Man for Man

At The Library


It was January. Not my favorite time of the year, may I add. The holidays are over and done with and it's cold, dark and gloomy. In January I perfectly understand the need to go into hibernation and I wish humans could do that too. Unfortunately our society doesn't accept that so I struggle through the first month of the year, every year.


I was ready to call it quits. I had expected to find some nice gay of bisexual men at university but in stead I was shunt by my peers. I was horny 24/7 but was afraid to invite a guy to my dorm. What would happen if the others living in the dorm would find out and started treating me the same way as my classmates were? So I surfed the net, visiting gay chat rooms and trying to score anonymous sex dates. Most of the time that sucked because the men who said they were in their twenties meant they were in their twenties twenty years ago so I left with severe case of blue balls most of the time. I expected this time to be no different.

I agreed to meet this Arabian guy at the station near my dorm. I always met them at a public place so I could escape if I needed, a precaution that proved my saving on more than one occasion. Anyway, I was waiting at the station when I heard someone call my name. One of my classmates walked up to me. Let's call him Mohammed. He was an Arabian guy, one year older than me and one of the few who were not afraid to be seen with me. Although he had a Muslim upbringing he was cool with me being gay. He stood 1m80 and weighted about 70 kg. He was built but not extremely muscular and had a nice face. All in all a nice guy but right now I wished he was anywhere but here. One possibility was my date would be a no show because I stood there with Mohammed, another was that my date did show up causing a very awkward moment and maybe ruining the one friend-like contact I had in medical school. But I couldn't tell him to get lost either.

"Hey, Peter. What are you doing here?" Mohammed asked.

"I'm supposed to meet someone here" I answered, still hoping he would have a train to catch or something.

"Cool, me too" Mohammed said. "Mind if I wait here with you?" Yeah, a big problem, but I couldn't tell him that. My parents taught me better. Still, I hoped if I gave him somewhat of a cold shoulder he might reconsider.

"Free country, man" I said, what got me a strange look and a shrug while Mohammed sat down next to me. Ok, so that wouldn't work. Well, if he agreed to meet someone at this place I couldn't blame him for not going anywhere. After all, I also picked this spot to meet someone.

Trouble is that Mohammed is a likable guy and fun to talk to so even with my idea to give him a cold shoulder I found us making small talk before long, passing the time rapidly. After half an hour I looked at my watch and saw my date was almost 20 minutes late.

"Well, I guess my appointment is a no show" I sighed.

"Yeah, mine too" Mohammed said and got up from the bench. "I mean, it's not like it's difficult to find this spot. When you say, "meet me at the bench underneath the stations clock" it's pretty obvious where to meet, right? As far as I know, this is the only bench underneath the clock there is".

"You're right, it is" I said. "Who were you supposed to meet here?" Expecting him to say he was picking up his sister of something.

"Oh, someone I met in an internet chat room but I guess he got cold feet" Mohammed said.

"He?" I asked.

"Yeah," Mohammed said, turning a little red in the face. "Well, I guess I can tell you. I met this guy online and had a nice conversation with him. He suggested to meet him here but either he changed his mind or he saw us talking and got cold feet".

And then it clicked. Arabian, in his twenties, student. Mohammed was my date!

"Do you use the nickname Arabianboy23?" I asked him.

"Are you Gayguy22?" Mohammed asked in return. We both nodded at the same time before bursting into laughter. We had been talking all this time, not knowing we were waiting for each other. It's almost something for a Hollywood production. As soon as we finished laughing at each other we both decided to see if we would like each other as much physically as we did in normal conversation. We went to an adult bookstore and had two great hours, sucking and fucking each others brains out.

Afterwards we decided we had fun with each other, both sexually as innocent fun, so we started dating. Also we started hanging out more and more at the university while having great sex whenever we could.


However, being seen with me on a regular basis during lunch and stuff didn't improve Mohammed's chances of winning a popularity contest and not before long people started rumors about Mohammed being gay as well (remember: outed by association?). The rumors stung Mohammed more than a little, even more so because they were true and his family couldn't find out. Mohammed became shunt like me and after a few weeks we pretty much only had each other. So when I told Mohammed I was planning on studying at the library he quickly decided to join me there.

