Man for Man

Baseball and hotdogs


Jemarcus hung up the phone. He turned to his black Cuban teammate Juan. "You're gonna love this, amigo. These guys treat me right. They know I get off on taking some boy's ass, with a bit of theater. I got a pizza boy once, an electrician, and - oh, yeah - a lost Japanese exchange student". He rubbed his swelling cock through his sweatpants, remembering hammering that sweet tight Asian mancunt with his fat black manpole. "Fuck, yeah, you never know what they're gonna send".


Juan gave his stiffening cock a squeeze through his sweats. He'd been traded a year before, but it had only been a month since he and Jemarcus had found common ground. There'd been a road game, and then back in Jemarcus' hotel room, after a few too many shots of Jim Beam, Juan had found himself on his back on Jemarcus' bed, with the powerful black outfielder buried in his ass, breeding him with his manseed. He remembered at the time thinking it was funny: just like Castro fulminated in his five hour speeches, here he was being fucked over by capitalist America. It wasn't so bad though - he loved Jemarcus' African-American bone massaging his love hole. And the very next day, Jemarcus offered him his beautiful black ass, and Juan experienced his hottest orgasm ever spilling his seed in that African fuckhole.

So he was intrigued by Jemarcus' suggestion that they hire a guy from an agency. There was something unsavory about procuring a - well, to be frank - prostitute. On the other hand, they were both millionaires, and what value was money if it couldn't buy pleasure?

The doorbell rang. Horny with expectation, Jemarcus slapped down his raging black sausage, and went to the door.

At the door was a slender young man with scruffy blond hair, dressed in tight black slacks, a short sleeve white shirt, and a clip-on tie. In his shirt pocket he had several pens, and pinned to the pocket was an embossed plate that read "Jamie". A Righteous Member, complete with the Righteous Member's trademark proselytizing 'The Wheelhouse' magazine.

"Hi, my name is Jamie. I'd like to give you a free copy of this magazine 'The Wheelhouse', and I'm wondering if you can give me a few minutes to talk about the most important thing in your life?"

Jemarcus smiled. "Sure, come on in," he invited. He took the magazine and tossed it carelessly on the hall table. This was perfect. They guys at the agency could read his fantasies like a book. He brought Jamie to the living room, where Juan was sitting on the couch watching SportsNet.

"This is 'Jamie'", he announced. "I'm Jemarcus, and this is Juan". He liked this boy. He was already rubbing his crotch at the thought of getting inside him.

Jamie's face brightened suddenly. "Hey, I know you guys! You play ball for..". He snapped his fingers. "... the Jets!" He looked pleased with himself.

Jemarcus scowled. "Seems like we have a sports fan", he deadpanned. He came up behind Jamie and wrapped his arms around him, pressing his hardon against the boy's ass, feeling his chest. "Ain't no Jets in major league ball", he whispered, then stuck his tongue hungrily into the twink's ear.

Jamie struggled against the powerful black athlete. "I'm here to minister", he protested.

"O, I can show you a righteous member that needs ministering", Jemarcus said, forcing the boy to his knees before Juan. Juan slipped his sweatpants and white briefs down, freeing his big black uncut cock. He pulled the wrinkled foreskin back from his mushroom cockhead, pooled with clear precum. Jemarcus grabbed a fistful of blond hair and forced the slut's mouth to Juan's rigid manpole. Jamie kept his mouth closed as the black monster cock grazed his lips. Jemarcus painted the white boy's face with Juan's slippery cockhead. A trail of slick Cuban precum slashed from Jamie's lips across one smooth cheek.

He slapped the back of Jamie's head. "I wanna see that chocolate fuckstick buried in your cute whiteboy face", Jemarcus snarled. Jamie started to protest, and Jemarcus took the opportunity to push his face into Juan's crotch. Jamie gagged as the engorged ebony member plunged down his throat, his nose buried in the black man's wiry pubic hair. Juan grabbed two handfuls of the youth's blond hair, and started riding his face, using his throat as a pussy to milk his cock.

