Man for Man

Anton's first time


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They lay together in the bed in the barn in the South of France. The rain fell onto the windows and onto the roof. It was loud, like a crackling fire. The warmth of Anton's body was like a hot bath to Stefan, protecting him from the cold night. Stefan lay on Anton's chest, one leg between Anton's legs.

"I've never told you about Markus, have I?" said Anton.

"No, I don't think you have. Who is he?"

"He was my first boyfriend. We must have been 18." Anton licked his lips and paused.

Stefan smiled. "18? I wonder what you looked like."

"Well, I'd been in training for a while so I looked pretty much like I do now. You've seen pictures of me from that time, haven't you?"

"Yeah, I suppose. I still find it odd to imagine people at that age having sex. I think it makes me jealous more than anything. I know, I started really late."

"You've made up for it in the last few years, though."

Stefan smiled again. "So tell me about Markus."

"Well, I'd split up a couple of months beforehand with this girl from Fagernes. We'd been together for ages and then she dumped me. I was a young man, used to having sex often, and I found myself alone, looking at porn on the internet. Anyway, I soon started chatting online with this girl in France." Anton paused. Then he continued. "I really can't remember her name. But she and I got on really well. I had a webcam, she had a webcam. You can imagine what we got up to, and we made plans that I should go and visit her. She was 25, a lot older than me, and she had her own flat. I remember she sent me some really good porn of herself masturbating with a dildo, and I loved it. Maybe I can dig out some of the videos I sent her, if you're interested."

"Yeah, sure. You just want to watch me watching them." Stefan reached down and stroked Anton's cock lightly. Then he returned his hand to Anton's chest. Anton smiled.

"Anyway, Markus. Yes. He was a nice young man. He went to the local school and we'd met because the town had a sports club where we both played. We'd started chatting about computer games and after a few weeks I'd invited him back to my place to play something. At least I think that's how it happened. It's what, 25 years ago now. I remember he didn't have a computer, so maybe it was something else. So he came back to the house and we started playing something on the computer. I think it was a first person shooter." Anton looked at Stefan and smiled. "Don't say anything. He liked the game and started coming round more often, after school. One day when he turned up, Torstein or Marianne must have sent him up to me as usual, I must have just got this video from the girl in France with her dildo. I'd watched it quite a few times already and had jerked off to it, but it still made me hot. I decided to show him it, because I thought he'd like it too. So I opened the file and he sat there with his eyes wide open watching it. And I was getting horny again. I could feel my cock pressing against my jeans. And at some stage, I really needed to jerk off, and I thought well, it was my room so if I wanted to jerk off I could. So I told him that I was going to jerk off and got a tissue and got my dick out and started jerking. I told him that if he wanted to, he could do so too. Anyway I was watching the film and not paying any attention to him and I was getting close, imagining I was fucking her and she was groaning because it was my dick inside her, and I was just watching this moist, glistening dildo going in and out of her, and her perfect breasts and her trimmed pubic hair and her thighs and her cunt with this dildo and she was moaning and groaning and my cock had got pretty wet too and then I hear Markus say something. I turn to him and ask him what he said and he says 'Can I touch it?' and reaches towards my cock.

"At first I thought he was joking, and I said something like 'don't you like your own or what?' And he went pale and said something about I should just forget it. And I went ape-shit on him. I shouted at him, told him he was a fag, a paedophile, everything you can think of. I physically picked him up and threw him out of my room. I could see in his eyes that he was terrified of me. I was shaking with anger. Looking back on it, I don't really know why. I think I had never really talked to any gay men. I was an angry young man looking for somebody to be angry at. Strange.


"Anyway. What happened next? I remember Marianne coming up to see me. She had noticed how Markus had left the house 'in tears', as she said. She asked me what had happened. I don't think I told her anything, not that she expected me to, I imagine. Then she told me that Markus had attempted suicide a couple of years before and that nobody knew what was going on with him and she did her whole 'he needs a friend and you should be understanding' thing. And then she went and I called the French girl and we jerked off on webcam.

"I think I was chatting to her the next day or something and I mentioned that this bloke had made a pass at me and how disgusting I thought that was and she was really angry with me. It turned out her brother was gay or something and she told me some stories about him and about the problems he'd had and how he was now together with some man. She asked me what I was scared of, and I said I wasn't scared of anything, and she said I should prove it. And him being gay also explained the problems he had had. So I thought about it for a while and then sent him an sms asking him to come round.

"He turned up looking really unsure. I imagine he was asking himself if he'd get out of the room alive. And i said to him something like 'yeah, I've been thinking about it and it's okay to be gay, so if you want to be gay that's okay with me'"

Stefan laughed. "That's so sweet of you."