In the meantime winter was replaced by spring. Do you know how they always say humans are superior beings for having higher brain functions and not being affected by the change of the seasons? Well, I don't know about you but during spring en summertime my sex drive is way higher than during autumn or winter. So, even though Mohammed and I were studying for our exams we were both hornier then ever and feeling each other up a lot, even while studying. After a very hard day (in more ways than one) we decided we needed to find a place in the library where there were less people. Otherwise Mohammed's reputation would be completely trashed and he didn't deserve that. Well, I didn't deserve that either but in Mohammed's case it was even more important he kept up the appearances. Luckily Mohammed knew of a place.

"In the basement there are cubicles for study purposes" Mohammed said. "Hardly anyone goes there because most people don't know about them and the few that do don't think they are comfortable enough".

"What do you mean with "comfortable enough"?" I asked.

"Well, it's hardly more than a cell with a desk and a couple of chairs" Mohammed said. "Most students who are studying here prefer the upstairs reading room".

"Ok, we'll look into it tomorrow" I said. "Coming over to my place?" I asked with pleading eyes. After all the groping we had been doing today I needed some release or I was going crazy. Unfortunately, I was out of luck.

"Can't" Mohammed said. "My parents are asking questions about you and why I spend so much time with you. So, to avoid trouble, I guess I should go home". So we said our goodbyes in front of the hospital and went our separate ways. I knew this was going to be a long night, with all the little swimmers in my balls begging to be let out.

So the next morning we saw each other at 9 am in front of the library. Once we got the books we needed we locked away our bags and entered the library. We went to the reading room where several students were already present. As soon as we entered they all looked at us and you could already tell they had been talking about us.

"Don't even pay attention to them" Mohammed said en he led me to the stairs towards the basement.

In the basement there was also a reading room but this one was smaller. Unfortunately, since there was no supervision here the students were noisier than upstairs which didn't do our concentration any good. Mohammed led me to the right when we entered the basement, towards the part of the library where the scientific journals were kept. We passed those and, through a small room, we came to the cubicles.

Well, Mohammed was right. They were hardly comfortable. Still we didn't need comfort; we needed a place to study without our classmates giving us a hard time. There was a large desk, two chairs and, when we tested it, the lights were working. That was all we needed.

"Ok, I think this will work" I said to Mohammed. "Let's get started" and we started quizzing each other on the different parts of the human bowels.

Did I mention I get distracted easily? So imagine what happens when you're sitting in a quiet, secluded room with someone who makes you horny when smiling at you. Mohammed was sitting next to me, our legs touching. I felt his body heat through our jeans. I heard his quiet breathing and smelled his musky scent. I felt my dick twitch in my jeans. Why on earth had I chosen today of all days to go commando?

I was so hard trying to concentrate on the text I was reading (or trying to, at least) I never noticed Mohammed looking at me from the corner of his eye. All of a sudden I felt Mohammed's hand on my leg. I looked up and saw his eyes only inches from mine and before I knew it Mohammed pressed his lips on mine. It only took me a second to drop the text, grab Mohammed's head and force my tongue in Mohammed's mouth, which he more than happily welcomed.


"I was hoping we could do this" Mohammed quietly moaned while rubbing my leg and accidently brushing my now very hard dick. I only moaned in response.

Mohammed started pulling my shirt from my jeans, allowing his access to my abdomen and my nipples. He took one of my nipples between his fingers and gently squeezed it, causing me both to moan and leaking precum at the same time.

"You need to be a little quiet, babe" Mohammed said. "We don't want to alert someone, do we?" I shook my head while I was licking his neck. No way I was going to stop feeling his body, not even if all of our classmates were standing in front of us.

Mohammed kept playing with my nipple with one hand while rubbing my hard dick through my jeans at the same time. Now I needed to let his neck go because otherwise I was going to cum and no way was I'm going to let that happen in my jeans.

"Mohammed, stop! You're making me cum and I'm not ready to cum yet" I pleaded.

"If you need to cum, you need to cum" Mohammed teased and started rubbing my dick again. I needed to find a way to cool down. At this moment even the friction of my jeans against my dick could set me off.

"Wait, babe." I said. "I need to get something from my bag".

"You got to be kidding me!" Mohammed exclaimed. "NOW you need to get something from your bag?!"

