Man for Man

Avery's Fuck


Avery, happy to be alone in the dorm room he usually shared, stripped down. He enjoyed the feeling, the freedom and the privacy being naked. His cock, usually hard anyway seemed to throb expressing his feelings.


The computer flashed images he fantasized about. College aged hot men and boys, wrestling, sucking, fucking, engaged in their own leather and bondage fantasies.

It didn't take long for his cock to sputter out the dashes of white cream. He may have to explain to Clark why there were new spots on the desk chair they both used. But for now, he wiped them dry and knew there would be more.

The knock came abruptly almost timed to match his second stroking.

Avery considered ignoring it. Most of the dorm was empty due to the holiday anyway, so whoever was knocking would assume the room was empty.

The knocking continued past that point, he felt.

The door blocked a view of his nude body and erect penis as he peeked around it.

"Yea?" he asked in what was a rather grumpy way.

"Clark?" the voice asked. It took a moment for Avery to focus on the tall, blonde, athletic looking person. The big number on his shirt suggested he was or enjoyed athletics. The bare skin that appeared on either side reminded Avery of some of the porn studs he saw on the internet, their shirts split so their bare sides, shoulders appeared along with a hint of each pec.

"No he's away" Avery said. But he stared rather then close the door. The hot stud wore shorts, they were gauze like revealing the dark skin underneath, and interrupted in the middle by what appeared to be a very round bulge.

"Shit, I was supposed to do a massage" He answered "Hell he paid for it and everything"

"I uh don't know what to say, he won't' be back for another week" Avery said absorbing the two thick thighs that supported the stud's envious body.

"I'll be gone then. Since he paid for it, would you want one?"

"Huh?" Avery took minutes to understand the suggestion.

"Massage, I give great massages, head to toe, you look like you need to relax." He pressed the point "Name's Sebastian, I do this for extra dough, you know starving student and all that" His hand pointed towards Avery.

Avery took the hand ignoring the door no longer hid his condition.

"Uh Avery, look don't know, I mean if he paid shouldn't you wait for him?"

Sebastian's pleasant expression expanded into a wide smile. "Guess you're right but as long as I'm here, why not? I mean you look fit and I can take care of know" he said

Avery stepped back not because he made a conscious decision but because Sebastian stepped forward.

"Hope you like it, we can do it on the floor or your bed" Sebastian was removing his slit shirt.

"Uh Bed I guess" Avery didn't know whether to hide his erection in a move of modesty or not.

"Don't worry about that, I see em all the time" Sebastian was lowering his shorts now, revealing his own now totally naked body.

"Got some oil?" He asked

"Uh guess" Avery found some baby oil they kept. Neither roommate talked about it but the bottle emptied over the weeks they had been roommates and was replaced.

Those late nights, one could hear the other in their bed doing what males do. Or they crept out of the room to the bathroom to find privacy in a stall or in the darkened shower room.

"Great, love this stuff, use it for classes" Sebastian said.


"Uh yea, pose for art classes and stuff, you know making money wherever I can" Sebastian had poured oil on his hands and wiped the excess on his smooth skin.

Avery watched wanting to oil his own hands and spread it over the hunky naked body in front of him.

"Lie down, face down first"

Avery obeyed anticipating the feeling of the hot thighs straddling his body. He hoped that the stud would fuck him instead of massaging him.

But alas the hands pressed into his back and eventually he was grateful for the massage itself. Muscles hurt at first then relaxed.

Sebastian certainly knew what he was doing, finding muscles Avery never knew he had in his back, his thighs, under his butt, his feet.

Then the fingers moved to under his buttocks. Avery didn't even realize there were muscles there. Then Sebastian moved his fingers to the butthole.

Avery jumped.

"Relax, it's a muscle too" the fingers moved knuckle deep and stretched "Boy you are tight" Sebastian chuckled.


"You can try it if you want" Avery said.

"What?" Sebastian replied, "OK turn over"

Avery, disappointed the stud hadn't either heard him or understood, turned over. His still hard cock waved as he turned his body towards Sebastian.

"Kind of glad, your roommate isn't here" the stud smiled as his hands cradled Avery's balls and cock. "But first..."

Avery watched the hot naked body above him. His defined muscle groups flexed as he worked kneading Avery's shoulders, arms, hands, pecs stomach, thighs. Avery's cock twitched and throbbed watching the real life in person porn show.

"Thanks" Avery said when Sebastian leaned back on his knees. The boys own cock appeared to be half hard at least.

