Man for Man



Adrian wasn't what the kids would call "hot" by any means. He wasn't blonde, his eyes were brown, his body type was medium neither fat nor skinny and he was far from athletically inclined.


He had some friends but he knew from a very early age he wasn't the kid that adults would eye, cheek pince or butt pat.

Adrian was average.

As a pre teen he'd stare into his bedroom mirror wondering if he'd grow...if any part of him would grow. He held his hard penis and wonder if it too would grow.

As a teen, he battled with the evidence of ACNE and felt like he had everything wrong with him a guy could have.

Even his grades were avgerate to above average.

The cliques at school ranged from the smart and hot to the athletic and of course the geeks.

He even tried to befriend the geeks, sharing their fascination for computers, sci fi and other etherial pursuits. But he didn't belong there either.

As he masturbated in the solo world of his bedroom, visions of the naked guys in the locker room filled his head. He began to realize he was gay too. And he felt even more isolated.

There were the hot guys who had round firm buttocks, the guys with cocks that seeme to dangle like ropes down to their thighs, guys with muscled arms and pectorals. Some would cover their cock and balls in modesty as they walked to the showers. Others would wrap towels around their waists and still others would walk freely naked into the hot spray. But there all were bare.

Adrian looked and tried to hide his own average size male glands. But nobody made fun of him and nobody caught him looking.

Those sights replayed in his head every tme he rubeed his erection, touched his body and fingered his butt before exploding his geyser of sperm into the air. He was gay in a High School world of hetrosexuality.

So Adrian avoided the dances, proms, parties that seemed to be going on all around him. Standing in a corner just didn't offer him pleasure.

He didn't want to go but his parents made him go to the HS graduation ceremony. As he accepted his diploma he knew many in his class didn't know who he was and didn't care. But his parent smiled and waved. He knew it would be over soon.

Going back to school didn't interest him so it was decided he'd take a year off before making a move towards college.

He sank into depression that worried his parents. Nobody else seemed to care. And Adrian didn't care either.

"Hey" the voice was familiar but Adrian wasn't sure. "I uh need some help on something" the voice came from Marshall Moore, who had been one of the smart clique guys in High School.

Adrian was in bed as usual. He wasn't sure why Moore was there.

"I need someone to talk to and Betty said you were uh taking the year off and at home." Marshall stood there beside the bed. His tank top revealed his rounded shoulders and the leather strip necklace around his neck. There was a round disc on it that had some unfamiliar icon on it. His shorts ended mid thigh and cupped his basket into an enticing rounded package.

Adrian sat up. "uh?" was all he could muster.

Marshall pulled a chair close and sat down. His spread legs offered a view up the legs. As he moved about the light that illuminated the area made it evident he didn't wear underwear.

Adrian stared at what he saw.

"I uh , you know Betty and I were like tight through school" Marshall went on stammering as if he was measureing every word he said.

Adrian kept thinking, "why is he here? why is he talking to me?"

"So when I told her, you know, I mean somehow she knew" Marshall continued "you know and I think she knew about Carl and me anyway"

Carl Schoreder was another guy in high school. He was tall and known for his photography in the school paper. Adrian had even talked to him and hung out at the cafeteria table with him now and then. He wasn't exactly a friend but friendly at least.

"Anyway, after he kept taking pics of me in school, I guess she suspected something" Moore said stretching his arms.

"What do you mean?" Adrian managed to interupt the boys steady stream of talk.

"Carl and me, we uh you know messed around and at the Graduation party, you know, somebody saw us outside and the word spread around" Marshall was blushing. "I tried to laugh it off but Betty seemed to know"


"I didn't go" Adrian said pulling a nearby t shirt on as he sat up again in bed.

"Oh you didn't? It was a blast, I mean kids let go, really even uptight Maura was dancing and showing her tits. It was hilarious. I had some smoke and I guess Carl did too. We were just kind of hugging and stuff, maybe a kiss or two. We were stupid I mean right out there in the garden" Marshall sputtered.

"You did?" Adrian was feeling a spurt of energy as he realized Marshall Moore former big man on campus type was saying something he could relate to.