"I promise you it will be worth it" I said, feeling myself retreating from the point of no return. I quickly got up, gave Mohammed a quick kiss he didn't answer and left the cubicle. On my way out I noticed the outer door had a lock from the inside out. That would prove useful.

I pretty much ran towards the stairs in order to get to my bag as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, one of my classmates called me over.

"Listen, fag. We don't care about you but Mohammed is a good guy. Why don't you end your friendship with him before you damage both him and his career?" the girl said.

"Why don't you go fuck yourself and leave me and my friends alone, bitch?" I answered before turning around and running up the stairs. Ok, so she'd be under the impression her words meant something to me. Big fucking deal! I had other plans and it involved my Arabian man, myself and hot sex.

As soon as I got to my locker I got my back and started looking. One thing I started doing as soon as I arrived at the dorm at the beginning of the year and that was packing condoms and lubricant in my bag. That way I would always be prepared. After maybe 30 seconds I found the small bag in my bag but it felt like hours. Both my dick as my ass throbbed with anticipation. I locked my bag away again, keeping the small bag under my sweater. If the librarian would see it I would be in trouble.

As soon as I was downstairs again I heard noises coming from the cubicle.

"Leave, bitch, or I swear I will hurt you! If you'd been a guy I would've smashed your face in!" Mohammed shouted.

"You can't be serious?" the girl who had called me over said. "I offer you my pussy to fuck and, at the same time, stifle the rumors about you. You should be thankful. A lot of guys would love to fuck me".

"From what I heard a lot of guys did love to fuck you" Mohammed said with venom in his voice. "Did the last one know he got you pregnant? Or did you not even bother to tell him before you had an abortion?"

"Come on, we can do it right her and now" the girl said, almost pleading. "Here, on the desk. I won't make you wear a condom".

"Even if I wanted to fuck you, no way I'm stuffing my dick in there without an extra strong rubber" Mohammed said. "Stuffing my dick in a working meat grinder would be safer than fucking you without a condom. And now leave!"

"Maybe the rumors are true!" the girl screamed. "Maybe you are queer like that fag Peter". I heard some noise and all of a sudden the girl was stumbling out of the cubicle. I managed to stay out of sight.

"If I ever hear you say something bad about Peter or any of my friends I will forget you are a woman and send you to the ER" Mohammed hissed with anger. "Get out of my sight!".

I'm not a violent person. When most of my peers were playing videogames like Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein I played Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog. I do watch action movies but only if the violence has a purpose other than bloodlust. TV-series like The A-Team or Tour of Duty were too violent for my liking. But the way Mohammed had defended me, even though he didn't know I was there, really turned me on. I felt my dick throbbing in my jeans again and I was ready to rip his clothes of right there and then. He was so aggressive, so manly. He oozed sex appeal to me right now. If I had been a woman my jeans would have been soaked. Well, I was leaking so much precum I was pretty much soaking my jeans anyway.


As soon as the girl was out of sight and Mohammed was back inside the cubicle I left my hiding place and entered the cubicle, using the lock on my in. Mohammed was standing in the cubicle, apparently still steaming with anger, with his back towards the door and me. I walked towards him and ran my hands over his chest.

"That really turned me on, babe" I whispered in his ear while pushing my hard dick against his ass.

In a flash Mohammed turned around, picked my up and laid me down on the desk. I noticed all of our stuff on the ground and wondered how it got there. But Mohammed gave me little time to wonder about that. He was standing there, bend over. His nose was almost touching mine. His eyes showed a lot of arousal.

"So you like to be protected by a strong man, don't you?" Mohammed said. "Well, this man is more than willing to do so" and with one fluent motion he pulled of his shirt and sweater. Before I knew it, his face was next to mine again and he started licking and sucking my neck. My dick was so hard now it hurt, even in my loose jeans.

"Please, release my dick" I pleaded. "It needs to get out". I tried to undo my jeans but Mohammed stopped me.

"What do you think my dick felt like when you walked out to "get something from you bag"?" he said. "Now you can suffer from it a little while". He started licking my neck again but also rubbing my dick. God, I can't remember experiencing this feeling before. I was completely turned on and I loved what Mohammed was doing to me but at the same time my dick and balls were aching and trying to push through my jeans. Bliss and agony at the same time. Even today I don't know if I loved or hated it.

