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Apres Ski


My dick was going limp. Still inside his ass as we lay in the bed. The glow of the fire illuminated the room as the timber walls creaked with the strengthening breeze from outside. I could hear him breathing gently. He was sound asleep. My hand gently stroked his chest. I could feel it rise and fall under my fingertips with each intake and exhaling of the air in his lungs. Playfully I grazed my fingers over his nipples, enticing him into some kind of erotic dream as he slept. In my mind I relived the thrill of tonight.


Mark and I had decided to take a bit of time out before going home for Christmas. College was finished for the year but we still had a few days before our families expected us to go home and join them for the holidays. We had been room mates for the past two years and over that time had grown to be best friends. It was never anything more serious than just friends. Not until tonight anyway. I knew he was attractive. Everything in proportion. Right height, right colouring, right everything. It was no coincidence that for the past few months my cock twitched every time he returned to our dorm room from the showers. His body, not overtly rippling with muscle, but plenty of definition would still be dripping with water. Only a towel wrapped around his waist. A slight spraying of soft lightly coloured hairs would be matted down on his chest. His blond hair would be messed up, shaved at the sides, a little longer on top. His big eyes, the most piercing brown eyes I've ever seen, just seemed to light up the room the moment he walked in.

So this was our weekend. In the mountains, away from college, away from families and away from everyone we knew. Just us. No women to hassle us -- and believe me, Mark had plenty of those at college. Just the snow, the ski-ing and nothing more.

We'd spent the day on the slopes, getting a feeling for our new surroundings. Just enjoying the sensation of rushing down the mountain side. The fresh breeze blowing past us as the sun shone down. Mark looked like he was born to do this. His amazing white smile warmed me up every time I looked over at him. His slightly stubbly face looked so inviting. It was lucky I was wearing plenty of layers. My own mind was awakening to the idea that I might be falling for my best friend. Maybe it was wrong, but something inside just took over. I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted any girl or boy before.

The day faded into the evening. Miles of ski slopes had slid underneath us as we sat at the restaurant for dinner. I was still studying him closely. I'd practically lived with the guy full time for the past two years but it wasn't until tonight when I really studied his features that I understood what all those countless women back on campus saw in him. I never really noticed the tiny dimple in his cheek when he smiled. The way his deep eyes just seemed to absorb and invite everything around him. The way his face, left unshaven for about a day, looked so warm and welcoming, just temping you to reach out and stroke.

I spent the entire evening readjusting my pants. Thankful that my crotch was hidden from view by the shiny wooden table. I must have drank more than I usually would do. Trying to settle my nerves as my mind raced with questions. Why was it only today that started to feel this way about him? We ate and we talked. By the end of the evening I didn't care why anymore. I knew what I wanted now. If only to try. Maybe it was to get this out of my system. I didn't know. I didn't care. I just wanted to do it.

Walking back to our cabin, the cold night air hit us both. We hadn't taken any coats over to the restaurant. It was just a few minutes walk from there to the cabin and we didn't think we'd need them. Just as we approached the cabin I went on ahead a little way to unlock the door. Just as I reached out to put the key in I felt something very cold and very wet hit the back of my neck. A snowball. I turned around as Mark stood, bent over just a few yards behind me laughing.

Rising to the challenge, I put the key back into my pocket and scooped up a load of snow from the ground. Mark wasn't exactly a difficult target to hit. He appeared to be paralysed with all his laughing. He looked up just in time to see me release the mound of snow from my hand as it hit the side of his head. He reacted almost immediately. Gathering another mound of snow as this time it was my turn to do the laughing. He came up towards me, I made an attempt to get away, but the snow was too deep. He pulled the neck of my sweatshirt open a little way and threw the icy cold snow down onto my warm body. My vocal chords appeared frozen with the shock. Once again my friend was doubled up, unable to move or speak for laughing.


Eventually I regained my composure and did the only thing I could. I grabbed hold of him and pulled him down to the ground. I sat on top of him and proceeded to bombard his face, neck and every other part of him with small snowballs that I made up as I went along. The pair of us just stayed on the ground, rolling around in the snow like a pair of six year olds.

