Man for Man



I slowly sipped my hot cider as I sat looking out the apartment window. The leaves were beautiful, their many Fall colors still showing even though it was starting to get dark. I sighed as I stared across the table at the empty chair and the mug filled with once-hot cider. Another night he wasn't home on time. He promised.


I knew he was very busy with work. The last two weeks were crunch time for his company, which meant extra hours for him every day and most of the night. Even his weekends were full with work. I hardly got to see him, and even when I did he was either too tired or too irritable. I understood this was a tough time for him, but I was starting to feel really neglected. I knew that the big company project would be done any day now, and I was very excited at the prospect, but I was still worried that maybe our relationship lost its spark for him. Did he still love me? We hadn't made love for more than two weeks now, and it seemed like an eternity for me. Was he at all interested in our relationship anymore, or was he just getting tired of it and me? These questions raced through me as I struggled to put them out of my mind. Of course he loved me. He'd just been busy. That's all.

I sat on the couch watching TV until I fell asleep. Nothing really good was on, and I nodded off quickly. It was getting to be pretty routine. Looked like another night spent alone. He might come in around 3 AM and sleep until 7 or so...8 on days when I'm lucky. Sometimes he let me curl up next to him if he was in a good mood. Other times he just wanted to be left alone and I stayed on the couch. How I wished I could spend just one romantic night with him!

I awoke to a gentle touch on my face. I looked up to see him standing there, looking even more handsome than usual. He must have already gotten home because he looked like he had showered and changed into more casual clothing.

"H...hi!" I said excitedly, still some sleepiness in my voice as a yawn sneaked out. I looked at the digital clock in the corner and noticed it was only 9:23 PM. He was really home early!

"Hi!" he responded, smiling and obviously amused by my sleepy state and excitement. He gently took my hand in his as he firmly but softly pulled me to my feet and put his arms around me in an embrace.

He looked into my eyes as he gently brushed my face with his hand, running it through my hair affectionately. His eyes were the deepest of blue, and I found myself lost in them once more. He spoke in a very soft voice. "I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. We finished the project today, and I took a week off just to spend time with you. I also changed my schedule around so this will never happen again, love. I'll still be busier than usual some weeks, but I know I got too preoccupied with everything around me this time. That's not going to happen again."

I looked at him, surprise and happiness in my eyes. " mean it? You're really going to spend more time with me?" I could hardly hold in my excitement as I spoke.

"Of course!" he replied as he pressed his lips to mine, kissing me very gently and releasing. "I know I lost track of my priorities during this project, and I want to make up for that. After all, you've never let your work get in the way, and you've always been there for me."

I couldn't believe my ears, but I knew I was grinning from ear to ear. He gently stroked through my hair once more before releasing the embrace to reach into his bag next to the couch. He brought out a white box wrapped in a brilliant red bow and gave it to me, a loving smile on his face as he did so. "For you," he said softly.

I opened it eagerly, some tears coming to my eyes as I did so. The sweet smell of roses filled the room as I opened the box and discovered a dozen of the most beautiful roses I had ever seen and a card simply saying, "I love you!" "Oh! They're beautiful!" I exclaimed as I kissed him passionately, crying visibly now as his hand gently wiped the tears streaming down my face. In all the time we'd been together, I had never gotten flowers from him nor expected to. This was so unexpected, so romantic, and so wonderful.

"Thank you," I whispered as I kissed him again, gently placing the box of roses on the coffee table. He gently placed his hands around me as we slowly made our way towards the bedroom, still kissing and holding each other all the while.


He firmly yet softly pushed me onto the bed and laid me down, climbing over me. He was stronger than I and quite dominant, yet so very gentle with me, helping me to feel so safe and secure with him. He hovered over me, his eyes reaching into my soul as I stared back into his lovingly. Without a word, he pressed his soft lips to mine, kissing me, his tongue gently parting my lips and sliding into my mouth. I caressed his tongue with my own, sliding mine through his soft lips and exploring his mouth as well. He put one hand on my cheek, brushing my soft skin and hair as we probed each other's mouths with our tongues, his other hand sliding down my shirt, feeling over the material covering my belly and moving lower.

