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To describe myself, I'm 5'9" and a firm 140lbs, kept in shape by running and swimming. I have short blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes that drive my lovers wild when I gaze up from the pleasure between their legs. I've keep my body well-shaven, with the exception of my pubic patch and ballsac. Yes, I even shave around my tight pink asshole. Finished admiring myself, and feeling the warm sun on my naked body, I put on my well-worn pair of too-short- too-tight Levis 501 button-fly cut offs which reveal a glimpse of my cute, smooth, asscheek. If I happen to sit with my legs spread, my hairy balls tend to sneak out the leg hole, often to the pleasure of whomever I'm hunting. Next I pulled on a short crop top which reveals my hard hairless abs. Finally I pulled on my trusty old canvas sneakers and a flannel shirt. I climbed back into the car, my cock already hardening from being in my "lucky" clothes.


About 15 minutes later, I pulled into the salvage yard, shocked that it wasn't at all what I expected. I parked the car and looked around, immediately in front of me was a garage where two greasy characters who were bent over the engine of a 1977 Dodge Dart. They looked at the intrusion and I wondered if I had made a serious mistake changing early. I got out of my car and walked up to the pair, who smirked and gave each other an odd glance. "Ugh. H-hi.", I stammered, "I called and you said you had a socket for a front signal light of an '86 Escort wagon.".

Half smirking, the larger man gave me a thorough scan. He was about 6'4", probably 220lbs, with red hair in a brush cut and deep-set eyes. His thick forearms were covered in black grease and dirt up to his elbows where his dark blue coveralls took over. Opened around the neck, I could see a tuft of chest hair sticking out. His collegue was the one who answered my question. Skinny and about 5'11" and 150lbs, he had long black hair tied in a ponytail, green eyes, and was also covered up to his elbows in engine dirt and grease. He was wearing a black tanktop and somewhat tight black jeans. "Socket for an '86 Escort?", he replied, half-chuckling, "Don't think I got one. Probably should try somewhere else."

"Oh.", I said, "I called and someone said there was one.".

"Take these wirecutters.", the big redhead half-ordered me, "Take a walk up back and see if there's one. The Ford cars are down by the trees. You can get in through the gate.". He pointed at an opening in a weatherbeaten fence which was leaning forward.

"Thanks.", I replied, realizing my mistake in changing before I got here. I took the wirecutters and walked quickly through the gate into the compound. If I actually got out of here without being beaten up it would be a miracle. Dressed like a slut, I was now exposed in the eyes of these two rednecks and very vulnerable. An easy target if they decided to take up a gaybashing incident. I doubted I could even get a good shot in against one, but with the two of them I was a sitting duck. I had a vision of the big guy holding me down while the skinny freak kicked the living shit out of me. The faster I got out of here the better.

Inside the compound, there where just about every car you could imagine. All scattered about in various forms of decay on the dried mud landscape. I spotted the patch of trees at the very back, probably about a half mile away, and began a rapid walk to retrieve what I needed and get out. Ten minutes later I arrived at the "Ford Lot" and scanned for a similar car. None. "Shit.", I cursed aloud, "Now what the fuck am I going to do?". I walked quickly up and down the three rows and there was no car identical to mine. At the end of one row, however, I found a hatchback which was a bit older than my wagon but seemed to have the same type of signal lights. Reaching into the empty engine cavity I managed to cut off a socket. It looked pretty much the same as what I needed. Jogging, I returned to the gate and turned the corner to see the two men standing in front of my car, discussing something. As I approached they stopped talking, turned to me and the skinny guy said, "Find what you were after?".

"Got a part,", I replied, "but its not off the same model and I'm not sure if it will fit.".

"Try it.", the burly guy half-barked at me, "What tools do you need?".

"Two screwdrivers, a flathead and a phillips.", I informed.

The large guy half chuckled and said, "Here. Got a set in my coveralls.".

He passed me the two screwdrivers, then the pair returned to the '77 Dart in the garage. I opened the hood and began unbolting my passenger side signal light socket. Self-conscious now about my rather trampy appearance, I had to bend over the front of the car to access the light; a position which hiked my already too short cutoffs into my asscrack, exposing more of my lower cheeks. As well, my balls were visible because of the too narrow piece of material between my legs. I shot a quick glance back over my shoulder and saw the two backyard mechanics were leaning on the front of the Dart, arms folded over their chests, watching me. I worked quickly and finally I could try the new socket into the housing. Not a perfect fit but it worked. I rapidly put the old, unworking parts back together, other supplies I needed were home at the apartment, and bolted it back onto my car. I closed the hood.


