Man for Man

Bananas and More


Applause began and grew louder. Chet stood on the bench he was sitting on now and kept his hands out pose as the applause filled the entire cafeteria.


He pulled the banana out and bowed before sitting down.

The cafeteria went back to normal amidst laughter and comments about how the kid did that.

"Shit man, if you were a girl that would come in handy" Gary said.

"Hell man" Chet repeated something he had heard "you don't need to be a girl to give a blow job"

"You do as far as I'm concerned" Gary retorted.

Again Chet repeated what he had heard "Hell man a blow job is a blow job you can close your eyes and imagine Madonna doing it ^Γ…it's a BJ man"

The bell rang terminating the conversation. Chet handed the banana back to his friend Chancy who said "Ewwww" and tossed it in the garbage.

"It's only a banana" Chet said smacking Chancy's bare shoulder.

The days passed and the talent show was at hand. Gary, Chancy and some of Chet's friends sat together in the auditorium.

"Where's Chet?" one asked. "He's around" Chancy said smiling "he'll turn up".

The tap dancers came and went, the brass jazz quartet played. Susie MacDonnell recited poetry and four members of the football team dressed in ballet tights and skirts did a clumsy dance enticing much laughter.

"So that's where Chet is, helping David" Gary said. David was Chet's older brother and one of the school jocks.

"Naw you'll see" Chancy said.

Next on stage Chet walked out to the center of the stage. He stood there and stretched.

Carla walked out imitating a magician's assistant carrying a bowl of bananas and held it.

Chet picked one of the bananas out and held it up. He shook his head and put it back. He held up several more until the longest one was identified.

Turning side ways he began the performance and the crowd chanted CHET CHET CHET as many had done weeks before in the cafeteria. The banana moved into his mouth and down his throat.

Halfway he stopped and grabbed his throat as if he were choking.

"He's choking" Gary gasped. "as if" Chancy said patting Gary's leg.

On stage Chet waved away the watching crowd's concern and pushed the banana all the way.

As the applause grew louder he pulled the banana out and bowed.

"Fuck he did that before" Gary said.

"Wait" Chancy added

Leroy Richard Washington appeared on stage. He wore gym shorts and basketball tank top. There was no secret to his talent. Everyone whispered about it. He smiled. And to those that didn't know his secret they could see the bulge of his god given gift.

He moved next to Chet and tapped him on the shoulder in an obviously rehearsed move.

Chet looked over and down at his crotch and shook his head "no". The crowd laughed.

Leroy shook his head "yes" and turned away from the crowd. The crowd began to chant his middle name DICK DICK DICK.

He fumbled and turned around holding a very long sausage. Again the crown laughed.

Chet sighed and took the kielbasa and began to slide it into his mouth and throat. The crowd continued to chant DICK DICK DICK DICK as the sausage easily disappeared down Chet's throat.

Leroy looked amazed at first then covered his crotch. The crowd laughed and continued to chant.

Chet has the entire sausage down his throat and held his hands out and posed.

The crowd went wild laughing and applauding.

He turned to Chet and pointed to his mouth.

Leroy smiled and fumbled with his shorts. Chet shook his head "NO" and pointed to his mouth again evoking laughter from their classmates.

Leroy put his fingers in Chet's mouth and pulled the sausage slowly out of the boy's throat and mouth.

Again the crowd applauded and the two bowed before leaving the stage.

"Fuck" Gary said laughing. Chancy too was applauding.

"Well that was certainly unusual talent" the principal acknowledged as he handed out the prizes. Chet appeared on stage to accept his second place prize receiving louder applause then they had given the first place winner.

"If you ever need to practice let me know" Gary said to Chet at lunch later. "He gets enough practice at home" Chancy said. Chet hit him in the shoulder in response.

Classes continued and the final bell released the hundreds of teenagers to their individual summer pursuits.


Weeks passed and Chet sat in his room playing one of his favorite video games Monster Pursuit. Usually he and David played it together and it wasn't the same with one player.

David and Chet were brothers, like most brothers. They fought, argued, shared chores, ignored each other and wrestled on the grass in the spring. David like most older brothers kicked Chet out of their room when he had friends visiting. But he also took Chet with him to sports events, movies, bowling, hiking and camping trips.

Chet missed him.

The phone rang.

"Hey it's Ken, Ken Williams"

"David's not here, he's at wrestling camp" Chet said.