His hand continued moving downward until he stopped directly over my crotch, eliciting a moan muffled by our deep kiss. I felt myself, already quite hard, harden even more in his cupped hand as he rubbed it up and down the soft material. My cock pressed tightly against the cloth, the rough texture of my jeans teasing it wildly as his hand continued caressing.

He softly released the kiss as I felt his hand slide up to my belt, carefully unbuckling it and unzipping my jeans. He started to softly slide them down, pausing momentarily to take off his shirt and toss it to the side.

I stared up at his beautiful form. His bare skin was bathed in the soft, pale light of the moon shining through the single bedroom window. His chest was smooth, accented appealingly by his pink nipple tips, light areas of hair, and cute belly button. He wore a single necklace with an ornamental bead on it, and he looked very sexy.

He helped me remove my shirt before continuing to pull my jeans off me, leaving my boxers on as he did so. While he was at the edge of the bed, he quickly removed his khakis, leaving just his briefs on and nothing else. I couldn't help but notice the very full bulge his genitals made in them as I eyed his body lustily. As he stood there at the foot of the bed in just his underwear, he took my socks off (since only I was wearing them), snickering and tickling the soles of my feet, making me flail and laugh as I begged him to stop, knowing that's my vulnerable spot.

As he climbed back over my almost naked body, I reached around his sides and gently began tickling him, knowing how ticklish he is and smiling as he laughed and thrashed. He quickly grabbed my arms and held me down, pinning me and smiling, his dimples showing. I knew I was trapped and I loved every minute of it as I was able to lean up and kiss his smiling face.

My hard on was already very prominent in my boxers, but this made it even more raging. His dominance and strength was a major turn on, and I could tell by the way he was touching me that he loved me. He smiled down at me as he held me pinned, and through some quick movements I was able to roll him over even though he was stronger. We wrestled playfully, kissing each other lightly and tickling each other whenever we got the chance, giggling and just enjoying the foreplay.

I was held down on my back again when he finally said playfully, "So you want a tickle do you?" With that, he reached his hand into my boxers and started tickling the underside of my balls and sac gently, causing me to arch my back and spread my legs involuntarily for him. Part of me wanted to laugh, but the pleasure overtook me and made me moan loudly instead, a smile on my face as I did so. As my lips parted each other for the moan, he kissed me deeply, also smiling and cupping his hand around the bare skin of my ballsac, fondling me and moving his hand slowly up around my cock. As we kissed, I rubbed one hand lovingly down his smooth, bare chest and into his briefs, groping and fondling him gently, loving the muffled moans he was making inside my mouth as my other hand brushed through his fine brown hair and caressed his youthful face.

I gently moved both hands to his waist and tugged at his bulging briefs softly, exposing his large uncut penis and balls, helping him remove the underwear completely. He did the same with my boxers, revealing my smaller cut penis and genitalia, as he threw both articles of clothing to the side of the bed, leaving us completely naked before each other aside from the sexy necklace he was wearing.


I looked at his beautiful form as my hands explored his body, gently moving over the smooth skin of his chest, brushing over his nipples. One hand continued moving down to his abdomen, resting there before sliding further down between his legs to caress his genitals. I noticed he was doing the same to me as I blushed and looked away, feeling ashamed and inadequate considering how much bigger he was and how much more beautiful in general I thought he was compared to me.

He must have read my mind because he stopped what he was doing and placed a soft hand on my chin, gently lifting my face to his and looking into my eyes intently. He gave me a very soft kiss. "You're beautiful to me, sweetheart, and you have no reason to feel any shame at all. I love you just the way you are, and you're perfect for me." I cried softly and kissed him as he said this, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him close. He was lying on top of me, our genitals and chests pressed together as we kissed, the feeling of warm, soft skin overwhelmingly wonderful as we caressed each others backs and rumps, touching each other pleasurably and enjoying being so close.

