Man for Man

At Last!!


What a glorious day. I had been backpacking for over seven hours. It was a hot and sunny Saturday in September. The climb up the mountains, carrying my camping gear - a pup tent, my sleeping bag and food supplies, was quite a work out - I loved it! The long hours of work at the hospital had been quite stressful of late and I was tired of the day-to-day pressures and demands of the job. This is just the break that I needed. My wife thought I was crazy to plan a week hiking in the mountains, carrying everything I needed on my back.


"If you need a break, why don't you just rest at home, read, swim in the pool?" she asked.

That wouldn't re-energize me, I need to get away", I told her.

Even though I ran and exercised almost daily and loved my job, I felt that I was getting out of shape both mentally and physically and wanted to do something different to recharge my body and spirit. Maybe this was midlife crisis catching up to me but I just felt something was missing in my life of late. Whatever it was, I just knew this was the right thing for me to do. I extensively researched the mountains and their trails before picking a route that would provide me hard exercise, the beauty of nature, and the solitude I thought I craved. My chosen route would really take me away from everyone and everything. My wife worried that I would break a leg or get eaten by a bear. I laughed and told her not to worry. I'd be back in a week.

But before I continue about my life changing adventure, let me tell you about myself. My name is Steve and I am 59 years old. I don't feel like I am almost 60 and most people say I look at least ten years younger. I am 5' 10" in height, 160 pounds, with a relatively thin runner's body. I always swore I would not have a potbelly like my father had, and up to this point I am proud that I have kept my stomach flat and somewhat ripped. Although I certainly would not call myself muscular, the years of running and moderate weight lifting have kept my muscles defined especially in my legs, arms, chest, and stomach. I have a full head of salt and pepper hair, am clean-shaven, and have hazel eyes. I have been married 35 years to a good woman and have five children and six grandchildren. I am liberal in nature and have a fairly easygoing manner. I have always had a lot of friends but not since high school would I say I have had a "best" friend. My kids are all on their own now. I love and am proud of them all. Although far from easy, life is pretty good. I tend to keep any strong feelings internalized and a piece of me has always been suppressed by choice - hey, life is full of choices.

I finally reached the summit of the mountain I had been climbing where I planned on setting up my base camp. Sweating profusely I dropped my backpack under a tree and took off my shirt, socks, and hiking boots. A soft breeze began to cool my skin. Smiling to myself I thought, "Why stop there?" I have always been somewhat of a nudist at heart, which my wife does not like. My sleeping in the nude is fine but she doesn't think it is appropriate to be nude outside the bedroom. Only if she is away do I walk nude in the house or swim naked in the swimming pool. I love the freedom of being without clothes.

"No one is within miles of here", I thought, "This is my chance for complete freedom. "

I took off my jeans and boxer shorts. I walked over to edge of the clearing and looked down the mountain. I felt so good, so alive. I spread my legs wide and stretched my arms to the sky. I felt like I was the king of the mountain! I knew what would happen once I shed my clothes. Let's be honest - that's why I did it. I had been planning and thinking about this moment for the last six hours, getting erections throughout the day as I thought what I would do when I reached my camp site. So I wasn't surprised that as I stood there that I felt my cock begin to stir. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun on my body, the breeze, and the sensuality of the moment. It had been a long climb, this was my planned reward. I reached down and took my cock in hand and began to slowly caress and stroke it. It quickly hardened to my full 7 inches and I spread a drop of pre-cum over my cock head. Uncut, I loved the feeling of my foreskin gliding back and forth along my shaft. My shaved testicles hung low from the heat of the day. I loved when they did that. Lost in the moment I continued to gently and slowly stroke my cock with one hand and with the other caress my chest, my nipples, my abs, and my balls. I wanted this to last as long as possible so I was taking my time, although my excitement was growing. Suddenly my thoughts were broken as I heard a noise to my left. I opened my eyes and saw another guy with a backpack staring at me not 20 yards away. We both froze for a long moment.


He finally broke the spell by saying, "I am so sorry, I am just surprised to see someone here".

Red faced, I stammered, "I didn't think there was anyone around either".

Realizing that I still held my now rapidly wilting dick in my hand, I quickly dropped it and sprinted over to where my clothes were and put on my shorts and pants. This had to be the most awkward moment of my life. I could feel my face burn in embarrassment. No one but my wife had ever seen me masturbate before. "He must think I'm a pervert", I thought.

But instead of going away as I had hoped, he walked over to where I was standing and simply introduced himself as "Tom, Tommie to my friends", he said, and reached out his hand. I automatically took it and suddenly realized he was shaking the hand that just a few minutes ago was stroking my dick. I dropped my hand and redden even more. Reading my thoughts he laughed and just started to make small talk about hiking, camping, and the weather. He told me that he had a cabin nearby and was just coming back from a long strenuous hike himself. He too was up here for a week of getting away from it all. Tom immediately put me at ease with his easy chatter. The more we talked the more I felt relieved that he wasn't going to comment on seeing me jacking off. Tom appeared to be in his late forties, or early fifties. He had thick dirty blond hair with some specks of gray in the temples, and was a couple of inches taller than me. He had a rugged face with a square jaw and high cheekbones. His intense blue eyes actually twinkled as he talked, further putting me at ease.