Anton grinned and stroked Stefan's ass. "I always was a sweet-talker. Anyway, he relaxed a bit and apparently he'd never told anybody before and we played on the computer a bit or watched a film and then he went home.

"The next day or maybe the day after he was back and I was curious and I started asking him questions. I can remember thinking of him as being my pet fag or something and I can remember this conversation pretty well. I asked him if he had a boyfriend and he said that I was the only person who knew he was gay, so how could he have a boyfriend? So I asked him if he'd ever had sex or even done anything sexual with a man and he said no. I almost asked him how he knew he was gay, but I realised it was a pretty stupid question. I had known I was straight, and back then I really was 100% straight, a year earlier, before I'd ever had sex with a woman, so I assumed it was the same for him. And then I said something like 'so do you just sit around at home in front of the computer jerking off to porn or what?' and he reminded me he didn't have a computer. 'So you've never seen any gay porn? Never seen a hard cock or a man cumming?' and he said that he hadn't. Well, he'd seen me with an erection at that stage, but you know what I mean. So I thought, well here's my chance to be really understanding, so I said we could fix that and I started googling for gay porn. I found a site pretty quickly and clicked on one of the videos. It was some video of two blokes fucking. I'd seen stuff like it a few times before while searching for girl porn, so I was pretty used to it and it didn't interest me anyway, but his eyes were glued to the screen. I thought, if this is going to be his first porno he should watch one where it starts slow and then has some foreplay and build up before they start fucking, so I stopped that film and searched for one which was a bit longer. Then I told him to enjoy it and lay down on my bed reading a book.

"After a couple of minutes I looked up and he'd pulled his legs up on to the chair and was hugging them, obviously trying to hide an erection. I smiled got up and went to the drawer next to the computer, got out a packet of tissues and gave them to him. 'Here, just incase you want to jerk off', I said. He swallowed once and looked at me, there were obviously incredible chemicals running through his veins at that moment, I could see it in his eyes. 'I couldn't ...', he said. 'No really, I'm cool with it. I've got to shower anyway.' I think I'd been jogging and hadn't showered or something. So I pulled a tissue out and gave it to him, then I grabbed some clean clothes and went to shower. When I got back the film had finished and he turned round startled when I shut the door. I went over to him and asked him if he'd enjoyed the film. I could smell his sperm, so I knew he had. He asked me what he should do with the tissue. I told him to flush it down the toilet. Then it was late and he went home. But before he left, he asked me if he could come round tomorrow. I said sure.


"So he came back a bit earlier than on the day before and we started playing a computer game and chatting about stuff, and he steered the conversation onto porn and I pretended not to realise it and he saidoh yes, I remember thathe said that he'd jerked off 3 times the night before thinking of this film, and I said he could watch another porn film if he wanted, and he said that it wasn't that important and if I didn't need to shower then he didn't have to watch the film and we could do something else so I said that I didn't need to shower but I was quite happy to sit on my bed reading while he jerked off, so I got the tissues out, he started watching porn and I sat on my bed and read something, I've forgotten what. Anyway, after a couple of minutes he secretly glanced at me and then went back to watching the porn. Shortly after that I heard him unzip his jeans, get his cock out start to jerk off, the sound of his foreskin and he was obviously pretty wet. And I could smell his cock too. So I continued reading my book. The sound continued for a few minutes and his breathing gradually changed, became faster and the jerking did too. Then he breathed in suddenly quite deep and held his breath. He breathed out quickly and breathed in sharply again. I could smell his sperm. He'd come. After about a minute he stopped the film, turned round and looked at me. Then he got up and went to the bathroom with the tissue in his hand. Then we chatted a bit more and played a computer game a bit. He was a lot more relaxed. Looking back on it, I really should have suspected something because I wasn't bothered at all about him sitting there jerking off. I didn't find it erotic either, but I didn't find it disgusting or unnatural or something like that.

"And the next day he was back again. And we had pretty much the same conversation, except he talked about dicks and cum a lot more. It was certainly his favourite topic now. So he steered the conversation onto watching some more porn, and I said yes. I remember this time I suddenly realised after he'd been at it for a minute or two that I hadn't locked the door, so I got up and locked it. He almost jumped out of his skin when he heard me move behind him. I explained to him that I was just locking the door so he wouldn't be disturbed. And then he went back to jerking, and I went back to my book, and he came and then we chatted some more and played on the computer a bit or whatever and he left.