He gently released the deep kiss, looking into my eyes. "Are you OK?" he asked, extra softness in his voice. I nodded, looking into his beautiful eyes and giving him another soft kiss on his lips. He smiled at me and began planting soft kisses on my cheek and down my neck, moving down my body very slowly, planting kisses everywhere he got the chance. I moaned a little, laying my head back and closing my eyes as I felt the sensuous kisses continue. He was kissing my chest now and paused when he reached a nipple, his tongue emerging from his mouth to lick it and play with it teasingly, enjoying the soft panting and noises of pleasure I was making.

He continued down me until he reached my belly button, gently lapping inside it with his tongue teasingly for a while, causing me to shiver with pleasure, then continuing to kiss down my stomach. At this point his hands were rubbing over my chest, feeling over my tensed body, the pleasure incredible. He continued kissing down me, burying his face in my pubic hair and lapping through it. I made soft noises of pleasure as he got closer and closer to my aching cock. To tease me more, he stopped and moved directly down to my inner thighs, kissing them softly and causing me to involuntarily spread my legs more for him. He moved up and started lapping and kissing my balls, causing me to arch my back. "Ohhh..." I moaned. "It feels so good." I couldn't look, but I could feel him smiling as he kept lapping to cause me so much pleasure, eventually taking my balls into his warm mouth and suckling on them lovingly.

After he had finished teasing me, he stopped everything he was doing, resting his hands on my sides. The only thing I could feel was his hot breath on my cock. I opened my eyes and looked up a bit, wondering what he was doing. He was smiling at me as he snickered a little and said, "You know, sweety...sometimes having a smaller cock has its advantages." I looked at him questioningly, blushing a bit, just a little bit of shame left. "W...what do you mean?" He giggled again and with one short motion took my entire length into his warm mouth, his nose pressing up against my pubic hair and his bottom lip touching my cock base and balls, his lips in a tight circle around it. I let out a yelp of pleasure, not expecting this and immediately closing my eyes and arching my back, the most sensitive part of my body surrounded by the damp, consuming warmth of his mouth, his tongue beginning to gently tease me.

I moaned more as he teasingly pulled almost completely off me, his lips making a tight ring around my head as he went back down on me, his hands rubbing down my sides and sliding underneath me, tenderly feeling over my ass cheeks. As my cock was once again completely inside his mouth, he starting massaging my head and glans with his wonderful tongue. Feelings of pleasure coursed through me, causing me to shiver as he massaged my rump tenderly, his hands playing over my body, sometimes moving in between my legs and stroking my balls and thighs as well, keeping my legs spread before him.


He kept giving me a blowjob for several minutes as I began involuntarily thrusting into his awaiting mouth. He played with me and teased me with his tongue, enjoying how much he was torturing me. Pre-cum was flowing madly into his mouth and my cock was aching for release. I had an expression of ecstasy on my face, and my head was rolling back and forth on the pillow with pleasure as I moaned. I could feel my cock pulsing, so close to cumming into his mouth, when he suddenly stopped and pulled off of me. He gave me a soft kiss on my stomach before climbing back over me and kissing me deeply, snowballing me and letting me taste my own pre-cum.

"Please." I panted. "Please let me cum." My hand reached for my cock and I wanted to bring myself to orgasm if I had to. He gently but firmly intercepted my hand, caressing it and kissing me softly. "Soon, sweety. Very soon. Roll over."

I obeyed as he reached into the drawer by our bed and pulled out a tube of lubricant. I could tell he was in no rush, and there was good reason for this. I was on my stomach, and my cock was hard as a rock and pushing up against the bed, driving me crazy. I knew how much he was enjoying watching me squirm since I was unable to get much- needed relief for my malehood.

He laid the tube next to me and straddled my back, not yet ready to penetrate me. He could probably tell how nervous I was. We hadn't made love for a while, and my hole was very tight. I knew how much initial penetration hurt, but I also knew how much I loved to have him inside me and also how wonderful it was once the initial pain went away. He decided to tease me, his cock positioned to rub against my crack as he began to massage my back. He knew all too well that the weight of him on top of me, combined with the motion of the massage, shifted my body horizontally forwards and backwards on the bed and caused a great deal of friction on my hardened cock. I moaned, the feeling building more and more as a large amount of my pre-cum leaked onto the bed. I felt close to orgasm, and somehow he knew this as before. I ached to cum, but he knew just how to prolong my pleasure and stopped the massage, kissing down and up my back, even kissing a rump cheek before moving back up and kissing my neck and cheek softly. He then lifted off of me and moved to my side, his hands still touching me lovingly.