"Work?", the large guy hollared. "Not a perfect fit but it'll do.", I yelled back. I walked up the grade to the garage entrance and passed back the two screwdrivers. "What do I owe you?", I asked.

"Jim'll handle that.", the large guy said, pushing his head right to point toward the skinny guy, who had walked toward the back of the garage.

"What do I owe ya?", I asked, walking toward the rear of the garage.

"How about five bucks?", skinny Jim inquired, looking over my shoulder at the big guy.

"Five bucks!", I exclaimed, "A brand new one only costs that!". I heard the garage door close behind me. I spun around to see the big guy pushing a lock over and walking toward me.

"OK.", Jim conceded, "How about a buck?"

"That's better.", I nervously responded, fishing into the pocket of my shorts and pulling out a greenback. I passed it to Jim, sensing that the big guy was right behind me.

"That sound fair Dirk?", Jim asked his collegue.

"Fine.", big Dirk responded. Suddenly I felt his sinewy greasy hand grab my ass by the lower cheeks. "That OK with you boy?", he snarled in my ear.

"Y-yes.", I stammered, my heart racing and pounding so loudly in my chest I could feel it in my ears.

"Good.", Dirk responded, grabbing my ass tighter, working a finger under the frayed material to graze my tender asshole. The touch sent a shock through my body that started my cock pounding as loud as my heart. "How come you're dressed like a little whore fruit boy?", Dirk demanded.

"Yeah.", Jim responded, "How come you came up here dressed like a pansy faggot. Wiggling that ass of yours all over our property."

Before I could respond Dirk hissed in my ear again, "You have any idea what we do to fags up here?"

"N-no.", I stammered again, my heart throbbing, adrenalin coursing through my veins. I could feel the sweat starting to run down my forehead from the terror I was feeling.

"Ever felt a real man boy?", Dirk hissed again. Then he directed at Jim, "Whip out that motherfucker and see if he's any good.". Dirk pushed me down to my knees, then onto all fours; one hand on my ass, the other between my shoulders.

I knew I was finished. I'd never see Melissa again, they'd find me dead in a field dressed like some sort of slut. I prayed that if I ever got out of this I'd never slut around again. Then I heard the zipper of Jim's fly and his jeans dropped to his cowboy boots. Dirk's hand pulled on the hair on the back of my head, directing my attention upwards. There, Jim was stroking a cock that had to be at least nine inchs long. Long, thin, uncircumcised, and rapidly stiffening.

"Suck my cock boy.", Jim demanded, getting on his knees in front of me and directing his hardening manhood to my face.

"Do it gayboy!", Dirk shouted.

Supporting myself on my hands and knees, I moved forward to Jim's hard, slim manhood. I lifted my right hand and slowly grabbed his cock midshaft. I licked my parched lips and slowly slid the tip in my mouth, using my tongue to peel back the underside of the foreskin. Next I gently placed as much as I could in my mouth, sucking him gently, rubbing the underside with my tongue. "Hmmmmm. He's pretty good.", Jim announced, feeling the back of my head with his hand. I slowly lifted my head off his cock, leaving a chain of spit between my tongue and the tip of Jim. I moved my right hand up his shaft and slowly pulled back the foreskin, exposing a beautiful purple helmet. I could feel the pre-cum building as Dirk gently massaged the bottom of my ass and I started blowing Jim, setting up a wonderful rhythym where I would hold just the tip in my mouth, sucking hard, grinding my hips back to feel Dirk's hand, then moving forward again, inhaling as much of Jim as I could, although there was at least a good three inchs I couldn't get.

By this time, Dirk had moved directly behind me and was squeezing my hips which bumping his crotch against my ass. I could feel his cock swellin beneath the thick cotton of his coveralls. "He deepthroatin' you yet?", Dirk asked Jim.

"Nope.", Jim replied, "Wanna go at him from both ends?"


"You bet.", was Dirk's answer. I felt my cock swell in the tight shorts. I had never been double-rammed before, although I was still nervous about the final outcome. "Stop sucking slut!", Dirk commanded, "Lay on your back on this!". He kicked a low trolley used for working under cars at me. I quickly assumed the position. "Hey Jim!", Dirk said, pointing at the front of my cutoffs, "Looks like he's into you. All pre-cummed stained. You got yourself a gayboy lover!". Dirk laughed heartily at his collegue.