"Want me to finish you?" He asked

"Why don't you take care of yourself first?" Avery asked "or I can"

He smiled back.

"Earlier you mentioned....I'm healthy and everything" he added "but that's ok..."

Avery was not only excited beyond hesitation by that point but charmed by the naked Sebastian's attempts to be cautious at what he was thinking.

Avery pulled each leg towards his chest. He offered what he had offered earlier, but this time less vague.

"Use oil, as you said I'm tight" Avery smiled as he moved his hand to his own cock. He started jacking not wanting it to subside as the thickness stretched him open with shocks of pain he expected.

"Shit" Sebastian said as he entered the flesh hole his fingers had enjoyed earlier. It moved slowly, stretching centimeters of muscle at first, then a more aggressive push affected inches of flesh.

"Yea" Avery said "Get in there stud" he gyrated his hips to push against the invading hardness

It was in finally with Sebastian's pubic hair rubbing against the underside of Avery's testicles as he ground his enveloped cock.

"Take your time and fuck me as long as you can" Avery said closing his eyes to concentrate on his hand job and the cock that his ass had swallowed.

"I can cum a few times' Sebastian grunted a promise of the hours that were ahead of them both.

Avery released his cock. Even if it would stay hard and shoot sperm during the fucking, he decided to wait. There promised to be multiple attempts to coat his intestines with sperm, hopefully different positions, and maybe different locations in the room as well.

It was a good thing Clark wasn't there Avery thought wondering what would happen if his roommate returned finding him being fucked by the masseuse his roommate hired.

"Shit" Sebastian pumped hard now; Avery knew sperm was being splattered against his intestines.

"One more" Sebastian promised as he continued to fuck. Avery wiggled his ass this time clutching the cock inside him each time it seemed to pull back.

"Whoa" Sebastian reacted obviously enjoying what might have been a new sensation for him.

"Number two" he announced almost too quickly. Avery clinched his ass to squeeze the sperm out of the invasive member.

"You are hot" Sebastian bent his body forward resting on top of Avery. Avery's legs surrounded the stud feeling his muscular thighs with them.

"You're not bad yourself, not a bad masseuse either" he laughed. Sebastian's chest vibrated against his as he joined in appreciating the joke.

"God I hope you're not done" Avery said as Sebastian sat up. He felt the cock slide out of his dilated butthole leaving him feel empty and yet still feel the phantom presence inside.

"Let's shower" Sebastian said as he jumped up.

Avery, flashing on the fantasies of sex with dorm mates in the group shower jumped up too.

"We need some towels" he said.

"Naw, everybody's gone and besides it's after midnight" Sebastian opened the door, obviously prepared to walk down the hall naked.

Avery grabbed a towel and held it rather then wrap it around himself as usual. He watched Sebastian's asscheeks flex as he walked out of the room.

"Come on stud, I'm getting hard again" the stud said

Avery watched him walk and followed until he was beside him. He hoped one of his neighbors would open the door and see them. He had a stud. He wanted others to know now though had always kept his sexuality to himself. He didn't care now.


Nobody peeked into the hallway unfortunately and nobody was in the bathroom. Sebastian turned on the showers without turning on the lights.

"Want some light?" Avery asked

"Get in here bitch" the voice grumbled ordering him. Something excited Avery more hearing the voice of the cock that owned him that night.

The water was hot; the hands grabbed him and began to soap him head to toe, jutting inside him as well.

"We're gonna fuck" the voice said

Avery knew that, anticipating it, wanted it and needed it but the voice added something to the experience. He didn't move awaiting the hands that the voice had to move him the way he wanted.

The fucking was ravenous as the voice pressed him against the white tiles. It jammed upwards making Avery jump. The hands pressed him harder against the tiles. Avery was captured in a rape like attack that he had only fantasized bout.

He imagined there were several dorm mates, tired of his hesitance to reveal his true self, horny and needing relief from the pressures of classes, exams, neglecting girl friends, overbearing professors and chastising parents.

Again and again, it jammed him. Each person took their turns to invade his ass, turning him into what he was secretly, a pig, a slut, a chasm available to whoever wanted to use him.

The cum was inside, dripping out of his stretched hole with the hot water that spiraled down the drain.

"Fuck" the voice said as his cock hit the bone that Avery felt getting sore. "Fuck fuck fuck" it said with each jam.