"Are you ready?" he asked in a very soft and patient voice, knowing I was a little fearful of the pain penetration usually brought. I nodded in response, and he gave me a firm, playful slap on the rump, leaving a reddish mark momentarily. "Up on all fours," he commanded in an amused voice. It was easy to tell who was in control here, but even though he was so dominant, I felt so very safe in his care and knew he would do everything possible to make it as pleasurable and comfortable for me as possible. He would never dream of hurting me intentionally, and if it did hurt I knew he would stop and just hold me until I felt better. I obediently climbed to all fours for him, my cock dangling between my legs. A pearly white drop of pre-cum formed on the tip of my hardened penis and fell onto the already soaked bed in anticipation of what was to come.

He slowly opened the tube of lubricant and squirted some onto the fingers of one hand, laying the tube back on the bed with his other. He then gently grabbed my left rump cheek and spread me apart, my rosebud before him. Starting with one of his small, lubricated fingers, he tenderly penetrated me, sliding his finger in slowly and enjoying the sounds and shivers of pleasure I made. He began to slide in a second finger, then finally a third, carefully stretching my tight hole and preparing it for the thickness of his large cock. I moaned and tried to push back on his fingers, the sensitive skin around my rosebud feeling so good to his touch and the teasing nature of the cool, slick lubricant on his fingers. When he was finished playing with my hole, he withdrew his fingers and gave me a soft kiss.


"Would you like to lube me up?" he asked playfully, knowing full well that I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to touch him. I reached back with my hand in response, still basically on my hands and knees and not able to look. He picked up the tube of lubricant and squirted it on my fingers, gently guiding my hand to him. I began fondling his hard youthful cock as he gasped at the cold, slippery liquid being applied and rubbed all over his penis, the head and shaft being covered and massaged with it, his pre-cum mixing with it and making him even slicker. "That...ohhh...that's enough," he said, his voice cracking from the pleasure from my fondling motions as he removed my hand from him, knowing I was enjoying teasing him all too much. "Now you're going to get it!" he said with amusement in his voice as I put my hand back on the bed, completely on all fours for him again, my cock still dripping from between my legs.

I felt the hard, enlarged head of his penis push against my rosebud as his hands lovingly caressed over my back and ass. "You sure you're ready?" he whispered softly, waiting for my response. I nodded, a bit reluctant of the pain I knew would come, but wanting him inside me so very badly. With that, he very gently began pushing into me until his head and part of his shaft was buried inside me. My muscles contracted painfully upon the large member entering my body and I yelped quite loudly, an intense burning sensation coursing through me. A few tears were running down my cheeks and I felt him immediately pull partially out, his strong arms wrapping around me and holding me securely as he kept reassuring me that it was alright, his caring voice making me feel better. As the pain subsided, he gently brought a hand up and wiped my tears before cupping it over my quivering lips lovingly to damper my whimpering. I kissed his hand, the pain gone now as he asked me if it was all right to continue. I nodded, knowing this time I would be loose enough accept him within my depths without any further pain.

He gently started to push into me again and before I knew it he was all the way inside me, the pain replaced by a pleasurable feeling. He just stayed there for a moment, his arms wrapped around me letting me get used to the feeling of him inside me. It felt so wonderful to have him so close and to know that the person I loved had his most intimate, most private, most sensitive part inside me. I could feel his warmth deep inside me, his balls pressed against my naked ass and his torso pressed against my back. He breathed hotly on my neck and gave me soft kisses, even seductively licking my cheek and ear.

I felt his arms unwrap from around my waist as he reached for something. I heard a liquid sound that appeared to be more of the lubricant squirting from the tube. What was he doing? I quickly found out as I felt his one hand wrap around my chest once again and his other touch my cock, very cold and slick with lubricant as he began fondling and rubbing it on me. I moaned loudly, instinctively pushing back and impaling myself even more onto him as he rubbed the cool, slick gel on my sensitive member. "Please." I moaned. "Ohhh..."