As we recounted the trails we had hiked that day and the sights we'd seen, the skies suddenly got dark and thunder rolled over the mountains. There was lightening cracking in the distance and the storm clouds were rapidly moving towards where we were standing. I told him that I'd like to talk more but I had better set up my pup tent quickly so as not to get wet. He reminded me that he had a cabin nearby and offered me shelter; he could tell this was going to be a bad storm. I at first refused, but quickly came to my senses as the wind began to howl and the lightening got closer and closer. I grabbed my gear and we made a run for his cabin. As we ran, he hooted and hollered to "run like a bitch in heat", which made me laugh. We made it through the cabin door just in time as a torrential downpour started.

The cabin was rustic but comfortable. It was warm and dry, and had the pleasant scent of pine. It was just one great room with large windows on all four sides that provided beautiful views and cross ventilation. I looked around. Tom told me that his grandfather built the cabin many years before out of logs he had hewed himself from trees he had chopped down from the forest. The kitchen area had a counter and cupboards, a table and four chairs, and propane stove. Tom explained that water was readily available from a mountain stream that ran behind the cabin. The living area had stuffed easy chairs and two side tables, each with a kerosene lamp. There was a double bed in the back with a quilt and many pillows on it. A bedside table and another kerosene lamp completed the room.

"How did you ever get all of this furniture, lamps, and bedding way up here in the middle of nowhere?" I asked.

"The tables and chairs were made by my grandfather right here," he told me. "They are so solidly built that they will last forever. Over the years the quilts, the sheets, the pillows, and pads for the easy chairs were brought up by backpack, as were the lights and kerosene. We simply replace things as needed. This cabin has been in my family for three generations and the men of the family have always considered it a sacred trust to keep it outfitted and in good shape. I myself come up here at least twice a year, as does one of my brothers. How about something to eat?" he asked.

"I'm starving" I told him and went to my backpack to get out some dried meat and fruit.

"Put that stuff away," he told me. "I'm going to make you a real mountain meal - rabbit stew".


He pulled out of a bin under the counter some potatoes, carrots, and radishes. He began to peel them, chop them, and put them in a big pot.

"I got these out of my garden that I planted in the spring", he said. "It's a bumper crop this year - more than I or my brother could possibly eat and smoke".

"Did he say 'smoke'?" I asked myself. Puzzled, I let it go.

When he was finished with the vegetables he went to his backpack and with much flourish pulled out a dead rabbit saying "Abracadabra!" We both burst out laughing.

"I caught it for dinner just before I, uh, interrupted you", he smiled.

Thinking of that moment I blushed.

With that he began to skin the rabbit, cutting the meat in chunks of meat, and browning them on a skillet. He then added the rabbit meat, spices, and water to the pot and put it on the camp stove to cook.

"It'll take about an hour or so", he said. "Let's sit and relax."

"Well at least I can supply the cocktails", I said, and went to my backpack and pulled out one of my flasks of Jack Daniels and poured three fingers in each of two glasses.

"This is the life!" we both said at the exact same time. We laughed. "Cheers!" we said again at the same time, as we clicked our glasses together.

Over the next hour we told each other what we did for a living and provided each other details about our personal lives. He too was married, and to the same woman for 27 years. He had two daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson, and another one on the way. Over a most delicious and filling dinner we continued talking nonstop, getting into politics, religion, and sports. We were remarkably of the same mind on many topics. We both voted for Obama, neither was particularly religious, and both like college sports much better than the pros. Normally I am a fairly quiet person but that night I never ran out of something to say or a question to ask. Tom made me so at ease that I felt the freedom to give my honest opinion and deepest thoughts about everything we discussed. It was amazing how similar our lives were and how much we thought alike. After cleaning up the dishes and pans we sat down for more drinks and good conversation.

"Tommie", I said, "I never had anyone I could talk so freely with before. I almost feel like I've known you all my life".

"I feel the same way, Steve," he said. "In just a few hours you have become the confident I have always wanted and I am glad you finally are calling me 'Tommie'".

He jumped up and said, "Let's celebrate our new friendship!" With that he pried up a floorboard under one of the rugs, pulled out a tin box, opened the lid, and pulled out a couple of specially rolled cigarettes.

"Besides vegetables I grow a little pot in the garden - for medicinal purposes only, of course", he joked.

We both began giggling like two teenage boys doing something naughty as we lit our joints. The weed was good and relaxed us even more and prompted more conversation. The incident at the clearing had continued to nag me throughout the evening and I felt I just had to get it out in the open.

Blushing, I said, "Tommie, about this afternoon when we first met, I hope you don't think I am some kind of pervert who can't control myself and just beats off all the time".

