Man for Man



My world collapsed when on that fateful Friday afternoon where all twenty of my fellow colleagues and myself were assembled in the showroom to be told that we were all being made redundant.


The cheque for two week's severance pay wouldn't last me long for I'd only not long ago signed a rental lease on the flat where I was at present now residing. I saw the stricken looks on the others faces and knew that I had the same expression. I only caught a few words of our manager as he told us that our parent company, Centrol was closing down our branch.

He shook us each by the hand, apologising as he did so while giving us our last pay cheque, and we all seemed to stumble out in a very bewildered state.

'What am I going to do?' wailed one of the woman as we collected outside. 'My kids will starve!'

'So will we all,' one of the men said. 'Well I'm off for the last beer I'm going to taste for some time. Anyone else coming?'

As he turned away to start off to the nearest bar, four of us followed him and we all had a beer as they all told of the problems that they were now facing by being out of work. I even put in my cents worth for I had little chance of getting another job with my lack of any experience out in this cruel world of recession. I was now twenty three, no diplomas or college experience, failing nearly everything I turned my hand to. I listened to what they thought and planned to do for their future as I kept quiet and gave thought to what would I now do? Thinking of what little money I did have, I didn't stay for any more beer and left them to their discussions and made my way to my flat that wouldn't be mine for much longer.

I had a few beers in the fridge but opted for coffee as I needed to think as to what I should do. I took my coffee to my small desk that I had in the lounge and sat down in front of my computer and idly scanned for any e-mails, coming up with nothing and then just cruised other sites. I came across Ebay and suddenly got an idea. It was original and might, just might, get me out of the fix that I was now in.

I got quite excited at this thought and went to bed early to mull it over and by the morning, had made up my mind to at least give it a try. After a meagre breakfast, got my camera out and set it up facing a blank wall before getting dressed in my smartest clothes, set the timer on the camera and posed before the camera as I stood up against the wall for the timer to click and have the flash of my picture being taken. I then quickly got these outer clothes off and put on a swim suit. Before pulling it up to my waist properly, I played with my cock to raise it up to a full erection before folding it away and then taking another picture of me in this state.

Both pictures came out quite good as I downloaded them onto my computer and then got back onto Ebay. Here I filled in the necessary questions asked and then copied my two pictures and put them into the advert that I had requested and then added the reason they were there. It ran as follows.

"Young male, twenty three and of good health and fit is being put up for auction for a period of six months to do exactly all what you order. This auction begins as of now for five days and he will go to the highest bidder that goes above the starting price of two thousand dollars"

I was sweating when I pressed the send key and hoped that I would somehow get somebody to pay me a good sum to be what really boils down to being their slave for six months. I think I lost at least six pounds of weight with my sweating out those five days until the time came round to find out if anyone at least made a decent offer. I contacted PayPal to get the answer and was told that the bidding went through over twenty people and the final offer was eight thousand, five hundred dollars. Was that acceptable?

Christ! Did that give me a hard on or not? I couldn't help but jerk myself off right there and then as I looked at the figure again, and it wasn't long after shooting my load that I replied that I accepted this offer and by return, was given the name and address of the person that had made this enormous offer.

I was somewhat dismayed that it wasn't some wealthy woman on finding out that it was a man that made this offer, guessing that I was about to enter the world of homosexuality. But beggars cannot be choosers, though on reflection, it was a form of prostitution that I was offering and I was now committed. Though even if the money had been transferred to my account, I could still pay it back if I didn't like the man who paid that amount. But on reflection realised that I would still have to pay PayPal their fee and probably more to the person who had made the offer, which in my present financial state, couldn't.


After an almost sleepless night, weighing up the pros and cons of what I was doing, selling myself and my soul, decided to burn my boats. I got up and packed what little I had into one suitcase and took it to the station and put it into storage there. I also wrote a short note to my landlord saying that I was leaving the flat and put the keys in it and sealed it for posting. Having made my decision and on returning to the flat, finally got off to sleep, not having to worry about what else was in the flat because I had rented it furnished.

So the next morning, after making sure I really cleaned myself in the shower and getting properly dressed, went off to the address I had been given, posting the letter on the way. I had to travel on a bus for this was on the other side of the town in what I called the posh part, for the houses there were rather expensive and only really for the elite.

