Man for Man

Bagboy Delivers


"Would you like some help out to your car, sir?" the bagboy hottie asked with a huge smile.

"Why, yes, that would be very helpful," I said as I watched him put the final two bags of groceries in my cart. I'd noticed him as soon as I walked in the neighborhood grocery store - known for hiring local teens to work there. This kid was different though in that he was huge, not fat, huge. I judged him to be somewhere in his late teens, maybe early 20's, his muscles working hard to keep pace with his bone growth. He was at least a few inches over 6 feet with black curly hair. He wore the store's uniform blue pants and white polo shirt - the difference on him was that he didn't wear a belt and the pants were held up by a very promising bulge along the zipper and below, and his beautiful bubblebutt - the two mounds caught my eye as I entered the store - seeing the kid reach far for some groceries and those mounds dimpling in reaction. It took all my power to keep my hands on my shopping cart and not sample a cheek as I walked by.


There was no question that I'd get in the line where he was bagging - had to watch him - a real friendly kid - probably weighed about 180 - and from the looks of it, mostly hard muscle. He had the kind of body that if worked on, he could eventually be over 250 pounds of massive manmuscle.

His chest stretched the polo shirt, even with all the buttons open - I was betting that those pecs were really suckable - firm and warm. But the thing that got me hard and kept me that way was that he seemed to be wearing pants a couple of waist sizes too big for him, maybe to fit his bulging leg muscles, no belt. In any case, he was lucky to have his ass holding them up since the pants kind of almost fanned out upward at his waist. He kept tucking his shirt in, and it would pull out every time he stretched for an item to bag. With no t-shirt underneath, we were all being treated to some pretty spectacular male flesh.

Twice before my items were rung up and I was in line, he was able to take a little break from bagging - he tucked in the shirt and then stood there with his thick vein etched arms hanging at his sides. I don't know why the sight of his pants waist being so loose excited me so much. Maybe it was because I imagined sliding one hand down front to grab his dick, one down back to finger his ass, and then feeling him shudder in ecstasy.

"Nice car, mister!" the kid said as he finished putting the bags in the trunk.

"Thanks, want to try 'er out?" I asked, smiling at him, stepping away from the open driver's door. The excited kid shot by me and plopped into the driver's seat, his shoulder brushing me in his rush. I shut the door and tried to burn into my brain the view I was getting looking straight down at this kid's crotch and watching his over developed thigh muscles flex under the pants fabric as he settled in. His hands grasped the soft leather steering wheel which he squeezed a bit - I watched his biceps and triceps bunch and stretch against the sleeve of his polo shirt. I imagined one of those fists wrapped around my tool. Sitting in my car, he was a kid in a candy store - and I was in the same store. But we were interested in two different kinds of candy.

"I've never driven anything this nice," he said smiling up at me, flashing two rows of perfect white teeth.

"I only live a few blocks away. You're welcome to drive home with me, help unload the car, and I'll bring you back to work. You could drive the whole way." I'd give anything to have this stud near me.

"No...that's OK...real trustworthy of you, but it's kinda busy today and I've still got some time left on my shift," he said climbing out of the car. "By the way, I'm John...John Tanner," he said extending his hand. His handshake was firm - again, that image of his fist pumping my cock seared into my brain as I felt the warmth of his grip. I was stiff in my jeans.

"You look pretty trustworthy yourself, John. I'm Allen...Allen Giffen. The offer to take this baby out for a spin stands. I live over on Hazel...510. Stop by when you're off your shift...if you'd like. Otherwise, I'll see you next time I need some bagging."

I stood at my car, unable to make myself get in when the option of watching that musclekid walk back in the store was available - that ass! He was one of those guys who had just a slight sway in his walk, not at all feminine, but where the cheeks seem to grind against each other in a small back and forth rotation. Right before he went in the door, he turned around, seemed very happy that I was still looking in his direction, and waved.

A few hours later, I had already given up on seeing my bagboy. Not surprising...why would a kid show up at some middle aged guy's house who cruised him at work? That's provided the kid was sharp enough to know he was being cruised. I really couldn't tell.

A half hour later when my doorbell rang, I was at first amazed that the pizza had arrived since I had only called it in 5 minutes before. My plan was to watch one of my porn CDs - one that had a guy in it who reminded me of the bagger. Grabbing my wallet and throwing open the door, I was quite surprised, pleasantly, to see John standing there smiling instead of my pizza.


"Surprised to see me?" he asked.

"A bit...yeah. I ordered a pizza and thought you were it. You don't happen to also work delivering pizzas, do you?" I asked with a laugh. He seemed nervous and I wanted to ease the atmosphere.

