the mahogany benches and I was breathing in centuries old sweat. I could feel his hands on my ass and his cock sliding its way slowly into me. His pubes brushed my cheeks as he bottomed out in me and I heard him sigh, contentedly, as I moaned; as much pleasure as pain. I'd wanted Brendan from the moment I first saw him and now here I was, face down in the locker-room, his dick drilling my ass. For that was exactly what he had started to do; he was pulling his cock out of my ass and drilling me mercilessly. The sound of his loose, walnut shaped balls slapping my ass and his pants and my moans were the only sounds in the room. He gripped my hips with both hands and started to really pile-drive me, causing the bench to shake and me to pant uncontrollably.


"Oh GOD Brendan, fuck me, come on stud, fuck me hard."

"You like that, Jeff, you little bitch? You like my hard cock drilling your ass?"

"Oh man, Brendan, yes, you're so fucking hot. I love your cock."

"I love your tight little ass Jeff. You're the best fuck of my life."

And he bent down and kissed my sweaty back as he continued to drill me and it was probably the sweetest thing anyone had ever done to me. I arched my back up into him and he embraced me, pulling my body closer to his, out heartbeats intermingling as my ass greedily swallowed his dick. He started to long-dick me; pulling his dick all the way out until only his head remained in my ass, then slamming his way all the way back in. I screamed every time he hit home; my hair fell in my eyes and I became lost in the hedonistic lust of pure sex.

Then, a door slammed.

Then, he stopped his slamming.

Then, the sound of languid footsteps. The sound of someone walking slowly yet deliberately.

He turned into the room and I gasped with recognition as Brendan's cock jerked inside me. It was Number 3. He wasn't the most handsome guy on the team, but he was still plenty attractive. He had arrogant blue eyes and close cropped blonde hair. His mouth was perpetually upturned in a sneer and his nose stuck out just a bit too much. He was, for all intents and purposes, the quintessential jock. He was hot, good at his sport, cocky, and ever-horny. Stories abounded as to his sexual conquests, and it was even rumored he would go down to the truck-stop and throat fuck the fags that hung out there. No one questioned his heterosexuality though, of course.

Here he stood, though, all six feet one hundred and eighty pounds of him. He looked at the tableau spread out before him, took in my upturned face, Brendan's dick in my ass, Brendan's hands clasped tightly on my ass, and he unbuttoned and un-zippered his cargo shorts. He stepped out of them revealing a jock bursting to the seams with man meat and turned around so I could get a look at his greatest asset; his ass. It was the talk of the school. Everyone fantasized about it. It was a perfectly round bubble butt. He had two globes of milky white skin covered with a fine dusting of blonde hair. His pants invariably hugged his ass and his cheeks would bounce when he stalked the halls of the school. I had jacked off so many times fantasizing about eating out that delicious ass and, amazingly, he slid down his jock and backed up so his ass was a mere inch or two in front of my face.

"Listen. I don't really care what you two faggots are doing here. I mean, I don't care when kids bang their bitches down here, which I guess is exactly what you're doing Brendan. All I know is this; you want me Jeff. It's obvious really. So, go ahead. Eat my ass. Then, if you do an acceptable job, I will pound your throat and ass. And you'll like it you little bitch. Now, eat my ass. And Brendan, you keep pounding his ass. Get him nice and loose for my cock."

I couldn't control myself. I was consumed by lust. I was acting on primal, savage, raw feelings now. I knew I was acting like a pig but I didn't care. I dove into Anthony's ass and was greeted by the warm, heady aroma of ass and sweat. It wasn't an unpleasant smell, far from it. I would call it a musk actually. I took a tentative lick of his asshole and was pleased to find it clean; for a straight guys, he was very hygienic about his ass. Maybe he liked girls to eat him out? Then the fun really began. He started to grind back into me, shoving his ass into my face insistently. My tongue was darting all around and in his hole and crack, I couldn't get enough of him. All the while Brendan was ramming my ass, every thrust shoving me deeper into Anthony's ass. I took a minute to withdraw from his ass and take a breath, then proceeded to lick and kiss his furry cheeks. I nuzzled against his ass, feeling the fine hair against my cheeks. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head and was shoved back into his hole, once again lapping and tongue fucking. I could hear his moans, barely discernable over Brendan's grunts (boy, he had stamina.) I took my hands and began to knead his cheeks between them, massaging the globes of delicious flesh as Brendan's cock sodomized me.


Then, suddenly, I felt my prize being withdrawn. Anthony had removed his ass from my face and turned around, presenting me with his cup. Without further ado, he slipped his jock completely off and stood buck-naked in front of me. His perfect six-pack abs were etched above clearly defined "fuck-me lines" (which drove me absolutely wild) which hovered over a throbbing, bulging, monstrous cock. The thing had to be at least nine inches, and thick to boot. It was a long, fat, pale, circumcised monster that reminded me of anacondas in the best way. It wavered in front of me, already leaking pearly pre-cum. And, before I knew it, the cock was no longer in front of me but instead shoved down my throat, gagging me on its quest to bottom out in me.