On leaving the bus, I had to ask two different people for directions to the boulevard that I wanted. This part of town didn't have street names as they were either boulevards or avenues, they were that posh. I found the one I wanted and soon stood outside the address I had been given to see a veritable mansion. Now this was way out of my sphere and it was with some trepidation that I walked up the gravelled drive that curved round an elaborate fountain and up the few steps to the entrance that stood between two massive pillars. My finger wavered as I pressed the bell button by the side and waited.

A pert young woman dressed as a maid answered the door and looked at me. 'Yes?' she enquired of me.

'Er, my name is Mark Trent and I have an appointment with Mr. Branson,' I said.

No, it wasn't the Branson of Virgin fame, or related, but another whose Christian name was Dennis. I was the virgin, without fame.

'Oh yes. You were expected,' she said with a shy smile. 'Please enter and I will inform the master that you have arrived.' She stood aside for me to enter a very large entrance hall that had a huge circular dome that was made of glass to give ample light to the area. A huge staircase on my left wound round and up to the next floor where there were two doors either side of what looked like a corridor or hallway going back into the building. Facing me were three doors on this ground floor and I heard the door close behind me and she came past me, saying that I was to follow her.

We went through the door on the right into a short corridor with a door at the far end and one to the left, which she stopped at and knocked. A voiced was heard with the word enter and she opened the door to announce me.

'Mr. Trent sir,' she said, and beckoned me to step forward, which I did to enter what looked like it was his study and saw the man himself just putting a book back on a much crowded shelf of books. In fact there were many shelves packed with them. He looked to be about forty years of age, about the same height as me, that being nearly six foot and looked quite fit without any sign of a paunch. His hair was black with a slight tinge of grey at the sides, blue eyes and had a lovely smile as he looked at me.

'Sarah,' he said, which was obviously the maid's name. 'Mr. Trent will be staying for a while and is my guest,' he told her as he came forward with his hand outstretched which I took and shook. It was a firm grip and not a bone crunching one that many macho men like to use. I saw Sarah out of the corner of my eye bob a curtsey to him before she left the study 'Welcome Mark. I must say that your pictures didn't do you justice,' he said with his smile as we shook hands. 'Sarah sees to most of my needs except for those that you are here for.' I blushed at this as our hands slowly parted and he moved over to what looked like a drinks cabinet, speaking as he did so. 'I have one other maid, Norma, who sees to the cleaning. Ruby is my cook and her husband, Ralph is my chauffeur, gardener and handyman. Would you like a drink?'

'Er, not right now sir,' I stammered.

'Dennis Mark, Dennis, not sir as you are, er, my guest of sorts,' he said as I watched him pour out a brandy and knock it back before replacing the glass on a tray. 'Let me show you upstairs,' he said, leading the way back to the hall and up the winding staircase. 'I liked the unique way of you using Ebay, putting yourself up for auction. I just couldn't resist but to put in a bid which I hope will be to both of us, a delightful experience.' He said this as we walked up and then into the hallway that seemed to stretch forever it was that long with quite a few doors on both sides. We went down to the far end and he opened the door into what was the biggest bedroom I have ever seen. It was the whole width of the house and had this massive bed that could have slept four people without being at all cramped up. It was plush and even had a sofa and a coffee table before a large fireplace as well as other pieces of furniture that made the room looking more like a sumptuous lounge.


'Through there is the bathroom,' he said, indicating the door to the left of the bed, 'and that is my dressing room,' pointing to the one on the right. He'd stopped by the bottom end of the bed which was of the divan type by not having an ornate or panelled end to it, and turned to me. 'Why did you come up with the auction business?'

'I...I've just been made redundant, and so, without having any degrees or formal training, there wasn't anything else I could do to obtain a worthwhile paying job,' I said with a shrug.

'Well let's see what is to be mine for the next six months,' he said. 'Take your clothes off.'

Now was crunch time for me as I slowly began to take them off, feeling my face flush at my first stripping off my clothes in front of another man. I felt somewhat foolish as I then stood there in front of him, naked as the day I was born.