Mark managed to throw me off him and flipped me over onto my back before I had a chance to even attempt a get away. He threw his entire body on me so that he was lying on top of me. I looked up. The clear night sky and thousands of small twinkling stars framed his perfectly chiselled features. The laughing died out. He hauled himself up and reached an arm out and helped me to my feet. I took the key out of my pocket once more and opened the door to the cabin.

Inside the whole room was comfortably warm. We had lit the fire before we had gone out to dinner. The wood crackled as the room gently glowed. The perfect setting as Mark started to strip out of his by now soaking wet clothes.

He pulled his thick woollen sweater off. His lean body revealed only to me. A small drop of water from the melted snow dripped down his chest, around his navel and was soaked up by the line of black hairs running down below the belt of his jeans. I couldn't move. I just watched. Mark's actions appeared to be deliberately slow. We'd dressed and undressed in front of each other countless times before. But not like this. This was different. Special. I broke my gaze from his body when I realised that he'd thrown the sweater on the railings at the side of the fire. His eyes seemed to be looking towards me but not at me. I smiled a nervous grin and began to peel my own jumper off.

As I raised the sodden material over my head, momentarily covering my face, I heard Mark's footsteps on the wooden floor coming towards me. My heart rate increased. All the air was quickly expelled from my body as I felt a pair of cold hands take me around the waist. I held the jumper over my head for far longer than was necessary to get the thing off. Mark pressed himself against me. I could feel that treasure trail of hair press against my own smooth stomach. The hands moved from my waist and took hold of my jumper, gently pulling it off. I blinked as my eyes were met by the light once again. Met by the light and by the sight of Mark's deep brown eyes looking back into my own.

Bending his head slightly down, our gaze never seemed to break. His lips touched mine. He pulled back and look straight at me once again. I smiled. I moved in this time, lips touching once again and our mouths opened. I raised my hands up to his face, to stroke that light covering of stubble as out lips pressed hard against each others. My tongue slipped inside Mark's mouth, before he pushed back into my mouth. We seemed to spend hours and hours locked in this passionate clinch. Savouring every taste of each other.

I felt Mark move his hands from my waist once again. And the fingers fumbling desperately with my jeans. I grasped hold of his head once again, filling his mouth with my tongue, allowing our juices to flow between our mouths as he undid each button on my pants, one by one. He reached his hand in and cupped my balls. The tight material of my boxer briefs stretched over my straining groin. My balls were clenched even tighter as Mark fondled them. My dick pulsed with the strain of my erection as a damp spot turned into a wet patch as I started to leak my precum.

My jeans dropped to the floor. Mark broke our kiss and looked back at me once again. Weakly, I smiled at him. Unable to speak. Just grinning like a schoolboy getting his first sexual adventure. While this may not have been my first, it was certainly the most intense. Before this moment, sex had just been about sex. This was about so much more.

Mark moved his head down and took hold of my neck with his hands. His lips went to my flesh once more as he sucked and licked ensuring a huge love bite would soon appear. I'd have a hard time explaining that to the folks at home. Still I didn't care as he continued his journey downwards. His hands rubbed and played with every part of my body that his tongue still hadn't reached. His fingers played with my nipples before his mouth was clamped over each one in turn. Soaking them. His saliva dripped in rivulets down my body. My own hands clasped the back of Mark's head, never wanting this particular journey to end.


He rested his hands at the top of my thighs as he pressed his nose deep into my still covered crotch. Almost all of the front of my underwear was wet with my precum. It might have looked like I'd all ready shot a load in my pants, only for the fact that my dick still gave the game away by it's continued state of arousal. Strong arousal at that. And now, having Mark's face separated from my crotch only by the thinnest piece of material, that arousal was growing by the second.

Reaching his hands up to the waistband of my pants, Mark started to lick at the tip of my dick through my underwear. His tongue felt like a red hot poker on my over sensitive head. It felt like my precum was flowing straight out of my shaft and into his mouth through the cotton of my shorts. He began to peel the wet boxer shorts down. Slowly revealing my rock hard prick, pressed right up against my bush of black curls with my balls, a little hairy, clenched tight to the base of my shaft.