Jemarcus kneeled behind the cocksucker and unbuckled Jamie's pants, pulling them down to his knees. The white twink had tight white briefs, Calvin Klein. Jemarcus put his black hands on the twink's ass and ripped the briefs apart, exposing his tight pink virgin hole. He pushed a finger into the puckered boypussy. It winked and enveloped his probing finger. The boy gasped. Or, rather, issued a muffled moan, his mouth stuffed with Cuban manmeat.


The black ballplayer teased the boy's hole with his finger for a minute, and then leaned forward to lick the wrinkled lips of the mancunt. He spread Jamie's cheeks and pushed his tongue in, forcing the tip into the virgin orifice. He tongue-fucked the twink mercilessly, enjoying how Jamie pushed his ass back in an effort to bury Jemarcus' tongue deeper. He loved tasting boyhole before bringing his cherrybuster into service and shredding the fuckslut's manpussy.

He stood up and stripped, his surging blackpole springing up as he pulled his tight white bikinis off. A silver string of precum leaked from his cockslit. He knelt again behind the white twink, placing his black hands on his white hips, and pressed his bulbous cockhead against Jamie's pussylips. The boy wriggled his ass, smearing Jemarcus' precum over his crack. Jemarcus pressed firmly forward, and in an instant his cockhead had entered the slut, busting his cherry. He moved steadily forward, accompanied by Jamie's muffled moans, until he was fully buried in the boyhole, his crinkly pubic hair scratching the twink's ass, and his black balls slapping against the white buttocks.

The two black men worked their white bitch at both ends now, filling his mouth and hole with engorged black meat. Juan's fingers still entwined blond hair, impaling the twink's face on his turgid black fuckpole. Meanwhile, Jemarcus reached inside Jamie's shirt, feeling the hottie's lean body and tweaking his hardening nipples, while brutally breeding his tight ass.

Juan was the first to pass the point of no return. He bucked his hips as he came, slamming his fuckpole into Jamie's face. The first two wads of manjizz were buried in Jamie's throat. Then Juan pulled his aching cock free and shot three more creamy spurts in Jamie's face. He was spent, but the sight of his wad sliding down the slutty fucktwink's face was making him horny and hot again.

Meantime, the black cherrybuster Jemarcus was deep inside Jamie's tight white virgin ass. "Fuck, white bitch", he panted as he pounded the man's ass, "you like that black cock, don't you?". He scooped a wad of Juan's cum from the boy's cheek and fed it to him. "O yeah, you love that black manseed". Jamie grunted. He gathered another streamy fingerful of Juan's boyjuice from Jamie's face and brought it to his own lips, sucking his fingers clean. The salty boycream, the velvet grip of Jamie's white fuckchute on his black cherrybuster, the sight of Juan's twitching, rising tool, brought Jemarcus to his limit, and he felt his big black balls tightening and then shooting his creamy seed deep into Jamie's boyass.

His naked body was slick with sweat as he collapsed on Jamie. Then he rocked back onto his knees, bringing the cum filled slut with him, hugging him from behind, his softening cock still in Jamie's ass.

Juan was hard again, excited by the black-on-white breeding scene he'd just witnessed. "Fuck, I need some of that", he exclaimed, stroking his uncut manpole.

Jemarcus smiled, his cock slipping out of Jamie's hole, followed by a slurry of creamy boyhoney. He ripped open Jamie's shirt, stripping the hot white twink naked. With Juan's help, he flipped Jamie onto his back. Jizz flowed from Jamie's hole down his smooth hairless crack. The Cuban kneeled between Jamie's legs, and then entered the white twink's cum-lubed hole, splitting it open with his thick solid joypole. Penetrated for a second time by a black fuckstick, Jamie gasped, then wrapped his pale legs around Juan's black back, above his thrusting buttocks.