'Not bad. Not bad at all,' he said, walking round me as he surveyed what he'd just bought for six months. 'In fact, you've got a nice looking body with everything in the right place. A nice looking bum and a cock to be proud of even in its flaccid state. Your balls look big too.' I blushed at his references to my manhood or was it very likely to become my womanhood I wondered as his hand stroked the cheeks of my bum. 'Are you a good cocksucker?' he asked.

'I...I don't know. I...I haven't done it before,' I stuttered, feeling my face go red.

'Don't say I've bought a pig-in-a-poke,' I heard him mutter as he came round to face me. 'What are you like as a kisser?' he asked, his hand lifting my chin up.

'Well I've never had any complaints before,' I replied, not mentioning that I'd only kissed a few girls in my time, never another male person.

'Okay. Kiss me then,' he said, opening his arms, which I then moved into them and put my arms round his shoulders as we went into a clinch. I closed my eyes as our lips met and I had to visualise that it was a woman that I was just about to kiss. This I did with our body up in close contact, pressing my lips softly to his in my kissing of him and felt his lips slightly open, making my lips move with his and suddenly felt his tongue pressing against them. I couldn't help but open my mouth a little wider and had his tongue move in to touch mine.

It was as if I'd touched my tongue to a battery to see if there was still life in it, getting that little tingling shock at them touching each other. I let his tongue move round over mine before I started to copy his movements and found that my cock had started to rise at this erotic feeling I was getting from us tonguing each other.

I think it was him feeling that I was becoming aroused for he broke of the kiss and stood back a little, looking down to see that I had indeed started to rise up.

'Not bad, not bad,' he muttered, his hand coming down and taking hold of my rising cock, this action making it rise up to its full potential. 'Could do with a bit more practice but can feel that its turned you on somewhat.'

His other hand now pulled one of mine down and rubbed it against his trouser front for me to feel that he too had risen up. Now whether this was the fact of our kissing or that he was now holding my erect cock, I don't know. He then released both my hand and my cock and pulled down the zipper of his trousers and pulled out his hard erect cock and as he gave it a rub, sat down on the end of the bed. His erection now sticking up at an angle and I could now see that he was quite big and it looked to be about six or seven inches in length and that he was uncut with his foreskin stretched tight around the solid flesh of the head which was a reddish purple in colour.

'As you've never sucked a cock before,' he said, his hand still slowly moving his hand up and down the shaft of his erection. 'Let's see how you perform with this being your first time,' taking his hand off himself and leaning back on the bed.

Now was a moment of truth for me to suck on my first male penis. I knew that I had to do this, thinking that he'd paid eight and a half thousand dollars that I sorely needed, and wondered how many times in the next six months that I would have to suck on his erection. He'll have your ass too, said a little voice in my head as I moved forward, moving down onto my knees between his open legs, my eyes mesmerised by just looking at the cock I was about to suck.


I took the base of it in my hand, feeling the heat it gave off as well as the steady throb that I guessed to be his pulse rate. I gave it a squeeze and saw the eye open slightly, giving the impression that it was winking at me. There was what looked like a raindrop coming out of it and it was to this that I put my tongue and licked it off.

I was surprised at how honey like it tasted and wondered if his sperm that would later come out would taste the same, so as they say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I bent my head down and took the head of his cock into my mouth.

Not really knowing what I should do, kept my lips tight round the head as I took it inside my mouth, my lips then pushing the foreskin right down to have the bare flesh of his cock head to run my tongue round. It was hot and felt it throb away and increase in tempo slightly as I did so and even evinced a groan from him as my tongue moved round it, knowing now that I had stroked across the G string. That thin piece of skin that joined the foreskin to the flesh that was one of the erogenous zones of the male body.

Not only was my tongue moving round the head, but my head was going slowly up and down on him and I had the irrelevant thought that what I was doing was known as a blow job when I was actually sucking on him. Who called the sucking of a male penis a blow job? A question that I knew I was not going to get an answer to.

'Use your hand at the same time,' he said, almost growling. 'Also take it easy with the teeth.' This brought me out of my reverie to what I was doing. Actually sucking on another man's cock and jerking him off at the same time! With the head of his cock in my mouth and me jerking him off, he was going to cum in my mouth I thought. What do I do then? As if reading my thoughts, he told me. 'I'm nearly there,' he groaned, and I felt his thighs start to tighten up. 'When I cum, hold it there in your mouth, don't try and do anything else until I've finished,' he panted, his growl gone now.