" pizza boy...I came because you said to stop by if I wanted to take a spin in your car..." Again, he looked really nervous. I was curious to see where all this would lead.

"Sure! I told you the offer stood. C'mon in! Interested in helping me eat the pizza when it comes? Then we could take the car for a spin," I said grabbing his arm and pulling him inside my house.

This whole time I was drinking in what he was wearing. He must have stopped home after his shift. The faded black jeans he had changed into a calfskin glove. That ass looked like it was about to rip the rear seam as he walked in my living room. I'd guess he had owned them quite a while and had pretty much outgrown them but he was still able to coax them to stretch just enough to fit. He had on a pair of brown loafers, no socks. What made him look positively edible was that he had on a school jacket, I assumed his, from a local private high school, red with white leather sleeves - the Bulldogs logo smack in the middle of the back, "Yeah, I bet you can be a little bulldog," I thought. The bulky bright jacket over the faded black jeans gave the illusion that John's upper body was huge, but on closer examination, those thighs, ass and package in front evened out the contest. In the middle of the room, he turned to face me, hands jammed into the coat pockets almost squeezing the jacket shut.

"Sure...I guess so...maybe not...maybe I should just come some other time," John said starting to walk back towards me. I grabbed his arms.

"John, take it easy. It's only a pizza! If you'd rather just take a drive in the car...fuck the pizza, let's go," I said with a smile. I felt his arms relax apart and his shoulders dropped.

"My God, John!"

"What? What's wrong?" John asked getting all tense again.

"You're not wearing a shirt..." I said. When his arms relaxed, the jacket had opened. What shocked me was how ripped the kid was. He not only had a defined six pack, but along with it, thanks to the fact that I now discovered the jeans were low rise, the skin covering his lower stomach was a map of protruding veins leading into his crotch. His torso appeared to be hairless with the exception of a black treasure trail, of which I was blessed with seeing a number of inches of due to the low waisted pants.

"I shouldn't have come...this was a really bad idea," said John as he started to barrel by me aiming for the door. Without taking the time to think things through, I grabbed John by one arm, pressed my other hand into his six pack, and gave him a shove forcing him into an easy chair. He fell back in the chair, a scared look on his face, his legs were spread open, arms over the sides of the chair, and his school jacket spread open revealing his hard muscled torso. He was panting, hard.

"John, I'm not going to let you leave till you calm down! Jesus! What is going on?"

John leaned forward, put his elbows on his knees, put a hand on each side of his head which was hanging down, and with his black locks curling around his fingers said to the carpeting, "You seem like a really nice guy...I saw the way you were looking at me in the store...figured you were interested" He looked up at me with the last word looking like he was about to cry.

"I am interested in you, John...real interested."

"Really?" John stood up and took a step toward me, "Ya see, I've never done anything with another guy before. I've wanted to...but was always afraid. You seemed really nice and I thought..."

"You're a very hot guy, John. And I'm honored that you decided you could trust me. I won't betray that trust," I said as I reached up and put a hand on John's neck, gently massaging it. He closed his eyes and sighed. I took the opportunity to slowly take more of him in with my eyes. This was more than manna from heaven. This was a meal from a five star restaurant, and I was eager to get started on the appetizer. But I figured we should go slowly so I suggested we sit on the couch and talk while waiting for the pizza.


John was the youngest in his family of four siblings, the only boy. His whole family was athletic. He was a junior in high school, though he'd been held back a year in junior high, had turned 18 four months earlier and played most of the sports his high school had to offer (kind of easy to figure out though, with his jacket covered in letters). His favorite was football. Last year, he had been the first sophomore in the school's history named a football co-captain. He told me he went out with girls regularly, usually in group dates. Though he'd done some pretty heavy stuff with them, he was still a virgin as far as never having docked his submarine in a port.

The pizza arrived and we dove into it. John ate twice as much as I did; I'd forgotten what a food machine the teenage body is. Though I was hesitant, he begged me for some of the beer I had. He told me that his parents actually allowed him to drink beer at home as long as he stayed there and that actually, though he broke the rule that night (he confided to me with that coy smile that sent waves of pleasure directly to my dick) by having had a couple of beers at home to psyche himself up to come over to my house.

By the time we finished the pizza and our beers, we were both relaxed and a bit buzzed. John had slid down on the couch. His legs were spread open, one pressed against my leg. As we talked, I reached over and massaged his inner thigh. His leg was really firm. He'd taken his jacket off earlier and tossed it on another chair. He spread his legs more, pressing against the one against mine, as I rubbed that sports hardened thigh. Taking my cue, I reached with my other hand and did the same to his six pack.

"Mmmmmmm...that feels really nice, guy," said John.

