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Authors note:

In 1953 homosexuality in the UK was illegal and punishable by up to two years imprisonment with hard labour. In the not so distant past, army officers had considered it part of their duties to arrange army brothels in foreign postings but this had been brought to an end through pressure from the bishops and certain puritanical members of the 1945 Labour government. On arrival in Egypt, the men, mostly very young, sexually inexperienced, National Servicemen were immediately brainwashed, with the aid of photos of rotting dicks, into not having sex with the local women. At the same time homosexuality in the Armed Forces was liable to severe punishment and dismissal from the service with ignominy. Public disgrace meant far more then than it does now. Despite all this, picking up a man for sex in civilian life was extremely easy. In the Forces there was strong overt homophobia but, underlying this, there were strong currents of homosexuality.


I've wanted to tell this true story for a long time. The year was 1953 and I was a 19 year old English National Serviceman in Egypt's Suez Canal Zone. One evening a young guy just posted out from England came into our hut. I was immediately smitten. Brown, handsome face, chunky build, muscles......I started to get a hard on straight away. There were only a few other guys down the other end of the hut engaged in a card game. I got into conversation with the new guy who told me his name was Randy, he was an Anglo Indian and he was into bodybuilding and boxing. To break the ice I showed him my collection of sexy photos of which every sex starved Servicemen had a collection bought in the local bazaar. Suddenly the lights went out, one of the frequent power cuts.

I whispered to Randy, "I bet those photos have given you a hard on."

"It takes more than that to get me excited" he replied.

Under cover of the darkness I put my hand on his cock. He didn't push me away so I started to unbutton his flies but the lights came on again and we had to swiftly pretend we were engaged in innocent conversation.

I thought no more of this encounter but, the following morning, which was a Sunday, Randy sought me out and asked if I would like to go for a swim. Our camp was on the shores of the Great Bitter Lake. I agreed and we walked down to the beach. Unusually it was completely deserted. We had a quick swim but, as it was winter, the water was cold. in spite of the bright sun so we towelled off and lay down to sunbathe on the beach. Randy lay on his stomach, I couldn't take my eyes of his broad shoulders and strong back curving down to a muscular ass and shapely legs. I picked up a bit of grass and idly ran it up and down his backbone, then stroked his legs and the inside of his thighs. Randy turned over on his side towards me. "You dirty fucker" he whispered, "You've got the horn". Of course he could see it through my trunks, the woollen variety that people wore in those days and that outlined your genitals in a way that the modern Lycra does not. I looked at Randy's crotch, yes there was an unmistakeable boner pushing out the front of his trunks. I stroked his cock

over the outside of his trunks then tried to put my hand inside the waistband. It was secured by a drawstring that Randy untied for me. My hand found his cock and at the same time he put his hand inside my trunks and caressed my genitals. I cupped his balls in my palm and slid a finger into his ass crack. His hole was wet and my fingertip slipped into it easily. Returning to his prick, I started to rub it but he quickly pushed my hand away as he started to cum into his trunks. He continued to rub my cock and I too spunked off into my trunks almost immediately. We went back into the water, took off our trunks and washed the spunk out of them.Randy was strangely quiet on the walk back to our hut and I wondered if we would have another encounter.

Shortly after I was promoted and got to occupy one of the four small rooms at each corner of the hut. Randy would often join me and a couple of other lads in there for an evening game of cards. I would feel his knee pressing deliberately against mine and I knew he needed sex. One day I went to the latrines and saw Randy coming out of a cubicle, a big grin on his face. I went into the same stall and saw big blobs of fresh spunk that he had just shot up against the wall. It was dangerous to have sex with the other Servicemen, the penalty then was three years in an Army prison, known as 'theglasshouse'. Finally I discovered a solution to getting together. We worked in the Supply section and everyone had to take turns in being Duty Storeman, which meant you went for an early lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon and night in the Stores. Next time Randy had this duty I remained behind until every one else had gone. I was pretending to read the notice board when he came and stood close to me. I slipped my arm round his waist and we fell into a clinch, kissing passionately. A problem with Service life was that there was no privacy, and this applied to the Stores, every part of which was open to view from a window. Randy said he had to go over and check the Barrack stores which were in a separate building. We wandered round and right at the back found the perfect place. Someone had piled up mattresses and blankets obscuring the window, and they had also made a cosy cubbyhole out of the mattresses. I guessed someone had done this so they could have a crafty sleep when they were supposed to be working. It was high summer, we wore nothing above the waist and only shorts below. We took everything off and fell into a clinch. The feel of Randy's flesh against mine felt like a mild electric shock. I massaged his shoulders and slid my hands down to his waist before caressing his fantastic butt "Randy's hands were all over me ,

"You're better than a girl" he whispered.

Our cocks were rigid as they rubbed together and we kissed deeply.

We had to be quick, we were in a dangerous position if we got caught. I dropped to my knees and took Randy's cock into my mouth. The danger and excitement brought him quickly to a climax and I had hardly slid my lips up and down the shaft a couple of times before he was ejaculating into me. I'd only sucked off one other guy before and always spit the spunk out but this time I swallowed. I loved Randy, and his juice, so long desired and now in my mouth, was too good to waste. Gob after gob of the salty, slimy stuff vanished down my throat. Once Randy had come the danger of our position came home to him and he wanted to get out quickly. He stayed just long enough for me to toss myself off onto the floor before we made a hasty exit.

And that was the pattern of our lovemaking. One occasion I would suck him and the following time he would suck me.The passive partner would then masturbate.

One night I was in bed in my room when a shadow loomed up outside the open window. It was Randy. He got a leg over the low sill and climbed inside , closing the curtains behind him. I was scared. There was no lock on the door and the walls were thin. I begged him to go but Randy lifted the sheet and slid into my narrow bed. The feel of his naked body made lust overcome the fear of being caught and we passionately embraced. Cuddled up to Randy in a warm bed made me feel totally relaxed so that, when he turned me on my side, I didn't protest. One of his hands stroked my cock while the other guided his erection into my bum cleft. I felt it slide up and down the cleft as the eager knob sought for my hole. I felt it press against my anus, and in response to the pressure I felt myself opening up to recieve him.

After about three minutes I felt his knob part my sphincter and enter my rectum. I had not been keen on trying anal sex with Randy because his cock looked quite big. I had been fucked by a few guys since the age of fifteen, well actually I'd had seven different cocks up me, and I knew biggish cocks could be painful and I didn't fancy trying to take one under the dangerous conditions, necesitating furtiveness and haste, that we were in. But being cuddled by Randy had made me wet and relaxed and he was able to push it in without me feeling more than a small amount of discomfort, which soon vanished as my hole accomodated itself to his cock.We had to be totally quiet. Randy fucked me very slowly and gently. It wasn't long before the excitement took its toll and I felt his warm sperm being ejaculated into my rectum.Randy finished me off with his hand and,,instead of getting out of bed as I had expected, he went to sleep.

I slept also, it had been a tiring day. Around three o'clock in the morning I woke up. Randy had his back to me and we were pressed close together in the narrow bed.I could feel his bare bum against my stiff prick. I put my hand over and rubbed Randy's already erect cock very gently. He pushed back slightly against me and I felt my cock go in his ass crack. He wriggled a bit and I felt my knob against his wet hole. He pushed back a little more and my cock went inside him. I slid it right in, gave him a few gentle fuck strokes and shot my load right inside that glorious brown ass, before tossing him off.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.