"Please, Mohammed" I begged now. "My crotch hurts so much". I tried to squirm away but that was not going to happen. I grazed Mohammed's crotch and felt his thick, cut dick being completely hard.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere" Mohammed said. But he allowed me to sit up, but only to remove my sweater and shirt, while dropping the little bag in the floor.

"What's that?" while picking up the bag and opening it. He saw the condoms and the lubricant inside. "Aren't you a horny little devil?" while moving down to my nipples. He took one in his mouth and started sucking it. I thought I was going to die right there and then.

"Please, babe. Open my jeans" I begged. And finally Mohammed did as I asked. While still sucking and slightly biting my nipple he undid my jeans, causing my leaking dick to jump out in freedom.

"Wow!" Mohammed said. "I never seen this much precum on you before".

"Well, normally you don't keep me waiting for several days to sleep with you" I answered. "Now I haven't felt your body for four days straight so no wonder I'm leaking precum like a waterhose".

Mohammed didn't respond but moved his head towards my crotch. In one gulp he took in half of my dick. I gasped and I felt my balls pulling up.

"Let go, Mohammed" I yelled. "Let go or I'll shoot right now". Mohammed let go and I concentrated really hard to stop my body from reaching orgasm. I succeeded but it was really difficult. This was the second time I was able to postpone my orgasm. I wouldn't be successful a third time.

"Don't touch my dick or I'll shoot" I told Mohammed. "I'm too close". Mohammed didn't answer but instead pushed me back down on the desk, lying on my back. Mohammed moved to the other side of the desk, where my head was. He maneuvered his hands under my armpits and pulled me towards him. I felt the edge of the desk on my shoulders, leaving my head free of the desk.

"Just relax" Mohammed said. "Just relax your neck and drop your head".

When I did that I saw Mohammed had undone his jeans. Apparently he was going commando as well. He moved towards me, his dick standing out. His dickhead touched my lips. I understood what he wanted but decided to tease him a little first. I started licking his big dickhead, wrapping my tongue as much around it as I could. With the tip of my tongue I caressed the edge of his dickhead, causing Mohammed to moan and his dick to twitch. I knew from earlier experience the sensation drove him mad with lust. And today was no exception.


He increased pressure on my lips with his dickhead, indicating he wanted to enter. Well, who am I to deny him that? I opened my mouth, welcoming his think, hard dick in my mouth. I played with the dickhead with my tongue as Mohammed entered my mouth, thinking he would stop moving in. I was wrong. Mohammed pushed through and I felt his dickhead slowly slide to the back of my mouth before Mohammed pulled back again. He kept at this for a while, allowing me to suck his dick nice, hard and wet. I loved the sensation of his dickhead sliding over my tongue and, according to the moaning Mohammed did, he liked it as well. He slid his dick deeper into my mouth again and kept it there for a second.

"Take a deep breath, Peter" Mohammed told me. And I did. I took a deep breath, smelling his sweaty, musky scent as his balls were almost resting on my nose. I loved that smell.

"Do it again, babe" Mohammed said. "Take a couple of deep breaths". So I repeated my breathing a couple of times.

"Good, now relax" Mohammed said and before I could ask him what I had to relax for, he pushed his dick further, passed the back of my mouth and into my throat. For a moment I started panicking because Mohammed's thick dick cut of my breath. Now I understood why Mohammed had told me to take a couple of deep breaths. I tried to force his dick out of my mouth but Mohammed held me down.

"Relax, babe. Nothing is going to happen" Mohammed said, while rubbing my nipples. "Just relax and enjoy it". And, strangely enough, he managed to reassure me and I started to relax. It still was a strange sensation, not being able to breath because his dick was down my throat but I kinda liked it. Just as I started feeling lightheaded (probably because of the lack of oxygen) Mohammed pulled back, making it possible for me to breathe again.

"That felt so wonderful, babe" Mohammed said. I couldn't answer because, although Mohammed had pulled back from my throat, his dick was still in my mouth. "Wanna try it again?" I nodded.

"Take a couple of deep breaths again" Mohammed said and as soon as I did that a couple of times he started pushing his dick into my throat again. This time there was no panic and I just enjoyed feeling his dick deep inside me.