"Better see if it's true", Jim said, kicking off his jeans and kneeling beside my head. Before I could turn to get at his cock, he leaned over, grabbed the sides of my face with his dirty hands, and gave me a deep kiss, using his wet masculine tongue to explore my oral cavity.

In the meantime, Dirk had stripped out of his coveralls and knelt between my legs, feeling me roughly from my knees to my pubes and back again. After Jim's kiss I looked down, watching Dirk massage me, smearing dirt and grease on my upper legs. Soon Dirk's hands moved higher, firmly pressing against my swollen cock, then sliding up across my abdomen and up to tightly squeeze my nipples. I let out a grunt from the force of having my nipples twisted. "See that Jim.", Dirk announced, "Our little slut likes it rough. Get two jacks and a one-by-six.". Jim dashed off to the other side of the Dart and retrieved the order. "Set up the jacks and put the wood on them.", Dirk instructed. Once it was finished, he told Jim "Grab his wrists and hold him so he can't move.". My arms pulling above my head, Dirk crushed his knees into my ankles, immobilizing me. He reached up, and ripped open my button-fly. My cock exploded from it's prison. "Nice size slut!", Dirk exclaimed, reaching forward and grabbing my seven inches, giving me a quick stroke, coating my shaft with grease. I moaned at how good it finally felt to get some attention. "Enough boy. Get up and strip. Let him go Jim.", Dirk demanded.

I stood up and for the first time cock a look at Dirk's meat - circumcised, scrubbed pink, only about five inches long, but twice as thick as my own. I gulped at the site of it. "Up against the car boy!", Dirk ordered. I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them, slipped out of the flannel shirt, then peeled off the crop top. I remembered with some relief that I had opted to go without underwear today, rather than wearing a thong I bought at the women's department at Wal-mart. I turned toward the front fender of the Dart, and felt Dirk's tough hand as he pushed me up against it. "Spread those legs!", he snapped. I complied, feeling his hands grip my pecs firmly, squeeze my nipples painfully (at which I let out a squeak much to the enjoyment of my tormentors), then roughly slide down the sides of my truck, stopping at my hips. Dirk's left hand moved frontwards and squeezed my hard cock, pushing out some pre-cum. He grunted in satisfaction and his hand moved lower, cupping my tender, low-hanging balls, and squeezing them gently. "Real nice boy", he purred in my left ear, "I like how you keep yourself shaved and clean.".

Dirk's right hand, started massaging my right buttcheek while his left gave my balls a good going over. I was beginning to get into a nice, erotic rhythym, my eyes closing slightly as I relaxed. I opened my eyes when I felt Dirk's greasy right index finger press against my lips. He forced in into my mouth, then whispered in my ear "Suck it boy". I did as I was asked, firmly sucking his fat grimy finger as his other hand worked my ball sac. In a minute, he pulled out his finger and lowered the hand to the bottom of my ass again. I felt the wet finger press against my shaved pink ass pucker. I bit onto my lower lip as he slowly worked the finger around my asshole, then slipped it inside.

"Uuuugggggghh!", I moaned loudly as he penetrated me.

"That's it fucker!", Dirk hissed at me as he probed at my ass with his spit-wet finger. I felt him slowly work the finger into me, creeping deeper. He suddenly pulled out and I felt my asshole stratched wider, he had two fingers probing me. I felt the stretching of my ass as he worked into me again. Finally he hit my prostate, used a bit of force at it, making me moan again and weaken at my knees. "See that Jimmy! Our little cocksucker likes it! Let's try something else!", Dirk said. His two fingers still pressing my prostate, he squeezed my scrotum hard, making me grunt in pain. He received the desired effect as my ass tightened around his fingers. "Pretty tight for a little fag!", Dirk exclaimed, "Suck my cock dickwad.". He pulled out his fingers and gave me a firm slap on my ass. Meekly, I turned, knelt before him,and grabbed his cock with both hands. I looked up at Dirk, who simply sneered at me then spit, hitting me on my face. I opened my mouth and swallowed Dirk's shaft into me, working my tongue over the underside and sucking on the head as firmly as I could. He moaned, grabbed both sides of my head with his firm hands, then pulled me deeper onto him. I gagged as his thick cock hit the back of my throat. "Better get used to it boy", Dirk said, "You gotta swallow Slim Jim here yet!". Holding my head, Dirk began fucking my face, driving his cock against the back of my throat with each thrust. "Mmmm. That's nice boy.", he said, drilling into me, "You got me nice and ready now! You're gonna lay belly done on that wood there and I'm gonna fuck that pretty shaved ass while Jimmy fills that sweet throat with so much cum you'll be full for a week. Understand?". I moaned in reply.