"That's the idea, football boy," I chuckled. I could see that he was hard and figured that I might need to be careful not to set him off too early so I decided against moving my thigh hand to his dick.

"OK with you if I get more comfortable?" I asked as I stood up, stood a few feet in front of him and started undressing, not too fast, not too slow, didn't want to scare the kid.

"Sure..sure...that's OK," said John as he shifted himself back up into more of a seated position.

For an "old" guy (that's anything over 30 to someone in high school) I knew that my body couldn't compete with the bunch of muscles resting on the couch in front of me, but I'm not in bad shape.

"Wow! You've got a lotta hair...all over," said John, checking me out with the old elevator look. I knelt down between John's spread legs, figuring he'd be more comfortable if I took the initiative at the moment.

"You've got a terrific body on you, John...really...really...nice," I said as I started running my hands over his torso, from waist to neck, every once in a while bending my fingers a bit so he'd get a touch of nail running on his skin. Close up, I could see that the kid had absolutely no hair there except the treasure trail. His dick, ass and legs were still covered with the worn denim.

"I don't want you to be uncomfortable, or for you to do anything you don't want to do. At any point, you tell me to stop, and I will. At any point you want to leave, just get up and leave. That sound good to you, John?" I asked. By now, my one hand was running slowly up and down one of John's calves, with the other, I played with that thin black row of hair that started at his belly button. Looking at me with what appeared to be pretty trusting dark eyes, John nodded slowly. I moved both hands back to his torso and leaned forward on my knees. John had scooted down once again on the couch, his ass near the edge. As I leaned forward, running my hands lightly over his muscled torso, my midsection pressed against his crotch. His eyes jerked open a bit more for a second as his body reacted to the new touch.

"I bet you've got a really nice dick. You'd have go with the rest of this. Can I see it, John? Can I take it out?" I said this and more, all about what a perfect dick he must be equipped with, eventually unbuttoning his pants and pulling down the zipper. We kept eye contact and as I grabbed the waist of his pants, he signaled his agreement by lifting his hips ever so slightly so I could pull the pants down to mid-thigh.


He did have a nice dick, and lots of pubic hair. I made a mental note to suggest that he trim himself a bit, not only to make his dick look bigger, but future mouths he put his dick in would appreciate having a little less reason to floss out some curlies after taking a hot load of his teen juice. Of course he was hard, had been for a while. Teen dick. Talk about something that had a mind of its own. All it ever wanted was pleasure, and all your senses would join the party once the little man hardened up.

"Oh, yeah. This is nice. You're lucky, John. You've got a beauty here." I kept it up, remembering that at that age, the best thing you could hear from a sex partner was what a great body and lover you were. I also moved my mouth closer and closer to his cock. As I talked, my words and warm breath fell on the stalk. It was pointing straight up toward John's face. He stared at my face, wide eyed. I stopped talking, kept my eyes on his face, opened my mouth wide and started shooting bursts of air on the teencock. I could sense it pulsing over and over in response. And the precum started flowing. During this, I took John's loafers off and worked his pants completely off. He just kept flexing his dick in response to the waves of heat, and moaned a bit.

"Can I touch it, John? Can I feel how hard it is? Please, can I? I want to hold it...real bad...I want to feel its warmth...please?" I straightened up a bit as I wrapped my hands around the prize. I stuck some fingers in the pool of sticky precum, wiped it on the kid's dick, scooped up more, wiped more, and got him nice and lubed. He was so hot, he was panting.

I opened my mouth, letting my tongue rest on my bottom lip, and moved toward his dick. I had it bent slightly toward me, not enough to cause him any discomfort, but enough so that I could get my mouth on it without turning into a contortionist. Stopping less than an inch from the stretched skin of his dickhead, I kept up the hot breaths.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck," came out of John's mouth as each mass of air rippled over his skin. I pulled his dick ever so slightly so the side of his dickhead slapped against my tongue, and then slid the dickhead very slowly on my tongue.

"Uugggghhhhhhhh," came out of my mouth. John mimicked the sound in reaction to the hot air combined with the vibrations of the sounds and what that was doing to the nerve endings in his dick.

I worked one hand underneath and got busy kneading one of John's buttcheeks. I moved forward a minute amount and closed my mouth over the dickhead, sealing my lips underneath the rim of the head. That was all it took.

"Fuck!" John screamed as his body went rigid. His legs shot out on either side of me and a burst of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I quickly moved my mouth away, aimed the bazooka toward John's face and milked it. Stream after stream of teencum poured forth. It was quite impressive. By the time it was just a dribble, he'd managed to get two long streams going up his stomach and chest, and one that landed on his cheek and neck, and puddles of milky fluid splattered on his smooth heaving torso.