I kept on bobbing my head up and down as I moved my hand in the opposite direction, keeping a firm hold on his cock and felt it start to swell a little more and suddenly felt him really stiffen up and had him cum in my mouth.

Boy! That first surge that erupted in my mouth was a shock with it coming out with some force it seemed as it hit the back of my throat, almost making me gag. His hands now came to hold my head steady as more of his cum entered my mouth to coalesce with that first lot with him now pumping his hips up as he face fucked me. I think I took five shots of his cum, it seeming to be lesser amounts until he stopped trying to get the whole of his prick into my mouth. I was breathing hard through my nose as I felt his cum moving about in my mouth as one big mass, though I think it was my tongue that was doing the moving.

'Now swallow it,' was the order from Dennis, his hands still holding my head in a firm grip. I don't know why, but I closed my eyes, shutting out the sight of his pubic hairs as I swallowed another man's cum for the first time. Now that surprised me. Not the swallowing of his cum but to find that it was just like having a raw egg sliding down my throat but having a slight taste of salt left in my mouth. I still had his hands holding my head so I kept on moving my hand on his erection, squeezing it as I brought my hand up, getting a little more of his cum into my mouth. This I kept in there as I sucked and then licked the head of his cock until I didn't get any more out of him and had him release me

I leaned back, now really getting the taste of his cum that I still had there and found it wasn't too bad and felt inordinately pleased with myself for actually doing it before swallowing those last few drops.

'Not bad for a beginner,' he said, looking down at me. 'Have you ever had a cock like this up your ass?' he asked, his hand moving it from side to side, it still upright but not looking as hard as it had before I sucked on it.

', Dennis,' I stuttered.


'Well you will when it's back up to size,' he said with a smile on his face. 'Fix me a drink. Over there,' he said, pointing to a side table that had a few bottles of various drinks on it plus an ice bucket. 'A large gin and tonic with one cube of ice. Oh, have one yourself too.'

I rose up from my knees and having looked where he had pointed, went over and found the gin bottle and poured out some into two glasses and uncapped a bottle of tonic water and poured it into both glasses and then dropped and ice cube into each. I picked them up and turned round to see that he had now taken all his clothes off and was lying on the bed, his now flaccid cock laying up against his thigh.

He was quite well built and had a sun tan all over, except for a very thin white strip round by his hip that told me that he wore some form of pouch when sunbathing for his cock was also white as opposed to the colour of the rest of his skin. I walked over with the drinks and passed one glass over to him which he took and took a big gulp from it.

'Well get on the bed,' he said, 'for this is where you will be sleeping for the next six months.' I wasn't quite sure if it was a smile or a smirk he gave me as he said this, but I did as I was told and got onto the bed, being careful not to spill my drink. 'This is where the action will take place every night and maybe, during the day sometimes depending how randy I get.' Now this was definitely said with a smirk and I gave him a weak smile back, thinking of how I would then be getting his cock shoved up my ass every night for the whole of the six months that he had bought at the auction.

He took another sip from his glass before putting it onto the side cabinet and turned towards me.

'Put your glass down,' he said, his voice now sounding a little hoarse, which I did, and had him then half roll onto me and start kissing me. This didn't surprise me but he did a few minutes later for after a few kisses, he moved down and began to kiss and nibble at the nipples of my chest. Not only that, but he sucked on them before moving even further down the bed, kissing my lower chest and stomach before giving the head of my still rampant cock head a kiss.

Then he showed me how a cock should be sucked. First he gave the head a squeeze, making the eye open up and into this he blew a small stream of air from his mouth which made really give out a quiver. Next he tongued it before taking the head into his mouth, his lips tight up around my foreskin, pushing it back as he slowly moved down till I had the whole of the cock head bare of skin so that he could really suck and tease it with his tongue.

His mouth was hot and I couldn't help but give out a gasp at having this experience of having my cock sucked for the first time. He made me groan and have my cock twitch as I felt his tongue move over the G string and my whole body gave out a shiver and I had tingles run up and down my spine and a warm glow fill my stomach as even my balls moved at this erotic sensation that flowed through my body.