Jemarcus crouched behind the rutting studs, licking the hot mancum siphoning from Jamie's ass down his crack. He tongued up until he felt Jamie's slutty pussylips, and Juan's fat cock sliding over them. With his tongue he followed Juan's cock back to his black balls, tracing over them to his sweaty crack. He spread his teammate's cheeks, and tongued his tight boyhole. Juan loved the feel of Jamie's boycunt locked around his cock, and Jemarcus' tongue probing his own ass.

Jemarcus was hard again, licking the Cuban's ass. He pushed Juan's body forward until Juan and Jamie were lip to lip. The fuckstuds kissed, exploring each other's mouth with their tongues. The new position exposed Jamie's cock-filled mancunt. The horny Jemarcus put his cockhead at Jamie's hole, under Juan's thrusting cock. As Juan thrust forward, Jemarcus pushed forward. When Juan pulled back, Jemarcus kept still. In this way, inch by inch, Jemarcus brought his cock inside with Juan's. The virgin boy's protests at this double rape of his ass were muffled by Juan's tongue inside the twink's mouth.

Jemarcus' pole was longer than Juan's, so as his cut mushroom cockhead stroked in and out, it massaged Juan's cock. The Cuban could feel his climax building.

Juan's balls were pressed against his pubes, and Jemarcus could feel them pulse when the Cuban stud came. A second later, deep inside Jamie's ass, he felt Juan's jizz spurting and flowing over his cockhead. Juan's athletic black body shuddered as he emptied his second creamy manload into Jamie's stretched boypussy.

As Juan panted, exhausted, over Jamie's violated body, Jemarcus fucked vigorously, Jamie's double-fucked boyhole slick with two manloads. And then Jemarcus was coming. He buried the first spurt of manjuice inside Jamie, mixing it with his first load, and Juan's Cuban lovejuice. Moving quickly, he pulled out, spraying a wad of boyhoney over Juan's smooth muscled ebony back, and then positioned himself over Jamie's face. His pulsing balls pumped wad after wad over the cute twink's face, until the fuckbitch opened his mouth to receive the offering. Jemarcus shoved his orgasming black cock down the white slutboy's throat, enjoying breeding the cuntboy at both ends.

Breathing hard, his sweating black body finally relaxed, his nut busted. He rolled over beside the raped twink, admiring the spooge dripping down his face. Juan was still between the boy's legs, fingering his cummy hole. Jamie jacked his hard white cock. Jemarcus scooped a wad of fresh jizz off the blond slut's cheek and fed it to him. As the salty treat slid from Jemarcus' fingers into the bitch's throat, Jamie groaned, and - arching his back - began to come. The first gobs of fuckjuice arched into the twink's open mouth, the remaining spunk painting a silver line from his chin to his navel.

The three men lay panting for a while, exhausted, silent. Then Jamie stood up and pulled on his tattered briefs, and his slacks, and gathered up his shirt from the floor, feeding his arms into it.

Jemarcus stuffed two Ben Franklin's into the stunned boy's shirt pocket, and steered him to the door. Jamie fumbled with his belt, his shirt open and untucked, his tie stuffed into his pants front pocket. "Nice work, bitch", Jemarcus sneered as he pushed him out the door, "Maybe I'll ask for you next time". As Jamie wiped cum from his lips with the back of his hand, Jemarcus slammed the door in his face.

He went back to the living room, where Juan already had the Yankees game on the TV. He sat naked with his sated teammate on the leather sofa. The doorbell rang. Jemarcus pulled on a robe and went to the door. It was a rodeo clown. "Sorry I'm late - traffic, you know". Jemarcus stared dumbfounded, then glanced guiltily at the copy of 'The Wheelhouse' sitting on the table near the door. The penny dropped. As the enormity of what he and Juan had done to the innocent Righteous Member, he doubled over in laughter. "O Juan", he shouted to his teammate, "you have no fucking idea what we did to that kid Jamie". He grabbed the clown and pulled him in. "Fuck, I paid for you. Let's get my money's worth", he leered.

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