"Yea I know, Chancy's at music camp too" Ken said.

"Yea" Chet acknowledged not sure why his friend's older brother was calling.

"Parents are gone and everyone else is uh not around" Ken said.

"Summer" Chet said

"True. Want to catch a movie, pizza stuff?" Ken asked.

Chet had never been asked to hang out with any of David's friends before.

"I just thought with David and Chancy gone, uh you know, we can kind of hang out" Ken continued.


David had friends come to house often. They would hang out in the bedroom which usually meant Chet had to go elsewhere. Sometimes he stayed there though. He liked when that happened. It made him feel grown up.

And he liked when David and his friends would wrestle or workout. His gut churned seeing them strip to their shorts or jockstraps. Watching them grunt and groan as they lifted or grabbed each other made his boner throb.

"Hey your little brother's got a boner" one of them announced when Chet stood over him spotting as the guy was lifting. He could look up Chet's shorts and see his cock.

"No kidding, the kid always has a boner" David would say smiling at the tented shorts Chet displayed.

David never made fun of him in front of his friends. He was a great big brother and Chet missed him.

"We gotta get used to this, I guess. David and I are going to college next year you know" Ken said as he walked beside Chet on the way to the theater from the parked jeep Ken drove.

"Yea I guess' Chet said "I'm gonna visit him"

"Cool, maybe you and Chancy can visit me too" Ken said "I'm going to State"

"David's going to Nebraska, got a great wrestling team there" Chet said proudly but thinking of his brother being many states away from home.

They watched the martial arts, car chasing, buddy cop film and were on the way home.

"Hey let's get a pizza and take it home. You drink beer right?" Ken said

Chet lied "Sure"

The pizza was hot in Chet's hands as they parked the jeep and went inside the house.

Ken peeled his half t off and kicked the shoes across the bedroom. "Stay put, I'll get the beer" he said walking our of the room "You can peel off too if you want"

Chet adjusted his shorts. His cock had been hard since he arrived at Ken's house seeing the older boy wearing his nylon shorts and half length t shirt. The boy's muscled stomach and bulging shorts were hot.

"Hey" Ken said "gotta get some shoes come on up"

Chet trotted up the stairs following the barefoot brother of his best friend.

"Why don't you put one of Chancy's tanks on" Ken grabbed one of the tank tops from Chancy's drawer and tossed it at Chet.

Chancy always wore tank tops even to school. He had been told to wear t-shirts or something by the Principal but he just nodded and kept on wearing em.

Sometimes he wore his brothers much larger tanks, ones he wore playing basketball, other times he wore one of the tanks he got from Chet and other friends as presents and sometimes he wore some that were filled with rips and holes.

Chet had ripped more then one off Chancy when the two boys wrestled around one of their bedrooms. And when he offered Chancy a t shirt to wear home Chancy refused preferring to wear the torn tank top or nothing at all.

He stripped his shirt off.

"Hey you been working out?" Ken said seeing Chet half naked.

"Yea, David's working with me." He learned lots of things from David over the years. And as soon s he turned the proper age, he began to lift weights while David watched and instructed him.


It wasn't the first important thing he learned from David.

"Looks good" Ken said as Chet pulled on one of Chancy's tank tops. And the two went to the jeep headed for the theater.

Now they were back. Chet opened the pizza box in the bedroom. He swiped some of the sauce with his finger and brought it to his mouth dripping on the shirt he wore.

"Shit" he said

"What's wrong" Ken said as he returned to the room.

"Fucking spilled sauce on Chancy's shirt"

"Told you to take it off" Ken said "Here I'll throw it in the laundry" he held his hand out.

Chet peeled the tank off and handed it to Ken. He threw it into a pile of discarded laundry in the corner of the room.

"In fact," Ken peeled his shorts off and threw them in the same pile. He sat on the floor now wearing only his jockstrap.

"Come on, we can eat here" He tilted the bottle of Millers up and guzzled.

Chet moved to the floor adjusting erection in his own shorts. The sight of Ken nearly naked made him want to jack off right then and there.

Instead he handed a slice of pizza to Ken who let the sauce drip on his bare chest as he ate it.

Chet took a swallow of beer and ate pizza. They talked and laughed about the odd things their respective brothers did.

"Fuck once Chancy and I had the house to ourselves and we stayed naked the entire weekend. It was great, we could do anything we wanted, eat anything, make a mess, jack off, swim at night, wrestle and watch TV like that it was great" Ken said.