"We have to stop otherwise I'll cum" Mohammed said. I tried to say something but I couldn't with his dick down my throat. So instead I hummed something, causing Mohammed to moan. "Stop, babe, or I'll shoot everything down your throat!" and quickly he pulled out his dick. He just stood there for about a minute, concentrating on not climaxing. Like me, Mohammed had quit some control and after a while I could tell he wouldn't start shooting.

"That felt great, Peter" Mohammed said. "Someday soon I'll let you experience it as well. But right now I have other plans" and with that he picked me up from the desk and set my down on my feet. Luckily he was still holding me because I felt a little dizzy, probably both because of the position I had been in and the lack of oxygen. While I steadied myself against the desk Mohammed picked up the small bag containing the condoms and lubricant. He put on a condom and applied a lot of lube. Because his dick was so thick he needed a lot of lube in order to enter me. He also rubbed lube on my ass and worked first one and than two fingers in, spreading the lube also on the inside of my asshole. I loved the feeling of him being up my ass.

"Are you ready, Peter?" he asked. As a response I bent over a little more, giving him more access to my ass. Mohammed stood behind me, putting his dickhead against my ass. "Here I go".

In one stroke Mohammed pushed his dick in, all the way up my ass, ending up hitting my prostate. That was it. I couldn't take anymore and I started cumming. Jet after jet of cum shot from my dick. My balls felt like they were pulled into my body. And while I was going of the deep end losing myself in my orgasm I felt Mohammed still pumping his dick in and out of my ass. After that my entire body and mind went into sensory overload and I lost all track of time. All I felt was the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced and Mohammed's dick moving in and out of my ass.


I know It can't have lasted more than a few minutes but it felt like hours when I finally was able to form a coherent thought again. My heart was racing and my legs were still weak. I was resting with my chest on the desk and Mohammed was still fucking my ass. But his thrusts were becoming shorter and quicker and I knew he was almost there. With a loud groan Mohammed started filing the condom. At moments like this I hated those things. I would've loved feeling him really filing my ass. However, that was just not possible so there's no point in regretting it. Mohammed came long and a lot as well and in the end collapsed on top of me. He also needed a few minutes to come down from his high again. When he did, he slowly pulled out of me. Until this day I have never seen that much cum from one orgasm in a condom.

"I never felt anything like this, Mohammed" I said to him. I leaned in and kissed him.

"Wow! You definitely came" Mohammed said, while looking at the floor. I never shot that much cum before. The floor in front of the desk was covered in cum. There was even cum against the wall.

"What can I say? You fucked me like I have never been fucked before. And I loved it".

We both decided studying would be too difficult after the orgasm we just experienced. Instead we got dressed, picked up all our stuff (some of it was covered in cum) and made our way upstairs to get our bags. Mohammed went home with me and spent the night. The next morning at breakfast my roommates said it was time they met my boyfriend. They couldn't care less if I had a girlfriend or boyfriend, just as long as I kept the noise down when we had sex.

A couple of days later Mohammed kept his promise and deepthroated me while he was lying down on the desk. However, when he started humming on me, I wasn't fast enough and I almost drowned him in my cum. That was the first time I came while someone sucked me and, while I thought cumming while fucking an ass was great, cumming while having your dick sucked is heaven!

In the next couple of months we had sex in the cubicle some more. Sometimes I rode Mohammed's dick while he sat in a chair and sometimes he rode mine. But most of the time one of us was bend over the desk while the other was plowing the others ass. At least once we had an audience because when we left the cubicle we found cum on the floor and against the door. We never found out from whom, though.

Over time Mohammed and I grew apart. The sex still was great but we spent less and less time together. So it didn't come as a surprise to Mohammed when I told him I wanted to end our relationship. The love I felt for him had changed and even the great sex couldn't mask that anymore. Mohammed felt the same way and we ended it peacefully.

Every now and then we see each other at international conventions and there's still sexual chemistry between us. I think we would have a great time if we ever gave in to our urges. However, we don't. Mohammed lives with a male nurse and, as far as his family is concerned, they're "roommates". Me, I'm engaged to a cute Asian waiter. Neither of us is willing to risk our relationships. But, even though I found out that I'm more top than bottom, my dick still gets hard when I think of the sensation of Mohammed's dick up my ass, hitting my prostate, causing me to hose down the floor at the library.

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