He choked on his smoke. Recovering and laughing he said, "And why shouldn't you beat off when you want to, especially when you are in an isolated area with complete freedom to do what you want to do? Don't you think just about every man who is out in the woods jacks off? I come here as often as I can for the exercise and the beauty of this area but playing with my meat is just as important. Come to think of it, maybe it's my most important reason for coming up here. Why I have even jacked off right in the same spot you were standing when you were playing with yourself. That's why I was so stunned there for a few minutes - I thought for a moment I was looking at myself."

Now it was my turn to cough on my smoke. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here was a really honest man who believed as I did in the joys of masturbation.


"Wow", I said, "That really puts me at ease. It had been bothering me all night that you thought less of me for what you saw."

With that we just naturally started to tell each other masturbation stories, relating how old we were when we started, how we first learned how to do it, and how often we did it. We both grew up in strict religious homes where the evils of sex before marriage and the horrors of touching oneself for pleasure were routinely preached. I related that I attended a catholic grade school, high school, and college where the sins of impure thoughts and deeds were frequently preached. It wasn't until my third year in college when I finally tired of going to church every Saturday to confess the sin of self-abuse and stopped feeling guilty about it. But even then it still was a subject that was never discussed, even among friends. We chuckled as we both expressed how much we loved the pleasure our dicks brought us and both of us admitted that we never gave up masturbation even when we were getting frequent sex from our wives. I told him that I made a point to tell my sons as they reached puberty to enjoy masturbation and not feel guilty for doing it. I didn't want them to go through the guilt that I did.

"Have you ever masturbated with someone else?" he suddenly asked with a wide grin on his face.

I hesitated. "Just my wife", I told him.

I related to him how for the first number of years of our marriage we had fairly frequent but relatively standard sex. She liked me to go down on her; I really liked that as well, but she did not like to return the favor, much to my chagrin. I would get her off with my tongue and then enter and have my orgasm in her. One night after climaxing I impulsively went down on her again, lapping up my cum. As I was doing this she started fingering herself and I got so excited by watching her and tasting my own seed that I vigorously stroked my dick and had an intense orgasm. After that I always encouraged her to flinger her clit as part of our lovemaking as I would stroke my cock. When she went into menopause she pretty much dried up, I related. Even with lubes she found intercourse painful so our sex consisted solely of masturbating together. I told him how she would bring herself to orgasm and I would cum on her body and lick it up.

"That's so hot", he said.

The pot really relaxed me from all inhibitions so I continued to bear my soul and told him that even that didn't last long, as my wife eventually lost all interest in sex. "So for the last 6 years my sole sex partner has been my good buddy here", I said, as I held up my right hand. "I can't believe I am telling you all of this", I laughed. "What about you? Have you ever masturbated with anyone?" I asked.

"I wish", he said. "My wife is a strict missionary position woman, and never goes beyond that. We don't have sex very often anymore which is OK because I really get more pleasure lately by stroking myself watching porn on the Internet."

"What kind of porn do you watch", I asked, intrigued by what he said.

Now, for the first time since I met him, Tommie got red faced and started to stutter. "Well", he said slowly, "I like different kinds".

I enjoyed seeing him embarrassed for a change. He squirmed in his chair. "Like what?" I pressed on.

"OK", he said, "what the hell, we've been honest with each other all day and night so I am just going to say it straight out - I like gay porn! I love looking at men's bodies and especially their erect cocks and big balls. I love the videos of them beating their cocks, together or alone, spewing cum all over. There I said it. Now you are the one who probably thinks I'm a pervert."

"No I don't", I laughed, as I took another hit on my joint. "I'll be honest with you as well. I also watch gay porn every chance I get for the exact same reasons. I can't think of anything more exciting than it would be to be with another guy and watch him shoot his seed", I blurted out without thinking. Realizing what I just said, I blushed crimson.


It suddenly got very silent. We just looked into each other's eyes for a long time.

"Would you like to..." he started to say.

"Yes", I whispered.

We got up and turned off all the lights in the cabin except the one by the bed. Tommie pulled the covers back. I was nervous as hell; my stomach felt like it was in my mouth. Was my long time fantasy finally going to come true? Could I really do this? Standing there by the bed we both trembled with anticipation. We began to slowly undress. Our shirts came off first and we stopped to admire each other. He was broad shouldered with a strong hairless muscular chest that went down in a V to a slim waist. His pecs and abs flexed, perhaps in nervousness, perhaps to show off. I just smiled in appreciation. We were already barefoot, so our jeans came off next.

"Here goes", I thought, and stepped out of my boxers as he did the same.

We stood there for a long time just looking at each other's penises and testicles. His semi-erect uncut cock was beautiful with a large shiny purple head. His length and girth were very similar to my own cock dimensions. Blue veins were engorged along the sides. His low hung balls had a dusting of blond hair on them. A trimmed curly thatch of dark blond pubic hair crowned his beautiful genitals.

"Masturbate with me", he said.

I propped up a couple of pillows and lay on the bed.

"No turning back now," I thought, as I began to stroke myself and became fully erect.

