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I am a 28 year old male who had been living in Japan for almost eight years now. I have a rather muscular tone on my 6'2" frame. My light brown hair is shaved with a little bit of short hair remaining on the top.


I have grown to truly love Japan and as a white male, have certainly not had too many issues finding companionship with Japanese women. Despite my many escapades, I had always felt like there was something missing from my life. As luck would have it, I was about to find out exactly what it was.

I met Yoshi on an internet chat line. I was just surfing around the net, when a message popped up from someone I did not know. The person identified himself as a Japanese male who was 18 years old and was looking to practice English. Happy to help, we became quite good friends and meeting at least 3 times a week to chat. Things stayed like this for a couple of months until he finally asked me if I wanted to meet and have coffee and some face to face conversation.

We met in a cafe in Tokyo and practiced general conversation. I had only seen a cellphone photo of him, but when I saw him I was surprised to see he was only about 5' 6" and weighed barely 110 pound. His dark black hair was the case with our talks as of late, he asked me about my experiences with women, and I asked him about his. However, he always indicated he was a virgin and did not know anything about sex and was why he was asking so many questions. As he stood up to go use the restroom, I notices the bulging in his pants and I instantly knew that I was feeling something a little different.

When he finally returned, I asked him if knew anything at all about sex. He blushed and said "All I really know about is masturbation."

Not wanting to spook him, and certainly not sure about how I felt about the situation, we finished our coffee with general language exchange.

The entire train ride home, I could not help but close my eyes and envision the bulging in his pants. I was so drawn, but as much as I tried to shake the sight from my mind, it would not leave. I went home and immediately logged onto my computer to see if there was a message from Yoshi or to see if he was on-line. He was and I began the conversation by thanking him for the nice conversation. I asked him if he had any other questions for me, and he indicated he did not. This was not the way I was hoping this conversation would go. That was until he asked me if I had any questions for him. I decided this was as open as his door was going to get so I decided it was time to kick the door in.

I asked him "what do you think about or look at during masturbation".

He did not answer immediately and I pressed him further until finally he admitted "I watch regular porn where people have sex."

Not at all happy with this answer, I asked him "what do you focus on when you watch?"

He said "I have many focuses".

I was not sure if I had missed something, so I decided to ask once more by saying "What exactly is your favorite thing to focus on?"

After almost a 5 minute wait "I love to watch a cum shot".

Words cannot explain the thoughts I had going through my mind at this point. It was one part hesitation and ten parts longing for him. I had never been with a man, but I thought that if there would ever be a chance or if there ever would be a situation which allowed me to be, I wanted it to be Yoshi.

Not sure about what I should say next, "I asked him if to elaborate on what he meant."

However, I think I spooked him and he logged off.

For almost two weeks, there was no message from him. I tried to e-mail a couple of times, but no matter what I did, he would not reply. I had almost given up hope until I logged on almost a month after our conversation to find an e- mail from him. It read only a few words, but they were words that made me so hard that after I read them I immediately grabbed me 7" penis from my pants and jerked it until I had come twice in a row. It read "I wish that cum on the T.V. was your cum".

After I cleaned up, I replied with my own little sentence that read "I want your cum too.let's meet"

The next day I rushed home from work to check my e- mail. I was elated when I read the e-mail from Yoshi. It read "meet me tomorrow at the same coffee shop at 1000."


My penis instantly grew hard from thinking about what may be in store for me tomorrow, but I did not want to waste one ounce of sperm as I fully intended to be giving it all to Yoshi.

At 9:15 I arrived to the coffee shop to eagerly await his arrival. To my surprise, he was already there and waiting for me. He was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a red T-shirt with a dragon on the front of it. Again, he was sporting an erection which I could easily make out from beneath his baggy pants.

I gave him a handshake and began to sit down when he said to me he wanted to leave and go somewhere a little more private. I followed beside him as he led me down the street to building with a sign written in Kanji. As there were no visible markings on the building, I was unsure of where exactly we were going. When I asked, he simply said "Just trust me, I read about this place on the internet and I thought it might be fun".

As we walked up the stairs, I trailed behind him just a few steps to get a view of what he looked like from behind. His tight little ass was straight before me and I began to think about what I was doing there as I was not gay. However, I dismissed the thoughts from my mind and decided to just enjoy the moment and if things became to be uncomfortable, I would simply bow out.

When we reached the top of the stairs, I noticed a registration counter. It did not look like a hotel registration desk so I was still clueless right up until the time we were given towels. I followed Yoshi into the changing room where we appeared to alone.