"By the next day I was getting a bit bored of this. I mean, it didn't turn me onno really, it didn'tand I was running out of things to do while he was jerking off. The book had been pretty boring anyway. I still can't remember what it was. He came round and was really happy and relaxed, and I told him that it was a bit boring for me, but I let him convince me to let him watch some more porn. So there he was jerking away at my computer. And I was bored, and I realised that I'd never really watched any gay porn so I went to the computer and stood behind him and started watching it. At first he didn't realise I was there. I watched him. It was the first time I'd seen a man masturbating. He had a nice cock, a lot like yours, and the head was glistening with precum, just like yours does. He had this technique where his wrist seemed to make a figure of eight rather than just going back and forth, which I'd also never seen before. Then he realised I was there and jumped out of the chair and tried to stick his cock back in his pants, which looked really comical. So I said to him that I wanted to watch it too, because I'd never watched any gay porn. So I sat down in the other chair and watched these two blokes sucking each other off on the screen. He sat back down and didn't know what to do. So I told him again that I didn't mind if he jerked off. And after about a minute he pulled his left leg up and slowly got his cock back out. That was really funny. As if he thought that if he got it out slowly and hid it behind his leg, I wouldn't realise or something. And then it suddenly occured to me that when I had been sitting there jerking off, that had been the first time he'd seen a cock in his life. No wonder he'd been unable to control himself. I mean, if a girl had sat down next to me and started playing with her tits or her pussy, I'd have wanted to jump in too. So I said that to him and totally put him off his stride, but then he relaxed again and we chatted away quite happily about how weird that must have been for him while he sat there masturbating. And then he had to come and his left leg was in the way and I told him I really didn't mind and he slowly lowered his leg so I could see his cock again. And then after a minute or two he said that he was cumming, and I'd never seen a man come before so I watched him. And he came quite a lot too. It must have shot 5 or 6 times and the tissue was wet through.


"Then he carried on jerking his cock which had started to go limp. At some stage the men in the film had stopped sucking each other off and had started fucking. And there was this particular camera view of the back of the one guy, he was leaning forwards over a bed while the other man fucked him and you could see his back and his ass and this cock going in and out and he was groaning and really loving it and I suddenly realised that that was a really hot ass. It was as if up to that moment it had just been some boring part of a man's anatomy, obviously not attractive compared with a woman's ass, and then, suddenly, it turned me on. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted it to be my cock sliding in and out of him, making him groan with pleasure, penetrating him. Markus got up and went to flush the tissue. I turned the film off and started playing a computer game. We chatted a bit and played some more and then he went home.

"I remember being quite shocked about this feeling I had and for a couple of daysI think I was busy for the next couple of days so I didn't see him anywayI tried to ignore it. But then he came round again and we chatted and he asked if he could watch some more porn and I remember thinking yes or no and tossing a coin in my head and deciding, yes, he could watch some more porn, and I'd watch it too. And he was surprised about this, and I just told him that I was bored and wanted to watch it too, or something. And he looked for some porn he hadn't seen and started it playing and after about a minute or two he slowly and quietly got out his cock and started jerking. This time he didn't bother to try to conceal his cock by pulling his leg up. But I thought the porn was pretty boring. There just wasn't anything there that I liked. So I reached over and grabbed the mouse and told him it was boring and he jumped and stopped jerking and tried to cover himself a bit. But he still had it in his eyes. This wild look of adrenaline and whatever in his blood stream. He still found this porn fucking hot. So I clicked on another video and we started watching it. He said he'd liked the first video too. But he started jerking again and I watched this video but it was pretty short, I remember there wasn't even a cumshot, just some sucking, so I looked for a longer video and clicked on that. And there was one guy in this video who had the cutest ass. It was a work of art. So they went through the whole kissing and nipple licking and cock sucking and stuff and I was just thinking 'go on! fuck him!' and after about 5 minutes of foreplay, that's what he did. There was this great shot from above as he slowly pushed his cock in. This cock penetrated him centimeter by centimeter and he was obviously loving it. I could feel the blood pumping into my cock. So I asked Markus, who by this stage was quite happy to just sit next to me and jerk off, and didn't try to cover himself up at all when I talked to him, what he thought of the ass of the guy getting fucked and he said that he hadn't really looked at it and it was okay he guessed. And I said to him something like 'Well, I think it's hot and it's given me a hard-on.' And Markus stopped jerking and just held his cock still and looked at me as if he didn't know what was going to happen. So I told him that I was going to jerk off too.