Even I could smell the odour of my own sex linger in the air as Mark pushed my shorts down to my ankles to join the heap of denim around my feet. A mixture of precum and freshly produced sweat as my cock and balls just had to endure being locked up inside my jeans.

Mark took hold of my throbbing shaft with both hands. He just knelt there for a while. I watched as he gently stroked my aching shaft with one hand. Just looking at it. My knob head was covered in a thin layer of sticky precum that continued oozing out of the tip. I could do nothing but look down at my best friend, his hands touching my prick.

I rested my hands on top of Mark's head. I ran my fingers through his hair. I felt his hot breath on my shaft. He moved his lips closer and closer to my dick. Inquisitively he pressed his pouting lips right on the head of my cock, smearing my juices across his mouth. I was looking down at him while he licked his lips. He looked back up at me with a mischievous grin spreading across his face. I could only grin back at him as I stroked his face one more time, mentally urging him to get on with what he'd started down there. He didn't need anymore prompting.

He placed the head of my engorged member inside his mouth, lips clasping around it. Mark swept his tongue over and around the head of my prick over and over again. I groaned out, throwing my head back as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed from the very tip of my prick all the way up my spine with each and every brush of his tongue. When he'd cleaned the head, Mark reached his hands around and felt up my ass. He squeezed my cheeks firmly. Kneading the soft skin before pushing me forward. He loosened the grip of his lips on my prick and allowed more and more of my shaft to move into his waiting mouth.

Looking down on him was a sight I'll never be able to get out of my memory. Just the view of Mark on his knees in front of me, pushing against my backside, willing more and more of my cock into his mouth is a vision that threatens to leave me with a permanent erection for the rest of my life. Here was this guy, my best friend, almost like a brother to me, this gorgeous hunk of a young man who, up until about half an hour ago, had me convinced of his total heterosexuality, on the floor giving head. Not just giving head, but giving head to me. The guy who had fantasised about this moment for at least the past half year.

My shaft stretched Mark's lips wide as he encouraged more and more of me deeper inside him. He managed to take about half of my seven inch rod in. I knew instinctively that this was his first time so I could hardly blame him for not diving straight in with the deep throat action. For me, this was good enough. Christ, for me, just a hand job from this guy would have been good enough. Mark pumped the remainder of my shaft that he hadn't managed to fit into his mouth whilst swirling his tongue up, down and around what he had swallowed.

His spare hand moved to my tightly clenched balls. His finger tips played with the hairs on my sac as he felt each one. My brain didn't know which sensation to deal with first. What about the tongue dipping right into my piss slit right now? How about the fingers carefully tracing the outline of one of my nuts? And then back to my dick as Mark follows the line of the big vein on the underside. What could I do except hold onto his short hair and moan and groan. If we had neighbours close to our cabin, there would have been no way they were sleeping tonight.


Whilst all this was going on, I glanced down at my buddy. Every once in a while he would let go of my balls and paw at his crotch through his jeans. Although his tongue was working over my dick like no other blowjob I'd had before, the sight of Mark being all locked up in his jeans, desperate to get out, was almost as bad as the desire I had to shoot a huge wad down his throat right there and then. So I stroked his stubbly cheeks and tipped his head back until he made eye contact with me. I swallowed. I was about to stop him from doing this. I was, albeit momentarily, going to stop the rhythmic motion of his tongue against my throbbing shaft. The short, sharp tingles as he lightly danced the tip of his tongue around the edge of my dick head, in the really sensitive part where the head and shaft meet. The daring way he would ever so gently scrape the very edge of his teeth against my throbbing member. He looked so cute down there. Looking up at me with those big brown eyes and half of my dick inside his throat.

I pulled his head up and he got the message. He pulled his mouth from off my shaft. It immediately slapped against my belly. Droplets of my precum mixed with Mark's saliva dripped onto the wooden floor.