I looked over at him and he blushed. I asked him what the place was again and he simply responded "Just wait and see". As we changed clothes, I tried to catch a glimpse of him changing out of the corner of my eye and for whatever the reason, he was being discreet about showing me himself.

Once we were changed, we exited the changing room with towels rapped around our wastes. I caught a glimpse of Yoshi's tights ass wrapped in a towel and the smallness of his frame. His body appeared to be void of hair and the only mystery that remained was what his pubic hair looked like. I was dying to know and hoped to see solve this mystery.

We entered a room without lights and then went into another room where there was a giant bath. Around us, there were 8 men already inside. 7 were Japanese and the other one was European. The European was a beautiful man with an uncut penis that was at least 5 inches long limp. The other Japanese were all small and uncut with the exception of one who was uncut but had a rather large penis. I watched as they washed and relaxed before they went into the sauna. Yoshi seemed to be totally obsessed with watching the European and his hand was covering his penis for what I figured was to hide his erection.

He looked over at me and smiled, but still did his best to hide his manhood beneath his cupped hands. Only when his erection had subsided did he agree to go into the sauna. Once in there, the men sat naked observing the warmth of the room. My eyes kept drifting from man to man. I was doing my best to keep my feelings is check because I knew it would be impossible to hide mine beneath my cupped hands. Yoshi kept his towel on, but I felt no need to keep mine on. I closed my eyes, but could not shake the feeling that once I did his eyes would wander to glance at my penis. As much as I tried, I could not catch him doing so. This left me with the feeling that maybe he was the one who had decided to bow out.

As people began to leave, my disappointment with the day quickly took over. While I was certainly happy with the views, I could not help but know that this was as close to getting Yoshi naked. I told Yoshi I was ready to go and I quickly changed and waited for him to get ready to go. As we excited the bathhouse, I told Yoshi I was going to head home.

He looked at me with a saddened face and said "I am sorry I disappointed you. I know you thought we would be alone, but I know I am not the right person for you. My body will not be enough for you. After being in there, I know it is so."

I was so confused. I was not sure what he was talking about. I asked him to explain, but he was just quiet. I asked him again with a more stern voice and he said he did not want to explain, he just wanted to show me. He told me to follow him.

We went about 3 blocks and turned into the lobby of a love hotel. He selected a room without saying a word and moved quickly towards the elevator. Once we reached the floor and entered our room, he quickly began to undo his pants. As they dropped to the floor he pointed at his penis and said "This is why! My penis is too small for you. After seeing all of those men in there, I know I cannot satisfy you".

I did not say a word. I stepped towards him and gently kissed him on the mouth. Our tongues danced with each other passionately as I reached and touched his exposed penis. It felt very smooth to the touch and despite it being just short of four inches it was quite hard. I reached down and lifted the bottom of his shirt above his head to expose his chest. I gently kissed his nipples as I continued to rub his penis. I dropped to my knees and gently pulled back his foreskin and was greeted with the glistening sight of his pre-cum surrounding the head of his penis.

Despite being a first timer, it felt so completely natural as I licked the head of his penis and licked all of the pre-cum from the head. I slowly inserted his penis into my mouth as his gasped in delight at the feeling. I gently began to rub his hairless balls with one hand as I jerked the bottom of his penis with the other. I wanted so badly to taste his cum that I began sucking with a furor. A few moments later, I was rewarded with the warmth of his thick cum squirting into the back of my throat. His body kept jerking as he thrust more cum into my wanting mouth. I continued to suck him in an attempt to squeeze out ever drop of sperm from his wonderful penis. As he began to get limp, I removed the suction I had on his small but delicious penis.

He kissed me and I gently kissed his ear and whispered "It is not a big penis I care about, but rather a man who can cum as much as you just did. He kissed me again and asked me to lay down on the bed. I followed his request as he gently unzipped my pants and pulled my hard, waiting penis from its hold. He touched it gently and began to stroke it softly. He gently licked my nipples and stomach as he slowly worked his way down to my waiting penis.

He began to lick the top and moved town the head gently licking the shaft. He continued to stroke me as he took my balls gently into his mouth. He moved back up the shaft and slowly took my penis into his mouth. He was so good at it that I was amazed this was the first time he had done this. I worked my penis harder and I felt the buildup of my cum building inside of me. He told me "I want all of your cum in my mouth" and I instantly shot all of my load into him. He immediately moved off of my penis and put his lips directly above my mouth. He opened his mouth and my hot sperm gently dripped into my mouth. I kissed him passionately as we swapped my sperm from his mouth to mine. When it was all gone, I kissed him once more and we fell asleep with my penis in his hand..waiting for round two.

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