"So I undid my jeans and got out my cock, which had been getting pretty uncomfortable in there. And I started jerking slowly, just holding it at first, and then rubbing the head lightly. And then I started jerking properly and I took my t-shirt off and let my trousers and boxer shorts down and soon I was naked there jerking off. And Markus was trying to pretend that he wasn't looking at my body and my cock a lot of the time, but I didn't care, I was just thinking about fucking this ass and imagining my hand was the muscles in his hole and I was sticking it in him slowly centimeter by centimeter and him panting with pleasure and my cock was getting really wet by this stage. I could feel my orgasm building up and I grabbed a tissue, jerked a few times along the whole length of my cock using my precum as lubricant and came into it. And you know how much I come when I'm turned on and I was really turned on. Markus just stared at my cock while I came, and then he came too. And then we sat there for a minute or two while our cocks went limp and we flushed the tissues down the toilet and came back. I was totally naked of course, and Markus just couldn't stop staring at my cock and my body. And I really didn't mind it. Then he went home and I watched some more gay porn.


"So the next day he was back again, and I'd found some really good stuff the night before and I'd found one pornstar I really liked, so I asked him if he wanted to watch some more and he said yes of course. And this time he got naked too and we started watching and he started talking to me about how muscular my body was and how beautiful and huge my cock was and how I should be a pornstar, then I could fuck this guy in real life if I wanted to, and how my balls where perfect and how when I came, it was like I'd never stop and it was this perfect white fluid like cream, and I could see that he'd stopped watching the film and was just watching me jerking off while I was watching this guy getting fucked, which I found really funny of him, and I was beginning to enjoy him watching me because it was obviously giving him so much pleasure. I could feel the orgasm building up inside me and I realised there was only one tissue left, so I said that to him and he said I could have it, but instead I told him to give me the glass which was on the table and he gave it to me and at that moment I started shooting my sperm into it. You can imagine that there was a fair amount of sperm in there by the time I'd finished. So I put the glass back on the table and played with my cock while it went limp and then I realised I had to piss, so I went to the bathroom. When I got back, I must have been pretty quiet, because Markus didn't notice that I was in the room again. I went up to him and we was holding the glass I'd cum in. I watched him dip his fingers in my cum and then lick them clean. I went up behind him and cleared my throat and he jumped up terrified. I'm surprised he didn't drop the glass. I asked him what he was doing and he said something about just being curious and never having tried cum before and I said that if he wanted to play with my cum then he could do so. I mean, what did I care what he did with it? I'd had a physical and been tested for STDs a couple of months beforehand and everything had been negative. And I said that I'd tasted it a couple of timesI'd often shot into my mouth by accidentand I didn't like the taste much. He said that he liked it, which was the understatement of the decade. He was obviously more turned on than ever before in his life. I told him that if he liked the taste so much he could drink it if he wanted, and he raised the glass to his lips and poured it back. Then I sat down next to himstill naked of courseand he jerked off while pretending to watch the porn but in reality staring at my cock.

"I was talking to the French girl a bit later. I'd been telling her about what was going on with Markus and she seemed to find it really erotic. But after the latest installment she asked me if I was bisexual. I told her that I wasn't but she thought that when one man lets another drink his cum, he can't be totally hetero. And she asked me if I'd let him give me a blow-job and I thought about it for a bit and said that it didn't really do anything for me. She said that men give the best blow-jobs because they know what they're doing and I should try it out once before passing judgement. I'm sure you can see where this is going. So Markus came round again and I'd got some tissueshe looked dissapointed about thatand we stripped off and started watching a porn film. Well, I was watching the porn film and he was watching me watching the porn film, as you know. There was this 20cm cock going in and out of this cute ass and my cock felt like it was made out of wood or something, it was really hard and the pre-cum was running and I didn't want to ask Markus to blow me because my hand felt really good and Jonna, the local girl, had always given really bad blow-jobs and that was everything I'd known up to that stage. You may wonder how a blow-job can be bad, but she managed it. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of my hand but you know how bold you get when you get close to cumming and I was getting close and I could feel the orgasm building inside me and instead of reaching for a tissue I stood up and went over to Markus and told him to open his mouth and get ready to swallow and then I shot into his mouth. He tried to grab my cock and my balls and started licking my head and I told him to let go and just swallow. So I shot into his mouth and managed it for the most part. He looked like he was in heaven. He just shut his eyes and licked his lips. Then I realised I could smell his cum too and I saw he'd shot over my chair. I shouted at him about it and he went and wiped it off with some tissues. To be fair, i'd shot on the chair by accident a couple of times before then, so I really shouldn't have complained that much. Then when he came back he asked if we could do that again some time.