Chet swore that Ken's jock pouch was larger then before. But his own shorts were full of his boner.

"Don't worry about it, we all get erections all the time. The folks know it, everyone knows it, no reason to get embarrassed" David had taught him when his cock seemed to get hard at anytime even when he wasn't thinking about it.

"When it gets dark, let's catch a swim" Ken said.

Chet nodded. He and Chancy had jumped in their pool hundreds of times over the years, even waiting till it gets dark so they could skinny dip.

"Shit, pizza makes you full" Ken said wiping sauce from his chest and sticking it in his mouth. He reached across to Chet and wiped some of the cheese and meat sauce from his bare stomach.

"Hey that was quite a trick you did in that talent contest" Ken said "Where did you learn to do that?"

Chet watched the older boy put his finger in his mouth eating the cheese and sauce. He sucked his finger as if it was what he was eating.

"Uh just something I figured out I could do when I was a kid" Chet said trying to think about how he discovered his talent less his cock leak and stain his shorts.

"Yea, cool, I bet it comes in handy" Ken said smiling.

Chet smiled at the unasked question "it does, David's happy about it" he said realizing what he had said.

"I bet" Ken said. "Come one, Ken stood and pulled his jock strap off "it's dark enough"

He ran out the room. Chet stood and pulled his shorts and shoes off. He normally would want to hide his curved hard cock, but the sight of Ken's thick boner told him not to worry.

He ran down the stairs seeing Ken's white buttocks ahead of him undulating as he ran.

And as they emerged into the back yard the hot humid summer night air caressed their naked hormonally charged bodies.

The water though warm, cooled their bodies as they dove. They swam and grabbed each other underwater.

The things guys can do once they're in the water they would never do in public. Their hands touched, grabbed, hugged, groped and fondled each other.

They held each other close as they swam, they grabbed each others' butts and even their water shrunk cocks and balls.

Ken and Chet did all those things as Chet and Chancy had done many times before and as David and Chet had done as well.

"Shit, wish we could be like this forever" Ken said as he tread water his hands on Chet's shoulders.

Chet's hands were under water resting on Ken's thighs. "Yea" he felt Ken move one hand from his shoulder to his balls.

"You shrink as much as I do" ken said. Chet's hand moved to feel Ken's balls since he needed to compare.

"Naw you got a huge nut sac, like Chancy's, not to mention" his hand held Ken's cock which didn't seem shrunk at all.


"Think you can swallow that like that banana?" Ken asked.

"Maybe" Chet smiled his hand fondled the thick cock and felt it begin to grow. His own cock was cradled in Ken's hand and it too was growing.

"We better go inside unless you want to try it under water" Ken said.

"Need to breathe while I do it" Chet said releasing the hard cock.

He put his hands on Ken's shoulders feeling the two hands playing with him now.

"Shame, would like to feel that too" Ken said as his hands moved to hold Chet's smooth buttocks. He tread water holding the younger boy now.

"You and Chancy do this?" Chet said

"Sometimes" Ken said and then let go of his prize. "Come on" he added as he jumped up and ran towards the house his thick erection jumping about as he ran.

Chet chased after him.

"OK how does this work?" Ken said wanting to ask how David and Chet did it, but knew better then to ask.

"I lie down and tilt my head back" Chet lay on the bed ignoring his wet body dripping on the bedspread.

"You put some stuff on it, so it slides smoothly"

"I think there's some in the bathroom" Ken ran out and returned stroking his cock.

"OK let me do it" Chet said putting his hands over his head and holding on to Ken's bare buttocks. He pulled it towards him.

Ken's cock entered his mouth and he breathed before pulling Ken closer and closer.

When Ken moved on his own, Chet pushed him back. Pointing to himself, Chet mumbled "let me".

"Ok ok sorry you do it I understand" ken said feeling Chet's hands on his ass. They moved closer to his crack. And then Chet would pulled him closer.

This went on slowly for what seemed like hours but Ken's cock was soon buried deep down the throat of Chet.

Ken looked down at the naked and erect younger boy. The warm feeling surrounding his cock was fantastic; He wanted to move his cock, to literally fuck the boy's throat.

He felt Chet's finger on his butt hole fingering it. That made him want to move his hips the same way he did when fingering himself and jacking off.

Ken made a move. Chet didn't complain. In fact his finger began to move in and out of Ken's butt hole.