"I am so sorry, Allen. I made a mess. Did I kick you?" John fell all over himself apologizing.

"What are you apologizing for, John? You didn't do anything bad to me, not at all. In fact, I enjoyed what just happened as much as you did. And I could see that you really enjoyed it. Didn't you, John? Didn't it feel good?" As I said this I rubbed the cum on his cheek in a circular motion, as John's breathing gradually returned to a more normal rate. He was covered with a film of sweat. The combined smells of his sweat and cum were intoxicating.

"Besides, now that you've cum, it just means that it will take you longer to cum the second time. You can enjoy it more." I stuck two cum coated fingers into John's mouth and let him suck on them.

I stood up, still standing between his spread legs. By now, his ass was off the couch, his arms spread out to the side on the seat cushions...totally relaxed in that "after climax" glow. I stared down at him, my hands on my hips. My dick was hard.


It had been hard the whole time. It had been dripping the whole time. The quiet in my living room was overpowering. We could hear each other breathing, and that was it.

We both watched as a heavy drop of precum fell from my cock to his abs, mixing with his own sweat and cum.

"What's next on the menu, muscleboy?" I asked finally, breaking the silence, as I grabbed my dick and leaned forward. His eyes were on my dick. His mouth opened slightly. I got my answer and stood up on the couch, legs spread out on either side of this kid.

"Just watch your teeth, OK? Do whatever you want, just don't let me feel your teeth on my dick - that hurts." John's head rested back on the couch. He waited as I brought my dick to him. I could see his tongue twitching slightly as my rocket approached. I stopped a few inches from his mouth; he looked at my face questioningly and opened his mouth wider. I moved in an inch closer, he lifted his head toward the prize...I pulled away...and chuckled.

"Leave your mouth open for now. Just leave it open. Don't do anything else," I said. John just stared at me and dropped his mouth open. With my dick in hand, I rested it inside his mouth on his tongue. "Nothin'...leave it! Just breathe, Johnny, just breathe." I took my dick out and rubbed it around his face. Every few rotations, I'd bring it back to his trough of a mouth to get more of his spit to help my little man slide around the kid's face.

"Lick 'em!" I ordered, as my balls reached his mouth as I rolled my dick back and forth over his nose. He a good boy. And good boys are given prizes.

"Here ya go, Johnny. Make me proud," I whispered as I brought my dickhead to his mouth and moved forward. There's something about getting your dick sucked by someone who's never done it before that really gets me going. There's an urgency to their sucking. They're not sure exactly what to do, they just know to suck.

So they suck like a hoover. Not much technique, but in this case, John's desire to please me was quite erotic.

This newbie was really turning my crank. I watched John's cheeks balloon with each insertion as I grabbed the back of the couch on either side of him to steady myself. John had his hands on my ass. I could feel him pulling me, trying to get more dick in his mouth. The kid was unbelievable. I was losing it. Finally, almost there, I grabbed his head with both my hands and started fucking his face like a madman. I came in torrents, oblivious to the choking grunts the teenager was making.

When I came back down to earth, I realized that my dick was no longer in John's mouth, it was even starting to deflate, and was dripping some remnant cocksnot onto John's heaving chest. I looked down at John and realized what I had done. He had cum all over his face. It was obvious that I had facefucked him hard enough to make my cum shoot out of his nose.

"Johnny, Johnny, I am so sorry that I did that," I said as I grabbed his face and stepped down off the couch, once again standing between his legs. While wiping as much cum off his face as I could, I continued to babble my apology, terrified that this hefty teen was about to pummel me into another dimension. The choking and coughing gradually stopped and his breathing slowed down enough for him to talk.

"Allen, that was the most fucking fantastic thing I've ever done. I never knew that sucking dick could be so hot. Look." He pointed to his stomach. There was a fresh load of cum. The kid had had a hands free orgasm from the face fuck. He really was into it.

"John, you'd better go take a shower. I think you've done enough for one night. I know I have. But anytime you want to make a delivery here, just show up."

John stood up, inches in front of me. He pressed into me, his smooth cum and sweat covered torso pressing against my hairy one, put his arms around me and kissed me. Breaking the kiss, he held the embrace and whispered in my ear, "I'll take that shower on one condition. You take it with me. And I want you to make the," he said as he gently moved my arms behind him and put my hands on his ass. I pulled him toward me, he clenched his glutes. I forced a digit into his sweaty heated asscrack from the top and slowly ran it up and down the trench.

"Yes...yes...yes...there...right there..." the teen breathed into my ear as his arms pulled me into a tighter embrace.

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