"So he was back the next day. At least I can't imagine it being anything other than the next day. The French girl, Monique was her name, I remember it now. Yes, Monique had told me I was a chicken for not letting him blow me, but the story of me cumming in his mouth had got her so wet that she'd played with her dildo while I watched for almost an hour the night before. And he came into my room and locked the door automatically and started stripping off. It was the first time I really got a good look at his ass, and as you've probably already guessed, I liked it. Muscular, firm, compact, well-rounded. He went to the computer and sat down in the chair he'd anointed the day before. He opened the browser and started searching for the porn he knew I liked. I went to the computer and took his hand off the mouse and told him to stop it. 'What's wrong?' he said 'you said we could do that again.' And I said that I didn't want to do that again and his face fell. 'Well we don't have to.' he said 'We can do what you want to do.' 'I don't think I ever want to watch porn with you again', I said, and he looked as if I'd told him his dog had just died or something. I told him I'd been talking to Monique about him and about last night and he found that really worrying and I said that Monique had told me, I should ask him to give me a blow-job, so I pulled off my t-shirt and took off my jeans and boxer-shorts and his eyes locked on to my cock again and I asked him if he wanted to. 'Yeah, sure, if you want.' 'Well go on then.' My cock was pretty heavy but not hard and it was warm in the room and my balls were hanging quite low. So he knelt down in front of me and reached out to touch my cock and I could feel the tension in the air and his longing and this animal drive inside him pulling him towards my cock and he took my balls in his hand and it was like an electric shock went through his body and he reached up and grabbed the shaft of my cock lightly and I could feel his hand shaking and he said something like 'it's so thick, I can't even get my hand around it' and I could feel him trying to discover the structure, feeling the skin surrounding the shaft and feeling the way the erectile bodies are arranged, and my cock was getting harder. He was gradually making his way forwards towards the head, but playing with every centimeter of it, as if he was trying to memorise the feeling of it, the gentle curves and the small bulges. And then he pushed the skin forwards until it almost covered my head and he sticked out his tongue and shut his eyes and started licking slowly, making circles with his tongue. It felt fucking incredible. Monique was right. I just shut my eyes, leaned my head back and enjoyed it. And that was the first time he'd touched another man's cock. It was so much better than with Jonna. It was totally different. His hands knew automatically how much pressure to exert, how much to grab and how fast to wank me. His lips and mouth and tongue lapped and sucked away at my head. His mouth felt warm and wet and muscly on my head. He started really working it, bobbing as fast as he could, taking as much into his mouth as he could, while his firm grip on my shaft pulled the skin backwards and forwards. It felt so good. I tried to delay my orgasm as long as I could, but I could feel him relentlessly trying to suck the sperm out of me. My balls pulled themselves up tight, my cock felt like it was made of stone, it was so hard. And then he'd done it, he'd brought me to the point where I had to cum, and I felt the orgasm in my cock head and I started coming into his mouth. He started swallowing while still sucking. His eyes were closed and the picture on his face was one of perfect bliss. It felt fantastic.

"'That was great' I said. He took my cock out of his mouth, looked at me and smiled. Then he started gently sucking the head again while he jerked himself off into a tissue he was holding in his other hand. I think that's the first time I really found the smell of sperm erotic. Ever since then the smell has given me a hard-on. Then he got up, went to the bathroom and flushed his tissue. He came back and we sat naked playing a computer game or watching a film for a while. He kept mentioning how much he'd swallowed and how much he'd liked it. I told him we could do it again tomorrowfor some reason I had to get up early the next dayand I sent him home.


"So the next day came, and he was back and I let him blow me again, and it was great and he loved it. For about a week he came round every day and I let him blow me, usually 2 or 3 times each evening. I discovered I really liked lying on my bed with my legs apart and letting him work it and he loved working it. Monique loved hearing about it too. She asked me to make a video of Markus sucking me off, so I set up the webcam without him knowing and filmed us. That was a good video, mainly because by chance we'd picked a position where you could see his ass really well and I could imagine what it would be like to fuck him. I talked to Monique about that and she gave me some pointers about how he had to prepare himself to take my cock and how I should be gentle. The standard stuff a gay manga loving girl will tell you. So I went into town and bought some lube and fresh condoms, came back home, put on my favourite gay porn film and waited for him to turn up. He turned up and came into my room and came over to the computer where I was lounging in the chair he'd shot over. He sat down next to me and watched for a minute or two too. I could see him getting impatient and staring at the bulge in my jeans every now and then. Then he stood up and pulled his t-shirt off. He asked me if I wanted him to blow me while I was watching the film. I told him I didn't. He asked me what I wanted to do then. I reached into my backpack next to the chair, pulled out the lube and threw it to him. I pointed at the screen. 'I want to do that with you', I said. He reached down and started massaging my package through the denim of my jeans. 'Okay', he said.