He let out an audible gasp as I began and quickly got up on the bed and knelt next and slightly over me. As he stroked his own beautiful cock to hardness drops of his nectar landed on my thigh. I promptly wiped his pre-cum up with my fingers and transferred the sweet slippery liquid to my now fully engorged cock head. We both moaned in pleasure watching each other. Neither one of us was going to last long; we began breathing in short pants and started stroking faster and faster.

"I'm going to cum, can I . . .?" he pleaded.

Knowing full well what he wanted to do, I moaned, "Yes!"

He arched his back, let out an "Oh God, Oh God!!" and starting shooting stream after stream of his creamy white sperm all over my chest.

That immediately set me off and I started shooting as well; more juice and further than I had ejaculated in many years. In six bursts of joy my seed hit my chest, my neck, and my face. We were both sweating and panting. We looked at each other with wide grins of satisfaction on our faces.

Still kneeling next to me he bent down and began to lick our co-mingled seed from my chest. He paid special attention to the warm white liquid on my nipples, I shuddered. Then he licked cock juice from my face. Without a word we pulled the covers up over us, and turned off the light. We were soon fast asleep.

I woke up during the night a couple of times. One time I awoke to our butts touching back to back. I loved the feeling of his naked skin against my naked skin. Another time, I awoke with his arm over me and his front up close to my backside. I could feel his soft penis against me. I smiled and marveled that this really could be happening to me after desiring this for so many years. With deep contentment I fell into a sound sleep.

When I awoke again it was morning, there was bright sunlight in the cabin, and I could smell something cooking. Opening my eyes I could see Tommie cooking naked at the stove. I watched him for a long time. I felt guilty and unfaithful to my wife. What had we done? Would he have regrets and feel guilty as well? Perhaps we should just pretend nothing happened. He heard me stir and turned around.

"God, what a beautiful masculine body he had", I thought.

"Good morning, sleepy head" he said, "hungry for pancakes?

"I am", I said, "but first I've got to piss like a race horse".

"Me too" he said. "Come on!"

I followed him out the door over to the side porch. We leaned over the side, raising our limp hoses up high. Laughing like schoolboys, we let loose golden steams of urine. Two grown men pissing together might seem a bit juvenile to some but it was an intimate moment of trust and freedom. I felt closer and closer to my new soul mate.


We ate a hearty breakfast and planned the day to hike up a nearby mountain. The trip would take most of the day so we packed food and water. It was a strenuous but exhilarating hike. Neither of us talked much except to point out wildlife or an unusual plant. I kept hoping he would say something about the night before but he didn't and I was afraid to say anything. Obviously he did feel guilty about our jack off session. To remain friends it probably was best to pretend it didn't happen.

We got to the top of the mountain we were climbing and stopped for lunch. We had a beautiful panoramic sight, the sky was deep blue, and the sun was bright. During lunch and on the climb down we talked casually and easily as we had the day before, solving all the world's problems.

Back to the cabin we went down to the stream, stripped out of our clothes, and washed the sweat and grime of the day from our bodies. Drying off I would have loved to stay naked but put a pair of shorts on. We had a good dinner and as the night before had some bourbon and smoked pot. It was getting late. We stood up and both looked at the bed. There was an awkward silence.

"I'll get my sleeping bag and sleep over here", I said pointing toward the kitchen area.

"About last night", he said.

"I know, I know", I said. "You feel guilty and think we shouldn't have done that together. It's OK, I understand. We've developed a good friendship so we shouldn't do anything to ruin that."

"I don't feel guilty, I loved it and want to do it again", he said.

"You do? But you didn't say anything about it all day", I said.

"Either did you", he said. "I deliberately cooked breakfast for you in the nude hoping you would say something. When you first woke I thought you looked at me appraisingly but you didn't say anything. When I said 'hungry for pancakes' I had imagined you would say 'I'm hungry for something else', but you didn't. When we pissed together there seemed to be a bond but again you didn't say anything. So I just figured you just wanted to forget the whole thing."

We walked over to the bed and pulled our shorts off. Tommie's cock was sticking up hard and straight.

"Looks like your little, or should I say big, friend is ready", I said.

"He's been ready all day, he chuckled.

We lay down next to each other, touching along our sides. The warmth of his body felt good. We began to stroke our dicks and fondle our balls. I reached over and took his hand and put it on my cock and he did the same to me. His shaft felt so amazing. It was so hard. I loved the feeling of his foreskin as I moved it up and down. I caressed the tip of his cock with his pre-cum. We both moaned deeply in contentment. I took his balls in my hand and gently rolled them with my fingers. In rhythm with each other we started to raise our hips up and down and the stroking became faster and more urgent. We both exploded simultaneously, shooting cum up in the air and all over each other.

"Wow", I said. "That was even better than last night. I can't remember ever having as an intense orgasm as that!"

"Me either", he said. "I love your cock!"

We continued to caress each other by rubbing our seed over each other's bodies and softening pricks. We turned off the lights and got under the covers.

"I wonder what tomorrow will bring", I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning Tommie was up next to my back with one arm over me. I could hear him softly snoring so I knew he was still asleep. But his cock wasn't asleep. It was hard up against my butt, which awaken my own cock to hardness. God, it felt so good. For a long time I enjoyed his body against mine.

