Man for Man

Arthur Bloggs


s by justjames17.

My name is Arthur Bloggs, I'm a widower sixty years old, my wife passed away five years ago and I have lived alone ever since she passed away from a tumour on the brain. Our only son lives in America with an movie actor he met here when they were making a film in Australia, the handsome blond actor whisked him off his feet and they left the country together and I've hardly heard from him since other than exchanging Christmas cards and birthday cards. I have been so lonely here by myself and have almost become a recluse until just a few weeks ago.


I was having my lunch and watching a DVD as I ate, I heard the doorbell chime and cursing under my breath, thinking it was a sales person; I went and answered the door. On opening it I found not a sales person but two young Asian lads, probably in their late teens, both wore tight jeans and hooded sweatshirts over t-shirts. I stood there looking through the security door at them as I raised my eyebrows questioningly, "Can I help you?"

The younger looking one smiled showing his white teeth, "Good afternoon sir, we are looking for accommodation in the area and a friend lives just up the road and told us you lived alone here and maybe you would possibly be interested in renting us a room?"

I looked at the two handsome lads and said, "Well I've not ever considered doing so but would you like to come in while I finish my lunch, I have a DVD playing you can watch while I eat."

I unlocked the security door and opened it allowing both lads to enter, the younger one brushed against me seemingly accidentally his hand briefly contacting my crotch as he passed by. I showed them into the lounge room where the TV was situated and walked through to the kitchen where I was eating and could watch the TV through the connecting door. I hurriedly finished eating as I listened to their mumbled conversation in their native tongue. As soon as I finished eating I rinsed off the plate then joined my two visitors, I sat in my cream leather recliner and looked at the two lads sitting on the lounge together.

The younger lad seemed to be the spokesperson, "We like your house, what we have seen so far, do you think you could put up with us as tenants? We are quiet and wouldn't have friends around without asking you first."

I smiled at him thinking how polite and nice he was, his friend was even quiet saying nothing but nodding his head in agreement with everything his friend said, I loved how his thick black hair swayed as he nodded. Both lads jet black hair was longish and lustrous parted in the centre and curved down across their brows. Their fine eyebrows sat above dark almond shaped eyes with long lashes; all in all they were very handsome and pleasant persons. The younger lad Vien introduced himself and his mate, Ho, I responded telling them my name was Arthur.

Vien chuckled and said, "A relative of King Arthur I suppose?"

I laughed and replied, "Oh you know of King Arthur do you lads?"

Ho laughed and said, "We saw a film with Shaun Connery in it, where he played the king."

We discussed the film and relaxed, I was realising how I missed my wife and in fact any company, these two young men were bringing me back to the world in no uncertain terms. I felt my sadness lifting like a fog under the warmth of the sun, I felt happier than I had in many years and made up my mind to offer the lads a room each. I made the offer and they grinned happily, Vien thanked me profusely then he rose from the couch and came across the room threw his wiry arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I was astounded by his actions but at the same time I felt so good. Nobody had hugged me since my wife died now here I sat with a young Asian university student was hugging me.

Vien released me and stood straight, my face was level with his denim- covered crotch, the tight material was moulded by an obvious erection, the lad was sexually excited about something. I couldn't understand what it could be, maybe the thought of living here with his friend was exciting him, whatever it was he certainly was fully aroused. I looked up at his face and saw an eagerness there, I couldn't understand what it meant, I'd never had any sexual contact with another male in my life, it was taboo when I was young and it had been drummed into me that hell fire and brimstone awaited any boy who committed the sin of homosexuality.

Here I was at my age being shown how sexual a young man can look, I couldn't stop looking at that bulge, I could see the shape of his balls below the missile like tube of engorged muscle pointing up towards Vien's right hip in his low riding tight jeans. I was feeling strange emotions and weird feelings in my groin as my long inactive penis began to awaken. My loose tracksuit pants began to tent and I knew Vien was watching my discomfort, I looked up embarrassed to see him smile sweetly down at me as he whispered, "Its alright Arthur I'm feeling the same way too."


I blushed and averted my gaze across to where Ho sat, he too was excited and playing with his engorged penis through his jeans, I looked away and my eyes came back to Vien's groin, he was rubbing himself slowly and seductively showing how aroused he was. I could see the top of his zipper gaping as the strain of his hard on stretched the denim, his bright red briefs showed through the gap. Vien moved closer to me his bulge tantalising me as he moved, he spoke softly, "Arthur if you want to feel me its ok, I'd really like that."

I trembled struggling with my conscience so set after 50 years of living a life of normality, I couldn't give in to these impure desires no matter how tempted I was. The internal struggle raged through my aging body, my heart was pounding in my chest, I was almost panting while my brain was a morass of indecision and self-recrimination. Vien's hands gently took hold of my head holding me steady as he pressed closer until I could inhale his distinctive spicy aroma, I was quivering and felt as if I was going to either explode or have a heart attack as my pounding heart went ballistic.

Unseen Ho had come across and knelt by my side, he reached across and rubbed my hard on, the touch of his hand caused me to lose control, I pushed my face into Vien's crotch rubbing my face on his incredibly stiff erection. I loved the feel of the soft worn denim against my face and the heat of his turgid tool; the scent of aroused male was the icing on the cake and my previously nervously dry mouth was now awash with saliva. I was on heat, never in my life except maybe our honeymoon so long ago did I feel so aroused and I couldn't believe two young men could stir me to my core in such a way.

My trembling fingers reached up and unzipped Vien's zipper sliding it down exposing his bulging red briefs, his funky aroma flooded my nostrils and almost caused a mental melt down as my drooling lips traced the hot hardness pulsating there. I pressed my lips to Vien's damp briefs right where his glans strained and stained his cotton underpants, I suckled on his pre cum as it leaked and loved his exquisite flavour. Ho meanwhile had pulled my tracky pants and tight whities down under my scrotum and had his fine boned hand wrapped tightly around my 7-inch shaft as he began tugging me off.

Vien undid his top button and pushed his tight jeans down his thin muscular thighs then he pulled down his briefs freeing his stiff dick and rubbing it across my slobbery lips. I opened to him and sucked that tasty sweet meat into my hungry mouth and in no time I had taken him deep in my orifice and he was thrusting in and out moaning excitedly while my tongue went crazy on his smooth shaft and slippery knob. Vien's grasp on my head tightened and his moans turned to animal grunts as he rammed in and out his cock leaking heavily and deliciously on my taste buds.

I felt his penis swelling in unison with mine as Ho sucked me off and our grunts echoed around the room along with the slurping moist sound of moist mouths sucking hot dicks. I stiffened up pushing up off the recliner into Ho's mouth as Vien began to force his dick into my gagging gullet, he squeaked loudly and I felt the swollen urethra beneath his cock throb on my tongue as gouts of sperm raced for freedom, his eruption set me off and we both ejaculated again and again. I couldn't remember getting off so hard in years, and I found Vien's sperm to be fresh and delicious, Ho was gulping down my offering then after sucking hard as he slipped his tight lips up my shaft he pulled off me with a moist popping sound.

I collapsed back gasping, my heart pounding crazily in my chest as I looked up through blurred eyes at Vien as he bent down to kiss me running his tongue about my mouth tasting himself before he bent across to his mate and they too kissed feverishly moaning in unison.

Once we had recovered I smiled at both lads and said, "I can't wait for you to shift in here, I'm sure we are going to have a great relationship."

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