"So I told him how he should make himself clean and start loosening his hole so my cock would fit and he went to the bathroom. I heard the shower start, and I stripped off and waited for him. My cock seemed to know what it was about to get because it was standing bolt upright. Then I heard the shower stop and after a minute or two he came back into the room, naked and hard. He saw my hard-on, came up to me, kneeled down and started sucking my head. As ever, it felt great. I pulled him off my cock and told him to kneel on the edge of the bed with his ass facing me. I put on a condom and lubed my cock up, then I placed my head on his hole and started pushing it in. He told me to stop and wait until he could get used to it. I'd almost got the head in before he pulled off me and said it was hurting him. I told him to stop being a fag and grabbed his hips. I pushed my cock in and he bit down on his lip. I started fucking him, looking down on his back and seeing my cock going in and out. He was really tight. After about a minute he told me to stop and pull out, but I was enjoying it too much, and I told him to stop whining and enjoy it. He started fighting to get away, and I just grabbed him tighter and carried on. Eventually he managed to get his leg between us and kicked me off him. I fell over backwards, cursing. 'What the fuck did you do that for? I was going to cum' I said. He was laying on my bed with his back to the wall. He'd pulled his knees up to his chin and was hugging his legs. 'That fucking hurt', he said, 'Why didn't you stop when I told you to?' 'Your ass felt too good.' And he lay on my bed and didn't say anything. I went to the computer and put one of Monique's films on. I jerked off. After I came I looked round and saw that he'd gone.

"I sent him an sms asking if he was okay. He didn't answer. Then he didn't turn up the next evening. I sent him another sms asking him if he wanted to come round, but he didn't answer that either. I didn't hear from him for a week. At some stage I was chatting to Monique about it and I told her that we'd tried to fuck but it had hurt him and we'd stopped. She said that he just hadn't been ready to take me, and that we should make sure he was loose enough the next time. So after about a week I got a call from him asking if he could come round, and I said yes of course. He turned up, it was quite late, and he looked at me really unsure. I told him that I was sorry and I should have stopped and it wouldn't happen again, and as long as he didn't want me to fuck him I wouldn't. That seemed to make him a bit happier and we sat down in front of the computer and started playing a game or watching a film or something. He told me that his hole had really hurt for a couple of days and he thought I'd bruised something, but that he was okay again now. During the course of the evening I could tell that he was getting horny again, so I stopped the game and put on some porn. It was a blow-job movie, no fucking. I thought that would be more likely to get him to blow me. We watched the filmit was about ten minutes long and ended with a good cumshotwithout saying much. He started massaging the bulge in his jeans. He told me he hadn't jerked off since before that evening. We watched the end of the filmas said it ended with one of the guys getting a mouthful while sucking and jerking the other one. He pointed at the screen and said that he wanted to do that to me. I smiled and said sure. We stood up and stripped off. I lay down on the bed with my legs apart and he started working my cock, like he'd done before hand.


"So he started blowing me again every evening two or three times. He loved it and I did too. His mouth and his hands felt so good. But at the same time I still wanted to fuck him. I jerked off each morning under the shower thinking of the time I'd fucked him, looking down on his back and his ass, holding his hips and feeling his tight hole on my cock. One evening after he'd just swallowed a load and was putting his clothes on to go home I talked to him about it. I said that we'd seen lots of films where one guy had been fucked by a big dick and seemed to enjoy it, so we should be able to manage that too. We just had to work out what we did wrong. And he said that he'd felt really like it just wouldn't fit and he hadn't been ready to take it. So I asked if it would help if I played with his hole a bit to loosen it up beforehand. He wanted to try it again, as long as I promised to stop as soon as he asked me to and he got to call the shots. So I promised, and he left.