I had the entire thing shoved down my mouth before I could even acknowledge its presence, and it was removed just as quickly. I glanced upwards and caught Anthony's smirk before he called me his bitch and shoved my face down and back on his dick. He placed his hands on both sides of my head and proceeded to ram his rod into my throat, relentlessly fucking my face as his balls slapped my chin and Brendan's balls slapped my ass. It was my first time being spit-roasted, though thankfully not the last, and I absolutely loved it. The feeling of both my holes getting filled with long, fat jock meat was ecstasy, almost enough to send me over the edge. I would focus on the feeling of Anthony's cock in my mouth, slick with spit and sliding down my throat, my tongue eagerly licking any surface I could get it around, tasting the salt from his sweat. Then, Brendan would pound me extra hard and I would feel his fat cock working its way inside me, almost rearranging my insides as he relentlessly pounded my hole.

Sure enough, I felt the familiar building up in my balls and cock and, before I knew it, I could feel my dick exploding, shooting spurt after spurt out of my dick without me even touching it. Anthony looked down and smiled as he saw my cock spasm and shoved his own dick into me extra hard and held me down onto it so that his entire member was resting in my mouth and throat as I gagged and his pubes tickled my nose. My ass tightened on Brendan's rod and, to my delight, I soon felt the familiar spasms of his cock in my ass. I moaned loudly in my throat as I felt Brendan start to seed my ass and, to my surprise, Anthony's own cock started to spurt in my mouth. Apparently the vibrations had been just enough to send him over the edge. I soon felt both Anthony and Brendan feeding my mouth and ass with their warm, jock seed and was loving every minute of it. Brendan kept on pounding as he delivered his load to my ass, and I could feel his cock packing his semen into me. Anthony's warm cum was slick in my mouth and throat and I greedily swallowed as much of it as I could, though my mouth wasn't big enough to contain it all, and some eventually oozed out of my mouth to drip onto the bench and mingle with my own cum.

Anthony started to withdraw his cock, and I devoured the cum that stuck to it, taking extra care to work his head and hoover any cum that was left in him into my stomach. As he took it out he gave me a few slaps across the face with it before he started walking behind me. Meanwhile, Brendan had basically collapsed against me in exhaustion and was still furtively humping my butt, his finally limp dick slowly sliding out of me. I heard Anthony slap his ass and tell him to get out of me, which Brendan eventually did. I collapsed on the bench, my hands tired of holding me up when I felt the familiar presence of cock in my ass. I twisted my head around to see Anthony sliding is rock hard cock up my still cum-soaked hole. God, he was a fucking sex god. I could feel every inch of him working its way inside me. I don't even wanna know what he would have felt like if my hole had been as tight as it was before Brendan penetrated it. Then, as Anthony went balls deep into me, Brendan appeared in my view, his softened cock swinging between his legs, his balls nice and loose in their sack. As Anthony started to give it to me good, I took Brendan's member between my lips, tasting his cum on it. I slowly sucked him as Anthony picked up speed, and soon I was being driven forward into Brendan's crotch.

"Oh god Jeff, your ass is so fucking nice. I bet you like my hard cock up your ass, don't you faggot?"

I mumbled a reply around Brendan's cock.

"What was that, bitch? I didn't quite hear ya!" He punctured his exclamation with a sharp slap to my ass, which stung at first but soon dissolved into a tingling that felt oh so good.

"Shit Anthony, your cock is amazing. I love your fat dick in my ass!"

"That's right, Jeff. Take my fucking dick."

I started to slam my ass back to meet Anthony's dick, something he obviously enjoyed as he chuckled softly. It was almost as if he had to outdo me, because he started to fuck me harder, the sounding of his balls thwacking against my ass reverberating in the locker-room. He placed both hands, palm down, on the small of my back as I arched upwards, causing me to collapse back onto the bench, Brendan's dick forgotten. Anthony scooched up on the bench behind me and really laid into me, squishing my ass cheeks together around his cock, creating a tunnel which he drove his cock in and out of. Brendan kneeled down and looked me in the eyes, his chocolate eyes mixing beautifully with his skin. I realized I was falling in love with him as he leaned in to kiss me, his tongue tentatively dancing with mine.

I observed, in an almost detached manner, the plethora of sensations I was experiencing. First, I took stock of my ass. I could feel the wetness from Brendan's cock inside my hole and enjoyed the thought that a part of him was inside me. I could feel Anthony's ten-inch monster furiously fucking me, and I marveled at the sensations it was giving me as it hit my prostate. Then I registered my mouth. I could feel Brendan's tongue in my mouth, expertly exploring my oral cavity. His lips were warm and yielding and I adored the feeling of them pressed against mine. Then, in the same detached manner, I realized Anthony was moaning and yelling and I was brought back to the present by the feeling of him climaxing inside of me. He shot two or three times inside of me, mingling his seed with Brendan's. Then, he withdrew, slapped my ass with his cock, and walked up to the front of me, observing the way in which Brendan and I were kissing.

"Nice find there, Brendan. Awesome ass, Jeff. I'll call you sometimes. Maybe if you're lucky enough, you'll get to experience my cock again."

Then he left and I was laughing at his absolute arrogance, and Brendan was laughing with me, and soon he stood up and laid down on top of me, his dick pressed to my butt, his back to my back. He gently kissed the back of my neck, and nibbled my earlobe. I rested my head against the bench and sighed contentedly. I had managed to blow the man of my dreams, have him fuck me, feel his seed in my throat and ass, and have a three-way. I had been spit roasted, throat raped and ass fucked by the sexual powerhouse of the school, and taken two loads up my ass. It was not what I was planning when I had gotten up this morning, but hey, surprises are always nice.

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