Avery felt the body against his back, pressing and supporting him. The hands clutched his shoulders pulling him inside as deep as possible with each fuck jam.

Avery collapsed as the body moved away, its hands guiding him to the floor.

"Stay there bitch" the voice said. Avery immediately felt the water on his face and chest. It was different then the shower spray and its aroma filled his nostrils turning him into a genuine pig. Avery wanted to feel it everywhere, turning his ass toward its source.

"You ok" Sebastian's voice was calm now, still strong but gentle. His hands helped Avery to his feet and moved over him, washing away the residual urine that remained if any.

"God that was...." Avery started to say.

The hand covered his mouth. "Shhhh" Sebastian said.

They walked in silence, still naked and dripping wet. Avery ignored the towel he left behind when Sebastian moved him, hands on his hips toward the door.

The room welcomed them. Sebastian knelt and took Avery's cock in his mouth. He explored with his tongue, swallowing the entire flesh sac using his tongue once inside his mouth.

"Shit' Avery sighed. He had gotten a blowjob before, usually by older men, or experimenting kids in school. One even paid him twenty bucks a long time ago.

Sebastian didn't suck like them. He was massaging but this time with his tongue. He took the hard cock until Avery's pubic hair rubbed his nose.

Avery realized the stud was deep throating his cock, another talent he had seen only on the Internet.

"Gonna cum" Avery warned. Sebastian clutched his asscheeks. He wasn't moving away, intent on Avery's cum shooting down into his stomach.

Avery's body obliged again and again. "You ok?" He asked as the last spurt ended.

"Very. The next fuck is going to take awhile" Sebastian promised.

"Shouldn't we relax a bit?" Avery asked before he saw Sebastian's thickness was rigid.

"Why?" Sebastian moved Avery to the bed and bent him over on the edge. The cock easily slipped back inside him.

Avery hadn't fully recovered from his own orgasm. He wondered if he could be fucked and enjoy it after cumming.

Sebastian didn't ask or wait. He fucked slowly as if his cock was feeling Avery this time. His hands clutched and massaged, making Avery's already well massaged and totally fucked body relax again.

"Now" Sebastian pulled out and put Avery in the desk chair lifting his legs before re-inserting his cock. Avery closed his eyes. For an instant he saw Clark in front of him, his lean naked body excited, his curved upwards erection moving towards him and then inside him.


He had seen Clark naked many times as they seemed to quickly relax around each other that first week they became roommates. The cock curved like a banana making Avery chuckle and stare.

"Ok ok, yea it's a banana" Clark said "You're not the first to point that out" he said flicking his boner that morning.

"OH god fuck me" Avery said to the Clark he imagined as Sebastian continued to do just that.

Lying over the desk was next, His keyboard rubbed his cheek as Sebastian's hands kept him in place and his cock pumped him.

On the floor, Avery looked up at Sebastian amazed the strong stud was still hard and anxious to fuck his ass.

Sebastian reached around him, his cock still inside and lifted him. It was as if Avery was light as a feather, impaled on the cock that now owned him.

Sebastian lifted him and moved to Clark's bed. Avery wanted to object. Clark wouldn't like them fucking on his bed. He could smell Clark now buried face down on the sheets that had hugged his roommate those nights.

The pillow that his face was buried in had muffled the sounds of Clark's self induced orgasms. The blanket had warmed him those fall nights. The sheets bore the stains of his fluids.

The aroma moved through him making him feel like the cock inside him was Sebastian's thick banana curved cock delving deep enough to turn him from roommate into fuck buddy roommate.

And the hand that reached under him yanked relentlessly until Avery had no control of his cum staining Clark's sheets.

Sebastian seemed not to be satisfied guiding Avery back to his own bed next. Avery lay on his side his body wrapped in Sebastian's arms as the stud fucked harder and harder this time.

One hand found his own cock and rubbed the flaccid cock until it rose in its grip. The cock fucked him in synch with the hand that milked him and the orgasms that came were over too soon.

The dreams came and went but Avery didn't remember any of them. He awoke still wrapped in Sebastian's arms. He had to piss, but didn't want to leave the warmth, the arms that kept the memories of the night before real.

Should he offer to buy them breakfast, how would he explain to Clark the stains on his own bed's sheets from their multiple location fuckings? Maybe they could do it more that day. HE was still naked, alone and available.

"Shower?" the voice was Sebastian's but the memory of the shower fuck wanted the voice instead.

"I guess we better" Avery reluctantly said.