"Yea. We were always careful, you know his place when his parents were gone or the basement at school or once he got a motel room..we spent the entire weekend fucking" Marshall was smiling remembering these times.

"Honey" it was Adrian's mother knocking on his door. "I'm going to work, you ok?"

"Yes Mom we're fine" he said and heard her walk away. He was now along in the house in fact his bedroom with one of the hot guys from high school.

"I thought he went into the Navy" Adrian said. He had heard Carl joined the NAVY right after graduation.

Marshall's smile lowered. "Yea, he said he had to get out of this town. I think he wasn't sure about us or himself you know what it's like"

Adrian did know. He nodded.

"So anyway Betty and I signed up to go to State and we talked about getting married or at least I talked about it. But she said I wasn't ready and might not ever be." Marshall resumed his stream of thoughts. "Anyway she said I should talk to you"

Betty Musser was a nice girl from their high school. She seemed to be always smiling and friendly towards everybody. She appeared in several cliques and yet didn't seem like a part of them so much as the cliques gathering around her. Adrian didn't know much about her even though she and he went to the same church.

During a debate in youth class about various topics, Adrian and she debated the church's attitudes towards various groups from immigrants to gays. It was a hot debate and Adrian heard himself spouting Bible quotes saying the church should accept everybody. She wasn't sure and said so. They weren't angry so much as enjoying the experience.

Betty even told him so. "Hey I just wanted you to know, I learned alot today" she said "and I'm thinking maybe you're right. I'll have to think about it" she said.

Subsequent youth groups meetings involved more discussion. And Betty was very active.

"Anyway she said she respected your opinion, so here goes" Marshall started "you don't mind do you? I mean you're kind of here and all the others are either gone or I just don't feel comfortable telling stuff like this to."

Marshall peeled off his tank top. He was sweating from either the heat or the confession he was giving.

"Yea I guess" Adrian said as he bunched up his bedcovers to hide his erection.

"So Betty thinks Carl and me, it wasn't just you know teenagers fooling around. She thinks I'm uh you know gay" he whispered the last part of his comment. "Am I?"

Adrian looked into the smooth cheeked, blue eyed, pink lipped face. This was as close as he had gotten to confessing his own suspicions about himself.

"me too" he said quietly.

"Oh so that's why Betty told me to talk to you. I thought it was because of some church thing" Marshall said looking surprised.

"No" Adrian said feeling like his shoulders were no longer carrying the pressure of his self identified sexuality.

"It's ok, we are what we are" Adrian said.

"Yea I guess. but guys can uh you know get married and have kids if they want, right?" Marshall crossed his legs.

The view offered Adrian a clearer view of Marshall's penis down one leg.

"Sure but I've read about so many divorces and fucked up kids that come out of marriages like that." Adrian adjusted himself realizing he had done it without hiding. Marshall's eyes darted towards the area Adrian's hand had moved.

"Uh hey I dont' want to make you uh uncomfortable" Marshall's eyes didn't move from Adrian's bedding.

"No it's ok." Adrian said his own eyes looking up Marshall's shorts pants leg.


"Guys got hard all the time in the locker room, we just kind of saw you know and except for Gary Collock, nobody did anything about it"

Gary Collock seemed to take great joy in waving his Italian salami, as others called it, at them as he walked about naked in the locker room. When it hardened he threatened to jack off all over the guys. Everybody laughed and told him to hide the salami and other comments.

Adrian laughed "Yea he loved showing it off"

Marshall laughed too. "Yea, but I kind of envied him you know, we were all shy about that stuff so when Carl and I kind of got drunk one night, it felt like you know being free" His eyes left Adrian's bedding. "You know what I mean"

"Actually I don't. Never did anything with anyone" Adrian said.

"Never?" Marshall seemed confused. "I thought all gays were you know horny all the time"

"Hell all teenagers are horny, that's why jacking off is the number one sport" Adrian had read that comment in a magazine.

Marshall laughed. He stood up. "I think it's time" he said as he unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop after moving them over his erection.

"Move over"

Adrian shifted his mind in a fog as he watched a naked former classmate get into his bed.

"Let's get rid of this" Marshall peeled Adrian's t shirt off.

