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Bare Sex in Roomates Bed


Earlier today will mark the third time I fucked this hot Ivy League college guy I've been seeing. I fucked him first on March 25 and again on April 7. He's a biology major who has been helping me with my science homework. He is my age 19 and is 5ft. 11in. tall and 155 lbs. Back when I met him he had a bit of belly fat but I've really seen his body progress in the past month. He's definitively been hitting the gym or at least running and eating healthy. He's got a really cute face, nice kissable lips, short black hair - a perfect fuckable little twink. Before I met him in March he told me he had only bottomed once. So I was only the 2nd guy to top him in March and topped him again in April and today was the third.


I had just finished the gym and my phone was on music-only mode so I wasn't getting texts. When I turned it back to data-mode I had 3 texts waiting and one was from the Ivy League Hottie. He asked me what my plans were for the day and I told him I was leaving the gym to go home and eat. He asked if I wanted to come home because his dorm room mate had gone home for Easter break and we would have the whole dorm to ourselves. I'm pretty religious about eating right after I work out but this time I took a detour and used mom's car to drive over.

I parked my car in the student parking lot and met him out front of his dorm. He signed me in and we went upstairs. He was wearing an Ecko t-shirt with a silver necklace around his neck. He had some basketball shorts on and a pair of Adidas flip flops. He looked just like the typical college jock.

I walked into his dorm and noticed all his room mate's stuff was gone. Apparently he was doing some spring cleaning and took a lot of junk home before summer break. His room mate had a nicer bed, actually. Ivy League Hottie's bed was one side of an L-shape that connected to a desk too. His room mate's bed was a single and not connected to a desk. It was sometimes difficult to maneuver on the desk/bed.

"Do you want something to drink" Ivy League boy asked me.

"Nah I'm good" I replied. "Whatcha wanna do?" I asked.

"Whatever its cool" he said back.

I got a little closer to him; he was standing by the window at this point. I came up from behind him and put my hands on the seem of his shorts. I was kinda hugging him from behind as we both stared out the window. Then I felt my dick getting a little hard and it began to push against the walls of my jeans.

"I can feel your dick Tyler" he said to me.

"I can feel it too" I said jokingly.

"I kinda want you to fuck me again" Ivy Leaguer said.

"I can do that" I replied.

We made our way over to his bed at first but then I got a bright idea.

"Why don't we fuck on your room mate's bed today, ya know, since he's away and all?" I asked.

"Um I don't know man he would be pissed" he said back to me.

"Just give it a try we can always move back to your bed if its weird" I said.

I thought it'd be really hot and kinda kinky to fuck him on his room mate's bed. His room mate was actually pretty sexy. There were some pictures of him around the room. He also played intramural football as a wide receiver (I know this because he had a certificate hanging on his wall). I was getting horny thinking about it: all the girls his room mate probably fucked on his bed and all the times his room mate jerked off on his sheets and if his dirty football jock strap was ever laying on the bed. It definitively turned me on thinking about it.

So Ivy League Hottie and I laid down on his room mate's bed and got to work. I've been holding back a 24 hour load and I really needed to get off so what better place then his ass, I thought. Anyway. He was laying on his back staring up at the ceiling and I was laying my my back next to him. I told him to take off his shirt and strip down his shorts and underwear too. I did the same. His abs were more defined than last time and I noticed he got a nipple piercing in his right nipple.

"Why only one nipple?" I asked.

"I didn't have enough money for both" he said.

So I thought it'd be hot to start out licking his nipple and nipple ring. It was cold on the edge of my tongue. Ivy Leaguer started to moan softly. He liked my licking his nipples today. The cool air mixing with the spit off my tongue on his body made him tense up and his dick got rock hard. Then I moved my naked body on top of his. Our penises were touching and I began to slide up and down so my dick was rubbing against his.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Yeah don't stop" Ivy League boy replied.

"Where do you want my dick to blow man?" I asked.

"Wherever you want Tyler" he said.

I continued the motion of rubbing our hardened cocks together when he pulled out some lube to help get the job done. I kissed him on his cute, kissable lips when he pulled out the lube. I knew what he wanted to use it for and I knew he was going to get exactly what he wanted.


