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Asian College Student Satisfied


You are sitting in class, bored as hell. The instructor has been rambling on for about 20 minutes, and then started a movie that just seems to have no point. Annoyed, frustrated, and yes, a little bit horny, you sneak out of the classroom. You need to use the restroom, but instead of going just down the hall, you head downstairs to the lowest floor of the building. This bathroom has a bit of a reputation for being cruisy and that sounds a lot more exciting than sitting through class right now! You feel yourself getting hard as you walk down the hall. You walk in to the restroom and find that it is pretty ordinary: three urinals, three stalls. No one else is there. Disappointed, you walk over to one of the urinals, but you are still hard. You decide to beat off first--after all, at least that will take care of one of your problems!


You take your hard cock into your hand, and start stroking it. Even though there is no one else in the restroom, you are a little excited with the prospective of getting caught. As you tug on your cock, you feel your balls tighten up as you get close to cumming, when suddenly the bathroom door opens. Startled, you instinctively turn towards the door before you remember you have your hard dick in your hand. You stop, not moving at all. You can't see who came in, but you are sure they caught a glimpse of your cock. Still facing forward, you turn your body slightly to make your hard-on even more visible. You hear the person walk past you, and you turn your head quickly to catch a peek of a good-looking guy go into one of the stalls...

Moaning softly to yourself, you continue to gently stroke your thick shaft, watching my legs as I turn around inside the stall and sit down. You can hear my pants being gently tugged down to my ankles and my boxers being shimmied down. You listen for the telltale sounds of activity, but there are none. You are gazing in that direction lustfully, cock dripping precum when suddenly you notice my shadow on the floor. There is movement, slow, unmistakable, back and forth movement of my arm near my crotch. You realize I must be jacking myself too! You feel your heart beat a little faster. You move back from the urinal, and slowly walk towards the stall, still stroking your cock. Very quickly, you find yourself standing in front of the now-occupied stall. Your pants are open and you are rubbing your cock. You feel your heart thumping in your chest, knowing that any minute someone could walk into the restroom and catch you jacking out in the open, but you still stand there. Through the crack between the stall door and the wall, you can see me in the stall. You can't make out many details, but I look like another college student. I am a white guy, but you can't tell much else yet other than I am stroking a hard, long cock. I stop for a second and through the crack you see me squeeze my cock, as a drop of precum forms at the tip. It doesn't seem possible, but your cock is even harder now.

You only stand there for a moment more when you hear me reach forward and unlock the door. You push it open and see an attractive guy sitting on the toilet. I have short brown hair and I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves pushed up to my forearms. My right hand is slowly stroking my cock, which is glistening with precum. I lean forward, and with my left hand, grab the front of your jeans, pulling you into the stall with me. I pull you forward until your legs are pressed up against mine. Then I tug your jeans down to your ankles and swallow your cock into my mouth.

You let out a gasp as you feel my tongue stroking your cock. My left hand is rubbing your bare ass, pulling you deeper into my warm, wet mouth. As I suck your cock, I let my fingers trail in between your ass cheeks. You try to spread your legs a bit more, but you can't because your jeans, bunched up around your ankles, restrict you. My fingers move down your crack in between your legs, and start moving back up your ass. You are so turned on! You make a decision, and slip your foot out of one shoe and out of your pant leg as well. Then you do the same with the other side. You are now standing bare-assed in a bathroom stall, with the door open behind you, and a guy sucking your cock and rubbing your ass.

I waste no time sliding my fingers into your crack. As my mouth works up and down on your cock, my fingers start probing your hole. It feels so tight! I rub my finger against the outside and you gasp, but your pucker holds firm. My right hand has been stroking my cock the whole time, and my precum has gathered at the tip, so I lubricate the fingers of my left hand with precum. You feel my finger, wet with precum, poking into your backdoor. I pause to lube it up again, and then my finger penetrates your ass. My questing finger inside you probes for your prostate, finds it, and rubs against it. You groan in pleasure! Your ass feels so tight on my finger that I need more... I pull my mouth from your cock, and, with my finger still deep inside you, pull you closer to me. Without your pants on, you easily can straddle me. I withdraw my finger from you and you gasp for a second from the sudden empty feeling.


I push you down into my lap. You lean forward and your lips meet mine as my cockhead touches your asshole. The slick head of my cock throbs, and you feel my precum oozing from my cock and into your hole. You begin to grind indulgently against my throbbing cock, letting me feel your tight round ass and just how much you need it. You pull your shirt off, leaving you totally naked, and then lean forward and begin to gently fuck your spit-slick cock against my abs, leaving a trail of sticky clear precum on my torso.