He awoke, gave me a squeeze, and said, "Thankfully we got our true feelings out last night. If we hadn't we would have missed such pleasures. Our friendship is based on openness. Let's make sure we never keep our thoughts or feelings hidden again."

"I agree", I said, as we caressed each other's genitals. We moaned as we stroked.

"As much as I want to, let's not get each other off quite yet", he said. "I want to take you to a spot deep in the woods that is very special to me. I discovered it about ten years ago when I was hunting and have never told another soul about it - not even my brothers. It's a two-hour difficult hike from here, through very dense brush; but it is worth the work, believe me! Wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt because of the brambles we need to cut through. Whenever I am up here I go to this spot to jack off and fantasize being there with someone like you. I never thought it could become a reality".


We quickly ate breakfast, dressed and eagerly set off. As we hiked we talked about all that had happened in the past two days. How we met at the clearing, how we entrusted our inner most thoughts to each other, and recounted how we had bared our bodies to each other. Talking about our cum sessions made us both hard.

Tommie turned to me and said, "The other night you said that you also looked at gay porn. When did you start?"

I told him that I started looking at gay porn regularly when my wife's sex drive started to wane 7 or 8 years ago. I told him how it started out as heterosexual porn but soon I realized that I always was looking at the men and not the women so I just reverted to all male porn.

"Although to be honest", I explained, "I also started to have a thing about men's penises when I was in college."

I told him that perhaps it was all the testosterone of being in an all-male dorm where semi-nudity was the rule and because of all the horseplay in the common showers but I found myself secretively looking and comparing. When I was in school I often beat off to the fantasies of other guys' cocks. I suppressed my thoughts though for the most part after I got married unless I was on a business trip. A few times a year I would go away and I found myself going to adult shops to buy gay magazines in whatever city I was.

"I would masturbate to the stories of guys sucking and fucking", I confessed, "then I would suppress my feelings again when I got home . . . until the next time I was away. I have to admit that I always felt I was missing something", I said.

After a lot of hard hot climbing and cutting through thick forest we reached his special place. Deep in the wood, surrounded by tall trees, a large pool of clear blue water bubbled up to the surface from an underground spring. A grass covered bank and large flat moss covered rocks surrounded the pool. The sun warmed the water. It was beautiful.

"Come on" he said, "lets cool off".

We quickly stripped off our clothes and dove into the water. Surprisingly the water temperature was moderate and it felt like it was full of life renewing minerals. It wasn't long before we were splashing each other, trying to push the other under the water, and grabbing after each other's dicks, trying to hold on - it was hilarious. But as our cocks got harder and harder from the touching, it became easier and easier to hold on. After a while we didn't try to get away from the other - it just felt so good to have another man holding on to your hard penis. We stopped and stood silently looking into each other's eyes. I made the first move by taking his hard butt in my hands; bringing him closer to me, and moving his genitals onto mine. We rubbed our cocks and balls together. It felt so right. Mouths open and tongues searching we kissed long and deep. Our first kiss.

"I want you in my mouth", I told him, as we moved over and down on some soft mossy grass.

I kissed his mouth, licked his ears and neck, sucked on his nipples, and slowly moved down his chest and abs until I reached what I had desired so much. I took his cock in hand and put it to me lips and swirled my tongue around the thick purple head and piss slit.

"Oh God, Yes!" he moaned. "Suck me, suck me", he pleaded.

I took as much of him in my mouth as I could and continued to swirl my tongue around his shaft while going up and down on him and rubbing his shaft with my fingers. He started humping my mouth faster and faster and my tongue and mouth could feel his bulbous cock head engorge even more.

He screamed, "I'm Cuming, I'm Cuming" and let loose in my mouth squirt after squirt of his precious seed. Hungrily I tried to swallow it all but some of his juices leak down from the sides of my mouth. He took my face in his hands, licked his seed from my face, and transferred some of it to my waiting open mouth, which I eagerly accepted. We gave each other a soft kiss.

"Your turn", he smiled. "Stand up". I did.

He knelt down between my legs and licked my balls and the tender spot right behind them. I moaned in pleasure.


"I love your shaved nuts", he said.

He then started to tongue my erect shaft and licked me under my foreskin. God what a feeling! He then took my cock in his mouth and paid special attention with his tongue behind the ridge of my dick head. I was ecstatic with pleasure. As he was sucking he spread my ass checks and rubbed his fingers along my anus. That did it! Without warning I exploded, filling his mouth with my white juice. He choked for a moment but then eagerly swallowed it all. My knees went weak and we both went down on the ground, panting with joy. We lay there a long time enjoying the hot sun and tenderly caressing each other's bodies.

The sun was at its brightest and hottest as we hiked back. We were both sweaty and dirty by the time we reached the cabin.

"Let's clean up", he said as we went to the stream behind the cabin. The water was crystal clear and refreshing.