"The next day he turned up and showered to make sure he was clean. I stripped off and waited for him in my room. He came back naked but not hard, unlike me. I told him to kneel down on the edge of the bed like he'd done the last time, and I lubed up my middle finger and started playing with his hole. At first he had difficulty taking even my finger so I held my hand still and let him back himself onto it. Then he started rocking backwards and forwards fucking himself with my finger, which I thought was insanely hot. After a while I asked him if he was ready to take a second one, and he said he was, so I put some lube on my first finger and let him back up on to both of them. It really surprised me how much I enjoyed playing with his ass. Slowly he got his rhythm back. I started feeling around inside his hole and found his prostate. I started rubbing it lightly and he moaned a bit. He said he loved the feeling, and a drop of precum fell from his cock onto my bed. I asked him if I should try with my cock already or if he wanted me to use a third finger first. He said he wanted the third finger, so I gave him it too and started turning my fingers round in his hole while he rocked backwards and forwards. By now the precum was dropping from both of our cocks. I asked him if he wanted my cock and he said I should try it. So I put on a condom and lubed up and placed my head on his hole. I waited for him to slowly back on to it. He told me not to fuck him, until he'd got used to it, and he started rocking backwards and forwards again, each time taking a bit more. It felt great and it looked great and after a while I started pushing in as well, but he told me to stop, so I did, and he continued rocking back and forth until I was in him fully. He'd taken every centimeter of its length and width. Then he said 'Okay, you can fuck me, but gently at first'. So I started fucking him, really slowly, giving him a couple of centimeters to start with but then more and more of my cock until I was almost pulling all of the way out before thrusting in again, but still really slowly. And he was moaning and groaning and the precum was dripping from his cock onto my bed and I asked him what he thought of it, and he said it was fucking great. So I sped up a bit and he gasped and told me to give even more. It was hot in my room and the sweat was soon running down me, and his beautiful back was covered in sweat too. I grabbed his hips and started ploughing into him full throttle. He moaned and shouted 'Yes! Deeper! Harder!' The muscles in his back were writhing in front of me. I gave him all I had and my orgasm built up inside of me and then I plunged deep into him and started shooting. 'Yes! Give me your cum!' It was one of those huge orgasms, you know? Like when I play with your cock for two hours without letting you cum until when I finally do suck you off you explode in my mouth and just lie there cumming for half a minute. You know the sort I mean. And my legs were trembling and the sperm was still running down my cock into his ass. He started rocking back and forth again. He loved it. I must have stayed in his ass for about 5 minutes after that enjoying the feeling and the sight of my cock in his ass. Then I pulled slowly out. The condom was really full. He turned round and pulled the condom off my cock. He raised it to his lips and poured my cum into his mouth. Then he spat a bit on his fingers, lay down on his back, reached down between his legs and started massaging it into his hole. I noticed his precum had made a large wetspot on the bed. While he was playing with his hole, he jerked himself off and, arching his back and moaning, came over his chest and stomach. We went and showered together. And he was talking the whole time about how he was so happy and how I'd made him a man, and how he'd now really lost his virginity, which I thought was a really wierd thing to say. I mean he'd always been a man, but then I thought about how important to me my first time had been, so I sort of understood what he was saying.


"So we started fucking. Not every day because he complained about his hole feeling funny the day after so every second or third day we fucked and the rest of the time he sucked me off. It was great. I was getting some again and he loved servicing me. Looking back on it, I assume Marianne and Torstein knew what was going on, they're not stupid. But I don't think anybody else did. Becca was too young to be interested by things like thatshe must have been nine. She had her own friends and things to do. I imagine Marianne and Torstein didn't really care what I was doing with him in my room. Anything was better than me wandering around town picking fights and getting into trouble. I told Monique that it had worked out and she asked me to send her a film. I asked her when she'd send me the film of her being fucked by a girl with a strap-on and she laughed. So I set up the webcam and recorded Markus and me the next time we fucked, including whatever he did with my cum afterwardshe was always thinking up new things to do with my cum, like massaging it into his cock or his stomachI hope I'm giving you ideas. Anyway, I sent Monique the film. It was one camera angle, one shot of us from the side in really bad quality because the camera didn't like how dark it was, but it was stil a really sexy film. Something like twenty minutes long with me playing with his hole and then fucking him until I came and then he grabbed the condom and poured the cum over his face and body before he jerked off. I think we reinacted that bit later the next time he sucked me off. And Monique liked the film, which at this stage really shouldn't surprise you. But she was surprised at how little I'd touched him. I had hardly touched him at all. My hands on his hips and my cock in his ass was about it. Monique asked me if I liked jerking him off and I told her I'd never touched his cock and she asked me if I liked kissing him and I told her we'd never kissed and then she got really angry with me about me taking advantage of him to get my rocks off and I tried to explain that he was happy when I shot in him but she said that he'd given me the most intimate thing he had and I should give him some intimacy back. And she went on about the way he looked at me and how he was obviously starved for affection and recognition, and she asked me what I thought of him, if he was just a superior blow-up doll for me, some sort of sex toy. I didn't see anything wrong with that. He was a gay man and I was giving him what he wanted, but she made it sound like it was the most terrible thing in the world.