I can feel your cock trapped between our bodies. It turns me on even more, and I place my hands on your ass, pulling your cheeks apart and raising you up and down. Each time I pull you up, your cock slides against me, and the feeling is like silk over steel, soft yet hard, warm and wet. Then I lower you down, letting my cockhead press against your hole, wetting it further. You grind your ass on my cock, and feel it throb, just outside of you. I pull you up again, and lower you down, just as you begin to grind against me, and my raw cockhead penetrates you. We both stop for a moment, remaining utterly still, with your cock pressed against my abdomen, and mine just inside your ass. I look into your eyes, and you respond by squeezing your ass muscles. My cock throbs inside you in response, and precum begins to coat the inside of your ass. I rise up slowly, and more of my cock penetrates your body. Two inches, three, four... my cock seems to be getting even longer in my excitement, and soon you feel seven inches of manhood inside your ass. Your own cock is leaking precum continuously now, and you begin to ride up and down on my cock.

Filled with seven inches of pleasure, you begin to moan softly with each thrust. The sound of the bathroom door opening catches us both off-guard. You try to stay as quiet as you can, small whimpers escaping your lips as I continue to thrust inside you. We lock lips, my cock midthrust inside you as we hear the newcomer unzip to piss. The sound of piss fills the room as I thrust into you quietly, your lips pressed against mine. You are oozing against me.

As quiet as we've been, the noise of our fucking attracts the attention of the newcomer. He walks around the wall and sees our open stall door. He is Latino, in his 20s, and extremely attractive. Without saying a word, he drops his backpack to the ground slides his jeans down, revealing a thick, uncut, hardening cock. He starts to stroke himself as I continue to pump my cock inside your ass. My cockhead hits your prostate, and you throw your head back and moan loudly. The stranger moves closer to us, and you feel his hands on your back, sliding down to your ass. He reaches under you and I feel his fingers touch my cock shaft as it slides inside you. He leans up against you and you feel his cock pressing into your ass crack. His cock is throbbing and you can tell he is only moments away from shooting his load. Your own cock is completely coated in precum, and you grind it into my abdomen as you ride me.

You groan loudly as the Latino guy bucks against you hole, feeling the hot, wet friction of my abs against your cock. It's so wet... You gently nudge him, and he steps back. You slowly let yourself fall back, feeling me grab your hips instinctively. Letting him grind his dripping cock against your face, you begin to lick the tip and stroke the shaft slightly as I continue to fuck you deep.

All of this is too much for the newcomer, and as your tongue slides over the tip of his cock, you feel it throb and he groans, "Yes!" Then ropes of hot, thick cum shoot out from his cock. The first two fly between us, coating the space between my abs and your wet cock, and then travelling down to pool at the base of my cock. Then he angles his cock downwards and slides it into your open mouth, bucking his hips as yet another load erupts from him. You feel the force of his cum hitting the back of your throat, and there is nothing left for you to do but swallow it down.

As you do, you feel me lift you, and my cock pops out of your ass. You feel my hands between us, sliding across your cock, and you realize that I am gathering up the stranger's cum. Then you feel my fingers moving to your asshole, and you know that I am pushing his cum into your ass, lubing you further. Pinned with the Latino's cock in your mouth, you have no choice but submit to me. You feel my hands move across your cock once more, and then you can feel me rubbing more of the stranger's hot cum onto my cock. Then my cum-covered raw cock begins to penetrate your ass again. My cock seems even thicker right now, and you can feel it throbbing inside you as I fuck you using another guy's cum for lube. The Latino guy's cock drops from your mouth as you press your cock hard against me once more. My cock is slamming into your prostate, and you know that you can't take much more before you release your load. I see your impending explosion, and lift you up and down as you bounce on my cock, impaling yourself upon me. "Fuck me!" you nearly shout!

"I'm gonna cum!" I exclaim...

"Yes! Fucking breed me!" you moan, and it sets me off. I let out an almost guttural noise as my cock throbs and then shoots streams of cum, coating your ass.

"Fuck yes!" the Latino guy says, and then gets on his knees and starts licking around your asshole. My cock is still pounding you, and as I pull back from each thrust, cum leaks out. The feel of your cock pressed against my cum-covered abs, the guy licking the cum dripping from your hole, and my hard cock still pounding your prostate is too much and you scream as the first shot from your cock sails over my head to hit the stall wall. Your ass is gripping my cock so tightly that I can't help but shoot again, and you pull yourself hard onto my lap as you batter your prostate with my cock. After what seems like an eternity, you stop shooting. You and I are covered in your cum; on our faces, chests--everywhere. I kiss your lips, tasting your cum mixed with the Latino guy's cum. He stands up and kisses you and me, tasting your cum as well. He then says, "See you guys around," pulls up his pants, and walks out of the stall and out of the bathroom.

We kiss some more, heedless of the fact that anyone could still walk in. Then I get up and get ready to leave. You are still standing there, naked, cum dripping from your ass and drying on your body. "Tomorrow?" you ask.

"You got it," I reply. I kiss you one last time before I leave you in the bathroom stall, no longer bored.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.