Dirk pulled out of my mouth and I laid down on the wood that was supported by the two jacks. On either end, they had placed cardboard and a rolled up blanket to serve as kneepads. I looked up as Jim came to me with his long cock, hard and pointed right at me. I gripped on with both hands as he slowly slid it into my mouth. Inch by inch he pushed in. He paused when he reached my throat, then eased in the rest, slowly but surely. I had deepthroated my first cock! Jim began working in and out of my mouth and I soon had the rhythym down to breath while he wasn't shoved down my throat. I began to enjoy having Jimmy getting a load ready to send to my guts.

Once I got Jimmy going, I felt Dirk push my legs forward and spread my cheeks. He pressed my asshole with his thumb and I moaned deeply, Jimmy starting to pick up the pace fucking my throat. In a second the thumb was gone and I could feel Dirk's thick cock pressing at the entrance to me. He pressed harder and I gave way to his purple helmet. His hands gripped my hips and he finally bored into me, forcing out a moan from me as Jim's long cock slid in and out of my mouth. I knew neither one could last much longer. Jim's fingers were digging deep into my skull and I could feel his dick begin to fill. At the other end Dirk's cock was thickening quickly as he rapidly drove into me. I was bracing myself mentally for their cum. I wanted it, I lusted for it, I needed to have it!

Finally Dirk gripped onto my hips tightly, drove deep into my ass and I felt his cock rupture. "Oh fuck yeah!", he shouted, burrowing deeper into my ass as he filled it with cum. I moaned in pleasure with the feeling of hot jizz being pumped into me, and this brought Jim over the edge. Instantly, he gripped my head, drove in deep and blew his motherload. I could feel his thobbing shaft and he expelled what seemed like a gallon of cum into my throat. Exhausted, Dirk pulled out and said, "Nice fucking tight ass kid!". Jim responded by moaning in pleasure at the load he pushed into my tummy. Only one thing remained, I had to feel Jim's long cock in my ass. I only hoped he would stay hard long enough.

"I want to feel that hard cock in me.", I begged Jim, "Roll on your back and let me have it.".

Jim and I switched positions, him laying on his back on the wood, me hovering over his rock hard manhood. I squatted down and pressed his swollen head against my cum-lubed pucker. With a gasp I pushed it through, into my dripping ass. Slowly I slid down the length, impaling myself on his nine inch spear. I moaned in pleasure as it slid deeper into me. Finally I reached the end, sitting on his hips. I moaned at the length inside me, I felt as if he impaled me up to my lungs. Slowly I began gyrating on him, feeling him stiffen in me as my own cock became rock-hard. Dirk stood on my left side and pressed his own still-hard cock against my lips. I leaned back, feeling the full force of Jim in me, pressing against my throbbing prostate gland. I couldn't hold my load too much longer. I began sucking Dirk furiously while grinding hard on Jim's rod. Man I was so hot. I could feel my load pounding at the tip of my cock. I couldn't hold it longer. I let out a loud moan as I reached my climax.

At once my vision went black and white spots appeared as my most intense orgasm ever rocked my slender body. I shot my first wad forcefully out, hitting Jim on the face. The clenching of my ass was too much for him and I felt him also explode, rocking a second load inside me, mixing with Dirk's cum which lubricated my tight ass. As I blew wad after wad I sucked hard on Dirk; he also let a load go, filling my mouth and squirting out the corners of my lips. Exhausted I collapsed on Jim, slid off his massive tool, and licked my own cum off his face.

"You'd better get boy!", Dirk ordered, throwing my slutty clothes at me, "And don't come back either. You little faggy whore slut!".

Humiliated I walked naked to my car, drove to the dirt road and changed back into the clothes I had left Melissa in. I only hope I need another used car part soon. That was my hottest experience.

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