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18+, Must be legal in your state, M/M, Authoritization, Oral Sex (penis/butt), and Anal Sex.

I'm not saying I'm homophobic or anything but Greg had that flamboyant gay thing about him that I didn't like too much. I don't mind gays, but I really can't stand gays who try to make everyone in the world know that they are gay and proud. The same goes for arrogant men who hide a shield of masculinity over them to tell everyone that they love women and they are real men. Greg had that flamboyant gayness about him that drove me insane. Not only did it make me uncomfortable, when he'd grab my thigh or rub my back from time to time, it kind of made me dislike him. As if he were some religious person trying to force his beliefs down my throat. Sometimes I even felt as if he thought I was gay, and he was trying to cough it out of me. The pieces of the puzzle all fit together nicely all one night.


Greg and I worked as fitness trainers at the local YMCA. Primarily young men around the ages if 20 to 30 were apart of the fitness program which was pretty unusual, but they all came ready to work out and they were pretty cool guys. Of course it was obvious to all of them that Greg was gay, and Greg would always eye them out. He'd always stop by the lockerroom after the work out session to just stand and stare. Most of the men walked around with towels tight around there waists because they as well were a bit uncomfortable around Greg. It was odd because I'd never seen Greg take a shower or even get changed in the lockerroom with us.

One night after everyone left, and Greg and I were done locking the place up, we headed to the showers. It was one of those nights where I didn't really care about what he thought and I kind of changed freely ignoring whatever Greg might've been doing. After the shower I just grabbed a towel to whipe off the water and I went over to my locker. As I sat down on the bench I heard Gregs voice. I turned around and then I found myself eye to eye with Greg's penis. I sort of looked away covering my eyes from it, I hadn't really ever gotten that close to a mans penis before, not to mention this man was gay. I looked up at him and I didn't really say a word I mean I was stunned at how close he had been to me and everything. He made the quiet finger motion to make sure I wasn't going to say anything. I didn't think anyone was around -- maybe some of the staff was still lingering around.

I finally let out a whisper, "What the fuck man, that's gross I don't want to see that, listen. I don't swing that way. I have no problem with you being queer and all, but I'm not okay?"

He was silently laughing. "If you weren't queer, then why does it make you so uncomfortable to see my penis? Aren't you comfortable enough with your sexuality to know that this is just a penis and nothing more?"

I was a bit confused. What did that have anything to do with it? Could it have been that I didn't exactly enjoy the situation of being eye to eye with genitalia? He did have a point though. If I were really comfortable with being straight then I shouldn't've cared about seeing his penis but man! He pees with that thing! I mean he's gay, too -- who the hell knows where that could have been? My heart was racing so many thoughts were running through my head and I started to panic a bit. I hate awkward situations.

"Go ahead and touch it." He said in a convincing voice. It was so strange because it seemed comforting but very weird at the same time. Touch it? Why on earth would I want to touch his penis? The only penis I'd ever touched was my own. "It won't bite. I promise"

For some reason, I was caught up in the moment and compelled to touch his penis. So I did. I just brushed my fingers along the shaft. Then I grabbed it with my hand gently and watched it grow magically beneathe my fingers. I felt his low hanging balls brush against my fingers as well and all of this seemed a bit awkward and sensual at the same time. I started to slowly add pressure and stroke his penis softly back in forth. A little gross tease, and I didn't really know what I was doing. I guess my brain was taking control of me. I gently stroked up and and down and I was very slow about it. "Faster. Do it faster." He whispered. I had other things on my mind. I got off the bench and I got on both knees in front of his penis so that my mouth was level with it.

I explained to him some things, "Now I'm only doing this for self discovery. I'm not gay, I'm just looking for a new experience that all and^" I couldn't finish. He slowly pushed my head into his snake. I let out a few last words "Please don't cum in my mouth". I opened up wide and let his big erect penis into my mouth. I took it all in. I smelled the aroma of his pubic hairs and it wasn't at all that pleasant. I needed a place to put my hands so I grabbed both cheeks of his butt and squeezed hard. I gently took his penis in and out until he became frustrated. He started to take my head and made me blow on his penis harder. I moaned to get things flowing faster. I felt a little bit of release and then he came in my mouth. I squeezed his ass harder letting him know that I was angry but then I started to like it more and I gently massaged his butt as a sign of a compliment.

He took his penis out of my mouth and I started to lick around the head taking in left over cum. I felt its smooth surface and his low hanging balls. I felt schooled as if I had been missing out on something magnificent all my life and it truly was great. I mean i've had sex with women but it hasn't been as passionate as giving Greg a blow job. I couldn't wait for the other things Greg would probably make me do, and yet I was afraid at the same time. Who knows what's lying ahead of me? All I knew was that I felt safe in the arms of Greg at this moment. There wasn't just a sexual connection between us but I felt love. Maybe it was just a booty call.

I felt myself licking under his balls sucking up all that sweat when I smelled something arousing. I licked the spot between his ass and crotch and I realised where the smell had come from. He realised where I was heading as well.

"Lay down stomach up." He said. I layed across the bench and I felt like I was giving Greg a lot of trust. "Now close your eyes" I did that as well. I felt and heard Greg moving around and then I felt him gently stroking my penis. I kept my eyes closed waiting for what was about to happen. "Now open them" I did as I was told and I saw his two attractive yet hairy ass cheeks lowering down upon my face. I inserted my nose into his hairy crack and the feeling was awesome. My nose took in the fumes and the smells were fantastic. He finally sat down on my face. "Don't tease me, bitch! Eat my hairy ass out bitch!" I did as I was told. I stuck my tongue out and I licked all around his sweaty hole. I was eating sweets and it was great. He was egging me on. Teasing me. Making my dick even harder. "Yeah big boy get in there deep. You dirty fuck! Lick my ass! Come on! Eat it out" He didn't have to tell me twice. I was high off of this feeling.

Finally after he knew I was done, he got up and dragged me down the bench so that I was on my knees, but my stomach was still on the bench. I knew what this meant. I think I was going to take it in my rear. The thought was exiting but yet I was nervous sick at the same time.

"I've been pretty upset with you lately. You're queer, I know you're queer because I've seen your mannorisms, the way you look at me, and other such things. You're trying to convince yourself you're not queer but you are in deed a faggot. Now I am going to punish you for your ways and I think you might enjoy this punishment or hate it. But you well be punished for your actions." And SMACK! His hand smacked my butt. I moaned a little bit. I stroked my penis in an awkward position but it was having all sorts of fun. SMACK! His hand smacked again across my butt. I cried out and screamed "OUCH" because this smack was definetly harder then the first.

After about ten smacks I felt two fingers pertrude of my butt and they seemed coated with some gel or something. Probably lubricant. After Greg took his two fingers out, he forced them under my nose making me smell my own shit. I took a big whiff and it didn't really do anything other then disgust me. Then I felt his penis slide into my hole. I moaned a bit. He kept going in and out slowly and then he picked up pace. The pain was overwhelming but it felt so erotic and so good. I moaned a lot and then he kept smacking my ass. "Say I apoligize bitch" I just kept moaning louder and louder. "SAY IT!" Greg shouted at me. I let out a half moan, have talk, "I'm sorry, master Gregory"

He shouted back "That's more like it" And cummed into my butt. I'd never really looked at gay sex from any angle before, but now I know that it's actually pretty steamy and hot.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.