Before I had a chance, Mark had reached for the buckle of his belt and was undoing his jeans. With the speed of an express train he'd unbuckled and unzipped and had his jeans off and thrown into the corner of the room. His was wearing plain white boxers. The outline of his dick was abundantly clear. The material had almost turned transparent as he, just as I had before, leaked what seemed like gallons and gallons of sweet juice into the cotton. I kissed him once more as my hand traced all seven and a half inches of Mark's prick. Underneath I could feel his balls, clenched tightly, as if being squashed for space by the size of his stiffy and the lack of space in his shorts. I soon sorted that out.

Taking hold of the waistband of those shorts, I practically ripped them down. I'd seen Mark naked plenty of times before, but never like this. A glazed look of excitement crossed his face when his dick was finally released from the confines of his shorts.

Dropping to my knees I took hold of Mark's throbbing shaft with both hands. I could feel the energy pulsating through this iron rod. His foreskin was pulled almost all the way back, revealing the bright red/purple head, shining in the glowing fire light as precum continued to ooze from it. I gently grasped Mark's foreskin, pulling it up and over the head of his dick whilst lightly stroking the shaft with my free hand. At the same time I moved my lips to this incredible organ. My nostrils filled with Mark's scent. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air as I grazed my moist lips over the wrinkles and folds of skin covering this ultra sensitive head.

Fondling his big balls, I moved my mouth down on his prick. I savoured the taste of it as the precum dripped endlessly into my mouth. Like a leaky tap more and more of his juice flowed into my mouth, dripping effortlessly down my throat. His velvety soft shaft throbbed against my lips as he stretched them wide. His fingers crept gently through my short hair, pulling my head further and further down on his shaft.

Mark fucked my face with his huge tool. Stretching my mouth wider than ever before. With each push, he pressed his pubes right up against my nose, allowing me to inhale more and more of his scent as his balls rubbed gently across my stubbly chin. I reached between his legs. Tracing the line up from behind his balls, edging up Mark's crack. My finger tips brushed against a fine line of rough hairs that lined the journey towards his hole. I felt the folds of puckered skin surrounding his entrance. I could hear his breathing becoming heavier as I glanced one finger after the other over his hole. Gently circling the entrance to his love tunnel. He pulled back out of my mouth, readying himself for another thrust. He pushed in and so did I. Mark groaned loudly as I entered him with a finger. I could feel his ass clench down around me. Momentarily I thought that just this smallest of anal stimulation had been enough to tip him over the edge. But another thrust into my mouth. Following by a long push back against my finger told me differently.


My mind spun with the situation. The feeling of Mark's shaft as he plunged back and forth into my mouth, wiping himself over my waiting lips each time. Feeling his rough pubes press against my skin. Feeling the way my unshaved chin grazed against his hairy balls. And all this with first one finger, then two and then finally three, stretching his hole wide open.

He pushed inside and down my throat once again. And stopped. Holding it there, I waited for the blasts of his hot jism to flow down my throat. Instead, he reached down and gently stroked my cheeks. Feeling the way they bulged as my mouth tried desperately to contain all of his throbbing wide shaft. I looked up at him. He smiled back down at me. His eyes still glazed over. I felt him move his ass gently around and around on my fingers. I had an idea what he wanted. He just winked. I reluctantly let his prick out of my mouth and stood up. I kissed him again briefly. Our tongues intermingling, me passing the taste of his prick, mixed with his precum juice and my own saliva into his mouth. He seemed to savour the taste of it all for a moment. As if considering what should happen next. He kissed me hard on the lips and walked over to the bed.

If I didn't know what was going on, by the time he reached the bed, I would have had a pretty good idea. Mark laid down on his front and then raised himself up on his knees. His tight ass facing towards me. He reached around to his pert cheeks and spread them. I could see clearly his tight balls hanging between his legs. His crack and that lining of fine rough hairs and his hole. Looser than before. Opening ever so slightly, red and waiting. It didn't take me long to oblige.

Practically running towards the bed, I jumped on top of it just behind Mark. I put my hands on his hips and moved my head down towards his crack. Gently I kissed his hole. I waited for a response. He moaned. I did it again. And again. And again. Layering this most intermit part of my best friend with small kissed. My tongue traced the outline of his entrance. A perfect circle. I could hear Mark hissing gently: "fuck me, fuck me" he repeated in a low husky whisper again and again.