"So the next time he came round to see me he walked into my room smiling and walked over to me and said hallo and sat down and started chatting about this new computer game he'd read about or something. After a while he took his shoes and socks off and pulled his t-shirt off. He had a pretty good body. He told me to strip and lie down on the bed so he could go to work and get his daily dose of protein or something and I asked him what he thought of me. He said something about thinking I was a great bloke and his best friend and stuff and then he started to look worried and he asked me if I enjoyed what we did together. And I of course said that I did enjoy it and I loved the feeling of his mouth or his hole on my cock and he looked relieved. So I asked him if that was all he thought of me, if I was just some sort of dildo for him, and he said I wasn't just that and he loved spending time with me and playing computer games with me. He was starting to look worried again. I told him to stand up and I took my t-shirt off and stood up too. Then I went to him, took his arms and placed them around my waist so he was holding me, did the same with mine, moved closer till our chests were touching, tilted my head to the side and started to kiss him. I seem to remember the kiss lasting about ten minutes with our tongues entwined. I could feel his hands stroking my back. Then we stripped off and laid down on my bed. We were both massively hard and we just lay on each other kissing or stroking each other. And then at some stage I reached down and cupped his balls in my hand and he sighed and shut his eyes, enjoying the touch. He lay on his back and I lay on my side next to him, kissing him. I reached up from his balls and grabbed his cock. He wimpered in my hands. It was the first time I'd touched the cock of another man and it was like a metal rod but hot and sticky with precum, with a cover of velvety skin. I started jerking him off. I used long, strong movementsyou know the sortand within about two minutes he started writhing around. I held both his hands above his head with my spare hand and carried on jerking him while kissing him. He arched his back of the mattress and moaned. I stopped kissing him and turned to watch his cock. He exploded in my hand, is about the only way to put it. It felt great, feeling the cum spurt along the long shaft and then come flying out the end. Some of it flew up and hit my face. The rest fell in long strands along his flat stomach and chest. I carried on jerking him until his cock went limp. Then I looked back at him. He was looking at me smiling. He raised his head from the matress and licked his cum of my face. 'You know you're not 100% hetero', he said to me. 'I know. I enjoyed that way to much to be 100% hetero', I answered. There was a pause while I rubbed his cum into his stomach muscles. 'It felt incredible', he said. I lay myself on top of him and started kissing him again. He responded enthusiastically. I could taste his cum in his mouth. After a while I leaned forward and whispered in his ear 'Do you want to be my boyfriend?' He whispered back 'Yes', and we both smiled.

"We lay there for a while. I started rubbing my cock on him while kissing him. I was still rock hard of course. He told me to lie on my back and he lay next to me and jerked me off while kissing me like I had done to him. He loved playing with my cock, and he soon got hard again himself. I asked him to call his parents and tell them he wouldn't be coming home that night and we spent the whole night sucking or jerking each other off and holding each other. It was a good night. Looking out the window in the sloping ceiling of my room above the bed and seeing the stars while he was lying next to mewe've lain there too together, you know what that's likelooking down at him in the moonlight, just like I do with you. Looking at his shoulders, his back and his ass or his stomach and cock and then reaching out and stroking whatever I wanted, and he woke me a few times by stroking my stomach muscles or my cock or the small of my back, just like you now do. Anyway, at some stage we fell asleep properly. I remember waking up at about ten the next day and my bladder felt like it was ready to explode. So I went to the bathroom and pissed for about a minute, washed my face and my cock and went back to my bedroom. He was laying on his front on top of the covers, my boyfriend. I went over to the bed and knelt down looking at him, breathing in his smell. He was beautifully, achingly male, and I'd enjoyed every second of the love-making and lying next to him, holding him in my arms. He looked so happy. I really was bisexual. There was a knock on the door. It was Becca. I pulled on my boxer shorts and went to see what she wanted. She poked her nose round the door and saw him lying there, bare-ass naked on my bed. She looked at me and whispered 'Is that a man?' and I said 'Yes, it is'. She started grinning. 'You've just screwed a man'she always had a way with words'Wait till I tell momma and pappa!' and she turned round and started running for the stairs. I ran after her, grabbed her and started tickling her until she promised not to say a word to them. Then she suddenly stopped laughing and looked at me really seriously and said 'Do you love him?' and I said that I didn't know but I liked him a lot. 'Momma says you should get up and eat some breakfast. Your tutor's waiting.' And Markus and I showered together and then we went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and Marianne just looked at us grinning widely. She even sent the tutor away that day without me having to ask."

"So I've got him to thank for you developing a taste for men", Stefan said.

"I like to think that even if I'd been totally hetero you'd have turned my head."

Stefan laughed. "Yeah, right." Stefan reached down and felt Anton's cock. It was hard and warm and wet. A shudder went through Anton's body when Stefan started massaging the head.

"I'm so turned on now I could cum in your hand any second," Anton said. Stefan kissed him and carried on massaging his head. "Sounds good to me." He pushed his tongue into Anton's mouth. He felt Anton's tongue welcome him. He continued rubbing Anton's precum into his head. Soon he felt the muscles in Anton's chest and stomach tense, his tongue stop moving for a second, heard Anton whimper softly. He felt the warm wetness fill his hand. He carried on kissing him and massaging his head, let Anton's scent fill his nose. After a while they fell asleep, smiling.

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