"Let me wash you", I said. Tommie got his head and body wet in the stream and then stood up. I put shampoo on his hair, worked it in his curly thick locks, and messaged his scalp. He liked that. After rinsing off his hair, I took the bar of soap and worked up ample suds and began to wash his body with my hands. I started with his neck and back and then moved to his muscular chest, loving the feeling of my fingers slipping along his firm pecs and abdominal muscles. I then moved to his round hard ass and washed his crack slightly protruding my finger into his hole. He moaned. I then washed his legs and feet and then moved up to his genitals. With a lot of suds I gently messaged his balls and stroked his shaft. He was hard again.

"Masturbate for me", I said.

Spreading his legs apart, Tommie worked up more soapsuds on his cock, and began to stroke back and forth. God, I loved watching him pleasure himself. It was such a turn on. My cock was sticking straight up in the air as I watched him. He suddenly stopped.

"I don't want to cum quite yet, I want to wash you first", he said.

He started washing my hair and my body from behind me, pushing his cock along my ass crack. He caressed me with the soap and spent special attention to my dick and nuts.

"I love your smooth balls", he said. "I want my nuts shaved like yours. Will you shave me?"

I went to the cabin and got my razor. After soaping his balls, I began to gently shave him. He was squirming and moaning with pleasure as he held his dick up and I shaved his testicles. I rinsed him off and surveyed my handiwork by licking his balls.

"Stop", he said, "or I'll cream right here". "Let's go up to the cabin".

Tommie lay down on the soft mattress and I got on top of him. We kissed deep and hard and rubbed our hard dicks together. We stopped, because we wanted this to last, and sat up facing each other. I put our penises together and started rubbing them with my hand. The pleasure was intense. We then got into a 69 position and stimulated each other's dicks and balls with our tongues and mouths. The feeling was indescribable. We were both getting close.

"Masturbate for me", I said.

"Only if you jack off with me, and cum on me", he said. I nodded my assent with a smile.

He lay back and took his cock in hand and began to vigorously stroke it. Kneeling between his legs I did the same. It wasn't long before his hips began to move up and down, his back arched and his creamy white fluid erupted from his piss slit.

In just two more strokes, I too erupted in ecstatic pleasure, squirting my sperm over his cock, chest, and face. I then lay on top of him, rubbing our juices together. I cleaned the seed from his face with my tongue. We kissed.

Laughing, Tommie said, "We'll need to take another bath!"

"With pleasure", I said.

After cleaning up in the stream we went back to the cabin, had some dinner, and facing each other we stretched out naked on the easy chairs. I rubbed my feet on his legs, thighs, and his cock. He did the same to me. Silently, we took in each other's nakedness.

"Steve", he said, "Are we gay?"

"I don't know", I said. "All I know is that for many years I've thought about what it would be like to have sex with another guy, but I also knew it would have to be with someone I deeply cared about. It couldn't be just with a stranger. I have never felt closer to anyone than you. I love your mind, your humor, your honesty, and your body. If that makes me gay so be it. Perhaps down deep I've always known that at least a part of me was gay. I want you to know how liberated I feel and that I've never been happier than I have been these past few days".


"Let's drink on that", he said. He pulled back a rug and opened a different floorboard and pulled out a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon.

Laughing I said, "How many different stashes do you have under this floor".

"Oh, you'd be surprised", he grinned.

We spent the rest of the evening just talking, drinking, and smoking weed. We shared the highs and lows of our lives and what we still hoped to achieve and experience in life. It got late into the night and we were both yawning.

"Let's go to bed", he said.

We turned off the lights and got under the sheets but not the quilt because it was a warm night. We snuggled together, again enjoying the feeling of naked skin on naked skin. We were soon sound asleep.

When I awoke the next morning Tommie was on his back uncovered, snoring softly. My eyes looked at his chiseled face, his firm chest, and his penis that was soft and draped over one of his legs. Not being able to help myself I gently caressed his cock and balls. He hardened and awoke with a smile.

"Can't get enough of my cock, can you? "He chuckled. "I can't stay away from yours either", as he took my prick in hand and began to stroke it.

"I love your cock", I said. "I love to hold it, rub it with my hands and with my cock, lick it, suck it, and just look at it. I've been thinking about cock for some time, but yours is special, it's mine."

We feverously embraced each other and made passionate love not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

The next two days were spent with difficult hikes during the day, followed by washing each other in the stream, and a lot of oral and hand love making. I told him that we had two rules. Rule one was that clothes were banned in and around the cabin. Rule two was that there were no other rules.

"I especially like rule two", he laughed.

On Thursday we awoke to the rhythm of steady rain on the roof.

"No hiking today", he said.

"Good", I said. "It'll be fun to just be with you all day here in the cabin". We brushed our teeth and performed our morning ritual of pissing together over the porch side rail. We made a healthy breakfast of hot tea, granola, and berries we had picked the day before.

We pulled out our books and read for a couple of hours lying naked next to each other on the bed. I came to the end of my book. Closing it, I said, "Now what should I read?"

"I have an idea", Tommie said getting off the bed. He pulled back the rug near the bed, and lifted up another floorboard.