"What would you like to do? I'm so horny with Carl gone for two months" Marshall said as he placed his hands on Adrian's bare skin.

Adrian almost cried. Not only was someone touching him but they were sexually interested in his average body and naked with him in bed.

Marshall pulled his head close and they kissed.

Floodgates opened and Adrian forgot what he looked like, what his grades were and his lonliness. All he could feel was his body heating up and the tongue that was in his mouth.

He felt hands moving over his body, teasing his nipples and moving down to embrace his erection.

"Wow nice cock" Marshall said.

Adrian had felt Marshall's at the same time "fucking a" he returned the compliment.

They were like to hungry animals not getting enough of each other's touch, tongues, cocks and balls. Their hands explored back, chest, stomach, thigh, ballsac, boners, all in a hurried pace.

"Shit man we should have done this long before, you are so fucking hot" Marshall gasped.

Adrian's head normally full of images of kids at school now were flooded with memorized sights of Marshall. Marshall standing in the hall holding hands with Betty, Marshall playing tennis, Marshall speaking at class meetings and Marshall naked in the locker room.

They tasted each other and lingered to give and take sensations of tongues against each other's firm penis and moving testicles. Their hands moved over each others round buttocks and fingers toyed with each others buttholes.

Cum spouted into their mouths and they lay together gasping for breath.

"You ok?" Marshall asked.

"God yea" Adrian replied leaning over to kiss the face that had just been pressed against his neverbefore explored by another person, crotch.

Marshall didn't shrink away. His lips parted and his tongue was ready to welcome Adrian.

It was as if they had not kissed before, touched before, had sex before as their passions began to increase incorporating wrestling at the boys enjoyed their openly naked play.

"Fuck" Marshall said "I want you to fuck me like Carl used to" he said breathlessly straddling Adrian and grabbing his cock.

Before Adrian could measure what was going on, his cock was deep inside Marshall's buttocks.

Looking up he saw the smooth torso and bulging pectorals of this unexpected visitor. His eyes were closed in pleasure as his small hips gyrated sliding itself on Adrian's erection.

"Shit you're so hard, so thick" Marshall muttered "fuck me man jam it up me"

Adrian began moving his hips to meet each of Marshall's hips movements. Each time he lifted the hot boy moaned until his cock untouched by him or Adrian began to spurt all over Adrian.

"God that was great" Marshall smiled down "Oh man I messed all over you" Marshall bent forward letting Adrian's softening cock exit his butt. He licked his sperm off Adrian's chest and belly.

"I'll have to remember to thank Betty in Church" Adrian said and both boys laughed.

It was midday as both walked to the kitchen to gain body fuel. Adrian had never left his room naked before. Even going to get a shower, he had worn his underwear at least. Now he followed naked Marshall down stairs.

His cock was rock hard.

"God you've got a boner already" Marshall said "first food then desert" he said holding Adrian's erect penis.

The afternoon was slower. They kissed and sucked. Adrian grimaced as Marshall introduced him to the joys of anal play and insertion.

"What do you think?" Marshall said afterwards "You like fucking better then getting fucked?"

Adrian didnt' know. There was so much to evaluate, to think about to decide...

"Let's do more and decide later" He said as he straddled Marshall immitating his earlier actions and let the boys cock invade him again. He sighed as it passed his sphinter and filled his insides.

"Honey is your friend goign to stay for dinner?" Adrian's Mother's door knocking work him up.

He had dreamed all day he thought but the arm under his neck and hand laing over his chest told him it wasn't a dream.

Marshall's light snore in his ear confirmed it. "Hey you want to stay for dinner?" he said to Marshall.

He snorted and mutered "yea and all night too" He said.

"Yes Mom he's staying" Adrian couldn't believe he was able to say those words finally.

"We're just having an average dinner" she replied "hope that's ok".

"It's fine mom he likes average" Adrian laughed at his response.

Adrian's parents were surprised to see the handsome clean cut boy at their dinner table. Adrian had never had a friend for dinner or even stay over night before.

But they were even more surprised when Adrian announced a week later he was going to State in the fall if he could get in.

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