I poured a little lube in my palm and then placed my palm around his cock and started to jerk him off real slow - I mean really slow - at first. Then all the sudden I started jerking him real fast. My hand was going a million miles an hour jerking this guy's fat meat and then I stopped abruptly. I rubbed the tip of his dick where his pee hole was. I knew this gave most guys an insatiable feeling. Ivy League Hottie moaned in surprise and he actually had to pull my hand off the tip of his dick.

"Stop man you're gonna make me cum" he said.

I stopped but then I took his hands and pressed them against the mattress with my own, stronger hands. My legs were on his legs so he couldn't really move. I had him pinned down on his bed. Our bare cocks were still touching. A lot of the lube on his jerked off dick had transfered to my dick. I pinned him down and was looking down into his brown innocent teenage eyes.

"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you" I said, honestly.

And I didn't even wait for a reply. I had to let him go for a second to pull his legs up in the air to expose his little young butt hole. His practically hairless ass was staring me in the face now and my glistening 8 inches of boy cock was just inches away from his hole.

"Relax, man" I said.

He moaned a little and then grabbed a pillow and put it over his face. It was time to do my deed.

I inched my cock closer to his hole until the head of my dick was firmly pushing against the outer walls surrounding his puckered up red colored hole. I pushed my dick forward so my dick's head started to disappear. I could hear him moaning and he started to push me away but I pushed him right back and pinned his hands down against the bed again like I had earlier. He told me "no" but I knew I was in control.

"Relax" I said again.

Because I knew he was in pain I grabbed the lube bottle and flipped it upside down, opened it up and let a heap of lube fall into the crevice between his ass and my dick's head. It was a pool of lube now just sitting there waiting to get fucked back up inside his guts. That was the green light for me to enter Ivy League Hottie's body.

I thrusted forward with a swift movement and let me raw dick enter his ass without any consideration of the pain he must be feeling. He screamed but his voice was muffled under the pillow. I had his hands pinned down again and his legs were vertical towards the ceiling. I had successfully gotten all 8 inches of my cock up into his hole.

I continued to fuck him bareback and each time I pushed up his hole the sides of my dick felt great. The skin on skin action of one teen boy to another exhilarated me. I thought about his room mate real quick when I looked up at a shirtless picture of his stud at the beach. I thought about threesome fucking or double penetrating but quickly get back on track when my dick flopped out of his ass and I had to re-maneuver it into his ass using my hands.

His butt was one glistening lubed up display and my cock had no problem ramming him. I got into a steady motion of fucking in, almost pulling all the way out, then fucking him in real hard again. Each time his body moved slightly closer to the head board and he moaned a cross between excitement and pain. Every inch of my muscular body was working in unison to fuck his biology major into oblivion.

My thrusting continued some more and I felt myself getting really close to cumming.

"Can you cum when I cum?" I asked, as I panted and sweat dripped down my face.

"Yeah just tell me when" he said back.

I let one of his hands go and he used it to jerk off. I spit on his dick to give him some lubricant to work with. He was jerking off while I was bare fucking him on the bed. I pulled my own dick all the way out of his hole and jerked it off. We each were wanking our dicks. I jerked mine harder and faster and rubbed the edge of my pee hole to get that ultimate cumming sensation.

"I'm gonna blow!" I screamed.

I regained my jerking off routine watched as a first burst of fresh off-white colored milky cum juice sprayed out of my cock and hit the right side of his ass check just to the side of his hole. I watched him as he started to spray his own jizz all over his sweaty abs. It was filling his bellybutton with juice. I spurted another round of my boy juices dead on the center of his pink boy hole this time. I watched it dripped down his ass.

"Fuck it back in me" Ivy League Hottie yelled from under the pillow.

I navigated the tip of my dick onto his lubed up and jizzed up butt hole. I spit on it real quick and then fucked the lube, spit, and cum right back up into him. I swear I continued to cum up inside of his belly with a 3rd, 4th and more rounds of jizz. I couldn't keep track of them and so much was going on I finally just collapsed on top of his sprayed down bottom. I laid there with the sticky cum drenching his body and now mine. I kissed him on the lips and felt a drop of sweat run down my face and land on his. The fuck was over.

This was absolutely one of the hottest one-on-one fucks I had ever experienced.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.