Now what is he up to I thought to myself. He came back to the bed with two hard-core gay magazines.

"My jack off reading material", he laughed, tossing one of the magazines to me.

The pictures and stories of guys jacking, sucking and fucking really got us going. As we looked and read we gently stroked ourselves and each other. I loved running my hands through his thick curly pubic hair. We were breathing hard as we looked at the pictures. Our cocks were fully erect and ready for action. A picture of two mature guys fucking especially excited me.

"Tommie, I want you to fuck me", I suddenly said. "I want you in me; I want us connected physically as we are already connected emotionally and intellectually."

"Are you sure?" he said, as we kissed.

"Yes, I'll be right back," I said, as I got up and headed toward the door.

"Where are you going? It's raining", he said.

"I know, just wait a few minutes", I said as I grabbed my bar of soap and headed out.

I walked into the woods and squatted down. It didn't take long to empty myself, as I was nervous and excited by what we were about to do. I then stood in the rain and soaped up my cock, balls, ass crack and paid special attention to my hole. I rinsed myself thoroughly and headed back into the cabin. I dried myself off and got back into bed.

"My ass is yours", I said with a smile. "I only wish we had some lube".

Tommie jumped out of bed and reached under the floorboard where he got the magazines and came back with a bottle of lube. "I like to lube my cock sometimes when I'm jacking off", he explained.

"You never cease to amaze me", I laughed.


We kissed deep, caressing our tongues together. Breaking off he started to kiss, lick, and suck my body all the way down to my cock and balls. He paid them a lot of attention and then moved on. I knelt on the bed doggie style; he parted my ass cheeks and licked my hole vigorously. The pleasure was intense. Then he stuck his tongue into me, I thought I'd cum right then, but I wanted him in me when I did.

"Fuck me now!" I commanded.

He got the lube and squirted some on his cock and on my hole. He rubbed the gel along his shaft and then worked lube into me with first one, then two, then three fingers.

"I can't stand it," I said. "Fuck me".

I could feel the head of his cock pushing into me. It hurt. I cried out. He withdrew.

"No, don't stop. I'll be okay. I need you in me", I pleaded.

Tommie started to push again. I bore down and suddenly he slipped all the way through. I could feel his pubic hair and balls up against me. The initial strong pain, gave way to pleasure and some pain as his cock slid in and out, past my prostate. His balls slapping against me and his loud moaning was driving me crazy.

"This is so incredibly good", he said as he rubbed my ass and kissed my back.

"I want to see your face as you fuck me", I moaned.

I turned on my back and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. He entered me again and started pumping. It hurt but it was a good hurt. I stroked my cock. I never knew I could feel this way. With Tommie's cock inside me I felt so full, so complete. Looking into each other's eyes, he continued to slide his dick back and forth inside me, occasionally slipping out, but sliding right back in easily, adding an additional thrill as he did. I couldn't believe that I was actually being fucked. I wanted this to last forever but I knew he was getting close as his thrusts got more frequent and more urgent. Suddenly I felt his cock head expand within me, he arched backed, screamed and then I felt his man seed being released within me. My seed let go as well; covering me in juice. Still inside me, he licked me clean, kissed me, and lay on me panting heavily. I never wanted us to separate.

"Thank you", he simply said.

We lay there for a long time. I could feel his cock slowly go limp, slip out of me, allowing his man juices to slowly dribble out. I tried to hold his seed in but couldn't. Sensing this, Tommie, ever the cum dog, went down to my anus and licked my sore hole clean.

We slept in each other's arms and awoke after a couple of hours to the sun shining. It was dinnertime. We got up and walked hand in hand to the stream to wash up. I loved soaping him up, especially his genitals. We were both still pretty much sexually spent so neither of us got a firm erection during our washing but the ritual was still pleasurable. He gently washed my hole, but I winced in discomfort, as I was sore to the touch.

"I'm sorry I hurt you", he said.

"I'm not. That was the most fulfilling feeling I have ever had", I said. "To be honest, I always wondered what it would feel to have a cock in me. The soreness only brings me pleasure in the memory."

We dried off, went up to the cabin, and ate dinner. After dinner we had a drink and a joint and decided to go to bed early. Tomorrow, Friday, was going to be our last full day together before we had to part. We said we wanted it to be a special day to remember.

The next morning we woke up early. I snuggled up to Tommie's backside and immediately got hard as my cock rubbed against his ass crack. He pushup his firm ass against my erect dick and sighed continently.

"Steve, I want to feel what you felt yesterday", he said. "I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me but I want you to do it at my special place", he said.

Two hours later we were there. We stripped out of our clothes quickly and dove in the water. There was no horseplay this time but rather we leisurely swam together and caressed each other's bodies in the water. After a while we got out and lie together in the sun.

"I'll be right back", Tommie said, and went off in the woods.


He came back after about ten minutes and got a bar of soap out of his backpack. I watched him in anticipation as he waded into the water, soaped his bottom, and rinsed off.

He returned to his backpack and pulled out the bottle of lube. "Today my ass is yours", he said. My cock immediately got hard as a rock.