I could feel him smiling as he whispered "I love you" into my ear and began to pull out and gently thrust back into me, repeating this motion, still slowly but a bit faster and harder each time. As he did so, my cock slid in and out of the slick hand wrapped tightly around my lubed cock. I couldn't believe how wonderful this felt as I moaned very loudly, waves of pleasure coursing through me each time he thrust into me and I into his hand. I felt his soft balls slamming against my bare ass as his penis buried itself deeply inside me, brushing against my prostate. At this point a steady stream of my pre-cum was shooting out of me onto the bed, and I was moaning very loudly, my eyes shut tightly in pleasure. He was moaning and panting as well as his thrusting evened out to a medium pace, not wanting to rush anything but not wanting to make it torturously slow either.


I started begging him, the need to cum so powerful. "Please." I begged. "Please fuck me harder." I blushed bright red, even surprising myself at what I had said. I never talked dirty to him before, and I hoped he didn't mind, but he certainly didn't seem to, a pleasurable moan-snicker coming from him as he quickened his pace a bit, his hand tightening even more around my slick cock and his other hand fondling a nipple as he pounded in and out of me, being aggressive yet very careful not to hurt me. I could feel his cock, hot and wet with lube and pre-cum, begin pulsating within me, his imminent release drawing closer as his moans got louder and his grip around me tighter. His one hand was still around my penis as I pummeled into and out of it, and he began to actively work over my throbbing cock, masturbating and tugging on me, pleasuring me even more until it was too much for me and I could take no more.

I made a sound that was a combination between a scream and a very loud moan as I orgasmed, cum erupting and splattering the bed and headboard as wave after wave of pleasure and pulse after pulse of my wad shot out of me. His hand kept massaging my cock as I came, sometimes moving in front of it to gather my hot liquid on it before continuing to rub me. My hole tightened and contracted on him, driving him over the edge. He screamed too, even louder than I as he slammed deep inside me with a final thrust, emptying his balls within my depths. His body spasmed for what seemed like several minutes as he emptied himself within me, marking me as his own. Warmth filled me as I felt his cum running out of my ass and down my rumpcheeks, my anus completely filled with his sweet sexual juices.

Panting, he whispered "Lie down, hon." I did as I was instructed and he came with me, his arms wrapped around me as I lay on my stomach in my own pool of cum with him still inside me, his penis becoming softer now. He planted gentle kisses on my neck and back, his sweaty body pressed close to mine and the wonderful smell of new sex in the air. It still felt good to have him inside me, and we just laid there a while, whispering how much we loved each other and enjoying the afterglow. Finally, he pulled out of me very gently, a sensation that also felt good as I rolled over to face him, some cum running out of my ass and joining the pool on the bed as he straddled me once more, his softened cock dangling and now resting against my spent crotch. I looked into his eyes and he into mine.

His soft looked turned into urgent concern as he noticed I was crying. "Are you OK?" he asked, wrapping his arms tightly around me and pulling me up closer to him. I looked into his eyes, still crying, and just kissed his lips, holding it for a moment before releasing. "I love you," I said as I wrapped my arms around him, snuggling as closely as possible to his wonderful chest. He gently brushed through my hair, holding me closely and protectively. "I love you too," he said, and I could swear I saw tears in his own eyes despite the image of strength and control he always tried so hard to project.

"Come here." he whispered as he rolled on his back and pulled me close to him, laying my head on his chest and stroking through my hair more. I lifted my head, kissing him on the lips again and brushing my own hand through his soft, longer hair before resting again on his chest. I wrapped my arms around his tummy and intertwined my legs with his, my spent cock pressed against the side of his leg, still a bit of pre dribbling out of it and down his leg. I snuggled even closer to him, shivering a bit since it was getting cold in the room. He saw this and grabbed the soft blankets covers, wrapping them around us both and letting me snuggle as close as I wished to him for warmth. He then wrapped his arms around me, placing a hand on my rump and caressing gently, knowing how wonderful that felt for me and how loved I would feel as I went to sleep. I kissed his chest as he held me to him like a loving parent holding and caressing a child.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.