Ken began to fuck the boy's throat and couldn't stop. He reached for his own nipples as he fucked pulling and squeezed them.

His body had a mind of its own and Ken couldn't stop even if Chet tried to make him. He exploded all too soon and gasped.

"Shit, kid. I'm sorry couldn't hold back" Ken began to pull his cock out of Chet's throat.

"You ok?" he asked.

Chet coughed and gasped, "Yea, no prob" he took the beer bottle Ken offered him and swallowed.

"I couldn't believe you took the whole thing" Ken said as he wiped his half hard cock.

"Hell I took that kielbasa" Chet said as he took another swallow.

"Here my turn" Ken moved around and held Chet's erection.

"You don't' have to man" Chet said "I can jack"

"No you suck me, I'll suck you, it's only fair. Canc- and I jack each other sometimes" Ken said as he lowered his head.

Chet closed his eyes. The sensation was always fantastic and his excitement over the hot older brother of his best friend had existed for years it seemed.

"Hey ever watch David jack off?" Chancy asked when they were twelve.

"Yea, it's hot" Chet said. He and Chancy lay side by side on Chet's bed their hands stroking their cocks.

They exploded splattering each other with their sperm. "Want a second one?" Chancy said reaching over to Chet's cum covered cock.

"Fair is fair" Chet reached over and took Chancy's cock for one of their first mutual masturbation afternoons.

"One promise" Ken said as he took Chet's cock out of his mouth "You stay the night and I get to try that cute ass of yours" he returned to sucking.

He didn't ask Chet to agree or give him time to say anything. Chet lay back and closed his eyes. Images of teachers, athletes, men in ads, naked kids in school, Chancy, David and others played like a slide show in his head.

He didn't warn Ken he erupted and his body shook.

"Fuck, that was great" Chet said. He started to ask if Chancy and Ken did that to each other but decided not to.

"Good. Come on, let's piss and watch some TV. I'll heat up the rest of the pizza" Ken said.


Chet stood beside Ken as his penis released a stream into the toilet.

"Here hold it for me will you? I got a cramp" Ken said.

Chet held Ken's pissing penis feeling the rush of fluid through his layers of skin and tissue. His own pissing cock began to harden.

"It's hard to piss when you got a boner huh?" Ken said as he returned his hand to his own cock.

They lay on the couch eating the final slices and watching TV. Chet had telephoned his parents to tell them "I'm staying at Chancy's tonight"

He ignored their question about Chancy being at music camp. "Ken's here, they got a pool" he replied and added "Love you, see ya tomorrow"

They watched horror films, comedy show repeats and ended up lying on the floor enjoying the freedom to touch each other, wrestle and make fun when one of them displayed a new erection.

"Come on, bedtime" ken said turning off he TV.

"So that bed's Chancy's?" he asked knowing well it was.

"Yea but he goes nuts over his bed getting messed up so you can sleep with me" Ken said.

Their naked bodies fit together as they lay spoon fashion. Chet felt Ken's cock against his back and nuzzled in the familiar warm feeling of his arms surrounding him.

Even when he a kid, sad or reacting to being punished or just needed it, he would move to his big brother's bed. David would pull him in and hold him. Words of assurance didn't match the warmth of his arms.

Later on Chet would take off his under shorts and moved into David's bed wanting to feel him against him head to toe.

Ken pressed and entered him. It hurt a bit as always but Chet knew that feeling would go away and it did.

"Go slow, you're huge" Chet whispered not because anyone else would hear, It just seemed right.

"David's the same size" Ken said and Chet didn't respond.

"Some things you don't talk about" David used to say "What happens between us stays with us"

The cock expanded him and filled him up. Chet wiggled his butt pushing back so his asscheeks could feel Ken's pubic hair.

"You like that huh little bro?" Ken whispered.

Chet only sighed his answer.

Ken took his time fucking Chet, wanting the sensation of the tight warm grip on his cock to last. It held him tighter then any fist as he moved it in and out of the warmth.

"Gonna" He warned and Chet moved his ass clenching it and enjoying Ken's reaction.

"You fucker, you gonna make me^Γ…" he didn't finish the sentence as his body became one with Chet.

"Shit kid, you got a talented ass too" he said.

"Leave it in" Chet moved his ass back and took Ken's arms wrapping them around him as both boys slept.

"Hey let's shower" Ken said as he shook Chet waking him up.