We kissed, rubbed our dicks together, and grabbed and spread each other's ass cheeks. The thought of fucking Tommie was driving me wild. He bent over a rock, offering his man hole to me. Excitedly I rimmed him for a long time, tasting him with my tongue and taking in his sweet manly smell with my nose.

"Fuck me", he quietly pleaded.

I got the lube and spread it on my hard shaft and then on his crack and into his hole. I took my cock in hand and lined it up to his hole and began to push. Surprisingly it popped right in and we both cried out in delight. As I slid in and out of him he was able to clamp down on my dick bringing me additional pleasure with his tightness. I was able to reach around and stroke his cock, which brought us both additional intense feelings of ecstasy. It was good we were in a secluded space because we couldn't suppress our shouts. I could feel my cum building, traveling up and through my shaft, and then shooting into my soul mate. I must have shot at least 8 times. I collapsed on Tommie's back and just lay there panting for a long time. His cock was still hard so I knew he still needed to cum.

"Do you want me to stroke you off, suck you off, or do you want to fuck me," I asked.

"I wish we could do all three at the same time," he laughed. "Stay in me and we'll stoke me off together".

Our two hands in unison rubbed his dick. I couldn't believe it but I got hard again and in rhythm with our hands I began to fuck his beautiful ass. It felt like our two cocks had become one. In about ten minutes our stroking and fucking got faster and we both screamed out together "I'm cumming!" as we both released. Down on the ground we went, sweating, panting.

"I never thought it could be this good" Tommie whispered. "I love you".

"I love you too", I whispered back.

On the return to the cabin we talked about what would happen tomorrow. We both agreed that we had to return to our old lives. Although we loved each other we also loved our families as well. It just would not be fair severing relationships with the women who stood by us and raised our children for so many years. Our wives, our children, and grandchildren were part of who we were as well. We couldn't give that up and make them all unhappy. We talked about sneaking away periodically and meeting for a weekend but somehow that seemed to be unfaithful and wrong. What didn't seem wrong was for us to meet at the cabin two or three times a year. This was our world and no one else was part of it. Back to the cabin we quickly washed up and got into bed with excitement and urgency knowing this was our last night together for some time. As we were caressing each other I said "I was surprised when I entered you so easily today."

Tommie got out of bed, went across the room, and pried open yet another floorboard. Reaching down he pulled out a dildo. Standing there he grinned, "I've been practicing for some time with my friend 'Dickey'!"

I got hysterically laughing. "You never cease to amaze me. Bring Dickey and get back in bed", I ordered.

Before we resumed our lovemaking I asked him, "Don't you ever worry that your brothers will find your stashes under the floor boards?"

"Nope", he said. My older brother hates the woods and doesn't ever come up here anymore. My younger brother is another story as he frequently hikes up to the cabin. I'm pretty sure he comes up here to jack off and live out some fantasies of his own. Although we never discussed it, I think he also likes to look at the gay skin magazines and probably uses the dildo on himself."

"Why would you think that?" I asked.

"Because one time I came up here there was a fresh bottle of lube stored under the floor board next to my buddy here", he chuckled. Boy did that get us laughing.

The next morning we packed our gear and secured the cabin. Both of our love holes were pleasantly sore from a night of ass pounding. I must say "Dickey" brought some interesting variations to our lovemaking.

We walked over to the clearing where we first met and put our gear down on the ground. We embraced for a long time. We finally parted.

"See you in the spring", I said. "I love you!"

"Until spring", he said. "I love you too!"

With tears in my eyes I headed down the mountain. Tommie headed in the opposite direction.

Epilogue: Although we went back to our old lives, Tommie and I were never far apart in thought. We frequently emailed each other that winter, planning our next week together once the mountain snows melted. We recounted in detail what we had done together and what future love making sessions would involve. Reading about it was almost exciting as doing it. I jacked off almost daily. I ran and lifted weights with renewed intensity. I secretly bought a dildo of my own, aptly naming it "Peter". I hid it in my workroom and used it on a regular basis. I wanted to be ready for us to be physically united again.

At last spring came and the time for us to meet at the cabin finally arrived. My wife thought I was crazy to be going up in the mountains again by myself, although she admitted that when I had returned from the last trip I seemed happier and rejuvenated. I told her that I probably would be hiking in the mountains at least 2 or 3 times a year.

It was a warm spring day and after hours of hiking I reached the clearing. Tommie was there waiting for me. He was nude.

"Take off your clothes", he said. "Remember rule number one!"

I quickly did. Standing there we took in each other's bodies.

"You look good, you've been working out", he said as he stroked his cock that I loved so well.

"You look good too", I said, stroking my own.

We embraced and kissed. Rubbing together, we felt each other's hard cocks.

Breaking apart, Tommie said, "Come on, we have a lot of catching up to do; including jacking, sucking, and fucking. Let's not waste a moment".

We picked up my clothes and backpack and headed toward the cabin.

"Any more surprises under the floor boards?" I asked,

"Oh, you never know", he coyly said.

I just smiled in anticipation. We were together again. At Last!

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