I pushed my tongue into Mark's hole. Swirling it around and around the tight entrance, loosening it even further, covering it with my own brand of lube. I felt him let go of his ass cheeks. His hands now moving to assist his own cock which I could feel through his ass was pulsing violently, demanding some stimulation. His cheeks rubbed satisfyingly against my stubbled face. His ass was soft. He tasted clean and so damn sexy as I probed further and further up his chute. Gently massaging the walls of his tunnel with my hole. Flicking in and out of him, going further and further all the time.

Finally, I couldn't wait for the moment any longer. I pulled out of him and looked down to see Mark furiously working his cock, his hole gaped, and dripped with saliva, waiting for me to fill it. With one hand I spread his ass. I wrapped the other around my own engorged shaft. Smearing precum all around the entrance to his whole, slicking him up further still to aid with my major entrance. I lined myself up. The head of my cock throbbed at his opening. Mark groaned and moaned and swore at me to get on with it as he felt the heat of my dick as his entrance. I pushed myself forward, feeling the head of my dick disappearing up his ass, the tight hole immediately started to close around me as Mark let out an deep throated shout of ecstasy as I continued my relentless push forward.

Removing the hand that I had used to guide myself into Mark as more and more of my shaft went in to the sound of his approving grunts, I reach around and joined his own hand on my mate's throbbing cock. I lent over his back and began to nibble on his ear as finally my balls pressed against his crack, signalling that I had finally got what I wanted. I was in all the way to the base. Mark breathed heavily, almost panting as we both furiously worked together on his dick. Precum dripped over both of our hands and down onto the soft bed sheets underneath us.

My cock twitched and pulsed deep inside him. I needed to cum. I wanted to cum inside him. Mark wanted it too. He was practically begging me to fuck him. Hardly able to get the words out as his breathing became more and more erratic, concentrating solely on the sex between the two of us. I let go of his cock, leaving him to go it alone for a while as I took a strong hold on his hips. Although just about worn out, the adrenalin started to pump and a fresh strength took over me. I began my journey in and out of my best friend.

I could literally hear the erotic noise of my cock forcing it's way harder and deeper into Mark's rectum, pressing the sides of his chute wide open. Probing the walls of his ass, sliding along inside his deep dark tunnel. My hairy balls hung heavy and slapped loudly against his crack as we both continued to groan and moan. A sweat built up between us. Water cascaded down my chest and dripped into Mark's ass crack, helping my to slide with ease in and out of him.

Mark shouted to me: "Fuck!". The only words he spoke. I felt the rest as his hole clenched more tightly around me than anything else I had experienced before. I couldn't have moved even if I had wanted to continue my thrusting. The tip of my dick was resting on something deep inside him. I could literally feel his cock throb and pulse and twitch widely as stream upon stream of cum was ejected forcefully from his dick. Covering his hands, shooting up onto his chest and dripping down onto the bed sheets. It was all I needed to. This super stimulation of the very tip of my cock, combined with having my shaft enclosed in Mark's amazingly soft hole was all I could take. Almost in exact time and rhythm with Mark's orgasm I began to cover the insides of his hole with my own juice.

Wave after wave of pleasure engulfed my entire body as I collapsed onto his back and Mark, in turn collapsed down onto the bed. His stomach laying his the pool of his own cum that had dripped onto the bed.

Laying there on the bed without a sound except for the occasional crackling of the fire and the sound of the timber walls creaking with the breeze outside, we said nothing for a while. We had moved onto our sides. My dick still lodged deep inside him. I tried to slip out, but Mark moaned and pushed back. I stayed where I was.

He drifted off to sleep. My dick was going limp. Still inside his ass as we lay in the bed. I could hear him breathing gently. He was sound asleep. My hand gently stroked his chest. I could feel it rise and fall under my fingertips with each intake and exhaling of the air in his lungs. Playfully I grazed my fingers over his nipples, enticing him into some kind of erotic dream as he slept. In my mind I relived the thrill of tonight.

There's another one then. There haven't been very many since the summer, but this one is a bit special. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm sure that you'll let me know! If you haven't had the URL of my site, then get in touch and I'll let you have it. - Jak

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