Man for Man

Army Brat Maneuvers


I lived in one of America's most famous or infamous military towns. It lies remotely in the northeastern part of Maryland, and was the haven for most of my more sordid adventures. Living less than a half mile from the gate of the military installation made for wonderful jerk off fantasies, and some nice eye candy when on base. The base is a testing ground, and educational institution as well. Soldiers from all over the country come to learn, and most are just out of high school. I often fantasized about those young soldiers and all the pent of sexual frustration, and how I could help to alleviate all the young cum.


I was aware that many of the young soldiers would walk from base into town to party in the local bars. Drunk, young, and horny, they would stumble back through the dark streets of town. I often walked those streets looking, hoping, and usually finding dick. I have always been insatiable where men are concerned, and as a young man myself, I tried all possible avenues. It was innocent enough, and those who knew what to look for, were more than happy to make my evening. As I noticed the usual migration of soldiers one Saturday night, I got bold enough to approach two that seemed "friendly". By that I mean drunk, and hot looking. They both had the requisite haircuts, which today drive me nuts, and their tight bodies fit well into their jeans and t-shirts. I had noticed them earlier, and as they approached I began my plan.

I concocted a story that my older sister (I don't have one) was doing a masters thesis on the sexual orientations of the general public. This was during the period of time that gay rights was at an upsurge, and the speculations as to our numbers was in the forefront of everyone's mind. I knew there were gays in the military, because I had sex with many of America's finest. Being an Army brat afforded me some security, and entrance into the inner sanctums. Sometimes locker rooms, sometimes barracks showers, almost anywhere, but those are other stories.

These two guys were laughing and joking, and from what I could hear, talking about some bitch that led them on, and then would not give out. Typical in my opinion, but then again I wanted those two. I followed behind them for a short while, I guess they noticed me, because they stopped dead in their tracks, and confronted me. I put on my best shy routine, and explained my little story to them. Now, realizing that it is late at night, in a dark area, and these guys conceivably were straight, and drunk, I was putting my life in their hands. Fortunately for me this routine had only backfired once before and I escaped that easily.

Now I guess I need to explain what attracted me to these guys. Primary attraction was the uniform thing. Even in jeans a military man looks like a military man. Secondly they look liked bookends. Both tall, and one was brunette, while the other blonde. They both had broad shoulders, stocky builds, and asses to die for. I am a real ass man, and can savor a hot ass for hours. They quickly sized me up. Then decided they knew what I was really after. The blonde boldly asked, "So you are looking for some dick to suck aren't you?" I looked him dead in the eye and answered, "yes, and anything else you care to let me have". A bold move I admit, but it worked. They said they were both interested and where did I have in mind.

The area had many dark alleys, and other areas, but my favorite was behind the elementary school where there were no lights, its far from the road, and there are small walls to hide behind. I led them both down, and then proceeded to work my magic. At this point the two soldiers were ready to get their nuts and weren't too picky as to how. The blonde seemed to be the leader as he was the first to drop trou. "Suck it faggot!" was his first command. I quickly got down on my knees, took his hard 7" into my mouth and proceeded to lick that shaft. I deep throated it a couple of times to show the stud my talent. His friend stood close by and was stroking his cock watching me. "Man this guy really loves dick!" the brunette whispered. "Yeah dude, he really has my rod dancing on his tongue."

The brunette was all into having me slick up his monster too and forced his way into my mouth. The blonde stayed momentarily and let me attempt both dicks in my mouth. The brunette pulled back and still stroking asked, "So what else does this little fag like to do?" I looked him dead in the eye and said that I loved to lick funky ass, and I loved to be fucked too. He immediately smiled and turned around, exposed his ass to me and spread his cheeks. "Go ahead, clean out my hole, just took a shit not long ago". His ass was a bit funky, but not messy, and it had the ripe smell of a man. I quickly buried my face between his muscled mounds, and tongued his hole. He groaned instinctively, and wiggled his ass further onto my face. His friend in the mean time had maneuvered his way around behind me and was undoing my pants.

I stood up to help him and kept tongue fucking the other soldier's ass. My pants were then slipped down past my hips, and to my ankles. The blonde then unceremoniously spit in his hands, spread his spit on my hole, then aimed his cock and pushed. The head slid past my ring and popped into my hole easily, but the intrusion still sent a few waves of pain through my body. I relaxed and kept concentrating on the delicious hole at my mouth, and soon felt the blonde slip in deeper. The brunette was more than curious as to why I was moaning, and turned around to present his dripping cock to me. He was seriously getting off on watching his buddy plow my hole. "Yeah, man fuck his hole, fuck him hard". He kept fucking my mouth and soon found his buddies rhythm. There I was bent over a soldier at my ass, and one in my mouth, behind the elementary school.

I have always liked public, and anonymous sex, so this was a fantasy come true. The blonde kept his litany of "Fucks, Damns, and holy shits" coming as he assaulted my hole. I was in heaven. I could feel his balls start to tighten up to his body as he slam fucked me, and I could tell he was about to cum. His buddy on the other had was far from there, and was just waiting for his turn. Finally the blonde shuttered and slammed his cock deep into my hole. I could feel shot after shot of his cum in my ass. As he was about to finish he pulled out quickly and asked if his buddy wanted some. "Damn straight I do, so why don't you have this cocksucker clean your dick while I am at it." That was fine with me. The two studs changed positions, and as I sucked the ass juices and cum from the blonde, the brunette pummeled my hole but royal. Not easing into it, no mercy. He shoved his thick 6" cock deep into my ass. He gripped my hips and immediately started a fast paced fuck. "Here fa! ggot, you wanted my hard cock up your ass, you wanted our cum in you, and I am going to fuck it into you deep, treat you like the whore you are" Well if he was trying to humiliate me, it wasn't working. I knew I wanted their cocks, graved them fucking me, and needed their cum inside me. He was only doing what I wanted.

The blonde let me suck his cock clean, and as it slowly deflated, then pulled out and packed it back in. The brunette was not quiet finished but I knew he couldn't hold out much longer. He strokes were getting faster, his breathing shallow, and I knew he was about to blow. With a load groan, and OH FUCK, he unloaded his ball juice deep into my now sloppy hole. He continued to fuck his tool into my ass until all his seed was planted. He then pulled out and demanded the same cleaning service his buddy got. I was more than happy to comply. I tongue swabbed that tool completely clean, tasting the combination of both their loads, and my ass on his cock. When I finished they both thanked me and left. They did say they would spread the word and that I probably wouldn't need to use that phony story much longer, and they were right.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.