Then his head started to bob up and down on my cock as his hand did the same in the opposite direction giving me the most exciting thing that I'd ever experienced, and I loved it. Feeling his tongue move round the bare flesh as he sucked and teased it in his sucking of my cock. So much so, that I soon began to move my hips up towards his down bobbing head and knew that I was about to give him my cumming.

Man! That was some load that I shot into his mouth. Bucking up to him as I began to fill his mouth with my cum, getting the relief that I desperately needed. I think, with getting that extra bit of suction, that he swallowed all of it in one go for the sucking slackened off to just having his tongue rove round over the head as he kept giving me little squeezes of my cock before he finally lifted his head up and gave me a smile before giving the head a kiss and moving up the bed, kissed me.

'That's how to give head,' he said, kissing me again. 'Let's hope that you can do it that way next time.' He must have enjoyed it for with him half laying on me, I could feel that his cock was once again up and hard and pressing against my thigh. 'But now I'm ready to fuck you and as nobody else has ever been there, I'm going bare back.' I found out later that this meant he wouldn't be using a condom.


He rolled off me and got up from the bed and went through to the bathroom to return quite quickly with a tube of what I learned was known as lube. I was mesmerised by his swaying erection as he walked back towards me, it now looking huge to me and even though I'd had it in my mouth, looked far too big to be pushed up my ass. My mouth had suddenly gone all dry at the thought as he half rolled me onto my side and felt him push a finger inside me.

'Dry,' he commented, his finger moving about in my ass, 'but this will help,' he said as he pulled it out and a minute later had him push it back in with a bit more ease now due to him having lubed his finger. He moved it about for a few minutes before then using two fingers before I finished up with him having three of his fingers moving inside me, expanding my hole so that it wouldn't hurt when he pushed his cock inside he told me. For that's what I got a few minutes later.

He rolled me onto my back and I watched him rub some of this lube over his cock that now looked really huge to me as it moved about as he got onto the bed and between my legs. These he lifted up as he shuffled closer to me and put the heels up onto his shoulders, half bending me as he almost lifted my bottom half up and felt the head of his cock touch my ring piece.

My body gave out a twitch to this touching me there and couldn't stop my body from trembling as I felt more pressure being used as both of his hands came up to hold my thighs as he began to push forwards.

'Relax Mark. Relax,' he said, seeing the expression on my face as well as feeling my sphincter muscle trying to stop his entry. This I tried to do but couldn't with this being my first time of having a man's cock trying to gain entry to my backside. There was a little pain as I felt the head of his cock widen me and then suddenly to feel it slip inside.

Wow! It felt huge and I could feel it throbbing away and heard him give out a sigh as the rest of his cock slid right up into me, right in till his thighs were tight up to the cheeks of my ass and he could go no further.

'There's nothing like a virgin ass,' he said as he began to move and felt his cock start to slide back until it was almost out and then be pushed back inside me. I can't really describe all of the different sensations that flowed through my body as his cock slid back and forth in his fucking of me. I'm sure I smiled back as he smiled down at me as he moved himself in and out of me.

My body seemed to glow and looking down, could see that I now had another erection lying up on my stomach, twitching away as I was being fucked and found that I was enjoying this, and it got even better. I felt his hands tighten on my thighs and he really began to push harder into me and felt his cock swell a little bit more and then felt his first surge of cum hit the insides of my canal.

It felt incredible as more came splashing inside me and it gave me a thrill to feel it hitting me and I felt my own cock start to follow suit and had my own cum shoot out of my cock to squirt right up onto my chest. He was cumming inside me as I was cumming over my chest and stomach and felt as though I was in heaven at the thrill I was getting by having his cum do this to me.

He was panting heavily when he came to a halt, his cock really throbbing hard inside me as he smiled down at me. 'That was just great Mark. Nice and tight,' he said, his hands now moving up and down my thighs. 'I'm glad I bought you.'

I was too, having him fuck me every day, sometimes twice and a few times he had me for a third time. I even got to love the sucking on him and got much better at cocksucking over the six months that I lived with him. I now loved having sex like this and when the six months were nearly up, I went onto Ebay again and put myself up for auction again.

Would you believe it! It was Dennis that put in the highest bid.


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