"Got some towels?" Sebastian moved his warmth disappearing as his body moved.

"Shit" thought Avery knowing towels meant no naughty walking naked down the hallway, no dark shower room, and no tile indentations on his body while the voice fucked him savagely.

"Yea" Avery offered the towel to Sebastian but smiled when he tossed it over a shoulder rather then wrapping around his waist. Avery did the same.

They walked down the abandoned hallway, Avery again wishing some neighbor would see, watch and envy them.

The shower room was lighter due to the sunlight through the high windows. The water was hot and the feeling of Sebastian soaping his body exciting. Avery returned the favor feeling each mound and shape. He worshipped the body that had captured him. His fingers went inside too. Sebastian smiled.

They rinsed and left.

"I thought you wanted to fuck me" Sebastian said.

"I do"

Sebastian lay on the bed watching Avery moved between his spread legs. He took the cock and smiled throughout the fucking.

"Very nice" He rewarded the sight of Avery's cock spreading its seed all over him and then the tongue that lapped it off his skin.

"Shit, this has been great" he said "but alas...." He found his shirt putting it on first leaving his lower half naked.

"One more time?" Avery asked kneeling on the floor his ass pointed at Sebastian. He knew the stud wasn't hard but maybe...just maybe.

Fingers dug into each asscheeks holding Avery in place while the fat cock he knew well stretched his retracted muscles as it jammed back inside.

"One more for the road" Sebastian promised and fucked slow at first eliciting moans from Avery.


"God it feels so nice" he said

The fucking became quicker and quicker. Avery knew it would end. It was inevitable. He clutched the cock, pressed backwards on its insertions, savoring the sensations he desired.

The cum he begged for landed on his face, chest, stomach and crotch after he quickly turned to receive it. He wanted Sebastian's last sight of him to be cum stained.

"Shit, you are hot" Sebastian said pulling on the shorts that would disguise his talented penis. "If you guys ever want another massage, let me know"

"You said you were going somewhere?"

"Yea, I go to State. But give me a call" he said writing on the pad on the desk while Avery felt the stud's cum drip off his face.

"See ya" Sebastian bent over and ignoring the cum wet skin, kissed Avery and then licked his face.

"Yum" he said smiling in a way that knotted Avery's stomach.

It was inside him for days. The numb expanded muscles reminded Avery of each fuck; each fantasy realized each disgusting and totally exciting effort he made to satisfy his longing.

He sat at the computer, naked late days later. He looked at photos and videos, trying to get as excited as he was before, so he could remember that night as he jacked off repeatedly for as many hours as he could.

"Hey" the door opened and Clark's voice announced his return. "Had to get out of there" he said meaning his parents house.

Avery turned around. His nudity and erection were in plain view.

"Did you have a good time while I was gone?" he asked as Clark removed his shirt.

"yea uh ok" Avery turned away.

"Did you like my present?" Clark asked.


"You know what I mean, the massage guy" he said

Avery turned back towards Clark. He stood in the middle of the room naked. His own cock was in his hand.

"You uh arranged that?" Avery asked

"Yea I figured you needed it" Clark stepped closer.

"You mean the massage, yea it felt great. He thought it was for you" Avery said his eyes watching Clark do what he had never done before, jacking his cock in plain view.

"That's what I told him to say" Clark said stepping closer. "How many times did you guys fuck?"

Avery blushed. Clark knew everything.

"I figure it was time and besides you owe me" Clark's voice was sounding stern and authoritive now, not the usual friendly "whatever" voice he used when they talked.

His cock was aimed at Avery's face.

Avery's gut knotted. He felt the saliva buildup in his mouth. There were no secrets anymore. He knew that not only were hidden fantasies that often generated guilt, were about to happen but he wanted it just as he wanted everything Sebastian had done to him.

He bent forward clutching his own erection as he stretched his tongue out to taste Clark's cock.

"When you have enough we'll get a shower" His voice was ordering him now, it reminded Avery of Sebastian when he became the voice in the darkness.

Memories of being pressed against the tile and savagely fucked swept over him. The cock entered his mouth and he silently begged for it all again. This time from the one who made it happen before.

And as his tongue felt the banana cock he lusted after for months, Avery wondered if Sebastian would be interested in joining them sometime. They had a few days left before classes resumed and State wasn't that far away.

He felt the curly hair against his nose, the hands that firmly held his head and the cock that began what it would do for hours to come..Fucking him.

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