"Can we just jump in the pool?" Chet stretched. He still felt Ken's cock in his ass and had to look to see if it was phantom cock or Ken was indeed still inside him.

But Ken's naked body displaying his morning wood stood stretching in the middle of the room.

"Wish we could but the neighbors. One time we jumped in bare ass and the folks never heard the last of it. Come on, we'll have more fun in the shower."

Chet followed Ken into his parent's bedroom adjoining bathroom.

"Chancy and I use our shower but the folks' is much bigger"

It was the shower stall had enough room for several people Chet thought. There were shower nozzles on two walls and over head. All sprayed the two boy's entire bodies at once.

"Come on one more time" ken grabbed Chet and lifted him in the same way he had held him in the pool the night before.

Chet held Ken's shoulders and wrapped his legs around him. He felt the cock that had pierced him the night before return to it's now familiar sheath^Γ….

"Fuck" Chet said.

"Yea" Ken replied "That's what I intend to do" he was inside and began gyrating his hips sending his cock up into Chet's butt.

"Gonna" Chet warned just as his cock spilled out its own morning load of sperm up onto Ken's chest. The shower spray washed it away.

"My turn" Ken said jamming Chet's ass.

They shared a naked breakfast.

"Let me give you a ride home" Ken said "we can drive bare ass nobody can see" he added.


"Naw I'll walk. I want to feel you inside me" Chet said as he reached across and kissed Ken. Their sex had been fun, enjoyable but not romantic until then.

Chet kissed Ken's neck, chest, he sucked on each nipple and his head moved to its target swallowing it easily.

Inside Chet's mouth the cock grew and he let it, opening his throat so its length could travel down his experienced throat.

"God kid you're a hungry cock sucker" Ken said.

"So are you a cock sucker?" Gary had asked later that day after the talent show. It wasn't the first time Chet had heard that term of course. Kids called each other that and worse things all the time. But it was the first time Chet had considered it seriously.

"A guy does what a guy has to do" Chet said. Gary didn't answer. He feared that some adult predator had forced Chet to suck dick or something worse. Gary didn't want to loose a friend by talking about it further. He grunted and the conversation was over.

"Yea I guess I am" Chet said to Ken as he pulled back and then lowered his head letting Ken's cock go all the way into his throat in one smooth move.

He flexed his throat massaging the cock and waiting for Ken's groan, morn and grunt that would tell him fluid was traveling from his glands down Chet's throat.

"God you're unbelievable" Ken said as he pulled his shorts on "You and Chancy ever?"

"Naw not that, we do stuff but not that" Chet said "he's not you"

Chet winked. His shorts were on and he took the sauce stained tank top and put it on. "Want to wash it" he said.

Ken didn't object "You look good in a tank top" he said patting Chet's butt as he left the house to walk to his own.

`So how you doing?" David's voice was always good to hear. He lived in Nebraska where he had gone to school. He was getting Doctorate now.

Years had passed since both had left home and each other to find their own lives. College years and careers had passed.

"You still workin on your Masters?" David continued their weekly phone conversation.

Chet missed David. He had visited him several times even hitch hiking across country twice to spend time with him. One of those times Chancy had gone with him.

"Hell three are better then two" Chancy said as he stood beside Chet with his thumb out. Chet had laughed because he said the same thing after visiting Ken with Chancy at State that weekend. He Ken and Chancy didn't need to cement their friendship but that weekend the sperm mortar they used did more then that.

"Yea Finish Masters in the spring, then go to work I guess" Chet said.

"How's your uh roommate?" David asked.

He could never use the word lover or life partner or even husband he just referred to Chet's partner as roommate.

"He's fine, Chancy's great in fact" Chet smiled because it was true "you have to come visit us" Chet added hoping for all that would mean.

There was silence for an instant.

"I think you're right, tell him I'm coming" David said "make sure it's cool".

"You have to tell him when your coming once you're here" Chet coyly laughed.

"yea yea, I will, you still swallowing bananas?"

"Well your banana is bigger then Chancy's and besides I like his elsewhere. Maybe I can show you when you come" Chet said

"I'll tell you when I'm coming when I'm there" David laughed. "Agreed?"

"Agreed big brother, love ya" Chet said and reluctantly hung up already counting the time until he and his two lovers would be together.

"I wonder if Chancy could visit" Chet said out loud to himself. "He likes bananas too.

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